The New Kids Part I(My First FanFic)

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Chapter 10:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Fri Jul 07, 2006 8:37 pm

Chapter 10:

"Now, how do we get back at her?" Said one of the girls. They had all found out what Abrina did at Wendy's party. Her name was Brianna.

"Let's just kill her." Said another. Her name was Caroline.

"Nah." Said Brianna.

"I have a great idea." Announced a ginger girl. Her name was Gabrielle.

"What is it; Gingy?" Asked another girl who was called Martha.

"Well; I heard about a boy in our school getting served a while back. If we practise, we can serve Abrina! She's good at a lot of things, but I don't think she dances."

The girls agreed and began to practise a dance.


The next day at school it was reccess and Stan, Kyle, Abrina, and Cartman were all playing football. Stan and Cartman are a team and and Kyle and Abrina were on a team.

"Okay, Cartman and Stan against Jews." Cartman laughed.

"Shut up." Abrina said and threw the ball with all her strength towards him, knocking him down.

Before he could utter a word of protest the girls walk up to them. There were about six of them. They were Brianna, Caroline, Gabrielle, Martha, Dianna, and Riley. They set down a boombox. They turned on the CD and got into their positions. Out of nowhere a bunch of black people were standing around.

This girls began dancing in co-ordinated hip-hop moves, finally ending. They all smiled and beamed at the cheering black people.

Abrina stood there fuming, until the girls started to leave. "Hold on." She walked over to the boombox, switching from song to song until a good one came on. She stood close to the girls.

Suddenly, she broke out into some advanced breakdancing moves including: headspin, wall flip, forward hand springs, backward hand springs, a back flip, front flip, aerial, UFO, and many more. She lands in a position of which looks very painfull, yet she looks completely normal.

"Beat that." Is all she had to say. No one said anything for a bit. The boys looked shocked, same with the girls, and the black people were astounded. Finally one broke the silence.


"You schooled 'em!"

"Teach them a lesson!"


Abrina showed no signs of accomplishment, grabbed both Kyle and Stan by their coat collar and dragged them out of the crowd.
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Chapter 11:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Sat Jul 08, 2006 3:04 am

Chapter 11:

"Holy sh*t, dude. Where'd you learn to dance like that?" Kyle asked.

"Listen, my mom makes me take every kind of dance in the world! Well, almost." Abrina sighed.

"You didn't answer my question. Where the hell did you learn to dance like that?" Kyle asked; eyes wide.

"I used to be part of a dance troup called The OC Kidz. I quit because my mom needed me to learn more dances than breakdancing. They replaced me quick and headed off around the USA to serve kids. They came here and never came back. I dunno why." She thought.

Both boys blushed.


It's at synagogue. All of the kids are in the basement, in the kids' room. Dereck was smoking in a corner, Celia reading old magazines, Ike playing with building blocks, and Abrina and Kyle sitting and talking. It was hot and sticky down there, so they were quite exhausted.

Gerald Broflovski came down and looked in the room. "Do we have two volunteers that want to go into the attic and get the extra torahs? We adults are to big to fit in the attic hole. Anyone?" Gerald looked around, Dereck looked too high, Celia looked too occupied, Ike looked too weak. That left Kyle and Abrina; slouched against the wall, sweating.

"Fine." Abrina said, catching his drift. Her and Kyle walked slowly up the stairs, finally getting to the third floor. They walked across the corridor, and looked up. There was a small attic door, of which Abrina, then Kyle climbed up. They came into a large, dusty storage space. It was about 20 degrees cooler up there than it was in the basement. Abrina spun around and sighed.

"Okay, so where are those Torahs?" Abrina asked.

"Let's just sit down for a bit. It's nice and cool up here." Kyle sat down on a brown couch. Abrina sat down beside him and smiled.

"So . . . ummm." Kyle began, twiddling his thumbs.

"How are ya'?" Abrina asked, edging towards him, making him slighty uncomfortable yet confident.

"Uhhhh. I'm good. How are you?" He asked, turning towards her.

"Oh. I'm fine." She nodded her head. Kyle turned away from her.

She's not evil. She's NOT evil. He convinced himself. This is how a bunch of their conversations had been going this morning. Silence took over and they just sat their.

Abrina looked at him and he had no chance but to look back. She leaned forward, smiling, she closed her eyes. He closed his on instinct. She kissed him, unromantically and briefly, but, it was enough for him and he smiled.
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Postby Rualya » Sat Jul 08, 2006 5:51 pm

I don't like the way this fanfic so far, but I'm sure it's going to get better...
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Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Fri Jul 14, 2006 3:23 pm

Someone on BBS helped me with these two chapters. They thought the story needed a little more heat. I still find these two chapters f*cked up. Don't blame me, blame the person who helped me in this part.

