New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

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War in Middle east

Postby dstroup96 » Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:01 pm

Kyle wants to help his fellow jews in isreal so he enlists in the army and cartman decides to join the taliban. when they get there they find out there is no war and every one is having parties. only jews can get into the parties and this infuriates cartman. cartman goes nuts and ends up restarting the war in the middle east.
(Gaza strip, Taliban, ISIS)
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:31 pm

Earths Language
So it is confusing that most countries have a different language and people are expected to learn at least two languages during their life time. And so it is decided that one language should be picked to represent the language for all countries and for Earth. It is thought up that this one language would be implemented into all countries people and would be taught at school. They guess that after 100 years that all countries people would have learned this one language, making Earth more untied. So every country suggests their native language as the one that should be picked. Somehow the boys suggest that a new language should be created instead while everyone is having trouble deciding on who’s language it should be. So the boys are put up to the test of coming up with a whole new language and have to create a new dictionary of words. There would be some jokes as to what words end up meaning that are funny. Like words definitions being the backwards meaning. Or something funny, I am kind of dry on what the words would be. The episode could start with a Spanish only student having trouble at South Park elementary. What could have caused people to want one language could have been an alien visit that during the visit it was mentioned.

Eating Contest
A food eating contest that ends with people eating the hottest buffalo wings known to man.

Russian Rap
A Russian rapper would become known who does Russian themed rap music about current politics.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby joshferrell » Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:21 pm

Kanye vs Jesus: Jesus finds out that there is a mysterious man who is in town who is claiming to be him, he goes out to find Kanye acting like he's Jesus and the battle begins, and finally Kanye is killed, not by Jesus but a guy in a wheelchair beating him to death with a prostatic leg.. The End.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:40 am

Scottish Independence
If Scotland gets their independence that could be part of one of the shows. I would like to see a Scottish South Park character. I wonder if it would be weird like a Canadian? You can’t let the Simpsons own it with their Willie. It would have the pros and cons that the separation created. Like what will happen with Britain’s nuclear weapons.

Canada vs ISIS or ISIL
The title says enough. Also Britain is looking to do something about ISIS so I was thinking of having Canada take their place of what has happened and what actions Britain has taken. Like Canada lost a journalist who was beheaded by ISIS and Canada starts attacking ISIS with ground troops and airstrikes. ISIS should be done with or without Canada. I hate ISIS and I think everyone would agree. I'd like to see Richard Engel of NBC to be shown or something. He is just such a funny guy.

Pulp Fiction
What about this movie? Where sequences would be off and the episode would play out in some weird but fun order. It would have to be done like Pulp Fiction but would need a real fresh script and ideas that would go with it. Maybe have some other Tarantino movie scenes in it to throw people off. It just sounds fun. It could be like a non continuity South Park which could have many characters die. That way no one will freak out when Stan dies. It would be just this fun episode where rules could be broken and writers could have some freedom of creativity.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby zzyzx 2 » Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:18 pm

Season 18 starts with all 17 previous seasons being a dream that Cartman had while in the visitor's spaceship from episode 101 (Cartman Gets an Anal Probe), leaving M&T to create season 18 fresh and brand-new without any South Park Colorado canon to follow :mrgreen:
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby joshferrell » Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:06 am

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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby TheDarkstar » Wed Sep 17, 2014 4:49 pm

An episode poking fun at the Hulu controversy that's been going on here?
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:10 pm
The fun sex site where people can share sexual pictures, videos, and meet to have sex. The dirty Facebook.

3rd Political Party
What if a new political party is created and one that stands a chance of winning the presidential elections in 2016?

Whitey Bulger
Since he is getting a special on CNN about him I could see him getting some sort of fun action on the show.

The Deadpool movie is underway. It will be coming out on February 12th 2016. I know I’d like South Park to have something Deadpool before the movie comes out. Maybe season 19? Here is the leaked footage that helped in getting the movie greenlighted. God speed Deadpool!!!!
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Fri Sep 26, 2014 1:32 am

Colorado Voluntary Firefighters
I heard about this on the radio the other day. I heard that Colorado is having trouble maintaining their numbers of voluntary Firefighters. Plus half of the Firefighters in Colorado are voluntary and don’t get paid. I know the kids used to like to play Fireman but I could see the parents having an episode where they join and serve as voluntary Firemen for the city of South Park.

Latchkey Kids
I don’t know which kids are but some of them are latchkey children. So the episode could show how negative it is on children who are latchkey kids. Okay so there could be a place where kids have fun together that they get to go to after school. Of course something big and cool has to happen to show that kids at daycares and with activities groups are not better then latchkey kids. To start the panic of people not wanting their kids to be latchkey kids, there could be a burglar that breaks into a house and a kid is home and ends up being murdered. So then all kids are sent to this after school program that takes care of them. So then what goes wrong next is radicalized terrorists that had just robbed a bank try to hide out at this after school program and take everyone hostage. Some people will have to die. But after some fun with all of that things are restored and people see that leaving their kids home alone is not that dangerous after all.

