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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Thu Mar 20, 2008 5:05 pm

“Get Help! Get Help!” Whined Tweek. Token dropped Tweek and began to head towards the door, but was too slow. The Roof of the camp blew open, 4 Cops descended into the camp, and opened fire upon the group.

Clyde had no time to react, the bullets shot straight into his skull, his body fell to the floor in no time. Craig and Token dived away from the barrage, while Tweek hid behind a tipped over table, Token and Craig made a dash for the door, but the police officer’s continued to open fire, this time, Craig was shot multiple times in the back, followed by a fatal shot the head.

The Door swung open, two refugee’s armed with machine guns burst in and fired wildly at the cops, two were taken down in an instant, one cop dashed out of the way, while the other caught one refugee off guard and shot him dead, the 2nd Refugee killed the cop in an instant.

The Final Cop jumped back into the scene, he shot a few bullets at the group, Token was taken down. The Cop and the armed Refugee faced each other, they both pulled the trigger on their guns… both were out of ammo. The two faced each other and threw their guns away.

“Your unarmed?” The Cop demanded.

“Yes sir officer” The Refugee replied with a smug look on his face. "Question is, are you?"

"You could say that" The cop replied, the two stood still for a few seconds, before the cop made his move.

“Well guess what?” The Cop snarled in his electronic voice, he suddenly withdrew his nightstick, a electric blue glow shone from it.

“I Lied!” He hissed.

The Refugee smirked. “Well guess what?” He called back, and withdrew a metal pipe. “So did I!”

The two stood off for a few seconds, before charging into each other…

(Little Red Dwarf Refrence)
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Thu Mar 20, 2008 9:57 pm

Miguel and Cortez stood proudly over the open door way, looking at the 5 or 6 Cops they had just wasted, each body covered in each others blood. Miguel looked back and saw Kenny stand there, almost frozen with amazement.

“Dead bodies can’t hurt you kid!” Miguel said, a smirk on his face. He and Cortez went through the doorway, Kenny followed them, the door took them to a stairway, the trio walked up.

Kenny wasn’t entirely sure what to think of these two, everyone else he had bumped into seemed like they were constantly fearing the Z-Tech, whereas these two, as Miguel said, were living it as if it was one giant video game. A few seconds later, the trio were already on the roof of the building. It seemed relatively empty, probably because the cops that were patrolling it were dead, 5 or 6 dead on the stairs, the other’s floating in the water.

“Those Gate controls should be around here somewhere” Miguel said “Cortez, you and Kenny go left, I’ll take right”

“Why do you always go on your own?” Cortez asked hastily.

“Just do it” Miguel replied, shaking his head. Cortez huffed, but he and Kenny went to take a look on the left side. Good for them, they found what looked like the gate controls. Cortez wasted no time, he tapped away on one of the main computers, the gates opened up. The trio were ready to go! Cortez and Kenny stepped out, Miguel was by the stairs, waiting for them. He and Cortez gave each other a high-five.

“Nice one guys!” Miguel said “Now lets get the hell out of here!”

As the trio began to head downstairs, Kenny looked up at the sky. His eyes bulged and he screamed… The Chopper had caught up with them… And it looked pretty pissed…
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Fri Mar 21, 2008 3:11 pm

“CHOPPER! THE CHOPPER’S BACK!” Kenny screamed as he dashed down the stairs to catch up with Miguel and Cortez, when the trio reached the bottom, they quickly jumped back into the airboat. It was Airboat Vs Chopper, Round 2.

Miguel’s evading skills were still in tact, he swerved the boat around in a few circles, but dodging the bullets only by a few inches. The Airboat dashed through the now open waterway gate, heading down the way at full speed, but the helicopter was determined not to lose them, it surprisingly dashed ahead of them.

“What the hell is it doing?” Cortez asked as he fired one or two pot shots at the chopper. That’s when the trio saw what it was up to. The Chopper was dropping mines in front of them, hopping to tag them as they sped ahead. Miguel saw the mines and quickly pulled the airboat in the other direction, these were proximity mines, so being near them set the first one off, causing a chain reaction. Luckily, the boat was only lifted up for a few seconds, before splashing back down.
Not wanting to stick around any longer, Miguel once again set the airboat for full speed, The Chopper was once again behind them, but withdrew it’s Chaingun’ s again, the bullets narrowly missing them.