Chapter 12:

Kyle was so amazed. Abrina - AKA the hottest girl in the school - had kissed him. He had come across the conclusion that she was a good kisser. She knew how to. She was better than Bebe or Rebecca. He wanted to kiss her again. A knock on his door caught him off guard. “Come in.”

Stan walked in. “Dude, I thought you said we’d meet for pizza today?” Stan asked.

“Oh yeah, sorry.” Kyle said absent-mindedly.

“Oh my god; are you dazed again?”

“What?” Kyle bolted upright.

“You are using the same tone you did when you first saw Abrina.”

“Oh. Well; Stan, she - she - she kissed me.”

“What?” Stan yelled. “Why the hell would she kiss you and not me?” Stan roared.

“I guess she likes me better,” Kyle responded. Boy did he want to kiss her again.

“So; uh, what was it like?” Stan asked; calming down.

“Quick and not passionate. But she is really good.”

“What did it taste like?” Stan asked.

“What do you mean?” Kyle asked.

“What does her breath smell like and her lips taste like?” Stan asked, not taking his eyes off his right shoe.

“Well; her breath is minty and fresh; her lips also taste like mint. She smells like mint. I have a good nose; her brother wears Polo, her sister: Vanilla, her: Mint.”

“Well; do you want to come to the old tree house? There’s a surprise for you up there.” Stan said, hoping Kyle would accept the invitation to a little plan. The thing was; he already knew all of the things Kyle just told him; so did a group of other people.

Kyle followed Stan down to the old tree house and up. He was surprised to see all of the people in his class in the tree house, scrunched up and squirming.

The plan was to actually see Abrina and Kyle kiss. Not just hear about it. As much as the girls were jealous of Abrina; the guys were jealous of Kyle for getting her.

“OK, truth or dare?” Bebe turned to Kyle before he could respond to the little “surprise” waiting for him.

“What? I hate this game; I’m leaving.” Kyle started down the crooked ladder. Stan pushed it away.

“You can’t leave.” Stan stated, helping Kyle up the remaining of the ladder. “Truth or dare?”

“Well, you could ask me something really embarrassing for truth. So, I guess I pick dare.” Kyle said, rolling his eyes.

“OK. Kiss Abrina.” Stan said with any signs of hesitation. Abrina walked out from Token and Clyde’s grasp where she had been being held for a while.

“They tricked me, too.” She said, angrily. Everyone else grinned.

Kyle bit his lip nervously. How should I make the move? He thought. Abrina surprised him. She reached forward and her hands slithered around his body. He did the same. But instead of kissing him; she put her head on his shoulder and whispered a bold demand.

This is what she quickly implied: “OK, when I kiss you; we have to make it seem real or they’ll make us do it again and again. I know this stuff. Now I know these are odd directions; but when I kiss you; stick you’re tongue in my mouth and I’ll make sure we fall out the window behind me. When we’re flying through the air, detach yourself from me and chances are we’ll land on our feet. Then we run.”

Kyle was shocked but the process began. She quickly took her head off his shoulder and there was suddenly no air between their lips. He did as told, although he was extremely scared. It was easier than he thought. As soon as his tongue reached the inside of her mouth; they were falling through the window of the small tree house. He let go of her. Landing on his feet, Abrina on hers. They ran like hell. Nobody chased them anyways. They both ran into her house. Once they caught their breaths he turned to her.

“Why did I have to stick my tongue in your mouth if we could have just as easily fell out the window without kissing?”

Abrina blushed and smiled. “I wanted to see what it would be like.”

Kyle blushed so red he was sure the people on the moon could see his face.

“Want to do it longer this time?” Abrina asked, smiling.

Kyle nodded. He really did want to. As soon as he nodded Abrina rolled over from sitting beside him and was so close to him he could feel her body heat. He didn't know how to explain what happened next; just that he liked it. It was the first time he ever 'made out' with a girl before. He found the term really stupid and kinky but he still used it.

Suddenly, voices were heard down the hall. They were walking down towards Abrina’s room. Abrina grabbed the TV remote and turned on Friends. They turned away from each other and started to watch. The door to her room opened.

“Tonight the Broflovski’s and Marsh’s are staying over for dinner.” Abrina’s mom announced.

Abrina and Kyle smiled and continued watching Friends. Kyle was actually liking this show; it had way more humour than Terrance and Phillip. He didn’t realize it until a little bit later; but he was holding Abrina’s hand. It was dinner time after many laughs and Stan walked in. Kyle quickly took his hand off Abrina’s and got up. She did the same.