Mr. Garrison Has A Kid
What if Mr. Garrison ends up a father? He could have given sperm years ago and now has a little girl he knew nothing about. What if Garrison now has to raise the girl because a horrible accident happened to the mother. Maybe the girl had met Garrison before the mothers death? Or the girl seeked out her father and wanted a relationship? Also Garrison murdering the mother sounds exciting also. Anyways so the girl can be the age of the 4th graders and could now go to the same school and sit in Garrison’s class as he is now her new teacher. No one would see it coming as Garrison doesn’t have any balls left.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Wed Oct 01, 2014 10:20 pm

The Island
What if the kids end up like the book The Lord of the Flies? Token can suggest “lets eat Cartman”.

Starbucks Again
A future idea if Starbucks follows though with what they are currently testing at a select number of their stores which is alcohol beverages that thus will be a plot.

Football Again?
Is there a South Park elementary school football team? If so what about seeing Token as QB and he takes the team all the way.

Colorado Protests
Teachers and students are protesting in Colorado rate now over a recent law providing that teachers get paid by how well they are voted to be and then there is a law that may pass that will give a right wing view point of history taught at schools in the curriculum. I guess slavery and abuse to Indians may not be taught, thank god.

China Protests
In Hong Kong mainly teenagers and early twenty year olds are protesting elections regulations of who can run for government positions. What if it leads to a civil war?
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South Park: Banned Game of Future Past

Postby reece3102 » Sat Oct 04, 2014 2:37 am

here is an idea of an South Park episode attacking the issue of domestic violence/abuse and events that follow. I am a domestic violence survivor and ex abuser. so unfortunately, i know what i am talking about when it comes to abuse. Hope you enjoy the summary. :)

Description: The new release of a controversial game, coupled with the outbreak of assault charges in the media, prompt Stan's mom to join the cause to hunt down the perpertraitors and enablers of domestic violence and in doing so almost brings humanity to the brink of destruction. ( jabs at "X- Men, Days of Future Past, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' and 'Divergent'.
"Celeb fights" (enter better name here) is a newly released video game that contains stars with domestic violence/assault charges/incidences (Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Chris Brown, Hope Solo, Christian Bale,Greg Hardy etc. even has "retro players" like OJ, Tyson, Alec Baldwin). players can choose from a number of stars who have been accused/charged with any kind of abuse or assault. Player's ( celebrities) avatar, fight setting, and mid game play movies blatantly reflect their legal/criminal woes in reality.

