New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

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Re: MY idea please its very well

Postby Andrecp » Thu Aug 06, 2009 12:36 am

tonderpanka wrote:hi Trey and Matt the reason for my message is the following:
I wanna know if South Park will can doing a episode for the "Niggas" people illegal from panama their producing music very similar to rap and is not rap, its reggaeton. I'm live in Mexico and these people bothers me :twisted: because is not cool, their wears imitation clothes and their f*cking all of marks what does their use for example D&G its a gay :gaykenny: mark but their think what its nice. please, Cartman hates Hippies and judies the idea of my episode is what one boy arrive from Mexico but he's very nice, is not ilegal boy, the guy will meets Eric and will be best friends Eric hates Hippies and the new guy hates "Chakas" well it is the idea of my new episode if you wanna know more of my idea please send me a e-mail "" my idea its more explicit and i cannot explain in this little space.
Atte Tonderpanka
PD: i'm a expert of Chaka's or Nigga's theme. if you wanna became acquainted with chaka's click in the following URL read the right square its in english for you. :D :D

u are gay
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Lottery Ticket Episode Idea. Read and feedback

Postby Snooze88 » Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:08 am

Gerald, Randy, Mr. Stotch, and all the other guys are just hanging out drinking telling each other stories. When one of the guys (possibly an outside character) starts to discuss the chances of the lotto. He then proceeds to talk about the night before and how he had over heard the 7-11 workers talking about it being rigged and how each month different stores get that rigged lotto. He then tells about how he heard them say this stores “time” had finally come to win. According to him, the workers promised each other not to tell anyone when the golden crate arrived so they could have the “new shipment” all for themselves. After hearing the story, Randy and the other guys begin to dream of themselves being rich and owning playboy houses with huge cars, maybe even a double wide trailer for Kenny’s dad. They all wonder how they could get their hands on this golden crate, which they believed to have the winning ticket, and meet back at Gerald’s house after the bar closed.
They stay up late making plans about how they are going to ransack the 7-11 and what they are going to do with the cash. Kyle wakes up and comes down stairs, Gerald realizes the time and urges everyone to get to sleep. When Kyle asked what was going on Gerald proceeded to tell him that it was just guy stuff, Kyle notices the blueprints/plans and pressed his dad for the truth. Gerald told him about how the contents of the crate was going to change their lives completely. Kyle ignored his dad figuring he lost it and went back to bed. Next day at school Stan talks about how his dad, Randy, stayed up late giggling to himself muttering about (some crazy setting that Randy would enjoy being in if he was rich…like swan diving in a huge ball-pit or something) Kyle said his dad was acting weird too and how he wouldn’t tell Kyle exactly why he had blueprints to rob 7-11. Cartman immediately gets interested trying to figure out what could be so great that it would make a Jew hide it from his own kin.
After school Cartman plans to go to Kyle’s and maybe get some answers from Gerald. When he gets there Kyle answers the door, after realizing it’s only Cartman he shuts the door. Eric gets frustrated cause he needs to get in that house and pry Gerald for answers. He looks around and notices Butters kicking a ball across the street, he quickly goes over there and asks Butters for the ball. Butters is a little slow realizing he only has ten minutes left to play outside but gives him the ball anyways. Eric then kicks the ball on the Broflovskis roof.
