Season 20, Episode 9 (Not Funny): Vintage Sheila Broflovski!

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Season 20, Episode 9 (Not Funny): Vintage Sheila Broflovski!

Postby FilipoSooa » Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:35 pm

As we already know, S20E08's Members Only concluded with Kyle and Ike running away from the Broflovski household from Sheila, likely because Ike got wrongfully framed for being caught as SkankHunt42, when in reality, it was Gerald who was already SkankHunt42, already proving that when Heidi Turner did an emoji analysis that it was an adult who posed as SkankHunt42 rather than any of the boys or girls amongst the kids, so because Sheila just happened to catch Ike being ordered by Gerald to post a picture of wieners in a girl's mouth to prove that it wasn't Gerald.

The old Sheila Broflovski (after years of being seemingly mellow since the early seasons) returned, and this time, it's not the classic Protester Sheila Broflovski that had a beef with Terrence & Phillip for their crude toilet humor and otherwise harmless profanities. This time, Sheila Broflovski looked like she was gonna have a brain aneurysm from feeling the need to sort out Kyle and Ike, even though it's Gerald that caused all of it. If the end game of the TrollTrace saga arc ended today, then I think South Park would've given Gerald a free pass because and Lennert Bedrager are the real enemies. As it stands, Sheila ends up being turned into a screaming harpy who's close to a nervous breakdown because she probably doesn't want to admit that SkankHunt42 is an adult, and that she's still insistent that it's one of the male students that did it, not to mention, her favorite quote and trademark catchphrase: "WHAT WHAT WHAAAT?!?".

Most people would look back at Season 20 as Trey Parker and Matt Stone's worst overall body of work spanning a season since all the way back to Season 2 (1998-99), although Season 2 had the excuse of the show being at its highest peak of popularity with the classic comedy gold original storylines years, and Trey Parker & Matt Stone handing over the reins of Season 2 episodes to everyone else, long before SP switched over to social commentary and serialized episodes with continuity plus one storyline saga per season. It was nice to see Mr. Slave back for a cameo appearance along with Father Maxi, when President Garrison debated whether to deliver the ultimate blow to Denmark, and Lennert Bedrager by using Mr. Slave as the collateral to save Gerald, Dildo Schwaggins, the Jenkins guy from "Make Love, Not Warcraft" 2006 episode, and several other Internet trolls waiting to be rescued after Hillary Clinton handed Gerald and co. to Denmark to save her own skin.

Because we saw the flashes of the classic era Sheila Broflovski, I think the 'screaming distressed mother/parent' is likely an extension of her former past character. What made the flashes of the Sheila Broflovski of old, pretty much clear is that South Park could be hinting at a sequel movie to continue the plot, because they now have one more episode to go, and 22 minutes of screen time has to be divided into so many unresolved plot arcs. We have SpaceX, Cartman snapping over Heidi not being smart or funny, Fate of the trolls, Member Berries, World War III, The Bills (Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby), Hillary Clinton being really mad, Denmark leader Lennert Bedrager, the Gender Wars, and a resolution to fixing Stan & Wendy's on-and-off relationship since the girls broke up with their respective boy partners. Wendy was the only one who didn't want to go through with breaking up with Stan for a second time until Annie got Wendy to buy into what the girls are doing out of revenge for SkankHunt42.

Sheila's flashes of her old attitude could indicate a second South Park cinema movie, except this one is more of a nuclear war this time across the globe, and especially when Canada was alluded to recently, and Terrance & Phillip: Asses of Fire 2 was alluded to four years ago.

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