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Re: Who's your daddy? 126

Postby willowrose » Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:14 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave comments. EDIT- I think I goofed with this chapter and gave away something that wasn't supposed to happen until another chapter from now. Sorry!! I'm totally confused between writing new chapters (almost chapter 500!) and going back to post the story here. IF that happened, I apologize. I'm not sure 'cause I haven't gone back to look at the previous chapters or the chapters following this one, but if it did happen, sorry!! I hate it when writers do that! ;p So I'll try very hard not to goof up like that again. IF I did goof up in the first place. Either way "it's" fixed for now. TY for reading!!!!

Originally written- June 7, 2009 (I was accidentally posting the "originally posted" date for these chapters, then realized it should have been the "originally written", in case anyone is wondering why this chapter predates the chapter before it. Brain fart. Sorry ))

Chapter summery- Matt's preparing for labor in a way only he can understand. The baby is being taken care of inside the NICU where the guys are taking turns to spend time with her, falling more in love each moment they have with her.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 126

"I can't find my underwear. Where's all my underwear?"

"What underwear?" Trey stood in the door frame watching Matt unpack and pack his overnight hospital bag for the fourth time. He was sitting on top of their bed with not just his overnight bag but also Trey's, trying to make sure everything was ready. For some reason random things seemed to be missing and he couldn't figure out what they were.

"My underwear. You know, those things that occasionally have holes in them that I put on every day?" Matt looked up and replied with a straight face.

"Matt, I packed your underwear. Everything is in that bag and is ready to go. I don't understand why you keep-"

"I'm making sure!" Matt shouted at him. "Once I'm there I'm not exactly going to be able to say Oh honey, I forgot something, let's go home and get it," He said and then sat there staring at Trey. Trey wanted to start giggling but the seriousness of the look Matt had on his face scared him a little.

"I don't know." Trey shrugged. "I know I packed your underwear, so-"

"THEN WHAT'S MISSING?" Matt shouted, pushing the bags away from him and looking over everything that was spread out in front of him, still folded and ready to go back into the bags.

"Do you have your socks?"


"Do you have your robe?"


"That green tee shirt and the purple one you asked me to pack?" Trey asked. Matt took a moment to make sure.




"Birth plan?"


"The pajama pants for your ride home?"


"The pack of newborn diapers?"

"Yes." Matt checked the bottom of his bag and saw them in there. All of a sudden he froze and just sat there staring into space.

"Matt? ... Matty?" Trey asked and started walking closer to him. Matt suddenly looked over.

"I'M HAVING A BABY!" Matt yelled and started crying. Trey's eyes went wide.

"NOW?" Trey shouted.

"NO! Not NOW!" Matt cried back and threw a pile of his underwear at Trey. "I don't know when but soon and the baby won't be in my belly and I don't like not knowing when!" Matt cried in one long sentence. Trey moved the pile of clothes and sat down in front of him. Matt sniffled a couple more times as he stared at Trey and felt Trey's hands at the sides of his big pregnant belly.

"It's okay. We have a beautiful healthy baby coming. You're healthy. I'm healthy. We have a beautiful home and you have lots of underwear. There's no need to get so upset," Trey spoke in soft words to him. Matt stared at him for a moment more.

"This is all your fault!" Matt yelled and pushed Trey away from him. Trey landed back on his elbows as he giggled.

"Wait a minute now, it takes two to tango mister," Trey told him, amused. Matt gave him another stare.

"We weren't exactly tangoing, in case you didn't notice."

"Oh I noticed," Trey said as he sat back up. He made his way over to beside Matt and took him into his arms. "You can pay me back in about a year," Trey said quietly against Matt's ear and then kissed it.

"I can?"

"Yes. And I do notice. I notice everything you do. Everything about you," Trey continued to talk softly against Matt's ear.

"Did you notice what I did in the kitchen?" Matt asked. Trey paused for a moment.

"In the kitchen? Yes. I noticed."

"I fixed the pantry where all the baby food is and rearranged the pans. They're in a safer spot now. And they're probably even easier for us to get to," Matt explained.

"Yes. I noticed," Trey told him, kissing his earlobe, although Trey really hadn't noticed anything different about the kitchen. He wouldn't have noticed anything different about the baby's closet either if he went and looked even though Matt had rearranged all of the baby's clothes in different themes. Not only were they arranged by size and age, they were arranged by color, season, and event. The event part only Matt could truly explain.

"I asked James and Eddie if they want that old green couch in the family room. That came from our first apartment together. You didn't want to keep it when you first moved in here but I convinced you to. So now I'm deciding it's time to let it go. They said one of them would have their dads come pick it up. I'm also offering that old yellow end table that I kept from the apartment to them. It's just taking up space."

"I kinda liked that green couch." Trey pouted.

"You've been wanting something from IKEA lately. Now you can go pick something out. Oh, and I'd like to get rid of that ugly chair I surprised you with as a mock housewarming gift. I found it in the trash in the first place and it's just stinking up the cat room even more. I'm pretty sure the cats have used it as a litter box a few times."

"Don't go near the litter box."

"I haven't been. But maybe we can get Adrien and Keef or Ryan and Jack or even John and Neil over here sometime in the next couple days to get rid of it."

"I can probably get it out myself."

"No. Don't. I don't want you hurting your back."

"Hurting my back? My back's fine."

"Yeah. And I'd like to keep it that way. Oh, and that ugly curio cabinet that's in the back room that you tried giving to me one time but I didn't want it so you keep saying you're going to move it to the garage but it's still in the back room, I'd like to give that to James and Eddie too. They don't mind. They can sell it on Ebay if they want and use the money as a down payment on a new house."

"Why are you getting rid of so much stuff?"

"I'm not. It's not a lot of stuff Trey. I'm just trying to make room."

"Make room for what?"

"Make room for the baby!"

"How big do you think our baby is going to be?" Trey asked, giggling a little. Matt gave him a blank stare. All of a sudden his face started turning red.

"If you want to keep all this sh*t go ahead and keep it!" Matt yelled at him. Trey took him into his arms again and just started rocking him.

"It's okay. I don't want it. Eddie and James can have our sh*t. They could sell that on Ebay too and make enough for a down payment on a mansion," Trey told him consolingly. Matt couldn't help but start laughing.


"It's so dark in here," Frank whispered as he stood beside the incubator looking around. The NICU was kept dark to emulate a womb. They were told to talk to her but to speak very soft and to make only slow movements around the incubator the tiny infant was hooked up in. Eric was told that although the premature labor probably did happen due to stress, that he evidently was doing something right because she was an amazing two pounds for such an early delivery. She didn't yet have eye lashes but she had a strong tiny heart that was determined to keep beating. Oxygen was provided through small nasal tubes. Feeding tubes allowed her to be fed. Multiple blood tests were being performed on her but aside from that, it stayed calm around the area they all took turns sitting in.

A couple times a day a younger guy would come in and play soft music with his guitar on the other side of the room. It was music therapy and although there was no hard proof it helped, it had never hurt anything either. They weren't yet allowed to hold or touch the baby but after washing their hands they could put their hand through a glove that reached inside the incubator. The hand washing was done to get them into the habit of doing it for when the gloves could be removed. They were told it was okay to gently place their gloved hands on her legs, that it would help her feel calm and secure. They were told to not touch the rest of her skin or her head yet. They obeyed every small and not so small rule as they stood there, staring at the tiny baby through the protection of the incubator. Eric was with her the most. They provided a rocking chair for him to sit in and he spent most of his time pumping milk for when she was able to suckle and eat.

"I just want to hold her. I want to just pick her up and hold her," Eric said quietly as his head rested back against the chair. Frank's hand was delicately laying against the baby's legs the way they had been shown to do.

"I know. I know you do. We all do. But I know you do," Frank whispered as he watched the baby. She wasn't doing anything except laying there but whoever was with her couldn't help but keep their eyes on her, just to see her.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 127

Postby willowrose » Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:26 pm

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- I love the SPS crew. And I hope they forgive me for debauchering their first names.

Originally written- June 7, 2009

Chapter summery- Eric's baby's name is officially announced. ;p Although I already gave it away in the last chapter, then "fixed it", but then didn't "fix it" in the chapter summery (now fixed). Oops. I get confused easily. ;p And I shouldn't be trying to write and rewrite so many stories at the same time. And so anyway, enjoy!!

Who's your daddy? Chapter 127

"At twenty-seven to twenty-nine weeks of gestation age, survival rates are above ninety percent, and disability rates fall to less than ten percent," The doctor explained in a quiet voice to Eric and Jason, standing next to the baby's incubator. The monitors around her were keeping solid track of her heart rate and breathing.

"When can we hold her?" Eric asked anxiously. He was already given the answer, but now that two weeks had gone by, he was getting more impatient.

"When we start removing the tubes, you'll be able to hold her."

"When can my son come in and see her? I promised him it'd be his turn to come in and see her this week. He hasn't even met her yet and it's-" Jason tried explaining as the doctor lifted his hand to stop him.

"It's okay. You can bring him in later today if you'd like," The doctor told him. Jason smiled.

"When will the tubes be removed?" Eric asked from his rocking chair.

"I really can't give a definite answer to that. I know you're anxious to hold your newborn, but right now the best thing you're doing for her is letting her be where she needs to be right now. We're going to start her on that device we talked to you both about. It's called the NTrainer. The NTrainer device powers a Soothie silicone pacifier with a computer-controlled air pump to transform the nipple into a dynamically patterned pulsing touch stimulus on the surface of the infant’s lips and tongue." The doctor went over it again with them. "The NTrainer device essentially teaches babies the correct pattern to produce the non-nutritive suck," He explained. "what they normally do in the womb beginning as early as the second trimester of development. It will essentially help teach her how to nurse," He explained. Eric sat back with a dissatisfied but accepting look on his face. "Have you named her yet?" The doctor looked at them both and asked.

"We um," Jason paused and looked down at Eric. Eric was staring at his baby through the incubator walls. "Hera. Yes, it's pronounced like Sarah. It's a Goddess name. It means determined defender of the sanctity of marriage and monogamy," Jason explained. The doctor gave him a bit of a look. "Um, Hera Jadelle. We're going to call her Jada."

"Seems like you've really thought about it. Nice name," He told him.

"Thank you. We'll sign the birth certificate as soon as we get a moment to breathe," Jason smiled at the doctor and said. There was more than one reason why the birth certificate hadn't been signed yet, but Jason didn't want to try explaining that. "We're planning on having a naming ceremony for her when we get to take her home. You'll be invited," Jason told the doctor, not really wanting to invite him but feeling obligated to.

"Very well. I'll be back in later this evening. Everything is going well. You can take a moment to breathe," The doctor smiled at Jason and said before nodding at Eric. They then watched him as he left the room.

"I know you feel impatient." Jason slid his hand over Eric's hair. "But we're lucky to be where we are," He told him. Eric slowly nodded but kept his eyes on the incubator. There wasn't much of a way to tell who the baby looked like at the moment. But so far she seemed to have Eric's features more than anything. Right away everyone said she had Eric's nose and mouth. Eric kept to himself the fact he thought she had Jason's lips. But the more he sat there and stared at her, the more her tiny round forehead started to look more square like Frank's. It was driving him nuts not knowing the results of a DNA test. But at the same time he appreciated the fact everyone was leaving that part alone for now and was letting her just be what she was at the moment, and that was everyone's baby.


"So you'll be having the naming ceremony to officially announce her name?" Glasgow asked as he sat across from Jason in the waiting room, watching a restless Garrow running around the room.

"Yes," Jason groaned, slouching in the chair. "It seems so far away right now. I don't want to rush it but I really can't wait until we just have her home."

"There's a lot that needs to be done between then and now."

"I know. The umbilical cord needs to officially fall off, we need to sign the birth certificate," Jason lifted his hand and started counting on his fingers. "We need the damn DNA test to find out who her other father really is," He sarcastically said. His expression stayed unamused as Glasgow chuckled a little bit across from him.

"I'll give you credit for having balls in naming her," Glasgow told him. Jason looked up.

"What do you mean?"

"Hera Jadelle? Hera, the defender of monogamy? Jadelle? Like you didn't know that's the name of a contraceptive? Could you really be making more of a point?" Glasgow asked him. Jason just stared at him for a moment before giving him a very small smile.

"Hey, Eric and Frank both liked the name."

"Oh. I wouldn't have given a rat's ass what Frank liked."

"I don't want to think about that right now. I just want everyone to focus positive energy on this baby."

"Can I see dis baby now?" Garrow ran up to Glasgow and whispered at him.

"You have to ask daddy." Glasgow pointed over at Jason. Garrow quickly turned around and fell into Jason's lap instead.

"Baby now? Please?" Garrow whispered at him. He had been excited since getting up that morning. Jason told him the night before he would bring him to the hospital with him to see the new baby. Garrow thought about that all night, even dreaming about a baby in his room, sitting on his floor giggling at him as he showed off all his toys. It was the first thing he thought about as he woke up and was now restlessly living off the excitement of being promised he would see the baby.

"Yes," Jason told him, smoothing his hand over Garrow's hair. Garrow grinned a big dimply grin at him. "You like the baby's name, don't you?" Jason asked him. He had told him the baby's name the night before. Garrow nodded at him.

"HHHera." Garrow pronounced her name with a hard drawn out H.

"Close enough. But what are we going to call her when we talk to her?" Jason asked him. Garrow smiled.


"That's right."

"Dats a Star Wars name," Garrow looked at Jason and said. Jason didn't seem to understand what his young son meant, but anytime he watched the Star Wars movies with one of his daddies, usually Glasgow, he'd pretend for hours after that he was a Jedi.

"Wouldn't have been trying to name the kid after you at all, right?" Glasgow teased Jason a little more. Jason just gave him a look. "I'm just saying, Jada sounds a little bit like Jason."

"It does not. And shut up," Jason told him. Glasgow snickered.


"Do you think it's the flu? I'm not sure if I should really come around you if it's the flu," Matt stood at the other side of the living room and asked as Trey laid half off the couch.