After a few moments of dodging bullets, the trio saw what looked like a pipe entrance, exactly like the one they had seen before getting to the Waterway gates. Miguel wasted no time and dashed straight for the entrance, once again shaking off the Chopper. The Airboat was know going down a darker, murkier waterway. They were quite safe in the interior of the waterway.

“This way should take us a refugee camp” Cortez said, sighing with relief from the close encounter. “They should give what we need to move on”

“Do you guys realise how pissed that thing will be if it finds us again!?” Kenny asked angrily, shaking his arms up and down.

“He’s right you know” Miguel added “With that Chopper on our asses we aren’t getting anywhere fast, what we need is something to take it down”

“A Rocket launcher maybe?” Cortez asked.

“For our sake, this camp of yours better have one!” Kenny said, pressing his hands into his eyes.

The Trio came to the refugee camp, but something was wrong. The Place looked as if it had been raided, a piece of the ceiling was blown open, and dead bodies were everywhere, 4 Dead cops, 5 dead refugee’s… 3 of which Kenny recognized. As they docked at the camp, Kenny climbed out sand saw the dead…

“Token? Craig? Clyde?!” Kenny gasped with horror, he nearly fell when he saw their bodies, suddenly, a shadow emerged from behind a tipped over table…
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Sat Mar 22, 2008 12:22 am

Tweek dived straight for Kenny, grasping hold of his parka, falling to his knees and whimpering uncontrollably.

“Tweek?!” Kenny gasped in amazement, he had to pull Tweek away from his Parka and grasp his shoulders. “Tweek! It’s me! Kenny!” Kenny said to him, trying to calm him down, Tweek stopped shaking and looked up at Kenny.

“Thank god! Thank god your alive! Argh! Your Alive!” Tweek said, his eyes beginning to twitch.

“Yeah, but what the F**k happened here?!” Kenny asked.

“Z-Tech… Bad Guys came, they killed everyone, only I… Argh! I was the only who survived!” Tweek tried to explain, still shaking with fear. Kenny helped him up and began to explain his situation.

“I need these two guys to get me to Neo-South Park, but there’s some kind of Helicopter chasing us! Is there anything here that might help?” Kenny said to Tweek, who had, at long last, stopped shaking.

“Rocket… Rocket Launcher… Refugee’s have… Argh! Got one in that box over there!” Tweek replied, pointing to a green box stashed in the left corner of the room. Cortez got up and opened the crate, one rocket launcher and 4 rockets sat inside it.

“That should do it” Cortez said, picking up the rocket launcher and taking it back to the Airboat.

“Tweek, come with us!” Kenny said, putting his hand on Tweek’s shoulder “There’s room for one more, we could take you to Neo-South Park!”

“No… Too much danger!” Tweek said, he began to shake again. “Bad guys out there… Trouble!… Danger!… ARGH!” Those were the words Tweek started to say, before he suddenly fell to the floor like a plank of wood. Miguel and Cortez rushed over to see what was wrong with him. Miguel checked Tweek’s pulse…

“He’s Dead” Miguel said, sadness in his voice “Heart Attack”

The Three sat flipped the tipped over table back on it’s legs, and placed Tweek in the funeral position on top of it. They didn’t want to leave him on the cold floor, the others were victims of war, Tweek was a victim of War’s aftermath… Shellshock. Saddened by the death of Tweek. Miguel and Cortez took Kenny back to the airboat and drove away. Nothing was said…
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Sat Mar 22, 2008 3:05 pm

It was now evening along the waterways, there seemed to be no more Cop garrisons around the place, had they given up? Or were they simply preparing something else up ahead. Surprisingly, the chopper seemed to have stopped chasing them as well. The airboat trip now seemed like plain sailing. After a few moments, the trio came across what looked like another Refugee outpost.

“That’s the last outpost!” Cortez said to Kenny “Once we pass through here, Neo-South Park should be just a stone’s throw away”

“I should hope so” Kenny replied “I don’t think I want to be out here much longer!”
The Airboat stopped at the outpost, but as always, something was wrong, a gate made up of metal parts was shut in front of them, and the refugee’s there were dead. Miguel and Cortez withdrew their weapons while Kenny got out his shield, but Miguel told Kenny to hold back, it seemed to risky, so Miguel went over to one of the dead refugee’s and discovered something…

“Their blood’s still fresh, and they’re still warm!” Miguel said worryingly “That means these guys didn’t die to long ago!”

