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By Axel Norinco

(We open to Butters Stotch's room. Butters is sitting on his bed, reading "Harry Potter")

Butters: (Grinning as he reads) B-boy, I can't wait for the n-new book to come out... (Turns the page) I musta r-read these about....five hundred t-times since they first c-came out!

Mrs. Stotch: (Pokes her head inside the room) Butters, can I talk to you for a moment?

Butters: (Puts down his book and sits up) Y-yeah Mom?

Mrs. Stotch: Butters, you need to clean your room a bit. We're having company over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Butters: O-oh, neat-o! Who's coming over? And why do I have t-to clean my--

Mrs. Stotch: (Sighs) Just clean your room, Butters, you'll find out later.

Butters: (Nods) You g-got it Mom!

(Cut to a shot of Butters cleaning his room. Butters is currently dusting off his book shelf with a rag)

Butters: B-boy, Mom and Dad really want my room *clean* this time...

(Off screen, the phone rings, then we hear it ring in Butters's room as well)

Butters: Hmm, I guess I musta forgot to put t-the portable back after I c-called Red. (He walks over to the small table beside his bed and picks up the phone) H-hello? Stotch residence, who i-is this?

Boy: (His voice similar to Butters, except slightly younger sounding and without a stutter) Hello?

Butters: Hi! Uh....u-uh...what's your name?

Boy: I'm Butters.....

Butters: ....O-Ok, stop f-fooling around....w-what's your name?

Boy: Huh? I'm not fooling around. Who are you?

Butters: I-I'm Butters.....

"Butters 2": .......Huh?

Butters: This is weird....

Butters 2: You said it...

Butters: W-well, what’s your *r-real* name?

Butters 2: I'm Tommy.

Butters: Oh, you're m-my cousin! I h-haven't seen you for a-ages!

Butters 2: Wait a second…Leopold??

Butters: Y-yeah!

Mrs. Stotch: (Picks up the phone) Butters?

Butters/Butters 2: Yes?

Mrs. Stotch: Ahem.....My son I mean....

Butters: Yeah M-mom?

Mrs. Stotch: Well Butters.....ahem, my son Butters....You'll be seeing Tommy....well, Butters number 2 anyway....for Thanksgiving....he's flying in from Chicago tonight!

Butters/Butters 2: Wow, neat-o!

Mrs. Stotch: Which is why I need you too clean up the house and your room a bit Butters...

Butters 2: ....But I'll be coming to your house, though, Aunt Linda....

Mrs. Stotch: Erm...my son Butters.

Butters 2: Oh.....

Butters: W-when will you get here?

Butters 2: Well, I called to tell Aunt Linda that I just got off the plane.

Mrs. Stotch: Oh dear..... (Is now heard yelling to someone) Chris! You forgot to pick up your nephew at the airport! Get over there!

Butters 2: Oh, no big deal.....although there is this creepy guy who keeps trying to give me candy....but I'm sure I'll be fine.

Man: (Heard faintly in the back round) Hey little guy....want a Snickers bar...

Butters 2: Uh...no thank you....I'd better go Aunt Linda, that creepy guy is there again....see you soon!

Butters: Bye!

(Butters 2 hangs up the phone)

Butters: W-Wow mom! I didn't know Tommy was coming to our h-house!

Mrs. Stotch: (Still on the phone) That's nice Butters, now could you get the extra sleeping bag out?

Butters: Y-Yes ma'am! (Hangs the phone up)

Butters: (As he runs over to the closet) Oh b-boy, this is gonna be great!

(He quickly gets the sleeping bag out as a caption comes onto the screen over a black screen:
"A half hour later")

Mr. Stotch: (V.O.) Linda, I'm home...

(We cut to a shot of the living room. Mr. Stotch is coming in through the door, followed by an almost identical version of Butters, save for the lighter blue jacket, red collar, and red gloves)

Mrs. Stotch: (Comes into the living room) Hello Chris, hello Tommy.

Butters 2: (Smiles) Hi Aunt Linda!

Mr. Stotch: All right, I picked the kid up. Now can I *please* get back to my Thanksgiving special?

Mrs. Stotch: (Sighs) Is "Snoopy Gets Put to Sleep" *really* that good of a Thanksgiving special?

Mr. Stotch: Heck yes! I always hated that stupid little dog!

Mrs. Stotch: (Rolls her eyes) Oh fine....

(Mr. Stotch walks off into the living room, and a moment later we hear the TV playing)

Kid: (V.O.) No! I can re-train him, I know it!

Man: (V.O.) I'm sorry, son. We're going to have to put him to sleep.

Kid: (V.O.) Noooooo!

Mrs. Stotch: (Sighs) I need to get a V-chip or something for *him*...Anyway, I'm sorry, Tommy. It's nice to see you again.