"No. Don't know," Trey groaned with his hand pressing against his stomach. "I just feel like I'm going to puke all over." He whined.

"I'll get you something fizzy to drink."

"No. Just come over here and sit with me," Trey groaned.

"I don't know Trey. If you're sick-"

"I don't think I am. I just don't feel good. Come sit with me." Trey whined. Matt walked over to him and felt his head. He felt sweaty but didn't feel like he had any sort of fever.

"Do you still feel like you have to puke?"

"A little."

"Maybe I should get you a trashcan."

"Okay." Trey groaned and then watched as Matt wobbled away to look for a small trashcan to sit by Trey's face.


"You have to walk really slow and whisper all your words, okay?" Jason reminded Garrow as he held onto his hand, leading him to the NICU. "There are other sick babies in here that need a lot of quiet, do you understand?" Jason looked down at him and asked before entering the room. Garrow nodded up at him. "Do you promise?" Jason asked him so Garrow really would understand the importance of staying quiet.

"Yes," Garrow moaned in an aggravated and anxious tone at his daddy.

"Okay," Jason said and took him into the room. Garrow's hand squeezed Jason's as he looked around the dark room, feeling a little scared. He suddenly spotted Eric in the rocking chair. He tried pulling himself from Jason's grip. Jason stopped him. "Garrow, you have to walk really slow," Jason reminded him, whispering down at him. Garrow nodded but kept his eyes on Eric. Jason let him go and he tip toed the rest of the way over to Eric. Eric saw him and started giggling a little. As soon as Garrow was close enough Eric reached out for him. He was told not to lift anything over ten pounds for a while so Jason quickly grabbed Garrow and gently sat him in Eric's lap. Eric wrapped his arms around him.

"I've missed you so much," He quietly whispered into the top of Garrow's head.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 128

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- I love the SPS crew. And I hope they forgive me for debauchering their first names.

Originally written- June 8, 2009

Chapter summery- Eric is lounging in the NICU with his infant daughter when a kind person walks up to offer some encouragement. Kacey is mad at Kevin and Kevin just doesn't get it. Trey isn't feeling well and wants to be babied. Jason buys some pudding. Ever watch falling dominoes? You set the dominoes up and then watch them fall. It's cause and effect, and it's a bitch.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 128

"Miss you too," Garrow said as his arms circled around Eric's neck.

"Be careful with Wek. He's got a boo-boo right now," Jason quietly reminded his son.

"Do you want to see the baby? Is that why you're here?" Eric asked to get him a little more excited, not knowing how restless he already was over the excitement of seeing her. "She's right there." Eric pointed over to the incubator. He kissed Garrow's head as Garrow turned and stared at it. He went into Jason's arms as Jason reached for him.

"Whisper," Jason whispered to him as he held him against the incubator to see inside.

"What's dat?" Garrow asked, pointing at the baby. Jason started giggling.

"Did he just ask what's that?" Eric asked from his rocker, laughing a little.

"Yeah. Garrow, that's Jada. That's your baby sister," Jason whispered into Garrow's hair before kissing his head. Garrow just stared.

"Why's dose lines for?" He asked, pointing at everything that was hooked up to the tiny infant.

"That's to help her breathe and to help us watch what her heart is doing."

"Is it pumpin'?"

"Yes. It's pumping."

"Can she breeve?"

"Breathe? Yes. She can breathe. See that little teeny tiny tube that's coming from her little nose? That's making sure she gets air into her lungs," Jason explained.

"Can she breeve wif'out it?"

"How about without it?" Jason tried helping him correct his speech.

"With-out it," Garrow spoke slowly and corrected himself.

"No. Not yet."


"Because she was born a lot sooner than she was supposed to be born and her lungs aren't strong enough yet. You have strong lungs, don't you?" Jason asked him. Garrow nodded as he stared at the baby. "You can feel your lungs working when you run, right?" Jason asked. Garrow nodded. "Well Jada's lungs can't do that yet. But the longer she stays inside this house, the stronger her lungs will get."

"Why's she in dere?"

"To get stronger."

"Can she come home wif me?"

"Not yet."

"She can maybe play in Hamburgers ball," Garrow whispered as he stared into the incubator. Jason giggled. "Why's she so little like dat?"

"Because she's a baby. And she was born too early," Jason patiently explained.


"So you didn't have to wait so long to see her," He said and kissed the side of Garrow's forehead. "You're getting kind of heavy dude, are you done seeing her for now?" Jason asked him. Garrow's eyes searched over the inside of the incubator.

"Can I go in dere?"

"No. That's just for Jada for right now."

"Oh. Can she come out now?"

"Not yet. She has to get stronger, remember?"

"Her lungs?"

"Yes. Do you want to go to the cafe and get some pudding?" Jason asked. Garrow nodded with a small smile. "Okay. Tell Jada you'll see her later but talk real quiet."

"See you later," Garrow put his mouth really close to the wall of the incubator and whispered.

"Do you love your new baby?" Jason asked him. Garrow nodded. "Tell her you love her."

"Love you new baby," Garrow said quietly and then kissed the wall. Jason smiled as he brought Garrow back up into his arms to walk him out. "No!" Garrow suddenly whispered a little too loud.

"What? It's pudding time, remember?" Jason asked. Garrow's brow furrowed.

"No, I stay with Wek."

"You want to stay with Eric?" Jason asked. Garrow nodded. "You don't want to go get chocolate pudding?"

"No. I stay with Wek," Garrow repeated, his brow still furrowed. Jason kissed his forehead.

"I like how you're pronouncing your T and H sound. That's very good," He told him although he knew Garrow wasn't comprehending the difference at the moment. "Eric has to feed the baby so we'll come back after he feeds the baby, okay?" Jason lied to his son. Garrow just stared down at Eric. Eric really was going to pump more milk to be frozen for later use, but it still hurt him to lie in any way to Garrow.

"Can you bring me some chocolate pudding? Please?" Eric asked him. Garrow stared at him for a moment longer before finally giving in and nodding yes. Jason then took him to the cafe for chocolate and vanilla pudding.


"Yes, I got your text. So what?" Kacey looked up at Kevin. She hadn't bothered talking to him since he sent her the text that said I love you too. After Kacey discovered the text, later sometime the next day after picking her cellphone up off the floor, she read it with more of a "yeah, I love you too. Duh." type of tone.

They were now both standing in Paul's backyard. Paul's birthday was that weekend and he decided to start the celebration early and have it all weekend.

"What," Kevin paused to just look at Kacey for a moment. "what do you mean so what? I told you I love you too."

"So? We always tell each other we love each other." Kacey shrugged a little. Kevin just continued staring at her.

"Oh," He finally said, giving a bit of a realizing look.

"Yeah. So, um, why don't you go enjoy more punch? Just make sure it's not spiked first," She said, her voice flat, and then turned around to walk away form him.


"Does your head feel any better?" Matt asked as he stroked the straggly hair on Trey's head.

"A little bit. Feels better as your fingers go through my hair."

Matt sat there and continued sliding his fingers through Trey's hair.

"You've been sick for a couple days now. Maybe we should call the doctor."

"It's just my migraines. They'll go away."

"Does your tummy still hurt too?"

"A little bit. But I'll be fine. Oh," Trey suddenly groaned and grabbed his stomach.

"What? What hurts?"

"My tummy does still hurt a little bit."

"Do you need the trashcan?"


"Would you like some soup?"

"No. Just don't move. I'll be okay," He groaned. Matt stayed still and relaxed as he caressed Trey's hair.


"Is she your first?" A guy just a few years younger than Eric that also had a baby in the NICU was standing next to Jada's incubator, quietly talking to Eric. Eric smiled.

"Yes. I have a Godson that's like mine. But she's my first, yes."

"She's beautiful." He spoke softly as he looked into the incubator. "Oh, that cute little boy with the curls, that was your Godson? He was adorable. Looked like he was really studying her."

"Yeah. He had a lot of questions."

"How old is he?"

"He's four."

"I have a five year old and a two year old. I didn't start until I turned thirty. My husband is tens years older than me so he convinced me he needs any kids we plan to have while he's young enough to still play with them and teach them things. Although my own grandfather still teaches me things."

"Yeah. We panic sometimes."

"We do. My name is Tad by the way."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Eric." Eric reached out to shake Tad's hand.

"We've had our baby in here for just little over a month now. He was born at twenty-eight weeks. But he's doing good. We named him Trek."

"Like Star Trek?" Eric asked as he rocked back and forth. Tad smiled.

"Maybe." He giggled. "But he's such a beautiful boy. It gets hard sometimes but the important part is to remember they've made it this far. I'd rather be in here for as long as it takes with him than at home forever without him," Tad said quietly. Eric nodded a little, understanding what he meant but not wanting to think about it. "Pretty soon, once she doesn't have to be connected to so many tubes so much, you'll get to hold her and experience the Kangaroo care. It's amazing. It's good for the baby and for the daddy. And anyone can have a part in it," Tad explained.

"I can't wait to hold her. It's frustrating knowing she's right there but I can't hold her, or even touch her," Eric talked quietly, feeling quite comfortable with Tad.

"I understand. But you will get through it. Pretty soon you'll be holding her and she'll be able to open her eyes and look at you. It's good to have a support system. Not just for you but for the baby too. It's good for everyone to come in and see her and to just talk to her. What about her other dad? Is he active in her life?"

"Yeah, they are," Eric said without thinking first. He quickly realized what it was he said and just stared at Tad. Tad didn't seem to notice what he said. "I mean he is, yes. He's my Godson's father," Eric told him, not caring much about keeping details to himself.

"Oh, so your Godson is as good as your stepson? You already have lots of experience with kids then."

"He is. I have another Godchild on the way. Two of my best friends are having a baby together. I'm hoping she'll," He nodded at his baby. "be out of here by the time they bring their baby home."

"When is he due?"

"Next month."

"Oh. And she's two weeks old now?" Tad asked, pointing at Jada. Eric nodded. "Well remember, if you were only in your sixth month of pregnancy with her, she'd still have a good at least twelve weeks to go. So I would keep my hopes up but understand she might need the security of this incubator for a little longer than just another month."

"Well, that's true. So I should probably just figure I'm still pregnant with her then," Eric sat back and rubbed over his almost flattened again stomach. Tad nodded at him.

"You could. That's one way to look at it."

"How do you go without getting cabin fever in here?" He asked.

"My husband helps a lot. You have to encourage friends and family members to come in as often as they can. But having a good partner will help get you through this."

"Wek!" Garrow whispered loudly as he came back into the room, this time a couple feet in front of Jason. He ran up to Eric with his arms out. Jason walked over with pudding. He sat it down and then helped Garrow back into Eric's lap.

"You must be the other daddy?" Tad looked at him and said. Jason smiled.

"I am. My name is Jason. It's nice to meet you." He introduced himself and held his hand out. Tad slowly put his hand into Jason's and then started giggling a little.

"I think I know you. Weren't you in that hilarious college made movie about that cannibal guy in Colorado?"

"I was." Jason smiled. "I'm surprised you recognized me. That was ages ago."

"It wasn't that long ago. My buddies and I used to watch that while getting high all the time as we sat around waiting for someone to call and hire us for a job." Tad laughed quietly. "I had the hugest crush on you!" He then mentioned. Jason smiled and started to blush a little.

"Really? I thought everyone crushed on Trey in that film."

"No. I didn't even know who the heck they were back then. No it was you. I had a thing for butchers after that movie. You look the same."

"No I don't." Jason smiled. "But thank you. I do remember my pretty days quite fondly."

"You're just as hot now as you were back then," Tad told him. Jason started laughing and blushing at the same time. Eric watched as he rocked Garrow in the rocking chair. "Oh, I'm sorry. It slipped my mind for a second." Tad looked down at Eric and then at the baby. "So this little gem is yours?" He asked Jason.

"She is. She's beautiful isn't she? She looks just like Eric. We can't wait for them to take the little tape off her eyes. I'm hoping she has Eric's eyes."

"You both have beautiful eyes. And don't worry, that day will come soon enough. Before you know it she'll be stealing the car to go hang out with all the pretty girls that's gonna be after her. That's what my dad keeps telling me about Trek. He keeps saying don't try to hurry the moment too fast. Anyway, it was really nice meeting you." Tad held his hand out for Jason again and then Eric. "I'll have to tell my husband I met you. He'll probably want to come over and say hi. I draw. I used to draw you a lot. I know, that sounds kinda creepy, but he used to be amazed by my talent and most of it was because of you," Tad looked at Jason and said. Jason smiled again, flattered.

"Don't worry. I've heard of creepier things than that," Jason told him, not being able to think of anything else. Tad gave him another smile and then waved bye at him again as he walked away. It was then Jason noticed the look Eric was giving him.

"I don't want that stalker around me or my baby," Eric said once Tad was out of earshot.

"What? He wasn't a stalker," Jason tried defending Tad. "He was just trying to offer some support."

"He's obsessed with you! You stood there and flirted with him for like ten minutes!" Eric whispered in a harsh tone up at Jason. Jason just stood there staring back. He suddenly couldn't help but to grin a little.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 129

Postby willowrose » Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:46 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- I love the SPS crew. And I hope they forgive me for debauchering their first names.

Originally written- June 9, 2009

Chapter summery- Matt and Trey's spawn is almost here!! Matt is busy preparing for the baby while Trey lays back with a bad headache.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 129

"Would you like some more lemonade?" Matt asked as Trey laid back on the couch. Matt was spending a lot of time in the kitchen as Trey laid back on the couch groaning. He had been sick for three days.

"No. No lemonade. How about some warm tea or something?" Trey looked over and asked as a warm cloth laid over his forehead. "Maybe you should sit down for awhile, I can get it," Trey said and started sitting up.

"No. Just lay down. I'm walking all over anyway. I'll get you some warm tea."

"What exactly is it that you're doing in there?" Trey asked.

"Nothing. Just going over a list of meds and stuff."

"Meds? Meds for what?"

