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Re: Who's your daddy? Chapter 97

Postby willowrose » Tue Oct 05, 2010 3:01 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Lots of bad words. A little rift breaks out in the hospital hallway. But it's all in the name of love.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 97

"So he's going to be OK? Thank God," Anderson groaned as he was standing outside the hospital with Trey.

"Yeah. And they said it didn't have as much to do with the tire swing as it does with stress he's putting on himself. I don't know. Something about not getting enough rest and cheating and not knowing who the baby's daddy is or something," Trey threw his hand up sarcastically and said. Anderson just shook his head a little.

"This is why-" He was interrupted by Matt walking out and wrapping his arms around Trey. He greeted Matt and then continued with what he was saying. "This is why it's harder for people to take the sanctity of marriage into consideration these days. Or in other words why no one seems to take marriage seriously anymore," Anderson said with a little bit of irritation in his voice. "There aren't enough people in this world that are truly committed to each other," He complained a little further.

"Well thankfully there still are some," Trey said as he pulled Matt's arms a little tighter around him, feeling their baby bump pushing a little into his back. Anderson just slowly nodded this time.

"Well, again, thank God he's alright. I better get back to my ranch. My breakfast is probably getting cold. Stop by and visit me anytime. I wouldn't mind seeing the baby sometime after it's born," Anderson told them. They both smiled at him. "Take care," He said and then left as the sun was rising and casting a soft glow around them.

"Get restless again?" Trey asked as his head rested back against Matt.

"Yes. I kinda like not being cooped up at home. Although I wish it was for better circumstances, but it's nice to be able to walk around. So I want to," Matt told him and then kissed under his ear. "Thank you for my party though. If Eric didn't go and ruin it, we'd be having birthday sex right now," Matt reminded him. Trey giggled.

"Well now you'll just get an extra serving," He replied. Matt smiled.

"Thank you for that song too. I know you mean it," He whispered to him, leaving Trey smiling.

"I do. You always knew that though. Right?"

"Yes," Matt mumbled as he kissed Trey's neck. "I just like teasing you."

"You're teasing me right now with your soft lips all over my neck," Trey groaned a little. Matt smiled.

"We should probably go in and see what's going on. Jason hasn't come out of Eric's room in a while."

"Yeah. Let's make sure he isn't holding Frank hostage or something," Trey said and then took Matt's hand and led him back into the hospital.


Jason was sitting beside Eric's bed, watching him. Eric stayed quiet and just stared at the ceiling, his hands holding the sides of his stomach. He wanted to know if Frank was there, but wasn't about to ask.

And he didn't have to.

"Frank is here by the way, if you want to see him," Jason spoke softly and said. Eric shook his head a little as he stared at the ceiling. A tear finally started to fall from his eye. A tear that was waiting to fall for a long time.

"I, I can't-" Eric started crying as he stared at the ceiling and rubbed over his belly. He had been laying there thinking of the way his ex Greg had betrayed him. "Jason, I-"

"Don't." Jason cut him off.


"Don't. Just don't. Not right now," Jason spoke quietly, but said his words in a way that proved he meant them. Eric wouldn't look over at him. He slowly nodded and wiped at his tears.

Jason stepped out of the room, feeling the need to call and check on Garrow, and saw Frank standing across the hallway, looking at him. They both paused. Frank opened his mouth to say something but saw Jason slowly nodding at him, stepping away from the doorway.

"Thank you," Frank whispered and headed for the door. Jason stepped in front of him for a moment.

"I just want to tell you, I want you to pretend like you didn't say anything and I don't know. There can't be any extra stress on this baby right now," Jason quietly told him, giving a stern look in his eye. Frank nodded and stepped away from Jason to go into the room. Jason watched him and then just stood against the wall for a moment, feeling his heart drop a little.

"Are you OK?" Trey walked up to him and asked.

"No. I'm not. I'm full of rage right now."

"You have a right to be pissed off," Trey told him.

"I'm not just pissed off. I mean, I am. Yeah. I am pissed off, but, I don't know. I'm pissed off at myself. I'm pissed off at Frank. I'm pissed off at Glasgow for forcing me into this situation in the first place. I'm pissed off at myself for keeping myself so blinded. I'm, I'm pissed off, yes," Jason released a little bit of frustration as he talked.

"I'd be pissed off too. What Frank did wasn't cool. He's already married. But you're pissed off at everyone other than Eric. Why?"

"Eric? I can't be pissed off at Eric. I mean I am, but I can't be. He's sick, and, this baby and, just," Jason grabbed his head for a moment.

"You can't be pissed off at Eric because you love him. But he still hurt you," Trey walked up a little closer to Jason and said. Jason stared at him. "You have a right, and you have a reason, to be pissed off," Trey whispered. He then stepped back and watched Jason for a moment.

"What am I suppose to do?" Jason shook his head a little and shrugged, letting his voice crack.

"Just be pissed off. Don't try to hold it in. I understand not saying anything to Eric right now if that's what you're gonna do. But you don't have to pretend like you're not just as pissed off at him too," Trey told him. Jason's eyes drifted down to the floor and he stood there staring at it.


Frank was standing beside Eric's bed as Eric cried. He tried talking but it just came out in broken whining sentences. His hands slid over his stomach as a nurse came in to take a reading. Frank reached down and laid his hand on top of Eric's. Eric tried pulling away but Frank stopped him. He took Eric's hand into his and leaned down to kiss Eric's forehead.

"You're my best friend. I'm going to be here for you no matter what. Even if you don't want me to be," Frank whispered before he pulled away. Eric swallowed hard and just nodded a little bit. He wanted Frank there just as much as he wanted Jason there. But guilt was tempting him to tell Frank to f**k off. For the moment though, knowing this baby could be Frank's as much as it could be Jason's, he decided it was better to just allow Frank to stay. Until the nurse looked up and told him to leave the room. Frank gave her a questioning look before asking why.

"Sir, just leave the room," The nurse told him and called for the doctor. Frank told Eric he loved him and had enough time to squeeze his hand a little as the doctor rushed in and yelled at him to get out. Jason heard the yelling and tried coming into the room.

"What in hell is going on?" Jason asked. The nurse touched his chest and tried pushing him out of the room also. "Wait, no!" Jason yelled and pushed the nurse's hands away.

"We need you to cooperate mist-"

"I got him. We'll go," Frank grabbed Jason's arm and pulled him out of the room.

"No! What the f**k is going on!" Jason yelled and tried kicking at the door as it closed on him while Frank pulled him from the room.

"Just wait! You're the one that said you don't want extra stress on Eric!" Frank yelled at him. "You're not helping any by getting in the way!" He yelled.

"I swear to God Frank if you don't get out of my face I'll flatten you right in this hallway," Jason told him in a low, stern voice. Trey stepped between them.

"Guys, neither one of you are helping any."

"I am! I'm trying to help by not letting Jason get kicked out by security!" Frank yelled.

"Shut the f**k up you hypocrite!" Jason yelled at him.

"How am I a hypocrite?" Frank yelled back.

"You wanna know how? You pretend like you're such a good friend to Eric but you're not! You're not a good friend! You're a bad friend! A good friend wouldn't f**k with his damn emotions while you're cheating on your own damn husband!" Jason yelled, failing to admit he did the same thing to Eric while still with Glasgow. Except for the fact he was never married to Glasgow in the first place. Frank went after Jason this time. Matt came walking down the hall as the fight was taking place and a couple nurses tried to break it up.

"Guys, guys!" Trey yelled as Frank tried to push Jason. Jason was a slightly bigger built guy than Frank. He easily slapped Frank's arm away and caused him to trip against the wall. His eye was already swollen and purple from the first hit Jason delivered earlier. Trey, built a little larger and standing taller than either of them, grabbed Frank and tried helping him steady himself.

"Just stop. You already got your hit in," Trey turned around and said to Jason as he helped Frank stand.

"Shut up! You probably knew all this time that they were f**king and you didn't have the balls to tell me!" Jason yelled at Trey.

"Hey! Don't yell at Trey like it's his fault. You were the one stupid enough not to see any of the warning signs!" Matt yelled at Jason. Jason turned around like he was ready to attack Matt. Trey jumped on him, sending them both to the floor. Jason hit it with an umph as Trey sat on top of him.

"Don't you DARE act like you're about to raise your hand at Matt!" Trey shouted down at him.

"I wasn't!" Jason tried saying as Frank went ahead and tried pulling Trey off of him. Security came walking up the hallway as the doctor came out of the room.
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Re: Who's your daddy? Chapter 98

Postby willowrose » Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:21 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Eric's laying in a hospital bed and Frank gets creative to make him feel better.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 98

"The baby's heart rate hadn't changed for a while. It stayed the same which isn't a good sign," The doctor started talking as everyone stood and stared at him. He was used to people being under a lot of stress and fights occasionally breaking out in the hall. He acted like nothing had happened.

"What? What do you mean? What happened?" Jason, still trying to gain his balance, asked in a rushed voice.

"We're monitoring the situation, but right now we just don't know. It's best if all of you just go back and sit down. I don't want anyone inside this room right now," The doctor said and gave the orders not to let any visitors in, regardless who they were.

"But, no!" Jason yelled.

"Yeah I don't like that idea much either," Trey spoke up and said. "Eric might need to see these guys." He pointed at both Jason and Frank. "He's a delicate little flower and he strives on attention. If he doesn't get that, it could be bad," Trey explained. It sounded funny but he was being absolutely serious. Both Jason and Frank just stared at the doctor. The doctor ignored everyone and told security to watch the door as he walked past.

"God- DAMMIT! NO!" Jason yelled. He pointed his finger at Frank again as a security guard stepped in front of him.

"You have to go take a seat," The guard told him.

"No! I-"

"Go take a seat," The guard repeated in a much more serious voice. Trey almost blurted out take it where but kept his mouth shut. Jason gave security a death stare and then turned around and walked back to the waiting room. Frank started crying.

"Oh God, man. Be a man!" Trey looked at him and said. Matt was about to say it but it slipped out of Trey's mouth instead.

"I'll go sit with Jason while you deal with Frank," Matt whispered to Trey and then walked back to the waiting room, waddling a little.

"Stop walking around so much!" Trey yelled at him before turning back to Frank.

"I can't," Frank whined as he wiped at his face. "I can't just leave." He said as another tear fell from his eye.

"You're not just leaving. You're just following doctors orders."

"We wouldn't be here. None of us would be here if I didn't show up at Matt's birthday party," Frank whined.

"No. None of us would be here if you didn't start f**king Eric in the first place!" Trey told him. Frank gave him a little bit of a shocked look.

"Me f**king Eric has nothing to do with you choosing a place with a stupid tire swing!" Frank shouted. Trey's jaw dropped a little.

"Don't blame me! Eric acted like he didn't even want to push that stupid tire swing with you! Jason was the one that told him to! Wait. Wait!" Trey yelled as Frank opened his mouth again. "We can all blame each other but that's just stupid."

"How did you even meet this guy with the tire swing?" Frank asked with tears still streaked down his face.

"I was shopping."

"For what?"

"That's none of your business."

"For food? For car insurance?"

"For baby stuff. Body pillows for Matt."

"That's nice. So you shopping for your baby could have cost me mine!" Frank yelled. Trey's jaw dropped again.

"Don't blame my baby!"

"I'm not! It's-" Frank stopped himself and lowered his face into his hands. He knew he was acting stupid but it was only because he was panicking. Trey also knew it was only because he was panicking. Frank had such a soft spoken voice you couldn't really tell he was yelling when he did yell. Except for right now. Right now there was more passion, more drama in his voice. But he knew what he was saying he shouldn't have been saying. Trey grabbed him and pulled him into his arms as he kept his face down in his hands.

A couple hours later, which didn't nearly seem that long as they all sat in their own corners of the room, fuming still about the whole ordeal, and worried about Eric, the doctor finally came back in. Matt and Trey were together on one side of the room, watching as Frank sat quietly in his chair, staring down at the floor the whole time, and Jason on the other side of the room, pacing it. They both looked up as the doctor started talking.

"Eric is fine."

"The baby?" Jason froze and asked as Glasgow came in behind the doctor with Garrow in his arms.

"The baby is fine. If you'd like to see him now, that's fine too. But I want only one person in there at a time and for only ten minutes each. No more," The doctor told them. Jason wanted to dispute it but realized he better just stay quiet. Glasgow walked Garrow over to him and Garrow reached out for him to take him. Jason did as he looked over at Frank.

"Frank, you can go first," Jason offered. He didn't want Frank to go in at all. But knowing he would either way, he wanted to see Eric last. Frank nodded at him and got up. After Frank left the room, Jason gave Garrow back to Glasgow and took off for the restroom.


Frank quickly went into Eric's room. Eric was slightly sitting up now in the bed.

"Hi," Frank quietly greeted him as he walked over to him. He pulled a chair over and sat down next to Eric's bed. He wanted to sit there and have as much eye contact as he could with Eric during his ten minutes. Eric tried to smile a little.

"What happened to your eye?" He asked, getting a better look at Frank. "Did the tire swing hit you too?"

"No. I, tripped. How are you feeling?" Frank asked quietly, wondering a little why Eric was actually smiling. Eric grinned and rubbed over his belly.

"It's a girl," He whispered over at Frank. "I may as well tell you, it's a little girl in here," He said as his hands slid over his skin between the monitoring belts. The doctor had let it slip to him first and Eric didn't say anything about not previously knowing. He started to cry. "I'm sorry. I keep going through feeling OK and feeling like sh*t," He cried as he tried covering his face. Frank got up and tried hugging him.

