Proposal For New Gender Theory Episode (Serial Killers)

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Proposal For New Gender Theory Episode (Serial Killers)

Postby cheater120 » Sat Mar 25, 2023 2:54 am

Homosexuality, is the act of having sex with a woman, as a man, in her anus, with the penis.

In internal medicine terms, this induces homosexuality, from the woman’s inner rectum enzymes, moving into the man’s urethra with semen attached backfeeding into the erect phallus.

This indicates assumed consent, that the homosexual believe they have, with others.

If a police gendarme, they frame others with what they have; in other words, they treat others as if dolls, at first with dogs as a children, owning and grooming them, later with humans as medical toys, to become homosexual police officers.

The Nazi regime, was composed of homosexual police, each camp, hunting its own.

Adolf Hitler, was so flaming gay, from weightlifting and experimenting with anal sex with prostitutes, he wanted to destroy Germany, gay or straight, rather than kill himself.

The Gestapo, framed you as serial killers, as did Schulzstaffel and Totenkopf; the nurses, corrections, and psychiatrists officers.

So what if MI-6, found a man impossible to frame as a serial killer, he was one already?

Hence, you have the Special Office of the Executive, deep lines inserts, the elite division of the British Intelligence organization; “The Irish Division”.

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