"Just stuff we might need when we bring the baby home. The baby is going to need certain vitamins and ointments for newborns and stuff. It's not a big deal. Doctor E gave me the list a few weeks ago. Oh, and we also need to start thinking about our wedding."

"I am." Trey smiled. "Actually I'm thinking more about our wedding night. I can't wait to make love to you under the stars."

"The stars? So we're going to honeymoon on the beach?"

"Or in the mountains. It doesn't matter. I just like the thought of spending our wedding night under the stars," Trey said as he stared at the ceiling, holding the warm cloth against his head.

"Well wherever we go we have to make sure it's comfortable enough for a baby and whoever it is we take with us to stay with the baby."


"Kevin and Kacey?"

"That's what I was thinking. I think he'd be willing to do it and he could probably use some time away from everything anyway. Even if Kacey doesn't go. So what else were you thinking about?" Trey tried grinning a little although it hurt his head.

"Our best men. Have you thought any of who your best man might be?"

"Eric. I want it to be Eric. You? And don't say John Stamos."

"sh*t," Matt mumbled, teasing Trey. "Well my first thought was Frank. But then figured you'd probably choose Eric or David and if you chose Eric it might look a little weird if I chose Frank. I don't want things to be uncomfortable between them."

"Matt, choose whoever you want to choose. It doesn't matter how it looks. It's your wedding so it's your choice."

"Well, then I thought of, Angie?" Matt said, like he was apprehensive to say it.


"Yeah. Would that be okay?"

"That would be awesome! Good choice. Ow, my head," Trey complained, pressing the warmth of the cloth against his head more.

"I'm getting you your tea." Matt turned around to make Trey a nice cup of hot tea.

A little while later Ryan was sitting at the table with Matt while Trey moaned and groaned from the couch. His illness seemed to be getting worse. He insisted on staying on the couch where he could be around Matt more than if he just stayed in bed, but every small sound and every small light made his head hurt worse.

"I'm thinking it's a migraine," Ryan said as he drank some lemonade.

"That or the flu. I hope it's not the flu. I really don't want it to be the flu. I could really go into labor any day now and the last thing we all need is dragging Trey into a hospital when he's already sick. I can't have him catching a staph infection."

"I don't think that will happen, but if he's that sick, he'll just have to stay here."

"Hell no! I'm not having this baby without him."

"You don't have to. Just because you start having contractions and think you're in labor doesn't mean you're going to deliver right away. But it might be a good idea to get to the hospital just in case."

"No. I will absolutely not go into the hospital without Trey."

"How long has he been sick? The flu doesn't usually last this long."

"For like three days."

"Could it be sympathy pangs? I know Jackie has a hard time breathing every time I have an asthma attack."

"Sympathy pangs? Maybe. But why would it be in his head?"

"Because it's all in his head anyway. I don't know. Maybe he really is sick. I can stay around for a couple days if you want and help out. Jackie is visiting his dads for the weekend."

"Why didn't you go?"

"His dad broke his foot. He's only there helping out for a couple days. They wanted him there all week but we didn't want to be apart from each other that long. They live in the city. I'd die of an asthma attack there."

"Oh. Asthma sucks. I used to get asthma attacks when I was a kid. Wow. I can see why people choose not to have kids these days. Too many problems to pass onto them."


"Stop ignoring me. Please." Kevin got frustrated during the second day of Paul's bar-b-q birthday weekend and grabbed Kacey's arm as she walked by.

"I'm not ignoring you. If I was ignoring you I wouldn't have bothered walking past you."

"Stop avoiding me then. Wait, no, if you were avoiding me you wouldn't have walked past me. You are just ignoring me."

"Well whatever, I'm on my way for another hot dog, so excuse me," Kacey said and pulled her arm free.

"Wait! Kacey, I told you I wanted you a long time ago. Stop playing the victim here."

"UGH." Kacey gasped. "How dare you suggest I'm gay!" She yelled.

"I didn't say that."

"You implied it."

"Yes, I did, but-"

"You know what Kevin? I have enough crap that I'm dealing with in life. If you want to be a fag, go ahead and be a fag, but I'm not going to be a fag with you! And I am not a fag hag!" Kacey shouted at him and then turned around and stomped off into the house. Kevin watched her until he noticed a few people standing around him staring at him. He smiled a little and then took off the other way.


"Do you think Keef or Adrien are ever going to have kids?" Ryan asked as he dipped a cookie into his tea.


"Together, separately, whichever." Ryan shrugged a little.

"I don't know. I don't know if they're even dating."

"Oh they're dating."

"How do you know that?" Matt asked as he dipped his own cookie.

"They do everything together. I don't care what they claim or what they're doing behind closed doors, they're dating."

"I don't know. I'm glad Adrien has someone there for him though. He pretends not to be the needy type but he'd be a mess if it weren't for Keef's company."

"MATT!" Trey suddenly shouted from the couch. Matt dropped his cookie. "Don't get up! Send in R.Q.!" Trey yelled. Matt looked over at Ryan. Ryan shrugged again and got up to see what Trey needed.

"What's going on boss?" Ryan asked, looking down at Trey.

"Can you please throw some pasta together for Matt? I don't want him on his feet so much right now. I'd do it but the more I stand the more my head hurts."

"Wow. You're really being a big baby aren't you?"

"What? No! Well, yeah, I am. But it's my migraines. Everyone knows I get migraines. I have to get better before the baby comes. Matt's been doing too much lately. Try to keep him off his feet. I'll pay you overtime."

"I'm not on the clock right now."

"I'll double your vacation pay."

"Double it? You're joking right?"

"No. I really don't want Matt having to do everything right now. I feel horrible that I'm just laying here, sick. Just let him sit back with his feet up. He needs his feet up or they'll swell."

"Okay. Fine. But I can only be here until Monday. Jack gets back then."


Ryan shrugged again and walked back in where Matt was sitting.

"Okay so here's the deal. Trey wants you to sit back and put your feet up while I cook you and him dinner."

"What? You really don't have to do that Ryan. I'm good-"

"It's okay. Feet up!" Ryan told him, liking the thought of Trey paying him. He would have done it for free of course but since Trey offered, he was gonna take it. Him and Jack had been wanting a new boat lately and he wasn't about to turn down extra money.

Matt sat back and put his feet up, but he also pulled out his cellphone and called Dr. Emma.

"He's sick?" Dr Emma asked with her little voice.

"Yes. I would have called his doctor but he didn't want me calling the doctor. Do you think it's the Swine?"

"No. I think Trey is just really insecure right now and he's vying for your attention. In most cases he doesn't know that's what he's doing. So my best advice is to just shower him with some extra affection and if he's not better by tomorrow, then call his regular doctor."

"Okay. What about sympathy pangs? Because Trey gets a lot of attention and I really need to figure out what's going on before this baby comes."

"It could be sympathy pains, but if you've been busy lately with planning for the baby, I would try showing him a little extra attention and see if that doesn't help him get better first," Dr Emma explained. Matt thanked her and hung up.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 130

Postby willowrose » Wed Aug 24, 2011 4:33 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- I love the SPS crew. And I hope they forgive me for debauchering their first names.

Originally written- June 10, 2009

Chapter summery- Matt and Trey talk about the wedding. Kacey finally admits something about herself to the only person she feels comfortable enough admitting it to. Frank tries to get Eric out of the NICU for a while.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 130


"It's short for Jadelle, the baby's middle name."

"Oh. What's Garrow's middle name?" Trey asked as he laid against Matt, his hand resting on Matt's belly and feeling Matt's fingers through his hair again. They were both relaxing in just their boxers.

"I don't know. Moon-hopper? Witch-hunter?" Matt took a couple guesses at it, causing Trey to snicker.

"I'm glad they all at least agreed on a name. The baby deserves a first name at least if not a last name right now. And it's a start at peace." Trey shrugged.

"That's true," Matt responded quietly, feeling Trey breathe against him. "Are you starting to feel a little bit better?" He asked. Trey nodded. "Should we start thinking about dates? Or, the date?"

"For our wedding?" Trey asked, sounding a little surprised.

"Yes. I know we said we'd probably wait until after the baby is born to decide on a date, but I'm thinking sometime in December. After the season ends and before the end of the year. Maybe the weekend before Christmas?" Matt asked, trying to keep the focus on just Trey and their wedding for a while. Trey smiled against Matt's skin.

"If you think it won't be such a hassle or too stressful trying to plan a wedding while taking care of a newborn before the season starts. Do you think we can pull it off?"

"Baby, you and I can pull off anything," Matt told him quietly. Trey grinned.

"Do you guys like vinegar in your pasta?" Ryan was suddenly standing in the doorway asking. They tried to tell him it'd be okay for him to walk around in just his boxers too but he insisted on keeping his pants on.


"Do you want to get out of here for a while? I can push you to the cafe while Frank is in here," Jason looked at Eric and offered. Eric had a bitter look on his face as he shook his head no. "Eric, you can't really be mad at me for flirting a little. You sorta lost that right awhile back kiddo," Jason told him. The look on Eric's face only became more bitter. Jason stood there staring at him.

"Hi. I'm here," Frank quietly walked up to them and announced. "I brought Mylin with me and Nick is visiting this weekend. He's here too. He wanted to come see the baby while he's in town," Frank whispered. He then walked over to see the baby. He whispered a couple sweet things at her as the monitor beside him displayed her heartbeat. He started washing his hands as he looked over at Jason just standing there staring at Eric.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Jason suddenly looked over and asked. Frank just stared at him for a moment.

"I just washed my hands." Frank looked a little intimidated all of a sudden.

"It's okay. You can wash your hands again," Jason said and motioned for him to follow him out of the room. Frank gave Eric a quick glance before following Jason out. Eric was staring at the incubator, ignoring both of them.

"Don't worry. I'm not telling my kids about anything that happened. Mylin just wanted to see the baby."

"Frank," Jason raised his hand to stop him. "You can bring in the next family reunion if you want. The more people around her, the better. It'll help her keep fighting to come out of that damn thing she's in. This isn't about that. I need you to help me get Eric out of the rut that he's in. I don't know if it's just baby blues or postpartum depression or if he's just looking for attention. I don't know. But I do know that the longer he stays cooped up in that dark room, the harder it's going to get to pull him out of it."

"I think he's just anxious about the baby."

"I know. He is. But this is more than that. I'm gonna drive Garrow out to Glasgow's. I'll be back by tonight. But just try talking to him. You'll see what I mean. And if you can try to get him out of the room for a few minutes, even if you just push him up and down the halls."





"Kevin!" Kacey turned around from the couch she was sitting on with her face buried against her arms. "Please don't bother me right now. I don't want to talk. Just, go spend time with Paul, okay? He's your boyfriend."

"I know. That's what I wanted to talk to you about."

"I already know okay! You're knocked up! Pregnant, with child, up the duff, or whatever it is that's, there. Just leave me alone, okay? Please!" She shouted and put her face back into a pillow. Kevin stood there staring at her for a moment before sitting down next to her. He didn't touch her but kept his eyes on her. "Stop staring at me," She finally said in a much quieter voice without moving her face from her arms.


"No. I really really don't want to hear about it."

"I'm not pregnant."


"No. Look at me, please," Kevin softly requested. It took a moment of patience but Kacey finally lifted her face to look at him. "I'm not pregnant. Or, up the duff or whatever that was you said."

"You're not?"

"I'm not."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Why did you even think I was?"

"Because you-" Kacey paused for a moment, just looking at him. She finally started to shake her head. "I don't know. All the time you've been spending with him. You told me you had to talk to me about something. All that time you were ignoring me."

"I wasn't ignoring you."

"You kinda were."

"Well I'm sorry. It was unintentional."

"Yeah, because your mind was naturally on your fetus instead," Kacey told him. Kevin just stared at her. "Fine. So you're not pregnant. Then what did you need to talk to me about?"

"I'm not really sure I want to really talk to you about it now. Not right now. You're too emotional as it is."

"Kevin please. If this is anything comparable to progress I don't think we should just stop here." She looked at him with visible tear streaks down her face.

"I'm breaking up with Paul," Kevin told her, his voice quiet and a little flat.

"You are?"



"Because we're not compatible."

"Tonight? It's his birthday. He's going to expect a birthday f**k."

"I know, but-"

"No. You can't break up with him tonight. I don't care if you want to break up with him, I mean, I care, but not really that much. I mean,"

"Shhh" Kevin put his finger over Kacey's lips. "Let's just not talk about it. I only wanted to know how you'd feel about me breaking up with him since he's your cousin. But I get the point. I won't break up with him this weekend."

"And the birthday f**k?" Kacey asked, her voice more curious than anything. This time it was Kevin's turn to just stare at her.

"Do you really want to know?" Kevin asked her. Kacey stared at him until she finally started to shake her head no. She stared down at her hands, fidgeting with her fingers.

"No," She looked up and told him, her voice more mature sounding. Kevin watched her as she focused on her hands again. "I'm sorry. I've been a real, bitch." She tried to smile a little. She felt too stupid to look him in the eye. "I've been irritated and I've been taking it out on you and I'm sorry," She said quietly. "I've had a lot on my mind. I'm not trying to give you an excuse." She finally looked up at him. "I'm not trying to, but I've had a lot on my mind lately that I just didn't know how to sort out." She shrugged a little. "You deserve a much better best friend than me. I don't want you moving onto better jobs this fall unless I can go with you," She said, finally cracking a smile.

"I, um," Kevin wasn't sure how to respond.

"I'm kidding," She said and looked back down at her hands. Kevin reached over and touched a little bit of her hair before placing it behind her ear. "And," She took a deep breath. "I'm gay," She finally said without giving it another thought. She was trying not to think about it, but the more she thought about trying to be happy in life the more she realized what she needed in order to try achieving that. And that was to be honest with herself. She always figured it'd be easy admitting it to Kevin once the moment finally presented itself, but she hadn't counted on feeling so many butterflies in her stomach while doing so. Kevin gave her a soft grin.

"I kinda figured," He told her. They had never seriously talked about it before. They'd tease each other about it, but it always ended as a joke. They'd laugh. Or they'd blush and change the subject. But this time it was a little more than just a joke.


