Who's your daddy?

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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby zzyzx 1 » Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:44 am

Been reading a lot of "Who's your daddy" this week end. So many chapters for me to go yet until I catch up to where you are now, willow, I can't say too much yet. So many twists and turns and unexpected in this world of gay is the norm; straight is tolerated but not the norm :o

Just checkin' in. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to continue to read this fascinating and great story! Keep up the good (I mean "Great") work :D

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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby willowrose » Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:48 am

Thank you zz!! :D :wink: And hope you had a great weekend too!!!! :)
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Re: Who's your daddy? 110

Postby willowrose » Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:04 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- In a world where straight means gay and gay means straight, one thing has stayed the same- Some people will do anything to seek revenge.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 110

"OK so this is where you can sleep. The couch is a pullout. I figured we should give your dad the extra bed and you wouldn't mind sleeping in the family room. You have your own TV and stuff," Jason nodded toward the entertainment center. "There's a PS3 in there too if you want to play with that."

"That's amazing. I'd sleep on the floor if I had to," Billy smiled and said, dropping his bags by the couch.

"Well you don't have to. But I do ask if you want to spend the night with someone, try not to make too much noise so it doesn't scare Garrow," Jason told him. Billy giggled, blushing a little bit. Jason almost laughed at seeing such a large well built man blush. Or giggle for that matter.

"Thank you again. For all of this. Pa and I will actually get more enjoyment out of this trip than it just being a business thing."

"Good. You can use one of my cars by the way. I wasn't sure if I told you that or not yet," Jason told him. Billy smiled. He suddenly grabbed him and pulled him into a tight hug.

"You're a good man. It makes me happy knowing we have such good people in our family."

"Thanks," Jason mumbled, his mouth squished against Billy's body. "Oh, we're having some people over for dinner tonight. So you can use whatever hair products and stuff we have in the bathroom."

"Thanks." Billy gave Jason another big smile. Jason nodded at him and then walked away, smiling to himself.


"Why are there so many hook ups at the office anyway? Can't people just learn to meet people at the bar, like everyone else?" Matt complained as Trey sprinkled some cheese over his huge plate of spaghetti for him. They were out to eat with Jack, Ryan and Mark, all three friends and employees of theirs.

"Yeah. They can. And they do. But those usually don't amount to much more than one night stands," Ryan explained.

"That's true. Hooking up with someone from the office just makes it a little more meaningful," Jack pitched in. Ryan gave him a look. Jack smiled. "A lot more meaningful, I mean."

"It's just easier to manage a relationship with someone you work with. You already know them better and you can keep a better eye on everything they're doing," Ryan further explained.

"Well technically, since Matt and I are your bosses, we shouldn't even be hearing this stuff. I mean we know you guys know we're cool. But we're suppose to discourage office romances and all that sh*t," Trey told him. He then noticed the look they were giving him. "Matt and I don't count. We were in love before we even created anything."

"Either way, it's going to happen," Ryan said. "You can't stop it. Once it starts, there's just no way to walk away."

"Well, maybe we should have free condom Fridays or something," Trey looked over at Matt and said. Matt nodded.


"How many of the little ones are yours?" Billy looked over at Frank and asked. Frank sat there trying not to look over at Eric. Eric was giving Billy and Frank a stare of death. He'd occasionally look over at Jason and give him one too.

"All of them except one," Frank told him, trying to look more at his plate than at Billy. Billy's green eyes seemed to sparkle with the mint green dress shirt he had on.

"Wow. You're running an Army," Billy told him. Frank smiled a little. "What are their ages?" He asked as the kids talked and giggled and occasionally got a little loud at the kids table. Garrow loved it when Frank's kids came over. He had been around them his whole life and they were as close to him as his own cousins would be.

"The youngest is almost six and my oldest is almost sixteen."

"Sixteen? It don't seem like you'd have a kid that old," Billy said, truly astonished. Frank smiled a little more.

"They grow fast."

"Do they all live with you?"

"Five of them. My oldest lives with his dad in Venice. My work schedule has always been so crazy, it's just been easier that way. I mean more stable for him. The two youngest ones live with me full time. The other three, the oldest is twelve, live part time with me and part time with their other dad."

"How did you get so many kids?" Billy asked in an admiring voice.

"He's fertile. Would anyone like any apple pie?" Jason smiled at everyone at the table and asked.

"Yes! I would. Please." Billy held his plate out for Jason.

"It's OK. I'll bring out the dessert plates."

"Would you like some help Skippers?" Billy's pa asked. He had been sitting at the table quietly, with his own thoughts, the way he was raised himself to be at dinner tables.

"No. I'm fine. Just relax and enjoy yourself," Jason smiled and told him. He then looked over at Eric. Eric kept his eyes forward.

"Well that's great." Billy started talking again. "It's great to have a large family. I come from a large family," Billy said, completely unaffected by the noise from the kids table.

"Frank and his husband love the kids. All of them," Eric spoke up finally and said. Frank gave him a small smile but Eric avoided meeting his eyes.

"I can tell they must. They raised some good youngins," Billy said, still working on the rest of his potatoes, waiting for the apple pie. Jason brought it in before Eric could say anything else. "Back in my village, the little mountain community I was raised around, everyone looked out for each others kids. There was never a problem if someone had to spank a kid that belonged to someone else. They were never permanently harmed and we always deserved it. I mean, them," Billy corrected himself, looking over at his pa. Frank smiled a little as Jason laughed.

"Yeah. We know you were one of the good kids growing up. Billy was the one to keep the rest of us in line," Jason commented. "Plus he always had some good stories to tell. That was the biggest reason why I always wanted to visit and spend the nights. Billy had some good ghost stories to tell."

"Aw, you just haven't heard them lately. They wouldn't be that good now," Billy said, blushing a little.

"Well maybe you should tell us one. Frank, wanna spend the night? Billy will tell us some good ones tonight. We can all sit on mine and Eric's bed," Jason looked over at Frank and said. Frank just gave him a look.

"Oh, um, I have the kids. I mean they don't have any pajamas or toothbrushes or-"

"We have extra toothbrushes. Eric keeps us well stocked. Come on, it'll be fun. And you said Marc was gone for the rest of the week right? That's why he couldn't be here?"

"Yes, but-"

"Then stay! Hey kids! You wanna spend the night here tonight?" Jason suddenly yelled. All the kids, including Garrow, yelled YES at once. Jason looked back at Frank and smiled. "That's settled then," He told him. Frank acted as if he didn't know what to say. In reality he knew exactly what to say, but he didn't want to use that type of language in front of the kids.

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Re: Who's your daddy? 111

Postby willowrose » Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:44 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Jason tricked Frank into spending the night with the kids in hopes of him getting to know cousin Billy a little better. The plan doesn't quite pan out the way he was hoping.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 111

"Why did you do that?" Eric looked at Jason and asked as he pulled his shirt off.

"Do what?" Jason asked, pulling the covers back for Eric to get back in bed.

"Invite Frank to spend the night. You know Billy has a crush on him."

"Yeah? Frank's a big boy. He knows how to tell Billy he's not interested. If he's not interested."

"Interested? Why would he be interested? Billy is like, like some big mountain troll," Eric raised his voice a little and said. Jason paused what he was doing and gave him a look. Eric realized what he had just said. "I mean, Frank is married."

"I know. Get back in bed. You've walked around too much already today," Jason's voice was a little flat as he gave Eric the command and then walked into the bathroom. Eric was ready to defy him but he knew for the baby's sake he really did have to get back in bed. He crawled back in and crossed his arms over his chest, sitting there with a bitter look on his face.


"Are they in school? Or do you home school them?" Billy asked. The kids were all in Garrow's playroom where video games were set up to play, except for Frank's youngest. She was sitting on his lap staring over at Billy. Billy had tried combing his wild hair down with some of Eric's hair gel. But the first thing Frank thought when he saw him was how he liked his hair better wind blown and wild looking.

"They're in school. They go to a private school near town. They like it. Right?" Frank asked his youngest child. She smiled over at Billy and nodded.

"You look like you have a tooth missing!" Billy told her as she showed off the fact one of her front teeth fell out. "Did you get something good from the tooth fairy for that one?" Billy asked her. She nodded with another big smile.