"It's OK. I'm going through that too. Except I'm stuck in sh*t mode," He told him as he pulled away. Eric laughed a little.

"I'm sorry. I've ruined everyone's lives," He said, still trying to smile some, and then started crying again.

"No. No you haven't. You're not the only one in question here. And even at that, no ones life is ruined. We just need this baby to come out healthy and we'll all be OK. OK?" Frank spoke softly, wiping at Eric's tears and then sliding his fingers through Eric's hair. Eric thought for a moment and then nodded.

"Don't tell Jason it's a little girl. I want him to still be surprised."

"I think he might- OK." Frank told him as Eric looked over at him. He was going to tell him he thinks Jason might already know, but decided to just leave it alone.

"I want to be a good dad. I don't know how to be a good dad," Eric said as he looked down at his stomach, letting a couple more tears fall. It wasn't that he wanted to cry. But he was holding it in for so long, and the only person he felt comfortable enough to cry in front of right now without them wondering why was Frank.

"You are a good dad."

"No I'm not. I've let Garrow down. I swore I'd protect him no matter what he went through with Jason and Glasgow and I'm just making it so much worse for him," Eric whispered.

"That's not true. Garrow loves you. And you are one of his dads."

"He doesn't really see me as one of his dads," Eric whispered at Frank.

"Yes he does. He said so at my house. Remember? He came screaming down the hallway looking for you?"

"No. He came screaming down the hallway looking for one of his fathers. He wasn't referring to me as one."

"OK. I have to go now, OK? We were only suppose to get ten minutes each in here and Jason is probably throwing a fit in the waiting room. I love you. I love you Eric," Frank told him quietly. Eric stared at him and then started to nod.

"I love you too," He finally told him. Frank got up, kissed his cheek, and laid his hand on top of Eric's belly for a moment before giving him a soft smile and leaving the room. Eric closed his eyes and rested his head back for a few minutes until he heard someone walk into the room. Frank came back in with Garrow in his arms. Eric gave them both a bit of a shocked look.

"I don't want him to see me like this," Eric complained as Frank sat back down with Garrow on his lap. Garrow was giving Eric a curious stare.

"He's the one that wanted to see you. He keeps asking about you."

"I can't believe Jason let you bring him in here."

"He didn't. Glasgow did. He wanted to know where you were. Right?" Frank looked at Garrow and asked. Garrow continued to stare at Eric. Eric's hair was sweaty and he had slight dark circles under his eyes. Not to mention the weird straps going across his exposed belly. Garrow finally smiled and nodded at Eric. Frank smiled and kissed the side of Garrow's head. He really had been asking for Eric. As soon as Frank walked back into the waiting room, looking for him, thankful to see Jason wasn't there yet, he heard Garrow asking where's Wek? Glasgow had explained to him Eric had a booboo and they were in the hospital to visit him. Garrow grasped that and wanted to see him. "Are you happy to see Eric?" Frank asked him. Garrow nodded yes again.

"I love you Garrow," Eric told Garrow softly, wishing he could hold him. Garrow continued staring at him, unsure of why he wasn't acting completely like the Eric he knew.

"Garrow, is Jason your daddy?" Frank asked him. Garrow gave him a funny look. "Jason. Who's Jason?" Frank asked.

"Daddy," Garrow said quietly.

"Jason is your daddy?" Frank asked. Garrow nodded his head yes at him. "Is Glasgow your daddy?" He asked him. Garrow nodded his head yes again. "Am I your daddy?"

"No," Garrow giggled and answered in another quiet voice.

"Is Trey your daddy?" Frank asked him. Garrow shook his head no. "Is Andy your daddy?" He asked. Garrow shook his head no. "Is Eric your daddy?" Frank asked. Garrow nodded his head yes at him. Eric gave a small sigh and held his hand over his mouth so he wouldn't start sobbing again. "Who am I?" Frank asked the four year old again, pointing at himself. Garrow touched his little fingertip to him.

"Fanke," He answered, amused.

"Who is Jason?"


"Who is he?"

"Daddy!" Garrow said excitedly, giggling this time, thinking Frank was silly.

"I'm not your daddy?" Frank asked him. Garrow shook his head no at him. "Who is that?" Frank pointed over at Eric. Garrow looked at him and then back at Frank.


"Eric?" He asked. Garrow nodded. "Who is Eric?" He asked. Garrow pointed back at Eric. "Who is Eric?"

"Daddy!" Garrow answered, amused again. Eric had tears streaming down his face now.

"Thanks for this torture," Eric whispered at Frank. Frank just gave him a small smile. Garrow turned his attention back to Eric.

"Wek sick?" He asked Eric. Eric laughed a little and nodded at him.

"Yes baby. I'm a little bit sick."

"And da doctor gives Wek a shot?" Garrow asked, his face dropping to a more serious expression. Eric started to laugh. He didn't want to confuse Garrow.

"Yes. The doctor gave me a shot."

"And you have booboo?" Garrow asked, and then held up his elbow to show Eric the Snoopy Band-Aid that was on it.

"How did you get a booboo?" Eric asked him.

"I fell," Garrow answered, his voice going somber. It made both Eric and Frank laugh. "Dammit!" Garrow suddenly shouted, and then laughed. Eric gave him a bit of a shocked look. Garrow was told not to say words like that, but they knew a four year old was going to say what they thought and heard.

"Why did you say that?" Eric asked him as Frank couldn't help but continue to laugh.

"Dat's what I said," Garrow explained. "I fell. And den got up and DAMMIT!" He yelled the word again, explaining what had happened. Eric started crying again, but this time from the good feeling inside him from Garrow making him laugh.

"Can I come in now?" Jason was suddenly in the doorway, asking. Frank knew it was more of a demand than a question.

"Give your daddy a kiss," Frank told Garrow. Garrow reached his arms out toward Eric. Frank leaned him in to give Eric a small kiss on the lips.

"I love you," Eric reminded Garrow as Garrow smiled at him. Frank then got up with him in his arms. Jason refused to meet his eyes as he walked past him with his son.
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Re: Who's your daddy? Chapter 99

Postby willowrose » Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:11 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Eric's still laying in a hospital bed. Everyone is hoping the baby will be okay. And Matt makes Trey the happiest man on earth.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 99

Trey was on his knees in front of Matt as Matt slid his fingers through the back of Trey's hair.

"It's OK. I'm fine and Bob is fine," Matt talked to him as Trey kept his arms around Matt, hugging his stomach. Trey started having a little bit of a panic attack as he sat beside Matt. Jason started bitching about Frank taking too long. He didn't mind the fact he took Garrow to see Eric. But he started complaining about how it should be him spending time with his family, not Frank. And then mentioned something about especially since this might be some of the last few moments of them being a family together. No one knew exactly what he meant and no one wanted to ask. But Trey figured he meant in case something happens to the baby. After Jason left the room, Trey silently slid down to his knees and started hugging Matt and Matt's stomach. After the anxiety attack that had already sent Trey into the hospital, Matt was trying his best to diffuse the situation as delicately as possible. "Let's go for a walk," He offered.

"You probably shouldn't be walking around so much," Trey mumbled against Matt's belly.

"It won't be a long walk. We'll just walk outside. We'll walk along the lake that's by the parking lot," Matt spoke softly. Trey didn't move. After a few moments he finally nodded, got up off his knees, and then grabbed Matt's hand, helping him up out of the seat.

The air was warm as they walked along the sidewalk next to the lake, Matt's fingers entwined with Trey's.

"This is nice." Trey looked around and breathed in the refreshing air.

"It's beautiful. And much better than that lame stuffy waiting room."

"Yeah. I hope it doesn't take much longer. Eric doesn't do that well inside hospitals. When he was little, back in grade school," Trey started talking. Matt watched him with a smile. "He had to get his tonsils out, and got some sort of staff infection and had to stay there for a month. And then a couple years later he broke his arm and panicked and refused to go into the hospital. I was on the playground with him when it happened."

"Wow. Yeah. That doesn't sound good. He'll be fine though. It's better for him to be right here than at home. Here they can monitor the baby better."

"Yeah. Maybe we should buy them a monitoring machine so they can just do that at home if they have to," Trey looked at Matt and said. Matt smiled.

"I'm not sure if that's really possible. It might be, I'm not sure. But that's a very, very kind offer," Matt told him. Trey nodded a little and then watched out over the lake.

"Our life is good," Trey said quietly. "I'm thankful for everything," He turned back to Matt and said.

"I am too. It is good," Matt agreed as Trey started walking again, leading him to the next spot to pause and admire. "I've been thinking, and, I mean, I've been doing some serious thinking," Matt started talking, watching the side of Trey's face.

"Yeah? Have you changed your mind about the baby's name?" Trey asked.

"No. But I have changed my mind about how I want to live the rest of my life," He said. Trey looked over at him.

"You want to move back to Colorado?"

"No. I like it here. For now anyway. But I do want to move in with you. I mean, if that offer still stands," Matt said, trying to be a little cute. He had the feeling of wanting to live with Trey for a while but didn't want to say anything too soon. It wasn't that they didn't already spend every night together. They did. But Trey was right. Not all of Matt's mail was sent to Trey's house. "I'll sell the house. We'll sell my house and add the money to the baby's fund," Matt said. Trey just stared at him for a moment. He finally started to giggle and then pulled Matt into his arms.

"You already know everything I'd want to say," Trey softly said as he held Matt to him. Matt nodded.

"I do. You make me happy Trey, and I want to make you happy too," He said. Trey pulled away from him.

"You already do make me happy. You've always made me happy. We've already been through a lot together and I'd live it all again in a heartbeat. That's how happy you've made me. And satisfied. And content and joyful and just, fabulous!" Trey said, being cute. Matt giggled. Trey was patient and waited a long time for Matt to decide to make their commitment completely official by moving in with him. Matt had a very independent mind. He relied on Trey a lot, and for a lot, but when it came down to it, he was more of a free spirit than anything. He didn't want to feel like he didn't have room to breathe. And Trey knew that. And Trey accepted it. Matt knew that too. He knew Trey accepted him exactly the way he was. He also knew it was time to give in a little bit and prove to Trey, once and for all, exactly how much he needed him in his life. "I love you," Trey told him and leaned in to place some tender kisses on his lips. Matt enjoyed the moment before grabbing the back of Trey's head and making the kisses a little more passionate. Trey pulled away with a smile. "You've made me the happiest person on earth," Trey told him, feeling both relief and excitement.

"Good. Then marry me."

Trey stood there staring at Matt. Matt started to giggle and snapped his fingers in front of Trey's face.

"Huh?" Trey asked, his mouth hanging open a little bit now. Matt smiled.

"I said marry me. Are you OK? You're acting like I just told you I was pregnant or something," Matt teased. Trey just stared at him. "Trey, OK. You're starting to scare me a little. Seriously, are you OK?" Matt asked. Trey's heart was set a flutter and his whole body tingled as he stood there, ignoring Matt, and replaying the vision of Matt standing before him saying the words marry me in his mind. "Trey!" Matt shook Trey a little. Trey's eyes finally came back into his.

"Did you just ask me to, marry you?" He asked slowly. Matt grinned.

"Yes. And now you're making me a little nervous. I didn't think I'd actually have to feel nervous doing this. I'd get down on one knee but I probably wouldn't be able to get back up again," He told him. Trey stared at him for a second longer and then took Matt's face in his hands and kissed him. With lots and lots of tongue. "Does that mean yes?" Matt finally mumbled against Trey's mouth. Trey nodded and started laughing.

"Yes," He groaned at him.


"Do you want ice cream or anything? I'll get you whatever you feel like having," Jason looked at Eric and said. Eric shook his head.

"I'm fine. I'll just eat whatever they bring me," He said quietly. They weren't saying much to each other as Jason sat beside Eric's bed, both of them watching the monitor as it beeped.

"Did the doctor say anything to you about knowing what sex our baby is?" Jason asked him for something to talk about. Eric looked over at him.

"Did he say something to you?"

"Sort of. But nothings been confirmed yet, as far as I'm concerned, so if you don't want to know, we can wait."

"He told me too. Maybe we should sue this hospital?" Eric said, teasing a little. Jason smiled some.

"So, what did he tell you?" Jason asked, making sure Eric already knew before he said it.


"That's what he told me too," Jason said softly, smiling a little more. Eric started to grin some.

"I love your smile," Eric told him. "Our baby girl is going to be so beautiful," He said in a soft voice.

"She'll be beautiful because she'll look like you," Jason told him. Not only was Eric prettier than the rest of them, but Jason also wasn't sure who else the baby might end up looking like. That part was stabbing his heart, but he was determined, now that he knew, not to bring it up while Eric was pregnant. Of course he wanted Eric's side of the story also. And for the moment he was trying to put it into his mind that maybe Frank was just delirious from his best friend laying in a hospital bed and didn't know what he was saying. He was pretty sure from the look in his eye he really did know what he was saying, but in the meantime, he was trying to convince himself there was at least a possibility he didn't.


"Trey, don't cry," Matt said softly as he stood beside Trey, rubbing his back. Trey was standing there, staring out over the water, bawling his eyes out. He was fine until he said yes. It then hit him what Matt had just asked. It hit him that Matt actually asked.
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Re: Who's your daddy? Chap 100 *pops nonalcoholic champagne*

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Some quality time with Matt and Trey and their bump. And on a side note, we've reached chapter 100!! THANK YOU to everyone that's stuck with this story!! You guys are all stars. And there is LOTS more to come. So keep reading. ;)

Who's your daddy? Chapter 100

"I'd like to go with just regular plain old rings. Well not old. Something new. But plain. Just something classic. And classy," Matt sat in front of the internet, talking to himself, searching over wedding rings. He thought Trey was standing behind him paying attention. But instead Trey was in front of the internet himself on the other side of the room, looking over wedding invitations. "Did you hear me? Is plain and classic OK?" Matt turned around and asked.