Frank had Eric out in the hospital hallways pushing him around in the wheelchair. He had tricked him. Eric said he had to use the restroom and wanted to walk. But since the nearest restroom was down the hall Frank outright insisted on pushing him instead. He said he'd tell his doctor he was walking around too much and that they'd believe him because as far as they were concerned there was no reason for him to lie about it. Eric gave a huff and sat down in the wheelchair. Once they were out Frank refused to take him back in. Eric kept whining about the baby needing them but Frank told him he wouldn't be much good to the baby if all he did was sit there in that room with his own thoughts. Eric gave another aggravated huff but then stayed quiet about it while Frank pushed him up and down the halls for a while. He took him out to an outside balcony where the doctors ate their lunch. Eric sat quiet for about ten minutes before getting fidgety and demanded to be taken back to his baby.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 131

Postby willowrose » Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:30 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- I love the SPS crew. And I hope they forgive me for debauchering their first names.
There are several characters in this story that have the same names as other characters (something that will probably be fixed during an actual rewrite). But please keep that in mind. There's two Kevin's (one is a sweet PA that likes girls and the other one is Adrien's husband), there's a Marc and a Mark (one is Frank's husband and the other one works at the studios with the guys), and there's definitely more than one David (there's PA Dave, there's Trey's bff David, then there's one we're yet to meet). There's also PA Steve and one of Frank's kids is named Stevie. In an actual rewrite the only names I wouldn't change would be the names based on real people, other than Marc and Mark. I think that's funny. ;p (You'll see why in time) Thanks again for reading and enjoy! ; )

Originally written- June 12, 2009

Chapter summery- Matt's due date is getting closer!!! Frank spends some time with Eric and Jada in the NICU while PA Kevin has a heart to heart about work place relationships with PA Steve.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 131

"What you doing?" Trey walked into the kitchen, feeling much better, and found Matt sitting at the kitchen table cutting coupons.

"Cutting diaper coupons."

"Really?" Trey asked, giggling.



"What do you mean why? To save a buck."

"I don't really think we-" Trey paused for a moment and then shrugged. "Cool. Any coupons in there for lube?"


"What's wrong?"


"You sound cranky. What's wrong?" Trey asked. Matt sat there staring at him. Trey started to smile a little, realizing the question might have been a little stupid as the July Summer heat was making Matt sweat a little more than usual.

"I have back pain."

"It might be a contraction. Are you sure it's not a contraction?"

"It's not a contraction."

"We are due in barely a week. If you're having contractions, I should probably get you to the hospital," Trey told him calmly.

"It's not a contraction. Dr Emma explained to us what a labor contraction feels like, remember? I think Carlos explained it to us too. It starts up here," Matt sat back and touched the side of his belly. "up here. And goes all the way down here. She said I'll know."

"Okay. I just don't want you panicking at the last second." Trey walked over to him and kissed his head.

"Me? Me panicking?"

"Or me. Well especially me," Trey admitted with a cute grin. Matt just stared at him for a moment more before going back to his coupons.


"An Amby bed. It's to help premature babies feel like they're sorta in the womb still, once you can take her home," Frank explained the gift he bought for Jada.

"That's awesome. Jason will think it's really neat too," Eric said as he rocked in his chair. The smile dropped from Frank's face a little. "I just can't wait to take her home so she can use it," Eric, seeming not to notice, continued talking as he stared over at the incubator his tiny infant was in.

"I know. You'll take her home soon," Frank said quietly. "Her hair has grown since yesterday," He said softly as he stared into the incubator.

"It has. And it's blond," Eric mentioned.

"I had black hair when I was born," Frank said, still staring at the baby.

"So did I. Then it fell out and then it turned blond and then it turned dark again. Jason said his hair did the same thing. Garrow was born with dark hair too."

"What did the doctors do today?"

"Not really a lot. They monitored her for Apnea spells and that was about it. She's been opening and closing her hands all day. She seems to be doing it more with her right hand."

"She's growing up." Frank smiled and teased a little bit, watching her. Eric couldn't help but smile. "Where is Jason anyway?"

"Took Garrow to Soccer practice. He was supposed to start a couple months ago but all of this stuff got in the way."

"Oh. So I get you both to myself for a while?" Frank lowered his voice even more and said, looking over at Eric. Eric stared down at his lap. They hadn't talked about themselves since the baby was born. Jason wasn't willing to discuss it either. Marc seemed to be putting in as much effort as possible to avoid thinking too much about the situation but to remain supportive of the situation for the sake of the baby.

Eric finally looked up.

"For a while. And then it's Jason's turn," Eric responded. Frank stared at him for a moment.

"I meant it when I said I'm not going to try fighting for her. I'm her Godfather. She's always going to be part mine."

"You say that now Frank. But what about when we take her home? What about then?"

"What do you mean? I'll still be there every day if I have to be."

"Jason might not want that. It's his house. I could leave with the baby but that's just going to start something that Jada doesn't deserve to go through right now."

"Why wouldn't Jason let me see her?"

"I don't know. I didn't say he wouldn't. I just don't want you in denial about something that's going to all of a sudden hit you. I have to know what to expect. I have to be prepared for the sake of Jada. Because I will take her and leave. I don't want to make this worse, but if I have to, I will. I'd go to my parents until I buy my own place again," Eric explained calmly.

"Eric, I think you're making this into something that-"

"No. I'm not. I've had a lot of time to think over the past month sitting here with her. I know I've been selfish and I know I've been getting away with a lot. Once I discovered that power I just took it." Eric shrugged a little. "But now Jada has the power. And I will do everything I'm humanly capable of doing to make sure she's happy in a happy environment. Her happiness comes first. Even if that means I have to sacrifice any of my own," Eric explained.

Frank just stood there watching him. He knew Eric was a responsible adult, but the past year made it seem like he was more the baby him and Jason were both claiming to be theirs. Hearing him say what he just said made Frank realize they were now beyond that. Eric was no longer the baby to pass back and forth. He slowly nodded as doctors came in to make their rounds on all the actual babies.


"So are you two going out now?" P.A. Steve sat across from P.A. Kevin and asked as he dipped another chip into the salsa.

"Me and Kacey? It would seem that way. But no. I haven't actually broken up with Paul yet."

"Isn't Paul her cousin?"


"But you're gay. So why are you still going out with a boy?"

"That's what I'd like to know," Kevin shrugged a little and said, glancing down as Steve's chip tried scraping up the rest of the salsa.

"Well if you plan on not coming back as a P.A. next season, my suggestion is to see if you can establish a relationship before you're working miles apart. Dave and I are already prepared for me to not be there next season. He's going to stay. I'm moving on. It's hard telling where I might get a job at. I wanna do something in editing," Steve mentioned, referring to the other young P.A. and his boyfriend, Dave.

"Have you slept with anyone else at the studios?" Kevin randomly asked as if he hadn't been listening to Steve rambling.

"Slept with? Like a sleepover?"

"No. Like sex."

"Are you actually curious or are you just horny?"

"I'm just curious. I'm wondering how easy it is to get involved with someone at work. Kacey and I became best friends but technically I've never had a relationship with someone I work around before."

"Are you worried that once you leave she might find someone else that she sees everyday?"

"Pretty much." Kevin nodded and stared at Steve with questioning eyes.

"Are you worried you might go somewhere else and find someone else to be with?"

"That- I didn't- um," Kevin stumbled a little.

"It's cool. I mean it's easy to fall into a pattern like that. And if you're worried about that, then you really might want to make sure you think about things before crossing over the line between friendship and dating."

"I love Kacey. I've always loved Kacey. I mean from the moment we met I knew I was going to love her."

"How did you guys meet anyway?"

"We were hired in together. I mean I obviously was hired in as a P.A. and she was hired in as the girl at the front desk, but we were both new and, don't you remember? She looked scared out of her mind and tried to mask it by being funny and making jokes about everything. I told her I was new too and felt a little intimidated by everything and that sorta made us bond. I wasn't really that intimidated. But she appreciated having someone around everyday that felt just as nervous about things as she did. That and she just had this awesome smile and laugh to go with it. You don't remember?"

"No. I don't. I hired in around the same time as you did. Sorry but I wasn't really paying attention to fellow newbies. I was too busy kissing my supervisors butts."

"So then you haven't slept with anyone else?"

"As in had sex? No. I haven't. I made out with a couple people at the occasional office party. But Dave said I could so it doesn't really count."

"Who did you make out with?" Kevin stared at him with more curious eyes now.

"No one. I'm pretty sure it's in my contract somewhere I can't say."

"When did you start dating Dave?"

"A couple days after he showed up for work," Steve said with a serious face. Kevin snickered. "No really. He hadn't gone out to experience the life around us yet so I offered to take him around. After that I just kept asking him out and eventually he told me he didn't want us seeing other people and so we haven't. We've been together almost every second since."

"Doesn't that sound, controlling though? To say something like that?"

"No. I mean if you said it to Kacey, she might think it does. No offense but she seems like the type that would kick ass if something happened that she didn't like." Steve paused for a moment and just looked at Kevin. Kevin eventually shrugged a little to agree. "It's all about commitment. I mean we're not in third grade anymore. You can't just say Hey, we're going steady now right?. That's too juvenile."

"Third grade?"

"What? Is that a little extreme? Fifth grade then. In other words, we're not twelve or fifteen or whatever anymore. Sometimes you just gotta be serious and take the bull by the horns and just say it the way it is."


"Hey, we're going steady now right?" Kevin typed the text into his cell phone after walking out of the break room. He stood there staring at it before sending it and decided Steve was right, it looked too juvenile. He cussed and put his phone back into his pocket.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 132

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- I love the SPS crew. And I hope they forgive me for debauchering their first names.
There are several characters in this story that have the same names as other characters (something that will probably be fixed during an actual rewrite). But please keep that in mind. There's two Kevin's (one is a sweet PA that likes girls and the other one is Adrien's husband), there's a Marc and a Mark (one is Frank's husband and the other one works at the studios with the guys), and there's definitely more than one David (there's PA Dave, there's Trey's bff David, then there's one we're yet to meet). There's also PA Steve and one of Frank's kids is named Stevie. In an actual rewrite the only names I wouldn't change would be the names based on real people, other than Marc and Mark. I think that's funny. ;p (You'll see why in time) Thanks again for reading and enjoy! ; )

Originally written- June 15, 2009

Chapter summery- Uh-oh! Could it be??? Our Matty's feeling a little something something! It could be labor time!?!?! The sky is dark and all the clouds are grey! And Matt doesn't like the sound of thunder too much!

Who's your daddy? Chapter 132

"Why are you so tense? Loosen up a little. I am," Paul whispered through the dark at Kevin. Kevin was on top of him. He was having a hard time looking Paul in the eye that night and was trying to avoid doing so. "Hey, what's on your mind?" Paul reached out to touch Kevin's shoulder and asked quietly. Kevin just paused for a moment. "Come on, I waited all week for you to come over and see me. You didn't even tell me what you were doing. Now stop thinking about so much and just do me already," Paul whined. Kevin grabbed his arms and pushed them to the mattress.

Paul loved it when Kevin did him. He loved it so much that's all he wanted to do when spending time together. He'd occasionally agree to go to the movies or walk around a park with Kevin but he'd eventually whine to take him home so they can do it. The thought started making Kevin cringe. It wasn't that he didn't get off being with Paul. He did. But right away it was clear Paul didn't react the way Kevin was hoping he would as he'd slide his tongue over his nipple or slowly caress his thighs before bringing him to climax. And then after when Kevin was willing to just hold him for a while and talk or to be held even without the talking, Paul would just turn over and immediately fall to sleep.

Once on one of their dates out Paul caught Kevin staring at a girl as she walked by. He asked him what he was looking at. Kevin blushed a little, not knowing what to say. Paul started laughing and asked him if he was gay. Kevin quietly said no. That night Paul was willing to hold him for a few minutes. Kevin would have given him a little more credit for it except for the part where he pulled away barely five minutes later without saying a word and fell to sleep. Kevin laid there staring up at the ceiling, imagining a different pair of legs wrapped around him instead.

"I'm sorry," Kevin groaned as Paul started grunting.

"What- for?" Paul asked through his quick breaths. He started giggling as his breathing calmed. "Hey, you didn't, you know," He said as he reached up and slid his hand down Kevin's face while Kevin pulled the condom off.

"That's okay," Kevin mumbled. He threw the condom toward the trashcan and then arched over Paul, staring down at him.

"What's up? You want to talk don't you?" Paul smiled and said a little sarcastically as he reached up and touched Kevin's face again. "Want me suck you? Will that help?"

"No. I can't be your f**k buddy anymore," Kevin groaned. He thought about it and thought about it and thought about it. He was about ready to ask Kacey to break up with Paul for him but knew he couldn't actually let that happen. There just was no good way to break up with someone you're continuously being talked into sleeping with. Paul didn't seem to notice what he said.

"Want me do you? I told you in the beginning I don't mind pitching once awhile. You probably won't bottom as good as me but we can give it a shot."


"I'm hungry. I'm gonna go get some lunch meat," Paul said and tried sitting up to get out of the bed. Kevin pushed him back down and kissed him. Paul tried licking his lips as he pulled away.

"No more. I can't do this. Remember when you asked me if I was gay? Well I was. And I still am," Kevin said before Paul had a chance to interrupt again. Paul just stared at him for a moment.

"You f**kin' bastard," Paul whispered at him. Kevin raised his brow before furrowing them. "You used me this whole time just to make Kacey jealous!" Paul yelled but didn't bother trying to push Kevin off of him.

"What? No I didn't. Kacey and I were already best frie-"

Before Kevin could finish the sentence Paul took a swing and punched him. His knuckles barely clipped his jaw but he fell to the side and rubbed his face.

"I don't want to hear it! Just get out!" Paul stood up naked beside the bed and yelled at him.

"Paul! I didn't-"

"OUT!" Paul screamed. Kevin quickly grabbed whatever he could of his clothes and left.