Butters 2: (Smiles as he pulls off his gloves) It's nice to see you too, Aunt Linda. Is Leopold around?

Mrs. Stotch: Why, yes he is. He's probably up in his room waiting for you, he's been very excited about you coming to visit.

Butters 2: Same here!

Mrs. Stotch: Well, why don't you go say hello to him while I get dinner ready?

Butters 2: (Nods) Okay, thanks Aunt Linda!

Mrs. Stotch: (As Butters 2 turns to walk up the stairs) Oh, and Butters -- my son Butters -- is sharing his room with you tonight and tomorrow night.

Butters 2: Neat! Thanks!

(Butters 2 turns and runs up the stairs to Butters #1's room, then stops. He very slowly and quietly cracks the door open a bit and looks in. Butters is sitting on his bed, reading "Harry Potter" again)

Butters 2: Wow, this room is *exactly* like mine!

Butters: (Nearly falls off his bed) Wah! (Looks around) Tommy?!

Butters 2: (Grins) Leopold!

Butters: (Also cracks a grin) Hee hee....

Butters 2: How are you, pal?

Butters: O-oh, not bad....a bit of good n-now and then, a b-bit of bad now and t-then...H-how's everything i-in Chicago?

Butters 2: (Shrugs) I guess it could be better, but it's been worse, too. (Looks around a bit more) Your room is exactly like mine, Leopold!

Butters: Still?

Butters 2: Yeah! There's the TV, the bed, the dresser....all in the same places, even!

Butters: (Giggles) I-I got something new.... (He points over to the top of his dresser) I g-got an autographed picture of John E-Elway! (He grins proudly)

Butters 2: (Not hearing Butters immediately) Last summer I got an autographed picture of John Elway....I bet you don't have -- (Trails off)


(There is a pause)

Butters/Butters 2: Wow! Neat-o!

(Both boys giggle at having said the same thing twice)

Butters: (Grinning) This i-is neat!

Butters 2: (Also grinning) You said it!

Butters: I-I gotta introduce you to my f-friends, I bet they'd l-love to meet you.

Butters 2: (Looking a bit put-out) Um....if you mean Eric Cartman, I'd rather not have to deal with him again...

Butters: (Giggles) No, I have a b-bunch of *new* friends now. T-there's Pip, and Tweek, and Clyde, and C-Craig, and Stan....

Butters 2: I haven't met them, what are they like?

Butters: (Takes Butters 2's hand and tugs a bit) C-come on, you can f-find out for yourself!

Butters 2: (Gives in) Okay....

(Butters, still grinning, leads Butters 2 out of his room as we cut to the South Park orphanage. Pip, Tweek, and Clyde are playing catch in the lot across the street)

Pip: (Missing the baseball that Clyde throws to him) Oh, this is so much fun...I can certainly see why this is a national passtime.

Clyde: (Nods) Glad you're having so much fun, dude, but....You're supposed to *catch* the ball, Pip.

Pip: (Retrives the ball and throws it to Tweek, who squeaks and covers his head) I'm sorry, Clyde....I'm not very coordinated, I suppose...

Clyde: (Giggles) It's okay dude, as long as we're having fun, I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

Butters: (V.O.) Hey f-fellas!

Pip: (Smiles) Oh, I do believe that's....

Tweek: (Rubs his eyes) Butters?

Clyde: Dude, I think my doctor was right...I *do* need glasses...

(Butters walks up to the three boys, Butters 2 trailing behind him)

Butters: W-whacha all staring at?

Tweek: Gah, I knew it...The government's doing cloning experiments....I knew it, I knew it, I --

Butters 2: Clone? Huh? No, I'm his cousin.

Tweek: (Twitches violently) ....Oh...

Butters: F-fellas, this is my c-cousin Tommy. He came to visit us f-for Thanksgiving!

Butters 2: (Waves shyly) Hiya guys.

Pip: I didn't know you had a cousin, Leopold. (He steps forward and shakes Butters 2's hand) I'm Phillip Pirrip, although my friends call me Pip.

Butters 2: (Smiles and nods) Cool...

Clyde: (Also grins) I'm Clyde Donovan, and this (He points to Tweek) is Tweek Tweak.

Tweek: (Spasms) Agh! Nice to meet you dude.

Butters 2: Nice to meet you guys too, I'm glad Leopold's made some better friends than that Eric Cartman kid. (Turns to Butters) Didn't you say there were some other kids?

Butters: (Nods) Y-yeah, Craig and Stan.

Butters 2: Are they here?

Clyde: (Points up the street a bit) They're at the Happy Burger. I think Red and some of her friends are in there too.

Butters: (Blushes and grins) R-Red? Neat-o!

Butters 2: Who's Red?