"Huh? Oh. That sounds nice. I don't really care to be completely honest. I'll tie a bread bag twisty around my finger. Just as long as it symbolizes our vows," Trey told him. Matt couldn't help but smile a little bit.

"Fine. But you're not slipping no bread bag twisty on my finger," He told him.

"Wedding invitations can get so fancy. I'm kinda tempted to just send everyone a postcard," Trey mumbled. Matt started to snicker again.

"That's fine," He said. Trey turned to look at him.


"Yeah. The important part is that we're getting married. I don't really care what type of details there are when it comes to everything else," He told him. Trey grinned.

Eric had been released from the hospital and put on strict bed rest. Which meant he had to stay in bed. Period. Frank had gone home to find Marc and the kids were still there. He would have fought to get his kids back but would have left it up to Marc to decide if he wanted to stay or go. Marc decided to stay. But he was completely avoiding Frank like he was the plague. Frank kept quiet, thankful for it at least not breaking out into war in his house. Matt was feeling the rush still of asking Trey to marry him. It wasn't that he still didn't believe you could prove your commitment to each other without marriage, because he did still believe that. But he also knew what Trey wanted. Trey had stayed quiet about it for years and Matt loved him even more for that. Trey was giving without taking. Now it was Matt's turn. He was happy to be making Trey happy. And he wouldn't have freely admitted it, but it was sorta exciting for him to be looking over wedding rings. They decided to keep their engagement quiet for the time being. Matt's parents were still in town for the week and they didn't want them rushing to get a piece of the action.

"I don't want some redneck looking wedding though," Trey turned around in his chair again and laughed. Matt shrugged.

"I don't think that will be possible. It's going to come together the way it should. It'll be fancy in it's own ways and simple in it's own ways. And it'll be the most amazing wedding anyone has ever seen. Know why?"

"Why?" Trey asked, smiling.

"Because you're marrying me," Matt said with a big smile. Trey pouted for a moment and then started to giggle. He got up, walked over to Matt, and then pulled him up from the chair.

"I have an idea."

"Shop for engagement rings?" Matt asked. He already knew what kind he wanted for them before he asked Trey to marry him. He had found them online but was waiting for Trey to order them with him.

"No. Well, yes. But not yet. I say let's go practice our honeymoon newlywed humping," Trey said with a smirk and then kissed him. Matt smiled.

"OK. Ouch," He suddenly paused.

"What?" Trey froze.

"I don't know. Just a weird, cramp of some sort," Matt grabbed the side of his body. Trey went to his knees and took Matt's big baby belly into his hands.

"Bob, I know you can hear me," Trey started talking. "And I know you know it's me, your daddy Trey. Listen up. I don't plan to be the disciplinarian, but stay put. You are not allowed to go anywhere for at least another ten, preferably twelve, weeks," Trey told his baby. The baby started rolling around a little bit. Matt wrapped his arms around Trey after he stood again and started making out with him.


Moments later Matt fell to sleep against Trey. They were naked and felt the breeze of the warm California air dancing over their bodies. Trey sat up on his elbow and just stared at Matt. He was beautiful. Trey was full of admiration for everything Matt was doing for him. He quietly got out of bed and called Doctor Emma.

"A cramp? It was in his side?"

"Yes. Should I bring him in?"

"Well, what is he doing now? Is he still complaining? Is he bleeding?"

"No. He's sleeping."

"Sleeping? Well maybe you should wake him up. If he was complaining about a cramp and then fell to sleep, I'd like him to wake up and try not to fall back to sleep for a while. Keep him alert."

"Oh. Well, he didn't exactly just fall to sleep. I mean, after complaining about the cramp."

"He didn't?"


"What did he do?" The little doctor naively asked.

"We, um, we made love. Was that OK?" Trey asked, choosing his words wisely, not wanting to say anything that offensive.

"Oh. Yes. As long as he's not bleeding or immobile, I think it was nothing. Nothing to worry about, OK? He's in his third trimester now. Congratulations."

"Thanks. So then, he's OK? I mean everything should be OK?"

"Yes. Just be there for him. He'll need you now more than ever during these last few weeks of pregnancy. Call me if anything else worries you," Dr Emma sweetly told him. She did her best to try convincing new parents there was a lot less to worry about than they realized, but she also wanted to make sure they knew she was there for them. Trey thanked her and hung up, still a little worried but also feeling relief. He wanted to focus more on his engagement right now than being distraught over Matt laying in a hospital bed the way Eric was. He went back to bed and wrapped his arms around Matt again. Matt smiled and moaned a little in his sleep.

A couple hours later, after just laying in bed talking and giggling and touching and only God knew what else, Trey's cellphone rang.

"Dammit. Who could that be?"

"Probably my parents. Maybe the day at Disneyland wasn't as exciting for them as we expected it to be," Matt told him as he slid his fingers over Trey's chest hair while he answered his phone.

"Yeah? ... Really? ... Why? ... Yeah. OK. Fine. ... No problem. ... Bye." Trey hung up. "That was Glasgow. He wants to bring the kid over."

"Garrow? Why? What's wrong?"

"Something about work. He needs to fly out to Texas for something and Jason is still tending to Eric's needs and blah blah blah and I guess Frank will come pick him up later tonight. I didn't really want to ask for too much detail."

"Hm." Matt hummed and cuddled into the side of Trey more. "The only way the kid gets any sanity in his life is to come over here."

"Yeah. He's gonna be high strung when he grows up. Let's not let him near our boy, OK?"

"OK. Or girl? Garrow could be gay."

"Yeah. That's true. Well I don't know so much about that but there's a good chance our kid will be," Trey teased. Matt giggled. A little while later the doorbell rang.

"Is that them?" Matt mumbled against Trey.

"Yeah. I guess they were in the area. Be right back." Trey kissed Matt's head and then pulled Matt's robe on to go answer the door.
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Re: Who's your daddy? Chapter 101

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Garrow gets dropped off to spend some quality time with uncle Matt and uncle Trey for a while.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 101

"What the hell is that?" Trey asked as Jason walked in with Garrow. Garrow was holding a small plastic cage by it's handle on top.

"It's his new hamster. His first pet. He won't part with it, so don't even bother," Jason warned him. Garrow started screaming his head off about seeing Jason and Wek, recognizing the area Glasgow was driving through as his other home. So Glasgow had to drive him all the way home first, just so he could see Jason. Eric was sleeping at the time so Jason didn't want Garrow going in to wake him. Garrow agreed to go visit uncle Matt and uncle Trey only if Jason took him over and he got to take his new hamster with him, while Glasgow had to sit with Eric. "I can't stay. Glasgow has a flight to catch."

"Why a hamster? Why couldn't it just be a goldfish?" Trey was still staring down at the small cage hanging from Garrow's little hand as he stood beside Jason, holding onto the leg of his pants while staring up at Trey.

"Glasgow got it for him. Something about teaching him responsibility and, well, there's other reasons. But everyone can figure that out on their own," Jason told him, handing over Garrow's day bag.

"Those things only live for like six months usually. Glasgow knew that right?"

"Yes. That's the other reason. He said it was time for him to learn what, what that was about. I'd rather not talk about it. His food and some movies and puzzles, he's really into puzzles right now, is in the bag. Thanks again for doing this. I really need the time to just concentrate on Eric's well being right now."

"I know."

"Frank said he'll pick Garrow up later tonight to spend the night with his kids. Marc was out golfing and took the vehicle big enough to hold all the kids, and no one has time to take him all the way over there right now so that's why you get to spend some quality time with the little guy," Jason told him.

"Oh I already did that last night in the shower. But, thanks. Oh, you meant him." Trey pointed at Garrow. Jason just stared at him. Trey started to smirk. "Sorry. I'm just trying to lighten the mood a little."

"Do you really do that?"


"That. Why would you have to do that? You have Matt."

"I don't have to do that, it's just a way of staying spiritually connected with myself. You know what that's like. You're into the whole nature thing," Trey told him. Jason just gave him another stare. "So you're still letting him go to Frank's house?" Trey asked. He wanted to ask earlier then decided to stay out of it but now that Jason was giving him a weird look he decided to go ahead and ask. Jason gave him another look.

"I can't take it out on the kids what Frank did," Jason told him. Trey was going to throw in what Frank and Eric both did but decided again to just stay out of it.

Jason turned his attention back to Garrow. He bent down to Garrow's level. Garrow stared at him.

"I have to go now. Daddy needs to go home and take care of Eric. So have fun with Matt and Trey, OK?"

"uh-uh" Garrow shook his head no, holding the hamster cage to his body.

"Garrow, you don't want Eric to go back into the hospital, right?"


"You do want Eric to go into the hospital?"

"No!" Garrow shouted at Jason.

"Then you have to stay here with Matt and Trey. Later you can go play at Frank's house, OK?"

"My house! Take me home!" Garrow started crying.

"OK. I love you." Jason kissed Garrow's little forehead, quickly thanked Trey again and then left the house. Trey closed the door and locked it. Garrow started screaming and did some sort of quick stomping step against Trey's floor.

"What's that? Are you trying to do the riverdance?" Trey asked him. Garrow started crying. Trey picked him up along with the hamster cage. "I'm going to take you to see uncle Matt's big belly, but you have to stay really quiet so that the surprise inside won't come out and get you. OK?" Trey told him. Garrow suddenly got quiet and watched where Trey was taking him. Matt was sitting up in bed in his boxers again.

"Hey G," Matt greeted him, using the nickname Andy had given him. Garrow's eyes immediately went to Matt's stomach. Trey put him down on the bed.

"Can I see the hamster?" Trey asked, holding out his hand. Garrow pulled the cage against his body a little tighter. "Please? I'll make sure it stays safe so the surprise won't get your hamster," Trey told him. Garrow thought for a second and then handed over the cage.

"No by windows," Garrow pointed his finger at Trey and said in a stern voice.

"I can't put it by a window?"

"No," Garrow told him, keeping his brows furrowed a little.

"Good. Now I know where to put it when you're not looking," Trey mumbled as he sat the cage on top of the dresser.

"Trey" Matt scolded him a little, but trying not to giggle at the same time.

"I'm kidding! Stupid hamster is going to stink up my room. Hey Garrow," Trey looked up as he laid back down next to Matt. Garrow was still standing on the bed. "What did you name your hamster?"


"Yes you did. I know you must have named it something. Did you name it after Eric?" Trey asked. Garrow shook his head no. "Did you name it after one of your daddies?" Trey asked. Garrow shook his head no. "Did you name it hamburgers?" Garrow started to smile a little and shook his head no. "Did you name it doo-doo head?" Trey asked. Garrow giggled and said no.

"Hamburgers!" Garrow shouted, pronouncing the word perfectly.

"You're naming it Hamburgers?" Trey asked him. Garrow smiled and nodded his head yes. Glasgow hadn't bothered helping Garrow name it so Trey did instead. "Why don't you come over here and sit by me and Matt? You can tell secrets to Matt's big belly," Trey told him. Garrow just stared at him.

"He's making me a little nervous standing so close to the edge of the bed. And he was probably told not to do things that sound a little creepy like that," Matt looked over at Trey and said about the request Trey had just given Garrow.

"Oh. I guess it did sound a little creepy. Hey Garrow, Matt has a baby in this belly," Trey said as he rubbed Matt's belly. "Wanna know how it got there? The baby was being bad so he ate it," Trey told him, then laughed.

"I do NOT eat babies! Garrow, it's OK. The baby is in here waiting to be born. Do you want to come talk to the baby?" Matt looked at Garrow and asked. Garrow gave him a strange stare this time. He finally started to smile, nodded a little and then walked over to Matt's legs where he sat staring at Matt's big belly. Trey patted Garrow's little back.

"See? That wasn't so bad. WATCH OUT! THE BELLY'S GONNA GET YOU!" Trey shouted causing Garrow to jump and push himself away from Matt's belly. He laid on his elbows staring at Matt's stomach. Matt couldn't help but laugh along with Trey.

"Trey, stop it! Garrow, the belly, my belly isn't going to get you. The baby wants to play. Put your hands right here," Matt told him and directed him to a spot above his bellybutton. Garrow carefully sat up and looked. "It's OK," Matt told him. Garrow finally put his little hand against Matt's belly.

"Is he moving around in there?" Trey asked, touching Matt's belly also.

"He was a little bit before you came back in. I think he was laying in one spot for too long and got bored. He doesn't seem very active other than that right now."

"Wek sick," Garrow started talking as he held his hand on Matt's stomach. He was associating Matt's swollen stomach with Eric's.

"Is Eric sick right now?" Trey asked him. Garrow nodded.

"Do you talk to Eric's belly?" Matt asked him. Garrow nodded again.

"Uh-huh. Like dis," Garrow put his lips against Matt's skin and started talking a bunch of gibberish. Matt and Trey both started to giggle.

"He must see Jason do that to Eric's stomach."

"It's hard telling what else he's seen Jason do to Eric," Matt mumbled. Trey smirked.

"Yeah I know. Jason's into that whole let your child explore the world thing."

