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Re: Who's your daddy? 117

Postby willowrose » Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:16 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- Sorry this is taking so long to get through!! My latest excuse is that my computer finally bit the dust. Thankfully there was a backup for me to use for now. But there are plenty more "chapters" to come so please enjoy!

Chapter summery- Eric is still bedridden due to complications in his pregnancy. Jason is still trying his hardest to care for his every need, even after figuring out what's been going on between Eric and Frank. But s**t finally hits the fan and there just might be a little bundle of joy arriving sooner than expected.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 117

"I need my cellphone back," Kacey was standing at the door of Kevin's apartment. She had barely spoken three words to him after they safely got off the Ferris Wheel. He apologized again as they stepped off the ride. Kacey responded with yup and then ignored him for the rest of the evening. She kept quiet as he drove her back to her place. Watching her get out of the car, he said a quick Bye to her. She responded with an even quicker Bye as she walked away. Since he always got lost in the one way only subdivision she lived in, and it was dark, he asked again which way to go for the way out. The road went three ways ahead of him. He could either go left, go right, or go far right. She lazily pointed somewhere straight ahead. It didn't help much but Kevin eventually found his way out.

"Oh, your phone? I think I left it at Paul's. I thought you'd see him before you saw me next," Kevin looked at her and said as he leaned against his opened door.

"Why would I see him? And that was before the fair. I need my phone."

"OK. It's OK. I'll call him and ask him to bring it over." Kevin pulled out his cellphone to make the call. Kacey started turning around to leave.

"Never mind. I'll just call myself."

"How? You don't have your phone."

"I'll use a damn payphone over in the ghetto! Shut up. It's not like you care."

"Why would you say that? I told you, I'm sorry I forced you onto that ride. I shouldn't have called you a wimp. I let the moment get to me."

"It has nothing to do with that!" Kacey turned around and yelled. Kevin stood there a little stunned, staring at her. In the two years they'd been friends she had never raised her voice at him in such a disgruntled way before. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell." She immediately calmed herself down enough to just talk. "I'm a little bit frustrated OK?"


"Why? Why? You KNOW why!"

"I do?"

"YES!" Kacey yelled. She then stood there staring at him for a moment before growling URGH at him and turning around to storm off. She was still mad about the Ferris Wheel incident but was more mad Kevin hadn't asked her about the I love you comment yet and was even more mad that he said he had something to talk to her about but hadn't brought it up again. She had a feeling she knew what it was. And it frustrated her more not knowing if it was true or not.


"Do you need anything?" Jason turned around and asked after pulling on his pants. Eric was sitting up in bed. Jason had brought him his breakfast and then got dressed without them actually talking to each other. Eric shook his head no. Jason gave him a sad stare before turning around again. He had doctor Ian showing up every day to check Eric's stats and make sure him and the baby were still doing OK. They were. Doctor Ian tried to convince Jason he didn't need to be there every day and that the scheduled once every two weeks visit was good. Jason seemed to finally accept that but was still worried about the stress Eric might have still been putting on the baby or the pregnancy in general.

"Jason!" Eric yelled before Jason walked out of the room. He turned around to face Eric. Eric sat there and just looked at him for a moment. His hands slowly rubbed over his swollen baby belly. "I can't do this. I can't take the silent treatment from you," He started talking. Jason looked like he was thinking for a moment and then took a few steps back toward the bed.

"You do understand why I can't talk to you right now right?" Jason asked him, keeping his voice quiet. "I can't talk to someone I can't trust."

"Why do you think you can't trust me?" Eric asked quietly.

"Eric, you can't really believe I don't know what's been going on. You have to think I'd notice at least a little bit of something out of place," Jason told him, talking calm and keeping his voice low. He paused to give Eric a chance to respond. Eric just sat there staring at him, his arms wrapped around his stomach. "You did good. You did good trying not," Jason's voice suddenly got a little choked up. "trying not to hurt me. But I can't be hurt anymore than I am now."

"What are you talking about?"


"I just want to make sure," Eric's eyes started filling with tears. "that you know the whole story."

"I don't really want to hear this story."

"You have to." Eric's voice raised a little.

"OK," Jason told him, seeing he was getting upset really fast and not wanting him to put that type of stress on the baby. Jason sat down on the bed, facing Eric.

"I've been cheating on you," Eric blurted out. It was obvious Jason already knew. It was something he was afraid he had figured out long ago and just didn't want to accept. After the words came out of Eric's mouth he sat there staring at Jason as Jason just gave him a dreaded look back. Eric felt like he was suddenly outside of his body, looking down at the situation. His breaths became quick and all of a sudden he started hyperventilating. He couldn't catch his breath in order to exhale. Jason grabbed him and tried to get him to stand up. He felt dizzy. Once he was standing Jason glanced the room for a paper bag but found nothing. He grabbed Eric's shoulders.

"Close your mouth! Just close your mouth. Breathe. Breathe like this." Jason forced himself to stay calm and tried to get Eric to focus. He grabbed Eric's face and forced his lips to form like he was about to whistle. "Now breathe. Just breathe," Jason told him and took some slow breaths with him, counting to ten and then telling him to repeat the breath. It got Eric breathing again. Jason stared at him before pulling him into his arms. He held him for a few silent moments. He then helped Eric back into the bed. "I'm going to go get a brown paper bag in case that happens again. It'll help increase the carbon dioxide as you breathe," Jason explained as he stood up. Eric reached up and grabbed his arm. He shook his head at him.

"Just stay. Please," Eric whispered. Jason slowly sat back down and stared at him.

"I want to just hold you. I want to just take you into my arms and not let you go and I can't do that. I can't," Jason told him. Eric shook his head at him.

"I don't want you to," Eric continued talking quietly. "I've been sleeping with someone else."

"Eric, I know who it is."

"Please don't kill him," Eric looked at him and said, a look of pleading in his eye. Jason almost snorted. It wasn't that Eric thought for one second that Jason didn't know who it was. But saying Frank's name made him feel like he was telling on Frank along with himself and he didn't want to be the one to do that.

"I'm not going to. Does Marc know?"

"Marc? I don't know."

"How long has this been going on?" Jason asked, trying to keep his voice emotionless as Eric gave his quiet answers.

"Since a couple weeks after we started dating."

"Officially? Or secretly?"

"Since we officially started dating."

They sat there silently for a moment as Jason stared off at the blanket, feeling his mouth go completely dry. Eric watched him.

"Are you in love with him?" He finally looked at Eric again and asked. Eric felt his heart beating faster. This was one thing he didn't want to confess to Jason. But now that he was telling the truth, he couldn't lie to him again either. He finally nodded at Jason. Jason almost laughed as he felt tears come to his eyes. "Can't you just say it?" He asked Eric. Eric shook his head no. Jason didn't know what to say. He sat there letting his eyes drift back down to the blanket.

"I don't know if it matters but I love you. And I want to make this work with you."

"Matter? You don't know if it matters?" Jason looked up with his voice getting loud. "Yes it matters. It always matters. You've screwed around. I don't know if that's even my baby now," Jason motioned toward Eric's stomach. "and you're claiming you still love me. It matters. You've f**ked up and it's my life you've f**ked up with it."

"I'm not just claiming I love you, I do love you."

"But you're in love with Frank!"

"I'm in love with you-"

"No. No Eric. You can not be in love with two people at one time."

"Why not?"

"Because you can't! It just isn't suppose to work that way. And even if you are, you're proving to love Frank much much more than you love me! And you can't have us both!" Jason shouted a little, fighting to keep the tears back. "I think you're only trying to be with me still because you know you can't really have Frank until the day he decides to leave Marc for you! Well guess what? He isn't going to leave Marc for you. He doesn't have to." Jason stood up and started pacing the room a little before turning around and yelling at Eric. "Glasgow would have strung me along for as long as I wanted him to while he kept f**king Andy if I didn't want to be with you so bad instead!"

"Can you please stop yelling?"

"No! I will not stop yelling. I fell in love with you Eric." Jason stopped yelling only because he was now standing there just staring at Eric. He didn't know what else to say. Eric had a huge migraine. But it wasn't the level of Jason's voice he didn't want to hear. It was what Jason was saying that he didn't want to hear. And it was about to get worse.

"OK," Eric whispered, referring to Jason stating he will not stop yelling.

"I don't want Garrow around you anymore."

"What?" Eric looked up at Jason, giving him a sudden ready to fight look.

"Not until we can work everything out. Even if we don't stay together, we can still work things out. But until then I'm not going to let him be around you."

"You can't do that. I don't want to go anywhere! I want to be with you and I love Garrow. You can't take him away from me like that!" Eric started crying.

"Stop crying. You're only going to raise your blood pressure even higher."

"Stop it!" Eric looked up and screamed. "You're only trying to punish me by kicking me out of Garrow's life!"

"No, I'm not. It's my decision to make and it's Glasgow's decision to make and neither one of us want him around this-"

"Around what? He isn't involved in our problems. Why are you trying to force me out of his life?"

"I'm not doing it Eric, you're doing it."

"I didn't do any of this to hurt you or Garrow! I'm sorry! Don't take Garrow-"

"I'm not taking him."

"You are! I've been there since he was born and you're stealing him out of-"

"YOU'VE CONFUSED HIM ENOUGH!" Jason suddenly shouted, lowering himself more into Eric's face. He realized he was starting to lose it a little bit. "I have to leave."

"I've confused him?"

"Yes! You've made him believe he can depend on you as a father figure in his life. He's probably the only kid on earth that honestly believes he has three daddies," Jason almost started laughing a little as he spoke, but it didn't keep the tears from forming in his eyes. "Glasgow and I both trusted you. Glasgow saw how much you loved me and how well you took care of me while I was pregnant with his child. But I'm seeing the truth about you now. I think you love Garrow more than you love me! You're just obsessed with having a kid!" Jason yelled at him. Eric's jaw dropped.

"I do not love Garrow more than I love you," Eric spoke with stern words. It caught Jason a little off guard so he just stood there staring at him for a moment. "I don't need children. You and Glasgow were the ones that decided to bring a child to this earth to try fixing the problems you were having with each other. So do not point the finger at me. I do love Garrow. And I would do anything, anything I had to do to make sure he's safe and taken care of. But he can't suddenly be thrown in as the excuse for all of this. Frank should have been the one I was with from the day I met him. And he would have been if we both weren't too stupid to try having a relationship instead of trying to deny what was there. That thing he had with Trevor had fallen apart and I missed my chance at being the one to pick up the pieces. But I still would have gotten with you."

"How can you say that? If you had what you wanted with Frank you wouldn't have needed me. You wouldn't have bothered picking up my broken apart relationship."

"Yes. I would have. I was in love with you a lot longer than I was ever in love with Frank!"

"How can you keep saying that? You can't be in love with two people at the same time!"

"I am! And stop telling me I'm not!" Eric yelled. "sh*t!"


"I broke. I'm bleeding." Eric froze and stared down at his lap.

"What? Where?" Jason asked. Eric threw off the covers that was over his lap. "Get up! You have to go to the hospital."

"I can't!"


"I'm afraid!" Eric yelled and then sat there giving Jason the most desperate look he'd ever seen anyone give in his life. Jason knew what he meant. He was about to pick him up to carry him to the car but decided he better just call for an ambulance.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 118

Postby willowrose » Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:28 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- None

Chapter summery- Frank needs the car but Marc is being mean about it. Eric went into the ER after realizing he was bleeding. Matt and Trey spend some quality time together in the kitchen.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 118

Matt started grunting.

"Oh, ugh, yeah" He groaned as his head hit back against the fridge door. Trey was on his knees just as naked as Matt. Matt couldn't take it anymore and let out a low appreciative groan a lot quicker than normal. His head smacked into the hard freezer door behind him as he let it all go. "God that was good," He moaned as Trey stood up, grinning. "Sorry I, you know, so fast."

"You seriously don't have to apologize for that," Trey said and kissed him. "I have a tanning appointment anyway." He shrugged a little. "What's that." Trey suddenly made a face and pointed at Matt's body.

"What?" Matt looked down. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" He suddenly shouted.

"Dude! You're lactating!" Trey told him, amused. Matt stared at his chest and then suddenly started gagging. "What? It's OK. A little weird, but I don't think it's anything to gag over," Trey told him. It didn't help. Matt threw his face over the sink and threw up a little into it. "Want a slushy?" Trey stood beside him rubbing his back, asking consolingly. Matt shook his head no.

"I feel like I'm pregnant again," Matt groaned. Trey laughed a little.

"You are pregnant."

"No. I mean, it's not that. I feel like I have morning sickness again."

"Well come over here and sit down. I'll cancel my appointment."

"You don't have to."

"I'm canceling it. I'll get you a slushy. Might be good on your tummy," Trey told him and then got Matt his slushy. It wasn't the sudden bizarre lactating that made him throw up. He just suddenly wasn't feeling well.

