Ms. Taken

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Ms. Taken

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Fri Nov 24, 2006 3:34 am

I was going to begin this in a week or so but I couldn't resist. For your information, this is the sequal to The New Kids Part I, The New Kids Part II, and At Least I'm Not Her. This is the fourth fic called: Ms. Taken. See if you can figure it out. Before you do that check out these links before you read this.

The New Kids Part I:

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Enjoy the first chapter!


Chapter 1:

Abrina had been relatively happy for the past few weeks. She had been keeping her straight-A-student reputation without a struggle and life at home wasn't the worst it had ever been either. Her dad had gone on these anger-free pills (sort of Dereck's but a little more strong), her mother was still ignoring her all the same (which was probably better since it flicked another reason off the window for Abrina to worry about), Dereck had gone back on Heroin so he wasn't sick anymore, and Celia had gone back to being her bitchy self (although she had gone easier on Abrina since when she saw the difficulties she went through).

She had no enemies except the little clique of girls (minus Wendy, plus Cartman). She was getting along well with Kyle (even though he had been acting odd, lately) and Stan. Her, Stan and Kyle got together once in a while to study for a test.

But to get on with the story, Abrina smiled at Kyle as they sat in the back of a Taxi, along with Ike. She was on her way to the airport to see Kyle off to somewhere a few miles off somewhere called; Victoria, British Columbia. It was somewhere in Canada, and Kyle and his family were going on a family vacation there. Kyle was far from excited, having to have gone there since he was three. The thrill of being stuck on a small island with his family had vanished when he turned five.

Abrina put her hand on his. "I'm gonna' miss you. Too bad you don't have a phone or computer there." One corner of her mouth raised, the other one staying down.

"Don't worry. I won't be gone for long. Only a week." Kyle smiled back and looked past Abrina where he saw his mother staring at the two through the next Taxi. He had told Abrina she didn't need to come, but she had insisted on seeing him off. And he knew that she was going to come even if he handcuffed her to a pole.

"OK . . ." The other corner of Abrina's mouth raised, but her eyes still faltered. Kyle had realized that when she was happy, in a good mood and not depressed, her eyes lit up and shone a beautiful blue, and when she was sad, derpressed and in an awful mood, they were greyish, matching her jacket. Right now they were in between. Over the past month or so she had been acting weird. He had caught her talking to different guys at school; talking to ones he thought she'd never noticed. He'd seen her talking to Token, Pip, some grade six blonde guy, and he was still wondering who that Dustin guy was. He let it slip, knowing it couldn't be that she was cheating on him.

However, sometimes he'd wonder: What if I was just another of her boyfriends? or Could I just be another?.

Kyle let his complex thoughts behind in the Taxi as Abrina got out, heading to the trunk to unload Kyle and Ike's bags. As she got out Ike held onto her hand, following closely behind her. Ike liked her, and she liked Ike. Kyle wondered if she missed having a younger sibling, if when she talked and played with Ike she was really thinking of Lauren. Kyle had an idea of why Ike liked her. He probably was thinking of Ms. Stevenson when he looked at her, probably subsituting her for his late teacher.

So, that was great, they were both subsituting eachother for people they missed. Kyle got out of the Taxi and unloaded his two large duffle bags, looking over at Abrina who was carrying Ike's. Ike ran around and into the airport. He watched as his parents exited their Taxi, paying their driver as Abrina payed her, Ike's, and Kyle's. He waited as his mother and father came and stood beside him, facing the airport.

"Let's go." He said, strolling in beside Abrina and Ike. He could tell his mom didn't approve of Abrina, but couldn't find a reason to dislike her. Just the way she talked around her, walked around her, and acted around her. He heard his parents talking behind him under their breaths, and he didn't like what he heard.

"Why did she have to come?" He heard his dad whisper, but Kyle pretended to go on about his business.