(Cut to the Happy Burger. Red, Wendy, and Marcy are sitting at the counter, drinking sodas. We can see Craig, Stan, Dylan Warfel, and DogPoo playing a Star Wars Pinball game in the corner)

Wendy: (Watching Craig, looking a bit annoyed) Ugh....He's addicted to that game...

Red: Aw, come on...it'll pass, Wendy. It's just boys being boys. They'll lose interest the moment they beat the high score.

Marcy: (Sighs) I wish I had a boyfriend...

Wendy: Trust me, it can be a lot harder than it looks...

Marcy: (Shrugs) Heh, I'll take your word for it.

Wendy: I wonder how Bebe's doing?

Red: Where *is* she anyway?

Wendy: Didn't she tell you?

Red: ...No...

Wendy: She's off at her aunt and uncle's place for Thanksgiving.

(Behind the girls, the door opens and the two Butters's come inside)

Craig: (Running over to them) Dude, Butterses, we -- Wait, Butterses? (He rubs his eyes) Am I seeing f*cking double??!

Stan: (Joining Craig) What the...?

(DogPoo and Dylan also come over, looking confused)

DogPoo: Did Mafesto clone you, Butters?

Butters: N-no, this is my cousin Tommy. We just happen to look a lot alike i-is all.

Butters 2: (Waves a bit) Hi....

Dylan: Holy sh*t, you guys are like....twins...

Butters 2: Well we *are* related....I guess we just got the same genes.

Stan: Nice to meet you dude. (He shakes Butters 2's hand a bit) I'm Stan Marsh, that's Craig Nom....er....Battaglia, that's DogPoo, and that's Dylan.

Craig: Anyway, Butters, we almost beat the high score on that Star Wars Pinball game! We only missed by three points!

Butters: W-wow, great! Tommy, you w-wanna have a go?

Butters 2: (Looking around) No thanks....I'm fine....Who are those girls? (He points at the counter where Red, Wendy, and Marcy are sitting)

Butters: (Noticing Red) O-oh, that's Red....

Butters 2: (A bit stupidly) She's really pretty...

Butters: (Giggles) She's m-my girlfriend....wanna go say hi?

Butters 2: Hee hee....you bet...

(Butters and Butters 2 walk up behind Red, Wendy, and Marcy)

Butters 2: (A bit nervously, to none of the girls in particular) Uh....hi...

Red: (Turning around, she sees Butters 2 and thinks he is Butters) Hi sweetie!

(Red kisses Butters 2 on the lips, causing his eyes to bug out of his head and then roll back)

Butters: (Sniggering) Hee hee....H-hi Red...

Red: (Freezes, then breaks the kiss and looks at Butters, then back at Butters 2, then back at Butters again) Wait....wait a second....

Butters: (Grinning, he walks over to Red) T-this is my cousin Tommy.

Butters 2: (Dazedly) Hi....nice to meet you....

Red: (Looking embarrassed) Oh God....I'm sorry....

Butters: (Giggling) I-it's fine, Red. I t-thought it was k-kinda funny, actually.

Red: (Sounding relieved) Hee...it was, I guess....

Butters 2: (Slowly coming out of his stupor) That's the first time I've ever been kissed by a girl...wow....

Wendy: How was it?

Butters 2: ....Awesome. Just plain awesome....

(Red and Wendy giggle; Marcy blushes and giggles a bit, although not as much as the other girls)

Butters: S-so whatcha up to Red?

Red: (Smiles and gets off her seat to peck Butters -- the correct one this time -- on the lips) Just having a soda with some friends....if you wanna join us, I'm sure no one would object.

Butters: (Grins) Neat-o! What do you t-think, Tommy? You w-wanna have a soda?

Butters 2: (Blushes a bit) With a bunch of girls? You bet I would...

(The girls giggle again as Wendy moves over to let Butters sit beside Red)

Butters 2: Er....where can I sit?

Marcy: (Gestures shyly to the spot next to her) You can sit here....if you want, that is...

Butters 2: (Smiles) Thanks, that would be great. (He hops up on the seat beside Marcy) What's your name?

Marcy: My name's Marcy....what's....oh yeah, Tommy, right?

Butters 2: (Nods a bit) Yep, that's me. For some reason, though, everyone calls me Butters, although I guess that won't work here since there's already a Butters.

Marcy: You're his cousin, right?

Butters 2: Yeah, but a lot of people, even other relatives, think we're twins or clones or whatever.

Marcy: You certainly look a lot like him, that's for sure. Where do you live?

Butters 2: Chicago....it sucks....

Marcy: I've never been to Chicago. My family moved here from Denver when I was eight, and I've basically been here since then.

Butters 2: I wish I lived here all the time....It's so open and quiet, and there's not all those gangs of bullies that we have in Chicago...