Ding Dong, Kyle answers the door again, this time to Cartman and Butters. Gerald is in the restroom pooping so he insists Sheila to help the boys get their ball. Butters, Kyle and Sheila all go on the roof to retrieve the ball while Cartman makes up an excuse to stay behind and question Gerald. While in an awkward situation, Cartman is pretty obvious about his questioning but doesn’t get any answers. As the others come down stairs Cartman figures he needs more time to question so he kicks the ball out of butters hands “Oops, clumsy me”. It rolls down the stair case, this gets Butters really angry cause he is almost out of playtime and Cartman is ruining it. He then makes Eric go get the ball himself. After fighting about it, Cartman finally complies and goes down to the basement to get the ball. There he finds the blueprints/plans. Although not knowing exactly what it holds, he finds out about the “golden crate” thinking it holds great bounty. He reads about which night they plan to break into the 7-11 to retrieve the crate, bingo.
The next night is “the big night”. Flash to Randy and all the other dads sitting on the edge of their beds/thinking spots in their houses, taking deep breaths. They all get up and slow motion walk to their doors. Music is playing in the background, the music movies have when the main character is about to do something big I.E. rob a swiss bank. They all meet up in Gerald’s basement and begin to go over their plan. I’m not quite sure what plan to give them but they all know that the shipping truck comes to the store after closing hours and that’s the shipment with the crate. They all suit up and head over to the 7-11. From the bushes Cartman is waiting and watching. Hoping to catch them off guard and take it right from under them. He see’s them infiltrate and as he starts to sabotage their vehicles, two cars pull up. It’s the two 7-11 employees. They open the doors and turn on the lights, making Randy and the guys scramble and hide. The employees notice that the crate was tampered with and without hesitation pull out glocks saying out loud
“We know your in here, come out and no one gets hurt”
Randy quickly replies with, “You‘ll be the one that gets hurt, but it can all be avoided is you just give us the crate” One of the employees fires a warning shot in anger,
“That crate belongs to us!”
“What gives you the right?” Randy responds
“What gives us the right? We’ve been waiting for this package all year! I lost my girlfriend, moved back into my moms house, this is all I have!” jabs back the employee.
After conversing back and forth, they all decide to split the crate. At the same moment they head over to open it, Cartman busts in on his tricycle. Throws hooks/ropes around the crate and proceeds to blitz off. “HEY!!” they all yell as they continue to run after him.
The employees started to shoot at him and in turn clip his tricycle and rope making him crash into a parked car. A huge plume of dust is created as it clears there is Cartman all messed up next to his tric and the smashed crate with bags of Ice Cream flavored Doritos scattered throughout the parking lot.
“Wha….whats this?” asks Randy
“This is our new shipment of Ice Cream flavored Doritos”
“Wait a minute……I …..I thought there was a winning lotto ticket in here”
“Lottery ticket?”
“Yeah it was supposed to be this stores turn to get the winning ticket, wasn‘t it?” Randy questions
“Oh no, your thinking about our 7-11 monthly drawing to see which store gets the new shipment of chips. We won this month.”
“I Love Ice Cream” replies the slower employee.
“No sports car” utters Randy
“No money” Gerald replies
“No treasure” Cartman moans
“No double wide” Kenny’s dad says
“We’ll still split it with ya” said the employees. Everyone looks at each other. Flash scene to Randy getting ready to swan dive into a pool with his cut of the Doritos.
The End
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby pugnar » Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:24 pm

