Stan gets back with wendy.

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Stan gets back with wendy.

Postby omgtkkyb1992 » Fri Nov 30, 2007 2:10 am

A few things im gonna say 1st im horrible with spelling and firefox is not the best at correcting it and also this is my 1st do dont expect gold or anything.


Cartman is sitting in his Pjs on the couch watching tv with his hat off and hair all messy. When he hears the door bell. DING DONG he gets up and goes over to the door and opens it and kyle is there.

Kyle: Dude you gotta come to starks pond!

Cartman: Up yours jew im watching tv and i only have a hour before school.

Kyle: Dude Stan is going to ask Wendy to the school dance today and he wants all his friends to be their when he dose!

Cartman: Yes all his friend and im not his friend soo goodbye.

Cartman pushes the door closed but kyle stops it with his hands.

Kyle: Listen fatass your getting dressed and coming down to starks pond now!

Kyle groans and pushes the door open

Cartman: Fine ill go!

Cartman walks off mumbling about tv and jews

Off at starks pond Stan is beside Butters and a group of other boys stand behind of consisting of Craig, Clyde, Jimmy And many others. Stan is in a suit and holding flowers.

Stan: I hope this works dude.

Butters: Dont worry Stan you to were getting along really good a few days ago.

Stan: Well yeah i...

Stan is interrupted by Cartman and Kyle coming over.

Cartman: Ok all your friends are here lets do this so i can go home.

Kyle: Hey Stan there she is.

Wendy walks over to Stan.

Wendy: Hi Stan you wanted to talk to me before we go to school.

Stan: Yeah umm Wendy im just wondering the school dance is coming up and all and would you like to come with me.

Stan smiles

Wendy: Ohhhhhh umm Stan im still going out with token.

Stan: WHAT! *Stan looks horrified*

Wendy: Yeah we never broke up but i saw how sad it made you when we were walking around holding hands and stuff so we just do all that stuff when your not around.
Stan just stares with the same look
Wendy: Im sorry bye Stan see you at school. Wendy walks off
Its quiet for about 30 seconds

Cartman: That was lame.

Walks away followed by many other boys only Kyle and Butters stay.

Kyle: Du- dude are you gonna be ok?

Stan: J-J-Just leave me alone.

Stan walks away with his head down.

It skips to all the kids at school. Their all sitting in class when Mrs Garrison walks in.

Mrs Garrison: When the bell goes you will all head down to the dance.

Cartman is holding a clip board and is holding a pen.

Cartman: Hmmmm hey kyle.

Kyle: What fatass?

Cartman: You got a date to the dance?

Kyle: Dude im not gay.

Cartman: NO thats not what i meant you stupid kike. See this clipboard here im matching everyone up for the dance and so far its just Me, You, Kenny, And Stan who dont have anyone to go with.

Kyle: Well dude im getting Rebeca to meet me their.

Cartman: Are you sure cus you could go out with Heidi she is still avalible and shes hot.

At the other side of the class Heidi over hears this and she talks to Bebe.

Heidi: Did Eric Cartman just say im hot?

Bebe: I know ewww

Heidi: No i actually......kinda liked it.

Back over at Kyle and Cartman.

Cartman: And shes like the hottest girl in the class.

Heidi: Did Eric Cartman just call me the hottest girl in the class?

Bebe: ewww or did you like it.

Heidi: I oh god i liked it.... hold on i have to do something.

Heidi gets out of her chair and walks over to Cartman's desk.

Heidi: Uhh Cartman can i talk to you?

Cartman: What ever bitch.

Heidi: Ok but cartman im just wondering are you going to the dance with anyone?

Cartman drops the clipboard and his pen.

Cartman: No no im not going with anyone.

Heidi: So its a date then

Cartman: F*ck yeah!

Heidi: OK see you at the dance.

She walks back over to her seat and just then the bell rings.

Mrs Garrison: Ok you can go to the dance now!.

The kids all start walking toward the door and then Stan walks up to Kyle.

Stan: Hey dude can you try to get Wendy back with me at the dance.

Kyle: Dude how the f*ck am i going to do that?

Stan: Just please dude for me.

Kyle: Alright ill try.

The kids arrive at the gym for the dance.

Mr Macky: Mmmkay kids this year were gonna let you handle dance by your selfs.

He gets up and leaves.

Butters: That was weird.

Clyde walks up on the stage and goes over to the D.J. area

Clyde: OK were gonna start with some hip hop.

Clyde puts on the disc and the song starts.
Kids start dancing around the gym except Stan who is sitting on the bench with a sigh above it saying Singles club. Kyle walks over and sits beside him.

Stan: Dude what are you doing here?

Kyle: Well Rebeca isnt here yet and i have not seen Wendy yet but she said she was meting Token at the park first.

Stan: What oh god.

Craig and Jimmy are over by the punch bowl.

Jimmy: D-D-Did you bring it?

Craig takes out a bottle of wine.

Craig: Yeah i did.

Jimmy: C-ca-ca-cc-a-COOl!

Craig pours it into the punch bowl it overflows onto the table.

Craig: Oh crap

Butters walks over.

Butters: Hey guys what are you doin

Craig think for seconds.

Craig: Butters some one over flowed the punch bowl can you drink some of it.

Butters: Ok

He picks up a cup and dips it in as Jimmy and Craig walk away. He then takes a drink.

Butters: Wow that taste good.

Butters then takes another cup and gets some more.

(Ill put in more a bit later)
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Re: Stan gets back with wendy.