Marcy: Well, we do have some bullies here. I used to get picked on for being "the new kid" when I first came here, but after a while I kinda got accepted. Most of the kids that used to push me around have matured since then, too, and I don't really have any problems with them. The only real bullies in this town are Cartman, Terrance, Bill, and Fosse.

Butters 2: Well I remember Cartman....but who are the other three?

Marcy: They're like his thugs, basically. They go around and do stuff he doesn't wanna get caught doing.

Butters 2: Where I live, there's a lot of older kids that like to push around younger kids like me. I've been beaten up more times than I can remember, and I've even been mugged a couple times.

Marcy: Wow....

Butters 2: Yeah, and....the last time I got beat up, they left me with....this. (He pulls up his shirt a bit to reveal his stomach, which has a long, stitched-up scar across it)

Marcy: Oh my....what happened?

Butters 2: (Puts his shirt back down again) Well, I was in school, and I accidentally bumped into this kid in the hall. I think he was a gang member. He got really mad at me and told me that he was going to kill me for disrespecting him. Stupid me, I thought he was just trying to scare me....

Marcy: What happened after that?

Butters 2: While I was on my way home from school that day, three kids attacked me. They beat the living daylights out of me, and then....they held me down, and the kid I had bumped into, he came over. He told me that if I lived I should tell everyone that he was the meanest, most real gangster in Chicago. Then he took out a switchblade and slashed me with it.

Marcy: Oh God, that's terrible...

Butters 2: I'd probably have bled to death if I hadn't been found by this couple who were driving by...They took me to the hospital, and when I woke up they called my parents for me.

Marcy: That must have been horrible for them....and even worse for you....

Butters 2: (Nods) It took the doctor seventy-six stitches to close the cut. The cops arrested the kid for trying to kill me, and he's in jail for the rest of his life.

Marcy: I'm sorry that happened, Tommy...

Butters 2: (Shrugs) It's not like you could have prevented it, I guess. In a way it kinda turned out for the better, actually.

Marcy: How's that?

Butters 2: Well, after I recovered from it, I kinda decided I needed some way to protect myself against people like that, so I started taking karate.

Marcy: Oh, that's interesting. Are you a black belt yet?

Butters 2: (Blushes) No...not yet...I'm a brown belt...but since then I've done a lot better fending off people that try to attack me. Who knows, maybe if I hadn't had that experience, and learning to defend myself, maybe something worse might have happened. So in a way I'm glad about what happened.

Marcy: Wow, you've really got a story to your life, huh?

Butters 2: (Shrugs) Doesn't everyone?

Marcy: Meh....not me....I've always been boring old Marcy Kirst. Nothing really interesting about me, I'm just....me...

Butters 2: I don't think you're boring. Why the heck would I be carrying a conversation with you for this long if I thought you were boring?

Marcy: (Giggles) You're cute...

Butters 2: (Blushes) I am?

Marcy: (Giggles again) I meant you're funny...sorry....

(There is a long silence)

Butters 2: So...er...what do you do for fun around here, Marcy?

Marcy: Mostly just hang out...go to the mall....maybe go to a party once in a while....sometimes we go hiking....What about you? What do you to in Chicago?

Butters 2: (Shrugs) I mostly just go to the gym and practice my karate moves.

Marcy: Oh, that sounds like fun.

Butters 2: It is, really. I know all kinds of cool tricks.

Marcy: (Looks around) Hey Wendy, didn't --

(We now see for the first time that Wendy, Red, Butters, and the other boys have all disappeared)

Marcy: Aww, dammit....they must've gone by themselves...

Butters 2: (After a moment, a bit shyly) We could....hang out around here...

Marcy: (A bit surprised) You wanna?

Butters 2: Well, I dunno about you, but I was kinda enjoying our conversation...

Marcy: (Smiles) That's fine, Tommy, I was enjoying it too.

Butters 2: (Also smiles) Cool... (He looks around, and his eyes fall on the clock behind the bar) Oh krud....it's almost dinner time...

Marcy: (Nods) I suppose so.... (She looks over at the clock behind the bar as well) I guess it's time to go, it *is* Thanksgiving after all and we should go back to our families for dinner...sorry we have to cut this short....I'll see you tomorrow.

Butters 2: (Also nodding) I'll see you tomorrow too, Marcy. Maybe we could....er.... (Mumbles) meet up after school or some....nevermind...

Marcy: (Blushes) That would be fine, Tommy...

Butters 2: (Now blushes as well) I guess so...bye...

Marcy: Wait up a second...

Butters 2: (Turns) Yeah?

(Marcy kisses him on the cheek, giggles, and runs off)

Butters 2: (Stands there, speechless for a while, then finally manages to talk) Two kisses in one night...this is my lucky day or something...

(Cut to Butters's house later that night. Butters and Butters 2 are playing a space monster game on Butters's TV)

Butters 2: Wow, Leopold, your mom really makes good turkey...