"I don't get how Jason can even be around Eric right now. I understand loving someone no matter what, but that's pushing it a little," Matt complained.

"Well they'll figure things out," Trey said quietly and then giggled with Matt as Garrow started outlining different shapes on Matt's skin with the tip of his finger, asking the baby to guess what it was. They figured it was something Eric taught him to do. It turned out to be quite relaxing and cute to watch.
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Re: Who's your daddy? Chapter 102

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Garrow is still chillin' at Matt and Trey's house. It's family time and a star is born, sort of.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 102

Garrow sat on Trey's lap, just staring at the people on the other side of the living room. Matt's parents had come back from Disneyland and Sam was bitching about how long all the lines were, even with the special pass Matt and Trey had gotten them.

"Oh well. At least you were able to bring back that enormously freaky Mickey Mouse," Matt said as he stared at the gigantic Mickey Mouse Sam insisted on getting for the baby. It was an item any Mickey Mouse collector would kill for.

"The baby will like it," Sam told him.

"Yeah. He can pretend he's climbing mount Everest," Gerald commented, causing both Matt and Trey to laugh.

"Oh shut up," Sam looked at Gerald and said. "And did you put away all the clothes yet?" Sam looked at both Matt and Trey and asked. When Matt's dads arrived they had brought loads of baby clothes with them that Sam had been collecting since he found out Matt was pregnant.

"Yes dad. I spent all day putting the clothes away," Matt said, a little sarcastically. Trey almost giggled, knowing what he really did all day.

"It's cool stuff though. Thank you again," Trey looked at Sam and said. Sam smiled.

"Well I know you'll have more clothes than you'll be able to put on the baby," Sam said, including only himself in on the comment. "but you can either pass it on to someone else or save it for the next baby."

"Next baby? God dad, try to be satisfied with just one for now," Matt told him, rubbing over his belly.

"I wanna see my hamp'ster," Garrow whispered at Trey.

"Your hamster? You mean Hamburgers?" Trey asked him. Garrow nodded at him. "OK. We can go see the hamp'ster," Trey said, pronouncing it the way Garrow did. "Excuse us, we're going to go visit Hamburgers." Trey got up and smiled at everyone, suddenly thankful for Garrow and his hamster. Garrow took Trey's hand and led him back to where he knew his hamster was at.

"He's a little cutie," Sam watched them walk out of the room and said. Matt smiled.

"Thanks dad. That's why I sleep with him every night," He said. Sam gave him a look.

"I meant Garrow," He told him. Matt giggled. "He doesn't look a whole lot like Jason."

"No. He looks more like Glasgow. He has Jason's eyes though. And Glasgow's smile. Let's just hope he doesn't inherit Glasgow's nose. I hope this baby," Matt rubbed his belly. "has Trey's eyes and smile."

"Oh he'll come out looking like however he's going to come out looking like. He, or she, might not look much like either one of you. He might look like one great-great-great uncle of yours or something."

"Let's hope not. I'm thinking my great-great-great uncle might have been Abraham Lincoln," Gerald said, causing Matt to laugh.

"No he wasn't," Sam scoffed. "That would have been a lot longer ago than just great-great-great uncle anyway," Sam told him. Matt started laughing more. "Where are we taking you, honey, for your birthday dinner this week?" Sam looked at Matt and asked.

"I thought you guys already had that planned!"

"No. We wanted you to choose. It's your birthday so it's your choice."

"Well, I think it'd be nice to just have a dinner right here. Maybe dad can cook up some good home cookin' stuff," Matt said, nodding at Gerald. Gerald smiled.

"No. No let's do something fancy," Sam complained as Garrow came walking back into the living room carrying his hampster in it's cage. Trey sat back down. But Garrow walked over to Matt this time, handed him his hamster cage, and then tried crawling up onto his lap. Matt tried grabbing a hold of him to lift him up against his big belly while holding onto the hamster cage at the same time. Trey got up and walked over.

"Let me help you there," He said and lifted Garrow onto Matt's lap. Matt handed Garrow the hamster cage but Garrow handed it over to Trey. Trey laughed and took it with him back to his seat. Garrow then sat his hands on top of Matt's stomach where Matt and Trey showed him to lay his hands in order to play with the baby.

"He's used to playing with his little brother or sister or whatever it is that Eric's carrying like that," Trey looked over at Sam and Gerald and said. Gerald giggled a little.

"Oh. Garrow, are you excited to be a big brother?" Sam asked as Garrow concentrated on feeling for any movement from the baby. Garrow nodded without taking his eyes away from Matt's stomach.

"Wek has baby," He said as he stared at his hands carefully placed against Matt.

"He sees Eric as one of his daddies, but he knows him as Wek," Trey explained to Sam. "It's kinda like calling a grandpa poppy or something."

"Oh. How do you know he sees Eric as one of his daddies?" Sam asked, a little curious.

"Frank told us about it. But I guess I can just ask. Um," Trey looked over at Garrow. "Garrow, who's Eric?"

"Wek," Garrow answered, unamused.

"Um, is Eric my daddy?" Trey asked him.

"No!" Garrow shouted back as if he didn't want to be disturbed.

"Is Jason my daddy?"

"Better not be," Matt answered this time, causing Trey to giggle.

"No!" Garrow answered.

"Is Jason your daddy?" Trey asked. Garrow nodded down at his hands. "Is Eric your daddy?" He asked. Garrow again nodded.

"Is Trey your daddy?" Matt asked him. Garrow quickly shook his head no. "Oh. So then, who's Eric?"

"Daddy!" Garrow yelled, sounding annoyed.

"Damn. He really does think that," Matt looked over at Trey and said. Trey giggled.

"That's really adorable," Sam commented.

"Well, yeah, it is. But it's also kinda sad, I mean, considering, you know, the whole E and F thing."

"G!" Garrow suddenly shouted. Trey looked over at Matt and they both started laughing. "A,B,C,E,F,G wait," Garrow suddenly looked up and started saying the alphabet. "A,B,C,D,E,F,G,I,J,P wait," Garrow looked at Matt as he started it over and then paused again, realizing he again got it wrong.

"What's E and F?" Sam asked as Garrow quietly gave the alphabet another try, singing it all the way through T this time before skipping to X.

"Maybe we don't need to know," Gerald spoke up and said. Sam looked over at him, giving him a look. "I mean, maybe."

"It's OK. If you want to know about it, Google it. I'm sure it's online somewhere by now," Matt told them. Trey snickered. He then suddenly thought about how he was gonna go Google it himself.
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Re: Who's your daddy? Chap 103

Postby willowrose » Wed Nov 03, 2010 8:18 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Matt's parents are still visiting and Matt and one of his dads have a small heart to heart.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 103

"Are things OK with you and dad?" Matt asked as he stood beside his dad, Gerald, watching as he made him his birthday dinner. It was the end of their visit. Garrow still had hamburgers the hamster. Eric was still on strict bed rest. Jason was still caring for Eric's every need. Frank and Marc still weren't speaking to each other but were still managing to live under the same roof. Matt and Trey's last birthing class was the next day. And Sam was acting as if every little thing Gerald said was stupid. Although Matt did catch them making out with Sam's hand down Gerald's pants in the backyard the night before.

"Sam and I? Yeah. Everything is fine. Why do you ask?" Gerald asked as he mixed something together in a big bowl. Matt shrugged.

"Seems like dad's been a little rough on you since you guys got here."

"Well you have to understand your father. He isn't exactly a relaxed laid back type of person," Gerald chuckled a little and said. "He cares about us, about me, about all of us. And sometimes that caring comes out a little, high strung," Gerald explained. Matt nodded. He knew his dad was a bit on the nervous side, but learned to ignore it as he grew up.

"What made you want to marry him in the first place?" Matt asked, leaning against the counter and rubbing his big belly. Gerald laughed a little.

"You sound confused."

"I'm not. I'm just wondering. I mean I've kinda always wondered."

"Well, honestly? He's amazing in bed."


"Well you want me to be honest right? All that possessive controlling energy comes out in bed too," Gerald said, laughing, as Matt stood there making a face. "Well it caused you to be born. Be thankful for it," Gerald told him. Matt rolled his eyes a little bit.

"There's gotta be something more than that."

"Well yes, of course there is. From the moment I met him there was this electric pull he had on me. I was kinda the bad boy and he was the do nothing wrong one. Ever. With anything. He always did everything perfect. And his reputation mattered to him. But together, we just balanced each other out perfectly I guess. It's a good thing to find that. Like you and Trey. Except you and Trey seem a little bit more alike than me and Sam. Sure, we liked the same type of music and we both couldn't wait to get as far away as possible from our parents, but he was the mysterious one. You get that from him," Gerald told him. "And I knew I wanted to spend forever trying to figure him out," He concluded, snickering a little. Matt smiled.

"That actually makes sense. So, do you still love him?"

"Do I love him? Yes. I do," Gerald looked at Matt and said. Matt smiled. He was expecting him to say something like Of course I do, but the simple answer he gave sounded so much more sincere.

"Do you feel like he still loves you?" Matt asked, knowing he might have been pushing his dad's comfort zone a little bit. Gerald stared at him for a moment but didn't mind his son asking.

"Yes. I do. I can tell by the way he still looks at me that he loves me," He said. Matt smiled again. "The thing you have to remember is once you're with someone for as long as Sam and I have been with each other, you do one of two things. You either can't stand each other any longer to the point of needing to separate, or you feel like you've been with that person so long, they're literally a part of you and you can't imagine being without them," Gerald explained. "But anyway, your dad is just a little anxious right now. He's excited about this baby. We all are, but you know your dad. He's going to get a little crazy about it at times." Gerald looked at Matt and grinned a little. "Just gotta learn to find it kinda amusing. That's what I've done," He admitted. Matt nodded again, figuring that was the way it was before his dad even said it.

"OK. I have something to tell you. But I need to trust you and know you won't say anything to anyone else right now, not even dad. Trey and I have both decided we don't want to say anything about it just yet," Matt said. Gerald paused his stirring and looked over at Matt. Matt smiled. "Trey and I are engaged," He said, feeling his heart flutter a little, really liking the way it felt to say it. Gerald stood there staring at him for a moment.

"Well, you've just made probably the majority of the population on earth jump for joy," Gerald teased him.

"Yeah. It's kinda cool having that power. But we don't want to announce it yet because of everything else that's going on. We'll announce it soon, but not yet. So please, please, please don't tell dad. Let this be just our thing right now. Don't tell Trey's parents. Don't tell any of your buddies out on the boat or at the casino or whatever. And whatever you do, do not blog about it. Don't text it, don't hint at it, don't talk about in your sleep. Please," Matt asked of him. Gerald started to chuckle.

"You have my word that I will do none of those things. I won't tell anyone. I'm glad you know you can trust me. And I'm happy for you. I knew this day would eventually get here," Gerald giggled, letting his emotions show through a little more. "How did he ask?"

"Trey? He didn't. I asked him."

"WHAT? Now I'm a bit shocked!" Gerald shouted. Matt shh'd him.

"Dad! Remember, secret."

"Oh," He started whispering. "Well I'm proud of you! I think I might actually cry," He said, dropping the mixing spoon. Matt laughed until he saw actual tears forming in his dad's eyes. Gerald didn't want to explain it to Matt, but knowing that Matt didn't believe in marriage, since he made that clear to everyone he felt like should know since he was old enough to understand what marriage meant, him and Sam both always wondered if maybe it was something they somehow had done to turn him against marriage. They couldn't figure out what it could have been. Sam was always more verbal about it, but Gerald couldn't help but wonder too. Matt had assured everyone it was just his personal stance. But now that Matt not only was willing to be married, but actually did the asking himself, Gerald felt more thrilled than he had probably ever felt in his life, knowing it must not have been their fault for somehow turning Matt against marriage after all.


"So what's that?" Sam asked, sitting next to Trey as they sat in front of the world wide web. They were actually sharing a spot on the couch, looking at Matt's MacBook.

"That, I don't know what that is. I've never used it. I think we can click on that and it'll show us different videos," Trey explained. Sam used his computer at home for business and to check Email. Other than that he had never Google'd before. Trey was shocked by this and grabbed the nearest way to get online he could find. And that was Matt's MacBook.

"That sounds fun," Sam said, wanting to see something that would give him an excuse to complain. Since Matt had gotten pregnant, Sam was paying more attention to child safety on the internet.

"Yeah. I don't think we should really click on that. The other day when I was looking something up,"

"The E and F thing?" Sam asked, still curious about that.

"Yes. There's nothing online about it. Which is probably good. I did find some porn that Jason's ex Glasgow posted though. That was kinda fun," Trey said. Sam gave a shocked huff. Trey looked over at him and just stared at him for a moment. "You want to see it don't you?" He asked. Sam just stared back. He finally started to crack a smile.

"Maybe just a little bit."

"OK," Trey grinned and started looking it up. He started typing in the word dick and Dick's diamonds came up in the address bar. Trey tried to highlight it to type over it but it went to that site instead. A picture of saved engagement rings came up as Matt's saved favorites. Trey had spotted Matt looking at this set over and over again while he was looking up invitations at the same time.

"OOH. Is someone getting married?" Sam tried to grab the screen to look. Trey gently pulled it away.

"Um, no. And Matt lied. He didn't put any of those clothes away. They're still all piled up inside the crib."