"She got a new video game under her pillow," Frank mentioned, looking down at his daughter. She giggled a little.

"What type of video game was it?"

"Mickey Mouse," She answered, finally responding to Billy. She was a calm child with big brown eyes and long blond hair down to her waist.

"Well maybe the tooth fairy will bring you a new puppy or something for the other one," Billy told her. She giggled. Frank shot him a bit of a look, but then chuckled some.

"That's the last thing the tooth fairy needs to try hiding under the pillow," Frank said, causing Billy to laugh a little.

"How old were you when you were gifted with the unique silver hair?" Billy randomly asked. He really did find Frank's hair to be quite intriguing and thought nothing of it to ask. Frank giggled a little, but then realized it was a sincere question.


"Really? Wow. What color was it before then?"

"It was dark. Kinda like a really dark blond. It happened to my dad too. It took about five years to completely lose the color. I'm hoping it doesn't happen to any of my kids."

"Really? It's unique," Billy told him. Frank shrugged.

"I don't think my oldest would be too happy going gray right now."

"Gray? I don't see it as gray. It looks silver to me. It's almost white," Billy told him, staring up at his hair. Frank smiled a little.

"I guess. I still don't think he'd be too happy with it. But his hair is really blond. And it isn't the same texture as mine ever was. So hopefully it didn't get passed on."

"Is he in a band? Lots of looks go in bands."

"Yeah. Actually he is." Frank laughed a little. "He also surfs. He's really into that. But so was his dad. He tried to get me into the ocean but I'm just not really the ocean type."

"Really? I think I would like to learn to surf. I didn't get to be around the ocean much as a kid. Did you meet his dad on the beach?"

"No. I knew him in high school. My husband, Marc, I met him through my son's father. He introduced us in college."

"Wow. That's a tangled web," Billy said a little quietly. Frank laughed. Garrow came running out of the playroom to get Frank's daughter, grabbing her by the hand and pulling her off his lap. She went without a word of complaint. "You have a good marriage at home? I mean, sorry. I guess that's none of my business."

"That's OK. Um, yeah, it's OK. We haven't really spoken to each other in a few weeks, or even seen each other, but, you know," Frank shrugged slightly. "maybe we can work on things. Marriage is a little bit of a roller coaster ride at times. I'm just trying to keep peace right now for the sake of the kids. It's Summer and they should be able to enjoy their Summer vacation."

"You never Emailed me," Billy suddenly said, almost as if he hadn't heard a word Frank said. Frank just looked at him. "My card. I gave you my business card. You never Emailed me," He said quietly.

"Oh! Yeah, your card. I misplaced it. I'm sorry."

"There's no need to apologize. I was just hoping to hear from you so I could add you to my forward list," He said, causing Frank to giggle. Billy smiled softly.

Jason was at the top of the stairs, listening, already feeling a little bit of relief. He figured if he could get Frank's attention on Billy, Frank would keep his attention off Eric, or at least not try layering it on so thick. He was also hoping Eric would realize Frank didn't really want him after all. That he only wanted to be with him because of the problems in his own marriage.


Billy's pa joined him and Frank in the living room. The conversation got a little boring so Jason went into his office and got online to check his Email. He found Trey online. Trey and Matt were both sitting in front of their desktop.

So Billy is there? It's going to seem kinda lonely probably once he leaves Trey typed to him.

Maybe. I don't know. Eric's sister offered to come stay and help out for a while. Both of our sisters did actually. But I think we'll be OK. Eric isn't that hard to take care of. A little stubborn at times but not too difficult. Jason typed back.

Well that's good. If he gets that out of hand, call me over. I'll give him a good talking to. Oh and Matt said to keep him on bed rest. Said he needs it for sake of baby

Yeah. We know that already. But thanks. So what are you guys doing online?

Looking at porn

I mean other than that.

Hacking into your Email

Other than that.

We're looking over honeymoon destinations

Find anything good yet?


I better go check on Eric. I feel a little bad for him. He's all alone with just the TV.

Rent him some porn

No. Bye. Jason typed and then signed off.

"Does porn come in blu-ray yet?" Matt looked over at Trey and asked.

"I don't know. Let's look it up!"


"Hi." Frank was suddenly standing in the middle of the doorway, looking over at Eric propped up against his pillow. He suddenly had visions of himself crawling out the window but kept himself from grinning too much about it.

"Shouldn't you be hanging out with your BFF?" Eric looked over at him, a little startled at first, and then sarcastically asked. Frank nodded.

"Yes. I should be. Which is why I'm here. You already know the only reason why I came tonight was to see you," He said. He was keeping himself in the doorway no matter how badly he wanted to get near Eric. "Matt told me the baby was kicking. Has she been kicking a lot lately?" Frank asked, pausing to swallow a lump suddenly in his throat. It had bothered him since Matt sent him the text simply saying Eric's baby is kicking. It bothered him he wasn't there to experience the things Jason was getting to experience.

"No. She hasn't. Maybe once a day but other than that she's pretty lazy," Eric told him, still acting like he was uninterested in Frank standing there. Frank just stood there for a moment, staring down at the floor.

"I want to hold you. I want to feel the baby kicking. I just want to be close to you. I'm living hell every night. I don't mind being alone. But I can't stand the thought of not being able to have you there."

"You have Marc there. Isn't he singing you to sleep with Elton songs?" Eric sarcastically said.

"I sleep in the guest room," Frank said quietly. Eric just stared at him for a moment.

"I," Eric started talking and then paused, staring down at the blanket. He suddenly looked up at Frank again. "I want you to hold me too. I want to be in your arms. I'm sorry. I- I'm sorry," Eric started crying like he had been holding it in all night. It was a combination of hormones and frustration from being stuck in bed. Frank started walking to him but stopped himself. He stood there and watched Eric cry. Jason was down the hall, listening. He saw Frank standing in the doorway and heard Eric say something about Marc singing Elton songs. He was ready to interrupt until he heard Eric start crying. He froze and just watched.

"I can't. I can't come to you," Frank told him, hurting as he stood there watching Eric cry as his hands sat against his pregnant belly. "I love you Eric."

"You don't!"

"I do! I do, I'm sorry! I'm the one that hurt you! I'm the one that's caused you so much hell in life," Frank said as a tear rolled down his cheek.

"Shut up! You don't care!" Eric cried at him. Frank shook his head.

"That's not true."

"Then hold me!" Eric shouted at him. Frank fought it for as long as he could but he couldn't take the way Eric was staring at him as tears fell down his cheeks, begging him with his eyes to just hold him. He rushed toward the bed and took Eric into his arms, sitting beside him and just holding him.

Jason started walking toward the door, feeling like he was ready to explode from vented up rage. But before he reached the door frame, he stopped. He could hear Frank softly telling Eric how much he loved him and how sorry he was. Eric sighed a couple of times between tears. Jason had a feeling in him to grab Frank and throw him against the wall. And at the same time he felt his heart drop. He went numb as he backed away from the door, staring at it. He stopped for a moment and listened as Frank quietly soothed Eric. He then turned around, walked into his living room, and asked Billy if he could watch Garrow for a while so he could go to the store. Billy said of course.

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Re: Who's your daddy? 112

Postby willowrose » Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:49 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes-This one was a little bit hard to rewrite for over here. There's a lot going on between 3 different scenes. But it's all leading to a much bigger event. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Jason turns to the person that knows him best while trying to figure out what to do. Frank goes into a little bit of his back story while keeping Eric company, Eric just wants to keep him there beside him. Matt and Trey try to decide on a honeymoon destination for their upcoming wedding.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 112

Glasgow opened his door.

"What? What's wrong?"

"HE'S IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE!" Jason stood on his doorstep, sobbing.

"sh*t! sh*t. You scared the sh*t out of me. I thought something was wrong with our kid," Glasgow said, holding his hand over his heart and holding the door open for Jason to step in. Jason stood there crying. It would have been completely strange for anyone else to see, figuring it out of character for Jason to cry like that. Except for the fact Glasgow had already been there to see Jason go through every emotion and feeling imaginable through the years. He stood there just watching him, not really knowing what to say. For a split second he was tempted to say serves you right, but then remembered he was the one that cheated on Jason in the first place. Plus it did hurt him a little to see Jason so distraught. Actually, it hurt him more than a little. "OK, what proof do you have?" Glasgow asked, almost trying to sound uninterested.