Trey called their doctor real quick as he stepped into another room. She told him it was nothing to worry about and that, after Trey explained in grand detail what took place, it was something that just sometimes happened during arousal. She said it was rare, but that it was nothing to be alarmed about. Trey asked again just to make sure and she said again that it was nothing to be alarmed about. He then asked if it was OK for him to taste it. Dr Emma didn't respond for a moment and then told him it was safe and then left it at that.


"I need the SUV today," Frank followed Marc into the kitchen and said. "Mylin has dance and Stevie has swim practice," Frank stood in the archway and spoke quietly. Marc ignored him. "Marc, did you hear me? I know you've been taking the SUV lately so I'd be stuck here, but I need to be able to get the kids around today."

"Of course I heard you," Marc turned around and snapped at Frank. "You have enough money, why don't you just buy yourself another damn SUV?" Marc asked him. Frank just stared at him for a moment.

"Yeah, I could do that, but then I'll be taking money out of the kids college funds. I don't have eighty thousand dollars just to drop on another SUV."

"Buy a cheap one."

"You want me driving the kids around in a cheap SUV?"

"Why not? Other parents have to."

"Well I'm not! I paid for that SUV sitting out there in that driveway." Frank pointed toward wherever the driveway was at. His voice was so soft it didn't make much of an impact when he raised it unless he really wanted to yell. And right now that's what he was trying to avoid doing.

"We bought that vehicle together!" Marc, on the other hand, had a loud enough voice for both of them.

"Both our names are on it, yes, but I'm the one that paid for it."

"You know what? You didn't pay for everything around here."

"I didn't say I did."

"I'm a video editor. I make plenty good money!"

"I didn't say you didn't."

"You can keep your damn money but I'm taking the SUV."

"Marc, you can't do that! I have kids to take care of today!"

"I'll take the kids today."

"Take your own car! I bought you that damn little BMW sitting out there. If you don't want it, I'll sell it!"

"I don't care what you do with the BMW Frank. Sell it. Push it into a lake. Spray paint it hot pink. But I have the keys for it," Marc said, holding up his car keys.

"You took my key for the car?"

"It took you this long to figure that out?"

"I need a key!" Frank shouted and reached for the keys that were in Marc's hand.

"You only want it so you can go spend time with your precious little Eric!" Marc yelled at him and shoved the keys into his pocket.

"I do not! I can't go see Eric!" Frank blurted out.

"Oh really? So Jason is getting some brains after all? Or maybe it's balls he's getting? We all know he hasn't been getting Eric's!" Marc yelled and took off toward the door.

"You can't leave! The kids! I need the SUV today!" Frank yelled again and tried grabbing Marc. Marc turned around and slapped him, leaving behind a red hand mark.

"Don't touch me! Your hands are no longer allowed to touch me!" Marc yelled and then left, trying to slam the door behind him. Frank caught it and followed him out. They were now yelling for all of their neighbors to hear. The kids were listening to the whole thing from Stevie's room. He had gathered them all up and then locked his bedroom door. Sarah started crying as they heard one of the neighbors come out to find out what was going on. Stevie tried comforting her with his PSP. But as far as Sarah was concerned, her dad and her step dad were about to be hauled off to jail.

"What's going on out here?" Mr Tanner, a neighbor Frank had for almost ten years and a retired naval officer, came out of his equally large house and asked. Marc was now by the SUV but insisted on standing there and continuing the yelling match instead of getting in and driving away.

"Nothing!" Marc looked over at Mr Tanner, a distinguished man old enough to be their grandfather, and yelled. Mr Tanner gave him a disapproving look. But he also knew what it was like to argue with your husband. He had been married six times himself and was headed for his fourth divorce.

"Don't yell at my neighbors!" Frank shouted at Marc.

"Oh, so now the house is just yours too?" Marc shouted back. Frank's cellphone started ringing. He pulled it out of his pocket and handed it over to Mr Tanner. Mr Tanner was ready to jump in and break up a fight if he had to. Approaching eighty didn't seem to slow down the lifestyle he was used to. But instead he answered Frank's cellphone for him.

"No! But I've lived here longer than you have!"

"You have not!"

"Maybe not in this house but I've lived in the neighborhood longer!"

"That doesn't matter! It's my neighborhood too and if I want to yell I will!"

"That's real manly of you Marc. Thanks for showing our kids how to be an adult!"

"Who's Eric?" Mr Tanner suddenly asked. He was handing Frank's cellphone back to him.

"Eric? Eric is Frank's boy toy! That's right. Frank's a slut! How do you like that type of information about your neighbor?" Marc looked at Mr Tanner and yelled, thinking he was just being a nosy neighbor. He knew in the upper class subdivision they lived in one of the favorite pastimes was gossiping about thy neighbor.

"Wait, Eric?" Frank asked as he took the phone.

"Yes. That was a message about Eric. I told them you were busy at the moment and I should take a message. They said to tell you Eric is in the emergency room. And something about same hospital as last time," Mr Tanner explained. Frank looked over at Marc. Marc stood there glaring at him. But even as disgusted as he was with Frank at the moment, knowing Eric being in the hospital more than likely had something to do with the possible illegitimate child of Frank's, he still couldn't have a heart hard enough not to hand Frank the keys.

"Please," Frank whispered at Marc. Marc stood there a moment longer just staring at him. He finally pulled the keys out of his pocket.

"But take the BMW! I need the SUV for the kids," Marc told him. Frank didn't care. He took the keys and got into Marc's BMW and quickly made his way over to the hospital.


"You sure it was OK for us to call and tell Frank? I mean, maybe Jason wanted some time to deal with this with just him and Eric," Matt looked over at Trey and said. Trey nodded.

"Yes. It was OK. Even if Frank had nothing to do with the baby, he's still one of Eric's best friends. He has a right to know. Besides, Jason asked me to call him."

"He did? Why didn't you tell me that?"

"Because I was too busy trying to get a hold of Frank! Sorry. I should have told you. You're right."

"What exactly did Jason say?"

"He said Eric is in the hospital and to call Frank. That's it."

"So do you think we should go up there? Or wait and let things calm down a little bit?"

"We'll wait. Is that my phone or yours?" Trey asked as another cellphone went off.

"Mine." Matt pulled out his phone. He answered it on speaker, unlike Trey. It was Glasgow. He wanted to know if he could drop Garrow off for a while so he could go up to the hospital. They said yes, of course.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 119

Postby willowrose » Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:33 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- Just have fun with it. Enjoy.

Chapter summery- Eric's laying in a hospital bed, unsure of what lays ahead for him and his unborn daughter. Matt and Trey are on babysitting duty and spend some bonding time with their own unborn child while Garrow spends some bonding time with Hamburgers the hamster.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 119

"No tats!" Garrow pointed at one of Trey's cats and yelled as Hamburgers rolled by in his ball.

"No tats? Are they instructing him already not to get drunk and tattooed while hanging out with us?" Matt sat back on the couch and asked as he rubbed over his round belly.

"I think he means cats," Trey told him from the chair on the other side of the room.

"Oh. He can't say his C's yet? Hey Garrow, say cccu-"

"A-HEM!" Trey loudly and verbally cleared his throat. Matt looked up at him. He had his glasses on for lack of wanting to put his contacts in. He smiled, giving Trey chills. "Damn you're sexy," Trey told him. "Foul mouthed but extremely sexy," He said. Matt grinned.

"Even with this gigantic baby bump?" Matt asked, rubbing the end of his gigantic bump. He had his t-shirt lifted and resting at the top of his stomach so his skin could get some air. Some might have found that odd but it was getting more difficult for him to be comfortable and he tried his best not to complain about it and to just do what he had to do instead.

"Yes. Even with that gigantic baby bump. Can you believe it? We only have about a month to go."

"No. I can't believe it because I haven't been thinking about it."

"You haven't?"

"No. I'm trying not to. I just don't really want to think about it." Matt shrugged. Trey smiled at him. He got up and walked over to where Matt was slouched. He sat down and, rubbing his own hand over Matt's gigantic baby bump, he started kissing Matt's neck. "I wonder if he's squished in there," Matt asked, following Trey's hand against his skin.

"Like a contortionist?" Trey asked, amused. Matt nodded.

"Yeah. Are we ready?" Matt suddenly turned his head to face Trey. Trey just stared at him for a moment.

"Um, yeah. I mean yes, yes we are." Trey smiled and rubbed Matt's belly a little more. He then leaned in and grabbed Matt's mouth with his.

"No tisses!" Garrow suddenly shouted at them. They both paused and looked over at him. Garrow was sitting there with a stern look on his face. "I'm tryin' ta do my puzzle," He told them in calm stern words. Trey started giggling at him while Matt shrugged a little and sat back.


"What's the problem?" Jason asked as a nurse called him out into the hallway.

"There's someone here by the name of Frank and he's insisting that we give him information. He said to talk to you about it. Should we call security?" The nurse told him, knowing more and more fans were finding out Eric was back in the hospital again and a few of them had already shown up at the hospital. A couple of them seemed sincere in their concern but the rest of them were there out of pure curiosity and were now loitering on hospital grounds.

"Oh, um, yeah, um," Jason stumbled over his words some, trying to think. He rubbed at his head as an overload of information was going through it. "He's um, a friend. He's a good friend of the family. He-" Jason paused for a moment. He hadn't been able to just take a moment and think since having Eric rushed to the hospital. The only thing on his mind at the moment was the uncertainty of how much longer he was going to have with his unborn child. "he should probably go in and see him." He finally told the nurse, quietly. The nurse gave him an are you sure look. "I'm going to take a walk. I'll turn my cellphone back on in case you need to get a hold of me," He told the nurse. The nurse nodded at him before he turned around and started walking away. Frank was then allowed in to see Eric.

"What are they saying?" Frank asked after asking Eric if he was OK. Eric nodded, looking completely worn out.

"They're not really saying anything. They told us they might have to keep me here. I don't know," Eric explained with a weak voice. "They're monitoring her heartbeat and I was tested for fetal fibronectin. If you want to read about what that means, it's-"

"I know what that means." Frank cut him off. He didn't want Eric going through the heartache of having to explain it.

"I was given antibiotics. Stuff to fight off infection and stuff," Eric explained quietly. "Basically what they told Jason and me was something like waiting to deliver will buy her more time to mature but increases my risk of infection."

"Eric, we need to talk to you." Eric's doctor, Dr Ian, came in with the doctor that had checked Eric over after he was admitted into the hospital. Eric gave them a strange look.

"OK. I'm fully awake. I can hear you."

"No, I meant alone. We need to ask your guest to leave." Dr. Ian looked over at Frank.

"But he's my best friend. I don't mind if he hears-"

"No. Alone. That's hospital policy."

"It's OK. I'll go." Frank smoothed his hand over Eric's hair real quick as he spoke. "I understand. So um, just let me know what's going on OK?" Frank asked Eric. Eric nodded at him but had a sudden panicked look on his face.

"I want Jason in here."

"Is Jason nearby?" Dr. Ian asked.

"I don't know. I don't care, just find him!" Eric shouted, looking confused and like he was ready to have an anxiety attack at the same time.

"Eric, you have to calm down," Frank looked back at him and said calmly.

"I am calm! I just need Jason in here!"

"I'll stay," Frank told him and then looked up at the two doctors standing in the room. "If it helps keep him calm, can I stay?"

"No! I need Jason in here!" Eric shouted. Frank gave him a bit of a questioning look and noticed tears forming in Eric's eyes.

"Do you want Jason in here? Or do you need Jason in here?" Frank asked him, speaking barely louder than a whisper.

"I need him in here. I want you both here, but I need him. I-" Eric's voice was calmer as he looked into Frank's eyes. Frank started shaking his head at him.

"You don't have to explain anything. I'll go find Jason for you," Frank told him. He leaned in and gave him a very light kiss on his forehead, caught his eyes again, and then turned around to leave the room. Eric rested back against his pillow, trying to take some deep breaths while looking at the doctors standing in his room.

"We'll give him a couple minutes to get in here. If he isn't in here by then, we'll have to talk to you alone," Dr Ian told him. Eric nodded a little and then gave a weak OK.


"I was thinking about getting a tattoo myself," Trey said as he sat beside Matt with his hand against Matt's big belly. They were slowly swinging on the swing by the garden out in the backyard. Garrow was playing with his trucks in the garden while Hamburgers the hamster rolled around the yard in his ball. Garrow insisted Hamburgers go outside with him.

"A tattoo? Of what? And where?"

"On my hip. Like right here." Trey tilted a little to show Matt where he was touching. It was right below his hipbone.

"Of what?"

"Our baby's name. And if we have more kids it'd be like a list. I'd just add the name under it."

"So you might have names going all the way down your leg?"

"I wasn't expecting on having that many kids!"

"I know. I'm just saying, that's kinda, neat," Matt shrugged finally and said. "But I don't really want you tattooed."

"You don't?"

"No. Tattoos are creepy."

"John Stamos has a tattoo."

"He does?" Matt asked. Trey nodded. "I don't think he does. Besides, I'm not marrying John Stamos."

"Does that disappoint you?" Trey asked, amused. Matt's brows furrowed a little.

