Kyle's Gothic Girl

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Kyle's Gothic Girl

Postby Stovepipe_Jam » Sat Aug 12, 2006 9:12 pm

Kyle’s Gothic Girl

By Axel Norinco

(We open to a shot of South Park Elementary. Students are flooding into the school’s front doors. Kyle Broflovski is visible among them)

Kyle: (Sighs) Same sh*t, different day....And different learning curriculum.

(As Kyle finally manages to get through the bottleneck at the doors, Stan Marsh waves at him from over by the lockers)

Stan: Kyle! Over here dude!

(Kyle pushes his way through the crowd of students, over to Stan’s locker)

Kyle: What's up dude?

Stan: (Rolls his eyes) Forgot the algebra homework...again…

Kyle: Urk....Me too....We’re never gonna get to college at this rate.

Stan: Dude, I don’t even think they should be teaching algebra in fourth grade. It seems a bit complicated, you know what I mean?

Kyle: (Nods in agreement) Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

(The bell rings to signal the beginning of class)

Stan: (Sighs) Come on....we're gonna be late....

Kyle: (Nods) Again…

(The two walk up the hall into Mrs. Garrison’s classroom. Mrs. Garrison is standing in front of the half-assembled class, preparing the lesson for the day)

Mrs. Garrison: Good morning boys, did you do your homework?

Stan/Kyle: No, Ma’am.

Mrs. Garrison: Well, you’re in luck. I’m not going to count it this time; because I found out I’ve been teaching the wrong lesson plan for almost a week now.

(Stan and Kyle both sigh deeply as they take their seats)

Mrs. Garrison: (To herself) The one I’ve been teaching is for the second grade class…

(The second bell rings to signal the beginning of class)

Mrs. Garrison: (Looking around) That bell needs to be fixed, it’s been ringing at different times every day. (Shrugs) Oh well. I’m still going to count everyone who comes through that door as late starting now.

(Right on cue, Clyde Donovan bursts through the door, panting and looking like he’s just run a marathon)

Clyde: (Between deep breaths) I…just…ran…all the way…from home…to school…..Stupid….Miss…Crabtree…skipped my house…God damn it…

Mrs. Garrison: Well that doesn’t matter, Clyde. You’re still late. You almost made it though, so keep trying! Maybe you’ll get here on time someday.

(As Clyde drags himself exhaustedly over to his seat, Kenny comes into the room, followed by Craig, Token, Kevin, and Jimmy. Mrs. Garrison walks over and closes the door, then returns to the front of the room)

Mrs. Garrison: All right, class, today we’re going to be starting with World History. (Kyle raises his hand) Yes Kyle?

Kyle: Don’t we always start with math on C-days?

Mrs. Garrison: In the past, yes. But since I’m the teacher, I can do whatever I want. Open your books to page 537, please. (Kyle raises his hand again; Garrison sighs) What is it now, Kyle?

Kyle: I left my history book in my locker. Can I go get it?

Mrs. Garrison: (Rolls her eyes) Fine, Kyle, but you should be prepared next time…

Kyle: Well how am I supposed to be prepared when you randomly change the subjects we’re studying?!

Mrs. Garrison: That’s not important, Kyle! Get your book!

Stan: (Raises his hand)

Mrs. Garrison: What do you want, Stanley?!

Stan: (Mumbles) I forgot my book too, can I go get it?

Mrs. Garrison: (Yelling) Yes! Go!

(Kyle and Stan scramble out of the room as Garrison gives them evil looks. Out in the hall, they catch their breath)

Stan: …Garrison can be a pain in the ass so often, you know?

Kyle: (Nods in agreement) You said it.

(Stan and Kyle walk over to their respective lockers. Stan gets his book and walks over to Kyle, who is standing with his locker about halfway open)

Stan: Dude, you got your book?

Kyle: Wuh?

Stan: Dude, book.

Kyle: Right.

(Kyle doesn’t move)

Stan: (Waves his hand in front of Kyle’s face) Hello?

Kyle: (Ignoring Stan) Dude...look at her.... (He points at up the hall at a girl who is seated against a row of lockers. She is wearing gothic clothes, makeup, and her hair is streaked with red)

Stan: So? Just tell her to get to class.

Kyle: (Blushing) you know her?

Stan: (Rolls his eyes) No...

Kyle: Oh...okay... (He continues to watch the girl, a stupid grin on his face)

Stan: (Putting two and two together) Aww. Dude....don't tell me you like her...