"They never did have an engagement party," Steve said as he passed the salt to Dave. Keef was sitting at the break room table with them.

"They didn't need one. Adrien and I were thinking about putting an official engagement announcement in the local paper. Just to be funny I guess. And we thought it'd be kinda cute. But the moment sorta passed," Keef explained, shoving ketchup covered fries into his mouth.

"No it hasn't. You should do that. Speaking of engagements, did Adrien file for divorce from his husband yet?"

"No. His husband, Kevin, never told him he wanted a divorce. He said he wanted to just separate for a while. He's stringing him along."

"That sucks. Can't you talk some sense into him? He deserves a lot more than Kevin."

"I agree. But I don't want to try talking him into anything he isn't ready to do. Speaking of Kevin, have you heard from our P.A. Kevin lately?"

"Yeah. I talked to him the other day. Yesterday I think. Or a couple days ago, I don't remember. The guy is kinda boring. He did ask me if I've slept with anyone other than Dave."

"You mean from the studios?" Dave looked up and asked. Steve smiled at him.

"Yeah. The nerve huh?"

"Have you?" Keef asked, shoving another fry into his mouth.

"No. I haven't."

"He's made out with a couple though," Dave added for Steve.

"You have?" Keef asked nonchalantly, realizing he wasn't really that interested as he shoved more fries into his mouth.

"Yeah. Aren't you worried about your cholesterol?" Steve asked, giving Keef a look.

"Huh? No. Stop changing the subject," Keef said just to change the subject. Dave looked over at Steve and snickered a little. "Who did you make out with?"


"What? Mark? Studios Mark?"

"Yeah. Why? Hasn't everyone?"

"They have? I mean, I don't know. I knew he got into this habit of fooling around since he got kinda hot, but I didn't realize he resorted to making out with P.A.'s."


"Just saying." Keef shrugged. "That surprises me a little. I wasn't expecting to be surprised."

"Didn't you and Mark date once?" Dave looked over at Keef and asked.

"No. Me and Mark? No. We're good friends. We've been friends for a long time. But we never dated. And I've never slept with him. Made out with him a couple times, but that's about it," Keef said. It wasn't that he thought Steve and Dave really needed that information. But he didn't want Steve thinking he was upstaging him with make-out name-dropping.

"Well Steve also made out with Adrien," Dave, in all his trying to defend his boyfriend cuteness looked over at Keef and said. Steve gave him a shut up stare as Keef gave Steve more of a nu-uh one.

"You did not." Keef gave Steve a disbelieving look. Steve noticed.

"I kinda did," He said, feeling threatened to prove it.

"Adrien would never have made out with you. He's been married the whole time he's known you. He wouldn't have made out with anyone. Other than the man he was married to."

"You'd think, but I did make out with him. It was at his birthday. Remember? The P.A.'s dressed up as strippers. Kevin talked Matt and Trey into talking us P.A.'s into doing it. Remember? Dave was new to the joint." Steve pointed over at his boyfriend with the big mouth sitting beside him. "He didn't really know everyone that well so I was trying to show off by giving Adrien a lap dance. Remember? It was just stupid. But everyone was yelling at me to kiss him so I did. And he kissed back. It was pretty hot but then I saw his husband giving me a look of death so I kept it to myself how much tongue was used. Except I told Dave."

"You actually made out with Adrien?" Keef asked, still disbelieving him. "I can't believe I don't remember that."

"You were probably off making out with Mark at the time."

"Shut up. Adrien must have been drunk."

"He was. I think we kinda all were. I mean I wasn't that drunk. I remember the whole thing. Adrien has really hot lips," Steve mentioned, looking over and giving Dave a cute smirk. Dave grabbed him and kissed him.

"So speaking of Matt and Trey's engagement," Keef started talking to change the subject again while piling more fries into his mouth. "Remind me not to invite either of you to their wedding shower," He told them.


"That's awesome." Jason looked over Eric's shoulder at the sketch he was making. He was capturing the baby inside the incubator.

"I don't want her to think this was the only way we saw her, but I want to capture the angelic surroundings. If you sit here and stare long enough, it looks like she's floating in a cloud," He explained, detailing the sketch like so. Jason nodded.

"It's amazing. I have an idea." Jason got down beside Eric's chair to look at him better. "Let's let Frank sit here with her for the day tomorrow. I want to take you somewhere."


"That's a surprise. But I promise we won't be gone more than just a few hours and as soon as you want to come back, we will. As long as you at least let me get you as far as around the block first. Then you can see how you're feeling, if the anxiety isn't that bad." Jason talked in soft gentle words. Eric just stared at him.

"Let Frank sit here?"

"Yes. It will be the first of his Godfather duties," Jason told him. It was one of the rare moments he was glad Frank had been chosen as Jada's Godfather after all.

"I don't know." Eric looked up at the baby.

"She'll be fine. She is fine. The doctor will check on her in the morning and Frank has all sorts of ways to contact us if he needs to. But he won't need to. He knows what he's doing. And I really love the thought of taking you out tomorrow," Jason told him, trying to subtly talk Eric into it without sounding too pushy. Eric sat there and thought about it for a moment longer before finally nodding slowly.

"Okay. But only for like an hour."

"Done," Jason told him and then kissed his forehead.


It started thundering. The sky had gotten dark and was looking a little green. Matt pulled the covers up to his chest as he sat back in his chair, his feet up and a fan blowing on him to balance the warmth of the blanket. Bob hadn't been moving much the past few days. Matt's stomach had gotten so big and awkward it seemed to poke through any tee shirt he tried putting on. But the last few days hadn't seemed so bad. Matt was suddenly able to breathe a little better, not feeling so much pressure against his ribcage.

His breath suddenly caught a little as a loud crack of thunder hit overhead and lightening hit the house, killing all lights inside.

"Matt! You okay?" Trey yelled loudly as he stepped out of the shower in the dark.

"Yes!" Matt yelled back, his mouth a bit dry and his heart pounding from the approaching storm.

"I'll make my way in there! Just stay put!" Trey yelled, wrapping a towel around his waist. "Okay?" Trey yelled to make sure Matt heard him, knowing how nervous Matt got during loud storms. "Matt?" Trey yelled again.

"Okay! I heard you!" Matt yelled back as rain started hitting hard against the house and lightening cracked through the sky. He could see it flash through the drapes. He didn't want Trey to rush to him in the dark thinking he was scared. He also didn't want Trey to rush to him in the dark because of the contractions he was now feeling the way Dr Emma described.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 133

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- I love the SPS crew. And I hope they forgive me for debauchering their first names.

Originally written- June 15, 2009

Chapter summery- Matt's headed for full on labor and still doesn't want to take a chance of getting struck by lightening. Will Trey convince him to walk to the car so they can get to the hospital on time? Or will Matt have to deliver his own baby after Trey passes out cold from seeing the baby's breeched head? Hm... Stay tuned and enjoy this "chapter"!

Who's your daddy? Chapter 133

"Okay, dogs are in. Computers were off. I'll grab us some cheese and crackers to snack on until the lights come back on. This is why I keep saying I need a generator," Trey said as he walked over and felt Matt's head in the dark. "It's going to get hot in here so I suggest taking off all of your clothes."

"I'm not getting naked. I think I-" Matt was cut off by another loud crash of thunder followed by lightening. "Okay, that's starting to make me nervous," He said hiding a little bit under the stuffy blanket.

"Come over here and sit with me on the couch. Give me your hand, I'll lead you." Trey held his hand out for Matt's. The storm had darkened the evening sky making it seem a few hours later than it actually was, casting the whole house into blackness.

"I can't," Matt said quietly. Trey couldn't see the way his face was cringing. "I have something to tell you, but I don't want you panicking about it."

"Okay. You have herpes?"


"Fine. Sorry. I already know you don't do that well in storms. I've known that for a while already," Trey said with a grin in his voice. There had been plenty nights where Matt would snuggle against him under the blankets as a storm lit up the night sky. Trey would tease him a little and wrap his arms around him, helping him relax. "Come on over to the couch," Trey said again, shaking his hand a little so Matt could see it through the dark. "I won't let the lightening get you."

"Speaking of lightening, remember when Dr. Emma said something about feeling the baby more against my pelvis and being ready for fake contractions and the importance of knowing the difference between false labor and true labor?"

"Yeah." Trey froze a little as he stood there staring at Matt in the dark.

"Well I think I'm having that."

"Um, having what? Which part?"

"Fake contractions. They're really starting to hurt," Matt stated calmly.

"Wait. Stay here," Trey told him and left the room. He came back moments later with a flashlight. He turned it on and spotlighted Matt with it. "Now, say that again."

"Why?" Matt asked, cringing a little.

"So I can know if you really are having fake ones or if this is the real thing this time."

"Trey! Shouldn't I know if-ouch. Ow ow ow." Matt suddenly grabbed under his stomach and this time Trey could clearly see the cringe on his face.

"Don't think so Matty. I think this is it. It it. I'll go get the bags." Trey started walking away as rain hit hard against the house and more lightening cracked overhead.

"No! If it is it, I don't want to go into the hospital right away. Dr. Emma told us labor for a first time father could last as long as fourteen hours, remember?" Matt said, getting ready to cringe again.

"What does it feel like?"


"The contraction. What does it feel like?"

"Like, it feels like really bad severe gas pain. I hope I don't sh*t on the doctor."

"Just a moment," Trey said and took off again, this time bringing back a pad of paper and the kitchen clock he quickly grabbed off the wall. "That last one was about five minutes ago, right? And it lasted for maybe ten seconds?"

"Approximately. Ow. Another one." Matt held his breath and squeezed his eyes shut this time as his hand went back to his stomach.

"You need to go into the rocker. Rocking might help a little," Trey said delicately as he helped Matt from the chair. Matt was focusing too much on the pain going through his back to argue. Once Trey got him in the rocker he sat back and started breathing again.

"That one was about thirty-five seconds," He whispered, keeping his head back and his eyes closed. He started doing some deep breathing, feeling a little anxious all of a sudden.

"We need your focal point." Trey looked around, excited. "What was it?" He paused on Matt and asked. Matt opened his eyes to look at him. The flashlight was on him again.

"I didn't have one. We never chose one, remember? Just look at me. I just need to see your eyes," He said. Trey got down on his knees and started staring at him. "Not now! When I have another damn contraction!" Matt yelled. Trey whispered oh and got back up.

The lights flickered back on as Trey grabbed a frozen fruit bar for Matt to suck on.

"Good. The lights. Now I can see what's going on," Trey said as he handed Matt the fruit bar and sat down on the floor in front of him.

"What are you doing?" Matt groaned as he licked the frozen fruit bar.

"Watching. I waited nine months for this. I don't want to miss any of it."

"I don't think you waited exactly nine months. We didn't even know until a few weeks into it," Matt told him, relaxing just a little as he enjoyed the coolness of the fruit bar on his tongue.

"You look beautiful." Trey suddenly got a little quiet, just staring at Matt, and endearingly told him.

"Thanks. Wait a little longer. I'm about to get more beautiful."

"I'm serious. You look amazing right now."

"Thanks. I'm pretty sure you've developed a fat man fetish," Matt complained at him, ready to feel the hit of another contraction. Trey just smiled. He didn't want to try convincing Matt, knowing it would just aggravate him, but Matt looked absolutely amazing to him.


"I broke up with Paul," Kevin said out loud, to himself, as he stood at Kacey's door knocking. He was practicing the way he was going to say it. He knocked a little more. He eventually started knocking louder. Kacey clearly wasn't home. He pulled out his cell to text her and ask where she was at. As he started typing in the text a text from Kacey came through.

Where are you? Stuck in traffic. And bored.

Kevin smiled and replied with at your door. Should I just wait?

No. Send your copter in to get me. Yes! Wait.
Kacey replied. She had just been to Paul's and needed to talk to Kevin about it. She didn't want to scare him by saying anything about it yet in a text. She rested her head back and thought about the visit she just had with the cousin she had barely bothered to get to know while growing up.

"Paul! Open up! I know you're in there!" Kacey yelled from the other side of Paul's door. Paul opened it with a blank stare on his face. "Hi. Break up with Kevin. Dump him. Break his heart," She told him. Paul just stared at her for a moment.

"He dumped me."


"Yeah. He dumped me. He broke up with me. Right after we, shared a moment of spiritual enlightening. Don't worry, I was sorta expecting it. I punched him a little bit and then told him to get out."

"You did?"


"How did you know? I mean, why did you say you expected it?"

"The boy is all sorts of gay Kacey," Paul stood there with a straight face and said, just staring back at Kacey. Kacey wasn't sure what to say at first. Her first thought was to try defending Kevin.

"I don't think- I mean, no I don't- um, are you sure?"

"Yes. I have pretty good gaydar. He was always really gentle with me. Even when he tried to get fierce it just came off as a gay guy trying to get fierce but still acting as if he was handling a girl instead. It sorta sucked," Paul shrugged a little and said. Kacey just stared at him. She finally grinned and started giggling a little.

"What do you mean it sorta sucked? Is he that bad at it?"

"Bad? No. He's not bad. He's," Paul paused for a moment. He actually thought Kevin was awesome in bed. He just never liked the way he had suspected him of being gay through his love making skills. He always got the deed done, but Paul didn't like taking time to enjoy it. He just wanted to get off. The way Kevin liked taking his time, touching every part of his body, paying attention to every little detail every time, annoyed him. But in the end he still always had one amazing time. But as he stood there staring at Kacey, he figured it'd be kinda funny to get Kevin back a little. "He's not bad. He's horrible," Paul told her. Kacey's mouth gaped a little at him. "I just hope I'm not pregnant. I'm pretty sure the condom leaked last time," Paul took it one step further and told her, totally lying about it. This time Kacey's jaw completely dropped.

"P-Pre-" She whispered, not wanting to say the word. "Are you serious?" She asked. Paul nodded.

"It seems that way. I feel bloated and I'm craving pickles," Paul told her. Kacey gave him a questioning stare. "Trust me. When he pulled out to explode all over my body I'm pretty sure some of it missed it's mark and hit the bulls-eye instead."