Butters: (Grins as he kills Butters 2's character) T-thanks Tommy, I'm g-glad you liked it. S-say, how come you came late?

Butters 2: (Blushes) N-no reason...

Butters: Last I s-saw, you were talking to Marcy....

Butters 2: (Blushes even deeper red) S-so?

Butters: And y-you're blushing...

Butters 2: (Now tomato-red and stammering nervously) N-n-no I'm not!

Butters: (A wide grin spreading across his face) ....You l-like her don't you Tommy?

Butters 2: (Hiding his face in the pillow that's laying on his sleeping bag, causing his voice to be muffled) No I don't!

Butters: (Giggles) Hee hee....yes you d-do...

Butters 2: (Reluctantly) Okay....fine....I do....

Butters: W-well that's pretty cool, s-she *is* really pretty.

Butters 2: (Nods smittenly) I noticed.

Butters: I h-hope things work out f-for ya with her, p-pal.

Butters 2: Me too...

(There is a long pause)

Butters 2: Can I tell you a secret?

Butters: (Pauses the game and puts down the controller) Y-yeah, go ahead.

Butters 2: Well....about a week ago, I was out of bed to get a drink of water, and I heard my parents talking....

(Cut to a flashback of Butters 2 in his house. Butters 2 is walking up a hall, wearing pajamas and holding a glass of water in his hand. As he passes an open door, we hear his parents talking inside)

Mrs. Raymond: (V.O.) Do you really think it's a good idea? I mean, Tommy's been through so much....do you think it's a good idea to put him through that kind of thing?

Mr. Raymond: (V.O.) I sure as hell think it'd be a bad idea to stay here! I'm sick of having to worry about who's going to break in at night or attack my son during the morning. And besides, we've got relatives there...

(Butters 2 creeps over and peers into his parents' room. Mrs. Raymond is sitting on the bed while Mr. Raymond reads a book next to her)

Mrs. Raymond: I suppose so. But what do you think it'd be like having to move to such a different place? And what if we can't get a house?

Mr. Raymond: I already told you, there's one right up the block from Chris and Linda that's vacant. And it's a good buy, too.

Mrs. Raymond: How soon can we move?

Mr. Raymond: Well, I had an idea....we could send Tommy to stay there for a few days and then see how he likes the place....and if he likes it, then we can break the news to him when he comes back...

Mrs. Raymond: That sounds good.

Mr. Raymond: (Nods) Why not Thanksgiving?

Mrs. Raymond: (Smiles) Why not? I'll go call Linda now.

(Butters 2 scrambles away from the doorway and into his room again, closing the door quietly just as his mom walks out of her room and past his door. We now cut back to Butters' room)

Butters: W-wow, that's interesting.

Butters 2: (Nods) Leopold....I need to know something.

Butters: What's t-that Tommy?

Butters 2: Is there a vacant house up the street from here?

Butters: Well there w-was, but it was bought....j-just....a few days ago..... (He trails off, grinning) Y-you don't think....

Butters 2: (Also grinning) ....My parents bought a house here...which means...

Butters: (Finishing for Butters 2) ....y-you're moving here...

Butters 2: (Nods slowly) Yeah....

(There is a long pause)

Butters: That's g-great, Tommy!

Butters 2: Yeah, now we can be real pals and do stuff together all the time! And I can... (He blushes) talk to Marcy more...

Butters: Y-yeah, you can!

Butters 2: (Rests his head on his hands happily and stares at the TV) This is gonna be great...no more having to worry about getting beat up....no more having to get mugged by gang members...

Butters: (Giggles) A-and you can see Marcy.

Butters 2: (Smittenly) Yeah...

Butters: I h-have an idea, Tommy. Why d-don't you come to school with m-me tomorrow?

Butters 2: (Thinks) I dunno...I was just supposed to stay home tomorrow. But I guess it wouldn't do any harm if I went with you...

Butters: Neat-o!

(Cut to the next day, at South Park Elementary. Butters and Butters 2 are walking up the hall to Mrs. Garrison’s classroom together)

Butters 2: Wow, this place is really different from my old school…

Butters: How’s t-that?

Butters 2: Well, for one thing it’s a lot quieter, and it looks like you guys actually have funding for stuff. In my school it’s just the bare basics.

Butters: Aww, that’s t-too bad, Tommy. (Continues walking for a few moments, then stops) Tommy?

Butters 2: (Staring up the hall) There she is…

(We now see Marcy and Red walking up the hall together, chatting. As Butters drags Butters 2 into the classroom, Marcy spots Butters 2 trying to poke his head back out to look at her and giggles)

Marcy: He’s so cute…

Red: That reminds me, what did you two talk about last night?

Marcy: Well, we talked about what it’s like where Tommy lives…and stuff.

Red: Oh, that sounds like fun. Did you do anything else?

