The New Kids Part II

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The New Kids Part II

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Sat Sep 16, 2006 6:57 pm

Chapter 1:

Abrina lay in her hospital bed, about a week after the worst day of her life. She was exhausted, but felt wide awake. Visiting hours had ended a while ago. It was now 2:00AM, and they ended at 8:00PM. She looked over at her little gifts that every guy in her classroom had given her. There were teddy bears, cards, toys, and candles. Wendy was the only girl besides her sister and mother that had given her a get well present.

Now, you must be wondering; why is she in the hosital? The reason is that she got very sick. The night where tons of horrible events that had happened to her. When the story ended where she whispered in Kyle's ear I love you too. That must be where you think the story ends, happily. WRONG. That's where this story begins. Abrina and Kyle were embraced for a very long time. Over an hour or two.

So, when Kyle pulled away from Abrina, she was shaking madly. Her lips were blue, and her face was paler than usual. Her eyes had gone completely pale, as well. There were large bags under her eyes. Her skin was cold and hard. the very tips of her fingers were rock solid and whenever he tried to move them for her, she just withdrew them. Her hair had turned hard, and her clothing was soaked. He had taken his jacket off and wrapped her in it. He picked her up and ran to the hospital. She was rushed to the emergency room, and that's why she was here right now. She was wearing a white teeshirt and white pants.

Her hair had been washed and combed a million times. The scariest moment was when her fingers were close to turning black. Now everything was back to normal. Except the fact that she had to stay in the hospital for another week. She always got cold faster than normal kids because she had no fat around her body to keep her warm. She was way too much underweight for a kid her age, and she was terribly unhealthy. She looked at the clock across from her bed.

Only eight hours until visiting time. She reached over and grabbed all of the bears that the boys had bought for her. Her favorite was the one Butters had handmade for her. It was light blue, with a little pink ribbon wrapped around it's neck. On the ribbon was the name 'Lucy'. That was the name he had given the bear. Abrina stroked the soft fur on the bear, placing it beside her on the bed. The next one she picked up was the bear Stan had bought for her. It was a light yellow, with a button for a nose and a little pin on the bears chest that said 'Friendship'. She placed it right beside Butters' bear.The next one she picked up was her least favorite. It was Cartman's. He had been forced to give her one by his mother. It looked like it had been his before. It was an ugly grey bear, with black beady eyes and black mittens and boots. It was holding a plastic knife. Abrina threw it across the room, and it hit the wall, and landed on the floor.

She then picked up a classic brown bear, with a colourful ribbon around its neck. It's ears wear rounded perfectly, and it's eyes were shiny and blue. That was from Tweek. She put it on her other side, and moved onto the last bear. It was Kyle's. It was an expensive looking bear. It had soft, white fur, white a little sailor outfit on. It was bigger than the rest of them, and she put it under her head, using it as a pillow, for she wasn't aloud one.

The rest of the presents were cards, and a beautiful doll from Wendy. It's skin was rosy, and it was wearing a light blue sundress. It's hair was auburn. She had little white socks, and Abrina loved her.

The rest of the presents were quite nice, except for Kenny's. It was a page ripped out of a porn magazine, with a picture of a man touching a womans' boobs, and scribbled in pen in the top right corner was 'Missing you'. She crumpled it up, tossing it towards the wall, it landing a couple inches away from the teddy bear. She reached over, grabbing the bouncy ball Clyde had given her. It was bright red, and it was new. She always played with it, but she was far too tied to now. She put it down and picked up the movie 'Oliver' that was from Pip. She loved musicals.

She always had been in musicals in New York, and her goal in life was to be in a Broadway play. She had played Annie in Annie, Oliver in Oliver, Joanne in Rent, Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins, the main character in The Sound of Music, and the main characters in many other musicals like Ragtime, Madeline, and many others. She had watched this movie so many times over the last week she could still hear the songs.
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Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Sat Sep 16, 2006 9:16 pm

I made pictures on the South Park Create a Character site.

Here's a picture of Abrina's late boyfriend, Austin.


Here's a picture of a girl in the next chapter, Claire.


And finally, in the next chapter this is the this girl, Sandy.

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Chapter 2:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Sat Sep 16, 2006 9:59 pm

Chapter 2:

Abrina lay there thinking for a while. Her hospital room mate was named Claire. Claire was practically Abrina's soul mate. They both were beautiful, had the perfect boyfriend, and were hated by all other girls. They both had had terrible, tragic, events that had occured in their lives. They both made guys go wild, and they both had stunning features.