“Wait… Listen!” Cortez snapped, lifting up his hand as a warning. Miguel retreated back to the airboat and the two readied their guns. The sounds of moaning could be heard.

At that moment, a large band of Drudge, the creatures Kenny saw back at Station 5, emerged from the waters, all of them looked like the one’s Kenny had seen and all were wielding sharp weapons, such as fire axe’s and knives.

Miguel and Cortez wasted no time, they both opened fire on the creatures, Cortez held them back with a barrage of machine gun fire, while Miguel finished them off with a fatal shot with his Shotgun. Kenny could only stand and watch as the Drudge fell to the ground one by one. They seemed to be doing well. If the Drudge got to near to them, the two would simply kick them back and make them eat bullets.

While Cortez was shooting, he failed to notice one last Drudge emerge from his left side, armed with an axe, it lumbered towards him. Kenny saw it, but it was too late. Just as Kenny was about to warn Cortez, the Drudge swung his axe and slammed it into Cortez’s shoulder. Cortez screamed with agony as he fell to the ground. Miguel turned around and saw the Drudge sink his sharp teeth into the base of Cortez’s skull.

For Kenny, time stood still for a few seconds, he sat on the airboat, paralysed as the Drudge slowly pulled his teeth away from Cortez. Time went back as Miguel blasted the Drudge in the chest, the creature sank into the water.

“Back in the water Bone Leech!” Miguel snarled as the dead Drudge’s body sailed away. The battle was over, Kenny thought to himself that he may have survived that, but the death of Cortez made it feel as if he had lost the battle. He looked down at the blood red water for a few seconds, before looking back up and facing Miguel.

“We have no time to mourn” Miguel sighed, placing himself back in the driver’s seat of the Airboat. “I’ve lost my friend… but I’m not going to lose you”

Kenny felt uneasy, he’d seen too many good people die over nothing.
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Sat Mar 22, 2008 6:08 pm


The Evening sun was shining down on the water and the snow on the land in between the waterways. It was getting late, and needless to say, Z-Tech would perhaps send some sort of Night-guard, so getting to Neo-South Park was essential. A few short corners and moments of dead long waterways going straight ahead. Kenny spotted a Dam. Air ducts were attached to it, presumably if they were opened, they would lead to the other side. A rusted building was next to the large Dam, presumably that was the Dam control room, as well as a small slope leading up to the building. Miguel pulled the airboat towards the slope.

“All we got to do is get in their, open up the Dam’s air-duct’s, Neo-South park is right on the other side!” Miguel explained, Kenny said nothing, he merely nodded his head in acknowledgment. Miguel parked the airboat at the slope and climbed up it, Kenny followed him and the two entered the building.

The place looked deserted, just a few Z-Tech computers and a the Dam controls. Perfect. Miguel sat at the Dam controls and pressed a few buttons, Kenny wasn’t really paying attention. Seconds later, the sound of the Dam ducts opening up could be heard from outside. Miguel jumped off the controls and faced Kenny again.

“You hear that? That’s our ticket to freedom!” Miguel said. Kenny smiled from his parka and stuck his hand out so he could shake Miguel’s. They didn‘t get the chance, for the another sound could be heard outside. The two rushed outside and saw the Chopper… It had caught up with them!

“Kenny! Stay in there! I’ll handle this guy!” Miguel ordered.

“By Yourself?!” Kenny shirked.

“Yes by myself!” Miguel snapped back. Kenny quickly dashed back into the building, while Miguel rolled towards the Airboat and grabbed the rocket launcher. He loaded up the first rocket and pointed it at the oncoming chopper. He fired.

The rocket smashed against the belly of the Chopper, it made an angry yell as it went back slightly. The Chopper withdrew it’s chain guns and opened fire. Miguel rolled away and made a mad dash for behind the building, it was a miracle that no bullets hit him… Yet.

Miguel loaded up his second rocket and peeked around the corner, the chopper was still approaching. Miguel jumped out and shot the second rocket, this time it hit the chopper right in it’s face. It screamed and pushed itself back. Miguel ducked back behind the building and loaded up the 3rd rocket and jumped from behind the building, but he wasn’t so lucky. A spray of chain gun bullets from the chopper dashed straight into his chest, his body flew back. Kenny was watching from the window, he tightened his parka and ducked away behind the table, he knew it was futile, the chopper probably had a heat seeker, but what else could he do.