"I HEARD him!" Jason suddenly turned mean looking, the exact way Garrow looked when he was pissed about something.

"You heard him? What does that mean?"

"I heard him. You don't understand. I was there. I was standing right f**kin' there."

"OK, Jason, you're going to have to calm down a little, or a lot, gather your thoughts, and for starters take a deep breath and come over here and sit down," Glasgow told him, leading him to the couch.


"But you still want to be with Jason?" Frank asked as he sat in the bed next to Eric. Eric moved over for Frank to sit down. He was still fully dressed and they hadn't done anything except talk.

"I do. I know. I sound really confused." Eric tried to smile a little at Frank as he talked, but there really was no reason to smile about it.

"Are you trying to stay with him for the sake of Garrow?"

"Yes. I am," Eric admitted without having to pause and think about it. "But I also love Jason. Jason hasn't done anything wrong to me. I've known him a long time and I've had feelings for him for a long time. Way before we started dating. But being with him doesn't mean I can just forget about the feelings I have for you." Eric's voice started choking up again. He took a deep breath and continued talking. "I know Marc must still love you. Regardless of what it is he's doing, he evidently is still trying to make it work with you. And that's just more frustrating for me. I know it's selfish. But I've never been selfish like this in my life. So it makes me think I can't just get over it and let you go. You should have gotten with me. After you and Trevor went your separate ways, it should have been me-" Eric got choked up again. Frank was quietly letting him talk. He was occasionally holding his hand against Eric's stomach, hoping to feel the baby kick.

"I left Trevor because Marc came back into my life. I mean it was a mutual split, but Marc was the one there for me when things just weren't working out for Trevor and I anymore. You, you were off following Jason around like his little lost puppy," Frank gently reminded him. Eric couldn't deny it.

"I know, but-"

"I know. Let's not go into the buts though, OK?" Frank asked. Eric just sat there. He finally started giggling.

"Sorry. That sounded kinda funny."

"It's OK. Whatever makes you smile is fine by me. But the past is the past. Things happened for a reason. We can regret it all we want but we can't go back and change it. We just can't."

"Why did you get with Trevor in the first place? I didn't know the situation back then. What caused you to fall in love with him? I mean you knew Marc back then. So why didn't you just get with Marc then?"

"Jason might come in here and find us like this."

"We're just talking."

"He, he was a good guy. Trevor was a good person. After that fling I had with Patrick at the end of college, Marc was already dating someone else. I lost touch with him. We knew where each other lived but we just lost touch. Trevor was one of my professors, which you already know. He was in his early thirties, I was in my mid-twenties, we were both kinda stupid still and bored and when we met up again in that bar, it sorta just went from there. He wanted kids. Really bad. He felt like he was getting too old and just wanted kids. So I gave him what he wanted. It was stupid of me. I had a crush on him in college when he was my teacher. I'm not sure if I was ever really in love with him. I mean, we're still friends. But it was just one of those stupid things. Yet when he left, I felt completely betrayed and broken and just really stupid. Stupid I wasted so much time with someone I wasn't really in love with. I love my kids. We both love our children we have together, but when it became obvious that we were both going to go our separate ways, I just needed arms to be in."

"I was there for you."

"I know. But Marc was there more. And it surprised me when he contacted me. I wanted to know if there was really anything between us. If we could make something work."

"And you're still trying."

"I am. If he left, I'm not going to lie, OK? If he left, I'd want to be with you. I would. It wouldn't be a good situation. I'm not trying to tell you to leave Jason just in case Marc leaves me, but I wouldn't mess up again," Frank said, pausing for a moment to see if Eric understood what he was saying. He might have missed his first chance to be with Eric without having to sneak around, but he wouldn't want to miss another chance. Eric slowly blinked at him. He knew exactly what he was trying to say. "But," Frank continued. "I also understand that things will be a lot better if Marc and I can just keep peace and live together. For the sake of our children. Not just Nigel and Mylin. But for the sake of Stevie, Sarah and Seth. It was bad enough when I started sleeping with Marc before we even had a relationship established. He wasn't even living in the area again yet. When he started getting pregnant, we knew it was time to actually start dating."

"You knocked him up really fast."

"I did. Which might explain this," Frank said and pointed at Eric's pregnant belly. Frank said it so seriously Eric couldn't help but laugh a little. "But my other kids, they already know Marc as their step dad and Marc has helped take care of them. If nothing else, I want to stay with him for the sake of the kids. So I do understand why you would want to stay with Jason for the sake of Garrow. Even though he sees his other dad more often than my kids see theirs. Stevie, Sarah and Seth only see Trevor nine months out of the year, minus most holidays. But I know that's a different situation. He lives in New Mexico now. We can't just switch off every week," Frank said as he rubbed over Eric's belly. The baby started turning. Frank couldn't really feel it but Eric could. All of a sudden he saw Eric's stomach slowly moving. "Wow. Damn. That amazes me no matter how many times I've been through this," Frank said quietly, watching Eric's belly. "She's feeling better," Frank said as he slowly rubbed Eric's belly.

"Why didn't you just stay with Patrick?"

"Patrick? Patrick and I were never really dating in the first place. I'm kind of an easy one to string along," Frank smiled a little, stating the obvious. "When Patrick found out he was pregnant, he got really pissed off and stopped talking to me. It sucked. I had to demand a DNA test to find out if Nick was really mine or not. He is," Frank said. Eric smiled a little since it was only too obvious Nick was his from having his eyes. "I think Patrick introduced me to Marc, trying to get me with him instead. Marc was in one of his classes. But some high school buddy of Marc's came back into his life and got him before I could back then."

"It's kind of strange how things like that happen."

"It is. It's even more strange how things that seem like they're meant to be, don't turn out so meant to be after all," Frank said quietly, looking into Eric's eyes. Eric stared at him for a moment and then nodded very slowly before looking away. "I do know Jason is going to love this baby. I know he will. He already does," Frank said quietly, keeping his hand against Eric's stomach. The baby kicked a little. Frank smiled but stayed quiet about it.


"We already decided no Hawaii."

"Yeah. No. We're there all the time anyway."

"We said no Disney World."

"No. Yeah. No Disney World. We'll probably be there all the time for our kid's birthday."

"No Paris, no France."

"No Grand Canyon."

"Well we said no Grand Canyon for our vows. We didn't say no Grand Canyon for our honeymoon."


"But yeah, no. No Grand Canyon. How about the falls?"


"The mountains?"

"We might be getting married there."

"New Zealand?"


"OK. I'll write down New Zealand." Matt grabbed his pad of paper and wrote it down. "Any checks for it?"

"We could hike. They do a lot of hiking there. And we can go see where Lord of the Rings was filmed."

"OK. So two checks. Actually make that just one. I don't hike," Matt said and put one check next to New Zealand.


"I'm sorry. I should have told you," Glasgow said as he handed Jason a mug of tea. He said it would help calm Jason's nerves.

"But I told you, I already knew. Evidently everyone found out that night," Jason said, referring to the night in the hospital when Frank confessed what was going on between him and Eric.

"Why haven't you said anything to Eric about it?"

"I can't do that. There's already enough stress on this baby."

"The baby might not even be yours," Glasgow told him. Jason gave him a surprised look. "I don't mean it like that. I mean I didn't mean for it to sound that way. I hope the baby will be fine regardless of who's baby it is, but I'm just saying. You don't have to be there for Eric so much. Let Frank help take care of him."

"I can't do that either. I love him. I really don't care who he cheated on me with. I mean I do, I do care, but it'd be a little worse if it was someone other than Frank. Frank was too predictable. I never thought I wouldn't be able to trust Eric, but," Jason paused, thinking to himself for a moment. "But that still doesn't change how I feel about him."

"But Jason, you've always been there for him. I was screwing around. So I can understand why you and Eric started an affair. But why would Eric now? Why would he now?"

"Because it's Frank! Frank has always been one of his best friends. If I told him I didn't want him around Frank, he would have wondered why and probably just left me anyway."