Kyle: Wah-no! Of course not…maybe… (He continues to stare at the girl)

Stan: (Rolls his eyes again) Dude....don't bother....Goths don't fall in love. Trust me, I'd know. I used to know this girl named Henrietta, and she was a goth. She basically hated everything to do with romance.

Kyle: (Completely oblivious to everything Stan has just said) Mmhmm.... (He watches the girl for a while before Stan finally begins to drag him towards the classroom)

Stan: Dude, class.

Kyle: (Shakes his head) Oh, right. (He takes a step towards the classroom, then turns and stops) I gotta go talk to her, Stan…

Stan: What? (He follows Kyle's eyes) Aww, dude....not again...

Kyle: Dude...she's....just... (He searches for the right words) ...Different....

Stan: Dude....whatever...I'm gonna go not be late for class. If you wanna get a detention, I guess it’s your choice.

Kyle: ‘Kay.

(Stan shakes his head and walks back into the classroom, leaving Kyle to stare at the girl)

Kyle: (His thoughts) I gotta talk to her....but what if she's nasty like all those other goths? Aww screw it....she'll just call me a conformist...

(The girl flips her hair and smiles. Kyle blushes and smiles back shyly)

Kyle: (His thoughts) I’m going to go talk to her anyway.

(Kyle watches the girl for a while, and then takes a hesitant step forward. Then he steps back, and finally forces himself to walk over to the girl)

Kyle: (Mumbling) Uh....hi....

Girl: (She looks up and smiles) Hiya!

(Kyle looks surprised at the girl’s friendly attitude)

Kyle: (After a moment) name's Kyle...what’s yours?

Girl: I'm Sparrow.

Kyle: (His thoughts) Wow....that's the most awesome name ever…

Sparrow: Well....heh.... (Sheepishly) That's just my "Goth" real name is Juliana....but I like Sparrow more...A lot more.

Kyle: Can I, uh, sit down?

Sparrow: It's a free country.... (She pats the spot next to her)

Kyle: (He sits down)'m Kyle....

Sparrow: Heh, you told me that.

Kyle: (He jumps) Eep! I did? myself....that's it...

Sparrow: (Giggles) You're cute....I like cute....

Kyle: (Blushes slightly) I, uh, don't mean any offense but you're not the kind of person I'd expect to be a goth...I mean, uh, you don’t have the depressed attitude and whatnot…

Sparrow: (Smiles) I guess you can call me a "half goth"....I like the clothes and poetry and music and some of the lifestyle....but then again, I'm not a full blown one....I think life is fun, and I don’t hate people or anything.

Kyle: don' (He indicates his wrist tentatively)

Sparrow: A watch? No, I don’t have one. Why? (She looks around) I know class started, I just don’t feel like going today.

Kyle: (After a moment) it.....what do you do instead of all that gothic stuff?

Sparrow: Uh....I guess just live a normal life I suppose. What about you? What's your story?

Kyle: I'm Kyle family is about the only Jewish family in town.

Sparrow: That doesn't sound too bad. You’re all at least the same religion. My parents are devout (She emphasizes the word “devout”) Christians. I, on the other hand, am a Wiccan.

Kyle: Hmph, at least people don’t rip on you all the time for it. Eric Cartman spends about ninety percent of his time harassing me for being Jewish.

(At this moment, the door of Mrs. Garrison’s classroom opens and Eric Cartman steps out)

Cartman: (Walking up to Kyle) Mrs. Garrison wants you to hurry up, Jew.

Sparrow: You mean this fat kid here? (She points to Cartman, who frowns) Is that Cartman?

Kyle: (Annoyed) Yeah, that guy.

Cartman: Aye! Shut up you f*cking Jew! Get in the goddamn classroom before I --

Sparrow: (To Cartman) You’re quite juvenile, I must say...

Cartman: Ay! f*ck you, you wrist-cutting goth bitch!

Kyle: (He gets up) Shut up fatass!

Cartman: (Singsong voice) Make me, o' son of Abraham.

Sparrow: Why don't you just leave him alone? Is your self esteem so low you need to poke fun at others to make yourself feel better?

Cartman:! My mom says I'm cool!

(Both Kyle and Sparrow look at each other and suppress giggles)

Cartman: You two shut up!

Sparrow: Does your mother wipe your butt after you go to the bathroom too?

Cartman: That was only once when I was sick and too weak to lift my arms up! And that time I spent weeks and weeks playing World of Warcraft and I got diarrhea from eating all those Hot Pockets that were past their expiration dates…

Kyle: (He bursts out in giggles) Dude....that' (He is unable to continue due to the fact that he is laughing so hard)

Cartman: (Angrily) Well screw you guys....I'm'a goin’ back ‘ta class.