"Can't sleep?" Claire asked. Claire was also wearing hospital clothes. She sat up in bed. She had also gotten tons of teddy bears from guys, and parents.

Abrina would have killed to be Claire about a week ago, but she had found out why Claire was in the hospital. She had Cystic Fibrosis, and she was dying. Their other hospital room mate was a girl named Sandy. She ahd really long, black hair. Her eyes were shiny and big and black. Her cheeks were full, and so were her lips. She was quiet, and reminder Abrina of her dead sister, Lauren. Sandy also had Leukemia, but she wasn't going to die just yet. She had just gotten the flu.

"Nah." Abrina replied after a long pause.

"What's on your mind?" Claire asked, pushing up her little brown bunch. Her face was thin, and tanned.

"I don't know. I kinda' feel bad for you." Abrina said.

"I told you not to, Abrina. I've had a great life, nine years, it's a long time." Claire sighed.

"No, it's not, Claire. You haven't even had two digits in your age yet!" Abrina excaimed.

"Well, I can't just live my life, thinking 'this could be the day'." Claire replied.

"Eh." Abrina said, instantly ending the conversation. She thought about Claire, and the way she lived. Claire was going to die and Abrina still had around seventy years to live. It just wasn't fair.
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Postby Rualya » Wed Sep 20, 2006 1:01 am

She had played Annie in Annie, Oliver in Oliver, Joanne in Rent...

:lol: Joanne's a black lawyer. Sorry I've seen almost every broadway play that has ever exsisted. :shock:
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Postby DownWithCalifornia » Wed Sep 20, 2006 3:53 am

Yay! Yet another distraction from my current next-book-isn't-coming-out-for-another-three-months-and-the-last-book-had-an-evil-cliffhanger problem. (I just thought of something shocking. Maybe if I didn't read half the time, I wouldn't have that problem... Nah, it couldn't be.) :)
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Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Wed Sep 20, 2006 11:09 pm

Rualya wrote:
She had played Annie in Annie, Oliver in Oliver, Joanne in Rent...

:lol: Joanne's a black lawyer. Sorry I've seen almost every broadway play that has ever exsisted. :shock:

If you've seen almost every Broadway play that ever exsisted, then wouldn't you know the meaning of the word 'Costume'?

Not to sound cocky, but I did anyways.
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Chapter 3:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Sat Sep 23, 2006 3:12 am

Chapter 3:

Abrina sat in her bed for a while, staring and Claire's back. Finally, the first crack of dawn came, a tiny light peeking through the clean white curtains, the patch of sunlight landing on Abrina's arm. She looked over at Sandy. She was up, and she was staring at the wall opposite of her. She looked sleepy and lonely, as if she had had friends in the dream of hers, but then the sunlight gobbled them all up. Claire didn't look like she was going to get up any time soon. Abrina shifted in bed, and looked over at Sandy. Any guy that didn't know Wendy too well would think that Sandy was her. She had the same shiny glint, that always reflected sunlight, moonlight, and any kind of light. It looked silky, and soft, even from far away.

But Abrina knew better. Wendy was always full of energy, but Sandy was always depressed. The reason Sandy had ended up in the hospital was because of attempted suicide. She had slit her wrists, and lost so much blood her body gave way. Her brother had found her in her room and taken her to the hospital. Abrina looked in pity at this girl.

She had never seen someone so lonely, depressed, and broken before. The bags under Sandy's eyes were almost as big as the shopping bags Celia brought out after she went shopping with Rebecca. Her eyes looked somewhat faded, as if they were once full of life, and exuberent. She walked slouched, as if she had once walked tall and proud, and someone had taken it all away from her. Abrina had always thought she had the hardest life, but looking at these two lost souls, she wondered.

On Abrina and Claire's gift table, there were loads of presents, gifts, and cards. On Sandy's, there were a few dull cards, and one small stuffed animal, a blue elephant. Sandy looked outside, at the bright sun. She seemed to feel Abrina looknig at her, and turned over. Sandy sat calmly, staring at Abrina in silence, as if she was an exhibit in a zoo. Sandy answered Abrina's unasked question Why'd you do it?

"My life sucks. I sit to soak in eternal pain, and the only light that reaches my eyes are the flames of Satan. I suffer until time can not go on, which will never come. I will never be happy, not unless I am worth something, and mean something to someone out there." Sandy said, revealing to Abrina that she was a goth.