"I have no idea." Ms. Broflovski muttered back. They turned a couple corners, ending up in a large waiting area. It had soft black chairs in orderly rows, a broad door at the end. The five of them walked in towards the waiting space, shuffling their feet and supporting the weight of the baggage they were carrying. They all sighed in relief as they sat down, surrounded by busy-looking people. They set all the luggage down. "Bubbee, we still have an hour and a half 'til the flight. Would you and your . . . uh . . . friend like to go somewhere to eat?"

Kyle was surprised his mother would ask that, knowing she didn't like the idea of Kyle being around this harmless girl. "Sure?" He asked.

"Just bring Ike with you." She said airily as she pushed Ike a bit towards Kyle.

He knew there was going to be a catch. He didn't question or comment this. "'K." He said. He took Ike's hand as he began walking towards the food court, Abrina walking beside him. Ike almost got trampled as a man zoomed by quickly. Abrina reached down and picked up Ike, making Kyle smile. She really cared about him, and she was prooving it now.

Wow, she's pretty strong for her size. Kyle thought as they turned into a fruit smoothie bar. Abrina ordered a mango and strawberry smoothie, and Kyle got a blueberry one. Abrina bought Ike a small lemon smoothie, and they all sat down heavily, getting off their feet at last. They sat quietly, sipping their fruitie smoothies slowly and thoughtfully. Ike stared at Abrina, Abrina stared at Kyle and Kyle stared at Ike. They sat like that until they heard that the Broflovski's flight was leaving in twenty minutes.

"Whoa! It's been that long?" Abrina asked herself as she sprung up, checking the clock above the smoothie blender. She pulled Ike along as her and Kyle started making their way towards the waiting area. When they got there Kyle's two parents were waiting impatiently, holding their luggage and standing up. As soon as the three arrived there Kyle and Ike picked up their luggage and turned to Abrina.

"Bye Abrina." Kyle said.

"Bye. I'm going to miss you." Abrina said as she jumped forward and hugged Kyle, then pulled away for a bit and kissed him on the lips quickly and flirtatiously, and pulled away, her arms still around his neck and her eyes still looking into his emerald ones. He felt his mothers eyes on his back. Abrina pecked him again and her arms slid down his, holding his hands and squeezing them for a moment. "Bye Kyle."

"I'll miss you too." Kyle said as they let go of one hand, and held on with the other. Abrina turned to Ike, still holding Kyle's hands.

"Bye, Ike. I'll see you when you get back. 'K?" She asked, bending down slightly as she waved buh-bye to Kyle's little brother. Kyle let go of her hand as he walked backward to his parents. He waved goodbye to his girlfriend; who stood standing on her tippytoes and waving bye over the crowd at him. He dragged Ike along behind him, waving at Abrina. Just as he disappeared into the corrider leading to the airplane, he heard Abrina shout something out.

"You have to tell me everything when you get back, EVERYTHING AND DON'T LEAVE OUT NO DETAILS."

"I don't know what you see in her." His mother muttered as she trudged down the sloping corridor. Kyle merely grunted.


Hope you liked the long chapter. Please review! Crits and comments very welcome!
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Postby ClaudiaCartmen » Fri Nov 24, 2006 3:19 pm

This is gonna be so good what will the next book be called? Kenny won't hit on her right? please make stan hit on her or worse cartman. m'kay Great so far.
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Chapter 2:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Fri Nov 24, 2006 4:16 pm

Chapter 2:

Abrina took a cab home once she watched the plane take off. As she got inside the Taxi, she kept staring at the cloud the plane had disappeared behind; hoping it would emerge again and land back on the ground. She peeled her eyes off the sky and back to the present. She told the man where to drive her absently and laid back to enjoy the half-hour ride. When she felt the car come to a halt she jerked her eyes open, realizing she'd fallen asleep. She looked to the left and saw her house, standing there big and tall. She thanked the driver and paid him, stumbling out of the car when her foot got caught on the seat belt.

She walked up the path to her house, and put her hand on the doorknob. She turned but the lock only went to a certain extent, proving itself locked. "Aww, damnitt." Abrina said as she paced back and forth on the rather large porch.