"So now you've allowed an affair to happen."

"Yes. Yes I did. But now that I know it's happening, I will give him an ultimatum. I-" Jason paused. "I can't," He said, his emotions fighting each other.

"What do you mean you can't? You can't right now? Fine. Because you don't want to take the risk of harming the baby. A baby that might not be yours."

"It doesn't matter!"

"I know. I already said that. We still want this baby to come out healthy and safe. It's not the baby's fault. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying let Frank have some of the responsibility. Even if you do it in a way where Eric doesn't get what's going on at first."

"No I mean it doesn't matter. I'm the one that's been there for this child since the moment it was conceived. It doesn't matter how it got there. I don't want to f**kin' know who's baby it is because this baby is mine!"

"OK. Now you're just talking stupid."

"No I'm not. Garrow thinks he's getting a little sister."

"Have you even explained to him yet that it's a girl?"

"No. But that's not the point. I have rights to this baby."

"No you don't. Not if it's not yours."

"I don't care! OK? Why can't you understand that?"

"Why are you yelling at me? I'm not the one involved in a custody battle here this time."

"We were never involved in a custody battle."

"That's right. We weren't. Because we both love Garrow and wanted what was best for him. It wasn't some battle to prove who the other daddy is. And you know what? It's going to be more about who gets Eric than it does who gets rights to this baby," Glasgow told him. Jason had to sit there and think about that for a moment while giving Glasgow a very unappreciative stare. He finally just lowered his face.

Jason was a different person around Glasgow than around anyone else. Glasgow and Eric both knew him better than others did, and he was still a bullheaded person regardless who he was around, but he never felt comfortable saying exactly whatever came to his mind first around anyone other than Glasgow. He always tried to think before speaking around others. But Glasgow was used to it. He had been dealing with it since high school when Jason first discovered how truly comfortable he was with him.

"I love him," Jason finally spoke again, quietly, staring down at his mug of tea.

"I know. And he probably loves you. I loved you. Yet I left you for Andy. We'd both known Andy for years and it just took me a while to realize he was the one I really wanted to be with," Glasgow quietly explained, trying to make a point even if it was a bit on the harsh side. Jason just continued staring down at his tea.
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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby Solianna71 » Sat Dec 25, 2010 10:45 pm

Wow, just wow.... I've only read the warnings and, man you have some guts girl. You didn't just write a style fanfic, you wrote Matt n' Trey fanfiction and you posted it, and on the official webstite!!! I would have never dared go there... :lol:
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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby willowrose » Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:43 am

:lol: I think it might seem worse than it is. If you read the story, I believe you'll find it more fun than anything else. The characters take on lives of their own. Trust me. Especially considering the story has more "chapters" now than there are days in a year. A lot develops and all of a sudden you're swept up in a completely different universe.

Thank you for acknowledging my guts however. :D This story started because of a discussion between me and another fan. We were respectively analyzing how our Lords M&T "take nothing off the table" because if they did, then everything else would seem wrong too.

So, then, you know, I figured they'd understand if I knocked them up. :) In a good way. 'Cause once we finally get to the chapter where the baby gets here it's really really cute. I promise. *Two thumbs up*

In the meantime, don't be afraid to check it out. We haven't even scratched the surface of this epic thing. One of my all time favorite characters is yet to come into town. (His name is DZ and he's out to please. ... And honestly he's probably the one character that could potentially get me sued. But we love him)


Plenty more to come so keep reading!!! (And to those of you that ARE reading this, don't be shy to stick around once in a while and let me know what you think)
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Re: Who's your daddy? 113

Postby willowrose » Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:15 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- None

Chapter summery- The puzzle gets more pieces. We get to know a new character a little better as Frank and Jason both try to figure out what they're going to do about Eric.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 113

"So you're really going to give Eric an ultimatum?" Glasgow quietly asked. Jason looked up, smirked a little and then slowly shook his head.

"Probably not," He whispered as his thumb tapped against the side of his cup. "He can decide on his own what he wants to do once we talk about it."

"I'm just glad Garrow came out looking so much like me, or else I might have thought he was actually Eric's."

"Why would you say that?"

"I'm just trying to be funny. I know he's mine. Our lawyers forced a DNA test when we were trying to legally arrange shared custody. Remember?"

"Of course I remember," Jason said a little sarcastically. "They couldn't understand why we weren't fighting more than we were."

"We weren't fighting at all. I guess it did look a little weird though. But you know what? We put Garrow first. And I truly believe that's what you, Eric and Frank will do for this new baby. You'll put her first. You already are. All three of you guys are. Right now we just have to figure out how to get you back home where you should be. And not just because I'm having company tonight," Glasgow said. Jason gave him a bit of a look. "What? I said not because of that."

"Who's coming over?"

"Just a friend. Scott. It's me and Andy's turn to host poker night. You can stay if you want. You know that. But you belong at home. Home. Where you left our kid."

"He's fine. He has Eric there and Billy and everyone else. Even Frank. Frank treats him like he's one of his."

"So Frank is a good guy after all?"

"I never said he wasn't. I just don't appreciate him f**king my boyfriend," Jason said, sarcastically again, until he realized how much it hurt his heart to say it. Glasgow got up and sat by him, taking him into his arms and just hugging him. Jason melted a little but forced himself not to start crying again. "I'll go home," He finally said quietly. Glasgow chuckled a little.

"I'm not trying to kick you out."

"It's OK. You're right. I should be at home." Jason's voice and actions were much more normal than when he first showed up at Glasgow's doorstep. Glasgow got up with him and walked him to the door. "Thanks," Jason turned to him and said. Glasgow smiled, showing off the dimple Garrow inherited from him.

"That's what I'm here for," Glasgow told him. Jason nodded a little and then walked out. "Hey!" Glasgow yelled, causing Jason to turn around and face him. "I love you," He told him. Jason grinned a little.

"Of course you do," He said and started walking away again as Glasgow watched him. He stopped again and turned back around. "I love you too," He told him. Glasgow smiled and then watched as Jason got into his vehicle and drove home.


Eric fell to sleep against Frank. Frank was kind of glad the conversation had been kept on him the whole time. He wasn't sure, but he figured Eric did it on purpose, not wanting to discuss their current situation anymore than he did. Frank was just happy to be near Eric again, even if just for a little while. Eric fell to sleep easily as soon as they both got quiet. He was still worn out and not feeling completely well from the stress he had put on himself in the previous weeks. Frank very lightly kissed his head and slowly moved himself from beside him.

He heard talking coming from the living room upon approaching it. Mark, a good friend of his and fellow employee, was sitting in Jason's living room chatting it up with Billy.

"Hi," Mark greeted him with a smile. "Billy said you were here. I just came by to see Eric. Is he in the bedroom?"

"Um, yeah, he is. He's sleeping right now though. Do you want something to drink? Or some pie?" Frank asked him. Mark smiled.

"No thanks. Billy offered me some pie too. So you guys are having a sleepover tonight?"

"Um," Frank looked over at Billy. "No. We were invited to stay, but I think I'm going to just leave the kids and come back and get them in the morning."

"Oh. That should be fun. I'm surprised Jason wants to try handling so many kids while dealing with an impoverish Eric right now."

"Yeah. Well he's not really impoverish. He'll be OK. There's enough adults here to handle the kids. A couple of them might want to go home with me anyway. But my son Stevie is old enough to handle the little ones. So what brought you to the area? I thought you usually tried staying out of town during our down time?"

"I do. But I was in town visiting Bruce and then decided to go visit Ryan and Jack. And Ryan and Jack decided to take Matt and Trey out for lunch. So I went with them. I wanted to make sure I stopped and saw Eric before I headed back out. How have you been?"

"Me? Oh, um, I'm fine. Just dealing with a little bit of family stuff. You know, but fine," Frank said as he sat down. He had known Mark for quite some time and didn't mind being honest with him. He wasn't sure exactly how much detail Mark already knew, but Mark was one of the nice guys at the office. If not the only true nice guy at the office. He was always on everyone's side without really taking sides at the same time. Mark smiled at him.

