Fan/ Viewer Mail #1

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Fan/ Viewer Mail #1

Postby Cartman_91 » Sun Jul 23, 2006 11:35 pm

I know in KTS behind the scenes of South Park t here was some viewer mail but I've had this idea for awhile

3 far fetched themes with South Park characters each story 2 chapters long

The ides will be posted shortly
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Postby Cartman_91 » Sun Jul 23, 2006 11:49 pm

1. Kenny gets unhooded for the whole episode but his big mouth gets the boys into big trouble when he challenges the 5th graders to a 4th grade vs. 5th grade fight

2. Kyle and Cartman get into a huge fight, They switch bodies (Yes like in freaky friday) and they have to overcome the difficulties each person goes through and accept it in order to switch back

3. A more of a dramatic then comedy part, See the boys when they are about to graduate and where they are headed in life
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Postby DownWithCalifornia » Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:57 am

So you have these two-chaptered stories like they were episodes and after each you make up some fan reactions to the episode?

I don't get it.
Kyle the Skeptic
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Postby Kyle the Skeptic » Mon Jul 24, 2006 2:05 am

Wait, what? I don't understand what the relation is between the fanmail theme and the three ideas you posted.
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Postby Cartman_91 » Mon Jul 24, 2006 2:25 am

KTS its like the family guy episode viewer mail one

I take 3 ideas that will probably be never mad ean episode andwrite about them

Part 1

Unhooded Kenny

(Cartman and Stan are sitting at a table without there hats on and looks a little different then they used to)

Cartman: Hey I'm Eric Cartman from South Park

Stan: And I'm Stan Marsh from South Park

Cartman: It's been 10 seasons and you see Matt and Trey are really running out of ideas and they mad eus come up with

(A hand is seen with a gun pointed to Cartman's head)

Cartman: I mean Matt and Trey are doing a wonderful job writing South Park but we thought it would be fun for the audience if we took 3 Fan mail suggestion episodes

Stan: Our first episode is Unhooded Kenny, I know a lot of you die hard Kenny fans want to see a die hard Kenny episode and here it is

(Cartman presses a button and all you can hear is boooooooo from an audiece)

Stan: God Damnit Cartman what the hell is that

Cartman: This is what wa sleft over from george Lopez stand up last night

(Stan and Cartman at the same time)


Stan: Now sit back and relax our favorite episode

(Cartman is seen with a huge hat on his head that is over 10 times bigger then a normal hat)

Stan: Dude what the hell is that

Cartman: Big hat it's funny eh haha

Stan: Whatever dude, sit back and relax our favorite episode of South Park Unhooded Kenny

(Cartman puts the hat on Stan's head)

Cartman: Heheh haha sweet

Stan: Would you get that off me (Throws it to the ground)


(Kenny in his room watching TV)

Reporter: It's official Global warming has hit South Park, It is hot as hell in South Park, more on this is Al Gore

Al Gore: Why don't you believe me, it's true, Please watch my upcoming movie..... Please! I'm super Serial

(Kenny is seen changing in normal clothes without his hood as we can see he is blonde)

(Kenny walks into class)

(Everyone is staring at Kenny's new look)

Cartman: There's something different about Kenny i just can't put my finger on it

Mr. Garrison: Ok Children today we are going to be learning about the war against Israel and Lebanon, does anyone know anything about this?

Cartman: yeah I know the Jews are getting there asses kicked Wooooo! High five anybody, anybody (Cartman stares at Butters)

Cartman: Butters.....

(Butters hesitantly gives him a high five)

Mr. Garrison: I am actually thinking about joining the army soon kids, did you know that about 10 years ago there was a debate if they shouldn't let gay troops in the squad, isn't that silly?

Kenny: No I don't think they should allow queers in like you, They have to camp out for days and do you think they want to have to worry what the gay guy beside them is going to do

Mr. Garrison: Kenny! That's disrespectful

Kenny: In my opinion they should round up all you queers and shoot them so they don't always have tp have them damn parades

(Cartman, Stan and Kyle all laugh)

Mr. Garrison: That's it, you 4 boys are going to be in detention, God dmanit Kenny where your god damn hood it's on there for a reason, last year......