Marcy: ….No…

Red: You didn’t….kiss him?

Marcy: Wha-no! I didn’t kiss him!

Red: Even on the (Hee hee) cheek?

Marcy: (Blushing) Grrg….all right….yes I did….but how did you know?

Red: (Giggling) I came back right as you two were kissing.

Marcy: (As she and Red walk into the classroom) That would explain it…

Red: Hee…why don’t you sit next to him?

Marcy: (Also giggling, although a bit nervously) Heh….I guess I could try….

(Marcy walks over to where Butters and Butters 2 are sitting. After a few moments of biting her lip and making half-hearted attempts to reach out and touch his shoulder, she finally manages to speak)

Marcy: Erm…hey Tommy…

Butters 2: Wuh? (He turns and nearly falls out of his seat when he sees Marcy) H-hi! How are you?!

Marcy: (Sitting down in the seat next to Butters 2) I’m fine, you?

Butters 2: Great, I’m great…listen, uh, I….

Butters: (V.O.) Shh, Mrs. Garrison is h-here!

Butters 2: Who?

Mrs. Garrison: (Walking to the front of the classroom) All right children, settle down…I see we have a new student today. What’s your name? Where are you from? Why are you in South Park? What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you that we can relentlessly tease you for?

Butters 2: (A bit nervously) Er….my name’s Thomas Raymond, and I’m Leopold’s cousin from Chicago. I’m here for Thanksgiving.

Cartman: (V.O.) You’re Butters-stutters’s cousin? Ha! I didn’t think there could be anyone in the world as gay as him but I guess I was wrong!

Mrs. Garrison: Eric, save the bullying for outside of class, where I can't get blamed for letting it happen. Anyway, welcome to South Park Elementary, blah blah blah, have fun, blah blah, yaddah. Now, back to what we were studying the other day...Does anyone know what happened to Saddam Hussein after the Gulf War?

(Cut to lunch later that day. Butters 2 is in the lunch line, talking to Butters)

Butters: Mmm, S-Salisbury Steak today!

Butters 2: (Picking up a lunch tray) Looks good…

(Butters and Butters 2 carry their trays over to a table and sit down across from Tweek, Clyde, and Craig. Pip is also at the table, next to Butters)

Pip: Hello Leopold, hello Thomas. How are you on this fine day?

Butters: W-we’re fine, how about you?

Pip: Splendid!

(As Butters 2 goes to take a bite of his steak, a hand taps his shoulder)

Marcy: (V.O.) Er…hi again…

Butters 2: (Turns and gives a nervous smile) Hi Marcy. Wha….er…how’s it going?

Marcy: (Giggles nervously) Hee….fine….wanna…come…sit over with me or something like that….? (She trails off)

Butters 2: (Blushing and knocking his knuckles together in a Butters-like way) Sure, that’d be great!

(Marcy nods as Butters 2 gets up and follows her to an empty table over in the corner of the room. Marcy sits down by her tray, which is already in front of one of the seats, and Butters 2 places his tray across from Marcy and sits as well)

Marcy: So…er...how do you like our school?

Butters 2: I love it! This place is way better than my school. And the people aren’t all angry for no reason or making gang signs at me for looking the wrong way…

Marcy: Hee…I bet you’ll like the playground too --

Butters 2: (Interrupting Marcy, a look of awe on his face) You have a *playground*?? Wow!

Marcy: Yeah, I thought every school had one.

Butters 2: Mine didn’t. It’s a city school, there’s not enough room for a playground.

Marcy: Wow, I really feel sorry for you…It must suck to live where you do.

Butters 2: Well…erm…. (He pauses for a bit and looks around, then speaks again) I…might be…er…I might not have to go to that school anymore…

Marcy: You’re dropping out? That’s kinda dumb, no offense.

Butters 2: No, no, no…I….just….might be…well…my parents…I don’t think I was just sent here for Thanksgiving dinner.

Marcy: (A bit confused) What do you mean?

Butters 2: Uh….well, I think my parents are going to move to South Park.

Marcy: Really? That’s great!

Butters 2: Yeah! I’ll get to go to school here and live right up the street from Leopold and see you all the time…. (He trails off) …Not that…I want to see you all the time… (He stops again) Wait, I didn’t mean it…like that…

Marcy: (Giggles) You’re funny.

Butters 2: But…you do understand right?

Marcy: Of course…

(There is pause as the two look at each other silently)

Marcy: (Giggles and slides a bit closer to Butters 2) Can I confess something to you?

Butters 2: (Blushes and grins nervously) S-sure….

(Marcy leans very close to Butters 2’s face. There is a long silence)

Marcy: (Mumbles a bit) …I like you. (She suddenly pecks Butters 2 on the lips and blushes deeply) A lot.

