A new South Park episode maybe?

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A new South Park episode maybe?

Postby crazyQH » Sun Apr 09, 2006 3:13 am

Ok completely random but here goes:

After eavesdropping on "new people" in the town, Kyle overs-hears their plans to steal Ike because they think he is "The chosen one." The new people are really citizens who have been living in South Park their whole life, but have been confined to a closed off room and only venture out every 13 years to pick up a new person to join them. They pick Ike because he is "different" (canadian, really) and convince him that he should join their cult.
Kyle, frantic to stop them from taking in Ike, seeks help from the only other person available...Cartman. (Stan is away) Cartman, apprehensive about helping him, says Kyle must give up everything he has in order for him to help him. Kyle accepts, and the two go to rescue Ike. (I haven't come up with details on how they do this.)
Meanwhile, Stan, who is spending the week at a newly discovered Amish aunt's house, (Randy discovered he has a sister he never know about) is converting to her Amish ways, and starting to believe in the evils of technology. He has a phone conversation with Kyle, where he express his objection to "technology and all who follow it" and hangs up, leaving Kyle to believe he has lost everything, his possesions, his brother, and his best friend.
Ok sorry I just made that up it kinda sucks o well!

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