The chopper was so busy focusing on Kenny, that it failed to notice that Miguel wasn’t quite dead yet, Miguel slowly and painfully picked himself up and pressed his body up against the building. He loaded his last rocket in and turned back to face the Chopper. The Chopper turned just as Miguel called out…

“Surprise!” Miguel coughed, he fired his final rocket, it zoomed towards the chopper and hit it in the face, the chopper screamed as pieces of it began to explode. Finally, the chopper nose dived into the water and Exploded.

“Mission… Accomplished…” Those were Miguel’s final words, before he slowly, but peacefully passed away.

Kenny stepped outside, sweating from the battle. He stepped towards Miguel’s body, tears flowing from his eyes, he’d grow an friendship for Miguel and Cortez, and they had both sacrificed their lives to get Kenny to Neo-South Park alive. Kenny noticed that Miguel’s eyes were still open. He closed them as a sign of Respect. Having no other option, Kenny walked toward the Airboat and got into the driver’s seat. He pulled a lever, and the Airboat zoomed straight for the open Dam Duct…
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Sun Mar 23, 2008 3:13 pm

Chapter 7: Neo-South Park


The Airboat had just dived through the Dam air duct and shot down straight to the other side, it hit the water so hard that it a caused one large cannonball splash, sort of like Cartman going to the local pools. Afterward, the airboat slowly sailed towards what looked like a small red electricity building with a docking area. Kenny got onto the dock, completely soaked from that splash, he walked towards the building, but saw a path to his right, it looked as if it was going behind the building.

Kenny was right, behind the building was wall with another one of those “Visit South Park!” Posters, judging from what he saw last time, he was expecting a code pad, or some sort of door. He lifted it up and saw… Nothing.

“Aw F**K!” Kenny yelled, he punched the wall, but a brick pushed itself back as Kenny punched it. The wall opened, leading to a darkened room inside. Quite pleased, Kenny stepped in, the room resembled the testing area for the slaves, like the one he first saw when he met Cylos and Chris. The wall behind slammed shut, and sets of lasers began to go down.

“Okay, he’s a human!” Said a voice through an intercom system. “Hello? Can you hear me? Your safe now! This is Neo-South Park!”

“Thank god!” Kenny yelled back

The lasers lifted themselves up, and a door opened, Kenny could a silhouette of a person standing on the other side of the open doors.

“Kenny? The McCormick’s kid?” Asked a voice, it sounded female. Kenny stepped forward a few paces and saw who it was…

“Mrs Marsh?” Kenny said in amazement. Sure enough, it was none other than Stan’s Mother, here at Neo-South Park. Kenny did then re-call that Stan mentioned his mother worked here.

“We didn’t think you would make it!” Sharon replied “Look at you! You must be freezing! There’s a cloths locker this way, I’ll show you”

Kenny obliged, he followed Sharon and looked around Neo-South. Refugee’s walked all over the place, it was like a series of warehouses connected together, and to his surprise, a few Raazjk warriors, like Razik, walking around. Soon Kenny saw a door next to a rusty elevator.

“Get out of that wet parka, then I’ll take you to meet Dr Lakeville” said Sharon

“Dr Lakeville?” Kenny asked.

“He’s our top scientist, he and that Razik fellow are working on teleport technology along with Dr Doctor” Sharon replied.

Kenny nodded and opened the door, he closed it behind him as he saw various different cloths to try on, much to his liking, he saw a black parka, it looked exactly like the one he had on at the moment, he took off his wet, old one and put on the new one, although he didn’t put the hood up right away. Kenny stepped out and joined Sharon on the elevator, it went down.

“So what else do you do here?” Kenny asked.

“Survive basically” Sharon replied “Some Refugee’s practise their fighting skills, other’s learn the enemy technology, while the rest of us do anything that may help”

The elevator reached the bottom floor. Kenny stepped out to what looked like a rusty laboratory, with two double doors, a large generator sat in a corner of the room, humming away next to the teleport that Kenny Could’ve come through, but didn’t. Kenny then smiled as he saw none other the Razik.

The Raazjk hadn’t changed since Kenny had last seen him, only difference was that he was wearing slightly bruised and burnt Gold armour, but other than that, still the same.

Razik was speaking to a tall, black man with a short beard, he wore a white lab coat and what looked like a white shower cap, along with blue trousers and black shoes. This man was Dr Lakeville. Kenny was actually quite stunned. He looked like a thin version of Chef.

