When Stan met Kyle, Kenny and Cartman

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When Stan met Kyle, Kenny and Cartman

Postby Clyde789 » Mon Jul 03, 2006 11:33 pm

Chapter 1: When Kenny moved in.

Little Stan Marsh was just about to put on his red poofball hat when he heard a van cross the train tracks over to the poor side of town. He ran to the window to see a family of five getting out of the van. A man in his mid 40's and a woman in her mid 30's. Then came out a boy of around 12-13 years old, a small girl of around three and a boy with an orange coat and hoodie covering his face. Stan wondered why they had gone over there, instead of the old Parker house across the street. Stan's mom and dad went out to greet these strangers, Stan walked outside so he could also greet the strangers that had moved in next door.

Mrs. Marsh: Stan, this is Mr. and Mrs. McCormick.

Mrs. McCormick: Hello Stan nice to meet ya.

Stan: Howdy.

Mrs. McCormick: Kenny, KENNY! Come over here and meet our new neighbors!

The boy called Kenny came to his mom, and waved to everyone. Stan looked at him curiously, how can he talk? Wondered Stan. He had bright blue eyes and by the looks of it, blonde hair; his mouth and chin were now here to be found.

Mrs. McCormick: This is my son Kenny, we don’t know why; but he likes to keep his face hidden at all times. You may have some trouble understanding what he says so Kenny why don’t you take off the hoodie and talk to Stern- I mean Stan.

Kenny: mrumohpao!

Stan: Huh?

Mrs. McCormick: He said “NO, You know I love this parka so shut the fu** up!”

The day went on better and better as Stan and Kenny started talking and playing. Finally, they went on a tour of the town. They saw the mall; Jimbo’s Gun Shop, Hells Pass Hospital, and the house that belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, the old candy factory (they discovered a corps) and finally went to the toy store to buy Terrance and Phillip dolls.

Stan: Holy sh** dude, its 7:30 PM! I gotta get home for dinner!

Kenny: Ahhh, me too... only if I had a dinner.

Stan: What? I thought you were rich... you did move into that house to get away from it all. Isn’t your dad an actor? Wait your poor aren’t you?

Kenny slowly nodded. And in no time, he was telling Stan his whole life story.

Kenny: …So that’s why we moved to South Park. City life is a complete disgrace, even when you live in a box. So all of our savings were spent on the trip heading here. So were poor, at least I think, for now. Hey, who is that boy over there Stan, he is waving at you

Sure enough, a boy with brown hair and an obnoxious voice came up to them. He said his name was Clyde or something like that.

Stan: Kenny this is Clyde. Clyde that’s Kenny.

Clyde: Nice to meet you Kenny. Oh, I need to go see ya! And Clyde ran off.

Kenny and Stan went back home. Kenny asked Stan who else lived in South Park. From what Stan said a LOT of children lived in south park; Craig, Clyde, Tweek, Token, Bebe, Butters, Terrence Bill and Fosse and lots of other children. That night Stan told his mom all about his adventures with Kenny.

Mrs. Marsh: Well, I guess you made a new friend today Stanly. Well goodnight Stan.

Stan: ‘Night mom.

On the other side of the tracks, Kenny was telling his mom all about him and Stan’s adventures today.

Kenny: do I start school tomorrow mom?

Mrs. McCormick: Of course Kenny. Now get to sleep, we have a long and crazy day ahead of us tomorrow. Goodnight Kenny.

Kenny: goodnight mom

Chapter 2: Oh my god, they killed Kenny! Coming SOON, followed by the appearnce of Kyle Broflovski.
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Postby Taranis_Music » Mon Jul 03, 2006 11:39 pm

A few Capitalization and grammar errors here and there, but it's pretty good.

Oh and BTW Stan's name longways is spelled Stanley
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When Stan met Kyle, Kenny and Cartman

Postby Clyde789 » Wed Jul 05, 2006 5:51 pm

Chapter 2: Broflovski, Kyle Broflovski .(I changed it, Kenny shouldn’t die this early.)

2 weeks ago, Stanley Marsh would have considered suicide, instead of school. But know with his new friend, Kenny McCormick school was getting quite fun. Kenny’s first day in third grade was a complete disaster. [Flashback to the first day of school]

Kenny: Who’s our teacher Stan?

Stan: A gay homo.

Kenny: Hahaha!.

They took their seats, except for Kenny. Then the door opened and a man in a hat floated in, followed by a another man. Kenny stared.

Mr. Garrison: Ok children lets take our seats. We have a new student today to, Kenny McCormick.

Class: Hi Kenny.

Mr. Garrison: Ok Kenny, go sit by Stan. Ok children, today we will be learning about the small intestine, does anyone know what that is? Yes, Clyde?

Clyde: the wiener?

Mr. Garrison: No, now Stan tell us what it is. See if you studied yesterdays homework.

Stan: The part of the intestine between the stomach and the large intestine, consisting of the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum, where digestion of food and most absorption of nutrients takes place.

Mr. Garrison: Good. Now Mr. Hat will tell us about The Declaration Of Independence. Oh Kenny, Mr. Hat is my helper.

Mr. Hat: A written statement, issued and adopted by the Continental Congress in 1776, proclaiming that the 13 North American colonies henceforward would govern themselves instead of being ruled by Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence was formally endorsed on July 4, 1776. That’s what the declaration of independence was Mr. Garrison.