"Well just take care of yourself. We need everyone back in the studios refreshed and ready to go," He reminded him. Frank knew what he meant was we need everyone back in the studios safe and sound. Mark was a bit of a worrier. He was the type that would drive everyone home after a party instead of trying to fight everyone for their keys. But that didn't mean he knew any extra detail of what was going on. He would say something like that whether he thought something was going on or not. Frank nodded at him.

"So how have you been?" He asked him.

"I've been good. Yeah. I'm concentrating on my gardening and trying out new vegetarian meals. I go out on the weekends. It's good. I've been good," He repeated. Mark was around their age but looked the youngest. He was a bit of a geek that would never admit his obsession with the latest online computer role playing game. He was a lanky guy that decided to grow his dark hair out and trade in his glasses for contacts. Ever since then he had plenty of guys, of all ages and backgrounds, after him. He innocently played the dating game with each one of them without ever truly getting involved. No one could figure out why. Trey claimed it was because he enjoyed his new hot status so much, he was trying to make up for all the time he lost being a geek by playing the field as much as possible for as long as possible. Mark seemed too sweet for that. But Frank wasn't the only one that admired him for what he had. And that was the nerve to do it. Whatever it was continued to be between Mark and the four walls of his fancy apartment bedroom.

Jason suddenly walked in through his door. He stopped, looking like he was lost and confused, and just stared at the people sitting in his living room. They all stared back, including Frank. Frank was about to ask him what the hell happened, noticing the distraught look on his face, but then decided not to and looked away instead.

"What the hell happened?" Billy asked instead.

"Huh? Oh, nothing." Jason looked over at him, almost startled by the question. "Nothing," He said again, quietly, and then walked out of the room.

"Hello to you too!" Mark said, loudly, as Jason left the room. Jason acted as if he didn't hear him. And he didn't. His mind was completely somewhere else.

"He looked like sh*t," Billy looked at the other two people in the room and said.

"You're his second cousin, right?" Mark asked.

"Yes. But we grew up more like brothers. I didn't get to see him that often but he was always one of my favorite cousins. He did a lot of drugs. I always worried about him. That guy, you know, Glasgow," Billy said, acting like he didn't know him as well as he actually did. "wasn't a very good influence on him," Billy claimed. The people in Glasgow's family would have claimed the same thing about Jason.

"Well, everybody has their own thing going on. I don't know Jason that well. I've known him for a while but just not that well. Kind of like living next door to a neighbor who's name you always forget," Mark said. Frank looked over at him, amused.

"You don't know your neighbors names?"

"Oh yes, I know them. I just forget them."

"Are you sure you haven't been experimenting a little? What exactly do you grow in your garden?"

"Herbs. No, I'm just saying, I know him. I've known him longer than I've known some of my best friends, but I just don't know him that well."


"OK. Well I guess I should probably go. Let him know to tell Eric I was here. I'll see everyone in a few weeks for the premiere of Matt and Trey's new production," Mark said as he stood up. Frank got confused for a split second but then smiled.

"I guess there's always silver linings, right?" Frank asked as he stood up with Mark.

"Yes. Always," Mark told him and gave him a quick hug. "Take care, OK?"

"OK. You too," Frank told him as he watched him walk out the door. He then turned around. Billy was suddenly standing up too. Frank looked at him. "I have to go. I mean I should probably go. I'm sorry I can't stay."

"It's OK. I figured you're probably leaving now."

"You did?" Frank asked. Billy nodded. "Why?"

"Intuition I guess." Billy shrugged a little. Frank just gave him a bit of a curious stare before giving him a slight amused look. He wouldn't have thought Billy to be the type to use words like that.

"OK, well, I'm going to go check on my kids, and, I'll, um, see you next time, OK?" Frank said. He knew Billy had the hots for him. And it wasn't that he wouldn't have otherwise been into the thought of finding out exactly what Billy had under the overalls he probably normally wore. But right now just wasn't the time to try finding out. Billy nodded at him. Frank then went and checked on his kids, found out they all wanted to stay, even without him, and then quietly slipped out and went home.

Jason in the meantime quietly laid down next to Eric and stared at the ceiling for most of the night.
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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby Solianna71 » Thu Dec 30, 2010 3:51 am

Kay I'll read it. :D But I'm a bit confused what do you mean by "take nothing off the table"?
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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby willowrose » Fri Dec 31, 2010 3:49 am

Well it's more M&T's rule than mine but you know how if they'd say they can't make fun of Mormons because they don't want to offend Mormons? (They clearly haven't said that but just as an example) But then if they said that it would make making fun of the Catholics "wrong" too? And probably not as funny even? That's what I mean. If they take "making fun of Mormons off the (figurative) table" then it would make everything else seem "wrong" too. But Matt and Trey aren't making fun of things because it's taboo, they're making fun of it because it's funny.

And awesome! If you'd like to read the story in it's very unpolished entirety (thus far anyway) you're welcome to join my little readers group over at LJ. Message me here if you're interested and I'll tell you where to go! (I don't extend that invitation to everyone because, well for one thing I need readers here too!! And for another you seem like the type that would come in handy as an unofficial beta reader ;) )) So let me know if you're interested! But keep in mind that when the story gets posted HERE it's getting it's "first official rewrite" so over at it's LJ home it's still with all it's original mistakes (grammar, spelling, plot and otherwise)

Enjoy!! There's LOTS to come!
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Re: Who's your daddy? 114

Postby willowrose » Fri Dec 31, 2010 4:08 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- The chapter has two Kevin's in it. They are two totally different Kevin's. One is Adrien's soon to be ex husband and the other one is a P.A. and has a best friend named Kacey. You might remember them from earlier chapters. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Matt starts nesting and doesn't care about anything else.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 114

"Mark was in town yesterday. Did he come by to see you?" Ryan asked Keef as they took a morning jog with Trey. They were both resting against a big rock waiting for Trey to catch up.

"Mark? No. I think I got a text from him or something. But I was busy."

"Busy? Or just avoiding him?"

"Busy. I was busy," Keef told him, wiping sweat from his forehead and then taking a drink of the sports drink he was sharing with Ryan. Ryan gave him a look. "What? I really was! I've been hanging out with Adrien all week."


"What does that mean?"

"Nothing. I heard about that."

"Yeah. The guy is completely tore up. It's just wearing him completely out. It's not normal to hear from your husband every day and then suddenly he calls you and tells you he's leaving you and that's it. Nothing. I've never been married but I'm seeing what it's doing to Adrien."

"Well I am married. That doesn't always happen."

"I know. I mean some of us still have parents that are together. But Adrien really loved that guy, you know?"

"Yes. I do. I'm glad they never had kids. Can you imagine if he had to try explaining this to his kids?"

"Yeah. Kevin was too selfish to have kids."

"Kevin? Why are you blaming Kevin? Maybe it was Adrien."

"No. It wasn't. He was jealous over the fact Bruce chose me as Jay's Godfather. You probably remember how pissed off he got. It wasn't like I was any better of a friend to Bruce than he was. He stopped talking to me for like a month after that."

"That doesn't mean he wants kids."

"I think it does."

"Well, either way, it's a good thing he didn't have any with Kevin. How's Gabe?"

"Gabe? Oh, we're calling him by his first name now. Not his middle name anymore. He's fine. He's with his dads in Europe right now."

"Europe? Wow. That's some family vacation."

"Yeah. They want him to experience the world or something before he starts high school this fall."

"Oh. That's actually kinda cool. It'd been nice if my parents did that for me. How old is he now?"

"He's thirteen."

"Oh. Did you help pay for the trip?" Ryan gave Keef a suspicious look and couldn't help but ask.

"H-Hey. Hey, why- why did you guys," Trey came to a halt in front of them, out of breath. "why did you take off like that?"

"Take off? We didn't take off. You just can't keep up," Ryan looked at him and said. Trey gave him a stare but couldn't catch his breath enough to cuss at him.

"Here. Sports drink." Keef handed him the drink. Trey drank it down in just a few gulps. He had sweat pouring from his face as he looked at Ryan again.

"Don't give me that look. You're the one that suddenly wanted to start jogging."

"I ha," Trey paused to catch his breath. "- have to!" He yelled at him. "My baby and my," Trey paused again and inhaled deeply a couple times. "My wedding!"

