My Work in Progress

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My Work in Progress

Postby kennyninjagrrl » Fri Oct 31, 2008 12:56 am

Ok, I'm writing a book about me and my sister in South Park, and I need ideas for chapters.(And, yes, Kenny is not muffled to help me write it. Just pretend you hear his muffled voice with the words)I already put two things into action:
1.I have a crush on Kenny, there is no doubt about it.(Sorry Kenny fangirls, I just never knew you were out there, so please don't hunt me down and kill me!) So, I had him ask me, as a fourth grader, to be his girlfriend.(I repeat: Please don't hunt me down and kill me!)
2.My sister always wants to be the big sister, so I let her be a fifth grader
3.(This part I just wanted to put in because I am training to be a real ninja)I had the boys and I find a twenty-pointed shuriken, and I kept all of the weapons I had found here in my closet, so I gave them a weapons class, they passed, and we all started to train like real ninjas.
I'm out of ideas from there, so if you have any, please tell me! I will be glad to mention you in my book! :) (Oh, and I will put down your South Park Studios name as the acknowledgment!)

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