"Trey, I'm serious. I'm not into the whole tattoo thing. I think it was sweet of you to think of it but please, no tattoos. If I wanted to marry a thug, I would," Matt told him. Trey pouted. Matt kissed it. Trey smiled. Matt was reminded of one more reason why he loved Trey so much. And that was how easy it was for him to get him to change his mind.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 120

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- This is the chapter where I switched from using "ok" over to "okay" because I thought it was prettier. ;)

Chapter summery- Poor Eric is wheeled in for delivery as the baby is forced to come earlier than expected. Garrow is still hanging out with Trey and a very knocked up Matt.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 120

Frank got a hold of Jason on his cellphone and Jason ran back, literally, to Eric's room. Frank in the meantime sat with his face down in his hands worrying in the waiting room.

"We're going to move you closer to the NICU. We have a bed waiting for you. The biggest worry we have right now is lung hemorrhages," The doctor that came in with Dr. Ian explained to both Eric and Jason. Eric had a tight grip on Jason's hand as they listened intently to what the doctor was saying. "We're going to put you on a course of corticosteroids. It will help mature the fetus's lungs before delivery. At the moment we're not going to put you on any type of tocolytic drug. We'll get you on IVs and continue the constant electronic fetal heart monitoring. We'll move you to a surgical room that is ready for cesarean delivery. She will then be moved to the NICU for observation and specialized care."

"We can't stay with her?" Eric asked, nervous and scared.

"No. You will have to stay in recovery."

"I'll go with her," Jason looked at Eric and said quietly, assuring him.

"Little can be predicted about how well or how poorly a premature infant will do. If there are no signs of problems, you can feel cautiously hopeful. But during the first hours and days even, when your infant will be adjusting to living outside of the faternal life-support system, this is a time when birth defects and complications of prematurity often become apparent. You're over twenty-five weeks of gestation but this will still be considered an extreme prematurity delivery. We must adhere every precaution available. Any questions?"

"Could this have been caused from the tire swing accident?" Jason asked.

"That really can not be determined. There are a number of factors that could cause Placental abruption."

"You have an amazing medical team that's going to be here for you," Dr. Ian looked at them both and said.

"I'm really scared," Eric said with a hoarse voice, his throat completely dry.

"We're going to be here for you," Jason whispered down to him before softly kissing the side of his head. "Everyone. Everyone will be here for you. Garrow will be waiting to see you and his little sister. Frank will be here too."

"I don't want to see Frank." Eric shook his head, already sweating a little from the anxiety of what was taking place. Jason just paused and looked at him as Eric met his eyes. "I love Frank. I do. I won't try to deny that. But I don't love him the way I love you. I need you Jason. I'm so sorry about everything I did." Eric started crying. "I'm sorry if-" He started saying something about the baby possibly belonging to Frank but Jason knew what he was about to say and cut him off with a kiss. Jason truly didn't care who she belonged to. It tore him up inside thinking the baby could belong to Frank, but right now all he wanted was for Eric and the baby to both come through this okay. With everything else going through his mind, the only thing he wanted to focus on for the moment was how Eric was feeling.

"I love you." Jason grabbed the back of Eric's head and met Eric's forehead with his own. He closed his eyes and took a few slow deep breaths. "I don't know who to pray to anymore, but I need you to come through this," Jason told him before a tear fell from his eye, hitting Eric's bed sheet. Eric grabbed his face and kissed him hard. It was the most exertion he had all day.

"Eric, we need you. Now," Dr. Ian stood at the foot of Eric's bed and told him, needing to interrupt the moment.

"I'm scared," Eric said again as Jason pulled away from him. Eric grabbed his hand and had a tight grip on it as two nurses came into the room. "Jason-"

"You're going to be okay," Jason told him with sturdy calm words. He knew he had to be the strong one at the moment for all of their sakes.

"Tell Garrow I love him." Eric's face suddenly puckered and he started crying without controlling it.

"Is he going to raise his blood pressure doing that?" Jason looked over at Dr Ian and asked as the nurses rolled Eric's bed out of the room.

"He'll be fine. He's better to let the emotions go right now than tensing up from keeping them all in."

"Jason!" Eric yelled as they started pushing him down the hall. Jason took off to catch up with the bed.

"I love you," Jason told him again and lifted his hand quickly to kiss it before they had to load him into the elevator. Eric gave him a wide eyed look.

"I love you too!" Eric shouted, crying again and holding his arms around his sixth month pregnant baby belly. Jason kept Eric's stare as the elevator doors shut. He stood there staring at the closed doors for a moment before slowly walking back to the waiting room.


"I feel fat!" Matt yelled as he tried getting up off the swing. Trey and Garrow were both giggling as Matt went into his third attempt to get up from the swing without losing his balance against it. Trey had a hold of Matt's hand and was trying to pull him up, but Matt would panic and grab a hold of the swing, feeling it move out from under him. He'd plop his butt back down and just sit there as Trey and Garrow laughed.

"Why is he stuck?" Garrow finally looked up at Trey and asked. Trey laughed a little harder as Matt just stared at him.

"He's not really stuck, he's,- Well yeah he is stuck." Trey told him, laughing more.

"It's not funny," Matt grouched at them both.

"It's a little funny," Garrow giggled at him. "Is da baby stuck?" Garrow pointed at Matt's big belly and asked. Matt almost cracked a smile as Trey continued giggling.

"No," Trey explained. "The baby's not stuck. Matt is just too heavy to stand up."


"What? I didn't say fat!"

"Heavy? Like a elephant?" Garrow sincerely asked. Matt's jaw dropped a little as Trey gave Matt a shocked look.

"No! Not like-" Matt yelled a little but then started laughing.

"OK, ready? On three," Trey took both of Matt's hands and said.

"I don't know. I might fall back, the swing might slip out from under me, and I could hurt the baby and then really be stuck."

"You will not be stuck. I would never let you just lay on the ground like that. Unless it involved my cock making you moan. Garrow, grab my shirt. Help me pull Matt up off the swing!" Trey yelled back for Garrow. Garrow reached up and grabbed at Trey's clothes. "Ready?"

"Don't fall on me," Garrow told him. Matt started cracking up laughing.

"Hey! I'm not the one that can't move from extra weight here!" Trey yelled back at Garrow. Matt couldn't see it but Garrow shrugged. "Ready?" Trey asked him again.

"Yes," Garrow gave a firm answer.

"Okay, pull!" Trey shouted and pulled Matt up off the swing and into his arms. He started grinning before Matt stumbled off his footing a little. "Whoa! Stay your course," Trey told him, grabbing him. Matt finally took hold of Trey's shoulders and fell against him.

"I'm completely exhausted now," Matt whined as his face rested against Trey's shoulder.

"You? I just lifted an elephant!" Trey teased. Matt scoffed as he rested against Trey's shoulder.

"I'm hungry now," Garrow said from somewhere behind them. Trey giggled as he took both Matt and Garrow's hands and led them back into the house for a mid afternoon snack. Garrow suddenly remembered Hamburgers and quickly ran back out to retrieve him.

"That was close, huh?" Trey asked him as he lifted him into the toddler booster seat at the table he still had to use from being on the smaller side, regardless of having two decently built fathers. Jason would lug the seat over each time before finally deciding to just leave it at Trey's place.

"Is Matt stuck again?" Garrow asked as Trey scooted him up to the table to eat. Since spending so much time around Frank's kids, now that he was getting old enough to comprehend words and what certain words meant, instead of just repeating words, he had a much larger vocabulary he was choosing from. And although he still hadn't quite grasped his K or TH sounds, every day he was speaking better. He was still a much quieter child compared to some but it was hard telling what would be coming out of his mouth now that he was discovering the true meaning of conversation.

Matt gave him a look as he chomped into a carrot. Trey giggled a little as he sat down between them.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 121

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- The chapter after this one will be a flashback. But you should be able to tell that at the end.

Chapter summery- Frank is at the hospital to show some concern and support. Jason is trying to keep it together and be strong for everyone. P.A. Kevin comes over to babysit.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 121

"Placental abruption? Does he even understand what that means?" Frank asked as Jason stood before him, explaining to him what was now happening.

"I don't know. I guess he understands it about as much as the rest of us do. I mean we know what's happening but other than that it's not like we know why it happened. Because we don't."

"It could have been the stress."

"It could have been. But right now we need to just focus on Eric and this baby."

"Are you going back there?"

"When they deliver the baby? Yes. I am," Jason answered confidently. Frank gave him a weak stare.

"Jason, I meant it when I said I'm not going to try getting involved in this child's life. I'll know the baby either way but I have my own family I need to take care of."

"You wouldn't take responsibility if this child is yours?"

"Yes I'd take responsibility! But I'm going to honor Eric's wishes and let you and him be a damn family," Frank cursed. Jason's face turned red. He raised his hand but used it only to point at Frank.

"I can't talk to you right now," He told him through almost gritted teeth and walked away from him to stand at the other side of the room. Frank just sat down, feeling completely helpless.


Matt sat in the living room with Garrow sitting beside him, reading him a book. The book he was reading had been read to him so many times he actually knew every word by heart. Matt smiled, not really paying attention, but noticing how Garrow was actually telling the story. His hand slid over Garrow's soft hair as Garrow concentrated on the story.

"This is Garrow's food. Jason has switched him over to organic vegetarian or something stupid like that. I don't know. But this is his dinner and this is his snack before dinner and this is his dessert. And if he's still hungry, just feed him a hot dog or something," Trey explained as Kevin sat against the table, watching. Jason called him and explained what was about to take place. Trey and Matt both decided Trey should be at the hospital too. They also decided it was wiser and safer for their own child and Matt both to just stay home along with Garrow. So Kevin was called and was asked to spend the night to watch over both Matt and Garrow. He said of course he would.

"Sorry about calling you again," Trey looked at him and said. Kevin looked a little surprised at the apology like it shouldn't have happened. "Steve and Dave aren't in the country right now or I would have called one of them."

"It's okay. I know, yeah, they're in Tahiti."

"Yeah. Um, so basically that's it. They don't have to take baths if they don't want to," Trey told him, speaking on behalf of both Garrow and Matt. "You might have to rub Matt's feet for him but don't worry, he has really cute feet. I've been powdering them and stuff lately so they're really soft right now too. And, um, just make sure Matt gets enough water tonight and he might need help walking to the bathroom at times. But he's good once he's in there," Trey explained. Kevin grinned. He had always admired the relationship Trey and Matt seemed to have. "Paul, you know, Paul," Trey explained. Kevin nodded. "He can come over if you want. We don't have any rules against that. It's not like it's our kid you're babysitting. Just kidding." Trey smirked. "But really, Jason doesn't mind if Garrow sees people making out and stuff. As long as it doesn't involve anything more than just making out. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate his kid explaining to him what an uncircumcised penis looks like."

"I'm-" Kevin was about to comment on that but then decided to just keep it to himself.

"Where's Kacey? Why isn't she here? I thought you guys did everything together?"

"Oh, she, I don't know. I haven't heard from her in a couple days. I think she's at some spa or something," Kevin quietly said. Trey shrugged.

"OK, anyway, there's lots of DVDs to watch. You could always watch porn with Matt. Matt loves porn. Oh, do not let Garrow see that. He isn't allowed to watch anything over a PG rating without one of his parents there to monitor what it is he's watching. But there's more than one TV here so just pop in some cartoons or soap operas or something for him to watch. I better go. I'll call Matt with updates," Trey explained as Kevin followed him to the door. Trey made a quick stop by Matt first. "I love you," He said and kissed the top of Matt's head. He then bent down and kissed Matt's stomach. "I love you," He told his unborn fetus. "I love you," Trey kissed his finger and touched Garrow's head. Garrow ignored him and continued reading. "OK I'll go find out what's going on."

"Tell Eric we love him. I love you!" Matt shouted at Trey as he walked out the door. Trey shouted back he would and he knows.


Marc had called Frank's cellphone twice already to find out what was going on. He kept himself from sounding too concerned and more curious instead. But in reality he knew how much Frank loved Eric, even just as a friend, and deep down he wanted to be there for Frank, knowing how worried he was over the whole situation. Frank didn't keep the emotion out of his voice but tried to hold back expressing all of the worry that was going through his mind as he related to Marc what was going on over the phone. After Marc called a second time and Frank took time and explained how the fetal fibronectin test was done and they were going to deliver the baby, Marc asked if it had anything to do with either placenta previa or placental abruption. Frank confirmed it did. He then started crying and asked Marc if he would come to the hospital to sit with him. Marc called Keef and asked if he minded coming over to sit with the kids. Keef said he didn't mind, that he'd bring Adrien with him so they could take turns sitting with the kids and driving up to the hospital if they had to through the night. Marc then went to the hospital to sit with his grief-stricken husband.


"So they're monitoring him and the baby for a while?" Trey asked, sitting next to Jason. Jason nodded. Glasgow and Andy had come in also but were down in the cafe.