She decided to go to the mall, knowing Stan wasn't home (that's why he couldn't come to the airport), and Wendy wasn't either. She walked slowly, making sure every step was stepped with great effort. She knew not why she was doing this, but continued resently. When she finally stood outside the mall doors she took one hand and opened one, walking inside. She walked around until she found a store she liked: West 49. She went inside, browsing around until she found a skateboard she liked.

She loved skateboarding, she was even a part of a group. She always wore a black teeshirt with red font on it, reading: SK8 R DIE written across it crookedly. She examined the skateboard, it's fine rigidy surface and it's brand-new smelling wheels. She had never seen one like it, and she owned 23 of them. She bought the skateboard and it's matching helmet; all coming out to 200 dollars. She walked through the mall a little more, and saw a teeshirt that amused her, so she tried it on. It was also black, with fuschia-pink writing on the chest, saying: ^My Face Is Up Here^, with two little pink arrows on either side.

She bought the tee and headed for a small restaurant where they were selling her favorite drink: Dr. Pepper. She sat sipping it through a straw, listening to the ratty mall music mix with the awful sound of her stomach growling. Someone sitting down quickly beside her made her jump. She turned her head quickly -- almost snapping her neck in two -- to see who it was. She hadn't a slight idea who this boy was. He looked like a teenager, and he smiled at her. He had pale eyes and his hair was the clour of caramel.

Abrina leaned back away from him, scanning him up and down. She didn't recognize him and she said. "Who are you?" Her eyes were wide as he leaned into her and gave a sexy whisper.

"Only your dream boy, babe."

This was weird. Guys usually stared at her, whistled at her, slapped her behind, said a nasty remark, but never this. This was too much. "No, my dream boy's Kyle. Kyle Broflovski." She backed her chair up a bit, but the boy kept leaning into her.

"Mmmhmm. Whatdoya' want me to do to you? Anything you want." He kept whispering.

"I want you to get the hell away from me and go buy yourself a breath mint." She said, but the boy resisted.

"No, no, no." He said, leaning in closer. Her eyes widened in shock as he reached out his hand, it heading for her upper thigh. She smackd his hand away and did one thing she knew how to do very well. She screamed. She screamed as loud as she could, making everyone nearby stop and stare. She hated her scream, it could be easily mistaken for a train coming to a screech halt.

They boy backed away a bit, as she stood up, grabbing her bags, dropping her drink and leaving in a quick-paced walk. She cared not what was going to happen to that boy, as long as it had nothing to do with her.

She kept wondering why he had done that, why he had flirted with her. Usually guys never did that, they just stood and watched her. She walked home in a jiffy, letting her unanswerable questions slip her mind. When she got home the door was unlocked, and she walked inside and shut the door behind her, leaning on it to keep all the bad thoughts outside.


There's the second chapter for you! Please review!
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Postby ClaudiaCartmen » Sat Nov 25, 2006 1:28 am

oh no she is being molested. :roll: she will find a way out of it. But great chapter.
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Chapter 3:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Thu Nov 30, 2006 11:05 pm

Chapter 3:

Abrina read her new library book in one sitting. She slammed the book shut as soon as the last word met her eyes. She held the book away from her and realized one thing. She hadn't taken a word of it in. She didn't remember a thing about the book, or the storyline. She had been thinking about what had happened earlier that morning at the South Park Shopping Center. She dropped her book and got out off her couch, walking to her bedroom door. She put her hand on the doorknob and turned her head to look at the digital clock on her night stand. 7:41. It had taken her four hours and eleven minutes to finish a book she didn't even let in. She sighed and let her hand slide off the knob, and she turned on her heel.

She walked over to her bed, the thing that felt more like home than her house. She had 23 black and red moshi pillows, all with different patterns on them. She had seven real pillows, one comforter, and three sheets. All were color co-ordinated with black and red. She had four stuffed animals and one doll. She had four bears, all from when she had been in the hospital a while back. There was the 'Lucy' from Butters, the classic brown bear from Tweek, the friendship bear from Stan and the sailor bear from Kyle. They all mingled with the pillows. The beatiful doll she had recieved from wendy sat on the headboard of the bed.

