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Postby Orange_Kenny » Sat Dec 17, 2005 8:17 am

Just making sure!
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Postby deadkennny3000 » Sat Dec 17, 2005 8:27 am

if the length of the story bothered you alot, sorry. but wow i read the whole thing, i can just picture what's happening.....keep it up :)
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Postby Orange_Kenny » Sat Dec 17, 2005 8:31 am

Thanks a lot! :D
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Postby coffeey » Sat Dec 17, 2005 2:24 pm

Yeah this story is getting really good! Keep up the good work :D
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Postby Naivok » Sat Dec 17, 2005 5:08 pm

Yes I've read all the chapters so far, nice story keep it up :)
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Postby Orange_Kenny » Sun Dec 18, 2005 2:59 am

deadkennny3000 wrote:if the length of the story bothered you alot, sorry. but wow i read the whole thing, i can just picture what's happening.....keep it up :)

No the length of the story is fine. But I thought you were simply commenting on the length because you didn't actually read the story. It was just sort of weird to read a story and say "Wow, the length of that story was great!"


EDIT: Alright guys! Which Chapter is your favorite so far! I love hearing your opinions!
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Postby kyle_vs_cartman » Mon Dec 19, 2005 7:53 pm

I think I liked chapter 8 the most it had alot of mistery,lots of things are revealed,and the boys are just really cool to each other to some extent and also lots of kyle.very good story!!keep it up!
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Postby coffeey » Tue Dec 20, 2005 12:01 am

[color=orange:6e069]Chapter 4 and 3 are my favorites so far, but I like them all[/color:6e069]
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Postby Orange_Kenny » Tue Dec 20, 2005 12:26 am

kyle_vs_cartman wrote:I think I liked chapter 8 the most it had alot of mistery,lots of things are revealed,and the boys are just really cool to each other to some extent and also lots of kyle.very good story!!keep it up!

I'll have to agree with you on that. It was probably my favorite to write too.


New fan art for my story from a very good friend of mine!
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Postby Orange_Kenny » Wed Dec 21, 2005 2:39 am

Chapter 9

After only two days, the heat had gotten worse. Soon it traveled up to the
level that it had been when the Earth had just been destroyed by the fire. The
boys pulled off their hats again, and began to sweat uncontrollably. Though
their water supply was still strong, they hesitated to drink it. If they drank
too much of it, they would be dead in a matter of five days at the very most.
"God Damn, this sucks ass!" Cartman said, looking to see that his water
bottle was only half full. "How in the f*ck did it get so f*cking hot again?"
"Maybe it's setting up for another hell storm." Stand said, in a dark
"Yeah, and we're no where near any shelters I'll bet." Kenny said,
seeing that the end of the street was somewhat glowing a bright red, for some
reason, he knew that the heat was being emitted from there.
"What the hell is down there?" Kyle said, seeing that his shoes were
beginning to melt to the concrete.
"Whoa!" They finally came over the hill, and saw the biggest pit of red
in the middle of the road in a field. However, it wasn't the pit they were
concerned with. It was the creature that over-looked it in the middle. Even
though it looked small from a distance in contrast with the pit, it was at
least five times the size of a human being. It was a bright red, horned
creature with long black claws and rectangular yellow eyes with no pupils.
"Come here, my little friends. For I have much to tell you." He said in
a very low, boomingly huge voice.
They hesitated, but then approached the creature, finding that it was
actually beginning to cool off when they got nearer the pit.
"I am glad to see that you made it this far, my friends."
"Who are you?" Kyle said in a meek voice.
"I am the pit lord. I choose what comes into the pit, and what stays as
a bit of time."
"Do you know what happened to this world?" Stan asked, eyes brightening
to the hope of some answers.
"The answer is very simple, my friends. Your time had died."
"Time had died?!" Cartman asked.
"No, your time had died. I am sorry my little friends, but it is
entirely my fault. I made a slight miscalculation in the time continuum, and
you four were taken off of the list, causing your time to stop and go into the
burning fires."
"Is there a way to get us back to our time?"
"There is a way. It is a power that I cannot use, but if you are able
to reach it, you could create the slightest rift in time and return."
"Where is it?"
"The question is not where but when. It will come to you
in a matter of time, you just have to stay alive until then. Our time is up,
my friends. I will never see you again. Goodbye."
And, in an instant, he was gone.