"They have him on IVs and something and they're trying to strengthen the baby's lungs before they take her. This really completely sucks," Jason, looking a little older than Trey last saw him and sounding completely tired, looked over at Trey and almost laughed sarcastically. "I understand there's all these factors that could have caused this. But this baby, this little girl, just seems so doomed," Jason said, his voice now choking up. Trey reached over and rubbed at his back.

"Did you call his parents yet?"

"Yes. I did. Eric talked to them. I called mine too. I just don't know what to say, you know?" Jason looked at Trey and said quietly.

"Just tell them you'll keep them updated. That's probably the best thing to say," Trey told him. Jason finally nodded a little and then rested his head back against the wall, thinking back to when he first met Eric.
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Re: Who's your daddy? Jason meeting Eric flashback

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- This is a flashback. It's one of my favorite flashbacks but it comes with a warning- Possible naughty drug reference. Don't do drugs. In real life drugs aren't cool.

Chapter summery- Jason gets introduced to Eric for the first time back in college.

Who's your daddy? Jason meeting Eric flashback

"I can't believe I never saw you around this school," Matt took the hit and then handed it over to Jason.

"Well I've been here. Trey just doesn't invite me to do that much anymore," Eric looked over at Trey as he brought in more beer.

"That is not true. I invite you. You just never want to go out and do anything," Trey responded as he handed Matt and Jason their beer before sitting back on the couch next to Matt, plopping his legs over Matt's lap. Eric grinned as he looked down at his own lap.

"It's not that," He tried defending himself a little. "I just need to study."

"Pfft! Study!" Trey mocked him.

"I study too. I study how many ways to make Trey c-" Matt started saying but started coughing instead from what he was inhaling. Trey tipped his beer bottle his way a little in approval of what he was going to say.

"All work and no play?" Jason asked, handing the joint over to Eric. Eric slowly shook his head to decline it while giving Jason an innocent smile. At first glance Eric's boyish looks made him appear to be no older than about thirteen years old.

"No thank you. I haven't touched that stuff since I stepped foot out of high school," He explained.

"That stuff? That stuff?" Jason asked. Eric giggled a little but blushed as he looked over at Trey.

"He doesn't mean anything by it, Jason. You have to understand Eric. Eric claims he doesn't know what all this stuff is and what it does but in actuality he's the first to know."

"No I'm not! I mean," Eric blushed a little deeper color of red as Jason snorted. Even Matt had to start giggling. "I just don't want to do anything I'm going to regret."

"How about regretting not doing anything?" Matt asked him.

"It's OK," Jason sat back, enjoying the joint himself. "I usually have to fight people off my pot. It's almost refreshing trying to convince someone why they should take it instead," He said and then choked a little on the joint. "Can't just be all work and no play all the time."

"Well there's a world of difference between people like Eric and people like," Trey started saying.

"Dian?" Matt cut in.

"Yeah. Dian. But we love them both so it's a happy balance," Trey said as Matt handed him the joint.

"I don't love Dian," Jason mumbled.

"Eric's just more, you know, the five letter P word," Trey said, enjoying the joint. He noticed everyone staring at him. "You know, pure."

"That's four letters," Matt told him.


"Can you please stop talking about me like I don't know what it is you're talking about?" Eric looked over at Trey and asked. All of a sudden all three of them were just staring at him. Trey had been trying to get Eric to come hang out with them since Matt met Eric at the Halloween party. He thought it'd be fun for them all to hang out. Eric wasn't so much a shy person, but was more reserved than anything. He finally gave in to Trey's invite so that he'd leave him alone to study for his finals the rest of the semester.

"So do you have a boyfriend?" Jason asked him, taking the joint back from Matt.

"Boyfriend? No. I don't."

"Shocking isn't it?" Trey asked. Eric gave him a little bit of a disapproved look. "I don't mean it like that." Trey noticed. "I'm not trying to be sarcastic. It really is shocking," Trey told him before looking at Matt and Jason. "The whole school wanted to date Eric but no one got him."

"Why?" Matt asked, looking at Eric instead. Eric shrugged.

"It wasn't exactly like that."

"Yes, it was," Trey demanded. Eric gave him another look.

"I remember a few guys in like eleventh grade asking me out, but it wasn't the whole school."

"A few guys? See? I'm right."

"I mean a couple guys."

"You're kinda on the humble side, aren't you?" Jason asked him. But he was more amazed by it than mocking him for it. Eric looked over at him.

"I don't know about that."

"He is," Trey confirmed for him.

"Will you please stop?" Eric glanced back at Trey and said. Trey giggled a little as Matt rubbed over his legs.

"It's Okay, you can speak for me anytime," Matt told him softly. Trey grinned at him.

"You are. I can tell," Jason told him. Eric again blushed a little as he slightly shrugged.

"I just didn't want to get involved in all the relationship stuff in high school. I had to deal with the drama of everyone else all the time," Eric explained quietly. Trey smirked.

"You did sorta have a boyfriend though."

"When?" Eric asked as if he was appalled by the suggestion.

"Right before we graduated. David."

"David? David David?" Eric asked.

"David as in your hot friend David?" Matt looked over at Trey and asked. Trey furrowed his brows at him for a second. "I'm just kidding. I don't have the hots for one of your best friends," Matt told him. Trey just stared at him for a moment. The light was reflecting off of Matt's glasses so Trey couldn't see the amused, drunken, slightly high look in Matt's eyes.

"I never dated David," Eric said sternly.

"I didn't say you did. I said he was sorta your boyfriend."

"No he- well, okay, that one time," Eric said, letting the smoke filled room get to him a little bit.

"So you did do something with David?" Trey asked a little loudly.

"No! Nothing, just, don't bring that up. Please," Eric looked at Trey and pleaded.

"Bring what up?" He asked back.

"That. Nothing."

"Why didn't you have a boyfriend?" Jason asked him.

"He was in love with me. It was unrequited," Trey said. Eric gave him another look.

"I was not."

"I'm just kidding. It was a little requited," Trey told him, feeling the high now a little himself.

"Will you just shut up?" Eric told him before looking back at Jason. Matt started giggling. Trey flipped Eric off before grabbing Matt's beer.

"Trey's roommate Nic likes Eric I think."

"Juni?" Trey asked after gulping down some beer. Matt nodded.

"Yeah. You talk about Eric so much lately I think Nic is a little bit infatuated with him. He keeps asking you when you're gonna bring him over, remember?" Matt looked over at Trey. Trey shook his head.

"It's not me that keeps talking about him. It's you that keeps talking about him," Trey accused him. Matt blushed a little as he glanced back over at Eric. Eric smiled some. "Although he'd be here if he didn't have class."

"The drama. Too much drama," Eric looked at Jason to answer his question. "Just the little bit I did do created too much drama. Do you have a boyfriend?" Eric asked.

"Me? Yes. No. I mean yes. It's complicated," Jason explained as Eric stared at him. Matt was now rubbing his hand a little further up Trey's leg. "You'll meet him this weekend. I'll bring him around to any parties that's going on. I've known him my whole life. Well not quite my whole life. But it feels like my whole life. He was my best friend all through high school."

"Oh. What's his name?" Eric asked, trying to keep the conversation off himself.

"Glasgow. It's French or something. Actually I think it's Scottish. Hey now that you're in college, you need a boyfriend," Jason told him, finally feeling a good buzz.

"I'll get a boyfriend," Eric said quietly, trying not to blush again. "I guess when I meet someone I'll know if he's the one."

"Yeah. You will. You're extremely cute. I mean ex.treme.ly cute," Jason told him, emphasizing the word extremely. Jason was outspoken but was even more outspoken when drunk. Eric laughed a little, knowing Jason wasn't exactly controlling what he was saying at the moment. "You'll find someone. It's easy to get taken advantage of out there. It's good to be a little bit on the cautious side," Jason admitted, peeling the label off his bottle of beer. Eric watched him, smiling a little to himself.

Eric had played around a bit more than even his closest friends knew about in high school. He was more on the innocent side, that part was true. But he also played it up more than what it really was. He preferred keeping certain things to himself for the sake of his reputation and he had gotten really good at hiding some things. It was something he had started practicing in junior high school when he suddenly became the adorable boy everyone wanted to try humping first. Eric wouldn't let anyone pressure him into anything. It was his choice to remain a virgin until he graduated from high school. He made it until his senior prom when he got drunk for the first time.

He didn't mind the more innocent status. He didn't want the type of slutty rebel reputation the majority of his friends seemed to have through high school. He enjoyed everyone seeing him as more of a goody-goody. It didn't stop people from admiring him and falling in love with him. If anything it had caused them all to watch out for him a little more, wanting to help preserve that way about him. The occasional hand job or even a bj or two didn't seem to put any sort of dent in his little mister perfect reputation and he worked hard not to let anything stymie that.

But that was high school. This was college. The longer he sat there across from Jason the more intrigued he became with him. But he wasn't experienced enough yet to get involved in trying to break up what seemed like an established relationship. He thought it was cool that Jason was dating a guy he had known for a long time. It made him look beyond the fact Jason was bordering on being a drug addict. It made him instead more intrigued with the type of person Jason was underneath the security of drugs and alcohol.

For the next few years of college Eric tried hiding the crush he had on Jason. He knew once college was over and they all went their separate ways, Jason would be living the life he was meant for with Glasgow and Eric could forget all about him. Little did he know thanks to an idea Trey would tell them about later that night, they'd all be destined to be in each others lives for longer than just the rest of college.

Jason knew about the crush. He not only could tell by the shy look Eric would reserve for only him, or the way he'd hang onto every word he said regardless of the shy looks from that night on, but he knew as soon as he walked into Trey's dorm that night that there was more to the way Eric looked at him than he was willing to let on. Eric's eyes immediately attached themselves to Jason's as Matt took it upon himself to introduce them while Trey rolled a joint. The first thing Eric noticed when he walked into the room was Jason's eyes. Eric was attracted to peoples eyes more than smiles or anything else and Jason's was no exception. Jason reached out and took Eric's hand into his, greeting him. Eric's hand felt small. It felt kind. It felt innocent. And Jason became just as intrigued with Eric as Eric was with him.

Jason loved Glasgow, and even with the ups and the downs in their relationship, he couldn't even dream of finding someone to replace him. But just as Eric would watch him over the next few years with an innocent longing in his eyes, Jason knew that innocence wasn't so innocent after all and he was just waiting out the moment for Eric to make the first move.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 122

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- I love this chapter. We're finally getting into the heart and soul, the joy and the heartbreak, of what it's liking bringing a child into this alternate universe. Please enjoy it.

Chapter summery- Eric is being prepped for the premature birth of his baby. Garrow is still hanging out with Matt while everyone else is anxiously and eagerly waiting at the hospital.

Who's your daddy? 122

Keef was outside skate boarding with Stevie, Seth and Mylin when Adrien got the call. It had been a long night. Trey slept against a wall. Garrow slept snuggled against Matt as Matt softly snored, waking up every half hour to see if there were any missed calls. Frank sat there anxiously fidgeting as Marc sat across from him, watching him. His red hand mark was still visible across Frank's face. Jason paced the hospital hallways until Dr. Ian told him they were ready for him. He quickly followed him into the room where Eric was prepped for delivery of his baby. Everyone had already been there for a whole day. Marc occasionally called home to check on the kids. Keef and Adrien, whoever answered the phone first, said everything was fine and then asked how everything at the hospital was. Marc told them normal and that nothing was happening yet. They were still waiting for the doctors to decide it was time.

Frank had gotten only minutes of sleep as he'd drift off between his anxious thoughts. Jason had called Garrow a couple times to check on him. Kevin was teaching him how to hand feed Hamburgers. After hearing everything was fine and that Garrow wasn't even realizing that it'd been almost two days since he'd seen his daddies, he'd lay back in a chair and try to close his eyes to rest. Glasgow was bringing in food for him but he barely wanted to eat. He was too worried about all of the what if's.

Trey had spent most of his time answering calls coming in from different family members and friends inquiring about Eric. He'd tell them each the same thing. No baby yet. He finally called Matt and told him he was tired and how grateful he was Matt didn't go through this. Matt rubbed over his belly and felt Bob shift a little.

"A childbirth, obstetric, team and a new baby, neonatal, team is here," Dr. Ian explained to Jason as Jason was prepped for entering the room. His hands were cleaned and all of the proper coverings were put on him, including over his feet and over his mouth. He'd nod as Dr Ian talked. "Both Eric and the baby are considered high risk at the moment. Understand that if we need you out of the room, it is vital for you to follow instructions and just leave," Dr Ian told him, looking him in the eye to make sure he understood. Jason just stared at him for a moment before finally nodding slowly. He was then led into the room. There was equipment set up around the room, including a bed with an overhead heater and resuscitation equipment. He stopped and stared at it for a moment. He then turned back to Dr Ian as a couple people were talking to Eric.

"Maybe Frank should be back here too. And Trey."

"They can't be. Only you can be back here. You're his spouse, or fiance or whatever you are to him and you're the other parent to this infant. Everything will probably be fine. But the more you cooperate the better everything will be."