“Dinner’s ready.” Stan said; walking back to the door; Kyle and Abrina following him. They arrived in a huge dining room with beautiful furniture. Stan and Kyle sat on either side of Abrina, digging into the luxurious food.

When dinner was over; everyone went off with someone. Abrina went with Kyle and Stan up to her bedroom, Celia with Shelley; shopping, Dereck with Ike; buying toys for him, all three dads down to the bar, and all three moms went for girls night out.

Abrina, Kyle, and Stan were the only people in this huge mansion. They started playing ‘Halo 2’ until the all got sleepy. They lay down on Abrina’s king sized bed; and fell asleep.


Chapter 13:

Stan; Kyle, and Abrina woke up to footsteps echoing in the hall. The door opened; and there stood Jennifer Rachels, Sharon Marsh, and Sheila Broflovski.

“How long have you all been there?” Mrs. Broflovski shrieked.

“Since we fell asleep.” Abrina replied; rubbing her eyes.

“What were you guys doing last night?” Sharon asked angrily.

“Playing ‘Halo 2’, what’s the big deal?” Stan asked.

“Sleeping! Sleeping with a girl! I thought you knew to wait until you were seventeen?” Sheila shrieked again, causing everyone to jump.

“What? It’s not what it looks like! We just got so tired we fell asleep.” Kyle stated truthfully.

“Stanley Marsh; kissing Wendy on the front step was one thing; but sleeping with another girl is unacceptable young man!” Sharon Marsh yelled.

Stan just blushed and didn’t answer.

“Abrina!” Jennifer Rachels yelled; but with a totally different expression on her face. “Two guys at once? Honey, I’m so proud of you.”

“Huh? We didn’t have sex god damnitt!” Abrina yelled.

“That’s it. I can’t handle these lies. I will force the school to give every single kid a virginity test.” Mrs. Marsh yelled; ignoring Jennifer’s odd statement.

“What’s a virginity test?” Asked Sheila.

“I saw it on Dr. Pill. It works really well.”

(Cut to the next day at school, everyone in Fourth Grade is standing in a line in the auditorium. Stan, Kyle, and Abrina are very last.)

“You are . . . A virgin!” The doctor announced to Wendy, and everyone clapped.

Finally; Stan went up. The needle was put in his forearm, and was taken out.

“You are . . . A virgin!” The doctor announced happily. The audience clapped boredly.

Kyle went up and got the needle.
“You are . . . A virgin!” The doctor announced in the same annoying tone of voice.

Abrina walked up to the platform. The needle was stuck in her forearm, taken out; and looked at by the doctor. Bets were being made by the audience, and all of the girls had a wicked grin their faces. The doctor slowly read:

“You are . . .”


Tell me what you think she will be. Hehe.
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Postby DownWithCalifornia » Fri Jul 14, 2006 9:15 pm

To me, it looks like the other girls sabotaged it to embarrass her and get her in trouble. Or maybe she got raped when she was younger or something. (Yes, yes, I watch to much Law & Order.)

That, or she's fine and you're just doing this to piss us off.
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Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Fri Jul 14, 2006 9:18 pm

DownWithCalifornia wrote:To me, it looks like the other girls sabotaged it to embarrass her and get her in trouble. Or maybe she got raped when she was younger or something. (Yes, yes, I watch to much Law & Order.)

That, or she's fine and you're just doing this to piss us off.

LOL. Just wait and see. I'm posting today or tomorrow. I think today after I do chores. :roll:
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Postby DownWithCalifornia » Fri Jul 14, 2006 9:26 pm

That would be awesome. Right now I'm trying to get in as much internet time as possible, because I have to go to Chicago this weekend and the Wednesday after this one I'm going to the most evil place on earth for three weeks, A.K.A. California.

And yeah, two of those weeks will be spent in an amazing camp in the Sierra Navadas, but still.
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Chapter 14:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Sat Aug 26, 2006 1:55 am

Chapter 14:

Abrina was extremely pissed. When she exited the school, she headed towards Starks Pond instead of her house. When she got there, she sat down on the farthest bench from the street. She took off her bag, and rested her head on it. She didn't try to keep the hot tears from falling. They fell, forming a tiny puddle on the bench. She sobbed for her life. Of course she knew that it looked like she had the ideal life, but she didn't. Everybody thought she was perfect, but they were so, so wrong. Being extremely attractive, smart, funny; all that was exactly the unideal life. She would give anything to be ugly, stupid, and mean.

Suddenly, she saw a boy from school she despised. Kenny. Kenny was always making perverted remarks towards her. A few times he had tried to touch her, and whenever he talked to her his sentences ended with 'sexy', 'cutie', or 'hottie'. He just stood at the small entrance, between the trees. She knew there was no way out of this. To get out she'd have to get out the entrance, and if she did, Kenny would get her. She just closed her eyes, recalling the events of that day.