Abrina immediatley recoiled from open-ness. Sandy's life didn't suck. She just made it sound that way, making it worse than it really was. The reason nobody cared for her was because she wasn't fun to be around, and all she ever talked about was pain and suffering. Abrina nodded grimly, turning back over towards Claire. She sat there, thinking about Sandy's carefulyl said words, letting them sink in. She sat there until she heard the bell ring, it was visiting time. A nurse quickly walked in, and knelt down towards Abrina.

"Honey, I know this is bad, but you are gonig to have to stay here for another two weeks." The nurse implied. Abrina grunted, and the nurse walked away. Stan came running in the room, worry written large on his face.

"Hey Stan." Abrina said kindly.

"Abrina, there's something wrong." Stan said, almost having a heart attack.

"What?" Abrina sat upright in bed, her eyes looking directly in his. Stan had never seen such beautiful eyes. They were beautfully blue, and reminded him of an ocean. They were beginning to tear up, and Stan almost forgot to say something.

"Stan!" Abrina yelled inpatiently.

"Oh, uh, yeah." Stan said, forgetting what he was going to say.

Abrina yelled hysterically. "What is it? Who is it?"

"Abrina," Stan replied. "It's Kyle."
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Chapter 4:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Sat Sep 23, 2006 4:08 am

Chapter 4:

Abrina screamed and then stuttered. "What happened?"

"Last night, me and Kyle had a sleepover. When we were walking over here to come see you, a few kids said really, really mean things about you, and I told Kyle to ignore them, but then they called you a REALLY rude word, and when he punched the guy that said it, the whole gang completely beat the crap out of him." Stan said as quickly as he could.

"Whoa. Now tell me it slower, and start from the beginning." Abrina said, although she had obviously heard every word that Stan had just said.

Stan began the to tell the story.


Stan and Kyle are seen walking about 100 feet away from the hospital, walking and talking. They passed by an alleyway, and they looked into the empty darkness. A strong voice suddenly boomed through the alley, echoing off the ugly brick walls.

"Hey!" A guy said, being unseen.

"Wh-what?" Kyle said, stopping dead in his tracks.

"You two are the kids who pass by every day, to see your little girlfriend. Am I right?" The booming voice boomed.

"Y-yeah." kyle answered, scared to the bone marrow.

A figure emerged from the dark, a child around their age, but looking bulkier and stronger than the both. His head had recently been shaved bald, and his big bikers black skeleton bandana added a rough edge to his appearance. A large leather vest was around the guys shoulders, and a silver rap necklace was draped around his neck. An old white teeshirt showed underneath the bikers vest. His large, bulky jeans added on to the effect. He glared at the two. Kyle only realized that he had his arm around a girl until she spoke. He recognized her voice. It was Jenna. She had always been mean to Abrina.

Her brown hair was bunched at the bottom, and her hazel eyes caught the sunlight for a brief moment. Kyle and Stan both glared at her. Another boy, looking similar to the first, came from behind the two, a blonde girl Kyle had seen in the hallways from time to time, his arm around her waist.

Kyle and Stan began to continue walking, until the second guy yelled. "Going to visit that little slut again?"

Kyle bursted. "What did you call her?"

"A little SLUT. Why? Do you have a problem with that?" The first boy walked over to Kyle, spitting at his feet.

"She's not a slut!" Kyle yelled, standing on his tippytoes, trying to look tough.

"Yeah, she is. A mini Pamela Anderson if you ask me. Paris Hilton. Plastic surgery freak." The second guy laughed, also stepping out towards Kyle.

"Don't dis her." Kyle said through clenched teeth.

"Or what?" The first guy said, shoving Kyle hard. Kyle fell onto the pavement. Stan reached out towards Kyle, helping him up.

"Come on, let's go." Stan murmered, as he and Kyle began to head towards the hospital.

"I think the hospital only holds one person, if you both were thinking of f*cking her at the same time on one of those." The first guy laughed. Kyle turned around, jumping on the first guy, punching him as hard as he possibly could. The guy pushed him off. They both began kicking him, punching him and beating him up. Stan ran away, up to the hospital.


"Where is he now?" Abrina yelled, making Claire and Sandy look at her.

"I don't know." Stan said.

"Well," Abrina said, looking around, and grabbing her coat, putting it over her white hospital clothes.