"What? That boy told me he put them all away! They're going to get wrinkled and get germs on them if they're not put away!" Sam huffed. "Ugh. Why do I have to do everything myself around here?" He got aggravated and shouted, getting up to go and put the baby's clothes away. Trey smirked. He watched as Sam left. He then pulled out his credit card and ordered the engagement rings. After that he pulled out his cellphone and quietly made a call. He wasn't sure if they were the exact ones Matt wanted, but he figured they were close enough. As soon as Matt's parents went home, they would officially make the announcement and Trey wanted them to have rings to show for it.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 104

Postby willowrose » Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:36 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- The delivery of the baby is getting closer!!! Matt and Trey get closer to the finish line as they attend another informative birthing class!

Who's your daddy? Chapter 104

"Bonding with the baby can be an out of body experience," Carlos, the birthing class instructor walked the room, talking. "You can bond with the baby right now. Massaging the belly helps introduce the baby to human touch. And you'll often feel him respond by kicking or changing positions."

"So you're engaged?" Eddie whispered over at Matt and Trey. James was there this time too. Matt was laying back in Trey's arms and since they were having a dinner that night to announce their engagement, at Jason's house so Eric could be a part of it too, and with both their families on the phone, they decided to start the official announcement a little early and tell Eddie and James about it, not caring as much if the information leaked before the dinner that evening. They both figured a little rumor might be kinda fun. What they didn't expect was someone to text them and ask about it while still in the birthing class.

"Yes. I was going to wait until the next ultrasound and have our doctor type it over the screen, but as fun as that sounded, I just couldn't wait that long," Matt whispered back. Trey giggled quietly as his phone beeped. He pulled it out and saw it was a message from Jason.

"Research shows that babies in the womb have the emotional and intuitive capabilities to sense their parents' love. Something as simple as stroking the bump or talking, even singing, to it can calm and comfort a restless fetus. It's encouraged for not only the daddy that's carrying but for the other daddy and even the other children as well. The baby will recognize these voices once outside of the womb. Although the baby will probably have eyes only for the daddy that carried it safely for nine months, once placed into that daddy's arms."

"Why did Jason send me a text and ask if we're coming over to tell them we're getting married? Did one of you just post something to the web?" Trey looked over at Eddie and James and asked. They both said no and it was obvious neither one of them could have done that in the past ten minutes.

"Why? What happened?" Matt whispered at him.

"He said someone posted on his message boards that you and I are getting married!" Trey complained. Matt was shocked for a moment before he remembered telling his dad. He stayed quiet as Carlos started talking again. Trey in the meantime replied and told Jason not to say anything and that they're still coming over for the sake of Eric. Their cover was their idea to invite everyone over to Jason's for a dinner in order to give Eric some support and encouragement, which was true. Because they could have had the dinner at their place and let Eric find out about it later. But instead they were able to use Eric as an excuse to invite everyone over and let it be even more of a surprise.

"Bonding is that intense attachment you feel when you look at your baby and want to cry, hug him, protect him. The ties you form with your baby are important because they provide him with his first strong intimate relationship, which helps him feel secure, confident and loved. Don’t delay in starting the bonding process. Babies are very aware of their surroundings from the moment they are born." Carlos explained. "Touch. Touch is essential, especially skin-to-skin contact. Research has shown that skin-to-skin contact improves breathing and weight gain in babies, and promotes good sleeping patterns. Eye contact," Carlos continued talking as he walked the room. "Use as much eye contact as possible. Remember your baby can only see around eight to ten inches from his face, so bring your face close to his, look at him and smile. He may try to imitate your facial expressions. So try sticking your tongue out to see if he can copy you. Speech. Although your baby won’t form words for some time, he may try a few little noises, his first attempts at communication! Talk to him in a soothing voice, telling him how much you love him. Tell him that you are his daddies and that you'll always be there for him. Make sure any siblings your baby has spend lots of time talking, holding, cuddling and being close to him. This bond is very important too."

"It's that dude right there!" Trey spotted one of the other pregnant dads sending a text over his PDA. Trey's voice was loud enough for the guy to hear him. He looked up, giving Trey a surprised stare as Trey pointed at him.

"How are you sure?" Matt asked as Carlos paused to look at the situation. The guy suddenly shoved his phone back into his pocket. "Never mind. It was him," Matt complained too.

"He must have read our lips."

"No. I can hear you. It's not like you haven't said the word engaged about twenty times already," The guy mouthed off at them. His partner behind him started to smirk. Matt felt Trey start to move.

"Trey, no," Matt told him sternly, although he would have started moving toward the guy too if he could move easier at the moment. "He's pregnant. You can't hit a pregnant guy," Matt reminded him.

"Then you hit him,"

"There will be no hitting in this room at all," Carlos said loud and clear. He looked over at the couple that had leaked the information. "Remember when you signed up for this class you signed a privacy act stating no information exchanged in this room at time of the class is to be repeated anywhere else. If any of this engagement information gets traced back to you," He looked at the couple sitting on the floor. "I'll be forced to testify against you in a court of law," He told them. The couple nodded at him with slightly wide eyes. Trey smirked a little as Matt relaxed against him again. "As I was saying, bonding is essential and should happen shortly after, if not immediately after birth. Relax. It's your baby. Both fathers will find it's easier done than said. But what will happen after birth? Let's talk about that for a few minutes. Right after birth, if both you and your baby are in good condition, he'll be placed directly onto your abdomen and dried off there. He'll be covered with a warm towel or blanket and be given a cap to keep his head warm. Your practitioner or your partner will clamp the umbilical cord in two places and then cut between the two clamps." Carlos paused for a moment to make sure everyone was still comfortable and paying attention.

"I have to pee," Eddie complained in a whisper. James giggled but both boys looked back up as Carlos continued.

"During your baby's birth, your caregiver may have suctioned your baby's mouth and nose before the delivery of his shoulders. If your baby still seems to have too much fluid in his mouth or nose, she may do further suctioning at this time. While you and your baby are locking eyes, he'll be closely observed to ensure that he continues to do well. At one and five minutes after birth, an Apgar assessment will be done to evaluate your baby's heart rate, breathing, muscle tone, reflex response, and color. If your baby is doing well, your caregiver should be able to do these simple assessments while your baby is resting on your belly. Any questions so far?" Carlos asked. Trey was still staring over at the gossip loving stalker fans at the other side of the room. Eddie raised his hand.

"What if the baby doesn't want to bond?" He asked. Matt almost started laughing. But it was because of how cute the question sounded. Even Carlos had to smile a little although he tried his hardest to stay professional and take every question seriously.

"I'm pretty sure you won't have to worry about that. But don't worry, there will be plenty of time to bond with the baby. He'll give in eventually. Anything else?" Matt raised his hand.

"What about a c-section?"

"Good question. We'll get to that in a moment. Now, next, nursing. Babies tend to be very alert right after birth, so that's a good time to begin nursing if you're both willing. There's no need to panic if your newborn seems to have trouble finding or staying on your nipple right after birth, he may just lick your nipple at first," Trey started snickering and caused Matt to laugh, making the whole room break out in giggles. "OK. OK. Go ahead." Carlos paused for a moment while everyone laughed. Once the room calmed down, he continued. "Most babies will eventually begin to nurse within the first hour or so, given the opportunity. When you get to the postpartum unit, there may be a lactation consultant available for one-on-one coaching or group nursing lessons."

Trey started snickering again, causing Matt to again laugh.

"Shh, stop it," Matt groaned at him.

"OK, let's move on," Carlos said loudly. "A nurse will put an ID band on you, your baby, and your partner minutes after the delivery. She'll also take a footprint of your baby. Most hospitals routinely make two copies of the baby's footprint, one for his hospital record and the other as a keepsake for you. A nurse will put antibiotic ointment or drops in your baby's eyes within an hour after birth. The ointment or eye drops are required by state law in the United States to help prevent eye infection. She'll also weigh your baby and give him an injection of vitamin K to help his blood clot. After your baby's temperature has remained stable for at least a few hours, a nurse will give him a sponge bath and wash his hair if needed. Baths usually take place in the nursery, where the baby is put under radiant heat to warm up afterward, but you can ask for your child to be bathed in your room if you want and then placed in contact with you and covered with a blanket to keep warm. Your baby will also get a complete pediatric exam. Anymore questions?" Carlos asked. "If you've had a c-section, your baby will be handed to a nurse or pediatrician as soon as he's delivered and taken to a radiant warmer. He'll be dried off, his mouth and nasal passages will be suctioned, an Apgar assessment will be done, and he'll get any other attention he might need. In many hospitals, if your baby is doing well, he'll be swaddled in a warm blanket and brought to your partner. Your partner can hold him while you're being stitched up, and you can admire and kiss your baby while you're still in the operating room. Afterward, your baby will go to the recovery room with you. If you plan to nurse, this is a good time to start. Anymore questions?" He asked. No one had any. "Good. Congratulations and enjoy the birth of your child. You have officially graduated from birthing class and you are free to go!" Carlos said with a big smile.

Trey stopped quickly to thank Carlos for the classes and for sticking up for them with the gossiping stalker couple that was in the room. Carlos smiled again and said it was no problem. He also confessed he had made it up, figuring they wouldn't remember what they had actually signed before starting the classes. This made both Matt and Trey respect him even more.

They felt good leaving the building, feeling accomplished and a little more confident in welcoming their baby into the world.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 105

Postby willowrose » Fri Nov 12, 2010 4:04 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- A special evening with Matt, Trey and crew. Enjoy it as much as they do.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 105

Eric was sitting at the table, looking a little pale, but happy to be around other people for a while. Jason was doing everything for him, even helping him back and forth to the bathroom. They were being a bit on the paranoid side with the pregnancy now but it kept Jason's mind off of what Frank told him and it allowed Eric to spend all his time with Jason. Dr Ian told them it was OK to walk around and be around people for the evening, but after that it was back to bed rest. It felt a little awkward at first, for Eric at least, wondering what exactly Jason now knew by the way he looked at him. Jason was determined not to bring it up while Eric was on bed rest, but he had no plans to just completely forget about it either. Eric was grateful for him at least being willing to keep peace for the moment. He also wanted to take the opportunity to see if he could reconnect with Jason again, on more of an emotional level, the way they had when they first fell in love with each other.

Frank wasn't there. He was invited but said he wasn't sure if he could show up. Jason had no problems with him coming. Knowing Eric wouldn't be out of his sight, he cared less if Frank sat there tortured by the thought he wouldn't be getting any alone time with Eric. And that was exactly why Frank didn't want to go. Adrien was there and Keef was there and a few other people from Matt and Trey's office. They had other friends, but they wanted to announce it to the people they spent the most time with first. They had both sets of their parents on speakerphone. Sam at first bitched a little about just getting off the plane, but Gerald mouthed calm down and be quiet. Our son has an announcement for us at him. So he sat there, along with Gerald and Trey's two dads on their own end, waiting and listening to the guys around the table laughing and talking about stuff.

"OK. Seriously this time, Matt and I have an announcement to make," Trey stood for the third time, trying to make their announcement. Each time he did someone would say something funny and get everyone talking again. Matt and Trey didn't mind. They loved the feeling of being there to make the announcement at all and was enjoying every small moment of it.

"Fine, fine. What's this grand announcement?" Adrien looked up and asked, a little buzzed from his drink.

"Well it's not that we're having twins and it's not that I'm now knocked up too," Trey reminded everyone since that's what people guessed the first two times he tried to make the announcement. "Matt," Trey looked down at Matt. Matt smiled and stood, a little awkwardly with his big nearly eight month pregnant belly, and took Trey's hand.

"Are you gaining weight? Again?" Jason looked up at Trey and asked. Trey scowled at him. Jason snickered. "OK. Fine. Proceed."

"You're not gaining weight," Matt looked over at Trey and said, keeping his hand firmly gripped around Trey's. Trey took a deep breath.

"Ready?" He looked over at Matt and asked. Matt nodded at him with a smile. Trey giggled before looking back at the table.

"Matt and I are getting married!" He announced loud and proud. The announcement rang out over the phone for their parents to hear. Someone at the other end of one of the phones screamed. Everyone at the table just stared at them, including Jason even though he had already been suspicious that an announcement like this was coming. "OK. You guys don't really have to sit there with your jaws dropped like that," Trey looked at everyone and said. Matt started to giggle which caused Trey to giggle again.

"Are you serious?" Adrien asked them. They both nodded enthusiastically at him.

"Yes! Matt asked me a few days ago. We wanted to wait for the right moment to announce it and make it public and all that."

"Dad! Dad, did you hear us?" Matt shouted into the phone. "Trey's dads? We're getting married!" Matt repeated into the phone.

"We heard you!" Trey's dad Shawn confirmed. He had Trey's other dad Randy wrapped in his arms. "Randy is crying. He's bawling like a baby," Shawn told them. It sent chills through both their faces, knowing they were finally making a dream of their parents come true. "Dad?" Matt asked.

"We're here son. I think Sam fainted," Gerald told him. He had a couple tears in his own eyes, hearing it again, from both Matt and Trey as an official announcement. He was patting at Sam's face. Sam finally started coming to.

"Huh? What? Matt? Married?" Sam mumbled as he opened his eyes. Gerald repeated the announcement for him and he acted like he was going to pass out again. He finally started laughing. He grabbed the phone.

"Boys! Don't f**k with me like this if this is just some sort of joke!" Sam said close to the phone. Matt gasped at his dad's free use of the F word. Trey started giggling.

"No joke. It's real," He told him.

"We're really truly engaged!" Matt said into the phone. Sam laughed again and then started crying.

