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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby Lady_Line_McCormick » Sat Apr 12, 2008 3:20 am

I liked your point of view about Kenny's relationship with another boys in Wendy's lines.

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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Sun Apr 13, 2008 4:52 pm


Chapter 8: Night of the living Drudge

The Dark corridor, the fearful noises, the dusty walls slowly falling to pieces, the wet floors…

That’s why Butter’s thought they weren’t allowed to go down this hallway.

“It’s all gross and stuff in here guys” Whined Butter’s “Maybe we should go back and…”

“And what? Face them again?! No way!” Kenny snapped, interrupting “None of us no why we aren’t allowed down here, so I guess we are going to have to find out”

“Kenny’s right, lets just get out of here in one piece” Stan added.

Sure enough, the gang travelled further down the corridor, passing through the odd twist or turn, they were ankle deep in dark brown water, pieces of damaged furniture, lay scattered around the corridor, but it was easily removed with the help of the multi-purpose cannon.

After a few slow minutes, the gang finally reached the end of the corridor, it was mostly wooden floors lightly floating on water that was sinking through below them, a steel ladder stood in front of them, it was so tall the gang couldn’t see what was at the top, it just seemed to go to darkness.

“Who goes first?” Wendy asked. No one was that keen to go up.

“Not me” Kenny said.

“Me Neither” Butter’s whined nervously in fear.

“Huh! Fine! I’ll go first” Stan sighed, he climbed onto the ladder and began to ascend.

“You go next Wendy” Kenny said to her.

“No way, I know what your like, you perv!” Wendy snapped back at him.

Kenny shook his head, but underneath his parka’s hood, he held a smug smile, he joined Stan in climbing up the ladder, followed by Butter’s, then Wendy last.

After a few more slow minutes, the gang found that the ladder had taken them to a dark, cramp shed like area, a small light could be seen towards the left. Before anyone said anything, Kenny step in and went towards the light, he was only gone a few seconds before he rejoined the group.

“Well?” Stan asked.

“I think I know why we weren’t allowed down here…” Kenny gulped.
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:22 pm

The gang followed Kenny, he lead them to an outside area… but it was not a good sight.

Night had fallen, and the gang saw themselves looking at a darkened grassy patch of a small town. The buildings were broken up and slowly falling to pieces, bullets, knives and other makeshift weapons lay scattered everywhere, but the worst point was that the grass was almost red due to the amount of blood around the place. Decapitated bodies were scattered in the corners of the area and the crows were picking off the remains. The whole scene looked like the front cover of a “Cannibal Corpse” album.

“What… The… F**k?” Stan gasped in horror.

“No! I’m not going any further!” Butter’s squeaked, he was trembling so much that he fell to the ground, Wendy quickly helped him up.

“I have to agree with Butter’s, this place looks way to dangerous!” She said. Stan and Kenny looked at each other and then began to privately consult one-another.

“We have a choice” Kenny whispered “Either we go back, surrender to Z-Tech and face either imprisonment or execution, or we move on and find out what happened here”

“Tough Choice Dude” Stan moaned.

“Personally, I survived the Sewer’s and Waterway, I might as well risk this” Kenny said aloud. He began to make his way out of the shed and further along the area, the other’s, who although were scared, did not want to get left behind, reluctantly followed him.

The group looked around, the area seemed generally deserted, but what happened here?

“Look over there!” Wendy yelled. She was pointing to the shed area they had just come from. The gang looked over and saw a silhouette of a large creature sitting on top of the sheds roof. They couldn’t make out what it was, it seemed to quickly stand up and look up into the sky. That’s when it screamed a bloody roar, the kids covered their ears and Kenny tightened it’s parka, the scream was deafening. After a few painful seconds, the creature stopped and hopped away.

“What was that?!” Kenny yelled, still recovering from the scream.

“Wait… Do you guys here something?!” Butter’s said hastily.

Indeed, the sounds of slow movement and things being knocked over could be heard from one of the nearby buildings. A creature emerged… A Drudge.

The gang couldn’t move, they were absolutely shocked stiff by the sight of the Drudge. It looked exactly like the one’s Kenny had seen in the waterways, right down to the bandage over the eyes. Suddenly, more Drudge began to emerge from other buildings. Slowly surrounding the gang…
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Sun Apr 20, 2008 1:01 pm

Kenny stumbled, he tripped on loose floor behind him and fell back into something wooden, it felt like it fell apart as he crashed into it. He quickly shook himself and found he had just fallen through the door to a building behind him. The Gang had quickly followed him in, The Drudge, although slow moving, were beginning to draw in closer.

“We’ve got to slow them down!” Stan yelled.

“How? We don’t have anything to fight them with!” Wendy yelled back at him.

Kenny desperately looked around the blood stained room they were in a found just the thing… Ripsaws.

“We could use those things there!” Kenny pointed out.

“But they weigh a ton!” Butters replied.