She ran out the door, ignoring the nurses and doctors remarks and practically flying out the front doors. She asked Stan where he was, and Stan told her. She sped walked to the openeing between the dentist and the law office, and walked bravely down the alley. Stan ran to catch up with her, cautiously entering the pitch blackness. He ran into Abrina.

He heard talking, and coughing. He had known Kyle long enough to know his cough. They both ran forward, and stopped when someone yelled. Stan recognized the voice as the first guys'.

"Oh. So I see you brought the little prostitude." He said.

Abrina seemed not to care and fell to the ground, putting both her hands on Kyle's chest. It was giving short gasps of air, and Abrina lay her head on his chest. She began to softly cry, and when both of the guys picked her up, and threw her at Stan, did she only hold onto him. Stan felt weird, with his best friends' girlfriend hugging him and crying, and thinking what Kyle would think if he saw this, until he reazlied Kyle was unconsious on the ground.

"LEAVE NOW." Said the young boy with the booming voice.

"Not until you give us Kyle back!" Abrina yelled betwen sobs.

"No! Leave now, and let's just say he'll end up outside your window tonight." Said the second guy with an evil laugh.

"What if we don't?" Abrina asked boldly.

"Then we'll beat this guy up." The first guy spat.

Abrina grabbed onto Stan, and he excorted her back to the hospital.
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Postby Rualya » Sun Sep 24, 2006 3:33 am

If you've seen almost every Broadway play that ever exsisted, then wouldn't you know the meaning of the word 'Costume'?

Not to sound cocky, but I did anyways.

Hey look, if you've ever been to a play usually the race of the person is the of the character in the play if you've ever taken the time to notice. But, I don't want to argue any more.

"My life sucks. I sit to soak in eternal pain, and the only light that reaches my eyes are the flames of Satan. I suffer until time can not go on, which will never come. I will never be happy, not unless I am worth something, and mean something to someone out there." Sandy said, revealing to Abrina that she was a goth.

That character just might change my opinion on this fanfic! :D
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Postby fattass12 » Mon Sep 25, 2006 12:01 am

you should do more on the 666 thing thats in part 1
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Chapter 5:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Mon Sep 25, 2006 10:30 pm

Chapter 5:

Abrina lay in bed. She had so much on her mind, she thought her head would burst. It almost did, but then she fell asleep. She woke up to a large long beeping sound, and thinking it was just her alarm clock she didn't open her eyes until she remembered that she was at the hospital did one of her soft eyelids open up a peak. She first looked ahead, at Sandy. She watched Sandy for a bit, forgetting the endless beeping sound. When she came back to her senses she turned over, and saw where the beeping sound was from.

It was Claire's IV. Abrina looked over at the monitor, only seeing the lime green line on the machine. No squiggles. Since she was tired, it took a moment to realize what it meant. She sprung off her bed, and ran across the cold floor to Claire's bed. She put her hands on Claire's shoulders and shook her.

"Claire!" Abrina screamed, hearing Sandy get up. "Claire, wake up!"

Claire just lay there, motionless. Her skin was hard and cold, her lips blue, and her limbs stiff. Abrina took her thumb and placed it on Claire's eyelid, pushing it up. Claire's dead brown eye stared up at her. Abrina withdrew her thumb, feeling strangely guilty. Sandy slowly walked over. Once she came to the foot of the bed, she just stared at Claire blankly. Abrina glanced at Sandy in despair, and rushed over to the emergency button, even though she knew it was too late. She banged on the deep red button, hearing shuffling feet downstairs. She listened in silence to sounds of steps going up the flight of stairs, and rushing nurses and doctors practically flying across the hallway.

A young male doctor entered the room first, followed by a young female nurse, and a tall old doctor.

"Who?" The male doctor asked, looking down at Abrina. She just pointed at Claire's bed. Sandy moved out of the way as the doctors and nurse rushed over to the small bed. Her and Abrina watched solemly on Abrina's bed as the doctors and nurse examined Claire. Finally, the young male doctor stood up, and said two words that stung Abrina's heart like a bee.

"She's dead."

Abrina had now heard those words three times in her life. She began to cry into Kyle's bear. Sandy looked at her as if to say 'You only knew her for a couple of days.' But it was so much more than that. Seeing a sister, a boyfriend, and now a friend die was as much as a kid of Abrina's size could take. She lay back into bed, watching the doctors put the body in a large black bag, and them taking away the bed too. That corner looked very, very empty now. Sandy retreated to her bed, not even caring about Abrina. Abrina barely even heard the dreadful words Sandy muttered.