“So you think Dr Doctor’s teleport overheated?” Razik asked the Doctor.

“It’s possible, Z-Tech usually wait a few moments before teleporting in more soldiers, that’s probably why they mostly use transport vehicles like us” Dr Lakeville replied.

“Excuse me gentlemen, but look who I found in the scanning chamber” Said Sharon, the two turned away from and saw Kenny. Both smiled and approached him.
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:52 pm

“Well well, it’s been a long time hasn’t it Kenny?” Said Razik.

“Too long” Kenny replied, smiling from ear to ear.

“You must Kenny, it’s a pleasure to meet you” Said Dr Lakeville, getting down on one knee and put his hand out to shake Kenny’s. Kenny shook back.

“I’m Dr Lakeville, I’ve been running Neo-South Park ever since the start of the Z-Tech invasion” Dr Lakeville explained “They’ve never found us, and we hope to keep it that way”

“Normally, my people would’ve helped, but the Z-Tech installed a shield over earth to stop anything else from entering the planet” Razik added “They do it with every planet they conquer, to stop ‘Trespassers’”

“We’d rather not keep you bored, feel free to look around” Dr Lakeville said, he then turned away and began to type away at a computer.

“Where’s Stan?” Kenny asked.

“Stan’s out back, probably with Leopold and Wendy, I’m sure he’ll be up soon” Sharon replied. She then walked away to and joined Dr Lakeville.

“Wait… Wendy and Butter’s are here?” Kenny asked Razik.

“They’re the only South Park children to make it here with Dr Lakeville, Stan got stuck in South Park, luckily Dr Doctor managed to keep him safe in his base”

Kenny nodded. He walked around, looking at all the computer’s and the large generator, as he went up to one of the double doors. He noticed a bulletin board, covered with old newspapers about the arrival of the Z-Tech. One paper suddenly caught his attention, he snatched it off the board and looked at it closely, the headline was “Z-TECH ELECT EARTH LEADER” but under the headline was a picture of…

… Eric Cartman.

Kenny couldn’t believe it, he refused to believe it. He just stared at it, his eyes fixed on the picture of the fatass that use to make fun of him because he was poor. Razik snatched the picture off Kenny and looked at it himself.

“Eric Cartman” Razik said.

“How is that possible?!” Kenny yelled, demanding an Answer.

“When the Z-Tech arrived on Earth, Cartman was given a chance to show the Z-Tech his… Traits” Razik explained

“His traits?” Kenny asked.

“His Violent attitude, his racial hatred, his obsession with getting what he wants… The Z-Tech liked it! So they spared his life… and rewarded him with power!” Razik summed up, dropping the newspaper on the floor. “Stan’s had a grudge ever since”

“What did Cartman do?” Kenny asked one last time.

“Cartman ordered Z-Tech scientist’s to create a super solider… a soldier specifically designed to hunt down and kill anyone who was from the Jewish faith” Razik explained

“You mean…?” Kenny was going to say, but Razik finished for him.

“Kyle was killed by Cartman’s personally Z-Tech assassin’s, there hasn’t been a Jewish human on this planet since”

Kenny said nothing as Razik turned away and went to inspect the generator.
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Tue Apr 01, 2008 1:38 pm

Double doors swung open behind Kenny, he turned around and saw Stan approach him.

“Dude! You made it!” Stan yelled with excitement.

“I can’t believe it either” Kenny replied, still a little bit shaky from the whole airboat experience. Dr Lakeville approached the two.

“Stan, why don’t you show Kenny the Multi-Purpose machine I invented?” He suggested “I’m sure Kenny will be interested”

“Sure Doc!, C’mon Kenny, follow me” Stan said. Kenny obliged and followed him through the doors and down a hallway.

“Have fun boys!” Sharon called. Stan turned back and waved, before showing Kenny further down the hallway.

“Nice place you guys have here” Kenny said to Stan

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool” Stan replied “Though it can get a bit crowded, Me, Butters and Wendy like to hang out in the junkyard.

“I heard those guys were here. Are they okay?” Kenny asked, concerned about the well being of everyone.

“I think having Butter’s here could be good for his confidence, and me and Wendy got back together here, so yeah, we’re all okay” Stan replied.

The duo came out of the hallway to two pathways, the pathway ahead was long, darkened with dim crimson red lights, there seemed to be a garage door up ahead as well.