Postby omgtkkyb1992 » Thu Dec 06, 2007 12:57 am

Ok heres some more.

Clyde: OK everybody out their were gonna go into a slow dance song now.
He takes a CD and puts it in. The music starts. Out on the dance floor Cartman and Heidi are dancing.

Heidi: Uh Cartman this is our first date and all but i have to try something.
Cartman: Wha...
Before he could finish she began kissing Cartman his eyes began to close but then he saw into the future 20 years.
Cartman is sitting on the couch way fatter then Heidi walks in.

Cartman: Hey bitch.
Heidi: Shut your fat face and get off the couch.
Cartman: Kiss my balls whore.
Heidi throws Cartman off the couch he falls on the floor and rolls around. Then it goes back to real time Cartman pushes Heidi off him.

Cartman: Plhal get away form me you stupid bitch!
Cartman runs off to the singles bench.

Heidi: Ugh you stupid fatass i didnt know how i liked you.
Back over at the punch bowl. Butters is holding the bowl up to his face like a cup and spilling it all over him self. Then he puts the empty bowl on his head letting punch spill all over his head and is now drunk. Craig and Jimmy walk over.

Craig: Wow Butters you drank it all?
Butters: Whats it (burp) to ya.
Jimmy: Your a a a legend.
Butters Stumbles away.
Kenny walks over and jumps on the singles bench.

Kyle: Dude you dont have a date ether.
Kenny: (Yeah i do but shes not here yet)
Kyle: Who?
Kenny: (well KELLY!!!!!)
Kenny sees Kelly walk in the gym door.
He runs over and gives her a big hug.
Kelly: OH hi Kenny.
Kenny: (Wow you know my name now wanna go dance!)
Kelly: Oh sure Kenny!
Back at the bench.

Cartman: This is bullcrap seriously!
Kyle: Yeah i know but but DUDE ITS REBECA SHE CAME!
Kyle hopes off the bunch and see Rebeca.

Kyle: Hi Rebeca!
Rebeca: Oh hi Kyle i came to the dance my father let me so wanna dance or what.
Kyle: Sure id love to.
Once more back at the bench.

Cartman: Well man its just you and me Stan.
Stan: Dude what dose Token have that i dont?
Cartman: Blackness?
Stan: Not helping fatass!.
Cartman: Well look whos back form the park!
Wendy and Token walk in holding hands.
In tokens other hand in a bag.

Stan: Awww crap
Cartman: Listen man if your gonna be a pussie and not go ask her back then your just f*cking retard!
Stan: Dude i tryed today you were their!
Butters stumbles over to the bunch.

Butters: Oh hi guys listen i h-h-haaared! ABout your probbbablem stanely and im here to help!!
Butters walks over to the other side of the gym!

Butters: Hey blackie.
Token turns around

Token: What did you call me.
Butters: You heard me you dumb (Burp) negro
Cartman: OH HOO butters you go man!
Token: Ill kill you Butters!
Butters: Whats in the bag chicken and water melon you black ass hole.
He then pukes all over the floor. Token runs after him and him and Butters run out side.

Wendy: Hey get back here token!
Wendy looks around to see she has no date.

Cartman: Ok Stan listen if you want to dance go now.
Stan: Ok i can do this.
He heads out to the dance floor and talks to Wendy.

Stan: W-w-wendy?
Wendy: Oh hi Stan.
She wipes a tear away from her eye.

Stan: Wendy i saw what happened and im wondering would you like to dance with me.
Wendy: Id love to Stan.
She gives him a big hug and they go out and start slow dancing. Cartman jumps off the bench and grabs the bag Token left on the ground and walks back over and opens it and pulls out chicken and watermelon.

Cartman: Damn this is the best dance ever.
It then goes to the next day Cartman with chicken still in his hand and hes talking to kyle at the bus stop.

Cartman: That dance was hella great man.
Kyle: One of the best dances ever.
Kenny walks over.

Kenny: (Hi guys)
Kyle: Dude wheres Kelly?
Kenny: (She had to go back to New York but at least i got to see her.)
Stan and Wendy walk over holding hands.

Kyle: Well i see a happy couple.
Stan: That was the best f*cking dance ever.
And then Butters walks over with his arm in a sling and a black eye.

Cartman: Damn Butters Token owned you!
Butters: Yeah then when i got home i was grounded for insulting a black man fighting a black man and being under the influence.
Craig and Jimmy walk by and over hear this.

Craig: Nice
Jimmy: Na na-na-na NA nice!

End of my 1st fan fic comments?
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Re: Stan gets back with wendy.

Postby 203177 » Sat Dec 08, 2007 4:18 am

Its good but please improve your writing skills a bit more...Okay? :)

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Re: Stan gets back with wendy.

Postby polymorph » Sat Dec 08, 2007 11:00 pm

It was good but everything worked out a bit to convienently.
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Re: Stan gets back with wendy.

Postby katelynnluvslost » Thu Dec 27, 2007 2:00 pm

Awww, This is very sweet, I Loved It! :)
But, Try and improve the spelling, yeah?
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Re: Stan gets back with wendy.

Postby THeDidNotKillKenny » Thu Dec 27, 2007 4:10 pm

I agree.
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Re: Stan gets back with wendy.

Postby haha_1 » Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:55 pm

great stendy fic, dude, first write it on word, then use spellcheck and then copy/paste it into the box, thats how all the fanfic people stretch it. it was a bit rushed, thought of it like a oneshot.
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