Kenny gets out of his parka

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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby |James| » Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:43 pm

I partly agree with te others... but the length should not be stretched due to the fact that Kenny like said before would become just another kid... but they should maybe make an episode in the future that has kenny without the parka but give the viewers some suspence by blocking a bit of his face like done in lice capades...not fully visible but enough to build a visual picture of kenny without the parka...
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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby DaBird » Sat Nov 07, 2009 4:22 am

It's actually kind of fun trying to figure out what Kenny is saying with the hood on. One episode without the parka and including a lot of dialogue would still be pretty fun, though. Still, Kenny just wouldn't be Kenny without the orange parka and the muffled speech. Most of his lines would probably have to be censored, for one thing. For another, the parka sets Kenny apart from all the other characters. After a few episodes, the parkaless Kenny would become just another kid in the series. Granted, he'd be the kid who uses a lot of X-rated language and dies all the time, but he'd end up being just another character.

What would be really funny for such an episode would be if he showed up to school w/o the parka and everyone was like "Who the hell are you?" or "Who's the new kid?". To make it even funnier, Kenny could say something completely "out there" to one of his friends. The teacher hears (and understands) what he says and sends Kenny to the office. By the end of the episode, Kenny would decide to continue wearing the parka from now on.
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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby Jackdabomb » Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:28 am

If I remember correctly there is an episode where he is unhooded the whole time. It was the baseball one and truth be told he did blend in quite easily. I had to look at the comments to realize that he was unhooded. But, it's a fairly good idea. I'm sure they would find a good way to use the idea should it actually be considered.
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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby [Kenny] » Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:37 am

:( uhhh This is really hard i think that kenny looks beter than any of the other guys with out his hood but i think that it kind of makes him less difrent.

Well its would be fine what ever happens as long he dosent die of a musular disese again. :zombiekenny: :zombiekenny: :zombiekenny: :zombiekenny:

:unhoodedkenny: :unhoodedkenny: :unhoodedkenny: :unhoodedkenny: :unhoodedkenny: :unhoodedkenny:

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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby [Kenny] » Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:40 am

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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby [Kenny] » Mon Dec 28, 2009 2:32 pm

OK i think that sounds good that kenny should get out of his parka for like 2 sesons. But i dont see y it would make him more popular and y would cartman want to kick out kenny? He is his only friend (sort of). :unhoodedkenny:
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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby Zerox » Thu May 06, 2010 11:48 pm

If kenny took off his parka and wore a hat then OF COURSE people would love him. Then Cartmen would be called a bastard by Kyle and Stan since Kenny is so popular! :unhoodedkenny:
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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby zzyzx 1 » Fri May 07, 2010 12:01 am

omgtkkyb1992, the OP wrote :
> Much like in season 6 when the kids kicked out butters for being a pussy or
> what ever.
> So i was thinking for like season 15 or so there could be a episode were
> Cartman decides that Kenny can only be in the group if he takes off his
> parka and wears a hat like the others. Kenny then wears a hat and becomes
> more popular and gets more attention then the rest of the guys and then the
> guys want him to go back to the way he was before so they can get attention
> and be noticed again.

Interesting idea, but imo MnT will never do this idea. The show is more about current events lately with the exception of 1407, Crippled Summer :)

I wonder why the Comedy Central store doesn't sell similar parkas to the public. :? I'd buy one :)
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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby god ofwar » Fri May 07, 2010 12:17 am

that does not sound like a good episode :stanpuke: :unhoodedkenny:
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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby jznuri34 » Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:22 pm

I had posted something similar to this earlier this year and I can't believe, after reading this board that the idea has been floating around here since '07. Of course it could be an awesome episode! Yes, there have been episodes where Kenny appears without his parka but little is ever made of it. I think it would be truly twisted irony if Kenny appeared without his parka for an entire episode and was actually highly intelligent and spoke not only very clearly but in a very non-childish, adult, and informed way about all events happening around him with a certain insight, as almost a sage of sorts, but no one could understand him unless he was muffled by the parka (and yes, I know they could understand him in The Jeffersons episode). So at the end of the episode, he does the "You know, I've learned something today," speech and everyone is like, "what the hell was that? we can't understand a word you're saying." So he scoffs off, puts back on his parka and repeats the speech and everybody is like, "oh, okay. Yeah, that makes sense, Kenny." Then he starts cursing and crying because he's doomed to be the muffled voice forever. And by the way, in regards to previous posts, yes Kenny is very much defined by his parka, but that's really just an aspect of his character as much as his amazing power of ressurrection. And as for looking like Tweak, no, his hair, although did change in tint slightly from the movie from dirty blonde to blonde in seasons 8 and 9 is much more kempt and short that Tweak's. And other than hair or other accessories, the other truly significant aspect of differentiating SP kids is voice, and Kenny's is much more stable and normal than Tweak's.
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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby cardiacnecrosis » Mon Dec 27, 2010 5:03 am

I basically agree with everyone else:

It would be awesome if Kenny could be unmasked and have a large speaking part for one or maybe two episodes. I love unhooded Kenny and it would be great to see a lot of him, but he's not Kenny without his hood so it definitely should NOT be a long-term thing! But for a whole episode? YES!
I also think it would be cool, as aforementioned, if he went to school and was treated as a new kid and unrecognized. It would be a good episode!
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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby Azrah » Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:48 pm

I wouldn't really care on what might happen. I mean look, if south park season 15 would be the last, then I guess it's ok to let kenny out of the orange for one episode. If its not the last of south park, then I say no. I really like Kenny w/o his hood and I love to hear him talk but I like kenny just the way he is with his parka on. The Kenny that we all love (just gotta love that orange muffled kid) That's the Kenny I truley know.
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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby talking_mushroom » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:49 am

Well, hasn't he finally got enough unmuffed lines in Season 14? I think this superhero story might have been made up partly in order to develop this character, give him a bigger role with more lines. I don't think there will be more for him. He's seen without his parka often enough in Season 13, but he doesn't speak even when addressed to, and his face can never be seen at full. I think T&M were just making fun of their own idea of hiding this character's face by that.
As for him being attractive without the parka and so on, all faces are the same and he seems more handsome only because his face is hidden most of the time. When something is not shown, you want to see it.
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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby Iceskull33 » Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:03 am

Kenny gets out of his parka and you see his entire face in this first coon episode, you see his entire face and here him talk unmuffled in the South Park Movie in 1999, and in the 'Meet The Jeffersons' episode he talks but his face is covered by a mask. However, seing Kenny's face for more than a second would be cool.
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Re: Kenny gets out of his parka

Postby Joe12345677 » Mon May 09, 2011 6:14 pm

they done it in the movie with his parka off. Sounds like a really bad episode idea though

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