Butters 2: (After a moment) M-Marcy…I like you too. (To Marcy’s surprise, he leans forward and kisses her on the lips. After several seconds, they slowly break apart and look into each other’s eyes)

Cartman: (V.O.) Aww, that’s so f*cking cute….

(Cartman waddles over to the table, looking disgusted)

Cartman: I didn’t think this town could get any gayer, and suddenly…

Butters 2: What’s your problem?

Cartman: You are, nerd-o!

Butters 2: What did I do to you?

Cartman: You’re Butters’s cousin, that’s what.

Marcy: Leave him alone, Fatass…

Cartman: Aye! I will not be backtalked by a girl!

Marcy: Go bother someone else you fat tub of lard!

Cartman: GAH! You…stupid…pussycat!

Butters 2: Hey, don’t say that to her!

Cartman: I’ll say what I want!

Butters 2: (Stands up) If you say one more…

Cartman: Whacha gonna do, use karate moves on me?

Butters 2: Yeah, I am!

Cartman: (Scoffs) Like you could ever beat *me* up...

Butters 2: Watch me!

Cartman: Okay. Your little girlfriend’s a pussycat.

Butters 2: All right, you asked for it…

(As Butters 2 pulls back his fist, however, we hear Chef’s voice off screen)

Chef: (V.O.) Eric, you damn pig! Get back here and pay for all *five* of those lunches you stole!

Cartman: Erm….ah….better go pay for those…lunches….yeah… (He waddles off as fast as he can, leaving Butters 2 and Marcy alone again)

Marcy: (Giggles) Hee hee….would you have beat him up, for real?

Butters 2: (Nodding as he sits down again) Yeah, I would have.

Marcy: Lucky break for him, then…

Butters 2: If he ever says anything like that to or about you again…

Marcy: I don’t think he will. He seemed pretty scared.

Butters 2: He’d better not…

Marcy: Well, anyway…that was really sweet of you, standing up for me like that.

Butters 2: (Shrugs and nods) He kinda asked for it, you know?

Marcy: (Also nods) So…you wanna pick up where we left off?

Butters 2: Huh?

(Marcy giggles, then reaches over and kisses Butters 2 again. As Butters 2 begins kissing back, we pan over to a table where Butters and Red are watching the two. After a moment, Red giggles and puts her arm around Butters’s shoulder. The two kiss softly, and we fade to what is apparently the airport. Butters, Butters 2, Marcy, Red, Pip, Craig, Tweek, Clyde, and Stan are all standing around near a terminal, talking)

Butters 2: I promise I’ll come back soon. I called my parents and we’re coming in two weeks. My dad found a job and everything!

Butters: O-oh boy, this is gonna be neat!

Stan: Nice meeting you Tommy.

Butters 2: (Nods) You too Stan.

Pip: (Smiles) We’ll be glad to see you soon, chap.

Tweek: Agh! Yeah!

Clyde: Ditto.

Craig: Dude, you’re into Red Racer, right?

Butters 2: Yeah, we talked about it yesterday.

Craig: Okay, when you come back, you can join the Red Racer Fan Club, okay?

Butters 2: (Grins) Okay! Cool!

(Butters 2 takes a step towards the boarding stairs of the plane, then stops)

Butters 2: Oh yeah, and Marcy?

Marcy: Yes?

Butters 2: When I come back here, can we go out somewhere together? Like a date? A real one?

Marcy: (Giggles) That would be wonderful, Thomas. (She leans over and kisses Butters 2 deeply on the lips for a long moment, then steps back) Bye…

(Butters 2, still blushing, grins, then waves as he walks up the steps into the plane. After a few seconds, we cut to black and the song “Latomeri” by Klamydia begins to play)

[i]Tulvasaarekkeen keskipisteessä,
mä istun kupla volsussa paniikin partaalla
Miltein hermojeni hallinan mä menetin,
kun stereot oikosulkuun simahti
Täällä siis istun jo toista päivää ja vetistä tulevaisuuden kuvaa hahmotan

Kuplassa istuen, latomerta tuijotan
Kuplassa istuen, latomerta tuijotan
Kuplassa istuen, latomerta tuijotan
Kuplassa istuen, latomerta tuijotan

Onneksi joka McGyverin seurasin, näinollen kinkkisen tilanteen selvitin
Idolini tavoille uskollisena,
loihdin hätäkeinon hämmästyttävän
Vararenkaan kaulaani pujotin,
kohti vapautta mä pian matkaisin

Tulvassa kelluen, latomerta tuijotan
Tulvassa kelluen, latomerta tuijotan
Tulvassa kelluen, latomerta tuijotan
Tulvassa kelluen, latomerta tuijotan
Tulvassa kelluen, latomerta tuijotan
Tulvassa kelluen, latomerta tuijotan
Tulvassa kelluen, latomerta tuijotan
Tulvassa kelluen, latomerta tuijotan[i]

The End

(Note: Songs used in this fic:
Latomeri – Klamydia)
Kyle the Skeptic
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Postby Kyle the Skeptic » Thu Nov 02, 2006 1:00 am

I laughed at this part.
Mr. Stotch: All right, I picked the kid up. Now can I *please* get back to my Thanksgiving special?