"You are . . . a virgin? What the hell? Something's wrong with this test."

The test had been done a total of 37 times, plus; her arm was numb.

When she opened her eyes Kenny was sitting beside her with a nasty look on his face. When she tried to run, he grabbed her hand. He mounted on top of her.

"K-K-Kenny, what are you doing?" Abrina asked, terrified.

Kenny whispered into her ear: "Think about it; it's the longest day of the year so it's already quite dark out. It's only me and you here, and I'm on top of you. I also am sexually attracted to you. What do you think is going to happen?"

Unfortunately, Abrina was lying on her good arm, and her numb arm was being held by Kenny. As Kenny slowly put his hand on her runner, moving it up slowly - as he had done numerous times before - she made a move to swat his hand away. She tried the arm under her, it didn't budge. She tried her numb arm, it didn't work either. He seemed to realize this, and smiled. Even though Kenny was only a couple pounds heavier, he was still crushing her. She couldn't move.

She managed to croak: "Kenny, please get off of me."

He just snickered. Only a few inches until he reached his destination. Abrina moaned, not in pleasure, but in annoyance as Kenny's hand got to the top of the inseam. He kept his hand there as he removed her hat, and jacket. Abrina tried to yell out, but was out of breath. He rolled her onto her back. As he leaned down to kiss her, she took her finally free arm, punching him in the nose. He fell off her, clutching his nose in pain.

She gathered her stuff and set off, just as it began to pour. She hated Kenny, she hated him to no end. She happened to know that all of the parents were at a meeting at the school, and the Kyle was over at Stan's. She didn't want to go home, and she wanted to see Kyle, her only true friend in South Park, besides Wendy of course. But she didn't want to see Stan. It was up to her, to go home; which would take a half hour in this storm to get there, or Stan's house, which would take a good ten minutes.

A bolt of lightning made her make up her mind fast. She slipped on her jacket and hat, running as fast as she could towards Stan's house. She got there in about 13 minutes, rapidly knocking on the door and ringing the bell.

Stan opened the door, with Kyle at his heels. They both gasped at what they saw, Abrina; covered in mud, soaking wet, looking depressed and exhausted, and crying. Although the tears were mixed in with the rain, the expression on her face was unmistakable.

"Come in," Stan said, with a 'forgive me' face on.

Abrina made her face have an 'I do but we have bigger issues right now' expression. She walked in. Stan ran upstairs, returning with tons of blankets.

"She's shaking." Kyle said, observing Abrina. They both wrapped her in blankets, until she wasn't shivering any more. She sat on the couch, still softly sobbing. Both boys sat on either side of her. She leaned against Kyle, making Stan kind of jealous. Kyle put his arm around her. "What's the matter?" Kyle asked.

"After school, I was upset, so I went to Starks Pond. And Kenny -" At this point she sobbed louder.

"What did that sick bastard do to you?" Stan asked in disbelief. He and Kyle were both quite aware of Kenny's perverted remarks towards Abrina, but whenever they went to go confront him Abrina told them it was all good.

"Well, I just saw him, and tried to ignore him, and all of a sudden he's on top of me. Since my good arm was under me I couldn't get him off, and he touched me in an inappropriate spot. And it wasn't my knockers!" She yelled.

"He touched your ass?" Kyle asked.

Abrina let out a sob. "Getting warmer."

"He did WHAT?" Stan screamed.

"Yup." Abrina cried. "I feel so violated."

"You mean he touched you . . . there?" Kyle asked, not believing what was happening.

"Mmhmm." Abrina sniffed.

Shelley ran downstairs, first seeing Stan and Kyle.

"Shut up turds!" She yelled. Walking over to the two boys. She stopped when she saw Abrina, wrapped all up in blankets.

"Who's this?" Shelley asked.

"She's our friend, Abrina." Stan said, praying that Shelley wouldn't embarass him in front of his friends and beat him up. Instead, she sat down beside Stan, and asked him what was wrong. Stan had never seen Shelley like this. Maybe she was nicer around girls.

Abrina closed her eyes as Stan told Shelley all about Abrina's day, and at the end, Shelley got up, pushing Stan gently over, whispering to Abrina so only she could hear: "I was raped when I was a child, don't worry, we're in the same boat."
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Postby Rualya » Sat Aug 26, 2006 5:51 pm

Kenny wouldn't do that! I'd say Cartman would do that out of anger or jelousy, but not Kenny. Kenny's just really likes porn and stuff lke that...

(I'm way to much of a Kenny fan!)
Thank you so much Mr. Hat_DX27 for the sig!
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Chapter 15:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Fri Sep 01, 2006 5:20 am

Sorry about this but it's a short chapter.