Abrina grabbed two moshi pillows, one that was checkered with black and red, and another one black with red lining. She took them and pressed each one to an ear, blocking out all the surrounding sounds. She believed that if you loaded up a person with so many memories, thoughts, knowledge and other things that they'd spill. Stuff would spill out the top of their head, and then they'd forget those things. Then they would start spacing out because some information had been lost.

That's what Abrina was feeling like. She felt like she was going to start blanking out and forgetting things. Or are you just being the dumb blonde you know you are? Abrina thought without really thinking. Ouch. She thought again as if it hadn't been herself who had burned her.

She let go of the two pillows and threw them into her stack of stuff, them landing soundlessly. She jumped onto her humungous pile of pillows, bears and junk and instantly sunk in, the outer pillows closing in on her. She felt safe under all those pillows and turned over onto her stomach. She saw through the cracks where the moshi's didn't meet and light poured through. She sat and stared for a bit, and then looked up from the pillows, out her window.

She stood up and walked to her window, peering out, looking at the ground two stories below. She sighed and stared blankly at the blinding white snow below her. She looked up at Token's house and gasped.

Many eyes were watching her from Token's window. It wasn't bad or nothing, it wasn't like she was naked or topless or anything, it was just a little bit startling to look up and see about 10 eyes.

Craig, Clyde, Token, Jason and James were staring out Token's bedroom window and ogling her. She glared at each and every one of them, and then closed her curtains dramatically. She stormed out her room in a fury. She flew down the stairs two at a time, tripping over the last one and landing with a thud.

I don't think there's a clumsier person out there than me. Abrina thought and chuckled to herself. Then she remembered that she was supposed to be pissed and headed out the door and for Token's house, walking across the two lawns and knocking on the crimson colored door. Mr. and Mrs. Williams stood there.

Abrina was in too much of a rage to acknowledge them. They knew who she was anyways. They just watched her flee up the stairs furiously.

"Umm, Abrina? You OK?" Mr. Williams called after her.

She didn't respond. She just burst into Token's room angrily. She had been in his house before and knew the way to go. She entered his room without knocking, seeing the five boys there, clutching themselves with fits of endless laughter.

"TOKEN? WHAT THE HELL?" She screamed before she burst into frusterated tears.


There you go. Chapter 3 for you. Sorry for the long wait, my computer crashed. Review please!
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Postby ClaudiaCartmen » Fri Dec 01, 2006 12:43 am

*snort* that was really funny i love this.
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Postby Nommel » Fri Dec 01, 2006 1:30 am

I'd still rather see one with other characters. But still good job.
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kylezgirlforver i see you are on so a new chapppie must be coming
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kylezgirlforver i see you are on so a new chapppie must be coming
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Chapter 4:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Sat Dec 02, 2006 12:08 am

Chapter 4:

Abrina broke down. She had finally done it. She had finally collapsed. Things had bottled up inside her; feelings, thoughts; and now she had bursted. She had been holding it in for the last few weeks, but at this very moment she hadn't been able to contain anything else.

Instantly all the boys stopped laughing, and looked towards the front of the room where Abrina was covering her eyes with her hands. She knelt down and crouched on the ground, sobbing. She hated crying, even though it was the thing she did most.

Token was the first to take action. He got up from his position slowly and walked over to her, kneeling down and patting her on the back. "A-Abrina?" He asked shakily, timidly putting his hand on her shoulder.

She shrugged it off. "Go away." She said in a muffled tone since her face was buried into her hands.

Clyde was the second. He crawled over to Token and stood up, looking down uncertainly at Abrina. "Uh, Abrina? You OK?" He asked dumbly and looked at Token.

"What does it look like, you idiot? You don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure out that I'm not OK[i/]!" Abrina's response came directly and rudely.

Craig got up and solemnly walked over to where the two boys were standing and sighed. Jason came fourth, and James fifth.