This was all exposition, because Chapter 10 is the final chapter. It might take a while because I want to make it the best! Stay tuned!!!
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Postby KyleBenoit » Thu Dec 22, 2005 5:01 pm

Sweet chapter, O_K. Can't wait 'til the last one. Knowing you, it will be the best one yet. :)
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Postby coffeey » Thu Dec 22, 2005 7:29 pm

Cool I cant wait for the last chaper
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Postby Kelly MacCornmac » Sat Dec 24, 2005 3:25 am

[color=orange]I relly like it so far, but u could have almost killed kenny in each ch. in the last one please PLEASE kill kenny. :twisted:

kenny is my favorite character
i like it when he talks
i like when he almost dies
but what i love abou him most of all is when he never survies :twisted:

(hey that could be my new sig.) :D
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Postby Orange_Kenny » Tue Dec 27, 2005 4:27 pm

I thought about killing him, and I don't know if I'll do it or not. But I did make him almost die in the 7th chapter, against Mafuza.

And don't worry everyone! Chapter 10 is going to be ready either today or tomorrow! Stay tuned!
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Postby Orange_Kenny » Tue Dec 27, 2005 10:59 pm

Chapter 10

"The Armstand Farm, three miles." Kyle said as they past a road sign. It had
been five days since they talked to the pit lord, now they had renewed hope of
escaping, but not a whole lot of it still, and even less after the passing time
flew by.
"Think we can find some food at the farm?" Cartman said, eating canned
beets as they walked.
"I doubt it, probably all burned down by now." Stan said as he ate some
bullet-hard corn from a can.
"Wow, what is that?" Kyle said, squinting ahead. The sun was going down
and the land in front of them became harder and harder to see.
"It looks like tall grass." Stan said as he walked past the idle Kyle.
"No, it looks too thick to be grass..." He quickened his pace. "It
almost looks like corn!"
"Corn? What the hell would corn be doing out here? Shouldn't it have
burned along with the world?" Cartman said as he started to catch up to the
"If it is, then we can stock up on it!" Kenny said. "Wait you guys."
They all stopped and looked back at Kenny, who picked up a sign on the
ground. It read "Beware Mr. Scare-head"
"Mr. Scare-head? Sounds like a badly thought out cartoon show." Cartman
said, looking over Kenny's shoulder.
"Aw, dude, that means we probably shouldn't be going into the crop."
Stan hesitated, "We've had bad omens like this before and they always end up
with some kind of thing trying to kill us.
"Yeah Stan's right, we need to go around it, if that's the case." Kyle
said, but then looked around them. "Dude, what the f*ck?"
As they all looked around, they noticed the corn seemed to come closer
around them, now they were no more than ten yards away from it.
"I thought we were farther away." Kyle, completely weirded out, looked
at Stan.
"Guys, lets just turn back..." Stan said, all of them agreeing. But
they were immediately halted, when they found that there was corn behind them.
The cornfield had somehow reached all around them. Before they knew it, they
were surrounded on all sides. "Holy sh*t dude. This is bad!"
"Come on!" Kyle said, grabbing Stan's machette and chopping through the
corn, making a path.
"Dude! No! Don't harm the corn! Mr. Scare-head might get angry!" Kenny
shouted, looking around them.
"Well we're not getting anywhere just standing around to wait for him
now are w-" He was suddenly interrupted by the distant sound of dry chopping.
They all shifted their eyes nervously.
"Oh sh*t," Stan whispered as quietly as he could. "Do not make a
They all froze in place for a time, listening to chopping, and then
foot steps. Then there was an eerie silence that none of them could stand for
much longer. At length, a very skinny, long leg appeared above them. It had to
be more than fifteen feet long as it easily stepped over the huge gap in the
middle of the corn field. The thing at the top was very hard to see, but they
saw that he carried a very long scythe, in which he used to harvest his fields.
Then he revealed that he had a jack-o-lantern head, with green glowing eyes and
mouth with a straw hat on top. When it finally stepped across the gap, its
other leg stepped as well. He didn't even see the children, he was too
intoxicated by his work. He loved his crops, and he would work there forever if
he possibly could. Once he stepped across, he took one more long, lengthy step,
then another, and another, until he was a good distance away.
"Hooooly sh*t dude..." Stan whispered, staring along with the others.
"I've seen some f*cking weird things while I've been here, but for some reason,
that has to be the f*cking weirdest thing..." He said, looking at the others,
who he assumed didn't hear him.
"Come on guys, we need to get out of here." Stan said, and they all
turned around with him, but they all halted as the tall Mr. Scare-head stood
in front of them, staring down at them with his jack-o-lantern head grinning
its eternal smirk. It let out a burst of guffawing, causing the children to