Chapter 15:

Abrina stared in shock at Shelley as she walked back upstairs. Stan had no idea of what Shelley had just whispered to Abrina, his parents had never told him. They were never going to.

Abrina just lay there, leaned against Kyle. When an enormous bang of thunder made all of them jump, the power began to give way.

"Ah sh*t." Kyle said, as everything went dark.

He felt Abrina begin shaking again. "Are you scared of the dark?"

"Only in storms." Abrina gave a nevrous laugh and curled up.

Stan just sat there feeling like the third wheel until a hand grabbed him by his collar and pulled him in Abrina's direction.

"Sorry Stan, just when the power goes out at my house, I sleep between Dereck and Celia, this makes me feel at home.

Stan was in a very awkward position. Then he heard Shelley call his name to go upstairs for a minute. He felt his way upstairs and into Shelley's room. He felt a hard object placed in his hands. A flashlight. He turned it on and shined it on Shelley, who was reading a book with her flashlight.

"Shelley?" Stan asked, concerned.

"Yeah?" Shelley responded.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

Everything was fine. Stan walked downstairs. Everything would have been fine if he hadn't just walked in on his bestfriend and his dream girl making out.


Chapter 16:

Abrina turned around and jumped off Kyle. Landing on her feet and off the couch. Kyle stood up too.

"What are you guys doing?" Stan asked in great shock.

Abrina replied. "Well to tell you the truth, we were kissing. Big deal Stan?"

Stan angrily said. "Well if you like doing it that much, why don't you just carry on?"

"We'll do just that." Abrina smiled. She jumped on Kyle, both of them landing on the couch. They were both laughing to hard to even start. Stan joined in laughing when Abrina and Kyle fell of the couch, onto the carpet. Stan wasn't mad anymore, he just sat on a chair watching Abrina and Kyle and laughing. Abrina wrapped her arms around Kyle's neck, pulling him closer and resuming making out with him. He put his arms gently around her waist, until she was on his lap, and he was leaning against the couch. They did this for a while. Stan was enjoying watching them, it was sweet and it made him all warm inside. They didn't mind. They were all happy, until the front door opened and in walked Mr. and Mrs. Marsh.
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Postby DownWithCalifornia » Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:32 am

So cliche, yet so perfect. :lol:
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Chapter 17:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Fri Sep 01, 2006 12:30 pm

Chapter 17:

The first thing Mr. and Mrs. Marsh saw was Abrina and Kyle making out, because Stan's flashlight was on them like a little spotlight. Then they saw Stan's shadow behing the flashlight. They looked back at Abrina and Kyle who hadn't moved. Truth to be told, they couldn't because Kyle's arms were wrapped now tightly around Abrina's waist, and he couldn't get up because she was on top of him, and she couldn't get up because her arms were trapped between Kyle's neck and the couch.

Stan looked from his friends to his parents, and back again.

"What are you guys doing?" Asked/ shouted Mr. Marsh, making it sound like they were just sacrificing a whole nation of people.

Stan thought Abrina was going to come up with a witty response again, but she didn't. She rolled off of Kyle, blushing, and smiling shyly. Kyle was way more embarassed than Abrina was. She was more secure and it had happened to her before.

"You think you can use this house as a brothel?" Mrs. Marsh asked, letting the words echo through the dark house. "I was going to let you guys sleepover here since the storm and the power outage, but now I'm scared that I'll wake up to Abrina and Kyle having sex and Stan filming it!"

Abrina stopped smiling and kept on blushing madly. Kyle wasn't doing any better. Stan didn't know why he was blushing.

Mr. Marsh yelled. "Now I'm driving you two home. When we get to your house we'll tell both your parents."

"You can't tell my mom!" Kyle said something finally.

"Well we're going to," Mrs. Marsh replied in her mother-like way. "We're going right now before an orgy starts."

"Can I come?" Asked Stan.

"No it's only Abrina and Kyle coming." Stan's mom said opening the door. Abrina and Kyle got up and followed into the rain and then into the car.

"Just make sure that they don't start macking back there, Randy."

Randy turned around in the passengers side and looked at the two still-blushing kids. Kyle looked worried and Abrina looked quite happy with herself.

"Uh, can we go to her house first?" Kyle asked.

"Why?" Randy asked.

"Well, once you tell my mom the whole story, she'll kick my ass to China for not being home when they got home, and when she finds out what me and Abrina did, she'll go to China and kick my ass back to Colorado, and then bury Abrina alive or something." Kyle said.

"No way, you're mother's a nice lady. She'll understand your urges with girls." Mrs. Marsh said smiling cooly

"Huh?" Abrina and Kyle said in unison.