"What do we do?" Asked Jason, shrugging and returning his eyes to the slinking Abrina.

"Not sure. I never really talk to girls." Clyde said, biting his mitten unconsciously. "Token, you have a girlfriend. What do you say to girls when they cry?"

"Who, Bebe? Well, she's only once cried in front of me." Token said matter-of-factly.

"Well, what'd you say to her?" Craig asked, adjusting his hat and averting his eyes.

"All I did was told her she was beautiful and that even if she [i]wasn't
a rich, stunning, perfect princess; I still loved her." Token said the mouth-full of words quickly and clearly. "Oh my god. Whoops." He covered his mouth as if to push the words he had just uttered back into his mouth.

The girl below the boys raised slowly, her head popping up lastly. Her face was raw with tears, her eyes read and puffed up. "Wait, what?"

"I didn't mean to tell you that. I forgot you were here." Token said and sighed, getting a little frustrated himself.

"She was referring to me, wasn't she?" Abrina stood up and wiped her soaked hands on the back of her jeans.

Token backed off a little, scared, even though Abrina was quite a few inches shorter than him. "I . . . never really said that, directly."

"You meant it though, didn't you?" Abrina asked, leaning forward and wagging a finger in his face.

"I--I guess so?" Token said more as a question than a statement.

Abrina surprised them all. Just when it looked like she was ready to knock his head off, she stood up straight and stomped her foot. "DAMNITT!" She shouted. "Damnitt, damnitt, damnitt; DAMNITT!" She took her hat off angrily and threw it to the ground, purposely stepping on it as she walked over to the large window. She peered out.

All of the boys looked at Token as if to urge him on. He sighed reluctantly and walked over to Abrina cautious as a carrot. He made several wimpy attempts to call out her name but his voice got caught in his throat and was forced back down. He reached out his hand and tapped her on the shoulder. As soon as it reached the silky grayish-blue fabric she swiped her hand back to throw him off, narrowly missing his cheek. She brought it back to her center and placed both hands on the window, pressing her forehead up against the cool surface. Her breath made a foggy substance.

Even though Token was almost dying not to, he strided up to Abrina's side and looked at one side of her face. A few tears were driving slowly down her cheeks, getting stopped at her lips. He was about to speak when Abrina's lips parted and she said something abruptly.

"Everybody thinks that." She said, still looking outside into the snow.

"Th-thinks what?" Token asked, looking at the spot Abrina was looking at currently.

"They all think I'm so perfect." Abrina said, then turned to face Token. "Do you know what it's like to wake up every morning and look in the mirror, and see nothing wrong with yourself?"

Token smirked and chuckled. "No, actually. I don't, but I don't see a problem with that."

"I know, I know. Nobody does. But when people see me on the streets they automatically think I'm perfect. I get the guys, I know how to do everything and I'm perfect. It's really not like that." Abrina wiped the tears out of her eyes yet again. "There are things that I can't do. Lot's of things!"

"Like what?" Clyde piped up.

Abrina turned her head, as if she had forgotten that he was there. "Like what?" She repeated. "Like; I can't play basketball, hockey, rugby, football, soccer; I can't sew, ski, and I’m VERY clumsy."

"How are you clumsy?" Craig asked, looking up from his shoes and at her.

"I trip, I fall, I spill things, I drop things, and I stub my toe, all the works." Abrina said. "In-fact, on the way here I fell down the stairs."

"So, you're not perfect?" Token asked.

"Of course not! Nobody is!" Abrina exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air. She started crying again. "I just wish everybody knew that." She slumped down on the carpet, sniffing loudly and staring at the ceiling.

"Token!" A strong female voice was heard coming from downstairs. "Is everything all right?" Even though Token answered: 'Yeah! Everything's fine, mom!', hurried footsteps were heard coming up. A second later Mrs. Williams was at the door, leaning in and seeing a tear-stained girl and five confused-looking boys. "What's going on here?"

"Umm--" Token started, but silence cut him off.

