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Postby Lemniwinks » Fri Dec 15, 2006 4:36 am

Everyone starts to get Ipods in the school, except for the four boys. Kenny can't afford one, Kyle doesn't want to follow the trend and Cartman thinks they are an evil machine bent on world domination. Stan, on the other hand, gets one for his birthday. Cartman keeps on spewing nonsense about how they are planning the end of the human race, and soon his Conspiracy is realized as the Headphones start to brainwash people and make them the Ipods slave. The Ipods start to force the Headphones in the ears of those who do now have one, and through the humans they plan their attack. Cartman, Kyle and Kenny are the only people left in South Park who haven't been brainwashed, and plan a counter attack backed up by the Military that has come to destroy the source of the Ipod Take Over, which apparently started in South Park. A battle Insues, where Kenny is flattened By a Giant Ipod, and most of the Military are brainwashed. Cartman and Kyle make it to the school, where the Ipod leader is located. When they come across it in the Auditorium, it is revealed the leader is a Crab Person, once more trying to take over the world. He is controling the Ipods through a device, that Cartman is able to take. It is then revealed Cartmans true intentions were to control the Ipods and control the world. He kills the Crab Person, but Kyle stops him and breaks the device.

Throw in alot of jokes and boom, there you go, an episode.

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