"Okay I need to go," Kacey said a little loudly and turned around to walk off. Paul smirked.

"Bye! Tell Kevin I said hello!" Paul yelled after her as she walked away.


Matt was on his knees in just his boxers with his face against the couch cushion. Trey was behind him, pushing his knuckles into Matt's lower back, trying to help alleviate some of the pain. Trey had called Dr Emma to let her know Matt was experiencing some hardcore contractions. She told him to keep writing them down and timing them and once they become about four minutes apart it'll be time to deliver. But she said there was no need to rush to the hospital and to stay home as long as they could. She suggested for them to try to get some sleep. Trey almost laughed at that but instead was too anxious to laugh. He asked when he'd know for sure to bring Matt to the hospital. She told him he'd know by the sound of his voice. She could barely hear him on her end of the line and finally told him everything would be fine and to text her when they're at the hospital. She then hiccuped and hung up on him. Trey then called some other people.

"So he's in labor? Are you coming now? ... Okay, I'll tell him." Jason walked down the hall on his cellphone. He pulled the phone away for a moment and looked at Glasgow in the waiting room. He was there so Garrow could see Jada some before taking him home. "Matt's coming in. Well when they feel like it's time. But he's in labor."

"Oh my God!" Glasgow shouted. Jason laughed at him but it was sincere. They knew Matt and Trey's child was coming, but knowing a baby was on it's way compared to almost actually being here was two different things.

"Yeah, I know. Go tell Eric while I talk to Trey," Jason said before going back to the call. "So how's he doing?"

"Fine. The contractions are about fifeteen minutes apart. Dr. Emma told us to stay here for as long as possible."

"Yeah. That's probably a good idea. Less time for people to gather around here. So are the contractions pretty bad?"

"Not yet."

"That's bullsh*t! You don't know! They're BAD!" Matt groaned from the couch. He wasn't making much sense and was experiencing some slight mood swings as he stayed on his knees with his face against the couch. He was going back and forth from sitting on the couch to kneeling against it on his knees. Different positions seemed to help. Trey currently had a hot towel laying against Matt's lower back.

"He said that's bullsh*t," Trey said although the cell was on speaker. "Speaking of sh*t, he's afraid of sh*tting on the doctor," Trey told Jason and then laughed. Matt didn't care as he groaned from another contraction.

"Tell him not to worry about that. Men in labor poop and fart on their doctors all the time."

"I don't care if I fart," Matt complained. Trey started giggling a little. He couldn't help but to giggle at Matt. The tone of his voice kept changing from rage to whining. But it wasn't just what Matt was saying or the way he said it. It was the fact that if Trey didn't keep giggling about it, he'd start to panic instead. He knew him and Matt both understood that. Matt wasn't saying anything about the way Trey kept giggling about everything while he laid there in pain.

After the phone call with Jason, Trey called their parents. He called his first.

"Guess what?" He asked when his dad Randy answered the phone. "You're about to be a granddad," Trey told him without giving him a chance to guess. "Tell dad."

"Wait, Matt's in labor?" Randy asked. Shawn heard it from the other room.

"HE'S IN LABOR?" Trey heard his dad shout. Matt loudly groaned GOD DAMMIT! ANOTHER ONE! from the couch.

"Sounds like it!" Randy told his husband.

"Okay I gotta go before dad wants to talk. We're thinking he's between the early phase and the active phase of labor. I'll call you as soon as we decide to go to the hospital. I gotta call Matt's dads."

"Okay we love you both and just remember to stay calm and enjoy the moment," Randy quickly told him before Trey gave them a quick We love you too, see you soon and hung up. He then called Matt's parents.

"Hi. It's Trey."

"Oh my God! Is my baby in labor?" Sam asked breathlessly before Trey could say anything. Trey started giggling for a moment.

"Here, talk to your son," Trey said and put the phone to Matt's ear. Matt grabbed it and groaned into it before bothering to talk.

"I don't know if I can do this dad," Matt whined into the phone. Sam choked up.

"It's okay to feel that way honey. You can do it. Just remember to take one contraction at a time."

"Take it where? I'd like to take it and shove it up Trey's ass!" Matt groaned, his voice suddenly a lot less whiny. Trey snickered.

"That's understandable. Where are you? What are you doing now?"

"I'm beside the couch. It doesn't seem that bad right now," Matt said, resting his face against the couch as he held the phone to his ear. Trey got behind him again and started massaging his back, making long, smooth, gliding strokes from Matt's neck down to his lower back. It was something Carlos explained and seemed to calm Matt as he continued talking to his dad. He suddenly sounded like he was ready to fall to sleep.

"Have Trey get a cool cloth for your face. Are you changing positions? If the contractions seem to lighten up a little bit then you're doing okay. But as soon as switching positions doesn't help, it's time to get to that hospital!" Sam's own voice suddenly changed and quickened as he talked to Matt. "Your dad is out fishing. I'll call him as soon as we hang up. Oh honey how I wish I could be there right now. How long have you been having contractions like this?" He asked. Trey heard the question. Matt just moaned a little, this time in relief, as Trey's fingers went down his back.

"About two hours," Trey whispered the answer at him. Matt then realized what his dad had just asked.

"About two hours," He repeated into the phone.

"Holy Moses. I'm starting to have flashbacks." Sam laughed a little although tears came to his eyes. "Remember to visualize the positive."

"What positive?" Matt's mood became a bit dark again as he growled into the phone. Sam understood why and decided to just change the subject.

"Call me as soon as you're laying in that hospital bed. I don't want to hang up with you at all. But I should probably call Gerald," Sam told him. Matt grunted uh-huh and then handed the phone back to Trey.


"Trey? You have that boy call me as soon as he's in that hospital bed! I want to make sure he's doing okay," Sam said, outright crying now.

"I will. Don't worry about anything. You know I take care of him," Trey gently reminded him.

"I know you do. I never doubted that Trey. Just make sure he gets through this and that baby is laying healthy and screaming in his arms. A screaming baby means a healthy baby," Sam said, rambling and not really knowing what he was talking about. "Matt screamed his head off for the first three hours after he was born. Are your parents flying out? I'm booking a flight as soon as I get a hold of Gerald. Actually I'm booking a flight as soon as I hang up. We can all be there in just a few hours. I need to call Matt's sister."

"Can you have her call my sister too?" Trey asked, ignoring everything else Sam just said.

"Yes. What's Matt doing now?"

"He's resting. I need to go find a focal point and pack it in the bag. We'll call you as soon as we're at the hospital. I promise," Trey told him. Sam gave a shaky okay and Trey quickly said bye and hung up. He then realized he didn't let Matt say goodbye, and felt a little bad, but then realized just as quickly he had a fiance in labor to attend to and that's all that mattered at the moment.


"She's absolutely amazing. So tiny," Steve said quietly while staring into the incubator. Frank was standing beside it proudly with his hand against the baby's legs. They were now allowed to touch her, but only her legs for now. The doctor again explained how placing their hands on her legs and applying just a tiny amount of pressure would help her feel more secure.

The baby was moving a little more, discovering the power to open and close her hands. The tubes still weren't able to be removed but the tape from her eyes was finally removed. There was absolutely no way in telling yet who's eyes she had. But it was a breathtaking experience to see her changing and gaining strength each day that went by.

"She really is, isn't she?" Jason said, more as a statement, as he smiled and watched her along with everyone else. He took it upon himself to call some people to let them know Matt was in labor. People were starting to show up in order to be there for when Trey and Matt decided it was time to come in. Eric was still in the rocker, rocking slowing as Tad walked over.

"She's gaining quite the fan base," He smiled and told the group. Only Jason looked over at him and smiled.

"This is Frank, her Godfather." Jason introduced Frank to him. Frank looked up and gave a quiet hello and a quick smile. "And this is Steve and Dave, two other friends of ours. They work with Eric," Jason explained, trying to let Tad know that they were allowing only certain people to come in and see her right now. Tad smiled at them without really paying attention to what Jason just said.

"Are you Eric's son?" Tad looked at Dave and asked. Dave's eyes went wide before he started to giggle.

"Hey!" Eric shouted in a harsh half whisper. Frank's jaw dropped a little at the question but tried to pretend he didn't hear it as Jason went a little red in the face. Eric was now staring a hole into Tad with furrowed brows. Tad suddenly looked slightly confused.

"He's actually not." Steve decided to be the one to speak up first. "They do kinda look alike though."

"I am NOT old enough to have a kid Dave's age!" Eric yelled. Dave just stood there and smiled.

"I didn't mean it that way," Tad looked down at Eric in the rocker and said quickly before looking over at Dave. "You only look about nineteen years old. Some people have kids really young in life, at like, fifteen and stuff," Tad tried doing some damage control and explained. Eric sat there looking like his face was burning.

"Yeah, that's true," Jason agreed, looking down at Eric. "Although in Eric's case he only would have been like twelve." Jason explained, having no clue how old Dave was but knowing although he must have only been in his twenties somewhere, he was definitely older than nineteen.


An hour had passed with Matt staying more quiet, more focused on just keeping to himself. Trey had the bags by the door and the keys sitting on top. He kept going over in his head the route he was going to take to the hospital. The rain had lightened up but thunder was still rolling and the occasional streak of lightening would make itself known somewhere in the night sky. Trey made them both a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He fed Matt half of his as he laid back with his eyes closed. Matt wasn't saying much but he was quietly answering anything Trey asked.

"They're still about twenty minutes apart. Do they seem to be getting any stronger yet?" Trey calmly asked.

"No," Matt whispered.

"Was it better on your knees? Or is it better on your back?"

"On my back," Matt answered, completely missing any sort of sexual reference. As soon as he'd switch to his knees, he'd claim on his knees was better.

"Want the rocker again?"


"The rain seems to have stopped. Just a little bit of thunder."

"I'm not going out in the lightening," Matt groaned. Trey just stayed quiet and watched Matt's face.

A half hour later all the thunder and the lightening was gone, but rain was gently falling again from the night sky. The contractions started becoming stronger and were now about fifteen minutes apart, lasting for about thirty seconds each still. Trey helped Matt into a warm shower. The heat felt good and he didn't want to go into the hospital without showering first. It was something he was actually worried about so Trey made sure he got his shower. He stepped in behind him as Matt's arm and forehead was against the shower wall.

"Does this feel a little better?" Trey asked softly, sliding his fingers around Matt's skin. Matt nodded that it did. As another contraction hit, Trey pressed his fist into Matt's lower back. Matt said that was the best spot to make the contraction not feel as hellish.

Minutes later Trey was against the wall with Matt leaning back in his arms, letting the warmth of the shower spray hit against his abdomen. Matt's hands were resting on Trey's as Trey slowly moved around Matt's big belly.

"Are you cold? Want me to make the water more warm?" Trey asked, letting his lips fall against Matt's neck. Matt shook his head no.

All of a sudden Matt jerked from Trey's body and gasped as he went to the opposite wall, leaning into it again.

"That one was a bitch," Matt groaned. Trey stood there rubbing Matt's lower back again. Three minutes later another just as intense contraction happened, lasting about sixty seconds this time.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 134

Postby willowrose » Fri Sep 30, 2011 4:50 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- I love the SPS crew. And I hope they forgive me for debauchering their first names.

Originally written- June 20, 2009

Chapter summery- Matt gets comfy in his bed at the hospital. Kacey delivers some not so great news to her buddy Kevin.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 134

"Are you sure you don't want a jacket? I know it's hot right now but you might get kinda cold on the way there."

"Trey! No! For the quazillionth time, no!" Matt shouted although it was only the second time Trey asked. Trey got Matt comfortably into the backseat of the vehicle and then ran back inside for the bags. He grabbed Matt's jacket while he was at it. He then ran back to the vehicle, piled the bags into the trunk, and then got in, buckled his belt, and started the vehicle to back up.

"Okay. I got everything. I think. You back there?" Trey teased as he looked into his rear view mirror at Matt. Matt scoffed at him. Trey smiled as the vehicle backed out of the driveway. "sh*t!" He suddenly hit the brakes and yelled.

"NOW WHAT?" Matt yelled back.

"I forgot something," Trey said as he got out of the vehicle again to run back up to the house. About a minute and a half later he came running back out with the baby's car seat. "Kinda need this," He said as he laid it on the passenger's seat and started the vehicle again. Matt was giving him a disgusted look which Trey caught in the mirror before another hard contraction hit.

"Okay go! Let's go let's go let's go!" Matt shouted, whining a little bit. Trey gushed an okay at him as he felt his heart race a little, taking off down the road.

"So on the way home, let's stop at Diary Queen. I'm kinda in the mood for a Turtle Blizzard," Trey glanced up into the mirror again and teased Matt. Matt winced. "Good thing I spent all last week practicing how to get this car seat in and out," He mentioned just to be ignored by Matt again. "It only took Jason about forty-five minutes to explain the science of it to me," He said, making fun of not only himself for needing a little extra time to figure some things out but also Jason with how detailed he has to be when explaining things. Matt just laid there trying to do some deep breathing. "Matt?" Trey finally asked.

"Huh?" Matt softly groaned.

"I'm glad you like me," Trey told him. Matt just laid there. He finally started smiling before laughing which quickly turned into crying. Trey smiled a little to himself, listening to Matt. "I didn't mean to make you cry," He said through a choked up smile.

"It's not that," Matt whined. "I love you. And I can't believe this is happening. And I want it to be over already without it being over already," Matt cried to him.

"Well it's not over yet," Trey said, smiling as he let a couple tears fall from his eyes. He wasn't sure why Matt was crying but he knew he himself was crying from seeing what Matt was going through. He wouldn't have traded the moment for anything but at the same time it was hurting him to see Matt in such a confused state of pain. Matt started shaking his head to himself.

"We can't just lay there anymore feeling my belly as Bob moves around," Matt whined, crying. Trey almost started giggling but noticed the exit sign for the hospital instead. He finally started feeling nervous as he exited the freeway.