Mrs. Stotch: (Sighs) Is "Snoopy Gets Put to Sleep" *really* that good of a Thanksgiving special?

Mr. Stotch: Heck yes! I always hated that stupid little dog!

Mrs. Stotch: (Rolls her eyes) Oh fine....

Anyway, I see you went ahead and turned this into another romance. The whole "Butters 2" thing kind of reminds me of the situation with Kyle's cousin Kyle, except those two were as different as night and day, and it was the original Kyle who got stuck with the name "Kyle 2". One suggestion though: I think you overdid Butters' speech impediment a little. He does stutter occasionally, but not in every single breath.
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Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Thu Nov 02, 2006 2:58 am

OMG I LOVE YOUR FIC! LOL TEMPER TANTRUM ON MSN! LMAO! Anyways, I think this is a cute FanFic but pleeeeeease don't make it like the one where Kyle's cousin Kyle comes for a visit. Good, you didn't. LOL, great FanFic, I loved it!
Less Than Jake
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Postby Less Than Jake » Thu Nov 02, 2006 10:33 pm

Really liked it, but as Kyle the Skeptic said, you did kinda overdo the speech impediment. But yeah, awesome fic, continue it.
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Postby Shiek927 » Thu Nov 02, 2006 11:14 pm

That was really nice, paticuarly the Butters/Red relationship going on. A sequel would be really nice, perhaps if B2 returned.
Through the years we all will be together...if our fates allow...

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"What's in a name?"
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Postby Stovepipe_Jam » Thu Nov 02, 2006 11:15 pm

Shiek927 wrote:That was really nice, paticuarly the Butters/Red relationship going on. A sequel would be really nice, perhaps if B2 returned.

I'm planning that fic too, actually. :wink:

Thanks for all the feedback.
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Postby Athena1999 » Fri Nov 03, 2006 8:38 pm

That is an awesome fic. I thought it was going to be like the Kyle/Kyle 2 thing from "The Entity" as well, but it turns out it wasn't. In fact, I liked the idea of a Butters who was almost exactly like the original Butters, down to the stuttering, except for that scar on his stomach. That was kind of scary, actually.

I laughed out loud at some parts-- particularly the part where the creepy man was offering Butters 2 a Snickers bar... and the "Snoopy Gets Put to Sleep" Thanksgiving special. Bloody brilliant.

Sorry I took so long to leave a motherfucking review! :P
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Postby Shiek927 » Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:33 pm

Just out of curiosity Nommel, Is Marcy in this fic Heidi Turner? She was called Marcy in Probably(4th season) and later got a name change.
Through the years we all will be together...if our fates allow...

"Whats your name?"
"What's in a name?"
Kyle and Rebecca.
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Postby Nommel » Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:50 pm

Shiek927 wrote:Just out of curiosity Nommel, Is Marcy in this fic Heidi Turner? She was called Marcy in Probably(4th season) and later got a name change.

Yep, that's her.
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Postby Cool_Shan » Sat Nov 04, 2006 8:13 pm

Oh is this your butters cousin script. Mine is completely different mines about Butters cousin being a girl and tweek fancying her. I'm so sorry. I've changed it now any way to Stan's cousin. Sorry Nommel! Will check for similar storis next time :)
Big Will wrote:
Goddamn you people suck. Especially Cool_Shan
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Postby Rebecca_Cutswald » Sun Nov 05, 2006 5:36 pm

Wow Nommel you're always such an assh*le but your stories are so cute and sweet. Compensating much?~~ never mind. *Very* cute and I love Butters2 and Marcy and I'm so glad to see Chef calling Cartman a pig. *misses Chef*
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Postby Nommel » Sun Nov 05, 2006 5:43 pm

Rebecca_Cutswald wrote:Wow Nommel you're always such an assh*le

Thank you! :P

Rebecca_Cutswald wrote:but your stories are so cute and sweet.

Thank you! =D

Rebecca_Cutswald wrote:Compensating much?

Maybe all the cuteness goes into the fics and I have none left for myself! :shock: :o

Rebecca_Cutswald wrote:Very* cute and I love Butters2 and Marcy and I'm so glad to see Chef calling Cartman a pig. *misses Chef*

*Misses Chef too*
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Postby andrewgibson » Wed Nov 08, 2006 12:54 am

Nice fic. Comments... Comments.... ummmmmmmmmmm............. nice fic? Don't really know what to say about it... ummm WEST SAEED.

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