"Okay, be straight up with me, okay?" Jason got a little close to Dr Ian. "I know I haven't always acted like I've liked you that much, but I do trust you. How much of a chance is there that something could be very, very wrong?" Jason asked quietly.

"Well, there's always a chance. I can't predict what type of a chance. Even with full term babies there's a chance something could go wrong. We're prepared for this, but all I can tell you is, don't take anything for granted right now." Dr Ian paused for a moment. He knew Jason asked him to be completely honest with him. He took a deep breath as Jason stood there, putting trust into every word he said. "Go tell Eric you love him," He quietly told him. It wasn't common practice for him to get so emotionally involved in his patients, but there was something about Eric. Even Dr Ian knew how precious Eric was in everyone's lives. Jason just stood there. All Dr Ian could see was Jason's eyes but it was apparent how vulnerable Jason was feeling. "The cesarean should go fine. It's after when we could run into problems," Dr Ian further explained. Jason nodded a little and then turned to walk over to Eric.

"Are you ready daddy?" Jason touched Eric's head and asked gently through the mask he had on. Eric smiled a little bit up at him.

"Yes," He whispered. "Come here," He then whispered at him. Jason bent down to hear him. "If you have to raise this baby without me,"


"Listen, please, if you do,"

"Nothing's going to happen. C-section deliveries take place all the time."

"If you do, please make sure my family gets to know her," Eric whispered at him. Jason just stared at him. He finally nodded yes and pulled the mask away from his face to kiss Eric.


"So it's happening now? Good. I mean, I'm glad whatever happens is going to happen because this limbo stuff is ridiculous," Matt talked as Adrien was on the other end of the call. Trey asked Marc to tell Adrien to call Matt at eleven to tell him what was going on. Matt liked sleeping in until eleven and Trey didn't want to wake him up until then but also wanted to make sure Matt knew what was going on by then in case the moment prevented Trey from calling him. Adrien said okay but then called Matt anyway, thinking he could just leave a voice mail. Matt instead answered the phone. Adrien apologized but Matt said it was okay because Garrow woke him up early anyway.

"Okay I better go. I think I hear one of the kids crying. Or that might be Keef. Someone might have fallen off their skateboard," Adrien told him. Matt giggled a little and said goodbye. Thankfully no one was hurt and it was just Mylin and Nigel fighting over a skateboard.

"Why don't they all just have their own skateboards?" Adrien stood there and asked. Keef shrugged.

"I don't know. But why don't you put a helmet on and give it a ride?" Keef asked him. Adrien shook his head at him.

"No. I'm not getting on one of those things. Nigel, it's Mylin's turn. Let Mylin ride it or you're not going to play video games today," Adrien told him. Nigel gave him a stunned look. He had known Adrien his whole life but this was the first time Adrien had ever gotten stern with him. "I mean it!" Adrien pointed at him and said as Mylin cried. Nigel gave him a disapproved look but then handed the skateboard over to Mylin. "And the helmet too," Adrien told him. He handed Mylin the helmet. Mylin smiled.

"Wow. Mr Stern Man over there," Keef mumbled from the other side of the driveway.

"You know you like it," Stevie, Frank's twelve year old, looked at Keef and said. Keef gave him a surprised look.

"Excuse me?"

"I said it right," Stevie said and took off around Keef on his skateboard.

"Nigel wasn't even out here. I don't think dad would want him or Mylin skateboarding," Seth complained.

"They're allowed to skateboard. Stop bitching," Stevie told him. Seth dropped his jaw at him.

"I'm telling dad you said that word."


"Boys," Keef halfheartedly tried stopping them from continuing an argument. He watched as Adrien helped Mylin along the side of the garage on the skateboard.

"Keef. What kind of name is Keef anyway?" Stevie asked. He was used to Keef and was used to Keef being the fun friend of their dad's. But the closer he got to turning thirteen, the more of a smart mouth he was becoming, testing how much he could get away with when he was around adults other than his dads. Keef knew the game he was playing.

"What kind of name is Stephanos?" Keef asked him.

"It's Stevie."

"It's Stephanos. Both your dads told me so. And if you're not careful I'm going to post it in a blog at work," Keef threatened him. It seemed to work for the moment.


"What's on Hamburger's head?" Matt asked as Garrow held Hamburgers up in his ball for Matt to see.

"It's da bump," Garrow told him, shrugging.

"A bump? Looks more like a, tumor or something," Matt crinkled his nose and said as he examined the little hamster closer. Hamburgers seemed feisty but had a huge growth forming on his neck. But as long as Garrow didn't mind, Matt wouldn't mind. "Okay, put Hamburgers down now so he can play," Matt told him. Garrow leaned over the bed to put Hamburgers and his ball back on the floor as Matt held onto him. He then crawled over into the middle of the bed and started bouncing on it on his knees. Matt didn't feel like getting out of bed so Kevin had brought them both breakfast and was now in the living room on his laptop.

"Dis bed is bouncy," Garrow smiled and told Matt.

"Bouncy isn't it? Hey, are you ready to be a big brother?" Matt asked him. Matt wasn't sure exactly what Jason, Eric or even Glasgow might have explained to him about the baby, but the fact remained he was going to find out either way regardless of what happened. Garrow nodded at him with a big dimply smile.

"Wek is in da E.R. room right nows," Garrow informed him.

"He is? Who told you that?"


"Daddy? Glasgow?" Matt asked. Garrow nodded.

"He said Wek was in da E.R. to have da baby," Garrow explained, poking at his own stomach.

"And that's why you're here staying the nights with me, right?" Matt asked him. Garrow again nodded.

"And daddy is dere to help," Garrow explained about why Jason had to be at the hospital.

"Oh. Is Glasgow there to help too?" Matt asked. Garrow nodded with another proud smile. "Well guess what?"

"What?" Garrow whispered at him.

"Trey is there to help too. And so is Frank."

"Fanke?" Garrow asked.


"Fanke said dats, dat his, dats his baby," Garrow explained to Matt. Matt sat there for a moment to make sure he heard him right.

"What did you say?" Matt asked. Garrow nodded at him.

"Fanke said dats his baby."

"Where did you hear that?"

"Fanke's house."

"How did you hear that?" Matt asked him. Garrow shrugged. "Did he tell you that?" Matt asked. Garrow shook his head no. "Who did he say that to?"


"You saw him say it to Marc?" Matt asked. Garrow nodded. "How?"

"Well," Garrow tilted his head like he was thinking for a moment. "It was da hallway. Mylin said follow her and den we were stuck!" Garrow's eyes went wide at Matt. Matt returned the expression. "and she-" He continued, staring at Matt. Matt waited for a moment before raising his brow.

"She what?"


"What did Mylin say?" Matt asked. Garrow held his finger to his mouth in a shh motion. "She said be quiet?" Matt asked. Garrow nodded. "And then what?" He asked the four year old. Garrow shrugged. "What did you hear Frank say?"


"When did you hear Frank say that was his baby?" Matt very patiently asked as he rubbed his own belly. Garrow started bouncing against the bed again.

"I went wif Mylin to da hallway-" He started repeating with an amused smile. Matt groaned. "And den Fanke said dat."

"What exactly did Frank say?"

"WEK'S BABY!" Garrow yelled.

"You heard him yell something about Eric's baby?" Matt asked. Garrow nodded. "Then what?"

"DATS MY BABY!" Garrow yelled, demonstrating what Frank said. Garrow was trying to explain the night he stayed at Frank's house while Jason was trying to take care of Eric on bed rest. Marc and Frank were trying their hardest not to fight in front of any of the kids, which wasn't too hard since Marc was still giving Frank the silent treatment after hearing the confession Frank gave him at the hospital. But this night was particularly bad. Frank was frustrated about not being able to see Eric and he was getting more annoyed by the silent treatment Marc was giving him. Marc had locked the bedroom door so Frank couldn't get in to get any clean clothes out of the closet and no matter what Frank was saying on the other side of the door, trying to convince Marc to at least hand him some clothes, Marc ignored him. The kids were playing in another room but then decided to play hide and seek. Mylin was leading Garrow down the hallway, telling him to keep quiet, when Marc finally gave in and shouted at Frank to go to Eric's closet and wear some of his clothes and that maybe the scent of Eric on his clothes would put Frank in a better mood. Frank got pissed even more and instead of trying to defend his actions he simply yelled "Eric is sick, Marc! Both him and this baby's life could be in danger! Show some respect! That baby Eric is carrying could be MY baby!" Frank yelled, letting his voice raise a little out of control due to stress. After still not getting a response Frank lost it and yelled "ERIC'S BABY COULD BE MY BABY!" at the door. Marc yelled "Shut up Frank!" back. Little did they know a four year old was listening and would think about it enough throughout the night for it to get stuck in his head.

"Do you know what that means?" Matt asked the curly golden haired four year old. He was pretty sure he knew the answer to that but wanted to ask just to make sure. Garrow just stared at him. He finally smiled.

"Wek has da baby to bring homes," He told him. Matt just sat there looking at him for a moment before smiling at him. He felt his heart swell a little at how innocent life starts out.


Eric laid there as people moved around him. He was trying not to think of what was about to take place. Instead of being excited over it, he dreaded the thought of this possibly being the end of his child. The doctors assured him they would do everything in their power to prevent anything bad from happening but they also tried their best to make sure Eric understood the possible complications and outcomes of an extreme premature labor and delivery. Eric understood. He didn't want to think about it in the last few moments he had protecting his baby the best way he could, by carrying her in the womb she was in. She was about to be taken from that. And Eric didn't want to think about it. Instead he tried keeping his mind on anything other than that. As he laid there listening to people's voices around him, he started thinking about the first time he met Frank.
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Re: Who's your daddy? Not a chapter! Just a note of thanks.

Postby willowrose » Sat Mar 19, 2011 5:34 pm

I won't be here all next week 'cause I'm going to NY for a week! I wanted to have another chapter up (esp since it's another flashback chapter) but I'm just not going to have the time to do it right now. Copying and pasting isn't as easy as it looks. ;p But anyway with that said I wanted to take the moment to say THANKS to everyone out there that's reading this epic mammoth story and there is a TON to come! But it will resume as early as possible in April. Have a good, fun, safe week and I love you all! Hopefully I'll come back with a good (true!) story or two from NY! Look for it (probably) in the woot thread! ;p
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Re: Who's your daddy? Eric meeting Frank flashback

Postby willowrose » Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:26 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- This is a flashback chapter.

Chapter summery- Eric is still in the hospital, ready to give birth to his first child. While he's laying there worrying, he starts to think back about the moment he first met Frank.

Who's your daddy? Eric meeting Frank flashback

The flight was a bumpy ride. The sky had gotten dark fast but things seemed calm aside from the occasional air pocket. They were half way through the flight when the turbulence hit.

"It's going to be okay. This isn't really all that uncommon," The guy sitting next to Eric told him. "I've been through a lot worse. You should feel what clear-air turbulence is like," He tried convincing him as Eric's fingers tightened around the armrest. "And I'm terrified of flying."

Eric's eye finally came open to stare over at the person sitting next to him. He had a baseball cap on and was completely clean shaven, showing off a little nick in his face where he cut himself with his razor just hours earlier.

"You are?" He asked, his mouth gone completely dry.

"Yes. I only do this because it's a part of my job. My job is setting me up in L.A. for this new TV project. I've had to do this a few times before. It usually doesn't amount to much of anything. But I've had to get used to this whole flight thing. Just remember, we're only in the air for less than an hour. What was your least favorite subject in school?"

"Um," Eric's voice shook a little as the plane hit another air pocket. "Math?" He answered. He actually didn't mind math, but his mind couldn't focus on a real answer for the question at the moment and said the first thing that came to mind.

"Math? Well wouldn't you rather be sitting here for less than an hour than stuck in math class for a whole hour trying to finish some dreaded test?" The guy asked. Eric smiled a little and then squeezed the armrest again. The truth of it was he'd much rather be anywhere doing anything than on this bumpy flight right now. The guy noticed him getting more nervous. "So, what has you on this flight anyway?"

"My job," Eric answered as his head stayed firm against the seat, acting as if any small move would send the airplane into a tumble through the rest of the sky.

"Oh. They're sending you out of L.A.?"

"No," Eric's head shook against the seat a little. "I mean, yes. But only for a wedding," Eric explained.

"Wow. Now that's a benefit. Your job prearranged a marriage for you?"

"What? No," Eric actually started laughing a little but wouldn't move from the tense position he was sitting in. "One of my friends, my boss, or, soon to be boss, someone in his family is getting married. He's in the wedding. He-" The plane hit an air pocket and Eric reached over and grabbed the arm of the guy sitting beside him.

"Just a few more minutes. Remember, this or dreadful math test that you're just going to get a C on no matter how much you focus because you can't focus because you hate math. Don't focus on what's going on out there," He said, referring to the average storm they were flying through. Eric looked over and caught his eyes. His grip finally loosened on the guy's arm. "My name is Jacob by the way," He said, offering his other hand to Eric. Eric shook his hand.


