New Game - South Park: A Rip In Space

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New Game - South Park: A Rip In Space

Postby Djihm » Sat Mar 25, 2023 11:56 pm

Elevator Pitch
In The Stick of Truth, the kids played Fantasy. In The Fractured But Whole, the kids played Superheroes. A Rip in Space will see the kids play dystopian future, only they couldn’t decide what to play. Demon invasion, robot overlords, cyberpunk... the different genres tore the kids - and their world - apart, and it’s up to the New Kid to bring them back together.

The Order, a nefarious organization bent on world domination, is composed of the world’s most ultra-powerful: Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk. The Order opens an excavation site just outside South Park, ostensibly for the construction of a joint office park for Amazon, Facebook, and Tesla. In reality, they are there because South Park is a quantum nexus across the multiverse (hence, all the crazy sh*t).

During excavation, the source of the quantum nexus is discovered: the Magic Triangle, which The Order plans to use it to realize their dreams of world domination. The Order assembles it, along with an-until-then-unknown third piece (now The Triforce). When deciding its fate, the members of The Order grapple for it. As the three of them pull it apart, they pull the very fabric of reality into three pieces, with each one of them having one piece of the relic. In each plane of existence, The Order member uses the relic to achieve world domination, ushering in their own dystopian future.

As the fabric of reality is being ripped apart, the New Kid falls into a pocket dimension outside time and space where he encounters Stan’s grandpa. Grandpa confides in the New Kid that he is the last member of the Horadrim, a secret order whose sacred duty is to protect the Magic Triangle; however, as time passed their order waned. Grandpa passes on the sacred duty of the Horadrim to the New Kid, along with their powers - the New Kid’s farts can rip holes in space, allowing him to traverse the multiverse.

Jeff Bezos dominated the world using his fleet of Amazon drones, which has since turned into an army Terminators. Everything is a war-torn wasteland, like the prologue of Terminator 2, or, rather, Southpark in The Wacky Molestation Adventure. You lead a guerrilla effort to destroy the robots’ headquarters / manufacturing facility (would really love to bring back Christophe from The Movie). Jewbots, Mecha Streisand... there’s a lot you can do.

Elon Musk used the relic to achieve his dream of colonizing Mars. The entire town of South Park is rebuilt on Mars (coincidentally in exactly the same layout). This can really go two ways:
1. Elon has since opened up a portal to hell, with allowing demons to overrun everything. This is obviously Doom. Final boss, Elon and Cthulhu. This might be too close to the Shub-Nigguroth subplot in TFBW, so;
2. Aliens. Nuff’ said.

Mark Zuckerberg used the relic to achieve hegemonic dominance of Facebook/Meta - a techno-futuristic cyberpunk dystopia. Perfect for shoehorning A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000.

During your adventures, the New Kid must assemble a team of survivors, recover the relics, and return the world to as it was.
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Re: New Game - South Park: A Rip In Space

Postby AchtungNight » Fri May 12, 2023 5:04 am

I like this idea. Please consider as villains the following original characters (feel free to give me credit, but not necessary).

The Four Demons of the Internet

1. The All-Powerful Technology Expiration Demon. He was responsible for the Y2K problem, also for any problem online involving outdated technology and users lacking ability to use technology well (older users vs younger users, hackers vs lurkers, etc.).

2. The Incredible Spam Demon. She spreads spam throughout the Internet, causes slowdowns and denial of service attacks, also annoyance to users.

3. The Ultimate System Crasher Demon! This demon likes to make computers crash in various ways, has the power to do so. They work closely with the other demons to accomplish their goal.

4. The Lockout Demon. A vague shadowy figure resembling Bill Gates whose aim is to suborn the Internet to his will by buying up and joining together every Internet company he can. Lockout also wants to mess with Internet security by helping the other demons violate it and requiring increasingly complex passwords from Internet users who wish to circumvent him.

All four of these figures operate in an Internet mobile environment similar to Inception or Phone Destroyer and a similar dystopian future. If you don't like their setting, that's fine.

Please also consider including something similar to The Hunger Games in your dystopian future lineup. You got Terminator robot overlords stuff, Cyberpunk stuff, Demon Invasion stuff, but The Hunger Games also deserve inclusion. So do zombie or vampire apocalypse dystopian futures if you want to use them. And diversity damaging futures like Divergent and The Handmaid's Tale. Please consider these. Thanks!

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