Kenny stared. Mr. Hat was a puppet. “Stan was right, He IS a gay homo!” Kenny thought.

(Bell wrings)

Mr. Garrison: Ok children, time for recess. When you get back we will discuss why Molly broke up with Fernando in “Broken Heart” .

(At recess, the boys play football, though Kenny went on the swings.)

Stan: Kenny watch out!

Kenny looked up to see the football flying at him and everything going black. He woke up to see many eyes around him, he curses, then stands up. He looked around to see a bloody football next to him and looked at Stan and two other boys.

Stan: Kenny this is Timmy and err Dogpoo.

Kenny: How long have I been out?

Stan: 3 minuets.

[Bell wrings] and everyone stampedes inside of the school, crushing Kenny to the ground, he was pushed, kicked, half punched, and kicked like a ball to the street, where he was nearly run over by a SUV. He ran inside the school to see that they were getting ready to go home. “oh yeah, its Wednesday.” Kenny thought.

Stan: C’mon Kenny, race you home!

Kenny: Your on!

And they ran. Kenny in the lead. Halfway to Stan’s house a moving van passed by followed by a another van containing 3 boys, and 1 woman. They turned a corner to a green house just down the street.

Stan: My god, lots of people are moving to South Park. Lets go see who it is.

They arrived at the house, were a boy in a green hat got off the car, followed by a baby.

Lady: Kyle, help your brother get his bags. Wow, this is really a quite town.

Boy called Kyle: Oahu, Mom! He’s not my real brother.


Boy called Kyle: Ok ok c’mon Ike.

Ike: bobbin. Translation: k.

Boy called Kyle: Names, Broflovski, K-

Stan and Kenny: Hey, err Broflovski.

Boy called Kyle: Kyle Broflovski. And you are?

Stan: Stanley Marsh, call me Stan.

Kenny: (Kenny McCormick)

Kyle Broflovski: What?

Stan: He said Kenny McCormick. He never takes off his hood.

[End of flashback, to present day Stan, Kenny and Kyle playing hokey outside of Stan’s house]

Chapter 3: Scooby-Who? COMING SOON.
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When Stan met Kyle, Kenny and Cartman

Postby Clyde789 » Wed Jul 05, 2006 5:58 pm

like it?
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When Stan met Kyle, Kenny and Cartman

Postby Clyde789 » Wed Jul 05, 2006 8:49 pm

New Chapter in about 1 hour or so
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When Stan met Kyle, Kenny and Cartman

Postby Clyde789 » Wed Jul 05, 2006 9:34 pm

Chapter 3: Scooby-Who?

A month had passed since Kyle and Kenny had moved to South Park and Stan was the happiest boy in town, that is until his dad invited the Tweek’s over for dinner. It was a cold and stormy Saturday when they arrived.

[Honk! Honk!]

Stan: Dad, someone’s at the door!

Randy: Oh yes, those must be the Tweek’s. We invited them over for dinner!

Stan, Kyle Kenny: Oh good. Wait, TWEEK!?

Stan: Dad, no you made a BIG mistake…

Kyle:… Tweek’s a boy from our class, Mr. Marsh he drinks to much coffee…

Kenny:… He sees gnomes steal his underwear!

Randy: Oh pishposh .

Stan: But daaad we don’t like Tweek!

Randy: Stan, you are going to play with this boy and you are going to like it. Do you understand?

Stan: burgh…


Stan, Kyle and Kenny: Yes sir.

The Tweek’s came in and Randy greeted them. The grown-ups went into the kitchen leaving Tweek with the boys.

Tweek: Oh man, they’re goanna get AHH!

Stan: Who’s goanna get you ?

Tweek: The creeper, and the witch and zombies!

Kyle: The what?

Tweek: Don’t you guys watch Scooby-Doo!? Oh man!

Kenny: Scooby-Who?

Tweek: Scooby-Doo! Turn to channel 55!! There now just waaatch!

They turned to channel 55, to find a boy and dog running from a zombie.

Shaggy: Like run Scoob! Its after us!

Scooby: Rohkay Raggy!

Stan turns off the TV.

Kyle: The dog talks?

Tweek: Yeah! Isn’t that cool?!

To be continued…
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Postby Kelly MacCornmac » Wed Jul 05, 2006 9:59 pm

Um...the moving in parts have been used a lot...I don't see much plot...and I'm guessing the next person moving in is fat boy.
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When Stan met Kyle, Kenny and Cartman

Postby Clyde789 » Wed Jul 05, 2006 10:08 pm

No, the next person moving in is Pip then fat boy
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When Stan met Kyle, Kenny and Cartman

Postby Clyde789 » Wed Jul 05, 2006 10:34 pm

Ok, I'm quiting writng this fanfic it just makes no sense to me in my head I'll be writing one later on that dosen't have chapters.
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When Stan met Kyle, Kenny and Cartman

Postby Clyde789 » Thu Jul 06, 2006 7:28 pm

Next Fic will have chapters. I'm currently working on it.
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Re: When Stan met Kyle, Kenny and Cartman

Postby jewlover » Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:14 am

i would imagine kyle meeting stan first because they are best friends. also, you used the moving thing too much
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