"Hi. Nice to meet you. So why exactly is your job sending you out to, San Diego?"

"No. Texas. San Diego is just a layover for me."

"Oh, so the flight isn't quite as short for you? I thought you were just flying from L.A."

"No," Eric shook his head as he tried to moisten his mouth a little from his nerves causing it to go dry. "One of my best friends is in a relatives wedding out there and, we all work in L.A., well, we're going to be working in L.A. They've developed their own show."

"Oh. One of those situations. That's what I do. My boyfriend is actually my boss," Jacob said proudly. Eric gave him a curious look. "Yeah, it's cool. My brother is in this line of work too but he works more for the big studios. When he's not surfing. His kid is picking me up from the airport. You'll meet him probably down in baggage claim. Well, he's six. Five or six. He's a really cool kid. But, you know, it's kinda fun working for family members not to mention lovers and friends. Keeps it all in the family. And you get to go do cool things like this. You know, flying on ridiculously creepy flights," Jacob talked as the ride got bumpy again. "I hope they're paying you overtime," Jacob joked, causing Eric to give him a strange stare instead of laughing about it.

"No. They said it'd be good to start introducing the crew to family members and stuff. But my other best friend, his name is Trey, he's dating the friend that's in the wedding so they wanted me to come out to-"

"Keep Trey company?" Jacob interrupted. Eric nodded at him.


"Well I hope they're at least paying for this flight."

"They did. Are we landing soon?" Eric asked as he felt himself start to sweat a little.

"We are. Yeah. So do you have a backup plan? Because you know how those things usually go. You show up to be the backup plan, but then the person that's in the wedding party ends up ditching all their wedding party duties and ends up f**king their boyfriend in the coat closet all night anyway."

"I think they think they're going to introduce me to someone."

"Oh. So you kind of already have it all figured out anyway?"

"Yeah. Yes," Eric said nervously as the plane took another dip.

"So you don't have a boyfriend?"

"I did. His name is Marshall. We just broke up," Eric explained, squeezing the armrests again. A flight attendant asked if he wanted some water. He said no.

"Oh. So they must think they're doing you a favor to get your mind off this guy?"

"I don't know. We were together since college."

"Since college? Wow. So like, a couple years?" Jacob asked. Eric started to smile a little.

"No. It's been a little longer than that."

"Really? You must only be about my age, mid twenties? Although I would have guessed you a lot younger than that," Jacob told him, honestly thinking Eric was only about nineteen. Eric smiled again as his hands kept their grip on the armrests. He didn't want to tell the guy late twenties so he just smiled instead. "Well you got to love our friends and family for what they are. And that's ignorant most the time," Jacob said as he started gathering up his magazines. Eric smiled again but took another quick breath as the plane dipped a little. "No really." Jacob looked over at him. "They think they can actually help us find true love by introducing us to someone they think is suitable for us. But in reality it's the love at first sight thing that really works."

"I don't think I've ever met anyone that actually believed in that," Eric said, quietly, trying to keep his mind off the fact they were about to descend to land, knowing that was one of the most dangerous parts of flying.

"It's true. I believe love finds us. Which means it can't be introduced to us by well meaning family members or whatever. Like Marshall for instance." Jacob looked Eric in the eye. "That probably seemed perfect, right? The whole college romance thing? Why did you guys break up?" He asked. Eric shrugged a little.

"Different lifestyles I guess. He wanted to live in Brazil to study art and stuff. I want to live here. Well in the city."

"See? Exactly. But if you wait for love to just find you, you're more likely to find what it is you're looking for. I hadn't dated anyone since high school, you know, all the guys I grew up with or just spent most my time around. It wasn't until I got my job and met my boss, love at first sight, that I knew I found what I needed in life, and was actually looking for. He's more like me than anyone I ever knew in high school. The important part is that you don't f**k up and get someone f**ked up in high school. Or even college. That's what my brother did. Well that's what he allowed to happen to him. But he's a good guy. My brother. And the guy that knocked him up. They don't really talk to each other anymore, but that's because they live two completely different lives. Which is what I'm saying, love at first sight. It's more sincere," Jacob said. Eric had to smile again, wanting to laugh instead but his heart was beating too fast, waiting for the plane to just land already and be safely back on ground before bothering to laugh. Jacob noticed him grinning. "It's true. Even though the guy that got my brother, Patrick, pregnant, works with me. How screwed up is that?" Jacob laughed as the buckle your seat belt light came on. "It's good though. We're all family anyway. And we don't really work together. We work for the same network. It's hard telling where they send us. It all depends on the show. Or the production or whatever. But you know all about that since that's your job too. But that's what it's all about. Having a decent job and falling in love."

"I haven't actually started yet!" Eric yelled a little as the plane started coming to a stop on the landing.

"You will. You'll meet someone. You'll know when you see them if they're the one or not," Jacob told him, misunderstanding a little bit what Eric was referring to. It was reasoning Eric hadn't thought of since college when he realized there really was no such thing as love at first sight, but that it took a lot more than that to know if you were truly compatible with someone or not to make falling in love work.

"Thank God," Eric mumbled as the plane came to a standstill. He unbuckled his belt and quickly stood for his carry on bag.

"See? That wasn't so bad, was it?" Jacob smiled, standing up beside him. Eric gave him a small grin. "Well it was nice talking to you. I'll probably see you around L.A. sometime," Jacob told him as he grabbed his own bag and started following Eric off the plane.

"Yeah!" Eric's voice had much more spring in it now that he had an hour layover to just relax. "Good luck with that show!"

"Thanks. It's some comedian, a black guy. Some guy all the dudes like. So it should do okay. Good luck with yours too!" Jacob told him as Eric kept his pace ahead of him. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy talking to Jacob. He did. Jacob's talkativeness was the only reason that Eric didn't go into full-fledged panic mode in the middle of the airplane aisle. But all he wanted to do at the moment was make sure the rest of his luggage made it safely onto the next flight.

"Uncle Dake!" Eric suddenly heard called out from behind him as he walked into the airport. He turned around out of curiosity. A small boy with lots of light blond hair ran into Jacob's arms. Jacob had dropped his bags and dropped down to his knees to greet the small child with a huge smile. Eric heard him ask the child if he missed him. The kid nodded at him as he reached out and touched Jacob's cheek. Eric stood there, smiling a little absent minded until he noticed Jacob staring at him. He then realized he was calling him over.

"Eric! Come over here. I'll introduce you to my amazing celebrity nephew. My brother used to enter him into cutest baby contests and he won every one," Jacob said as he stood and ruffled the child's hair. The kid reached up and tried to push Jacob's hand away with a goofy look on his face. Eric walked over to them. "This is Nick. Short for Dominic," Jacob introduced the kid to Eric.

"Don tell peoples my name," Nick whispered in a silly harsh sounding tone at Jacob.

"Oh, sorry. What should I call you then?" Jacob asked him.


"Oh, okay. So this is nobody," Jacob looked at Eric and said. Nick got mad.

"No!" He looked up at Jacob and yelled. Eric started laughing.

"Good flight?" A pregnant guy holding a baby walked up and asked Jacob as he held out his hand. Jacob shook it.

"Yeah. It was exciting. This is Eric, he was my flight buddy," Jacob introduced Eric. Eric smiled and said hi.

"Hi. I'm Trevor. This is Stephanos," Trevor bounced the baby that was in his arms a little. The baby, about two years old, started giggling as he sucked on a couple of his fingers.

"Okay I have a good spot. Oh! You're here already?" Another guy came walking up behind Trevor. He spoke with a soft sounding voice, almost as if he was struggling to make it loud over everyone else that was greeting people as they stepped off the flight. He reached out for Jacob and Jacob pulled him into his arms, giving him a tight hug.

"I am! We had a good tailwind."

"My cup daddy!" Nick looked up and yelled. The new guy handed the kid a small sippy cup.

"I told you to just pay for valet," Trevor looked over at the new guy and said. He looked back with just a stare.

"Oh! This is Eric." Jacob reached over and touched Eric's arm as he touched the new guys arm at the same time. The new guy looked up and caught Eric's eyes as Eric was staring at him. Eric felt himself blush. He gave the guy a quick, cute smile.

"Hi. I'm Frank." The new guy reached out to shake Eric's hand. Eric put his hand into Frank's, suddenly feeling a little awkward and stupid.

"I'm Eric," He introduced himself again and then blushed harder. "I mean,"

Jacob started laughing as Frank stood there staring at Eric. Nick was now trying to pull Trevor away from the situation.

"Let's go! You said uncle Dake was comin' with us!" Nick complained, wanting to leave the noisy airport. Eric's eyes met Frank's again. He gave him another shy smile before looking away. Eric couldn't help but notice how amazing Frank's eyes were. He had long dark lashes that he couldn't help but want to keep staring at.

"Frank's the one that works with me. He's Nick's other father," Jacob explained to Eric before looking over at Frank. "I told him all about you," He then said quietly to Frank with a smirk. Frank smiled.

"Trust me, you don't know all about me," Frank replied, chuckling a little. Trevor shifted the baby to the other side over his round pregnant belly, looking like he was getting impatient.

"So! Second trimester already?" Jacob reached out and touched the sides of Trevor's stomach real quick. Trevor nodded with a small smile. "Frank is Trevor's husband," Jacob looked over at Eric and added real quick. Trevor looked as if he rolled his eyes a little.

"Oh," Eric said quietly but caught himself looking back over at Frank instead. Frank was still watching him. He smiled a little before looking away.

"We should probably go. I think I'm illegally parked," Frank spoke in a soft voice to Jacob. Jacob grabbed his bags.

"Yeah. Okay. Hey!" He turned to Eric. "Have a good flight to Texas. Remember to just relax and think of math. And look me up sometime to say hi," He told him and then told him the apartment complex where he lived and the production studios he would soon be working out of. Eric nodded at him and said goodbye. He quickly glanced at everyone as they started walking away. Jacob started going on and on about something else as he led the way out. Trevor followed closely behind as Frank stayed a few feet behind them with a lagging Nick. He was looking down at Nick, listening to something he was trying to tell him, when he glanced back real quick at Eric. Eric smiled. Frank gave a quick smile back and then took Nick's hand to catch up with everyone else.

Three months later Eric called Jacob, got the number for the network Frank worked for, found out it was the same one the rest of them were now working for, and then had Matt call them up to request him for a position they needed filled.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 123

Postby willowrose » Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:28 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- A flashback chapter follows this one but after that there won't be anymore flashbacks for a while.

Originally written- June 5, 2009

Chapter summery- Eric is being prepped for c-section. Fans are starting to show up at the hospital and Frank is dealing with guilt and bitterness while anxiously waiting along side everyone else.

Who's your daddy? 123

"They have him on an IV right now. They're preparing everything for a C-section to take place," Trey explained to a couple fans that were sitting quietly in the waiting room with them. There were other fans that were hanging out in the hallways and out in the parking lot that Trey told security to try to keep at bay. They weren't causing trouble but it was obvious they were only there to be apart of the action. Most of them were walking around with their cellphones at the ready to snap a picture. There was a big difference between those fans and the couple of fans that were sitting quietly in the waiting room. One fan had been a fan for almost half her life and was sitting there crying.

"We're sorry. We're just really excited he's having a baby at the same time you and Matt are and we really don't want anything bad to happen," Her friend sat beside her rubbing her back and explaining to Trey. Trey nodded.

"I understand. We appreciate you being here," Trey told them. He wouldn't admit feeling slightly freaked out by it, but tried to think of how he'd feel if someone he was a big fan of was suddenly facing a possible life or death situation. He was thankful everyone was keeping the situation as hush hush as they were so there weren't more crying fans crowding the waiting room. "Eric will be okay. Eric and Jason will both be okay," Trey tried assuring the crying fan. She nodded and tried wiping at her tears but then started crying some more. Trey felt bad for her but slowly stepped away and went back to where Dian and Toddy were now sitting.

"This is why I don't want kids. Ever," Toddy explained.

"What's the fun in that? Dian would look cute pregnant," Trey teased as Dian gave him a strange stare.

"No. We're not hitting up any sperm banks and there's no one we would agree upon to donate sperm anyway," Toddy said. Dian nodded.

"It's true. We talked about it. Once. Even the conversation was stupid," Dian told him. Trey frowned.

"You mean you guys wouldn't agree upon me?"

"Well, yes, we probably would. But Matt would never let you do that."

"No. He wouldn't. And to be honest, I wouldn't want to."

"Thanks," Dian told him sarcastically. "But it's not like it matters. Neither one of us are kid type of people," Dian mentioned, looking over at Toddy. Toddy shrugged a little but then agreed.

"Dian already has a baby," Toddy looked up and said.

"Did you get a new dog?" Trey asked.

"No." Dian shook his head. "A new race car," He then smiled proudly and announced.

"A new race car? Did you bring it home? Does it have it's own bed and everything?" Trey asked.

"Pretty much," Toddy mumbled. Dian continued sitting there looking proud.