"I always promised my friends that if I ever was in a room while someone died, I'd die too, even though I'll never see them again because they'd go and soak in God's arms, while I just go down even further in hell."

Sandy paused to see if Abrina was going to protest, but Abrina's ears were covered by Kyle's bears' soft white fur. She had heard Sandy's words, but she had thought she was just hearing things. She cried herself to sleep.

She awoke to a shaky cry. She instinctively looked over at Sandy's bed, seeing a crouched figure in the moonlight. She ran over to the light switch, feeling around the cool wall for it. She found it, and turned on the florescent lights. She spinned around seeing Sandy, with a knife in hand. One of her wrists was already gushing blood, and the other was fine. Sandy didn't acknowledge Abrina, and pressed the blade up to her wrist slowly.

Abrina flew across the room, and grabbed the knife out of Sandy's hand. Sandy attacked Abrina, jumping on her. Abrina was pinned to the ground. Even though she was an amazing fighter and a black belt in Karate, due to her light weight, once she was pinned; she was pinned.

She held the knife out of Sandy's reach and screamed.

"You don't know what you're doing!"

"I know very well what I'm doing. Now give me the knife!" Sandy screamed into Abrina's ear.

"No! I can't lose two roommates in one night!" Abrina was beginning to lose air. "Get off of me!"

"Not until you give me the f*cking knife!" Sandy had a loud scream, but not as loud as Abrina's.

"No, bitch!" The words escaped her mouth before she had even considered yelling it. She gasped as if it wasn't her who said it.

At first Sandy looked startled, as if Abrina had slapped her. Then her cold black eyes looked at Abrina, and then the knife. She grabbed the knife, pressing the blade up against Abrina's throat. Abrina gulped. This girl was not kidding around. She was very quick at the hand with knives, and she could slit Abrina's throat in one slick movement. Sandy turned the blade, so the flat part was up against Abrina's neck. She pushed until she made a small insertion, making a tiny bit of blood trickle down Abrina's chest, onto her white clothing, making a blood red stain. Abrina had to do some quick talking.

"I-I'm an Omen," Abrina closed her eyes, praying it would work.

Sandy brightened up, and she got off of Abrina onto her bed. "You are?"

"Yeah! I even have 666 on the back of my neck!" Abrina said acting excited.

"Show me!" Sandy demanded happily.

Abrina turned around, and lifted her hair up with one hand, and covering her new cut on her neck with the other. Sandy stared in amazement at the numbers '666'.

"Does the devil have a message for me?" Sandy said trying to contain her excitement.

Abrina thought for a moment. "Uh, yeah! He says that, uh, your life is destined to end not for another 40 years!" Abrina prayed that this too, would work.

Sandy moaned at first, then smiled. "Thanks Abri- I mean, what's your Omen name?"

Abrina was about to ask what that was, but again her lips were too quick for her and said. "Sharquazer."

"Cool. Thanks Sharquazer, now I'll go to sleep." Sandy jumped into bed, and was instantly asleep. Abrina turned the light off, and walked back to her bed.

What the hell is Sharqauzer? She thought. She also thought of how lucky she was that the head of the Tattoo parlor on Broadway gave her a tattoo just for being hot, and she had happened to choose the 666 one, and he had HAPPENED to put it on the back of her neck.
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Chapter 6:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Tue Sep 26, 2006 5:06 pm

Chapter 6:

Abrina didn't wake up almost for a whole day. When she did, Stan was sitting on her bed, watching her. When he realized he'd been caught, he blushed and jumped off the bed in embarassment. Abrina wiped her eyes, and looked around.

Sandy wasn't in the room anymore, as well as her bed wasn't.

"Wh-where's Sandy?" Abrina asked, great horror in her eyes, picturing Stan saying the two most dreaded words of them all.

"She went to a mental institution. She kept saying these weird things." Stan smirked.

"Weird things?" Abrina questioned.

"She said that you were her connection to the devil, that you were an Omen named 'Shnarkuhzer' or something like that." Stan nodded as if he was telling himself this.

Abrina gasped, but she had no time to explain. She had more important things to discuss than getting a Tattoo because she was hot. Abrina tried to look Stan straight in the eye, but he seemed to be very interested in a certain spot on the wall.

"Stan?" Abrina asked.