"He's trying to get in shape," Keef translated for him. Ryan smirked.

"So then did you pay for the trip?" He looked over at Keef again and asked. Keef nodded.

"Yes. I did. But it wasn't a big deal. I understood why they wanted to take him."

"Pay for what trip?" Trey sputtered out as his hand shook, handing the empty sports drink bottle back to Keef.

"For Kaden. The trip his dads took him on this Summer."


"We're not calling him by his middle name anymore," Ryan looked at Trey and repeated what Keef told him.


"Dude, you should probably sit down for a while. You're shaking kinda bad."

"No! Gotta keep going. Gotta get in shape. Can't have heart attack," Trey said between breaths and then took off running again. Ryan and Keef just watched him as he ran a little crooked before following him.


"I am NOT going on that!" Kacey looked up at the huge Ferris Wheel.

"But it's the only one we can take the kids on," Kevin, Matt and Trey's favorite P.A. looked at her and said. He had Garrow in his arms. Jason wanted some time with just Eric so he sent Billy and Billy's pa and Garrow and all of Frank's kids to the fair that was in town. Frank said he'd show up to the fair later but in the meantime he called Kevin and asked if he wouldn't mind showing up to help with the kids instead. He of course said he didn't mind and took Kacey along to help.

"Why didn't we bring Paul along? He likes kids," Kacey complained. Kevin gave her a look. "OK. Fine. So no he doesn't. But he deserved to go through this torture too."

"Kids aren't that bad."

"Not that. That." Kacey pointed up at the Ferris Wheel.

"Are we going on this one?" Stevie looked at them and asked. He was a smaller built boy with small hands and petite looking features. He had inherited Frank's eyes but other than that didn't look much like either one of his dads. He enjoyed sports but didn't like getting dirty or taking chances to get hurt much.

"Why? Don't you want to ride it? I mean it's OK if you don't," Kacey looked at him and said.

"Heck no! Yes I want to ride it!" He exclaimed. Kacey cursed to herself.

"OK well we're going on it. So either you come or you stay with the little kids," Kevin told her. "Where's Billy?" Kevin looked around. Billy was off at the snack stand buying all of the little kids cotton candy and popcorn. He finally led the little pack over to Kevin and Kacey. Kevin handed Garrow over to him and then took off for the line to the Ferris Wheel. "I am so disappointed knowing my best friend is a WIMP!" Kevin shouted back at Kacey. It surprised Kacey a little, but then she realized how good of a mood Kevin seemed to be in.

"How DARE you!" She yelled at him as she followed him and two of Frank's kids, Stevie and Sarah onto the ride.


"What the fu- Matt! What in hell are you doing?" Trey asked as he stood in the doorway to the baby's room. He came back home so sweaty he went from the door immediately into the shower. He then threw on some boxers and a t-shirt and was now standing there staring at Matt.

"Don't worry. It's Father's Touch paint. It's baby safe," Matt turned around and said, paint down his shirt and spread across his nose. He had repainted almost the entire room.

"I thought you WANTED pink pigs?"

"I do. The pigs are still pink."

"But, but this room was such a nice yellow!"

"It still is."

"No. No it's not. It's more, puke green. What the hell are you doing?" Trey walked over to Matt and yelled a little more. The room was adorned with stuffed animals, mostly stuffed pink pigs. Two of the room's walls were painted a soft yellow. One wall was painted the soft yellow with soft pink hearts and little pink flying pigs painted across it. The other wall was soft yellow with baby blue hearts and little baby blue flying pigs painted across it. Matt hadn't gotten to the wall with the baby blue hearts and pigs yet.

"I couldn't find the rest of the yellow so I mixed a little bit of blue in with it."

"Blue? Where did you get blue?"

"Ice cream stand boy."

"What? You had ice cream stand boy over?" Trey yelled. Matt nodded.

"I called Kevin but his voice mail picked up. So then I called Kacey to see if Kevin was with her but Kacey's cellphone was with her cousin. His name is Paul by the way."

"I know that! I mean, we both already knew that. Why did Kacey give him her cellphone?"

"She didn't. She gave it to Kevin. They were at a concert last night and Kevin was the only one with pockets so Kacey gave him her cellphone to keep safe during the concert but then Kacey went home while Kevin went back to Paul's place and he took Kacey's cellphone out of his pocket, sat it on the coffee table and then left it there," Matt explained, giving away the fact that him and Paul had been gossiping a little over the phone. Trey gave him a stare.

"Why didn't you just ask for yellow paint?"

"I did. But they were out. Since this is a special type of paint it's hard to keep in stock," Matt went on and explained as he went on and continued painting. "Something about it being Springtime and most people wanting yellow or something. I don't know. So then Paul called me, with Kacey's cellphone, and suggested blue. He said if I poured it into the yellow it might make yellow."

"It might make yellow? Yellow? It makes green Matt! Green! Everyone knows that! Everyone except you and ice cream stand boy apparently!" Trey yelled, his eyes shifting back and forth the way they do when he's sincerely pissed. Matt just stared at him.

"Don't yell at me," He said calmly.

"I'm not! But you painted over everything! How the hell did you move the furniture?" Trey asked, looking around. Matt did put plastic down so paint couldn't get on the floor. He dropped the brush.

"You don't have to yell at me!" He said again and then stormed out of the room. Trey just stood there for a moment. He looked around and realized Matt did not move the furniture in order to paint. He simply painted around it.
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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby Solianna71 » Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:58 am

I'm interested! So is LJ another onilne community or what?
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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby willowrose » Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:09 pm

*LJ=LiveJournal, it is!! :) And it's lovely. I'll send you the info.

I am so so soooo darn sick right now, so it'll probably take me a few days to even log into everything again. But sounds good. Because the story is in it's first draft over there, I'm not looking for "editors", but people to let me know straight up what they like best and what's not really doing anything for them. The readers I have (here and there) are amazing but the ones over at LJ are so comfortable with the characters and the story lines (because there's always more than one) that they really don't leave any type of feedback whatsoever. It's a fun story. It's meant just to be a fun story. And I have notebooks upon notebooks filled with notes still but I feel like a little bit of guidance here and there would do me good, as a writer. ;) So that sounds good and I appreciate it and I'll hook you up asap.

Right now though I'm gonna go pass out again. :/ This severe cold something or other has had a hold of me for almost 2 weeks now and keeps going from one bizarre sickness to the next. :/ I even bit the back of my tongue really hard this morning from sneezing so bad. :/

Okay, tmi and I'm done ranting. I'm just so sick of being sick already. :(

I hope everyone else is doing super though and more will be up soon! LOTS more to come!! Love you guys.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 115

Postby willowrose » Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:11 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- None

Chapter summery- Matt is still upset. Jason is still trying to deal with things at home. Kevin and Kacey are still at the fair with Frank's kids. They're currently enjoying a Ferris wheel ride.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 115

"You don't have to eat it all if you can't," Jason said as he watched Eric trying to finish off the huge bowl of oatmeal he made for him.

"OK. I think I'm done," Eric said, handing the tray of empty plates and bowls up for Jason to take. "Can you bring me some more water please?" Eric asked as Jason took the tray. He came back in a couple minutes later with a bottle of water. Eric thanked him and drank half of it down.

"Are you feeling OK?"

"Yes. That's the second time you've asked me since this morning. Do I look like I'm sick or something?" Eric asked him. Jason shook his head no.

"You look fine. You look good actually. And I want to keep you that way."

"Me too. Thank you." Eric smiled softly at him.

"But I do need to talk to you about something."

"Yeah? Can you prop another pillow behind my back please?" Eric asked, leaning forward some and trying to drop the pillow behind his back himself. Jason took it from him and placed it where he needed it. "Thanks."

"I don't want you seeing Frank anymore," Jason said without thinking another moment about it. Eric froze and stared at him. "I mean for the duration of this pregnancy, I don't want you seeing him."

"The duration of this pregnancy?" Eric asked quietly.

"Yes. For the rest of it, no more Frank."

"How can you tell me who I can and can't talk to?" Eric asked just as quietly, staring up at Jason. He had a completely blank look on his face.