The news of Matt and Trey marrying each other was that amazing and was that breathtaking. Theirs was a relationship incomparable to any other. Everyone knew that. Even though everyone also respected the way they chose to live their life together, they were also looking forward to the amazing day when Matt and Trey proved to the world what marriage really meant. Because, even though it was true, two people do not have to marry each other to prove their commitment to each other, commitment was still the purpose of marriage. And marriage was still the best way to honor that. And that's exactly what Matt finally understood himself. Their parents were simply hoping to see the day while they were still young enough to participate in the festivities of the inevitable celebration, without having to worry so much about breaking a hip in doing so.

They told their dads they loved them. Their dads, all four of them, expressed to them how happy they had just made them, and then they hung up. They were left now with a table of good, close friends just staring at them.

"Well, I don't think any of us are gonna be able to top that," Eric suddenly said to break the silence. Everyone started giggling. They finally all took turns to get up and hug them. No one knew what to say. Congratulations seemed too simple and are you serious was already asked and answered. They had already accepted the fact that Matt and Trey were just never going to be married. And now that they were going to be married, it sent a little bit of confusion through everyone. But at the same time people couldn't help but be excited over the news.

The feeling of love was a little thicker than normal in the air and their friends finally started reacting to it by giggling and hugging and giving Matt and Trey both a look of thank you in their eyes. Thank you for showing us true love does still exist. Thank you for giving us a boost of confidence that things sometimes do work out the way they're suppose to. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of history in the making.

At least that's what Trey was thinking as he stood there smiling and watching the way everyone reacted to their happy news.

"Oh wait! Wait! One more thing!" Trey said, quieting the table and pulling rings from his pocket. "To make this officially official," He said as he held up the rings. Matt watched with wide eyes. Trey handed one of the rings to Matt and then took Matt's hand, sliding the ring onto his finger. Everyone watched silently.

"Where'd you get the rings?" Matt asked, a little surprised, thinking he had to wait for Trey to have some time to go pick out the engagement rings with him.

"I have my ways," Trey smirked at him. The rings were not the engagement rings from the link on the website Matt was looking at. Instead they were rings worn by their grandfathers at some point in life. "I have a confession to make. I called in a favor from my sister. She owed me one." Trey shrugged a little, smiling. "I told her I needed these rings. She called your sister and together they did something amazing and quickly got these rings to us. They were delivered to our doorstep this morning," Trey explained. Matt stared in awe at the ring on his finger. One of his grandfathers had worn it in his early twenties simply because he liked the carved green gold ring with a blue-white diamond.

Matt's grandfather was waiting for someone to fall in love with and slip a ring on his finger. He had gotten a little impatient and went ahead and bought himself a ring. The ring was a reminder to him that someday he'd find what he was looking for and fall in love. Which he did. Although he still wore the ring that served as a reminder of the wonders of love for him. But it didn't matter what type of ring it was or from which of their grandfathers it came from, Trey just wanted something to symbolize the love that was proven already in both their families. Matt immediately got that as he stared down at the ring. The other ring, solid yellow gold dating from the early nineteen hundreds, came from one of Trey's grandfathers.

The ring had been given to his grandfather from a female admire that was a part of the same council he was involved in. She was hoping the ring would get him to give in to her advances. He had a little bit of fun with her, and the ring inside was inscribed with a message that simply read Here's to the fun and was dated with the year it was inscribed. His grandfather in time decided he wasn't really gay and stuck with the man he later married and had children with, but kept the ring all those years for proof that if you want something bad enough, and put in the effort to achieve it, you'll usually get it. Matt could feel the weight of it in his hand. He then slipped the ring in his hand onto Trey's finger. It made his heart feel like it stopped for a moment, wondering if this was how it would feel during their actual vows. Trey smiled as Matt looked up and grabbed his face, giving him a hard kiss. The table seemed to sigh before everyone started clapping.

Trey later explained to Matt that the engagement rings he had been looking at and wanted were ordered and would be delivered to their doorstep in a couple days. Matt loved the rings they had on. He'd wear an engagement ring on each finger if that's what Trey wanted, but he was completely satisfied with the rings Trey came up with. He laid back in Trey's arms as they relaxed on Jason's couch and just stared at the ring that was placed next to his commitment ring.

"Trey, come show us how to do the whiskey cream sauce," Keef came into the room and asked. The group wasn't done eating just yet. An announcement of this epic proportion deserved an all night buffet. Trey moved himself from Matt, kissed him, and then followed Keef into the kitchen. Matt pulled out his Blackberry and started texting the message to others that they wouldn't get a chance to see face to face too soon. He also sent a text to Frank, wanting him to be one of the first to know also, but Eric had already sent Frank the message while Jason wasn't looking.

"So, enlighten us a little, what exactly made you change your mind about marriage and possessed you into being the one to do the asking?" Adrien, sitting next to Eric, looked over at Matt and asked. Matt grinned.

"I already knew I wanted to marry him. I knew that from the moment I met him," Matt confessed. Eric and Adrien both gave him a curious stare. "I still firmly believe you don't have to marry someone in order to love them, and I still firmly believe Trey and I don't have to prove anything to anyone by doing the whole marriage thing. But I love him. And I want to continue making him happy, but I'm also doing this for myself. I decided a long time ago that marriage wasn't something I was interested in getting involved in. But once I realized I was in love with Trey,"

"The day you met him?" Adrien interrupted and teased.

"The day after," Matt replied with complete sincerity. "I started getting this weird stupid feeling of wanting to marry him. But I fought it all these years."

"Even knowing how much Trey wanted marriage?" Eric asked.

"Yes. Because it was my beliefs. But I just can't be that stubborn anymore. I already have Trey. I've had him since the moment we met," Matt bragged a little. "And he's known all this time that he has me too. But he's an amazing person. He's always seemed to put me first in life. And now he's putting this baby-" Matt rubbed over his belly. "above everything. He's a committed man. He's proven that just with his career," Matt added. Eric and Adrien both nodded. "I just don't want any regrets. I don't want my own selfish desires to hold us back from experiencing everything we possibly can. Although my desire now really is to marry Trey. I mean, I've never been this excited over anything in my life," Matt admitted. Adrien smiled at him.

"It is pretty awesome. There's nothing like it. Just enjoy it because it's only suppose to happen once," Adrien told him, causing Matt to giggle a little. "I imagine having a baby is pretty exciting too, but when you're standing up there, facing the love of your life, vowing to them in holy matrimony, or in whatever," Adrien paused for a moment as Matt smirked. "vowing to love and to cherish and to have and to hold until death do you part, for better or worse, there is absolutely nothing like it."

"That's enough right there to make me faint," Eric mumbled. Matt giggled.

"Trust me, I've thought about it. It's not like this came out of nowhere. I'm more nervous about this baby. But when it comes to Trey, I already vowed all of that to him. And now I just want to finalize it by making it bound and legal. Sounds romantic," Matt explained with stars and hearts and glorious waves splashing against the shore in his eyes.

"It is," Adrien told him. "Are you going to hold off on sex until the honeymoon?" Adrien asked. Matt gave him a look as even Eric sarcastically snickered. "No, really, that's what a lot of couples do. Some don't even kiss for a few weeks before the wedding. You know, makes the whole sealed with a kiss thing that much more special or something."

"I don't know about that. Trey likes to kiss. And I like kissing him. So I don't think the kissing thing will become much of an issue. But I'm pretty sure we won't be able to have sex for a few weeks after the baby is born anyway. Which is fine because doctor Emma told us to have as much sex as we want until then 'cause it's good for labor pains or something, I don't know." Matt shrugged. "It's not like we needed an excuse anyway. But yeah, since we won't be getting married until after the baby is born, we'll see what we can do about holding off on sex until our wedding night. Thanks for asking," Matt said, causing Adrien and Eric to laugh. "But yeah." Matt shrugged. "Sex is awesome, but I don't think I'll have a problem with putting it on pause until our honeymoon."


"Hell YES our sex life is great!" Trey excitedly bragged as he whipped up the whiskey cream sauce. Keef stood beside him as Jason suggested Matt was trying to keep things fresh in the bedroom by asking Trey to marry him. Trey scoffed at him, told him their sex life was just as amazing as it's always been, and that was not the reason why Matt asked him to marry him. Keef then stood there and made the comment that he thought it was pretty safe to assume Matt and Trey's sex life was great.

"Sorry. I didn't mean anything by it. It's just a little confusing why Matt would go from not wanting marriage to all of a sudden being the one to propose," Jason told him. Trey smiled.

"He loves me. We're in love. That's why he proposed," Trey assured him. "We make love, in some way, shape or form, every night. Sometimes throughout the day."

"I believe that. They eye f**k each other all the time at the writer's table," Keef spoke up and said. Trey giggled.

"But it's not just that. Sure, sex is awesome," Trey said, using the same exact words at Matt did. "But we're not connected just through the bedroom."

"You guys remind me of love bugs. You're connected at the ass," Jason said. Keef laughed as Trey couldn't help but giggle a little at that one too.

"But it's not just that. Matt and I think alike. We're best friends. We might not always say that, but we are. So it's not like we just saw each other and fell in love. I mean we did, but it's not just that," Trey tried explaining. "There's been lots and lots of years that we've spent together, around each other, sometimes going days without being around anyone else because of the way we have to work. We know what love is. We know what love means. It's not just a I want to marry you type of love. And it's not just a I don't want to live without you type of love. It's a I like you and a I like needing you type of love. And honest to God what makes me feel best in life is when Matt just looks at me and gives me that type of look. That's why we're connected and that's why we're getting married," Trey said with a smile.

"Are you going to hold off on sex for a week or two before the wedding to make the honeymoon more special?" Keef asked him. Trey gave him a look.

"No," He answered firmly. "But I am going to check a copy of the Kama Sutra out of the library. Study up. Show Matt some new moves that night." Trey smiled, causing Keef to blush, thinking of the ten chapters he himself recently studied up on, while Jason chuckled.

A little while later they were all sitting in the living room. Jason reached over and touched Eric's belly and said they had an announcement to make of their own. They had decided to tell everyone they were expecting a little girl. Everyone awed and congratulated them. Trey smiled and told them that was good so that if his and Matt's son was born gay, he'd have someone to hook up with. Eric asked him what made him think their baby would be born gay. Trey giggled but then got cut off by Eric's baby kicking. It excited Eric and Jason both so much, the rest of the night was spent with everyone trying to entice the baby into kicking again.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 106

Postby willowrose » Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:20 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- An unexpected phone call changes things for one of our guys.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 106

"You're happy with our love life, right?" Trey laid in Matt's arms and asked. They were relaxing in bed and were feeling the baby slowly moving around. Trey had just finished singing Twinkle twinkle little star to the baby and then crawled into Matt's arms.

"Happy? I'm more than happy. Why do you ask?" Matt asked quietly, sniffing Trey's hair. Trey shrugged a little.

"Jason suggested you want to marry me to spice things up."

"That doesn't really make a lot of sense. Marriage usually makes a love life boring. At least that's what we've heard."

"That's true. Jason's just being a jackass."

"Trey, our love life is amazing. Not too many people can honestly say that in life. But that still has nothing to do with why I want to marry you."

"Did you do it because of what everyone else has been saying? You know, like David? Or like Anderson? He didn't just freak you out with all that soul mate stuff did he?" Trey asked. Matt laughed.

"No. He didn't. What everyone's been saying seems to make sense, but that's not why I asked you to marry me."

"Then why did you?"

"Because I wanted to," Matt told him sternly, his lips against Trey's head. Trey stayed quiet but smiled to himself.

"I got a text back from David," Trey finally started talking again.

"Yeah? Did he say we're making him proud?"

"No," Trey giggled a little. "He's in Jerusalem right now. Writing assignment. I guess he's still doing that on the side. But he said he'll call us when he's back in the country. And then something about some cute guy he met."

"Seriously?" Matt asked, a little surprised. David really did say he'd call when he's back in the country and then mentioned something about meeting someone. But Trey didn't want to tell Matt how David's first reaction was It's about f**kin' time.

"Yeah. Kinda neat huh? Maybe this will be the one good enough to make him happy. I mean it's evidently a fellow writer so they already have that in common."

"That's cool. I hope he sticks around long enough for us to get to meet him."

"Yeah. Speaking of sticking around, do you think things are going to work out with Eric and Jason?"

"I don't know. I know Jason is a pretty level headed guy, even being a jackass at times. I don't know. I think it's sad he's afraid to tell Eric he doesn't want him hanging around Frank anymore."

"I know. It sucks. But now there's a baby coming and Jason is still used to thinking the kid is his. I mean maybe it is. But what if it's not, you know?"

"It really does suck. Hey, do I get something for father's day next month?" Matt randomly asked. The thought popped into his head and he got a little excited over it. Trey giggled.

"Yes. You do. We both do. I'll take us somewhere nice," Trey promised. Matt smiled and whispered OK. "Should we start thinking about where we're getting hitched at?"

"Where? Like, in Vegas or not in Vegas?"

"Yes. Basically." Trey grinned, knowing there was no way in hell they'd do it in Vegas.

"Hm. I think we can start talking about it, sure. Yeah. Right here? Here is good right?"

"In the backyard?" Trey asked, making a bit of a face. Matt laughed.

"Well sure. But no, that's not what I meant. We'll think about it. I mean we'll take some time and consider everything. I don't really care where to be honest with you. I just want to marry you."

"You do?"

"Trey. Yes! I do," Matt said. Trey smiled.