Stan jumped right out of his own world, like in the movies. "What?" Stan looked at Abrina, with a glint in his eye.

Abrina gasped as she identified the glint. He was wondering if Abrina was an Omen.

"I'm not an Omen, Stan." Abrina implied reassuringly.

Stan nodded and the glint was gone.

"How's-Where's Kyle?" Abrina prayed again once more fro a decent answer.

"He fine. He's just been sleeping a lot lately, but he's coming to see you tomorrow. Me and him are running past that alleyway from now on." Stan smiled a real, hearty smile.

Abrina waved goodbye to him as the nurse ushered him out of the room because visiting time was over. Abrina looked around at the empty room. She got up, pacing around the room. She heard a light knock on her window. But how could this be possible, she's on the top floor?

Abrina walked over to her window, and saw a dark figure outside her window. She squinted, and saw the one boy she had longed to see. Kyle stood in the black night, and peered through the window. Abrina looked at Kyle with pure love. Her eyes searched him in silence. She mouthed to him that the window didn't open. Kyle nodded and climbed down the ladder. Abrina watched him go, sadly. She bit her lip, and stood by the window, longing to see Kyle. She placed her hand on the clean glass, and pressed her forehead against it. She stayed there until she heard a knock at her door. She walked lazily over to it, and moved down to the floor, looking through the slit. She saw nothing, and looked around, for she knew you couldn't open the door from the inside, and could only open it from the outside with keys. She looked, and saw Sandy's knife. She snatched it up, and ran over to the door, holding the knife halfway between outside the door and in. She saw Kyle standing there, with something in his hand.

Abrina gasped, and whispered. "Get the keys,"

Kyle smirked, and grabbed a small shiny object. The door flung open, and Kyle stood there, and walked into the room. He closed the door, and stood there for a minute, staring at Abrina who was on the ground, a knife in her hand. Kyle raised his eyebrow, as she threw the knife on the floor, getting up. She looked in the mirror, and saw why everybody was giving her questioning looks.

Her hair was a mess, her neck had crusty blood all over it, she had a large red stain on her white shirt, and she looked somewhat heartbroken. She smiled at Kyle innocently and he opened his mouth to speak.

"Shhhh." She purred, and gave a longing smile. She attacked him, and he landed on her bed. She pecked him on the lips. His emerald eyes looked up into her deep blue ones. She rested her lips on his, not breaking away for a minute. When she withdrew, she smiled, and he smiled back. Abrina rested her hand on Kyle's
chest, and her head on his arm.

He was back.
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Postby ClaudiaCartmen » Wed Sep 27, 2006 6:28 pm

aww god she is not an omen that pisses me of!
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Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Wed Sep 27, 2006 7:51 pm

But she [i:394e1]is[/i:394e1] something else. Muahaha. Cliff hangah comment.
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Chapter 7:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Mon Oct 02, 2006 7:47 pm

Chapter 7:

Two weeks passed like a teen phase, and Abrina was out of the hospital. She went on the computer, accessing Instant Messenging. She saw that almost everyone was online, and clicked into a large conversation. Here's how it went.

(Abrina) AbbyGurl: Hey guys whassup?

(Kyle) KosherBoi: Nuttin', I'm practically dyin' ovah here from this fasting. Haven't eaten since last nite. Yom Kippur is hard 2 get thru.

AbbyGurl: Ditto.

(Stan) StanDaMan: What's fasting?

AbbyGurl: You can't eat.

StanDaMan: Is it hard?

AbbyGurl: Ya. Do U guys wanna cum over? It's as boring as Hell here.

KosherBoi: I can't. I'm going 2 an Xtra Yom Kippur service soon. Ur lucky U don't haveta go.

StanDaMan: Sure. I'm free ovah here. Shelley's gettin' home soon and she's gonna beat da crap outta me when she finds out I used her Brittney Spears CD's as things 2 throw at cars.

AbbyGurl: Feel bad 4 U Kyle. K Stan, cum ovah in 20 minz.

StanDaMan: KK. Bibi Kyle, C U soon Abby.

StanDaMan has signed out of conversation.

KosherBoi: Bi Abby. Luv U.

AbbyGurl: Luv U 2. <3<3<3 Bi!

KosherBoi has signed out.

Abrina signed out and tidied up her room. Stan arrived in 20 minutes on the dot and the two went upstairs.

"So . . . Do you want to play a video game or something?" Abrina asked, shrugging.

