How many people have died in the show since 1997?

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How many people have died in the show since 1997?

Postby Big-Will » Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:12 am

How many people have died in the show since 1997?

I'm pretty sure there can't be a correct answer for this, but someone sent me that question. :P
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Re: How many people have died in the show since 1997?

Postby JamesPup » Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:26 am

I don't think anyone knows the answer. It would take to binge watch the whole series and record the deaths. Some like in the Black Friday trilogy would not be recordable as it didn't really show all the shoppers in a way that they could be counted and they all did die. This season it would be Jenner that did the heavy lifting. I think this season that 6 died before Sponsored Content and then add how many in Sponsored Content that Jenner ran over.
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Re: How many people have died in the show since 1997?

Postby JVM » Tue Nov 24, 2015 3:11 am

Limited to recurring characters...
  • Matt and Trey intended to kill Phillip "Pip" Pirrup during production on "Damien" (s01e08) but due the animation of the time, the character needed to stick around.
  • Wendy's grandmother died in "Tom's Rhinoplasty" (s01e11) but later appears on in photographs in her house.
  • Stan's Aunt Flo Kimble died during "Spookyfish" (s02e15) at the hands of... well, take a guess.
  • A number of characters die during South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut but seem to be resurrected by Kenny's wish at the end, including most prominently Terrance, Phillip, and Mr. Garrison. The lack of a reappearance by the Mole within the film or series suggest he may also be dead.
  • Kyle's grandmother, Cleo Broflovski, died sometime prior to "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" (s03e10) although it's implied to be recent.
  • Lizzy, the little girl in pink, seems to die in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime" (s04e01) but has made numerous cameos since and is considered alive.
  • Jack Tenorman and his wife Mrs. Tenorman are both killed off in "Scott Tenorman Must Die" (s05e01)
  • Cartman's grandmother, Mabel Cartman, died of unknown causes in "Cartmanland" (s05e06)
  • Kenny McCormick was famously killed off, temporarily, from "Kenny Dies" (s05e13) until "Red Sleigh Down" (s06e17)
  • The boys' second teacher, Diane Choksondik, died of unknown circumstances in "Professor Chaos" (s06e06)
  • The possible death of Celine Dion was referenced in "The Simpsons Already Did It" (s06e07) but it may have been fictional in the context of the show.
  • Jesus was temporarily killed off from "Red Sleigh Down" (s06e17) until "Fantastic Easter Special" (s11e06)
  • Saddam Hussein has died multiple times in the show and was last seen in "It's Christmas in Canada" (s07e15) and a Rolling Stone magazine cover when he was executed in real life, so I'll count him.
  • School bus driver Veronica Crabtree was murdered in "Cartman's Incredible Gift" (s08e13)
  • Jerome "Chef" McElroy was killed off in Season 10's "The Return of Chef" (s10e01) after the Church of Scientology forced an ill Isaac Hayes to leave the series against his will. Chef'sparents
  • The Mayor's aide, Ted, with the mustache, died trying to save the boys in "Night of the Living Homeless" (s11e07)
  • Chris Swollenballs, the main blonde news anchor from around S9ish to S12ishs, died in "Pandemic" (s12e10).
  • Musician Michael Jackson died sometime (June-July) before "Dead Celebrities" (s13e08) but his estate remains. We don't know Blanket's whereabouts at this time.
  • Ginger activist and morning announcements speaker Gordon Stoltski was killed in "Dances With Smurfs" (s13e13)
  • The boys' classmate Phillip "Pip" Pirrup died in "201" (s14e06) trying to defend the town from Mecha-Streisand. We also lost Tom Cruise when he visited the moon.
  • Mr. Mackey's father, Mr. Mackey, Sr. died sometime prior to "Royal Pudding" (s15e02) ...around two years, allegedly.
  • City Sushi owner Junichi Takiyama comitted suicide in "City Sushi" (s15e06) just a few weeks after being introduced.
  • Cartman's dolls Clyde Frog, Rumper Tumpskin, Peter Panda and newcomer Muscle Man Marc die in "1%" (s15e12) although Polly Prissy Pants has recovered from her wounds. (South Park: The Stick of Truth)
  • Clyde's mother, Betsy Donovan, died at the hands of a toilet seat in "Reverse Cowgirl" (s16e01)
  • Token Black was very nearly killed off in "World War Zimmerman" (s17e03) but Matt and Trey made a decision to keep him around.
  • The "SMP Boss" music producer who employed Lorde was killed by holograms in "#HappyHolograms" (s18e10)
  • In South Park: The Stick of Truth, it is implied that both Nurse Mary Gollum and Halfy may be deceased, as they are listed as 'missing' by the Park County Police Department, however, Damien is also 'missing' but is found alive and well.
Characters speculated to be dead who have since reappeared: Grandpa Marsh, Tom Pusslicker, Harold Cartman,
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Re: How many people have died in the show since 1997?

Postby naas821 » Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:34 am

I don't think it's possible to count sometimes the deaths are so subtle and there are so many. Also would you count Kenny more than once or at all? That reminds me... Kenny has not died in awhile. I keep waiting for Kenny to die again, but I don't think it's happening. :unhoodedkenny:

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