How would Chef have existed in South Park today if he wasn't killed off?

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How would Chef have existed in South Park today if he wasn't killed off?

Postby FilipoSooa » Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:58 pm

Geez, I also wish Isaac Hayes (the famous soul-singing voice actor who plays Chef) himself hadn't suffered a stroke that eventually led to his death two years later, his stroke led to his Scientologist cult interfering with his decision to quit. Hayes never really wanted to quit, but his Scientology representatives made the decision for him. Sure, critics of Isaac Hayes have been taking things out of context, thinking that why Isaac Hayes got offended over Scientology being mocked and satired by South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone when Hayes was okay with the show mocking other religions, but not Scientology. As for Chef, he was written off by putting him with the wickedly evil Super Adventure Club who made the normally level-headed adult voice of reason into a brainwashed predator, up until his death via falling off the broken bridge, getting impaled by a tree branch, mauled by wild animals and thunderstorm strike.

Assuming that Chef (and Isaac Hayes to an extent) survived all that, I have to wonder what the series would be like if Chef was still around today. Crème Fraîche would have had him struggling to keep the school cafeteria running while Randy was trying to take it over, and I don't know how he'd have reacted to the PC wave moving over South Park. Some fans say that even if Chef's death was tragic, Chef was already gradually becoming a minor background character who had maybe about 1-2 lines an episode if he was even just there at all like mere wallpaper fodder, having faded into the background compared to the earlier seasons where Chef was usually part of the story. But Crème Fraîche and the PC Principal-era storylines showed that Chef could've been potentially re-worked back into the mix as a major character like how Wendy went from prominent character (Stan's love interest) of the early seasons into a background character of the 2000s before regaining her prominent character role since The Hobbit (2013) as a Soapbox Feminist.

Sure, Principal Victoria, Randy Marsh, Sharon Marsh, Sheila Broflovski, Mr. Mackey, Mr. Garrison, Mayor McDaniels and PC Principal are either level-headed themselves or at least trying to be level-headed, but they go about the situations in almost all the wrong ways possible. Randy has a lot of well-documented anger issues and a chronic drinking problem which puts him at odds with Sharon and may have been partially responsible for Stan drinking alcohol, Sharon acts like a cold person when it comes to dealing with Randy and Stan just by nagging them and especially refusing to let him listen to Tween Wave on his 10th birthday and she may have been partially the reason why Stan developed cynicism, Sheila more for being a hardcore political activist who tried to constantly ban Terrance & Phillip for good and being the cause of Kyle's insecurities, Mr. Mackey for being a weakling and a good but ineffective staff member, Mr. Garrison for being an adult version of Eric Cartman, Mayor McDaniels for being too self-absorbed in the sense that she would rather put herself and her precious money first over her townsfolk and town image, and PC Principal himself for trying to change the world for the better in the worst ways possible with his PC frat club, ridding South Park of Principal Victoria and Mr. Garrison to be his casualties for the PC era. None of these adults are as level headed as Chef or even Liane Cartman to an extent.

Here's an example of what Chef would've said:
Chef: Gonna make love to ya, woman-
PC Principal: That is misogynistic and borderline sexual harassment!

Now, Principal Victoria may have walked away from South Park Elementary School quietly; and Mr. Garrison walked away quietly, but he expressed his unhappiness with Canadian immigrants and PC Principal for PC forcing his will on students and teachers, thus his U.S. President campaign. However, I can see Chef being totally more defiant of his firing by PC Principal than Mr. Garrison's firing by PC Principal's hand and more likely without a doubt, Chef would've gotten into a physical brawl with PC Principal unlike Mr. Garrison. More than likely, Cartman wouldn't have had to act so uber PC with Heidi Turner in the first place, because while Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Butters, Token, Clyde, Craig, Jimmy and Tweek have all abandoned Cartman for him allegedly being Skankhunt42 (Gerald), Cartman (still would've been the Cartman of old) and maybe Kyle probably would've found an ally in Chef to try and put an end to PC Principal.
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Re: How would Chef have existed in South Park today if he wasn't killed off?

Postby JVM » Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:17 am

I believe in season 11's "The List" commentary is the only time Matt and Trey ever explicitly mentioned missing Chef.

It's hard to say where he would be in the latest seasons. I feel like he would have probably have remained mostly in the background until S19ish. It's pretty plain from his last two or three seasons Matt and Trey just kind of preferred having the adults be stupid vs the kids being smart. He doesn't speak up in "All About the Mormons?", "Red Man's Greed", or "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes" for example. (He has a line or two in the latter, but my point is he's not individualized from the adults)

So I think we would've seen the same trend continue until the PC Principal era, but I've no idea where Chef would've stood on that. I suspect he might've played a role like Jimmy, staying in line at first but coming out against PCP later in the season.
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