Sparrow: And do you let your mom bathe you?

Cartman: ARGH! f*ck YOU! (He stomps off into the classroom, slamming the door behind him)

Kyle: (Still laughing)'re cool! (He grins, obviously having relaxed as opposed to his previous state) That was funny, what you did to him.

Sparrow: Thanks, though, honestly, he seems rather easy to insult and rattle, nerve-wise.

Kyle: (Nods) Yeah. Hey, what grade are you in?

Sparrow: I’m in fifth grade, you?

Kyle: Fourth grade. So is Cartman.

Sparrow: He acts like a really overweight kindergartner, really.

Kyle: Haha! Yeah, he does. (Kyle looks around, and catches sight of a clock on the wall nearby) Hey, shouldn’t you be in class, Sparrow? I should too, come to think of it…Oh well.

Sparrow: Pssht, school’s boring as hell. Even when I decide to go to class, I usually end up walking out halfway through the lesson anyway.

Kyle: Well, I have to go to class, or I’m screwed. You wanna meet up after class, or something?

Sparrow: Not really...I have to be home early today to practice my singing…But I have time right now. Maybe we can take a walk outside in the graveyard near here.

Kyle: Oh, that’s fine – Wait…That was a joke...right?

Sparrow: What? Are you scared of getting a detention?

Kyle: Kinda...

Sparrow: Well....if you don't wanna get in can always stay here... (She gets up) But personally, I’m going to go sit among the dead. Join me if you like.

Kyle: (As Sparrow takes a step forward) I'll come...I guess...

Sparrow: You seen kind of unsure....Do you really wanna come? It’s okay if you don’t.

Kyle: (He takes a deep breath, then nods) I'll go. I’m sure.

Sparrow: (Smiles and offers him a black, silk laced gloved hand) Cool.

(Kyle takes it and stands. He and Sparrow walk down the hall together, chatting quietly)

Kyle: So you hang out in a cemetery, huh?

Sparrow: It’s not the strangest place I like to go. You know the Mayor’s office? Sometimes I go up on top of it and tan, and they’ve never even noticed me.

Kyle: …Wow?

Sparrow: (Giggles) Strange, I know, but I guess I’m just a strange person by nature.

(The two walk out through the front doors. As they do, a bald man dressed in a blue sweater and a utility belt gets up from his seat near the doorway and blocks their way)

Sparrow: Who are you?

Man: I’m the new security guard the school hired to keep kids from leaving before the day is over.

Kyle: Uh…

Security guy: (Eyeing Kyle and Sparrow) Speaking of that, just where do you think you're going?

Sparrow: We're midgets, Sir.....We were visiting this school so that our of-normal-height son may get a good education when he transfers here.... (She sighs dramatically) He suffers from Gigantism, you see...

Security guy: (He scratches his head stupidly) Uh....okay....

(Sparrow and Kyle quickly head off through the doorway, down the school’s front steps, and down the street as the security guy sits back to resume reading his “Cosmopolitan” magazine)

Security guy: (As he reads the magazine) Midgets....strange people in this town...straaange people...

(We cut to Kyle and Sparrow, who are now walking along a road near the school)

Sparrow: (Laughing) That guy is an idiot!

Kyle: That was a very….interesting…story you told him.

Sparrow: (Stops and does a fake bow, grinning widely) Thank you, thank you…I get a lot of practice.

Kyle: Heh, can I ask where?

Sparrow: (Shrugs) Parents, obviously. They’re always butting into my stuff and trying to find out what I have for homework, why I left school, why aren’t I normal like all the other kids…You know, parent stuff. I always lie about it, so I get a lot of chances to…um…refine my technique.

Kyle: Ha, that’s funny. You’re pretty cool, you know that?

Sparrow: (Grins) Thank you, Kyle. You’re not so bad yourself.

Kyle: (Blushing a tiny bit) So...where are we off to again?

Sparrow: Oh, didn’t I tell you? We’re headed to the South Park Cemetery. I go there when I need to relax and just get away from it know?

Kyle: Not really… (He looks more than a bit nervous) You go to a cemetery to relax, huh?

Sparrow: (With a mischievous grin) Don't worry....I only do sacrifices to the Devil with animals.... (There is a pause as Kyle's eyes widen. Sparrow giggles and pats his cheek with her hand) I'm kidding....I’m a very…peaceful person, you could say.

Kyle: Heh.... (He still looks nervous)

Sparrow: (Giggles again) Oh, calm down. It’s really a nice place, once you get used to it. No people to annoy you or anything like that.