"That sounded nice," Trey said. Matt grinned, knowing what he meant. "Why do you want to marry me? I mean, I know maybe I shouldn't have to ask why, and I know that, but I just-"

"I love you. That's why I want to marry you. Does it seem a little f**ked up that I was against marriage all this time and then suddenly out of nowhere asked you to marry me?" Matt asked. It wasn't something Trey was consciously thinking. But it was there. That was exactly what he wondered even if Matt knew that more than he did. "It wasn't just suddenly out of nowhere," Matt told him. Trey immediately understood.


"I'm leaving you."

Adrien stood there completely frozen and completely confused. His hand started shaking as he held the phone to his ear.

"What- No, what?"

"I love you Adrien. But I'm leaving you. You're an amazing man. Amazing. And I will always love you. But I've been having an affair for the past two years and I can't face the tour this Summer lying to you again. I just can't do it. He's twenty-three. He works as a guitar tech. I've known him since he was eighteen. I wouldn't choose to lose you over him, but I just can't do this anymore. I need some time to think about everything. And now so do you. And the only way we can do that is to be completely honest," Kevin, Adrien's husband, explained. Adrien stood there breathless, his heart feeling like it was at the bottom of his feet. He was so speechless, curse words couldn't even form on his lips.

Kevin called him, as usual, same time every day. But this time instead of exchanging a simple I miss you, Kevin told him he had something he needed to say. Adrien thought it was going to be something like he couldn't get any time off that Summer. But instead heard something he never thought he'd hear.

"I-" Adrien started saying and then stopped, still not knowing what to say.

"I have to go, OK? I'll call again in a few days."

"Wait, I should come out for a few days. Where are you?"


"It's OK. I'll come see you. Where are you?"

"You can't come see me. Let's just use this time apart to figure some things out."

"No. I don't want to do that. I don't have anything to figure out. You just need to see me, OK? I'll fly out tonight. Right now. Just tell me where to come."

"I have to go. I love you Adrien."

"I love you. Where are you? ... Hello?" Adrien stood there, silent for a moment, before realizing Kevin had just hung up on him. He lowered the cellphone and just stared at it.


The phones were off and Matt and Trey were still enjoying quality time together in their bed.

"I like you being my for real fiance'," Trey laid behind Matt, twirling his hair, talking quietly. Matt smiled. He felt good knowing their engagement had been worth the wait for both of them.
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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby willowrose » Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:57 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Whining about issues in life.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 107

"I don't know what I did. I just want to know what I did." Adrien sat next to Eric's bed, his shoulders sagging, and trying to keep his voice low. "I need to know what I did."

"Maybe you didn't do anything?" Eric suggested, sitting up in bed and still looking pale, but doing good. Doctor Ian had just made a house call and said both Eric and the baby were still fine but that Eric should remain on bed rest. Eric accepted that but didn't have much of a choice anyway as far as Jason was concerned. He was still doing everything for Eric, letting Eric just lay back in bed. He was concerned for Eric but was doing it more for his baby than anything. Frank wasn't calling but was texting Eric every day to see how he was. Eric would tell him he was fine. Frank would tell him he missed him. Eric wouldn't respond. Frank would repeat it. Eric would ask how Marc was doing. Then it was Frank's turn not to respond. He finally told him he didn't know. Marc was leaving early in the mornings and coming home late at night. Jason figured Frank was texting Eric, but had no reason to be suspicious of any of it, since Eric couldn't leave the bed anyway. Eric was trying his hardest not to let any of the stress causing factors around him get to him. Adrien knew that and apologized for being there but told him it had been three days since Kevin called and he didn't know who else to talk to. He didn't want to rain on Matt and Trey's parade and he felt like Eric knew Kevin better than any of his other friends anyway, because of Kevin being good friends with Jason, and might offer better insight into why. Plus Eric was one of the people he worked closest with and was closer to him as a friend because of it.

"I didn't do anything," Adrien's voice was weak. He barely had gotten sleep and the bags were starting to show under his eyes. "I had plenty of opportunities to, but I didn't. I'm not like that. I just want my husband back."

"I'm guessing you've called him already and told him all of this?"

"Yes. He won't answer his phone. I think he's using a different one. His inbox is full of my voice. I don't know what else to do. I don't even know where he is. The tour hasn't actually started yet so he could be anywhere from here to New York. He usually flies back and forth a lot in preparation but all I can do is try chasing him," Adrien shrugged a little and said with more of a helpless tone in his voice now. Adrien was a confident guy. Eric knew this was a blow to him.

"Well it is a shock. I'll be honest and tell you that. I think everyone sorta thought that-" Eric was about to say something about Adrien and Keef but decided against it. "that this would never, ever, happen."

"It never should have happened," Adrien said, keeping his face lowered. "I just need to know what I did," He said again. Eric just watched him as he rubbed over his belly. He didn't know how to convince Adrien that maybe he didn't do anything. He knew first hand a partner didn't have to do anything to cause their lover to cheat.

"What did you say after he told you?" Eric asked. Adrien had explained what Kevin told him but wasn't talking much about how he reacted. He again shrugged a little.

"Nothing. I could have called him an assh*le or something but I can't. I just, I can't. I still can't believe he's cheating on me. I mean I think he's just going through some sort of midlife crises thing. I'm going to have to see proof of it before I really believe it. I still want to know what I did to make him think he can't come to me about it."

"He did come to you though. He told you exactly what he thought you needed to hear. I don't know. Maybe you should just give it a little bit of time. Just let him deal with whatever it is he's dealing with," Eric told him. Adrien had gone from believing his husband was having an affair to denial mode just in the time he was sitting beside the bed. And now he sat there just staring down at his lap.


"But I'm HORNY and I WANT it!" Trey yelled as he stood in the doorway, hands on his hips, staring at Matt. Matt shrugged as he sat at the table looking through a magazine.

"Sorry. I'm just not in the mood," Matt told him without looking up from the magazine. Trey gave an aggravated huff and took off for the bathroom.

It had only been a few days since they last had sex, but Matt was suddenly rejecting all of Trey's advances and it was starting to unraveling his nerves.

It wasn't that Matt didn't want to please Trey or to be close to Trey or that the thought of sex wasn't on his mind. He did think about sex. And the desire to currently engage in it just wasn't there. Trey would stare at Matt until Matt finally looked over at him. Trey would pout. Matt would again apologize. It had only been a few days.

"He's what?" Angela asked on the other end of the phone call. Trey called her to complain about Matt.

"He's refusing my body!" Trey shouted. "What's wrong? I mean you're the sex expert so what's wrong with him?"

"OK. First of all, calm down. Second of all, I'm a relationship therapist, but that's a little beyond the point right now. And last of all, he is not refusing your body."

"Yes he is! I stood in front of him naked last night whac- doing stuff and it did nothing for him! My life is over!" Trey whined. He knew what he was saying was stupid, but at a moment like this, it made more sense for him to be stupid than to be rational. Angela almost laughed, but kept herself at a professional level instead.

"He's not refusing you. He's just not in the mood. It happens when you boys get pregnant. I have a couple coming to my sessions right now that's dealt with it in the past. They're having a hard time getting along. They've been trying to work on the intimacy in their relationship and while the one was still pregnant he just wasn't in the mood."

"But Matt and I have always been willing to please each other even if we have a headache or whatever."

"I understand that. But this is more than just a headache Trey. Matt is pregnant, very very pregnant. His hormones aren't normal right now. His urges and desires aren't the same as they usually are right now."

"But what if it doesn't go back to normal? Ever?"

"You're with Matt for more than just sex."

"Yes. I know I am. But if it doesn't go back to normal than that must mean he just doesn't find me attractive anymore!"

"OK. I'm coming over. I'll be there in a few minutes," Angela told him. She knew this was Trey's insecurities acting up again and she had to be there to face him in order to help him understand some things. She showed up about a half hour later with Miranda. They were out for the evening when Trey called. Miranda understood that in Angela's career, sometimes she had to be there for her patients like this. Matt and Trey weren't patients of hers, but it was Matt and Trey. So she didn't mind the disruption in their date out.

"Matt's sleeping," Trey said quietly as Angela and Miranda came through the door. Angela stopped in front of him and put her hands on his arms.

"Now listen to me. First, relax. And then go get us some drinks. I'll take whatever you can make the quickest," She told him. She then leaned in, kissed his cheek, and took her sweater she had on over a pretty blouse off before sitting down. Miranda sat next to her. Trey brought them both drinks and then sat across from them and stared.

"I don't want you getting the wrong impression of me. I'm not sex deprived. Matt and I have a damn good sex life. But usually when he's not in the mood he'll still let me do something to him. He's not even letting me do that. I'm worried because of what's been happening lately. I just got an Email from one of my friends telling us that Adrien's husband left him. That's not cool. They were like, the perfect example of marriage. And now we don't even have that."

"Wait, Adrien's husband left him? I thought they were like solid?"

"We did too. I haven't even told Matt about it yet. I mean I told him Adrien's been feeling like sh*t because he hasn't heard from Kevin in a few days but I didn't want to go into any other details right now."

"Have you heard from Adrien?"

"No. A good friend of ours told us he hasn't heard from Kevin but he also told us it's because Kevin called Adrien and told him he wanted a separation. It sucks. I mean it just sucks. He's our baby's Godfather. We chose him because of the example he'd set for our kid. I mean he's still a stable guy and stuff but it sucks. I feel bad for him."

"Why didn't you tell Matt the rest of the details?" Angela asked, acting as if she was in a therapy session with Trey. But that was the exact way Trey was acting also. Trey shrugged a little.

"We just got engaged. I just don't want to bring crappy things up like that right now."

"But you're secure in your relationship with Matt, aren't you?"

"Yes! Very secure. It has nothing to do with thinking he'd change his mind or whatever, but he's been really excited about trying to plan the wedding and stuff. I don't want to put a dark cloud over that right now."

"Well I can understand that. When you guys called us that night by the way, and told us how you just made the announcement, I had never been happier in my life. Miranda and I were both completely thrilled for you guys. It isn't something we're personally rushing to do but we know your and Matt's wedding is going to set a new precedence," Angela told him. Trey couldn't help but smile. "But seriously, I am so proud of both Matt and you. You know you shouldn't be comparing what you have with Matt to any other problems or experiences. Because what other people are going through is happening because of the choices they've made. And I know you know that. It's just a big time for you. A new baby is on the way. A marriage is on the way. A lot is going on and I understand sex is important to you. It's your way of just letting go."

"It is. You're right. But it's not just that. I love sex. But it's not the idea of having sex as much as it's the idea of just being with Matt like that. Every moment I'm with Matt is amazing. Because he makes me feel good just by looking at me. But it's not just that. Everything he does for me. It makes me feel awesome," Trey said with a small smirk now. Angela had known him and Matt long enough for him to feel comfortable enough talking like this to them, the way he would if he was sitting in front of his buddies instead. He loved Angela as much as Matt did. And Miranda was just cool. Trey always thought she was cool and knew if she didn't want to hear what he was saying she'd let him know. But she didn't mind. "I mean, it turns me on more knowing how satisfied I'm making him than anything. And he seems really satisfied. And we recently talked about it, but now this. Now he doesn't seem to even want to look at me naked!"

"How long has it been?"

"Like two days."

"Two days?" Angela and Miranda both snickered a little, but it was more from how cute Trey looked when he said it. "Have you tried just holding him?"

"I do. Every night."

"Does he pull away?"


"Then maybe what he needs right now is for you to just hold him."

"But what if he just doesn't find me attractive anymore?"

"Trey, why on God's earth are you suddenly thinking about that?"

"Is it really that or could it be more that you're a little turned off from Matt's pregnant stature at the moment so you're trying to push it a little more to make up for it?" Miranda asked. Angela gave her a touche' look while Trey sat there looking a little surprised.

"I love the way Matt looks."

"We know you do." Angela reminded him. "But Miranda might be onto something. I mean Matt is pretty damn pregnant right now. And it's OK to admit you're not really into that. I know you love your baby and you love Matt no matter what but I think there's an actual possibility that you're a little freaked out by the huge hard pregnant stomach protruding from his body."

"Well, putting it like that, yeah, a little." Trey made a bit of a face and said.

"I am too now a little," Miranda added, causing even Trey to laugh a bit.

"Let's face it, you and Matt look at each other like you're God's gift to each other. And you probably are. And I'm sure that look is even stronger in the bedroom. And right now, with Matt's mood swings and bizarre cravings and you trying to take care of not just yourself but also him and the unborn baby, all of that can take it's toll a little bit on the normal every day routine. Or even the normal every day looks. It's OK. I really honestly truly do believe-"

"I'm making a bigger deal out of it than I should be?" Trey cut her off and said. Angela nodded.

"Basically, yes."

Trey sat there thinking about that for a moment and then shrugged.

"That's probably true. I probably am. But in the meantime, what should I do?"

"Exactly what it is you've been doing every day. Because whatever it is, it's been working. You're a great guy and Matt loves you and you're going to have a beautiful baby together soon and a beautiful wedding to plan for. So in the meantime, don't worry so much about all of it. You're doing good." Angela smiled at him. Trey finally started smiling again.

"I don't know if I'm much of a gift from God, but I know Matt is," He said quietly. Angela reached over and took Miranda's hand.

"It's special to find someone like that. Or regardless what it is, even if it's not a person but something else in life, it's good to be able to feel that way."

"Yeah. Like a woman's body. I know that was a gift from God," Miranda spoke up and said, being just as comfortable around Trey as he seemed around her. Angela started giggling while Trey sat back, feeling much more relaxed, and just smirked.

