Timmy can walk n talk

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Timmy can walk n talk

Postby pull my thumb » Wed Dec 13, 2006 9:47 pm

Timmy gets an expensive treatment in the hospital with the help of Stem Cell Research.

Timmy can finally walk and talk in full sentences, which everyone in South Park is amazed, except for Cartman, who gets tired of Timmy carrying away about his new abilities because he doesn't see that Timmy is happy and marveled about them.

Cartman decides to go up against Stem Cell Research to create an anti group by the time they help Jimmy get the treatment like Timmy did by making him able to walk smoothly without crutches and never stutter again.

In the end, Cartman is foiled because Stan and Kyle helped back up Timmy and Jimmy by giving a speech about what they learned today.

So they learned that being able to do something amazing like Timmy being able to walk and talk, is like having a strange power flowing through your body like a superhero, and it makes you feel good. However, Cartman doesn't learn anything.
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Postby tainted_oreo » Sun Jan 07, 2007 2:27 am

why change timmy? He's funny the way he is.
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Postby ksrandall777 » Fri Jan 19, 2007 4:53 pm

Timmy could also be "temporarily" healed via evangelical Christian preacher. Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, and Benny Hinn are famous faith healers. Yes, Pat Roberston of 700 Club fame has done his share of faith healing, which is a huge deal in the evangelical/Word-Of-Faith Christian communities.There are even churches that teach classes on the subject!

For those of you who aren't familliar with Benny Hinn, just google Benny Hinn Ministries. He is an infamous tele-preacher (with a funny accent) because some people thought his healing crusades were fraudulant.

Better yet, have Mr. Messaiah-At-Public-Access heal Timmy. Jesus is known for telling cripples to "take up their mats and walk".
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Postby noahman2southpark1 » Fri Mar 16, 2007 2:04 am

timmy awsome why change him same with jimmy that would be like killing off stan or cartman or kyle or butters :x :x :x :x :x :cartmansopissedrightnow: :cartmansopissedrightnow: :cartmansopissedrightnow:
go cartman
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Postby The Valentine Bros. » Sun Mar 18, 2007 9:33 pm

That's the stupidest idea ever to date. I like the old, original Timmy from a wheelchair and acting retarded! Please, don't make ideas like that ever again. :( :? :x :evil: :!: :cartmanevillaugh: :cartmancry: :cartmanangry: :cartmansopissedrightnow: :tweek: :chaos: :craig:
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