Kyle: Well, it’s easy for someone who hangs out in a graveyard regularly to say that, but I’ve never really been there before, except for a couple of funerals.

Sparrow: (Grins and pats Kyle’s cheek again) Like I said, you gotta get used to it.

(We now fade out to black, then to a shot of a gravestone reading "Corbin Richards - 1891 to 1968". There is a lot of grass growing around the stone, and there are some crickets chirping in the background. Suddenly there is a loud thump and a backpack hits the ground in front of the headstone)

Sparrow: Hey there Corbin.....

(Kyle looks for a place to sit)

Sparrow: (She points to a gravestone very close by) That one's quite comfortable...

Kyle: Oh..... (Reads the tombstone) "Josh Brown...1887-1970"....

Sparrow: (Mocking seriousness) The drink killed him....

Kyle: He died from drinking too much beer?

Sparrow: Erm, no....he was hit by a truck full of beer, actually.

Kyle: What irony.....Heh…

Sparrow: (Points to an unoccupied headstone to the right of herself) But old Patty here....she's something....according to a book I read....she was South Park's first true prostitute....

Kyle: (He sits down and looks at the headstone) Heh....really?

Sparrow: Yep! Her life is really fascinating if you read about it.

Kyle: I suppose she died of some kind of ironic thing....

Sparrow: Nah...I’m pretty sure it was hepatitis.

Kyle: (Frowns) Oh...that sucks. (Looking around a bit before speaking) You sure know a lot about the people buried here.

Sparrow: (Nods) Coming here as much as I do....I tend to read up about it..... (She smiles and motions for him to sit closer to her) It’s a hobby of mine, you could say.

Kyle: (He moves closer, not hesitating at all) You're right....about's kinda....nice here... (He spots a black rose on one of the graves. Shrugging, he picks it out of the ground and examines it) Heh, I’ve never seen a black rose before.

Sparrow: (Grins) Only place in town where you can find ‘em.

(Kyle looks at Sparrow for a moment, then reaches out and places the rose in her hair)

Kyle: (Blushing) Heh…It looks nice on you….Heheh…

Sparrow: (She laughs) Hehe...thanks.

Kyle: (Blushes deeper) No problem.

Sparrow: Do you have a girlfriend Kyle?

Kyle: (As the color in his face changes from red to a deep crimson) Uh....I don’t....Not really....

Sparrow: (Shrugs) That's ok....It's cool if you don't....hell, I don't have a boyfriend, so...

Kyle: don't....?

Sparrow: Nah.....It sucks anyway.....I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it.

Kyle: (Raises an eyebrow) Why does it suck?

Sparrow: ‘Cause it’d suck ass to have to worry about if your “significant other” was cheating on you, and to have to meet their parents, and….stuff. (She thinks for a moment) Although.....I guess not having....someone to love.....would suck for anyone after a while.

(Kyle suddenly moves a bit closer to Sparrow)

Kyle: (Hesitantly) I...I can't see why nobody would wanna date you....I're such an awesome person....

Sparrow: (Blushes, tinting her somewhat pale face red now) Aw....Thanks.

Kyle: (Also blushing again)'s true....

Sparrow: You're so sweet..... (She pecks Kyle on the cheek gently)

Kyle: (Turns tomato-red) Aw....hehe.....

(Sparrow smiles, then, she places a gloved hand on his cheek, leans in, and gently presses her lips to his in a kiss)

Kyle: (Muffled) Mmmmm.....

(Kyle struggles for a moment, and then closes his eyes to enjoy the kiss. Sparrow moves closer to Kyle as he puts an arm around her, and the two silently and gently continue the kiss)

Kyle: (When they finally break apart, quite a bit later) Dude...we just made out in a cemetery..... (His face cracks into a huge grin) That’s weird…hehehe….

Sparrow: (Also grinning) I know....that's hot, huh?

Kyle: (Surprised at himself) is....

Sparrow: (Now giggling) Your lips are smeared with my black lipstick now, you know.

Kyle: Gah! (He goes to wipe the lipstick off, then stops) Heh....I'm just gonna get it on me again anyway...

(Kyle takes Sparrow's hands and kisses her again. Sparrow giggles in the kiss, then places her hands on his cheeks and deepens the kiss)

Man: (Off screen) What the f*ck are you doing?!

Sparrow: (Breaks the kiss) Ah, sh*t, it's one of the guys who digs the graves....

Man:'re making out in a cemetery?!

Kyle: (A bit dazed by the kiss) Uh huh...

Man: Shouldn't you little pricks be in school or something?