"I can. You're in my house, under my roof and around my child. I do not want Frank coming over here. And you're pregnant with my baby that I'm half responsible for. So you're going to stay right here because I swear to God Eric, I'll get a court order against you," Jason blurted out. He had planned to stop after the I'm half responsible comment but couldn't help saying the rest of it as Eric stared up at him. Eric's jaw dropped a little bit as he sat there absolutely speechless while staring at Jason. Jason stared back for a moment before turning around and leaving the room. He wasn't sure if he could get an actual court order that would force Eric to stay, but he was serious that he'd do everything in his power to make sure Eric stayed in his presence until the baby was born.


"See? This isn't so bad." Kevin sat back as the Ferris Wheel took them to the top. Kacey tried keeping her eyes closed as she felt the cool breeze of the sky hit against her face. At least that was the way she was imagining it. "Come on, look."

"Yeah just peek!" Stevie sat beside Kevin and said. Kacey opened one eye.

"Isn't it amazing? I think I can see my house from here," Kevin said, stretching his neck some for a better view. Kacey quickly inhaled and squeezed her eyes shut again. "I'm just kidding! It's not that bad. Really. But you can see the valley from here. You may as well look. This is going to be the only chance you're going to get. So enjoy the view," Kevin told her. He knew how she was afraid of heights. It was one good reason way she'd never fly anywhere. "Kacey, come on, look. At least you're attached to a rail and not in some free floating piece of metal," He tried convincing her again. Stevie gave him a weird look. "An airplane."

"Oh. Yeah, look Kacey. We're gonna go down soon, so just look." Stevie tried encouraging her.

"Down? Why are we going down?" Kacey's eyes came open as she shouted. Sarah gave her a stunned look.

"I don't think he meant it that way. And you might not want to scare anyone else that's here," Kevin mentioned, noticing the look on Sarah's face. Kacey gave Kevin a look.

"You were the one that forced me up here in the first place!"

"No I didn't!"

"Yes! You did! By calling me a wimp!"

"Yeah. You did," Stevie looked at Kevin and confirmed.

"Hey, it's not MY fault!" Kevin defended himself. "Why aren't we moving anyway?" He asked before looking over the edge to see what was going on.


Trey walked into the bedroom and found Matt laying down, on his side, facing the wall. He didn't have time to notice before but the room spelled clean and fresh. A little bit too clean and fresh.

"What the hell is that smell? It smells like a hospital in here."

"Thanks," Matt mumbled sarcastically. Trey laid down beside him, wrapping his arm around him.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled like that. It just, surprised me a little. That's all."

"You hate it."

"Well, yeah, I kinda do. But it's OK. It can be fixed," Trey said. Matt gave a huff. "I mean, I like it! The important part is that you used paint that was safe for the baby."

"Of course I did! I wouldn't use paint that wasn't safe!" Matt growled, still facing the wall. It was hard for him to face any other way than on his left side.

"I know," Trey said, kissing the back of Matt's neck. "I noticed all my boxers are color coordinated now. Thank you," Trey told him. He wasn't sure why Matt color coordinated their boxers, and the rest of their clothes for that matter, but he felt the need to thank him for it anyway. Matt stayed quiet, but he felt a little better knowing that Trey at least noticed, even if he didn't completely understand why he did it himself.


"WHY ARE WE STUCK?" Kevin yelled down at the people on the ground below. He could see Billy and the little kids waving up at him. The people running the ride weren't paying him any attention.

"Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. We're going to have to climb down," Kacey started panicking. Her eyes were still squeezed shut and she was holding onto her seat so tight Sarah thought it was possible she was going to leave an indent in it.

"It's OK. Don't be scared," Sarah, sitting beside her, tried telling her. Sarah had long hair like her little sister did, but hers was more darker blond, and she too had Frank's dark eyes and dark lashes. She reached out and patted Kacey's hand. Kacey started crying.

"Are you actually crying?" Kevin asked.

"Shut up!" Kacey yelled over at him.

"I'm sorry. I just, I've never seen you cry before."

"Just, shut up!" Kacey shouted again. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't mean to scare you," She started saying, keeping her eyes closed. She was talking to Sarah and Stevie although they both remained calm and seemed fine. They had experienced quite a bit in their young lives already, having a father with such a busy career like Frank. Frank was constantly flying them out to places to visit other family members and taking them places, all sort of exciting places, every small chance he had to spend time with them. Being stuck on a Ferris Wheel was the last thing that was going to faze them. But their coolness about the situation didn't seem to help Kacey any.

"Kacey, I'm sorry," Kevin apologized again. "I didn't realize that-"

"Yes! You did! You know me well enough to know how scared I am of stuff like this! I hate you!" Kacey yelled at him. All of a sudden the Ferris Wheel started moving, sending the box they were sitting in into a hard jerk. Kacey screamed. "I LOVE YOU!" She shouted.

They all sat silently as the ride slowly made it's way around for them to get off. Even Stevie and Sarah knew what Kacey just yelled wasn't something to bring up at the moment. Kacey kept her eyes closed all the way down, but more from embarrassment this time than from being scared.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 116

Postby willowrose » Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:22 am

Warnings- This chapter deals with a subject matter that might be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised. Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- Thank you for loving this story with it's grammar mistakes and all. Love it and it will certainly love you back.

Chapter summery- Eric continues to be moody on bed rest and Adrien continues to be moody over the breakup of his marriage.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 116

"I tried texting you. I'm not going to be back in town again until Matt has the baby." Mark was sitting across from Keef at Keef's table. He showed up unannounced. It was his last day in town for a while and he wanted to see Keef. "He looks just like you. It's creepy," He then mentioned, looking at a recent batch of pictures Keef printed off the computer. Every few months Kaden's dad would send Keef a ton of pictures of the child he carried for him and his husband. He was a good friend of Keef's. Someone he had known his whole life. They decided not to live in L.A. so Keef didn't get to see Kaden that often.

"Yeah. He does. I know. Why is it creepy? I carried the kid for nine months. Well eight and a half. He came a little early."

"I know. You've already told me all about it," Mark said, gently putting the pictures down. Keef was one of his good friends. It wasn't like they never considered hooking up. They'd gotten close a couple of times. More than a couple of times if they both really wanted to think about it. But since they worked in the same building, for the same people, and were already such good friends, they always decided they wanted to keep their friendship just that, friendship. "So neither one could carry a kid?" Mark asked, taking a look at one of the pictures again.

"Right. Neither one. They were high school sweethearts. So it's not like they were going to leave each other just because neither one could safely carry a child. Something about their blood type or something. I don't know. It was weird. I'd known Kaden's dad since I was little. We were neighbors growing up."

"Did they name him after you? You know, with the K thing? In honor of you or something?"

"No." Keef smiled. "I named him believe it or not. They both decided to let me name him as a thank you to me or something. I don't know. I wasn't that comfortable with it at first."

"You were comfortable carrying a child for someone else but you weren't comfortable naming it?" Mark gave him a little bit of a strange stare. He wasn't usually so blunt with people but he always had fun saying whatever he wanted around Keef.

"Yes. I know I've told you all this before. Why? Don't you like his name or something?"

"It's different. But I guess I've heard worse."


"I'm just being honest." Mark chuckled a little. "He's cute though. Has your amazing smile."

"Thanks. I named him after one of my grandfathers. And my teddy bear."

"Are you joking?"

"No. I figured it might be my only chance to name a child after one of my grandfathers, and his dads liked the name, so I went with it."

"Not that. The, never mind," Mark told him and picked up another cookie. Keef picked up his pictures.

"Don't get crumbs on my pictures. And yes. My teddy bear. I named my teddy bear Gabe. I don't know why I named it that. I was like five years old. But I still have the bear around here somewhere."

"That's sweet. So you cooking dinner tonight? You know that's the real reason why I had to come by. I was hoping for some of your amazing cuisine," Mark told him as he crunched a cookie. Keef smiled. He really was known for his amazing cooking skills. Those that had been fortunate enough to experience it experienced also their mouth watering just from thinking about it.