Mr. Marsh said tauntingly. "Oh, look who decided to talk, Ms. Hornyslut."

Abrina and Kyle gasped as Mrs. Marsh pulled over. "Randy!" She shouted.

"What? I said Ms. Chickenbutt." Mr. Marsh laughed.

Kyle looked over at Abrina. She had taken the blow hard and she was fuming up. He pinkish blush had gone now into a red flush. He could tell she was having a little debate in her head whether to throw Stan's dad through the window or just attempt manslaughter. Her eyes began to tear as the tension in her body gave up and she slumped back down. Her eyes closed gently as hot tears fell down her face onto her lap for the second time that day.

"Look what you did Randy, you made her cry." Mrs. Marsh said this more as a joke than a statement.

"Just keep on driving." Mr. Marsh demanded. She kept driving. They stopped outside of Kyle's house, all getting out except for Abrina.

"Come out." Mr. Marsh demanded harshly.

"Can't I just stay in the car?" Abrina asked.

"Can you just stay in the car? Oh and then we'll bring Kyle in here, undress and tape it you - you WHORE!" Stan's dad yelled, but Kyle and Mrs. Marsh were already at the door and hadn't heard a word he'd said.

Abrina gasped and started sobbing.

"That's right. You're just like a little Paris Hilton, with your fake boobs, and your dyed hair, and your horny needs to screw a different boy every 10 seconds. I bet you were macking Stan before we came in, weren't you?"

"No, Mr. Marsh. You see, Kyle's my boyfriend." Abrina stopped sobbing and went to a little sniffle.

Abrina couldn't believe the same man that called her a slut, a whore, and a Paris Hilton was the same man who fathered one of her new bestfriends, Stan.

"Let's go inside and see what the Broflovksi's have to say about this." Mr. Marsh said, opening the car door and letting Abrina out. They both walked up beside Kyle and Mrs. Marsh. When Kyle looked over at Abrina he knew that Mr. Marsh had said something to her in the 10 seconds that they were in the car. He gave her hand a tight squeeze and let go as the door to his house opened. He knew Mr. Marsh didn't really like girls who started going out with one of the younger boys he knew so well. When Stan was discovered kissing Wendy on the front step he had called her and skank and a hooker. Abrina smiled through the tears as Kyle and her shared a moment in their little minds.

"Kyle! We were so worried about you!" Kyle's parents ran out into the rain, completely surprising everyone on the front step as Mrs. Broflovski didn't seem mad at all. Abrina and Kyle cringed at the thought of bursting her giddy bubble.

"We have an issue with these two." Mrs. Marsh said gently, pointing to Abrina and Kyle on the step.

"Oh boy." Said Kyle's dad, more in humour than irony. When the four entered the room they found Mr. and Mrs. Rachels sitting on the couch.


That's all for now! And I know, I know, the end of this chapter is CLICHE! :lol:
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Chapter 18:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Fri Sep 01, 2006 5:19 pm

Chapter 18:

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Abrina said, her face in shadows since all there was was candlelight.

"Well, me and Sheila were just meeting up here before we went and got Mrs. Marsh, we were going to ask her if she wanted to goon another Girl's Night Out tonight. Dad's going with Gerald to the bar, Randy you're welcome to go along, Celia and Dereck are at home, Celia has her little friend over, and you two are having a sleepover back at our house." Mrs. Rachels replied, smiling.

"Yes, but you can't sleep in the same bed again!" Mrs. Broflovski directed. "Now what was the issue between Kyle and this girl?"

"I found them macking near the couch when I entered the house." Mrs. Marsh said.

The Broflovski's both suddenly got serious and angry. Mr. Rachels just grinned and Mrs. Rachels smiled the exact same sly smile Abrina had been doing after her and Kyle had been discovered.

"Could, um, I just have a little chit chat with just me and Abrina for a second?" Mrs. Broflovski asked innocently.

"Go ahead." Mrs. Rachels said abesntmindedly. Kyle's mom pulled Abrina into the kitchen, and pushed her up against a wall.

"Don't you DARE break my little baby's heart!" Sheila's face was inches from Abrina's.

"I won't. I swear," Abrina promised.

"And if you do, I will make your life as miserable as can be."

"It can't be any more miserable than it is right now." Abrina replied, in a half sob.

"Just mark my words." And with that Mrs. Broflovski put a fake smile on and marched back into the kitchen. "Let's go girls." And the three moms walked out the door, taking the car.

"Come on guys, we can use my car to get to the bar." And the dad's began to walk towards the door.

"What about us?" Abrina asked.

"We'll drive you to your house." Randy said. In 10 minutes they were outside the mansion and Abrina and Kyle ran for the door, rapidly knocking. Dereck answered.