"I love you too Matt. I loved you from the moment I was staring at you in art class. I loved you even more when you took me home with you and asked your dads if you could keep me. And I loved extra more when they acted like they wanted to say no and it didn't matter." Trey started talking. It calmed Matt's nerves a little as Trey drove them into the hospital parking lot. As soon as they realized Matt was ready for the hospital, Trey called and alerted his delivery team. They were waiting with a wheelchair as Trey drove up the entrance. "And I love you more now than I ever have." Trey looked back at Matt once the vehicle came to a stop. "Do you know why?" Trey asked him before anyone could open any of the doors. Matt was resting his head against the window.

"Because of my sweet ass?" Matt moaned sarcastically in a soft, already worn out voice.

"Well, yeah. But not just that. It's because waking up and seeing you makes me feel better about everything. And I'm thankful for that and I'm glad we're bringing a baby into our lives to experience this love. Because one of the best things, if not the only thing, we could do for mankind, is raise a child to put out there to help make this world a better place," Trey told him softly. It was enough of a mushy pep talk to help Matt feel the confidence he needed to go into the hospital with. He finally nodded at Trey as he felt another contraction.

"Okay get me the hell out of the car!" Matt yelled. Trey yelled okay back and quickly jumped out to help whoever was standing there to get Matt out. The three hospital people that were standing there, one to help Matt out of the vehicle, one to start taking stats from Trey and another to hold onlookers at bay, had no problem getting Matt into the wheelchair to push him in.

"Wait! Trey! Where's Trey?" Matt yelled as Trey got back into the vehicle to move it. Trey looked up at the sound of Matt's voice again.

"He's moving the car," One of the nurses told Matt.

"No! No Trey can't leave me. Trey has to come too," Matt started complaining. Trey tossed the keys to one of the other people that was standing there and grabbed the bags to follow Matt in.


"He's claiming he's pregnant, yes!" Kacey stood in front of Kevin and yelled under the streetlights. She hadn't bothered to even unlock her front door yet. Kevin stood there completely dumbfounded as his face got a little whiter.

"That's not possible. We were completely protected. I think he was even taking the morning after pill."

"The what?"

"I don't approve of it, but I'm pretty sure that's what he was doing! Please don't yell at me," Kevin said as his head started pounding.

"He's seventeen Kevin. Let me say that again. He's SEVENTEEN KEVIN," Kacey shouted at Kevin. Kevin gave her a confused look.

"He said he was seventeen. I mean he told me he was seventeen. But his birthday was a few days ago. So he's eighteen now. He said the reason why he gets to stay in the apartment alone while his dad is out of town is because he was almost eighteen so his dad, didn't," Kevin's sentence started to fade as he stood there staring at Kacey.

"His dad didn't what? Mind if his minor child slept around with older guys? He lied to you Kevin. That apartment isn't his. I thought you knew that."

"Knew that? How would I have known that? He LIVES in it!"

"Yeah. It's his brother's place. My older cousin. He's about our age and he's in college and Paul's right, his dad doesn't care what he does. He lives in the apartment alone to be closer to his job. His dad didn't want him borrowing the car all the time to drive so far away."

"How is it that you know all this stuff?" Kevin paused and pointed at Kacey, giving her a suspicious look.

"I've been Emailing his older brother! He has four siblings. Did you even know that?"

"No. No but why were you all of a sudden Emailing his brother? You acted like you barely knew the family!"

"I do barely know that family. They all have different dads! My dad's brother is their father. He slept around and got a bunch of different guys pregnant. He's still sleeping around which is why my dad won't have anything to do with him! He disapproves of the way he is so there's like no family communication there. Except since I started getting to know Paul better, 'cause I always knew all my cousins were around town somewhere, I decided to start Emailing his older brother."

"The one that's in college?"

"No. The one that's in the navy."


"Yeah. I know. There's a lot you didn't know about the guy you're probably gonna go to jail over!" Kacey yelled.

"Wait, wait, what?" Kevin grabbed his head for a moment and wanted Kacey to just start over again. "How did you start talking to his brother?"

"I found his facebook. I was at work a couple weeks before we were laid off for the Summer, messing around online, and I found his facebook. I added him but didn't bother sending him any messages until you started getting stuck up Paul's butt. Remember? You were ignoring me?" Kacey's eyes got a little crazy looking for a moment. Kevin just stared at her, his own eyes with a look of confusion still. "Anyway," Kacey brought herself back to the moment. "We started talking and it led to bitching about our families and he told me all this stuff about Paul and all his other siblings. Paul has two older brothers. One is in the Navy. He's the one I occasionally Email now. He doesn't get to be online a lot so when I do talk to him, it's really long detailed Emails about anything I can think of. Which is why I know so much about Paul. But you know what? You should have already known all this stuff! You've been f**king him!" Kacey's voice squeaked a little as her finger flailed some at Kevin.

"Maybe you should have just forwarded me the damn Emails!" Kevin started to get a little defensive and pissed off at the way Kacey was handling the situation.

"He's my cousin. Not yours!" Kacey yelled. She froze as her and Kevin just stood there, giving each other disgruntled looks. She took a breath. "Okay. Let's just calm down for a moment."

"Calm down? How can I calm down?" Kevin shrieked, his voice sounding almost as squeaky as Kacey's did. "How many other f**king siblings does he have?" Kevin yelled, uncharacteristically yelling the F word.

"Two. He has one little sister and a little brother. Those two actually have the same dad. But Paul and his other two brothers are all half siblings. I can't explain why Paul lied to you about his age. But I can take a guess at it and say he knew a sucker when he saw one!" Kacey decided to yell again. Kevin just stared at her. "Okay. Sorry. I'm sorry." She calmed herself down again. "But this is just as surprising to me too. I understand he didn't tell anyone how old he was at his birthday party the other day and that it was easy to assume he was turning eighteen since he apparently lied to you-"

"He did lie to me!"

"Since he lied to you and said he was almost eighteen. Which isn't really a lie. He is almost eighteen. But he was still underage either way when you decided to start sleeping with him."

"I know that! I know. I'm a complete idiot," Kevin stated, throwing his hands around. "Oh my God." He finally stood still and just put his fingers up to his temples. "It's not like he's just a kid. I thought the age of consent was like sixteen here."

"Well you really put some trust into Paul to think he'd claim consent in the first place. You should have known better Kevin. Paul is a little bitch," Kacey admitted. She wanted to panic along with Kevin and start crying over the whole thing. But at the moment she was too pissed off and disappointed in Kevin's stupidity to do anything other than yell. "And yeah, the age of consent in California is not sixteen. It's actually eighteen. Which is an adult. An adult."

"You knew I was sleeping with him. Why didn't you tell me not to?" Kevin looked at Kacey and asked as one last attempt to try sharing the blame.

"I didn't know. You never once confirmed to me you were actually having sex with him. You're gay for crying out loud Kevin! How was I supposed to know you were actually going to eff him?" Kacey shouted again. She stood there and took another breath, trying to keep herself from panicking. "If you weren't any older than three years older than him it could be considered a misdemeanor. But you're more than three years older than him."

"I am?" Kevin looked up, his eyes completely dazed over. It wasn't that he didn't know how old he was. It was that he didn't realize he was actually as old as he was.

"You're twenty-four. So, yeah. I'm twenty-three. You're a year older than me. Twenty-four. Which is a little bit more than three years older than seventeen."

"sh*t," Kevin mumbled.

"I know. It sucks getting old."

"Not that. Just,-" Kevin's voice was low and suddenly sounded hoarse. "Just let me be," Kevin paused, looking around as if he didn't know which way to turn. "-alone." He said and walked over to Kacey's steps to sit down.


"It's called TENS. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Your doctor said she went over this with you?" Another doctor was talking to Trey as he stood beside the bed where Matt was now laying completely naked under a sheet.

"Yeah, I don't think she really did. But that sounds good, doesn't it honey?" Trey looked back at Matt and asked.

"Don't call me honey. You sound like my dad," Matt growled, feeling another strong contraction before resting his head back against the pillow. "Just give me something. Something. Whiskey, a gun, I don't care. Just something," He groaned.

"Let's do the TENS thing." Trey nodded at the doctor. "Where is Dr. Emma anyway?"

"She's here. She's," The doctor paused for a moment. "Getting prepped. There's ice chips available when he needs some. And I'll have a nurse bring in some more pillows for extra comfort," The doctor said. Trey smiled and nodded at him before he left.

"Do you want some ice chips?"

"No. I want a gown. I need to walk around. I can't just lay here," Matt complained. Trey got him a gown and then they slowly started walking the halls together.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 135

Postby willowrose » Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:16 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- I love the SPS crew. And I hope they forgive me for debauchering their first names.

Originally written- June 20, 2009

Chapter summery- Matt's in labor and people are starting to show up for the very special occasion.

Who's your daddy? Chapter 135

Every few steps Matt would stop and lean against Trey for support. The contractions were staying the same. Matt kept quiet and would express how he was feeling with his face. Trey would stop and wrap his arm around his back to support him until the contraction passed. He'd then try walking a little more. Trey was handing him a bottle of water every few minutes, forcing him to take a sip to stay hydrated. They eventually made their way over to see Jada in the NICU.

"She's pretty damn awesome," Trey stood over the baby's incubator and whispered with a smile as he looked inside. He decided he didn't want to wash up to touch her since he'd be getting scrubbed down soon enough. But Matt decided to wash his hands up to touch the baby. Eric was standing beside them smiling as he monitored.

"Isn't she? She took her first sh*t just a," Eric suddenly froze. He looked a little pale for a moment. "I mean, her first poop just a few minutes ago. No one else has been in here to celebrate that with me."

"Why didn't you want to say sh*t?" Trey caught onto that right away and asked.

"I shouldn't cuss. I've been promising God I'd be a better person."

"Eric, you don't have to do that. You're not a bad person. You're one of the best people Matt and I know," Trey told him. Matt nodded as his hand gently touched the baby's legs. Eric liked the security of the gloves, afraid she was going to get germs from people touching her. But the doctor, along with Jason's help, assured him it was time for the baby to be exposed to human hands without the gloves. "If you want to be a better person, that's awesome. But saying sh*t isn't a sin," Trey told him. Eric stared at him for a moment. He finally snickered a little, knowing saying sh*t was the least of his sins and that he should probably just keep his focus more on the bigger ones. "So, first sh*t huh?" Trey confirmed. Eric nodded.

"Yeah. No one else has been in here in the past few minutes to celebrate that with me. It's the type of poop that would have been happening while still in the womb," Eric explained. Trey looked over at Matt.

"Isn't that good to hear? Soon you won't have a human taking a sh*t inside of you anymore. Unless, of course, you want that," Trey added just for fun. Matt made a face and started chuckling quietly.

"You are one sick bastard," He mumbled over at his giggling fiance.

"The doctor said she should be able to nipple feed soon. She's been showing signs of sucking, on her own, and there hasn't been any signs of abdominal infections anywhere. They started feeding her breast milk through the tube," Eric went on and softly explained. His face was lit up with each word. "In a couple weeks, once she's at least thirty-two weeks gestation age, which will make her a month and a half old, she's coming out of this damn thing and I'm going to be able to hold her," He said, sounding both anxious and relieved.

"That's awesome. I'll be here with the camera for pictures," Trey looked at him and said with excitement for both him and baby Jada.

"You're going to be busy with your own new baby."

"I know. But we'll bring the baby too. I wouldn't miss something like that," Trey assured him. Eric gave him a tired but appreciative smile.

"She'll have to need this thing for a while yet, but once I'm able to bring her out and just hold her, I think I'll be able to deal with it a lot better," Eric explained as Matt cringed from another contraction.

"Sorry," Matt said through gritted teeth, not wanting to groan and moan around the babies.

"Let's get you back to bed. Our dads are probably here by now frantically searching the grounds for us. Or at least Sam," Trey said as he took Matt's arm to lead him out of the NICU. He paused next to Eric and kissed his head. "We love you," He told him quietly. "And we thank God Jada is good and everything is going okay," He added. Eric smiled. Matt started sweating some but he took a second to lean over and kiss Eric's head too.

"He's right. We do love you and we do thank God for all that," Matt told him. Eric smiled more, knowing Matt wasn't exactly a Godly type of person. He then took a moment and rubbed his hand over Matt's gigantic belly.

"You'll do fine," He whispered at Matt. Matt gave a tired huff, but then nodded and allowed Trey to take him back to his room.

Matt was finally in bed again letting each contraction send him into a fit of swearing himself.

"How ARE you?" Little Dr. Emma came stumbling into the room. She had a huge smile on her face as she walked up to Matt. "Are they getting more severe?" She asked, blowing breath against Matt's face with each word.

"I don't know if that's possible. They've been severe," Matt groaned, bracing for another contraction.

"Has that TENS thing helped any?"

"I think so. Maybe. I don't know," Matt groaned, trying to hold his breath as Dr Emma talked to him.

"Good." She patted his knee. "I'll be back in a few moments," She said and then turned around and left the room.

"Dude, doctor Emma is drunk! She smells like liquor," Matt looked over and complained to Trey, his voice sounding more normal. Trey just stared at him. He finally giggled a little.

"Are you sure? I'm finding that hard to believe. She doesn't seem like the party girl type."

"Go make out with her. You'll see," Matt told him. Trey just grinned at him.

"Are you actually giving me permission to make out with your doctor?"

"No-ooow!" Matt groaned, holding his belly again as another contraction started coming on.



"Doctor Emma told me you needed something more for the pain," The other doctor that had been talking to them since they arrived came in and said. "Keep in mind that an epidural may increase the duration of the second stage of labor when it comes time to actually deliver this baby."

"I'm fine for now. Just prove to my fiance that doctor Emma is drunk," Matt told him. The doctor stood there giving him a look.

"Doctor Emma, drunk?" He asked.

"Yes," Trey spoke up. "He seems to think a drunk doctor is going to deliver our baby," Trey looked at the doctor and giggled. The doctor gave Trey the same stare.

"Let me check into that," The doctor said and then turned around and left. Trey looked over at Matt.

"Great! I have two wackos delivering my baby!" Matt yelled.