(The whole town is gathered as three random business men offer South Park 2 million dollars for being such a humble town)

Random Guy: I have never seen such a friendly and such humble town that is why I am donating 2 million dollars to help this small town out

Kenny: Two Million dollars? Cheap ass! You have over 10 billion dollars and you're offering maybe less then 1 percent of that, bring on 10 million dollars

Mayor: Shut up kid your going to blow it

Random Guy: Wow I guess every kid except one is humble, anyways 2 million dollars is a generous offer I think

Kenny: Wow you're the most generous man since Ted Turner

Cartman: Shut up Kenny

(Cartman jumps on him to shut him up, while others pile on Kenny to make sur ehe doens't blow the offer)

(They roll on one of the business workers and kill him)

Random worker: Oh my god he killed Spenny

Random Business Worker 2: You Bastard

Random Business man: That's it we're tkaing out business elsewhere

(Kenny gets up unhooded as he was the whole time)

Kenny: Fine run away cheap skate, Girl guides are going to come to your door and your going to say no sorry I'm down to my last 10 billion dollars

(The whole town is staring at Kenny extremely pissed off)

Mayor: Kenny McCormick i hereby announce that for now on you wear this hood to control your bad mouth

(She hoods Kenny up as he is now in his orange parka)

Kenny: MM mman mmmis mmucmms mmmmamlls

(Cut back to the 4 boys in detention room, Kenny still unhooded)

(Cartman is playing bloody knuckles against Kyle)

(Kyle hits Cartman not to hard)

Cartman: Owww that hurts cheater

(Cartman dodges kyles knuckle slap)

Cartman: Ha Ha nannanana I dodged your punch, I'm going to drop a bomb on you like Israel did

(Kyle Clinches his fists)

(Cartman hits him over and over before Kyle can even move)

(Cartman turns around and puts on brass knuckles)

(Cartman smokes his really hard with brass knuckles and Kyles knuckles start to bleed)

(Kyle bends down in pain)

Kyle: Owww mother f*cker

Kyle: Your dead

(Cartman attempts a huge slap but misses)

Cartman: Uh oh

(Kyle hits him repeatedly as Cartman is in tears)

Cartman: Cheater, Cheater just like the Lebanon's runs in your blood

(Kyle smokes Cartman right in the face)

(Cartman cries extremely loud as tears drip down his face)

Mr. Mackey: Settle down kids, as you know I'm the detention room teacher M'kay

Cartman: M'kay

Kenny: M' your gay

Mr. Mackey: here are the rules no tlaking no swearing, no exchaning those poke-man cards

Kenny: What about passing around pot like you did last year and lost your job

Mr. Mackey: M'kay Kenny you should watch your mouth

Kenny: You should watch your cholesterol your getting a little fat there you f*cking cheese dick

Mr. Mackey: I have never heard such language in my life

Kenny: Go rape a goat then slit your throat so I can go to your funeral and piss al over it then screw your mom then take a sh*t on her face

Stan: Dude he really needs to have his hood back on

(The boys are walking out side as Cartman accidentally bumps into one of the 5th graders)

5th grader: Hey watch it fat ass

Kenny: You watch it bitch

5th grader: It's hard not to bump into his fat ass

Kenny: Go touch your uncle then have a cleveland Stemer with your aunt then make out with your mom so you can catch aids

5th grader: Your dead, Im going to kick your ass

Kenny: How about 5th grade versus fourth, 3 hours from now, you round up your posse I round up mine

5th grader: Fine your dead

Kenny: Make sur eto where a condom when you screw your dad I here he has hepatitus

Cartman: kenny you assh*le now I have to fight

Kenny: We have to round up all the 4th graders then have an all out brawl

(Cut back to Cartman and Stan sitting at the table)

Stan: Wow great episode, Time for a quick commercial break then soon we'll be back with our favorite episode Unhooded Kenny, This is quite a great second half

Cartman: yeah it's what I call a sticky situation hahaha

Stan: Dude shut up

(Rolls commercial Break)

End of Part 1
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Postby Cartman_91 » Wed Jul 26, 2006 6:39 pm

Chapter 2

(Cartman and Stan are sitting at a desk again)

Cartman: Welcome back to the conclusion of Unhooded Kenny

Stan: The boys now have to round up all the fourth graders for the brawl

Cartman: I personally think I could have taken them all out

Stan: Dude you were crying in the corner before the fight started

Cartman: Whatever Dude

Stan: Now Sit back and relax and watch the second half of our favorite episode Unhooded Kenny

Cartman: I'm Eric Cartman and this is Sports Center Haha I've always wanted to say that

(Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle at Butter's door)

(Mrs. Stotch opens the door)

Kenny: hey bitch is Butters home

Mrs. Stotch: That's it Kenny McCormick your grounded, I'm going to make sure your mom grounds you

(Cartman walks into the house and pulls Butters out of the house)

Mrs. Stotch: Hey, Hey, hey Butters can't go out bring him back immdeiately

Cartman: I hate to say this but... you can suck my big fat hairy balls Mrs. Stotch

(The boys go to Token's house and Tokens dad opens the door up)

Kenny: Hey nii

(Stan puts his hand over Kenny's mouth)

Stan: Nii...ce weather out

Mr. Williams: Why yes it is, Token your friends are here

Cartman: Dude there's an all out brawl 5th graders vs. 4th graders if you don't fight they will hunt you down and kill you

Token: Let me guess Kenny's big fat mouth got us into this

Stan: Yeah Kenny we really need to put your hood on

(All the 4th grade boys are rounded up on the streets)

Tweek: Gah, Fighting that is way to much pressure

Jimmy: N-now what Stan

Stan: We need one more member

(Stan in his house talking to Shelly)

Stan: Shelly we need you please

Shelly: Shut up you turdadackle

Stan: Please Shelly if you don't help us we will get our asses kicked

Shelly: I said shut up you Turdasoarus-rex

Stan: But Shelly....

