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Postby Cartman_91 » Wed Jul 19, 2006 5:37 pm

Part 5 should be up sometime today
Unhooded Kenny
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Postby Unhooded Kenny » Thu Jul 20, 2006 5:45 am

It was a good story until you spoiled it with Kenny dying. So I've given up on this fanfic.
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Postby DownWithCalifornia » Thu Jul 20, 2006 6:23 am

So in your option, fanfics are only good if Kenny doesn't die? He's probably just going to come back in the next chapter anyways... I mean, it is Kenny, on Survivor, for God's sake. There's no way he's is gonna lose, even against the show producers's wishes.
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Postby Cartman_91 » Thu Jul 20, 2006 6:33 pm

Unhooded Kenny wrote:It was a good story until you spoiled it with Kenny dying. So I've given up on this fanfic.

That was a joke Kenny on Survivor what do you think is going to happen :wink:

Wow took me awhile to update but Chapter 5 is finally up

Part 5 (The Last Chapter)

(Stan is seen walking into the studio, There are many cameras and papers everywhere, Stan looks at the paper it says "How to choose the winner? Bribe)

Stan: Son of a bitch Cartman was right

(Stan keeps on looking around and see's a chair and the chair spins around and he sees a half man half dog)

Stan: Who the hell are you?

Mandog: I am Mandog, You see I run the unreality TV business, I find poor bums on the street like Regis Philman and Simon Cowell and offer them millions of dollars, Once they work for me there mine I own them forever

Stan: Dude this is so lame a ManDog

ManDog: Don't be fooled us ManDogs are very intellignet, we

(Stan interrupts)

Stan: Stop it! There are no such things as ManDogs i bet you were just a deformed born baby

Mandog: Well yes, Your right but thats not the point, I own every game show known to ManKind by taking advantage of poor people, You see these people Do the show and don't get paid jack sh*t

Stan: Then how do they have these huge houses

ManDog: Bribes of course, I have made a full proof solution to make sure they don't get paid, I bill them their salary and I built in a chip that whenever they see money that is not a bribe they eat it

Stan: Eat it?

Mandog: Examine, Regis

(Regis comes over)

(Regis pukes out over 10,000 dollars worth of money)

Stan: It all makes sense now, These people who run the game shows naren't the thiefs they are just bums on the street that are owned by you, of course!

(Ashton Kuthcer runs out of the corner and grabs and lifts Stan in the air)

Ashton: You've just been punk'd my friend! Hahahahaha

Stan: Oh God damnit, It's true they're really are ManDogs

Ashton: No this is just a deformed man helping us out to Punk you

Stan: No but it makes perfect sense

Ashton: Say it Stan say it

Stan: No, I don't want to

Ashton: SAY IT

Stan: Gah I've just been punk'd

(Cut To Jimmy On Stage doing his stand up comedy routine in the finals)

Jimmy: Did you h--hear about thissss, did you seeeee-ee seeee this, paula Abdul having Sex with one of the contestants, You'd mistake her for one of the American t-Ttttttt teacher

(The audience laughs)

Judge: Jimmy I think you've got what it takes to be the Last Comic standing let's just see if America thinks that

Judge: Next up we have.... Buckstar

(Buckstar walks on stage)

Buckstar: I'm from Boston, but that doesn't mean I'm a stoner

(No one laughs)

Buckstar: The other day I was walking down the street and noticed someone walking their dog and I thought to myself maybe Ted Turner should do that to make more money

(Someone runs infront of the audeience with a laugh sign)

(The audience tris to laugh as it sounds very fake)

Judge: Alright It's time to vote, audience if you liked Jimmy better press one

(Jimmy's Cell phone rings)le

Jimmy: Oh I'm terribly sorry this is soooo unprofessional

(Jimmy answers, Hello)

Jimmy: Gabriel Inglessias? Stop calling me, He's trying to get me kicked off the show to

(The audience laughs)

Host: Amd the results are in, The last comic nstanding is....... Buckstar

(Buckstar jumps up and down as the audience boos)

(Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, the audience cheers)

Jimmy: This is b-b-buuuul sh*t I was way funnier

Host Whispering: Well maybe next time you should bribe better, we only kept you on for ratings

Jimmy: W-w-what?