I think it'd be funny if the government had to bail out Santa or the Catholic Church. Of course this won't seem fair to the boys, since all Santa or Church does with the money is hand it out or do something ridiculous with it, like buy a private jet or all go on vacation like those real-life bastard CEOs are doing.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby RoboDiablo » Tue Aug 18, 2009 6:23 pm

i think there should be one where matt and trey make themselves in south park style, and they come to south park and ask the four boys if they want to be in a new tv show...
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby glcfatboy83 » Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:43 am

It is time for John Edwards to move aside. We now have an even bigger douche - Kris Angel. First of all, he spells his name like a fag. Second of all - he is a fag. But then again, who the hell am I to talk - these message boards are for fags and here I am posting a message. I guess I must be a fag. That being the case, I would gladly lend my voice to be the next "biggest douche in the universe". Why the hell not. Fag.

P.S. I didn't want to say "homosexual", this gay message board changed my words around. What the hell is going on when a South Park message board thinks "fag" is too racy. Sonofabitch - it did it again. Goddammit. Screw you guys, I'm going home.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby RoboDiablo » Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:54 pm

I also thik there shold be one when the boys watch 2 girls 1 finger
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby KennyKicksAss » Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:52 pm

Anyone hear the thing 'bout Lady Gaga being a hermaphrodite? They should totally do an episode where Leanne Cartman is secretly Lady Gaga. I guess it could be like a Hannah Montanna parody, even though I f*cking hate Hannah Montanna. And somewhere in the episode she hooks up with Kenny. :)
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby faraaz11 » Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:11 am

take my idea... i saw that they made an episode of the jonas brothers...that was very why not try it with HANNAH MONTANA(miley cyrus)...if u have seen her show u could say its a bit retarded...ok to be honest its fully have it a try it wil be a good episode for the south park fans...thank you...
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby DrkKnightBatman » Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:51 pm

How about an episode about Furries? For more about furries go here:

This would be absolutely hilarious especially with that "Where the Wild Things Are" movie opening in October.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby CherrehCola » Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:56 pm

How about a Phantom of the opera thing,except reversed?An episode where some ugly girl hides below the school and falls in love with one of the boys,then proceeds to kill of everyone who disses him or asks him out.It could be either Kyle or Stan,they're both the "good guys" and Stan has Wendy to be a "Raul".It could be fun,I love PoTO parodies ^^.

You can make a twist ending,like who the girls is,it doesn't have to be a new character (I'm not suggesting Shelly per say,you guys decide).

Ps-I second the Lady Gaga idea,it sounds sweet xD.

I have a second idea.How about a breaking the 4th wall thing?We start off with a typical episode,while someone in the background yells "cut"! and it's revealed that they're all actors,like on a tv show,only cartoon ones.It can be funny if done the right way; the 4 boys can have completely different personalities "off screen",like Kyle can be a big douche,very mean to everyone and with rich ass parents, Cartman would be nice and sweet with some stylish hair cut,Kenny very religious,Stan would get in fights with Kyle all the get it?It'll be fun watching them stumble and mess up their lines,deal with fangirls,sex,alcohol,ect...

I don't exactly have a script in my head and just like that it sounds lame,but Matt and Trey could make it so awesome,if they want.They could parody every Hollywood actor/rock star/child celebrity out there,I think it'd be entertaining to watch ^^.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby debra1962 » Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:48 pm

How about an episode which Shelley gets a makeover. She is so beautiful that Kenny will not leave her alone.
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Revenge of Guinea-Pirate

Postby Fatkid1998 » Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:39 am

The Guinea-Pirate has escaped from prison and goes to South Park to seek revenge against Craig. The only hope of stopping him is THE LEGION OF TESTICULAR FORTITUDE consisting of the Coon, and Mysterion. Threatened by the loss of their evil empire, Professor Chaos, and General Disarray join with them in their fight against the Guinea-Pirate. They are defeated, so they recruit additional super heros, "The Wondering Jew" kyle, and "The Food Stamp Falcon" kenny, obviously named by The Coon. Stan turns out to be Mysterion, so he's already involved.
In an epic battle they begin to lose again until they realize that "The Food Stamp Falcon" kenny, must once again be consumed by Cartman in the form of Chocolate Milk Mix, after he is killed by the Guinea-Pirate of coarse. Together the added boost to The Coon enables him to lead The Legion Of Testicular Fortitude to victory.
I have no life, sorry.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby dav007dog » Thu Sep 03, 2009 5:45 am

im thinking something about the whole swine flue or "h1n1" of course kenny catches it and dies or something but cartman takes a break from exterminating the jews to now going to mexico if the president will now help him deal with them :unhoodedkenny: so uhh yeah cant wait for new episodes i live for them. its what keeps me going through the school year. KEEP WINNING THOSE EMMY'S
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X Box red ring of death!!!