Later that night, after Trey thanked them both and sent them off ready to enjoy their own night together, Trey crawled in bed next to Matt, wrapped his arms around him, and kept him warm in his arms all night. Matt gave a small sweet moan, letting Trey feel awesome again.
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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby zzyzx 1 » Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:52 am

107 chapters posted, willowrose? WOW! I know you said (I forgot when you said that) that you had over a hundred chapters, but WOW!

I am reading it; haven't made a comment yet. I feel funny at this point commenting on say Chapter 33 when you are already posting chapter 107. But be that as it may, you are a fantastic writer!

My problem is that I still like books. Something i can hold in my hand, use yellow highlighters, dog-ear the pages, read on the bus, etc. Sure, there are laptops, iPads, Kendals, etc., but I can't use a yellow marker or write in the margins. Your book: "Who's Your Daddy?" is good practice for me in reading in the digital age - I will NOT use a yellow marker on my computer screen :P

But you know what i mean - I would like to underline, write my own notes, etc. That's impossible with an e-book. But so what? Different skills are involved, and thanks to you I am learning them :wink:

So keep up the great work; I'll keep reading, learning my techniques of reading a masterpiece on the computer without yellow markers, and then I'll post my comments when I am ready.

Just know that I (and hopefully many, many others) are out there, reading and enjoying your writing :D

-zzyzx 1, a/k/a ZZ :)
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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby willowrose » Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:19 am

Thank you ZZ!!! :) I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!!! (And hopefully everyone else! Plenty of people evidently "view" it but I often wonder how many are actually reading it! )) And I know exactly what you mean!! I like cuddling back with a blanket and my feet up (something I've actually attempted while reading something online and it's NOT that comfortable!) with a good book! Plus I tend to need reading glasses for the monitor more than I do an actual bound book.

But again thank you for the encouragement and all the awesome, kind words! :) There is LOTS more to come!!! (The chapters have tapered off some but because I've been so lax about posting the chapters, this story is currently headed for it's 400th chapter now!!))

Good stuff to come! 8) (Including the long awaited babies!!! And eventually the introduction of two of my most favorite characters of the whole story. Hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do! ))
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Re: Who's your daddy? 108

Postby willowrose » Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:33 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Trey and Matt are hosting a mini retreat. Adrien gets a shoulder to cry on while Jason sees ample opportunity to take care of a little problem.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 108

"Why are we babysitting again?" Kacey asked as she sat across from her good friend and P.A., Kevin, in Trey's living room. Garrow was on the floor playing with a puzzle. His hamster was in it's travel cage next to him.

"Because our bosses, all of them, are at Garrow's dad's house for some sort of mini writer's retreat. And they asked us, well, me, to come over here and watch Garrow. You're here so I'd have someone to talk to."

"No. I'm here because you don't like being tortured alone."

"Well, that too. He's not that bad. He's a pretty good kid."

"I didn't mean that. I meant sitting around bored out of my frickin' scull," Kacey complained. Kevin sat there just staring at her.


"Now that we're in June, this will pretty much be the last normal month for us. Lots and lots of stuff happening this Summer and beyond. So, anyone got any ideas?" Trey stood at the table and asked. Everyone from the office was there this time. They didn't have to be, but it was the way Trey preferred it. And whatever Trey preferred was the way it would be for everyone to be happy. Eric was still in bed but was listening in on a baby monitor. Frank sat at the table moping, staying quiet and to himself. Ryan, Jack, Ann, Bruce and Mark, another guy from their office and good friend of theirs, were the only ones trying to pay attention. Adrien sat there with a bitter look on his face, which was quite different from the usual got it all together relaxed look. He was excellent at his job, being one of the supervisors in the office, but right now instead of paying attention, all he could do was picture what his husband Kevin must have been doing at the moment. Every once in a while he'd mumble something really low to himself and look like he was ready to burst out into a fit of rage. Keef would look over at him to make sure he was OK. Adrien ignored him and stayed in his own little world. He still hadn't told anyone other than Eric that Kevin told him he was leaving him. Not that everyone didn't already know, thanks to Eric. But he did know everyone was aware of the fact he hadn't heard from his husband in over a week now. He also knew everyone was aware of how that just wasn't normal for them.

Jason was in the other room chatting online with his second cousin Billy from the mountains of Colorado. His screen name was something along the lines of big Billy. Jason was a little bit afraid to wonder why.

So they're working at your house? Billy typed.

Yes. Eric can't move out of the bed so they brought the work here.

I thought you said Eric didn't have to work until fall time?

He doesn't. This is just something they do to keep everything on track. It usually doesn't happen until around August. But since M and T's baby is due next month, they're doing it now instead.

Oh. Who else is there? Is that cute little guy with the silver streaky hair in attendance? Billy typed.

Who? Frank?

Frank? I thought his name was Fred.

No. It's Frank. He's here. Why?

He's cute. I talked to him at your kid's birthday party. Ask him if he still has my number.

You gave him your number?

'course I did. Hey, my pa wants to know if we can stay with you for a few days when we're in town this month. My boss is sending me out and pa never seen the coastline like that. Can you believe it?

Sure. If you need somewhere to stay, you can stay here. Who else would be coming?

Just me and pa. Billy typed. Jason started laughing to himself, hearing the Colorado mountain accent in his head as he read Billy's words. Billy was a big, strong, good looking guy. And he knew how to speak without the accent. But anytime Jason would be around that side of the family, he noticed they talked to each other with the heavy accent their father raised them around. Billy had a ma too. His mother was a good friend of his father's and since he lost his other father at a really young age, the woman stuck around and helped raise them as her own. Billy always called her ma. Jason never spent a lot of time around them, but when he did, he couldn't help but be amused by the way they talked. They were good people though. Hard workers that believed in putting family first. He didn't mind helping them out by letting them stay.

Sounds good. Just remind me a couple days in advance so I can have a couple rooms ready.

Thanks Skippers. Billy typed to him. Jason smiled. The one thing about the mountains that did stick with him was the nickname his family had given him. And don't forget to give Frank my number again.

Oh don't worry. I won't forget. Jason assured him.


"Hamburgers." Garrow held the hamster cage up for Kevin to see. Kevin had asked what the hamster's name was.

"I had a hamster once. Thing lived for like four years. I loved him," Kacey started talking on the other side of the room. Garrow turned around to look at her. "I think he still hates me," She said as she watched Garrow staring at her.

"He doesn't hate you. He just knows me a little better. Eric brings him into the office at times."

"I'm sitting at the front of the building! He sees me way before he sees you!"

"Yeah but he sees me more. He's spent more time around me."

"Well whatever. I'm going to get to know Matt and Trey's kid better so it likes me more than it likes you," Kacey told him. Kevin just sat there, watching as Garrow talked to Hamburgers through the plastic cage.


"He hasn't called? At all? Next even a text?" Keef asked.

"No. Not even a text," Adrien said with his head hanging low. He rubbed at his neck, feeling it tense up.

"Was he giving you any type of suspicion at all before?"

"None. Everything seemed, normal. He didn't call for a couple days so I called a few times to see why, and then suddenly he called and told me he was, he was leaving me." Adrien still found it hard to say. Keef and Adrien were sitting alone in another room while everyone else ate.

"Well there has to be more to it than just some punk ass kid. Maybe he's in the middle of some bad deal or something and doesn't want you getting involved?" Keef suggested. Adrien looked up at him.

"Thanks. But I think you've been watching too many DVD's."

"Maybe. But the man is nuts, completely nuts, to just leave the amazing marriage he had."

"Well it must not have been that amazing," Adrien said quietly, letting his eyes drift back down to his lap. Keef didn't know what else to say. He reached over and rubbed Adrien's back some.


"Can I put that piece in?" Kacey asked, now sitting on the floor helping Garrow with his puzzle. Garrow nodded at her.

"See, there's no hate here," Kevin told her, sitting with Garrow. Garrow was half sitting in his lap. Kacey smiled.

"I don't know what it is about boys. They either like me or they hate me," She commented, putting another piece of the puzzle together. Her dark hair fell over her face as she leaned over the puzzle.

"I, um, I have something I need to say," Kevin started talking quietly as he watched Garrow fit another piece in.

"Yeah?" Kacey asked as she studied the puzzle with another piece in her hand.

"DAT DON'T GO DERE!" Garrow suddenly shouted at Kacey. She froze and looked up at him.

"Well excuse me! I was only trying to see if it did."

"It don't!" Garrow yelled and then started crying about how the puzzle piece didn't go where Kacey was trying to make it fit. He was tired and needed his nap.

"OK. I'm gonna get up and walk him around a little bit. This is what my brother has to do with his kid."

"Your brother has a kid?" Kacey asked as Kevin got up with a whining Garrow in his arms.

"Yes. He's three. I've shown you pictures."

"Oh. You have a brother?" Kacey asked. Kevin just stared at her as Garrow complained about wanting to see one of his daddies. He knew he couldn't and was complaining about it just because he could. Kevin laid him in his arms and tried rocking him a little bit. He then gave Kacey a stare. "What?"

"He lives in Wisconsin. I know I've shown you pictures."

"Well sorry. What was it you wanted to say?"

"My daddy!" Garrow whined a little louder, rubbing at his eyes now, but seemed relaxed in Kevin's arms.

"Never mind. I'll talk to you about it later," Kevin told her and took off to walk Garrow around the house, hoping he'd fall to sleep.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 109

Postby willowrose » Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:56 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Matt's miserable. His big belly keeps getting in the way. Adrien's miserable. He keeps thinking about his failed marriage. Jason, however, is not miserable. He has a plan to make things all better. At least for him.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 109

Matt was sitting back on the couch with a Baby on board tee-shirt on. His big belly was getting huge. The cute little round baby bulge was no longer just that and was now starting to get on his nerves.

"Did you want grape jelly this time or strawberry preserves?" Trey asked. Matt shrugged.

"I don't really care. Can you turn the air on again? It's really damn hot in here," He said, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"The air is on. It's been on. I think it's time to get out of the house for a while."

"Trey, I told you, I'd love to get out for a while but I can't f*ckin' move. I can't even see my damn feet when I stand up," Matt complained. Trey brought him his lunch and then grabbed the MacBook before sitting down next to him.

"Then let us plan our wedding some more," Trey grinned as he brought up some sites they saved. Matt shrugged as he shoved the jelly sandwich into his mouth.


"I hate puppy breath," Keef complained as an anxious puppy squirmed in his hands and tried licking his face. He took Adrien into The Puppy Store. Adrien smiled at a couple cute dogs but then just stood there like his mind was completely somewhere else. "Here. Hold a puppy," Keef tried handing him a ten week old floppy eared hound dog. Adrien stared at the puppy for a moment and then shook his head before turning around. "Adrien stop. Hold the damn puppy!" Keef yelled at him causing the other people in the store to stop and stare. Adrien turned back around, a little caught off guard from Keef's tone and took the puppy into his hands.


"What are you talking to the baby about?" Eric asked as he sat up a little in bed, sliding his fingers through Garrow's curly hair. Garrow was sitting beside Eric's stomach, driving his toy train over the mountain. He suddenly stopped and whispered something against Eric's belly. He smiled a little as Eric asked him the question.

"It's da secret."

"Oh, another secret?" Eric asked him, amused. Garrow smiled and nodded.


"This is Frank speaking."

"Frank? Hi, it's Jason. I was wondering if you could come over for a dinner tomorrow night. Bring the kids."

"Um, dinner?"

"Yes. We need to work through this. You and Eric work in the same building together. I can pretend like nothing happened and hope that whatever did happen won't happen again, but I know better than that. If we can get past this, maybe I can learn to trust you again. And then I'll be able to work on things with Eric. So can you come for dinner?"

"Um, OK," Frank said, still a little surprised by the invite.

"Good. Around eight. I'm making tofu nuggets for the kids. See you tomorrow then."



"The coast would be nice. I know we don't really want to do a regular old beach wedding though."

"Yeah and no Hawaii," Matt said as he ate the ice cream sandwich Trey fetched for him.





"Grand Canyon?"


"Under the Hollywood sign?"

"That's kinda neat. Is that allowed?"

"I don't know. But I was kinda just saying that."

"Oh. Well how about Colorado?"

"The Rocky mountains?"


"Hm. That might be kinda cool. OK so other big question,"

"Where are we spending our newlywed night?"

"No. Well, yes. But no. Who do we want as our Officiant?"

"Oh. Um, I don't know. It's kinda hard to choose. Maybe we should just pick someone like, our pediatrician?"

"Our pediatrician?" Trey gave Matt an amused stare.

"Yeah. That way no one will get hurt feelings over not being chosen."

"Yeah, but, she's gonna be seeing, you know, everything. I mean she kinda already has, but it's gonna get even worse when you, like, go into labor and stuff."

"Oh. That's true. Well how about John?"



"John, as in John Stamos?"


"No! Matt, you're marrying me not John Stamos!"

"I know that! I just thought it'd be kinda funny."

"Yeah. No. Don't worry. We'll put him on the guest list. Um, hm. We'll figure that part out later," Trey said and picked up the Parenting magazine Matt was looking at to fan him with it.


"I don't really want to hold anymore damn dogs," Adrien looked at Keef and said quietly as Keef tried handing him a tiny one pound Chihuahua. Keef gave him a little bit of a surprised stare, then lowered the dog, handing it over to some kid standing beside him.

"Fine. Let's go to the beach then."

"I don't really want to go to the beach."

"Fine, then I'm taking you home so you can sit there and be miserable thinking about too much."


"I was being sarcastic."

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