"Aww, sweetie what's the matter?" Mrs. Williams kneeled down beside Abrina and shooed the other boys out of the room. Abrina told Mrs. Williams her problem, stopping every so often and crying. At the end Abrina felt like another weight had been lifted off her chest.

"Aww, honey. You don't have ta' worry 'bout what other people think of you. As long as you think of you positively, nobody else should have a reason to think differently." Mrs. Williams smiled and stood up. "So, what did bring this up exactly. I mean it sounds like you've been going through this for a while now."

"Oh. Well during this month, it's my 'time'." Abrina said and smiled secretly.

"Your 'time'?" Mrs. Williams asked peculiarly.

"My 'time'. You know, cramps, mood swings." Abrina said and smiled again.

"Oh, your time." Mrs. Williams said and returned the smile. She led Abrina out the front door. Token came and stood beside her.

"What is it, mom?" He asked.

"Her time." Mrs. Williams smiled as she closed the door.

"What time?" Token asked.

"I'll tell you when you're older."


That night at Tango lessons Token was being rather rough. He swung Abrina around sharply and dipped her low and hard, making her head almost hit the ground.

"Token, what the hell are you doing?" She asked, as she did a triple spin and landed in his arms.

"What do you mean; 'What are you doing?'?" Token asked coolly.

"You're jerking me around, it hurts." Abrina said harshly as they did their final pose.

"No, no, no. Token--ugh. Abrina--meh." Said the fussy dance teacher. "It's triple-spin, dip, dip, slide, fancy, pose. Not double-spin, dip, trip, glide, trampy, pose." He said in a weird accent, adjusting Abrina's sunset-red dress.

"I can't believe I have to take this with you." Abrina said disgustedly.

"My mom grounded me for what happened this afternoon." Token scowled.

"So what? It was you who was looking at me, smitten through your godforsaken window." Abrina sneered.

"Stop stop stop. It doesn't look good when the two top dancers are fighting." Said the teacher again, coming over and adjusting Token's pin-striped suit. "Start from the beginning." He waved his hand at the two and started the music from the beginning.

Abrina put her hand on Token's shoulder and the other on his waist. He did the same to her but in reverse. They started. They went forwards, then backwards, then he twirled her, and dipped her dramatically. She did a quad-turn and split-through, and they started dancing really fast and really angrily. He jerked her about and twirled her fast, when she slid through his legs he picked her up quickly, and abruptly, when she put her leg on his shoulder and spun facing the ground, doing a somersault, he barely caught her, his dips were awfully low, and much more was worse. When he tossed her into the air he caught her at the last moment.

Abrina had a horrified expression on her face. "Token! You're going to get me killed!" She said through clenched teeth as he spun her out and into himself.

"I can't believe you're going out with Kyle, that smartass." Token said as Abrina jumped over his shoulders and he caught her by the waist.

"I can't believe you're going out with Bebe, that slut." Abrina said as Token dipped her. He let go as she fell back, hitting her head on the ground. She sat up and rubbed the back of her head.

"Token, you don't drop the girl on the dip, you pull her up. OK, from the beginning; chop chop!" Said the teacher.


There you are. Chappy 4! Please review!
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Postby Nommel » Sat Dec 02, 2006 4:43 pm

You are 12 right? You have better grammar and spelling than most of the teenagers on this forum, lol.
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Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Sat Dec 02, 2006 4:45 pm

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Chapter 5:

Postby KylezGirl4Ever » Sat Dec 02, 2006 8:07 pm

Chapter 5:

Abrina limped home from practice holding her dance bag. She dropped it as soon as she got in the door and started hobbling up the stairs. Abrina cursed as she stumbled over the fourth step. Token had dropped her twice. Once during a dip and the other time during a lift. She had sprained her foot. "Damnitt, Token." She muttered to herself as she got to the top of the staircase and turned towards her room. She opened the door and took her painful time getting inside, shutting the door behind her as she did. She flung herself on her bed sadistically. She exhaled deeply and sighed, curling up. Instantly she was asleep and forgetting about Token.