Trey and Matt were sitting at Jason's house. Jason had to go to one of the studios he occasionally worked out of for some last minute work and asked Trey and Matt if they could come sit with Eric and Garrow. Garrow had Hamburgers the hamster running around in a little plastic ball. Jason had taught him how to transfer the small fuzzy rodent from it's cage into the ball and back again all by himself. Matt was walking around cleaning things. He was currently working on washing the archway between the kitchen and the living room. Trey was upstairs with Eric.

"Is that better?"

"No. It's still kinda cold in here. Maybe you can throw a blanket over the window or something."

"OK." Trey took a blanket off Eric's bed.

"Not one of mine!" Eric shouted. Trey dropped the blanket.

"Damn. OK. So where do I find a blanket to throw over the damn window?" Trey asked, getting frustrated with him.

"If you don't want to be here, you don't have to be."

"Yes I do. Jason asked me and Matt to come over and sit with you and Garrow."

"Just take Garrow and go. I don't need a babysitter. Now I know what Matt was bitching about."

"No. You don't. Matt was bitching because there really wasn't any need for me to send someone over that night. I was doing it out of my own pure ignorance and lack of knowledge. You are on strict bed rest. You do not know what it's like because you actually NEED someone here with you. So stop being such a little bitch," Trey told him. Eric sat there with a stubborn look on his face.

"I'm an adult. If I don't want you here, I don't need you here," He said, being just as stubborn as he looked at the moment.

"Fine." Trey dropped the blanket he found at the back of the closet. "We're leaving then. And we're taking Garrow with us."



"No! Stop."

"Oh so now you want to try using some reasoning?"

"You can't take Garrow. He belongs here with me."

"You know what? You're being an idiot," Trey pointed at him and said. He then tacked the blanket up over the window. Eric sat there quiet but still looking as stubborn as ever. Trey stopped by his bed and pointed at him again. "I'm going to tell you something and I'm going to tell you because of how much I love you and I'm only going to say it once. So listen up you little sh*thead. You're not the Eric we all know and adore. You're letting something in your life completely contort you. And you're going to end up losing everything over it. So whatever it is get it straightened the f**k out." Trey threw his finger a little further at Eric. Eric sat there just staring at him with furrowed brows, but he heard every word Trey said. Trey stared back at him as he walked out of the room.

He walked out without them saying another word to each other. Eric sat there for a few more minutes, with the same stubborn, bitter look on his face, until he broke down and started to cry. He sat there bawling his eyes out, alone and still a little cold.


"This smells just as delicious as I remember," Mark commented, taking in another whiff of Keef's home cooked meal. Adrien was sitting at the table with them but wasn't speaking much.

"Thanks." Keef sat down with a proud smile.

"Doesn't it smell amazing?" Mark looked up at Adrien and asked. Adrien nodded and then started picking at it. "I think you're suppose to eat it, not just-" Mark started saying something but Keef caught his eyes and shook his head at him. Mark mouthed oh at him and started eating his own food. Mark wasn't used to such a quiet Adrien. Adrien was usually the one that started conversations at the table. Not sit there silently staring down at his food. "This really is good. Good as usual." Mark complimented the meal again. Keef smiled and said thank you.

"Do you want some more wine?" Keef looked over at Adrien and asked. Adrien whispered no. "Dessert?" He asked him. Adrien shook his head.

"No. I have a toothache," He complained quietly. Keef watched him for a moment and then looked over at Mark. Mark gave him a I wish I knew how to help him as well but I just don't look.

After the meal was finished, Adrien quietly announced he was going home.

"No. Don't go home just yet. Stay for a little bit. We were gonna watch a movie. Or, play with the telescope or something," Keef told him. Adrien just gave him a sad look. "Stay," Keef told him again, this time a little quieter. Adrien nodded and then lowered his face again.

Adrien sat silently as they watched a movie. A funny movie. Mark and Keef were both freely laughing. But Mark noticed Keef looking over at Adrien each time to see if he was laughing too. After the movie, Keef and Mark played a quick game of cards as Adrien stayed quiet in the living room.

"OK. I have to go. I want to do most of my driving through the night."

"Through the night? Did you get enough sleep for that?"

"Yes. I was sleeping until I came over here. I'm good to go for a few hours. I feel like the world belongs to just me when I'm driving at night." Mark smiled. Keef gave him a small nod. "I'm catching a plane tomorrow for Canada. Gonna go up there and do a little bit of fishing. Some of my relatives are meeting me."

"OK." Keef got up and walked Mark to the door. He stepped outside with him to walk him to his vehicle.

"Thanks for the meal. I can die happy now."

"That's lame," Keef smirked at him and said.

"Yeah it is," Mark admitted. "So is Adrien's new personality," He blurted out. Keef gave him a look. "What? I've always loved talking to Adrien. I've always loved Adrien. But tonight I couldn't wait to get out of his presence. He's a bit of a downer."

"Well, yeah. He is. But it's because of what's been going on with him and his husband. If he would have at least seen it coming, he could have prepared a little more, but he didn't."

"I know. I love the guy. I'm not saying I don't understand. But it's pretty depressing being around someone that had it so together just to see them suddenly so fallen apart. It's not like Frank or something. Frank is so quiet anyway."

"I know. I mean I know what you're saying. But Adrien just needs to be around people that care right now. He's hurting."

"You do care," Mark said, laying his hand against Keef's arm. "You'll take care of him," Mark nodded at Keef and quietly said. "He's vulnerable right now."

"Right. He is. Wait, what's that suppose to mean?" Keef asked as Mark turned around to get into his car.


"I know he's vulnerable! But that doesn't mean I'm going to take advantage of him or something!"

"I didn't say that! Bye!" Mark blew Keef a kiss and shut his door. Keef watched him drive off before going back in.

Upon reentering the house, he found Adrien standing at the kitchen sink, staring down at a bottle of Vicodin.

"NO! DON'T! YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TO LIVE FOR!" Keef yelled and threw himself against Adrien, knocking the bottle of Vicodin out of his hand.

"Ouch! sh*t," Adrien yelled as he gained his balance and pushed Keef off of him. "I wasn't-!" He started yelling but then just stood there, staring at Keef, Keef giving him a stunned look back. "I wasn't going to take the whole damn bottle!" Adrien yelled at him, talking louder than he had in days.

"You weren't? Then why were you staring down at it? Like you were contemplating it or something?"

"I have a toothache! I was looking for the expiration date on the bottle. Dammit. That hurt." Adrien said, holding his arm where Keef tackled him.

"Oh," Keef said quietly.

"Do you really think I'd kill myself over him?" Adrien stared at Keef and asked.

"Well, maybe. I don't know! You've been really depressed!"

"Yes. Because I've been dumped. And it sucks. And it hurts. And it's kind of confusing. But it doesn't make me want to kill myself. I've been having problems falling to sleep and I won't even take sleeping pills. I usually don't take anything! You know that!" Adrien said, making every sentence of his loud. It was true. He was the type that tried healing a headache with hot cloths draped over his forehead.

"I'm sorry." Keef threw his arms up a little bit, not knowing what else to say. Adrien shook his head a little at him.

"I just want the pain in my tooth to go away," He said, his voice going back to being quiet. Keef picked up the bottle of Vicodin and gave him one. "Thanks. Now I'm going home."

"Wait. You have sleeping pills?"

"No. I don't. And I wouldn't take any if I did. And I certainly wouldn't swallow the whole bottle. I just want to go home and just be at home," Adrien said as he stood at the door. Keef stared at him. "You want to come with me and make sure I don't jump out the window or something, don't you?" He asked. Keef nodded a little bit. "Why don't you trust me all of a sudden? I thought it was supposed to be me with the trust issues now?"

"It's not that I don't trust you. It's just that, I know what it's like to be depressed. To feel like sh*t. Like your world is closing in on you and you have no one, nowhere to turn for help because no one and nothing knows how to take it away."

"Well yeah, putting it like that does kinda make me wanna jump out the window," Adrien stared back at Keef and said. "I'm not going to end it all just because Kevin isn't calling me. Or cheating on me or whatever it is he's doing," Adrien said the words he was fighting against saying. "I do have too much to live for. And, other people to live for," He said quietly. Keef just watched him. "If you're gonna come with me get your toothbrush and let's go. I'm tired," Adrien told him. Keef went to get his toothbrush.
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