"Hey Dereck." Abrina said, walking in, Kyle behind her. Their house was still light because the power was currently on the backup power storage, so everything was light again. "Kyle, I'll be right back, you can go up into my room and watch TV or something, I need to talk to Dereck."

"Wait, I haven't introduced myself to Kyle yet." Dereck said.

"Okay." Abrina sighed.

"Just boy talk, Abby." Dereck implied, as Abrina walked and sat on the farthest couch, looking outside.

Dereck looked Kyle striaght in the eye and said threateningly. "If you do so much as hurt Abrina, physically or emotionally, I will kill you. You saw what I did to Bebe, that's the least of it. Do you understand?"

Kyle nodded.

"I said do you understand?"

"Yes!" Kyle shouted. Dereck's face softened. "Okay Abby, now you can talk to me."

"Kyle, now go upstairs." Abrina said.

Kyle nodded solemly and walked upstairs, taking the remote and turning the TV on, Friends was on again. So was Terrance and Phillip but he was scared Abrina would think different of him if he watched it. He heard the door open and he thought it was Abrina, but when he heard a different girl muttering to herself, he turned around. It was Rebecca. She just stood there, her curly bushy hair back in a ponytail, wearing a dark purple velvet top, and black jeans.

Then her expression changed from surprised to naughty, and she walked towards him in a sway. "Haven't seen you for a while." She said in a sexy voice. He was in too much shock to say anything back. She sat on his lap. She was a lot heavier than Abrina. Like a LOT and lot. She kissed him and then said: "You're sexier than before, honey." He just gulped. "I met this girl Celia, and we became best friends. We opened a company called CR + RC. That stands for Celia Rachels and Rebecca Cutswald." She kissed him again. She was a good kisser. Not as good as Abrina but better than last time he had kissed her. He was too busy figuring out if Bebe was better back in Grade 3, or if Rebecca was better in Grade 4 that he forgot to push Rebecca off him and tell her that he had a girlfriend. He was so busy that he didn't hear Abrina walk in and gasp. Only when she shouted:

"Kyle!" - did he stop kissing Rebecca and look over at Abrina. Her eyes were already tearing. And she shouted: "You BASTARD!" And she stormed down the hallway, passing Dereck as she did, screaming and crying. Kyle ran after her and shouted at her:

"It's not what it looks like!" But before he could go any further, an arm grabbed his and pulled him. He turned and saw Dereck. Dereck raised his fist.
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Chapter 19:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Fri Sep 01, 2006 11:32 pm

Chapter 19:

Kyle woke up on the Rachels' couch. He had been beaten senseless by Dereck, and he was now on the couch writhing in pain. He got up. He was hurting all over. He walked upstiars, first heading towards Abrina's room, then he did a 180 degree turn towards Dereck's room. He cautiously entered the door, finding Dereck on his bed reading a comic book.

Dereck noticed Kyle and scowled. "Whatdoya want?"

Kyle kept his hand on the doorknob just in case. "I don't know. Maybe just to talk?"

"Uh kay." Dereck dropped the comic book on the floor. Then he noticed Kyle's hand on the doorknob. "Dude, I'm sorry I beat the crap out of you. I just want what's best for Abrina. She's my sister and all."

Kyle let go of the doorknob and sunk against the wall. "So, I guess you're really protective of her?"

"Well, in case you haven't noticed, our parents aren't very good at being parents. They're still iving a teenage party life and don't really give a sh*t about their kids. They just want their kids to follow in their footstep. They pay the least attention to Abby. Oh, and by the way her real name's Abbigale. She's also had the hardest life in the world."

"Like how?"

"Well, in Grade 2 our little sister Lauren died of leukemia. In Grade 3 her boyfriend Austin died. Boy, she loved that kid. Nice fella he was."

"He died?"

"I'll tell you the story. . . ."

Dereck told Kyle the story, so now I must tell you the story so you know what Kyle is about to gasp about . . .


Abrina is now being seen outside a large apartment on a really busy street. She's in the exact same clothes as she is in now. She looks the same. She walks up the steps and rings the doorbell to the apartment with the hand that's not holding the black skateboard that says 'SK8 R DIE' on it in red. A boy answers the door. He looks like he would be the perfect guy for Abrina. He has wavy, poofy light blonde hair. His eyes were light blue. He was wearing an unzipped black leather jacket, making his plain white teeshirt underneath visible. His dark jeans Made him look tall. He walked outside with a navy blue skateboard. They both skated down the steps and began heading down the street.

"I have an idea, Abrina." Austin said, turning around to face Abrina.

"Go on." She smiled.

"Why don't we go to the grassy slopes?" Austin grinned.