In the dead of the night Abrina awoke for no apparent reason, since she was still sleepy and still upset. She tried getting back to the soft cloud of sleep, but even her comfortable bed didn't do the trick. She sat up and looked around, rubbing her eyes groggily. She groaned as she slowly got out of bed, turning on all her soothing lavalamps.

Then she remembered. She remembered why she had woken up. She had woken herself up, from an awful dream she had been having. In it Austin was still alive, and was standing on the top of the Empire State building, arms spread like a bird. He had told Abrina he was going to jump, and she had tried to stop him. She hadn't succeeded, and he had plumetted to the ground as fast as a bullet. Then, she had just stood there looking at his bloodied corpse, and done nothing; prooving herself useless. She had watched in horror as the paramedics, police, fire department, and ten ambulances rushed in, blocking her view and uttering displeasing words to one another.

Abrina stood halfway between her bed and her lavalamps, recalling the awful dream. "No, no, no, no, NO." She said, shaking the dream from her head, trying to rid her mind of it. She then stopped in mid shake and spun around slowly, seeing her closet standing there like a predator in the night. She walked towards it, afraid that it would eat her.

She reached the oak door, resting her hand softly on the doorknob. She turned it slowly and flung the door open, revealing tons of black and red boxes labelled with tape. She grabbed a medium sized box, one that hadn't a label or a name. She kicked the closet door closed behind her as she set the heavy box down on her bed, sitting beside it and taking a deep breath.

She took the two outer-flaps, opening them as cautiously as the swat team opens a bomb. She peered inside, seeing many things she hadn't seen for several months. It was all from that day, that terrifying day Austin had died. A black silk and lace dress lay limp inside, crumpled up in a corner. She had worn it to the funeral and the memorial service. She took it out, handling it like a fidgety snake. She laid it down beside her, gazing at it's shiny ribbons. Underneath the dress had been a pair of fancy black pumps, small and agile like a light bulb.

She had worn them to accompany the dress, and she carefully placed them on top of the dress. On the bottom of the box were several certificates, ones that clarified Austin's death. She cried softly as she took them out and leafed through them, finally putting them on her lap with ease.

Lastly she reached downwards, grabbing a small gold shoe box. Her hands trembled as she took the lid off, dropping it in sadness as she saw what lay in the box. It was the speech and the poem she had read at the memorial service, and she took out the pieces and scraps of loose-leaf paper with her small, dark handwriting on it. She tossed aside the speech, knowing that reading it would depress her more.

Instead she took the poem she had written, her hands shaking and her lips quivering. She read it under her breath. She read the opening stanza first.

"If tears could build a staircase, and memories a lane; I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again." She couldn't take it anymore, she let her cool tears fall, letting them die on her lips, tasting the saltiness. She decided not to read it aloud. She read it inside her head instead. This is what her eyes scanned dreadfully.

If I could build a place, up in the sky;
Where the planes couldn't soar and the birds wouldn't fly;
Where the sky wasn't black and the sky wasn't white,
Where the sun didn't stop and shone everlasting light.
Where the stars used all their strength the sparkle and glitter,
Where the food was all sweet and not a crumb was bitter.
Where life showed no meaning and joy was spread around,
And people would stop and ask 'What is that cheerful sound?'
Then I'd reply: 'It's the wind whistling in your ear.',
And this stunning place would be called heaven; my dear.

Then Abrina did what any human being would do after reading that. She cried.

Poems used in this chapter: That Better Place, by Malka. (Yes, I wrote it; just not the opening stanza. That's Taeva's.)


Hope you liked it! Review!
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Postby polymorph » Sun Dec 03, 2006 9:13 pm

I really don't like this charecter and I think you should stop writing fics with her in it. :?
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Postby Nommel » Sun Dec 03, 2006 9:15 pm

polymorph wrote:I really don't like this charecter and I think you should stop writing fics with her in it. :?

Yes I have been saying that too, although my problem is that while she is a good character, Malka is overusing her way too much.

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