"What did you name it?"

"Mr. Pretty," Dian said with a big smile. Trey snorted a little but then smiled.

"Oh, cool," He said, just to patronize Dian a little.

"Why are you laughing?" Dian's smile suddenly turned into a furrowed brow look.

"I'm not!" Trey giggled. "I'm not laughing. It just sounds like something Keef or Adrien would call each others- each other," Trey explained, cutting himself off.

"Keef or Adrien? Are they dating?"

"No. Well, I mean, probably. But no."

"I can't believe Adrien's husband left him. That goes to show sometimes a situation like that really is just one sided," Toddy said. Trey nodded a little, not really paying attention. He was suddenly thinking of Matt's Mr Pretty. He started grinning a little to himself but then stopped so Dian wouldn't think he was laughing at him again.


Matt had Hamburgers lifted up in his ball, checking out the growth on his little neck. It was definitely a tumor. He remembered having a pet mouse once when he was little that had something similar growing on it's neck. It didn't seem to harm the mouse any. He simply forgot to feed it. He shrugged a little and pushed a piece of carrot into Hamburgers ball before putting it back down on the floor.

Garrow was in the living room where Kevin was looking at his laptop.

"Can I see?" Garrow asked as he pushed one of his trucks around.

"No. It's porn," Kevin told him and waved him away. Kevin normally wouldn't have been so blunt with Garrow, or with anyone else for that matter, but he was focused on something he was reading and the more his eyes scanned it the more his eyebrows started to arch.

"Porn," Garrow repeated as the word went through his head while he pushed the truck around.

"What the hell?" Kevin looked closer at the screen and started talking to himself as he read the blog he was reading. It was on his friends page for an online journal he had. He knew who's blog it was. It was Kacey's. But Kacey hardly ever wrote in her blog and when she did it was always cutesy stuff like Went to the mall today with Kevin. Spent too much on sunglasses or Kevin is such an idiot. He just paid me twenty bucks to burp the National Anthem or even something like I really hate my job. The only good part about it is all the cute guys. Oh wait, I'm a girl. And Kevin was used to that. He'd glance over her blog, chuckle a little bit, and then think nothing of it. But this time there was a little more than just a sentence or two of cutesy stuff. And his brows arched a little more as he went on reading it.

An open to letter to whom this concerns. YOU know who you are. I don't know why you can't just tell me. Or ask me. I know what it is you want to say to me. At least I think I know what it is but I really don't know anymore because I feel like I just don't know YOU anymore. If it's really that hard to say to me then why are we even friends? I thought we could always say anything, ANYTHING, to each other. But now you're going around acting like you have all these secrets and I guess that's your right but I feel like I just don't know you anymore. I have my secrets too. Except all this time I thought my secrets was a little bit more obvious than what they apparently are to you. And that makes me even more sad because I really did think you knew me much better than that. You should have asked me WHY I said it. You should just TELL ME ALREADY what it is you need to tell me. I already know what it is. At least I'm pretty darn sure I know what it is. And to be honest I don't really like the thought that much. But that's okay. At least now we can sorta be related. But just so you know, you've really hurt my feelings. And maybe it's silly to have hurt feelings over something like this, but my feelings really are hurt. I don't really care about the phone. Although I do think you should have kept my phone with you and waited until you saw me to give it to me instead of just leaving it somewhere even if you did think it'd be safe there. I got my phone back but I'm probably going to change my number. If you can't even ask me why I said what I said then you shouldn't have the privilege of being able to text me to tell me to come safe you from a bad date or whatever. And maybe I'm making too big of a deal out of this and maybe it just wasn't that big of a deal to you, but it's still true. ... I do. And it hurts me even more that I do. I do so much. And all I get in return is nothing. Not even my cellphone. So goodbye. Sincerely, K.

Kevin read the blog three times before sitting back in his chair and just staring at the screen. He started responding to it with a comment that said It's save, not safe but then erased it, knowing it wasn't the time to bring up spelling mistakes.


"Oh my God," Frank mumbled with his face down in his hands. He was completely bent over in his chair. Sitting up and looking around just made him more anxious feeling. "I can't take this anymore," He cried into his hands without sitting up. He didn't know how he was acting. He couldn't think straight. All he could think about was rushing the moment so it'd be over and they would all know what was going on. Marc was now sitting beside him but wasn't touching him. He sat there with a blank look on his face, staring down at Frank once in a while as he mumbled into his hands.

Trey sat down across from Marc and gave him a questioning look while nodding at Frank. Marc nodded a little at him to acknowledge Trey's questioning look but then shook his head a little, telling him he had no clue how to snap Frank out of whatever type of state he was currently in. They could only guess. They could only assume he was panicking about Eric and about the baby. And he was. But it was more than that. He felt completely miserable knowing Jason was back there and he wasn't. He felt even more miserable knowing why.

He knew he had f**ked up. He had known that since the day he started the affair with Eric. But it hadn't hit him exactly how f**ked up he really was until now. It finally hit him how the choice wasn't his anymore. The choice belonged to everyone else except him. Eric would have to make the choice of how to raise this baby. Jason would have to make the choice if he was willing to try making things work with Eric after all of this was done. Marc would have to make the choice if he wanted to try sticking around for the sake of their children. His kids would have to make the choice of how much respect they'd lose for him after figuring out everything that's been going on. All of that was hitting him at that exact moment and it was sending his mind into a state of panic. But even with all of that on his mind, his heart ached for the unpredictable outcome for Eric's baby.

He wasn't even considering who the other father was at the moment. He could only think of how much Eric longed for this baby. Marc finally reached over and started gently touching his back. It slowed his breathing some. He squeezed his eyes shut to get a better grip on all the thoughts running through his mind. His thoughts switched over to how Jason was the one back there right now at Eric's side. He tried to think of how Jason had earned the right to be back there right now. He tried to think of how Jason was probably a much stronger person than he was anyway and could handle whatever happens back there much better than he could. But no matter what he tried to think, it didn't take away the thought of Jason being the one that was at Eric's side at the moment.

He wouldn't say it out loud, but he absolutely despised Jason for being the one that was at Eric's side. As his mind drifted into what might have been taking place in that surgery room, he started thinking about the time he first met Jason.
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Re: Who's your daddy? Frank meeting Jason flashback

Postby willowrose » Mon May 16, 2011 7:14 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- A flashback chapter. The flashback chapters give us vital insight for other things that happen. But the next few chapters, after this one, will focus on the situation at hand, and that's the birth of Eric's baby!!!

Originally written- June 8, 2009

Chapter summery- While Frank was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, waiting for Eric to give birth to a child that might or might not be his, he thinks back to the moment when he first met the other potential father of Eric's baby.

Who's your daddy? Frank meeting Jason flashback

"So a week into it. How does it feel?" Eric asked as he sat across from Frank. They were out at a bar with a few other people from work, including Matt and Trey. Frank smiled and lifted his beer for a drink before answering.

"It feels weird. A little strange. I've never worked so much in my life," Frank commented, watching as Matt and Trey walked around the room, greeting people they knew at different tables.

"But you made it. This is the most I've ever worked too. I think I know everyone at our office better in just the one week we've worked together than I know anyone I've ever grown up with," Eric said. Frank smiled. He watched as Eric took a sip from his own beer. Eric noticed him staring. He smiled a little.

"Sorry." Frank noticed. "I wouldn't have imagined you to be the drinking type."

"Oh. I don't do it often. But after the week we've just had I figured it's now or never," Eric told him with a little smile.

"Yeah. It was pretty crazy. I wonder what it's gonna be like when we go live. After spending this much time in those little rooms I hope it's gonna all be worth it."

"It's worth it," Eric commented before taking another sip of his beer. Frank smiled at him before awkwardly looking away. "Does your family mind you working this much?" Eric asked, meaning does Frank's husband mind. Frank shrugged a little.

"They know it's my job. My oldest son, Nick, you met him, he moved to Venice with his dad awhile ago so it's not like we're all living in San Diego still anyway. Right now it's just me and Trevor and Stevie."

"And the new baby?"

"Oh. Yeah. We have a few weeks to go but we'll be fine." Frank's voice was soft as he smiled some. "Trevor doesn't work right now. He's a stay at home dad so it seems to be working out."

"I'm glad you were willing to come out here and give this a try. I think Matt and Trey love you already," Eric told him. Frank smiled.

"They seem like really cool guys."

"They are. So Trevor is a stay at home dad? You're still living in San Diego then?"

"We are. But I usually stay here in L.A. when I'm scheduled for work," Frank explained. "We'll move out here eventually. There's a place I'm looking at right now actually. I really like the neighborhood."

"There's some good ones around here. If you want, we could drive through it during the week and just check it out all night," Eric suggested. Frank gave him an amused stare. Eric realized what he said and started stumbling over his words a little. "I mean, we can, um, sleep in the car and just, um, check things out?" He ended with a question. Frank smiled at him.

"That would probably be a good idea," He told him. Eric nodded a little and then looked down at his beer, feeling himself blush. "I have a big truck. It'd be kinda fun to sleep in it. And, um, check things out." Frank told him. Eric glanced up and smiled a little as Frank watched him.

"Thank you again for doing this. You fit in really well with the rest of the crew," Eric quietly told him. Frank just grinned. Eric hadn't admitted to him it was his idea to call and ask for him to be sent. But Frank had a suspicion that for some reason Eric was the one that had it arranged. Somewhere in his mind he was enjoying the thought of it being because Eric thought he was cute and in the first few minutes of meeting him decided he couldn't live without him. But he knew that probably wasn't the case and if Eric really did have anything to do with it, he was just being nice and the cute little looks Eric kept giving him was just the way he looked at everyone. Except it wasn't just the way he looked at everyone. The cute little looks Eric was giving him was the way he looked at only one other person. And that person suddenly walked up to the table and kissed the top of Eric's head before sitting down beside him.

"Hi. Sorry I'm late."

"Late?" Eric looked over at Jason and giggled a little. "We're just starting," Eric told him. Frank smiled.

"Oh. Yeah. I forgot. Trey told me all about how crazy it was this week. I'll be in probably a little bit next week to help out a little. Hi."

"Oh, this is Frank," Eric introduced him to Frank. "And Frank, this," Eric pointed his thumb at the dark wavy-haired guy beside him. "Is Jason, one of my best friends."

"Nice to meet you," Jason said and held out his hand to shake Frank's. Frank greeted him with a small smile. "I'm gonna go get a beer. Need one?" Jason asked Eric and then looked over at Frank. They both politely shook their head no.

"Your boyfriend?" Frank asked after Jason walked away.

"Boyfriend? Oh! No. Jason? No. He's practically married to the guy he's with. He's been with him since like high school. They really love each other," Eric explained. Frank felt a sudden rush of relief as he watched Jason at the bar. He didn't realize it at the time, but that was the first hint of jealously he had toward Jason when it came to Eric, or toward anyone else when it came to Eric. Over the next few years, as Frank's relationship with Trevor fell apart, Eric would be the shoulder for Frank to cry on. The only problem was that they would either be discussing things, Eric letting Frank literally cry to him as he wiped away Frank's tears of frustration and disappointment, while at work, or while at Eric's house where Jason would always be hanging out also. Sometimes Glasgow would be there too. Most the time Glasgow would be out of town for work. Only a few times would Eric show up over at Frank's house and during those times Trevor was always there too, coming in and out throughout the day with the kids.

The few times Frank suggested they go somewhere else to talk, Eric would end up bringing Jason along or saying he had to be somewhere by a certain time to meet Jason. Trey and Matt were continuing to build their own lives together. They each had a house and were constantly helping each other with their houses. Of course helping as in breaking in each room by doing naughty things in them, but they were still busy. Everyone else at the office was involved in their own problems. Eric and Frank were the ones everyone else would find in some corner somewhere talking to each other. But they were never truly alone.

It wasn't that Eric didn't want to be alone with Frank. Regardless of what Frank might have thought, Eric ached to be alone with him. But Frank had quickly turned into his best friend. Eric knew Frank was going through a difficult time ending his broken relationship with Trevor. He knew kids were involved. More than just a couple kids. By the time things had really started getting bad there was already another baby born. The kids came first. But the worst thing for the kids was having to be around two parents that constantly acted like they wanted nothing to do with each other.

Eric wanted to be there for Frank as his best friend. Frank needed him. He needed a friend he could trust when there was no one else to trust. Eric would stop at nothing, and did stop at nothing, to be that for Frank. Even when it meant bringing Jason along half the time. Eric loved Jason. Jason had become one of his best friends years before. But it was Jason that needed to be around Eric. Glasgow wasn't paying him the attention he had when they were younger and in college. That pretty much ended when they left college and decided to officially live together. But they were comfortable with each other so they kept their relationship alive by being together without spending a lot of time around each other. Eric easily became the person Jason became attached to and depended on for company. And Eric didn't know how to tell him he needed some breathing space when he was still just as intrigued with Jason as he had been when he first met him back in college.

