Episode idea :D

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Episode idea :D

Postby Skylarbun » Mon Mar 27, 2023 5:40 pm

So Tweek is in a situation where he can't calm down so he goes online to find these "anxiety problem solving" products and he buys one of them and when the product he bought arrives hes goes into his room and unbox it and puts it on and he feels something different and Tweeks tells everyone about the product he got but later in the episode everyone starts buying it then the product starts controlling everyone but Cartman and Stan and maybe Craig who didn't buy the product has to save South park because
everyone is destroying stuff and basically a apocalypse started so they have to stop the apocalypse by shooting the product off of everyone.

(Tweek bought one of those fake ones that take profit off of disorders.
There are some products that probably help just to be clear)

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