butters dreams about that he exists as a girl

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butters dreams about that he exists as a girl

Postby SpFanMehrdad » Fri Jan 04, 2008 6:10 am

im sure youve seen a episode whenever butters becomes margerine right?? but how about this for a idea??
not like how the boys dressed butters up, but how the girls gave her a make over
they should make a fake episode, it should be whenever butters is actually a girl but at the end // butters actually was dreaming that he was actually a girl, it looked all real in the beginning but at the end, butters found out it was all just a dream OOH!! i forgot one more thing to add, and at the end, butters ran downstairs during breakfast time and told his mom and dad about his dream he said " MOM!! MOMM!!! DAD!!! YOUR NOT GONA BELIEVE THIS!! It sounds weird ....i had a Dream that i Existed as a girl in my dream and then ...." **His Parents Gasped** and his dad said " IF YOU DREAM ABOUT YOURSELF AS A GIRL ONE MORE TIME!! YOU ARE GROUNDED MISTER!!! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR???? and butters looks at the ground and said " Yes Sir" and his dad said " Go March Into Your Own Room Young Man, and you better think about what you did "...and butters walked upstairs looking sad and then went back to sleep.....

at the beginning butters goes to sleep and then his dream shows that he exists as a girl.... [ im sorry if i am repeating after myself because it can be a little bit too much headache , you know what margerine looks like after she gets a makeover??? she should look like that..]----------------------------------------
In Conclusion--->got any good ideas of what they should add in the episode??

its an episode whenever butters dreams about that he exists as a girl and what it would be like if he was one

i know as a girl , margerine hates cartman

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