New Kid Episode: Bipolar Kid

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New Kid Episode: Bipolar Kid

Postby rotkinte » Wed Nov 14, 2007 4:01 pm

A spin on the classic "new kid" episode thing that Matt and Trey did with the Mormon kid Gregory. This time make it about a bipolar kid, and definitely have Kyle as the foil.
James Napoleon is the new kid at South Park Elementary. Half the time he is friendly and outgoing - but the other half of the time he is angry or reclusive. Kyle feels sorry for James during one of his down moments, and befriends him. Kyle and James become good friends, despite James uncontrollably erratic behavior and odd mood swings. At the height of his mania, James begins to believe that Kyle's mom is actually an angel. He builds a statue of her in Kyle's front yard, and then burns it. The police come and take James away to an institution.

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