(Shelly takes a nail gun and shoots Stan in the arm with it)

Shelly: Tuuuuurrrd!

(The boys in the field waiting for the 5th graders to come)

Kyle: We're screwed without Shelly

Stan: Guys I think I have a plan

(The 5th graders bike down into the field with cigarettes in their mouths)

5th Grader: It's dying time

Stan: Wait!

Stan: First we should have a one on one fight

Cartman: yeah good idea Stan.... Butters go take one for the team

Stan: No no no, We'll have a chug off, Whoever is the last person to finish there drink on there team fights

Stan: I volunteer to fight for my team, now there is each some apple juice in those big cups, the last person to finish it on your team fights me

5th Grader: This shall be easy, your dead Marsh

(They all start chugging there apple juice for a good 30 seconds)

Stan: I think that was a tie, all of you have to do it again

(They all chug another huge glass of apple juice)

Stan: One more I still couldn't decide who won

5th Grader: Stop stalling marsh

Stan: I promise last time

(They all chug there apple juice for 30 seconds)

(They all start walking around un balanced and slurring words)

Stan: Aha it worked there all drunk, I spiked there drink with Moon shine alcohol

Cartman: GET THEM!

(Cartman jumps up to a 5th graders and starts twisting his nuts, he then stick his foot on the guys face and repeatedly kicks him in the face, Then gives him a few elbows and knees into the ribs)

Cartman: Sweeet!

(Timmy runs over a guy with his wheel chair several times)

(Jimmy Throws one of his crutches and lands inside a guys stomach and the guy falls down with blood everywhere)

(Butters looks around them takes a spit on a kids face)

(Kenny pulls out a knife and writes Kenny in blood on one of the kids stomach's)

(Token is beating a kid over the face with his bass guitar)

(Tweek come sin on a horse screaming and hits a kid with a jousting stick and drags him in a net from the horse)

(All you can here is sirens)

Cartman: Run it's the fuzz

(All the boys run fast as Officer Barbrady yells at them)

(The boys are all on stage infront of the mayor)

Mayor: Today 3 fellow 5th graders are in the hospital, 12 are still missing and one is dead we are still looking for the kid who did it

(Cartman whispers to Jimmy)

Cartman: I think you should skip town and lay low for awhile Jimmy

The Mayor: None of this would have ever happened if Kenny didn't have such a big mouth

(The audience yells burn him)

Stan: No he'll just come back next week

The Mayor: I've done this before and I'm going to do it again

(The Mayor puts an orange parka on kenny's head)

The Mayor: I hereby declare that Kenny McCormick has to wear this hood at all times and can only take it off like once a seaosn

(The audience screams Yayayayaya

(The end of Unhooded Kenny, Next is Scary Saturday)

Replies would be greatly appreciated
Kelly MacCornmac
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Postby Kelly MacCornmac » Wed Jul 26, 2006 6:56 pm

Sorry but Kenny was OOC big time...
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Postby Cartman_91 » Wed Jul 26, 2006 7:02 pm

Kelly MacCornmac wrote:Sorry but Kenny was OOC big time...

Yeah but that was the whole point he's so much different when you can understand him, Half the time when he talks with his hood on he is saying vulgar phrases anyways
Kyle the Skeptic
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Postby Kyle the Skeptic » Wed Jul 26, 2006 7:14 pm

That was kind of--silly, and everything happened a little too quickly. I have a feeling that was the whole point though.
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Postby ClaudiaCartmen » Thu Nov 02, 2006 12:32 am

Cartman91 won't finish will someone do it for him?
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Postby jawmht » Thu Nov 02, 2006 12:52 am

ClaudiaCartmen wrote:Cartman91 won't finish will someone do it for him?

Umm, I don't think that it works that way.
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Postby Taranis_Music » Thu Nov 02, 2006 1:18 am

Borrowing jokes from anchorman? :) It was good, but like KtS said, everything went on a little too quick.
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Postby ClaudiaCartmen » Thu Nov 16, 2006 1:37 am

It does you just act like you reviewing but write it.
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Postby Cartman.96 » Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:03 am

That was great, C_91.
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Postby ClaudiaCartmen » Thu Nov 16, 2006 11:47 pm

cartman.96 sucks haha i am not blowing up! just kidding

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