Evil Eric

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Evil Eric

Postby vermondo » Tue Jan 06, 2009 7:37 am

When I used to really like Cartman, I created this serial killer who wears this mask bearing a nightmarish image of Cartman. I call him Evil Eric.

When Eric Ludwig was 13, his parents had ever been so mean to him. He had the snitchiest sister you could ever think of. Carrie her name was. She would make up stories of Eric doing things forbidden in the household and he'd still get in trouble for it. He didn't do so well in school either. His worst subjects were Math, History, and PE (the sports games not the workout). His life grew darker as the years passed under his roof. When he turned 18, Eric became intrigued by the TV show South Park and sympathized most with the Cartman character because he'd been treated the exact same way Stan and Kyle treat Cartman. Eric got to work on a porcelain mask and made it into the shape of Eric Cartman only with a few differences. Eric painted on his Cartman mask a demonic eye and razor sharp teeth. Eric's sister Carrie comes in and sees what he's doing and is ready to tell on his parents he's copywriting. Eric wasn't gonna take it anymore. Mask on, he grabbed the closest thing he could find. A giant butcher knife hidden in his closet and he stuck it through Carrie's back and out her mouth. Eric brought Carrie's body into the tool shed and took every constructive tool inside turning them into instrument's of death. Eric knew it was his turn to be tonight's chef. He glanced over at Carrie's mutilated corpse and got an idea. Mom and Dad caught their son Eric making "chilli" for dinner. He served it for all to eat. When Eric's bowl was empty, Dad asks where Carrie is and Eric replies "Isn't there a little Carrie in all of us?" His parents freak as they find an eyeball in each bowl. They start attacking Eric but Eric makes his escape through the closing garage. Mom and Dad are unaware of the closing garage door and give chase. The last thing Eric sees of his parents is their blood oozing from underneath the garage door. Evil Eric lights up a flammable bottle and hurls it at his house and burns other houses he passes by in his neighborhood. He watches from afar as his whole neighborhood burns to smoldering ash. As Evil Eric grew older, he became more violent and bloodthirsty. Combining Cartman's endurance with his tormented past, Evil Eric has transformed Eric Cartman into a bloodthirsty killing machine.

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