scream. Then he pulled back his scythe, ready to swing.
"Run!" Kyle said, and they all ran back, going in between the stocks of
corn. As they did, they tried to keep track of where each of them were going,
but soon they lost each other, but kept running, because they could hear the
lunatic pumpkin head running after them.
Cartman finally stopped, catching his breath. He looked back, not
seeing Mr. Scare-head. But suddenly, the blade came down right in front of his
face, instantly making him flinch, and run back a few steps. The blade followed
him, and almost clipped off the puff ball on his hat.
"Gah! You bastard!" He yelled as he ran away from the two legs he saw.
Then, as he ran, Mr. Scare-head breathed in, wheezing very loud, and letting
off a huge smog of glowing green smoke. The smoke caught up to Cartman fast,
and knocked him in the head, making him fly forward, through the corn in front
of him, making him yelp in pain as they slapped him in the face. He finally hit
the ground, and his hand slapped into something hard on the ground. He looked
up and saw that his hand was on the handle of a sledge hammer, lying in the
middle of the field. He saw one of the legs come down behind him, and that was
all he needed. He quickly picked up the sledge hammer with both hands, and
spun around to gain momentum, and bashed the head of the hammer into the skinny
leg, shattering it and causing Mr. Scare-head to scream, and lose his balance.
As Mr. Scare-head fell to the side, Cartman threw the sledge hammer, and missed
the tall man, but kept running anyway.
"Haha! Take that you hippie!" Cartman yelled back.
"Cartman!" Kenny said, sounding very close to Cartman. "Is that you?"
"Kenny! Follow my voice!" He shouted, then finally saw Kenny's orange
reflection in the moon light. "There you are! Come on, we need to hurry!"
"Where's Kyle and Stan?" Kenny looked around.
"I don't know but if we don't hurry, that bastard could get back up!
Let's go!" Cartman began to run along with Kenny. At length, they saw clearly,
and realized a hill was close to them, a hill marking the end of the cornfield.
"Quick! To that hill! We can get on top of it and signal the others!"
Kenny shouted, keeping near Cartman. But they suddenly heard a loud rustling
in the corn behind them. They both turned around, expecting to see Stan and
Kyle, but instead what they saw was something of a stick flying in the hair, a
very long stick, that spread out his leg and half leg out and raised up his
scythe as he came down directly where Kenny and Cartman were.
"Jesus Christ!" Cartman ran and dodged out of the way.
Kenny took out his Remington Rand and shot Mr. Scare-head in the face
as he came down, blowing two green holes in his forehead. But as he did, the
blade still fell on him, slicing into the right of his chest.
"Kenny!" Cartman shouted and ran to him, catching him as he fell.
"Kenny are you alright?"
"Yeah dude, I've had worse, come on we can still make it." Kenny said
as they ran, Kenny leaning onto Cartman as a crutch.
As Kenny's eyes tried to shut, Cartman shook him a little, using the
pain to keep Kenny conscious. "Damnit, Kenny! Don't die on me! We're almost
Finally they came to a clearing, and saw that the hill had a cave at
the bottom of it. "Come on! We'll be safe in that cave!"
As they entered the cave, Mr. Scare-head, acting as a spider, crawled
out of the cornfield.
"Ah, son of a bitch!" Cartman said, deeper into the cave, noticing
something was at the end. "What is that?"
He turned his attention back to Kenny as he pulled out his gun and shot
at the monster entering the cave. As Cartman pulled Kenny back farther, he
noticed that a lever was at the end of the cave.
"Hold him off, Kenny! I'm gonna go pull that lever!"
"Hurry!" Kenny said, firing off the last two rounds in his clip, and
sliding it out, putting in his last clip.
Cartman ran down the cave's tunnel, as he got closer he noticed a sign
at the bottom of the lever, the sign read "SARNON."
As the creature endured the holes being shot into his face, he crawled
closer to Kenny, his blade being raised slowly as he approached. Kenny finally
pulled out the stops and fired continuously at the creature, wasting ten
bullets in twenty seconds, causing an enormous chunk of skin to fall off of
the monster's head, and green ooze began to drop down. But he still approached
Kenny, raising his blade up, and struck down, but was pulled back suddenly,
his blade striking just between Kenny's leg, barely missing by an inch.
Mr.Scare-head looked behind him to see that Kyle and Stan pulled hard at his
leg, dragging him out of the cave. However, they pulled too hard, and gave the
creature a clear shot straight at Stan's head. He took the chance immediately
and sliced at it with great accuracy and speed. But then he noticed that it
As Cartman pulled the lever, the Scythe was eaten away immediately, but
so was Mr. Scare-head, and then the ground, and then the cave, and then the
corn field broke apart. All of it broke apart, and everything floated upward.
Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman began to float up, and all of them looked in
horror, as they saw a giant hole in the red sky. The red began to darken, and
reality became SARNON... but what was SARNON?