"You bet I do!" Stan exclaimed, walking over to the large TV and sitting down on the rug. He grabbed a games control as Abrina lay flat on her stomach, grabbing the other one.

"What do you wanna' play?" She asked, bringing out a stack of video games.

"Halo 2!" Stan smiled, grabbing the game, and shoving it in.

He and Abrina began playing. "So, who do you have a crush on?"
Abrina asked, as she blew up an alien.

"I dunno. Why?" Stan asked, failing to blow one up for himself.

Abrina shrugged. "Just curious."

"I kind of like Wendy." Stan said, trying to sound casual, but on the word 'Wendy' his voice cracked. Abrina turned her head, and dropped the game control.

Her mouth fell open, and her eyes brightened up. "You don't,"

"Yeah, I-I-I actually do." Stan replied, turning off the game system, and folding his hands neatly in his lap.

"Oh my god!" Abrina exclaimed, getting up and pacing around the room. "Oh. My. God." She repeated, sitting down on her bed. "Does she like you?"

"I'm not sure. Could you maybe-"

"Find out if she likes you?" Abrina ended his sentence.

"Yeah . . ." Stan smirked shyly.

"Of course I will." Abrina stuck out her bony hand, and Stan shook it, confirming the deal.

The next day at school, Wendy was standing at her locker, getting her books. When she closed it, Abrina was standing there.

"Hey Wendy." Abrina smiled friendly, and began walking to class with Wendy.

"Oh hi Abrina. I see that you're out of the hospital. How are you feeling?" Wendy asked kindly.

"Great, thanks for asking." Abrina continued smiling, and began to talk about last nights episode of Grey's Anatomy. Wendy had seen it as well, and talked enthusiastically about it.

" . . . And that's why I think he's the CUTEST actor in the universe." Wendy said, smiling dreamily.

"Speaking of cute, who do you have a crush on?" Abrina asked casually.

"Oh, I really shouldn't tell you. I haven't told anyone, and I'm not planning to." Wendy stopped smiling.

"C'mon. Please?" Abrina asked, making her big blue eyes get 10 times bigger.

Wendy glanced at Abrina's eyes, and looked away. "Don't look at me like that!" She laughed. "It's nothing against you. I just don't like telling people. I trust you, but still." Wendy stopped laughing.

Abrina shrugged. "Okay." Wendy walked into class, followed by Abrina. Stan looked at her intently, but she just shrugged and sat down. After class, Abrina ran to Stan in the hallway, excitement in her eyes.

"Stan! Stan!" Abrina was almost jumping up and down, and then continued. "I have a wonderful idea of how to see if Wendy likes you!" Abrina said, trying not to yell.

"Tell me it!" Stan smiled, gaining more and more excitement by the second.

Abrina begins telling him, but no sound is heard, the view begins backing up, and then the screen goes to black. Then the screen fades into Abrina telling Kyle the idea, and then back to black. Then the scene is in the cafeteria.

"You guys know what to do?" Abrina asked for the millionth time.

Kyle and Stan nodded. Stan and Abrina ran into the hallway. Kyle ran over to the girls table. "Come quick! There's a new hot couple in the hallway!"

All the girls looked at eachother, following Kyle into the hall. There walked Stan and Abrina, holding hands and walking out of the cafeteria. They stopped, and turned so that the girls could see them. Abrina leaned forward, and placed her hands on Stan's shoulders, his hands on her lower back. She leaned forward more, and kissed Stan on the lips, and broke away after a couple seconds. Then she let go of him, and turned to the girls as if she was shocked.

Wendy stepped up, angrily. "You manstealer bitch!" She yelled, raising her fist and aiming at Abrina's face. Abrina caught it, and smiled.

"I knew you liked him!" Abrina yelled, laughing.

"What?" Wendy asked, confused.

"This is ALL a set up! Stan likes you, and we came up with this plan! I KNEW it would work!" Abrina laughed, pushing Stan and Wendy together. Wendy smiled shyly at him and they walked away.

Abrina smiled and crossed her arms, walking back into the cafeteria with Kyle, not sure of what she was feeling. The rest of the day passed by as a normal one.

Back at the Marsh's house, Stan lay in bed, covers up to his chin, staring up at one particular spot as his ceiling. Although he was looking at it, he was not seeing it. He was staring into space, staring at the face of the girl he wanted most. But it wasn't who you think it was.

It was Abrina.
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