“I never said WE lift them, use that Multi-Purpose Cannon!” Kenny snapped back. Kenny withdrew the cannon and handed it to Stan. Stan reluctantly used the “Grab” command of the cannon to pick up one of the Ripsaws. It came to him in an instant.

A Drudge managed to stumble it’s way into the building, as it approached the gang, Stan nervously lifted up the cannon and pulled the trigger. The Ripsaw flew straight towards the Drudge, slicing through it’s waist and ripping it in half. The Saw got stuck at the top of the doorway. The other Drudge seemed to stop.

“Nice one!” Kenny commended, patting Stan on the back.

“Err… Guys?” Wendy said, pointing at the Drudge.

The group looked and saw… that despite being sliced in half… The top half of the Drudge was still crawling after them.

“Oh you’ve got to be S**ting me!” Stan gasped.

“Lets go! Lets get out of here you guys!” Butters screeched, for the first time, the gang agreed with Butters. They saw that at the end of the room was another hallway. The gang dashed down it to outrun the pursing Drudge.
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Mon Apr 21, 2008 6:43 pm

The hallway took the gang to another blood soaked alleyway. It was short, cramp and only went in one direction, but that wasn’t the point. Stan lead the way, as he was armed with the cannon, if any Drudge did get in the way, he could at least hurl something at them, allowing their escape.

Further down the alleyway, the gang had reached what looked like the town square, the city hall was crumbling to pieces and was on fire, various buildings were rotting away and the street’s were littered with both dead people and dead Drudge.

“Great, now where?” Kenny muttered.

“Maybe if we can get onto the roof of a building, we might see a way to get out of here” Wendy suggested.

“Yeah that sounds good” Stan replied “You want to go look Kenny?”

“No way Dude! You’re the one with the cannon!” Kenny said hastily.

Stan sighed. He stepped further and began to search for a way up onto one of the buildings, a stroke of luck occurred when Stan noticed a ladder hidden away next to the city hall, it looked like it was long enough for the gang to get up onto a roof. Stan used the cannon to pick it up and walked back to the gang.

“We can use this, lets get up there!” Stan said, pointing to a building sitting to the right. He placed the ladder next to the building and each began to ascend. When they reached the top. Butters kicked the ladder away.

“I don’t want any of those things following us!” He said

“Neither do we” Kenny replied. Butters nodded and the gang sat down. Looking for any possible means of escaping.

“Look that way!” Stan said, he was pointing to a roadway that seemed to be behind the building that they were sitting on top of.

“If we can make our way through this building, we can go across that way and maybe escape” Stan explained

“Good idea!” Wendy replied. Putting her arm over Stan. The two smiled and kissed. Kenny shook his head and turned to Butters

“You had to put up with this?” He asked.

“Only when they get all emotional, like now” Butters whispered back.

Stan saw that pieces of the roof were already broken off. He jumped down into what used to be a bedroom, but was now burnt and littered with empty boxes. The rest followed.

“Wendy, stay here a minute, me and guys are going to scout ahead” Stan ordered.

“Okay Stan” Wendy replied. The group opened a door and came out to a hallway. Other than a few more doors, a few scattered lead pipes from the buildings piping system and a stairway going down, there didn’t seem to be anything. As they went ahead however, they saw a Drudge slowly trying to make it up the stairs, Stan quickly picked up a lead pipe with the cannon and threw it towards the Drudge… It slammed right into it’s head, killing it. But it sounded like more were coming up.

Meanwhile, Wendy was looking around the room, searching for any clues as to what might have happened here, she looked under the burnt bed and it’s sheets. Finding nothing, she decided to look through the boxes… but something caught her eye…

One of the boxes had “Z-TECH” written on it, and it was almost moving. Wendy nervously stepped closer and lifted the box up. A strange creature was underneath it, it was like a vomit green jellyfish, with one lazy yellow eye. All it did was breath. Wendy did nothing, she was to shocked, both with fear and bewilderment to do anything.

The Creature looked up and saw Wendy. It’s eye shot up with it’s own fear, and in retaliation, spat some sort of gas at her. Before Wendy could even move, the gas hit her and she fell to the floor unconscious. The Creature lifted up one of it’s tentacles. A piece broke off and slithered towards Wendy. The Creature itself managed to hoist itself onto the ceiling and climb out of the building.

The Tentacle slithered around Wendy’s body and to her head. It then crawled into her ear…
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Thu Apr 24, 2008 6:05 pm


At the bottom of the stairs, the final Drudge fell to the floor, another metal poll slammed right into the centre of it’s head. Stan quickly scouted the bottom floor. Nothing, the area was finally clear. He stepped towards what looked like the front door of the building, he tapped it and it fell off it’s hinges. Stan peeked out and saw that it was a cul-de-sac area, no Drudge in sight.

“Okay, it looks safe” Stan said. Kenny and Butters decided to step outside. Stan began to climb back up the stairs.