“Dr Lakeville says we can’t go down there” Stan said “He said it used to be a refugee camp, but something happened…”

“What?” Kenny asked.

“He never says, he just always says never to go down there” Stan explained. He lead Kenny down a pathway on the left, a small brown door was at the end of the path. Stan opened it up and it took them to the junkyard outside.

It was night time, so the junkyard was lit up by dark street lights littered around the place, it was filled with scrap metal, destroyed Z-Tech Scanner’s and broken weapons, as well as derelict pillars and broken wooden floor boards.
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby Lady_Line_McCormick » Tue Apr 01, 2008 7:17 pm

It's very good that you didn't lost the will of writing! Keep like this! (Unfortunately, I couldn't have time of reading your stories, but this weekend, I'll :wink: ).

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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Wed Apr 02, 2008 1:47 pm

Thank you! I hope to get some more up later today!
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Thu Apr 03, 2008 6:50 pm

(Rephrase: Later Tomorrow)

“So this is basically it” Stan said to Kenny, raising his hand to show the basic area of the junkyard. “Not exactly the park or the stuff we got at recess, but it keeps us going”

At that moment, a loose piece of metal came shooting across the junkyard, it just dodged Stan and Kenny and slammed against the wall. It sounded as if it was launched from something not to far away. Kenny was about to ask Stan, but Stan answered before he could.

“That’s Butter’s, he uses the Multi-Purpose cannon a lot” Stan explained.

“What is this Multi-Purpose cannon anyway?” Kenny asked in bafflement.

“Dr Lakeville says it can do almost anything, although he mostly uses it to lift heavy objects and clear minefields, we use it to just to fool about” Stan added.

Sure enough, Butters came out of the shadows, holding what looked like a white gun, like the kind at the old video game arcades, although it’s barrel was clawed, and it glowed a dark green. Wendy was also behind him, holding a bottle of lemonade, the two hadn’t changed much since Kenny had last seen them, much like everyone else.

“Oh hi Stan” said Butters “You wanna have a go with the Multi… Multi… Well this thing!” Kenny could see the Butter’s still had his tendency to stutter.

“No thanks Butters” Stan replied

“Well hey there Kenny!” Butter’s said to Kenny in astonishment, only just realising he was standing behind Stan. However, instead of getting a warm greeting, Kenny stood at Butter’s and seemed to stare daggers at him.

“Hello Butters” Kenny said coldly

Butters nervously backed off, he could see Kenny wasn’t happy to see him, but why? Wendy stepped forward in front of Butter’s so she could greet Kenny.

“I didn’t think you were still alive” She said

“Likewise” Kenny replied, with a bit more feeling.

Wendy nodded and stepped past him, she went up to Stan and the two hugged.

“It’s good to see you again” Wendy said, clinging onto Stan.

“Yeah, same here” Stan replied.

Kenny shook his head in, surprisingly, disgust.

“I suppose they’ll have sex, right here on the floor” Kenny thought to himself “I’d rather go do some cheesing”

“Come on Kenny, let me show you how this thing here works” Butter’s said to Kenny, stepping in his line of thoughts.”

“Whatever” Kenny replied.
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby Lady_Line_McCormick » Sat Apr 05, 2008 4:45 am

When I read the Stan-Wendy stuff I felt the disgust as Kenny did, I laughed :lol: when he simulated they would have sex on the floor, I liked his relation with Butters, I liked him in this part.

Seeing in Kenny's mind, so hilarius!


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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Sat Apr 05, 2008 6:53 pm

(Thanks for the feedback!)

As Butter’s lead Kenny to the centre of the junkyard, Stan and Wendy followed. The two sat down on a thrown out sofa, while Butter’s showed Kenny the functions of the Multi-Purpose Cannon. Wendy turned and faced Stan.

“Kenny seems a bit distort” She said.

“Well, he’s been through a lot, I guess he’s still getting used to this new world” Stan replied, shrugging his shoulders.

“How could you get used to this place?” Wendy said back to him, not really believing his answer.
Stan said nothing, his eyes merely widened, he turned away from her for a second, before he fully turned way, Wendy said…

“Did you miss him?”

Stan quickly jumped up and in an instant, face her with a look of shock and offence.

“Of course I missed him! Why wouldn’t I miss him?!” He asked in a frantic voice.

“It’s just when we were sorting our lives out, you and your friends seemed more attached to Butter’s, I was just wondering if you had some kind of falling out” Wendy explained.