Sparrow: (For once she is unable to come up with a response) Er…no?

Kyle: Uh....we're...uh...

Man: You two have 10 seconds to get the hell out of here before I call Officer Barbrady!

(Kyle and Sparrow look at each other for a second, then grin, grab their stuff, and run off as the man flips them off)

Man: Gah! Damn horny little bastards! And stay out! Jesus Christ, and I thought only adults could be necrophiliacs…

(We cut to Kyle's house. Kyle's mother is bustling about the house when the phone rings. She walks over and picks it up)

Mrs. Broflovski: Hello?

Man: (On the phone) Hello, is this Kyle Broflovski’s mother?

Mrs. Broflovski: Yes, it is. Is Kyle all right?

Man: (On the phone) Well, uh, his teacher just told us he hasn’t seen Kyle since first period started.

Mrs. Broflovski: Wha-wha-whaaat?

Ike: (Toddling past his mom) Uh-ohhh….Kyle in twouble….

Mrs. Broflovski: Well, where could he be?

(We cut to a shot of Kyle and Sparrow kissing again under what looks like a tree. Sparrow’s hair is standing up and Kyle’s afro is visible, since his hat has fallen off)

Sparrow: (Pecks Kyle on the lips) Glad we got out of there in a hurry.....the park'll be safer I think...

Kyle: (Mumbling) My mom probably found out I skipped.... (He sighs) Oh well....I had a good reason.....Hehe…

(Kyle and Sparrow share a small giggle as the shot turns upside down to show that they are actually hanging from a tree branch by their legs. Kyle kisses Sparrow again as the scene cuts to black)

Kyle: (V.O.) This is cool…

Sparrow: (V.O.) Yeah, I think we might be the first people in the world to kiss while hanging upside down from a tree like monkeys. (We hear her giggle)

Man: (V.O.) This is a public park! No displays of affection!

Kyle: (V.O.) Oh, goddammit...

The End
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Postby Kennykiller16 » Mon Aug 14, 2006 9:41 pm

That was really good ^_^ A tad to short for my taste but Good I always love reading your storys :D
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Postby StanismyMan » Wed Aug 16, 2006 4:10 pm

That was really good! It was cute, too. :)
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Postby Gothic_Butters » Wed Aug 30, 2006 8:39 pm

heh... goths rule
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Postby Nommel » Fri Apr 13, 2007 3:28 am

Edited for grammar and spelling, and a more solid storyline.

Thank you Schan for beta-reading the new version for me. =D
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Postby Schantrac » Fri Apr 13, 2007 3:31 am

:D Anytime.
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Postby buttersbutters » Fri Apr 13, 2007 3:28 pm

Very good yet again from Nommel.
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Postby BPN356 » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:03 pm

That was a really sweet story, a bit weird though, but that makes it even more interesting. But it really was a great written story, I hope you´ll post more :wink:
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Postby CruciFACTION » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:08 pm

Aw man, Nommel is digitally remastering all his old fics, just like George Lucus! :shock:
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Postby Nommel » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:25 pm

CruciFACTION wrote:Aw man, Nommel is digitally remastering all his old fics, just like George Lucus! :shock:

Muahahaha.... :D
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Postby Kyle the Skeptic » Fri Apr 13, 2007 11:01 pm

Cleaning things up is good. For instance, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, inconsistencies, corrections, etc. Gutting them and adding new scenes that make absolutely no sense, the way George Lucas did, is bad.
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Postby candies » Sat Apr 14, 2007 5:57 am

wow your story is really great and I like the whole Kyle liking a Gothic girl part. keep on going with some more stories like this :lol:
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Postby Cool_Shan » Sat Apr 14, 2007 11:26 am

Awwww.... that was sweet and funny lolz. You're a really good writer.
Kyle: don' (He indicates his wrist tentatively)

Sparrow: A watch? No, I don’t have one. Why?
Kyle: Oh..... (Reads the tombstone) "Josh Brown...1887-1970"....

Sparrow: (Mocking seriousness) The drink killed him....

Kyle: He died from drinking too much beer?

Sparrow: Erm, no....he was hit by a truck full of beer, actually.

Kyle: What irony.....Heh…

Man: Gah! Damn horny little bastards! And stay out! Jesus Christ, and I thought only adults could be necrophiliacs…

Lmao the best parts of your story lol.
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Postby love*metal » Mon Apr 16, 2007 6:04 pm

I like this alot. You really give a clear picture of the scene and the emotions happening in your storys.
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Postby kyolovestomato » Wed Jun 13, 2007 3:39 pm

I tend to hate OCs, but this was cute.

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