"But your ma said we shouldn't go there, she said we could get run over or something." Abrina said, concerned.

"Forget what ma says. Remember the shack?"

"Oh yeah." Abrina smiled some more as she smiled, recalling the shack. "Let's go." The two of them went for a while, and then came to a bunch of grassy hills. Far in the distance, a shack was on the top of the hill.

"Living near the edge of New York rocks!" Abrina shouted.

"Let's go to the shack." Austin and Abrina got off of their skateboards, running up to the shack, jerking open the door and running inside. The shack was grungy and dirty. Abrina closed the door and smiled, practically pouncing on Austin. They stayed at second base for a while, then went to third. When they were done third, they lay back.

"How many places have we gone off and fooled around?" Abrina laughed.

"This shack."

"My house."

"My house."

"Airplane bathroom."



"Rollerblading rink."

"Phone booth."


"Statue of Liberty."

"In front of our parents!"

"Oh that was hilarious!" Abrina laughed.


I need to go, I will continue tomorrow.
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Continued . . .

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Continued . . .

Remember, we are still in the flashback.


Abrina and Austin exit the shack. They sit on the hill and watch the busy highway, cars zooming by.

"I think we should go," Abrina said, getting up after a while. She stood up, but slipped, landing on her skateboard, starting to go downhill towards traffic. She screamed.

Austin began running after her, really fast. She was screaming and her arms were outstretched towards him. She was getting closer and closer to the highway, as Austin was only two feet away from her. She rolled out onto the street, stopping in the middle. She dodged a Hummer and then a Porscha. Then Austin ran onto the street. He dove towards her, pushing her to the end of the street onto the boulevard. Seconds later he rolled under a Dodge Caravan. The screen went black.


"He died?" Kyle asked in pure horror.

"Yep." Dereck replied sadly.

"Right there on the street?"

"Right there on the street." Dereck repeated.

"What did Abrina do?" Kyle asked curiously.

"She hitched a ride to the police station."

"What else has happened to her?"

"She watched her siblings get raped three times."

"WHAT?" Kyle yelled a little too loudly.

"Yeah. Me and Celia have gotten raped three times."

"Why didn't they rape her too?"

"They always saved her for last. They did me then Celia. And while Celia was having her turn, I'd run off and get the cops. By the time we got back, they were just going on to Abrina. The farthest they'd gone was unzipping her jeans." Dereck answered, a bit embarassed.

"Is that what's happened to her? That all sucks." Kyle said sympathetically.

"And did you know that she only had two real, loyal friends?" Dereck asked.

"No. That's horrible." Kyle imagined only having two people in the world he could trust, besides his brother Ike.

"Yeah. And when Austin died, her best friend Audreye thought Abrina killed him and ditched her. Abrina was devistated. Over the summer she got really depressed. She wouldn't eat, which got her in a coma. She was skinny to begin with, but they fed her through a tube in her nose because if they didn't she'd die."

Kyle was too shocked for words. Hidden behind that beautiful girl was a hard, complicated, painful life.

"So do you think you could go apologize to Abby?" Dereck pleaded.

"Okay." Kyle uttered, walking down the hallway towards Abrina's room. He slowly opened the door, surprised that it wasn't locked.

"Abrina?" He asked.

Her back was towards him. It was obvious she wasn't asleep.

"Here. Let's just cut to the crap. I'm really, really, really sorry. I know that you know Rebecca. I used to be with her. Not any more though. I'm so sorry. She just came onto me." Kyle bit his lip. "Listen, you don't have to forgive me. You must be so hurt, and I can't say that I've ever felt that way. When I walk out of this room, you may not feel any better. You may still think I'm a bastard. But I really want things to go back to normal."

"You betrayed me, Kyle." Abrina snapped.

"I didn't mean to. I'm so, so, so, so sorry. You don't know how sorry I am." Kyle said.

"You don't know what it's like to lose a little sister and a loved one. If you leave me, I don't know how or why I should carry on." Abrina cried. "Just get out."

Kyle headed for the door. His hand was on the doorknob, and he turned around towards Abrina. "Abbigale. I love you." Abrina turned around, tears in her eyes, and just stared at Kyle, not in anger, but in happiness. Kyle walked out of the door, and then out of the house. He walked in the pouring rain. He looked down at his feet. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and he turned around.

Abrina stood there. She looked different somehow. That's when he realized that he could see right through her. Her eyes showed the loss of two loved ones, being heartbroken, watching her siblings get raped. Although he couldn't see it, he imagined her heart being ripped in half, stomped to smitherines, blended in a blender and eaten by the devil. Yet somehow, someone who had gone through so much could live on.

Abrina embraced Kyle and whispered into his ear: "I love you too."



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