Postby PumpinDaddy » Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:09 am

This is an idea from personal experience, had a few friends over to play x box, turned the thing on and the red ring of death appeared. I have never actually felt more devistated in my life. It made it even worse that my friends wouldnt shut up slagging me about it for the rest of the week. I had to wait like 4 f*ckin weeks for it to be fixed. I was thinking cause Cartman has an x box it could happen to him, but no, his mother would go out and buy him 1 straight away so it would have to be 1 of the other boys. It should also probably happen just before COD6 comes out. I dunno if theyd even be allowed make it cause of microsoft but they should be, the amount of free advertising Trey and Matt have given to all games manufacturers they should also be allowed turn around and say f*ck yous!!!! I dunno exactly where they would go with this episode, but trey and matt would make it work, after all they f*ckin love their computer games and well dealing with the loss of my x box was worse than having to deal with death.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby Von_Madi » Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:40 am

I would really love to see an episode poking fun of one of the following:

Octomom (her especially)
Bernie Madoff
Lady Gaga (she's like a female Kanye West; calls herself a "great artist)
Ahmadinejad (the Iranian President)
Van Jones (the recently-ousted Green Czar and self-proclaimed Communist)
Hippies (I can't get enough of Hippie-ripping)

Episode Idea: (entitled "North by South Park")
Randy Marsh is accidentally shot in the ass during a hold-up at the bank. Randy is a liberal anti-war-anti-gun guy (as seen in "I'm a Little Bit Country") and refuses to keep guns in the house. The incident just strengthens his convictions. Jimbo tries to convince him that guns are necessary for protection and guaranteed by the second amendment, but Randy won't listen. Randy starts to campaign for anti-gun legislation, supporting newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor's (exaggerated) platform; he becomes such a dedicated supporter that Sotomayor makes South Park her political base. Jimbo works for the other side, and begins carrying huge guns with him everywhere (as do all the right wing South Park residents). He also enlists the help of pro-gun people/groups, like the NRA and Oliver North.

When it's apparent the anti-gun side will win, Jimbo starts secretly arming everyone in South Park - including Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. When the legislation is passed, the mayor sends a group around to collect all weapons in laundry baskets to store in town hall. They go so far as to take paintball guns and water guns; Randy thinks this is a little much, but goes with it. The military is disarmed and is given bouquets of flowers to throw at their enemies instead. Jimbo, Ned, and the kids manage to hide their weapons, but Kyle is uncomfortable lying to his parents, and struggles trying to tell them. His parents, knowing Jimbo is pro-gun, question Kyle when he returns from Jimbo's house with his friends; he tells them he doesn't have guns in the house (in fact, he buried it in the yard).

It is discovered that Sonia Sotomayor is actually Ahmadinejad (the Iranian president) in disguise, and he celebrates convincing America to disarm enough so that Iran can take over America. Meanwhile, Jimbo, Ned, and Oliver North form an underground resistance with their stockpile of weapons. Randy is disallusioned that he was so wrong. Jimbo, Ned, Oliver North, and the boys raid town hall to blast open the building with the confiscated weapons, but are surrounded by bleeding-heart hippies who have become supporters of Ahmadinejad's "peace loving, anti-gun ways". Jimbo attempts to throw a hand grenade at the door, but drops it and it rolls away. Just when it seems all is lost, Randy appears and tosses the grenade at the building, blowing off the doors and killing all the hippies. The residents of South Park rush the building, grabbing guns and killing all of Ahmadinejad's soldiers. Ahmadinejad apologizes and says he was just kidding, but Randy blows his head off, ending Ahmadinejad's rule in both America and Iran. It is later discovered that Iran's government has fallen, but they quickly fall into the same, self-hating attitude America has.

Kyle talks about how he learned that little white lies can be good sometimes, especially when one is attempting to overthrow a hostile despot. Randy agrees that guns are necessary for protection, from criminals and invading armies. Oliver North becomes the new Supreme Court justice, and legalizes unlimited gun ownership. People take it really seriously, carrying automatic weapons in the streets. Parents arm their children. As Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny stand at the bus stop, armed to the teeth, a grenade attached to Kenny's belt falls to the ground and explodes, blowing him to pieces. Stan quips that South Park can never find a good middle ground; it's always one extreme or another.

Wow, that was really long haha.

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