The moment she said those words, Stan suddenly felt a rush of cold blood through his heart, it was like a mild heart attack, he then felt a bit feverish, it was weird, up until now, he hadn’t noticed that he invited Butter’s round more often than Kenny, he let Butter’s hang out with them a lot more as well.

“Look, I know Butter’s sort of… went in Kenny’s place at times, we are still friends”

Wendy didn’t reply, she shook her head and turned back to Kenny and Butter’s. The two of them remained silent, Stan rubbing his head and stomach, trying to remove the sickness he had just felt, Wendy seemed to stare into nothing. Until she did notice Butter’s approach them, somewhat distort.

“Kenny’s playing a bit too rough you guys!” He whined “It’s like he’s purposely throwing all those things at me with the gun… and what’s more, he won’t give it back to me”

“Kenny? Kenny, you okay?” Stan called out to Kenny. One thing he did notice was that Kenny had his eyebrows down and had what looked like a twisted grin on his face. Like an evil smile, almost like Cartmans.

“I’m fine thanks” Kenny replied, he approached them, but soon went back to his light hearted face.

“I… I didn’t do anything wrong did I Kenny?” Butter’s asked nervously.

“No, you just annoy me” Kenny replied coldly.

Nobody replied. This was the third time in a row that the conversations were killed by one remark. After a few seemingly Stand-offish seconds. Kenny turned to Butter’s.
“I’m sorry Butter’s” Said Kenny Apologetically, returning to his friendly and supportive self “I guess I’m still a little upset from the party you guys had at Kyle’s house without me”

“It’s okay Kenny” Butter’s replied, a smile was on his face “But I thought Stan and Kyle had invited you!”

Kenny instantly turned to Stan, this time the daggers were facing him.

“Stan?” Kenny asked, he gulped as he stared at Stan.

“Kenny, it was mainly Kyle’s Mom and Dad, they didn’t want you near Kyle” Stan explained. As soon as he said this, Kenny’s grudge holding look vanished, and he smiled at Stan.

“I guess I should’ve known it was them” Kenny replied, disappointed with himself. “We are still cool right?”

“Of course dude!” Stan said.

“That’s great you guys” Wendy said “Now can we-”

She had no time to finish, before she could say another word. A large explosion occurred right next to them, it was so powerful it sent the group flying back to the junkyard doors. After a few seconds of disorientation, the group recovered and looked at the explosion impact zone.

“Stan LOOK!” Wendy screamed.

To everyone’s nightmare, the explosion had happened because a Z-Tech Drop pod had landed next to them, it was filled with Z-Tech Scanners “The Brain’s in Jets” Kenny had seen in the sewers.

“Z-TECH! SWEET JESUS!” Stan and Butter’s screamed at the exact same time. More Drop pods landed… They were swarming the junkyard.
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Fri Apr 11, 2008 5:18 pm

(Not to old is it?)

“Run! Run! Everybody run!” Stan yelled at the top of his lungs. The gang dashed over to the junkyard doors, taking the Multi-Purpose Cannon with them. As soon as they were in, Wendy slammed the door behind them, although the Scanners would easily slice through the doors in seconds, they still had to try and get out of there.

“Oh hell no!” Kenny screamed as he saw the corridors they had just entered, they way he and Stan had came through was blocked with debris, Z-Tech were swarming all over the place.
“It’s no use, we’re going to have to go this way!” Stan said, pointing to the crimson corridor.

“But Stan! Dr… Dr Lakeville said we shouldn’t go down there!” Butter’s replied nervously.

“You got any better ideas?!” Stan screamed back to him. Butter’s was sent a few steps back by Stan’s outburst. He was right, they had no choice, it was either risk the “Forbidden” hallway, or die. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The group dashed down the hallway, they could hear the hovering sounds of the Scanner’s slowly getting closer to them. They saw at the end of the corridor was a large garage door with a switch box next to it. Stan quickly flipped the switch and the door swung open. The group dashed in, seconds later, the door slammed behind them.

The Debris from the other corridor suddenly exploded. Razik dived into the room armed with a assault rifle. 3 Scanner’s attempted to apprehend him, but Razik opened fire and destroyed the Scanner’s with ease. He desperately looked around, searching for the children, but saw their footprints heading down the crimson corridor.

“Oh my…” Razik said. Horrified.
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