Plot Synopsis:
The boys are in class talking excitedly about the newly released 'Celeb Fights' and how they cannot wait to play it after school. Craig says how they are so lucky and that his mom won't let him play it. The other kids say the same thing.
After school, the boys are at Stan's house playing the game when Randy walks in the living room, sipping a beer saying he has heard alot about this game. Cartman says how he is getting Ray Rice because he has been looking up "hide the video/evidence" cheats. Cartman and Stan choose Ray Rice & Jason Taylor (who both appear decked out in their team uniform) for the hornets. Kyle and Kenny choose Hope Solo (who is seen tossing a bloodied soccer ball menacingly) & Christian Bale (who becomes Batman when Kenny enters a cheat much to Cartman's disapproval)
In walks in Sharon from work and finds the boys playing the game with Randy watching. She forbids Stan from playing the game, informs the boys she will tell their parents, and her and Randy have a big fallout. Sharon believes the games makes light of domestic violence and assault and doesn't want Stan thinking it's ok, and is angry Randy allowed it. Randy says he doesn't see what the big deal is since it's just a game and they let Stan play and watch more violent games and movies. Sharon is livid and accuses Randy of not being sympathetic of abuse and domestic violence. Randy insists that he is sympathetic, but what would making a big deal about this one game change? Sharon says "i can't believe i married such a ignorant, stupid chauvinistic assh*le pig", before storming out of the house, slamming the door behind her. (Irony since what she just did is abusive/ DV)
Families, towns, and the nation is divided over this one video game. Some believe that it makes light of abuse and desensitizes kids to abuse and should be banned, while others believe that to ban it is hypocritical and unconstitutional and doesn't focus on the problem directly.
Sharon joins domestic violence awareness group and gains momentum to get game banned and calls for a South Park town hall meeting. She proposes getting the game banned and striking down all violent professional sports because they are a breeding ground for violent behavior. The town is divided as Randy, Jared, even Sheila do not want to live in a world with only golf. (Animated banter here as the "pro game" side asks time after time if this sport or that sport fall into their "violent sport". tony stewart is used as example when NASCAR is proposed) and the "pro game" group take a stand on not banning.
So the town and nation is divided. Spouses are witholding sex from their "pro game" spouses in efforts to take their stand (another dig since this too is a form of abuse). A south park news report shows that violence has gone up among men& women!
Meanwhile, NFL owners meet together to discuss what they can do to detect violent behavior in players before they are drafted. They come up with program/software that can do just so.
A short midget lady (X Men DOFP) who heads many domestic violence/ abuse groups uses the NFL's program to create the "sentinel" program.
Obama and celebs do PSA for abuse and when it is over, an aide is thanking Barack for the oppurtunity when Michelle walks in and just glares. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING BARACK?!!" she yells. Terrified, he insists that she is overreacting and that he was only being friendly. "oh only being friendly huh?" she asks. "yeah we know you love being the friendly type don't you muthafucka?!" ( Flashback to Nelson Mandela's memorial when Barack and the Danish Prime Minister laughing/flirting & Michelle made him switch seats ,then next scene of Michell standing over a cowering Barack).
The Sentinels can detect the "aggressive gene" but are not approved and put into use by congress until Omar Gonzalez jumps the White House fence with a knife.
Sentinels are activated and are seen rounding up certain celebs ( Lindsy Lohan, Alec Baldwin, Bobby Brown, (Sentinels breaks into prison just to get OJ) for rehabilatation but when he defiantly turns it down, he is shot on the spot on live tv.
Rehabilatation is an attempt to eliminate the possibilty of future aggression by scanning the individual's DNA and removing the "aggression" gene. The results are that the person is a detached, emotionless, monotone citizen. Afterwards, the person is made to watch Nick Cage's "Left Behind" to see if they have accepted rehabilatation. Those who reject it are maddened by the lame ass movie, labeled as "divergent" and shot on the spot . If anyone refuses rehabilataion, they are shot on the spot as well as a "threat to society".
Only people totally ignored by sentinels are gays and "suspects" (celebs who seem gay (i.e Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum, and Towelee.
More celebs are rounded up and reconditioned. All is well for a few days until the sentinels began detecting the "aggressive gene" in every man, woman and child and turn on everyone. Chaos ensues as now everyone is hunted (XMEN DOFP), and not wanting to be reconditioned, humanity goes into hiding from the Sentinels.
Some time later, the earth is dark and appears desolate except for the sentinels protrolling the airs. The town of South Park is in hiding with most of it's enhabits still alive (for now). Their clothes and the setting resembles that of 'Xmen DOFP'. Randy stands up in front of the crowd (as he is now their leader) and gives the 'Planet of the Apes' Gary Oldman "for Four YEARS!..." speech.

Some celebs are hiding with them. Steven Segal, Ryan Reynolds (ryan is TOTALLY ignored by sentinels while Steven fights them off for Towelee in the 'astrial projection' scene. Towelee is with them and has been for awhile. After a sentinel attack where some South Park towns people are killed, Stan notices how Towelee and Ryan Reynolds are totally ignored by sentinels. When Stan propose to send him to the sentinels HQ to shut off sentinels since he isn't human and is safe. Towell says he'll do it but just smoked his last joint and wants weed. Stan agrees but knows the only place to find weed now is back in colorado so they make a trip back home.
Cartman is now a marijuana kingpin back in South Park. He is surrounded by hippies who just smoke all the time and the sentinels dont bother them cause all hippies do is smoke and sing songs. They shield him from the sentinels and Kyle realizes this. He threatens to tell the hippies they are in danger because of Cartman if he doesn't agree to help. So Cartman gets angry at Kyle and starts cursing him and telling him to "get the f*ck out" when the sentnels appear, attracted by Cartman's anger. So the boys scramble and now Eric is back with them and they now have the weed they need. Towelee gets high and forgets his mission as soon as he steps foot in the sentinel's HQ, with the boys hiding a distance away. He lights and hits a joint to remember, he says, but still can't. He tries to remember Stan's name and when he finally does, both Stan and he hear one another. So through this they discover Towelee has mental abilities and maybe they can use it to reach someone. They ask towelee more about it and he doesn't know so the boys make a trip to the old burned down military compound where Towelee was created. There they find one of towelee's creators hiding out and he tells them Towelee was made with the ability to astro project but he has to be REALLY REALLY high. He informs them that with Towelee's abilty, they can undo all that has been done and they are mankind's last hope. Sentinels attack and the boys escape back to the group. After learning of Towelee's gift, Randy prepares to send his mind back in time before the sentinels were created and deliver message for the world. They are attacked by sentinels and Randy is killed while Towelee (now higher than he has ever been) astrial projects to present day to deliver message to congress and the world about domestic violence and abuse to stop the sentinel program before it begins.
Present day:
Towelee forgets (of course) to tell the boys and just pops up when they are at the bus stop, smoking a joint. They ask him "what's up" and he mumbles something about "crazy dreams from the future" and "they're gonna kill everybody" and giggles before taking another hit. The boys just stare at him before getting onto the bus. Later that day, Stan asks the boys what do they think Towelee meant by his message. Cartman calls him a stupid pothead and a hippie towel is just as bad as a hippie. Stan can't shake the feeling and takes Kyle to leave school and find Towelee where after alot of prodding, they get him to remember and take him to congress where Towelee plays the pre-recorded video message.
As congress is watching the video streaming from Towelee, you see a frantic Randy, yelling into the camera that they got it all wrong. He tells how the sentinels turned because everyone had the gene. that taking away the ability to feel anger didn't solve anything- it only made things worse because there are times that we need to be angry. when someone hurts the innocent. No, he says, the answer isn't limiting things- it's expanding them. He explains how that husband with his harsh words and name calling, or that spouse who gives the silent treatment. How that parent that discipline that child out of anger, or that bully at school, or ISIS- they are all bullies. There may always be selfish, inconsiderate, assh*les that live among us, but that doesn't mean we have to take their sh*t. Knowledge is the answer he says. Everyone needs to be taught all the many forms of abuse. We knew Ray Rice hit his wife- but when we saw it- then it's serious? how hypocritial is that? Time and time again we see that those who are of celebrity status get slapped on the wrist, when intense, full time therapy is needed. Many abusers have grown up in a difficult enviornment and have habits that are decades old- that takes time to unlearn. Not just a 3 game suspension 12 month probation in between recording or filming sessions. It's time that we teach abuse awareness in our schools, in our churches and our homes. It's time we treat ALL abuse and abusers the same
In the end the boys and Towelee are sitting around playing the game (Kenny died in the future but he isn't here now for some reason). As they are picking characters and begin fighting, Cartman puts the controller down and says this game is sorta weak. Kyle says yeah, it's a little messes up and wants to play something else. Stan says put (another controversial game) in and they do. Stan asks where has Kenny been and they all shrug. Towelee giggles.
The End
:lol: :lol:
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:13 am