Host: You don't know the rules, the person who bribes us the most always wins we just bring on someone handicap so the audience thinks we're Saints

Jimmy: What, I bribed the guy at the local Blockbuster for jokes

Host: Well if you told sh*tty jokes and gave us money you would have won

(Cot To Tweek on the set of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire)

Regis Whispering: The answer is Jean Chretein

Regis: For one Million Dollars who is the Prime Minister of Canada currently

(Tweek Blurts out extremely loud)


Regis: Is that your Final answer?

Tweek: I'd like to ask the audience.... Gah!

(The audience all has employee tags on it stating they work for the show)

Regis: a whopping 99% of the audience thought that Jean Chretien is the current Prime Minister

Tweek: Final answer

Regis: YOu are absolutely WRONG, The answer is Paul Martin, Sice no one has lost going for a million before I forgot to tell you that you win jack if you get it wrong

Tweek: You told me the answer was Jean Chretein!

Regis: I lied, and plus we needed the extra ratings

(Cut to Kyle on America's Got Talent)

(Kyle levitates Regis the host and puts a robe in front of him and when he snaps Regis turns into Liza Minilli)

(The crowd claps tremendoulsy)

Liza: I will be taken over for Reege for the night, Next up the boy who can make his dog do anything

Boy: Sit

(The dog sits)

Boy: Bark

(The dog barks)

Boy: Tada

(The audience boos him)

Kyle: I think this is a no brainer on who the winner is

Liza: Kyle? Is that a tattoo?

Kyle: Yeah its a fake one I did it with my friend Stan

Liza: Sorry I'm afraid you're kicked out its part of our policy

Kyle: What no it isn't! Is this because that little boy won the lottery last week and bribed you? Cartman was right all along, you people just keep the amazing people on for ratings and kick them off in the final show!

Liza: We'll be back after this quick commercial break

(Cut to Cartman on stage with an old man with grey hair in the final of Candian Idol)

Host: And the winner is.... Eric Cartman

(Cartman jumps up surprised)

Cartman: Yeah! That's right bitches

Host: Lets take a look at Cartman's performances

(Clips of Cartman singing horribly and the audience laughing)

Cartman: Man I always knew I had a great voice

Host: There's something we haven't been truthful about though, This isn't Candian Idol, it's Wb's Superstar1

(The crowd laughs at Cartman)

Host: You were actually the worst singer in all of Canada and you won the prize of the worst singer in Canada, hahaha

Cartman: Shut up, Gah, Hippies

(Cut to Stan on stage with Token for American Idol)

Simon: We chose..... Token Black to be the next American idol

(Stan furious)

Stan: Why did the ManDog tell you

Simon: That ManDog.... are you on crack... oh is this about getting Punk'd you actually believe that sh*t

Stan: It makes perfect sense, every game show host is a worthless piece of sh*t and probably is owned by a half man half dog that pukes out money and performs that function on you, so that the only money you make is bribes which Toekn's fmaily is rich and probably bribed you, thats how Reality Tv works

(The whole audience laughs at Stan)

Stan: Fine don't believe me, Cartman was right all along, this is silly maybe there is no such thing as a ManDog

(Cut to the end of the show, Stan peeks over and see's Simon walk into a room while puking, Stan looks through the crack and see's a Mandog there while Simon is puking out money)

The End of Unreality TV
Kyle the Skeptic
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Postby Kyle the Skeptic » Thu Jul 20, 2006 11:36 pm

It was okay up until the last chapter, which seemed kind of anti-climactic. The ending was kind of unsatisfying and didn't really manage to tie it all together. I didn't get the joke about the Mandog either.

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