But Eric still wanted to spend time with Frank and to be the one Frank could depend on. And he was. Jason didn't mind sitting alone on the other side of the room while Eric and Frank talked. Frank would cry his heart out to Eric and Eric would console him by holding him and telling him things will get better. But the one thing Frank couldn't do was take advantage of what Eric would have been offering if Jason hadn't been involved so much. And Frank despised Jason for it. He kept it to himself and eventually got over it when Marc came back into his life. Until the day Glasgow finally decided to leave Jason and Jason and Eric made the affair they were having public. That's when Frank remembered just how much he despised Jason for keeping Eric from him.

Jason seemed like a decent enough person. It wasn't that Frank didn't understand at all why Eric wanted to be with him. But it was still those looks Eric would give Frank. It was still part Eric's fault as well. Eric was falling more in love with Frank each moment he spent with him. But in Eric's mind Jason just made the better choice. Frank had too much he was already dealing with. Jason was now free. He had been free for a while and just didn't know how to accept it until Eric confessed to him how much he loved him. But it was Frank he was still longing to hold the way Frank wanted to be held. It was still Frank that Eric couldn't stop being there for and Frank knew it.

As Jason came back to the table and sat down, handing Eric a beer even though Eric had told him he didn't need one, Frank wasn't aware of everything that would take place in their futures together. What he was aware of was the guy that sat across from him, giving Eric a look like he knew him inside and out. He was getting a look back from Eric that Frank wanted from Eric instead. A look of stopping at nothing to be the one laying in his arms each night.
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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby IKilledYou » Sun May 22, 2011 2:05 am

:santa: Nice Story guurl but very weird.... :?
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Re: Who's your daddy?

Postby willowrose » Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:22 am

:lol: Thanks! Weird is what we aim for. Weird BUT charming. :wink:

The rewrite of this story will still have "the weird stuff" but a lot of the extra detail will be cut out. The way everyone gets to read it here is the way it was originally written. So it's definitely interesting to see what people react to the most, what intrigues them the most and what they could do without.

TY for reading and another chapter should be up shortly!!
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Re: Who's your daddy? 124

Postby willowrose » Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:46 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- None really. Sorry I'm so lazy getting this story posted!

Originally written- June 8, 2009

Chapter summery- Eric's baby is here! She finally gets born although very prematurely. Will everything work out all right?

Who's your daddy? Chapter 124

Kevin brought out his cellphone and dialed Kacey's number to see if she really had changed it. As he expected, she didn't. But her voice mail answered anyway.

"Kace, It's Kev. Please call me," He said and hung up. He sat the phone down and just stared at her blog again. Less than two minutes later she called back.

"What?" She asked when she heard him answer.

"You spelled save wrong."

"... What?"

"Save. You spelled safe, with an f instead of save. I'm pretty sure you meant to spell save."

"You read my blog?"

"Kacey, I always read your blog."

"So, okay, I have to go," Kacey suddenly panicked and said.


"No I really have to go. I'm having a bad stomach problem."


"Seriously, I have to go. I'll call you back later," Kacey told him in a rushed voice and then hung up on him. She sat her phone down and started grinning a little. All of a sudden the grin fell from her face and she started crying. She flopped over into a throw pillow and bawled her eyes out as Kevin sent her a text that simply read I love you too. She heard her phone beep but didn't bother to look at it. Instead she screamed go away! at it and slapped it off the table before falling back into the throw pillow.


"You can talk to him. It's okay," The doctor looked at Jason and said. Jason was up beside Eric's head, holding onto his hand tight. Eric wasn't saying anything but was just staring up at the ceiling. Jason nodded at the doctor. He wasn't sure why he told him that. All he was doing was sitting there trying to intently watch everything that was going on around them. But he then figured maybe that was why he said it. The doctor noticed Jason was starting to fixate on too much that was happening in the room. Jason looked down and stared at Eric until Eric met his eyes. Eric tried to smile a little.

"You doing okay?" Jason asked through the mask. Eric nodded a little as a tear started to slip from his eye. He reached over and wiped it away real quick.

"I wish my dads were here," He quietly confessed to Jason.

"They would be. They wanted to be," Jason told him. Everything had happened so fast everyone was told it was best to just stay where they were until everything was over and back on track. The one thing Jason did tell his parents was that the doctor assured him he'd make sure they would at least be able to take their baby home to enjoy whatever moments they could have with her, if the worst happened. This left one of his dads crying while the other one tried his hardest to convince Jason not to think about that and that everything will turn out the way it's supposed to.

Jason knew the fate of the baby would be in the medical teams hands. He tried to keep convincing himself that there wasn't anything any of them could do until the doctors did what they had to do first. He kept telling himself that over and over in his mind. Once he felt more secure in what the doctors were about to do, his worry turned to Eric. The biggest thing the doctors were concerned about was blood clots. They would be severely monitoring Eric after the surgery to make sure no blood clots were setting up in his lungs or elsewhere.


"Hamburgers. HAMBURGERS!" Garrow suddenly screamed a screech so loud it got not only Matt's attention, but the neighbors dogs barking. Kevin flew from the table, telling Matt to just stay on the couch as he ran to where Garrow yelled from.

"Garrow! Where are you?"

"HAMBURGERS!" Garrow screamed again. Kevin found him in the hallway holding an empty hamster ball. Garrow looked up at him with a pale face and a completely confused stare. Kevin reached for the ball.

"Did you find the ball empty like this?" He asked. Garrow nodded at him. All of a sudden he started to pucker up.

"My hamp'ster is lost!" Garrow yelled and started crying. Kevin handed the empty hamster ball back to him. Garrow took it as he stood there and cried. Kevin glanced the hallway real quick to no avail before picking up a crying Garrow. Garrow screamed a little bit, not wanting to leave the hallway until Hamburgers was found.

"What happened?" Matt, a very very pregnant Matt, was suddenly standing at the front of the hallway with his hands supporting his back, asking.

"Show Matt the ball," Kevin gently requested of Garrow. Garrow held the empty ball out for Matt to see as he whimpered while a tear rolled down his little cheek. Matt stared at it for a moment.

"Where's the part that closes the hole?" Matt looked at Kevin and asked. Kevin shrugged a little as he held Garrow to him, trying to comfort him.

"I don't know," He said quietly.

"sh*t," Matt softly cursed, thinking one of Trey's cats got the cover to the hole off and stole the hamster from it's ball.


A member of Eric's medical team had placed IV lines in his hand to provide fluid and medication. He was also given an antacid to reduce his risk of an upset stomach during the procedure. He was then given a spinal block, pain medication injected directly into the sac surrounding his spinal cord. It numbed the lower part of his body.

Eric felt a tear slide down the other side of his face as Jason kept his tight grip on his hand. He didn't feel much except for a little bit of movement as his doctors worked around his abdominal area. All of a sudden he heard Jason gasp.

"What?" Eric asked in a weak voice. Jason didn't seem to hear him. He watched as Jason's eyes seemed to move around the room in front of him. "Is she out?" Eric asked, his voice still weak but a little louder. He felt Jason's hand tighten around his as he looked down at him. He couldn't see him smile through the mask.

"She's out. They have her," Jason quietly told him. The baby didn't make any noise. Her skin looked purple as someone on the medical team walked the tiny infant over to a table. Jason stayed quiet as Eric began silently praying, begging with more severity than before for everything to be alright.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 125

Postby willowrose » Wed Jun 15, 2011 5:09 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- So sorry it's taking so long to post the chapters! :/ I meant to get this one up not long after the last one so before reading it you might want to browse the one before it again.

Originally written- June 9, 2009

Chapter summery- Eric's baby was born premature. The guys are all gathered at Jason's house for some bad news.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 125

There were little pink and yellow flowers set up around the room. A lace curtain allowed some soft light to sprinkle in causing a feeling of comfort. The quiet room was full of Jason and Eric's closest friends. Kacey stood in a corner crying. Kevin watched her from the other side of the room. Keef and Adrien offered to keep an eye on Frank's kids as he sat alone a few feet from Eric, watching him. Garrow had placed a couple of his teddy bears by the tiny pine box. He stood beside it, staring at it. He had asked what the small box was for. Jason took him into his arms and told him it was a safe place for his little family member to forever sleep. Trey took him from Jason and held him as he sat next to Matt. A soft solemn tune of nursery rhymes quietly played as Jason stood up to face the crowd before him.

"Thank you, all, for being here," He started talking, sounding as if he hadn't really spoken in days. "I just wanted to say a few words," Jason said as he scanned the room. "Eric, Garrow and I thank all of you for being here for us the past few days. This past week has been the hardest week of my life." He talked as tears came to his eyes. "We wouldn't have made it through without all of you and we can only hope you'll continue to support us through this difficult time."

"This is a little ridiculous," Matt whispered over at Trey. Trey gave him a bit of a look and wrapped his arms around Garrow a little more.

"Just think of how you'd feel if this was you going through this right now," Trey whispered back. Matt shrugged a little and sat back, resting his hands on top of his nine month pregnant belly.

"We didn't get much time together. And we know there's a better place for precious little lives to go when they leave us," Jason said, choking up a little as he watched Garrow's sad face. "but the time we were able to have together was a time we will never forget. All we have now are memories, but those memories can't be taken away from us. We learned a lot these past few days. And that is to never take life for granted. We need to enjoy every moment we get with our loved ones."

"Okay this is getting a little ridiculous," Trey looked over at Matt and said. Matt nodded.

"A lot of people loved this little one. And we know life will never be the same. And in conclusion I would just like to say," Jason looked over at Garrow again. "Garrow, daddy promises to get you another one. Me and your daddy Glasgow will both work on it. But this time do not leave it unsupervised while in it's ball."

"Oh Hamburgers," Eric suddenly groaned.

"I didn't!" Garrow started to pout and tried defending himself. "I lef'him wif Ma-"

"It's okay Garrow. Me and Trey will get you another one also. You learned your lesson." Matt suddenly reached over and grabbed Garrow's head and pulled him against him to shut him up. Garrow's mouth was squished against Matt's big stomach as Matt smoothed over his hair, talking, not wanting to take any of the blame for why Hamburgers the hamster was now just a memory.

"With that said, may we all say a quick silent prayer for Hamburgers, the hamster," Jason said in all seriousness. Everyone quickly looked around for a moment to see if anyone else was actually doing it. Kacey had her head bowed and was mouthing a quick prayer. She was having flashbacks of losing her own hamster she had for almost six years when she was little.

"Amen!" Jason said loudly as if he just said a small prayer himself. "There's food set up in the kitchen," He then announced. Everyone got up and went into the kitchen. Garrow went back and stood by the small pine box, staring at it. They never really did find Hamburgers. But in order for Garrow to have some closure, they told him they did and that it wasn't good news.

Matt stayed on the couch while Trey got him a plate of food. Jason pushed Eric in the wheelchair he would be using for a couple more weeks to the bathroom while Frank and Marc both offered to get them a couple plates of food. Glasgow knelt down beside Garrow and just stayed there for a moment with his son while Garrow stared at the small box.

"Okay so I'm leaving," Jason announced. Frank handed him a plate of food that was neatly wrapped in plastic wrap. "I feel like we've been gone from her for too long already," Jason complained as he took the plate of food.

"They told us it was better for all of us not to be there at all times," Frank gently reminded him. Jason gave him a blank stare.

"I know." He finally nodded. "But it's my turn to be there so I'm gonna go. You and Marc are bringing Eric in about an hour, right?" Jason asked. Frank nodded at him. "Okay. Remind Garrow he gets to go see her this weekend. He's been saying something like every four hours all damn week to make sure we don't forget," Jason grumbled as he felt his pockets for his car keys.

"They're by the door," Frank told him.

"Oh. Okay. Bye," Jason said and turned around with his plate of food. Eric was sitting in his wheelchair by Matt eating as Jason passed by. "I'll see you in an hour," He told him and gave Eric a quick kiss. "Make sure you eat enough," He reminded him. Eric nodded and rolled his eyes a little as he shoved more food into his mouth.

They were taking turns staying with the baby. This was only the second time Eric had left her in the hospital. She was being very well taken care of in the NICU. Eric, Jason, Frank and Marc all decided not to test the baby's DNA for now. They wanted to concentrate on the extremely delicate baby that had now come into all their lives. It didn't matter whom else she might have belonged to. They were all willing to take responsibility to care for her well being at the moment and they wanted to focus on that instead of DNA test results, for the moment anyway. The baby had a possible four month hospital stay ahead of her and for the time being the only thing any of them were worried about was her.

"This thirty-sixth week stuff is crap. Can someone please help me lift my feet to the couch? They're starting to swell," Matt complained, feeling discomfort in his feet.

"Trey!" Someone in the room called out for Trey. Trey came running in. "Your fiance is bitching again," The person informed Trey. Trey started laughing as he walked over to Matt. Matt's plate of food was balancing on top of his stomach.

"My feet," He looked up at Trey and said. Trey slowly and carefully helped him position himself to lay back on the couch. Matt then lifted his plate and asked for more food.

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