I am thinking of Cartman time traveling and helping Adolf Hitler take over the world. Maybe Kyle to fix time travels back in time also. Hitler steals Kyle's time machine and now we have time traveling Hitler to worry about. Who knows what could possible go on if Hitler had a time machine.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby matt.shelton » Thu Oct 09, 2014 8:48 am

The batchlor type episode would be funny
cartman just having to pick from all the girls and being a massive dick about it lol
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Sun Oct 12, 2014 11:46 pm

Teen girls who kill themselves
So what about if these poor girls start being saved from death by pedophiles who like them? Like they take on bullies that attack these girls because they like to see them naked in videos online and meet them in person to have sex with them and record it. So pedophiles become heroes of this story. Like murdering and killing bullies because of their love of naked young minors.

After Sharon’s inspirational words from ‘The Cissy’ to Lorde what about if Sharon gets laid off her job and ends up getting a job as a female bartender? I would think lots of cool sh*t could come up with this idea. Also maybe some of that gluten free beer and liquor is what’s now sold? Imagine a whole bar full of gluten free alcohol. Maybe Randy could perform as Lorde at the bar?

Malala Yousafzai
Malala won the damn Nobel Peace Prize with Kailash Satyarthi. I think she deserved it but I still would like to see her made fun of.

Amanda Bynes
I would say this after many had already suggested it. She is in the news again for her crazy ass ways. I have a feeling she will kill herself or have to be kept in a mental hospital for the rest of her life. Something like having her run around the screen all crazy like would be funny.

Being President
So what if the boys in a class project look at all the things that a president has had verses not had to determine characteristics that an American president has. But somehow someone comes up with the idea of how all of the previous presidents had not had a circumcision of their penises. So now most of the class feels they have no shot at being president because of their penis. And of course the girls are angry because there hasn’t been a female president before. It would explore the penises of all of our presidents and how different they all are and what makes each and every one of them special.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:54 pm

Okay so I saw this commercial from Koch and Koch is pronounced like COKE. Like the drug. So it was really funny because they were saying coke helped make things and stuff. This company has a bad name. . So now I think of Hunter Biden who is the vice president’s son who just got discharged from the navy for testing positive for coke. So it would be funny for Hunter to start working for Koch.

Wheelchair Cartman
So Cartman ends up in a wheelchair for the episode. The first day he is in a wheelchair he learns he is too weak to pull himself onto a toilet and sh*ts his pants inches away from the bowl. So he now has to wear a diaper and catheter. So now everyone has to put up with him sh*tting his pants and pissing all the time. Plus this will be hell on earth for the school nurse who already has her arm deep in Timmy’s poop. Now the school nurse will have to cater and change two boys at the school. It will show the diaper time changing scenes and how awkward it is to enter the nurses office when they are diaper changing a student.

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