The end of all things
Why disappear? What are we doing?
Where are we all going?
Will we be happy?
Questions? What else should I ask?
They walk to the hole now
The end of all things
Reft of chance and matter
We went too far
Time dies now
Start? Forgot the meaning
The hole grows stronger
It's not black
It's our color, we made it
We should be proud
Maybe it's a cloud
It deepens like one
And carries like one
I near it, It becomes clear
It's not a hole
It's not even the end of all things
It's not a cloud
It's not us
Answer? Are you sure?
The answer will kill me
It's not death
It's more than that

"What?" Stan said in a daze. He opened his eyes, and then gasped as he saw the
most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his entire life of nine years. The sky
was blue. The clouds were white. He looked beside his head to see tall, green
luscious grass. He leaned his head up to feel the wind press against his face.
And he didn't believe it was happening. "Wake up!" He shouted at himself. And
then he heard the others stir.
"What the hell?" Kyle said, looking around him, and then looking at
Stan. "Holy f*cking sh*t! Is this real?! It can't be!" All of his endorphens
were released at that moment, his skin tingled, and his eyes saw the brightest
colors he had ever seen in his life. "OH MY GOD! We're HOME! f*ck YEAH!"
"YES DUDE! YES YES!" Cartman said as he got up and lifted his fists up
in the air "YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!" Cartman shouted out toward the trees and the
melting snow that showed green grass. "Kenny?" He looked around and then saw
Kenny get up as well, looking to see that his side no longer had a gash in it.
"Alright!" Kenny said, dancing around along with the others. They loved
every single thing about that moment, and everything that was around them.
It was all so wonderful, they danced to their hearts' content, and then
went home, eating the finest foods they could have imagined, even if they were
simple TV dinners. The next days were the best in their entire lives. But they
soon found that they did not remember why everything was so fantastic and
surreal. What had happened to them? Why in the hell were they so damn happy?
None of it was answered for them, and none of them cared anymore. Soon life
turned back to normal, although all of them saw the colors a little brighter
for the rest of their lives.


Thank you all for your kind reviews, your responses, and your reading pleasure.
I am so glad that this has gotten such great fandom among all of you in this
message board, and I hope that this story will live with the rest of you
forever, even though there is a very slight chance of that happening ;-) .
Thank you all, and Happy Holidays!

© South Park is the property of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, all other
characters and creatures were created by me.

SARNON was written by me one year ago in my Senior English Class when I got

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