“Wendy?” He called out. No response. “Wendy?” He called again, still no response. Stan was beginning to worry, he began to race up the stairs and back to the room where he had left Wendy.

He entered and saw her, she looked like she was recovering from some kind of fall, Wendy kept rubbing the back of her head. Stan approached her.

“Wendy? Are you okay? What happened?” Stan asked, full of concern.

“I… I can’t remember…” Wendy replied ominously. She didn’t seem to be able to recall what had just happened.

“Well, it’s safe downstairs, lets go” Stan said. Helping her up, he grasped hold of her hand and safely escorted her downstairs, where Kenny and Butters were already looking around outside. Stan rejoined them.

“Okay guys, Wendy’s not feeling good, Kenny, can you use the cannon?” Stan asked.

“Sure, I had a lot of practise” Kenny replied, turning to Butters and giving out a somewhat evil smile underneath his parka.

The gang decided to keep going along the road of the cul-de-sac, the passed many torched and decaying buildings, the streets were littered with rotting humans and coagulated blood. Christmas decorations lay scattered along the rooftops of the buildings, guessing the people still had the decorations up before the whole incident happened. Trying to put everything behind them, the pushed on.

Eventually, they reached an area with a road slope going down, although a few Drudge were lumbering around the place. They were too close together, so running past them was out of the question.

“What can I throw at these guys?” Kenny nervously asked the others, his hands were shaking.

The gang hastily looked around, but by a stroke of luck, Butters saw a small pile of those ripsaws hanging around a nearby house, presumably from an used earlier encounter.

“Kenny! Kenny throw those!” Butters called out. His voice had attracted the Drudge, and they were beginning to draw towards them. Kenny wasted no time, he pulled the trigger and the ripsaw came towards them. He aimed it at the approaching Drudge, and flung it.

The Saw slashed two Drudge clean in half, sliced the right arm of another, and beheaded one that was lumbering at the back. The gang made a mad dash past the last Drudge that was there, and ran down the slope.

It took them to an interesting place, it was one of those freeway gas stations, all on it’s own. A few burnt cars lay on their sides around it, but nothing seemed living.

“Lets see if there’s anything in the store you guys!” Butters said.

“Why?” Kenny, Stan and Wendy asked back.

“Can’t we just see anyway?” Butters replied. The gang agreed, they went towards the store and opened the door.

Drudge… Dead Drudge.

The dead bodies lay scattered around the store, some lying on top of tipped over shelves, the rest laying dead around the floor.

“Food!” Kenny said to himself, he had just realised he hadn’t eaten anything in a while… in a few years in fact. One question arose… was the stuff here good to eat? Kenny went up to a back of assorted chips and checked the sell by date…

“Best Before… June 7th 2019! Guys this foods still good to go!” Kenny said in a bright tone.

“Great, that means we can eat!” Butters cheered back. Stan seemed to have something else on his mind, Wendy was starting to get back to her old self, but he was more concerned about the Drudge.

“I’m worried Wendy” He said to her “Bullets, that means whoever killed these Drudge had guns, and like the food, the bloods quite fresh”

“Stan, you don’t think… The Outcast are here?” Wendy whispered to him, the two looked and began to sweat. Luckily for them, Kenny didn’t hear them, right now they wanted to survive… They didn’t want to think of these “Outcast”
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Re: Future Savior - A Parody FanFic by McCormick Fan

Postby McCormick Fan » Tue Apr 29, 2008 5:16 pm


Meanwhile, back in South Park. The slaves continued to walk around aimlessly. After the incident with the citizens at the apartment blocks, every slave had been on edge. The Cops walked around the streets, stun batons armed, in case anything else should stir up.

Mike, one of the slaves that had seen Kenny before the testing, sat down on a bench outside the abandoned Tom’s Rhinoplastery, he read through the paper, hearing all the usual news about minor fights in the slave camps over in Moscow, or the slaves stationed in Egypt were dying out. Although as he flicked through, one advert caught his eye.

The advert was showing a picture of Kenny in black and white. The language around the ad was mostly in Z-Tech. Although the following words could be seen…


“If you have seen this human slave, report him to any police officer or Templar, he has been thought to have assailants, who are armed and dangerous”

A Cop just happened to be walking by, Mike, who was quite surprised, decided to ask about the situation.

“Excuse me officer?” He asked.

“What is it citizen?” The cop asked back.

“Who is this Kid? And why does the ‘Leader’ want him alive?” Mike asked, showing the cop the advert.

The cop snatched the paper and looked at the advert for himself, he quickly threw the paper to the floor.

“This slave is wanted for possession of illegal contrabands, assaulting a police officer and overall defiance” The Cop explained.

“He don’t look the type officer” Mike said back.

“It is presumed that he had some assailants to assist him in the assault of the fellow officers, as to why the leader wants him alive, I’m not to say to any slave” The cop summed up, before walking off to continue his patrol…
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