"I won't let that happen," Trey assured him, rubbing his leg.

"How? You going to deliver the baby yourself?"

"If I have to, yes."

"I need to pee. When is this damn transition crap supposed to start?" Matt complained.

"Can I come in?" David, Trey's best friend from high school, suddenly stuck his head in and asked.

"My God. How did YOU get here?" Trey asked as he walked over and grabbed him, pulling him into a hug. David laughed.

"Hey, it's supposed to be me that's doing the hugging around here," He said as Trey pulled away. "I came in with your parents. Both sets. It was the fastest plane ride I've ever had in my life. You didn't think I'd actually miss this, did you?" He asked, giving Trey a big smile. Trey didn't know what to say as he stood there staring at him. It suddenly hit him what he was there for. His eyes started swelling up with tears, realizing his first child was about to be born.

"I'm gonna be a daddy," He whispered at David and then started shaking his head. "Matt I'll be right back!" He yelled, remembering how he was instructed by Carlos to let Matt know each and every time before he left the room. David smiled and walked over to Matt, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

"Trey! Stop!" Matt yelled, reaching up and grabbing David's shirt as a contraction made it's way through him. "Get over here," Matt demanded before Trey could step out. He turned around with tears streaking down his face and walked back to Matt.

"I don't want to freak you out more," Trey cried at him. Matt reached up and grabbed him, pulling him down and holding his face against his chest.


Both set of parents were talking to a local news crew that was tipped off about Matt being in labor. They were anxious to go back and see Matt, but Adrien, arriving just before the parents did, advised them to go ahead and talk to the news crew and that it'd satisfy them long enough to keep their distance for a few hours. A gossip reality TV show crew was there to get some footage too but Adrien advised the parents to ignore them, which they would have done anyway if they knew on their own that it was a gossip show crew.

The parents agreed to let Trey handle things and to give Matt and Trey their privacy when needed. It was hard for Sam to agree, but he was outnumbered. He was then reminded by Gerald how he felt when he was in labor with Matt. His own dads kept trying to get in the way and all Sam wanted was for Gerald to be there at his side while he concentrated on the birth of his baby. He finally gave in and understood the importance of allowing that and was grateful just to be there at all. But that didn't stop him from barging into the room the first chance he got.

"We are so proud of you!" He told Matt, grabbing his head and laying a hard, wet kiss against his forehead.

"I haven't done anything yet dad," Matt responded, trying his hardest not to sound too annoyed. He wanted his dads there, but he didn't want to feel smothered.

"We're proud of you too," Sam left Matt's side for a moment and walked up to Trey, wrapping his arms tightly around him.

"Wow Sam. If I knew you felt this way-" Trey teased, giving Matt a look. Matt would have laughed but he suddenly felt too tired. The pain from the contractions seemed to lighten up a little bit.

Shawn walked up to Trey with tears in his eyes, handing him a small gift bag.

"This was your favorite book when you were a baby. I used to read it to you well before you could understand any of the words. It always seemed to relax you," He said. Trey took a peek inside the bag but decided to keep it for later.

"Thanks dad," He told him quietly. Shawn suddenly burst with tears and pulled his son to him.

"I don't know how I'm going to handle your wedding." Shawn laughed a little through his tears. "But I know I'm going to cry a lot more tonight than I will then," He said. Once he let Trey go and pulled away, Trey just stared at him for a moment.

"Sorry about the whole reverse thing here. I know we probably should have been married first," Trey said, feeling like he was only eighteen again. Shawn shook his head at him.

"No Trey. You don't have anything to be sorry for. You've made me and your dad nothing but happy and that's the best thing that's happened in my life. Having a son that's been as wonderful as you. And I know your child is going to do the same thing for you," Shawn told him, causing tears to come to Trey's eyes again. He fought them back by laughing.

"I don't think me and Matt really knew what tears of joy meant until now," He said as Randy walked up to him to shake his hand.

"Congratulations son," He told his son quietly.

"I look forward to saying that one day." Trey smiled and then leaned in to give his dad a hug.


"Wow. Looks a little bit like me," David said as he stood there looking at baby Jada before looking over at Eric and smirking. Jason and Frank were both in the room. Eric rolled his eyes at him.

"She looks just like Eric. She has such delicate features," Jason walked up and said.

"Not every feature of Eric's is that delicate," David mumbled. Eric got up to make him shut up as Jason stood there staring at him.

"I don't care who she looks like. She's healthy. That's all that matters," Eric said as he stared at his baby through the incubator wall.

"We'll be able to hold her sometime next week probably," Frank said, trying to help change the subject from Eric's delicate or not so delicate features. As Eric stood there staring at his baby he realized he had at one time or another f*cked all three men standing around him. He suddenly whispered the word f*ck to himself and then turned around and walked out of the NICU. Frank started following after him but Jason quickly stepped up behind him.

"It's okay. Let me go see what's wrong. You stay with the baby," Jason quickly mumbled at him and then followed Eric out. He stopped Eric and took him into his arms.

"I'm such a bad person! I'm scared," Eric cried against Jason.

"Scared for what?" Jason gently asked.

"Scared for God realizing I don't deserve what I have. Everything that I have." Eric cried. Jason started rubbing his back. "All I want is my baby. I just want to take my baby home and just have her there and let her grow up," Eric whined as Jason held him in his arms.

"You're going to get all that. And you deserve more than that. I know you know you've made mistakes Eric. But I love you and I want to prove to you how much I believe you do deserve," Jason told him. Eric pulled away a little, sniffled as he wiped at his eye, and then stared at Jason.


"Let's talk about that tomorrow," Jason said and kissed Eric's forehead. "I'm taking you out for an hour, remember?" He reminded him. Eric nodded slowly, feeling a little better.

"We should get back to the baby," He whispered and pulled away from Jason's arms. But he then reached down and took Jason's hand before leading the way back into the NICU.


Matt started groaning again as the contractions came back at full force.

"More electrical impulses," He moaned. He had the hand controlled generator for the TENS that was hooked up to this lower back until Trey took it and started playing with it. "I need some water," Matt suddenly changed his mind and said with a trembling lower lip. Trey noticed and quickly grabbed his bottle of water. He helped him take a drink and he seemed okay and relaxed for a few seconds. All of a sudden Matt experienced a hard contraction lasting for a long minute and a half. Trey tried talking him through it, reminding him to think of the baby in his arms as Matt tightly squeezed his hand. A short two minutes later he had another one. This time after the contraction Matt started shivering which quickly turned into shaking. It scared Trey and sent him out into the hall, yelling for Dr. Emma and their dads.

"I don't know what's wrong. He all of a sudden started shaking really bad," Trey, his own voice shaking bad, explained as Dr. Emma came strolling in with Gerald and Randy behind her. Shawn and Sam both went to see Jada real quick and missed Trey yelling for them.

"Shaking? Oh. That's not a problem." Dr. Emma waved her small hand in the air for a moment. Trey was again at Matt's side, holding onto his hand.

"It's not?" Trey asked, confused and worried.

"Nope. He's ready to deliver. Let's get you suited up!" Dr. Emma shouted. Trey just stood there staring at her as Matt closed his eyes, whimpering about another one coming.

"This is it." Gerald walked up to Trey's side and patted him on the shoulder. "They're probably not going to let us in here if you yell for us again, so you're taking it from here," He told him, smiling at him. He then laid his hand against Matt's stomach and told him he loved him before walking away.

"He's right." Randy was now at Trey's side. "You have to scrub in. This is it buddy," He told him and rubbed Trey's back some. "Try not to faint when cutting the cord. That was the only part that always did it in for me," He told his son.

"Get... Trey... A... Bed..." Matt said through shivered teeth, suddenly worried about Trey fainting and wanting him in the room with him even if it meant laying in a bed beside him. A nurse that was now in the room looked over at them as Randy giggled.

"That can be arranged," The nurse told them.

"No. I don't need a bed. I'm fine," Trey said. He then looked his dad in the eye. "I'm a little scared now," He said quietly, trying to smirk a little.

"Of course you are. Your life is about to change in the biggest way possible. But trust me, this tops everything," He told his son. He then kissed him on the cheek and left the room so they could prepare Matt for delivery.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 136

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- I love the SPS crew. And I hope they forgive me for debauchering their first names. ... Enjoy the 6 days to air doc tonight!! I love you Arthur Bradford!! And while I'm at it I just want to say thank you to Matt and Trey and Frank, Eric, Keef, Adrien, Ryan, Jack, David L. and Ann (plus Jason, Glasgow, Dian, Alex, David G. and Angela) for being awesome enough to inspire the most creative and the most intriguing characters ever in one gigantic mpreg fanfic. And thank you to those that read it. There is a heck of a lot more to come. (Unless of course we "get caught" and yelled at then we'll have to take this thing underground ))

Originally written- June 20, 2009

Chapter summery- PUSH!

Who's your daddy? Chapter 136

"I feel like I'm ready to walk into a highly toxic area that needs me for research in order to save mankind," Trey said after he was dressed to go into the delivery room.

"You have a very active imagination, don't you?" One of the people on Matt's labor and delivery medical team looked at Trey and said. Trey nodded.

"Well, yeah. It's sorta my job."

"Well you're about to be promoted. So let's go." The person touched Trey's back, giving him a bit of a nudge, and then led him into the delivery room. It was now after midnight in early July. Matt was officially a few days from his recorded due date and almost six hours into active labor. Together with Trey, he chose not to have an epidural. But the contractions were becoming so much of a nuisance he started asking for one. The doctor quickly explained how it would be done, the possible benefits and the possible risks. Matt was all for it but Trey didn't like the possible risk of a faternal heart attack or fetal distress. Matt was in pain but understood Trey's concerns. So instead he continued laying there taking each contraction on his own as they came.

"Turn the air up. It's hot in here," Matt groaned as he rested in between a contraction. The TENS wasn't working the way Matt was hoping. Trey slid a cool damp cloth across his own forehead and then got it wet again for Matt.

"You doing okay Abba?" Trey asked him, pressing his hand to Matt's forehead and looking him in the eye as he cringed.

"Are you trying to call me daddy in Hebrew or are you calling me a dancing queen?" Matt asked, sounding as if he took a deep breath and hadn't exhaled yet.

"Um, both?"

"Fine. I'm kinda hungry and I'm in pain. Can I please, please have the epidural now?"

"Matt, no. We discussed this. The choice is yours but you'll be outright defying me if you do it. It's not guaranteed it'll work and I don't like the risks that are involved. I just don't want any-"

"Oh my GOD that's a bad one," Matt suddenly groaned and reached for Trey's hair. He finally found a handful, grabbed it, and pulled.

"Ow. Ow ow ow. Matt- Matt ow!" Trey complained as Matt pulled his head closer to him and squealed.

"You know what," Matt said as he let go of Trey's hair and felt sweat roll down his face. "I'm done. I'm tired of this," He said and stuck his arm out in front of Trey to try pushing him to the side so he could try getting out of the bed. "I'm going home. Let someone else do this."

"What?" Trey asked, giggling. Matt was already halfway out of bed. "Wait. Matt," Trey took Matt's shoulders in his hands. "You can't quit now. I mean you can't give up now. You can do this. You will do this. You're a f**kin' genius. You can do everything else so you can do this too."

"No. No Trey," Matt complained as Trey got him back in bed. "I'm good at math. I'm not good at this."

"You can do this. Just breathe. I'll breathe with you," Trey said and started taking some deep breaths to show Matt. Matt shook his head against the pillow but then started taking some deep breaths with Trey. Once Trey realized Matt was settled down for the moment, he turned around and started doing some extra deep breathing, feeling like he was about to go into panic mode himself. Matt burped as another contraction hit.

"Please!" He yelled. "I'll give you ten thousand dollars for some weed! Anything!"

"What can you give him? Anything that's not an epidural or dangerous like an epidural?" Trey asked someone that came in to place some tools on a tray.

"I don't care if it's dangerous! Just take a bat and knock me out!" Matt whined.

"Anything? Can you please find him something that will help him and isn't dangerous?" Trey asked again.

"I'll get your doctor," The person said and left. Moments later the doctor that saw them when they first came in walked into the room.

"I hear there's some issues in here?" He asked, trying to be funny.

"No issues! I need drugs! Just give me drugs! Please!" Matt pleaded. Trey looked at the doctor with desperation all over his face.

"Okay. There's options. Why don't we try Nitrous oxide?"

"What's that?"

"Sounds good!"

"Happy gas. I'll have it set up. It," The doctor paused and pulled Trey to the side as Matt laid there crying tears of frustration. "It's not really that strong, but it's effective enough to take the edge off. And there's never been deadly outcomes for father or baby," The doctor said quietly.

"Let's do that. Can you do it fast? Now?"

"Of course. Just give me a few seconds to call it up."

"Thanks Doc," Trey said, giving him a nervous voice that was trying really hard to sound stable and secure. As the doctor left, Sam, Shawn, and Randy walked in.

"The doctor told us it was okay to come in for a few minutes. Oh my baby. It's going to be okay," Sam cried in a whiny voice at Matt as he took Matt's face in his hands.

"Are you having the urge to push?" Shawn stood at Matt's other side and asked. Matt didn't get a chance to answer as the Nitrous oxide was brought in. It was quickly set up and quickly explained to both Matt and Trey how to use it. Matt would hold the gas mask up to his face and take a deep breath as a contraction started coming on. He would have to do it with each contraction to feel any relief. He didn't care. He was more than ready to try it.

"What's that?" Sam asked as Matt took the first hit. Trey explained to him what it was. After Trey explained that it was safe, Sam shrugged and then watched as his son took as huge of a whiff as he could of it.

Eric, Jason, Adrien and Keef suddenly walked into the room. Shawn mentioned how it was getting kind of crowded and that they would leave the room. He had to take Sam by the arm and pull him out as Gerald walked in. Trey stopped his other dad Randy on the way out.

"Can you believe we're all here and this is happening?" Trey asked with a worried smile on his face. Gerald was standing there too so Trey addressed the question at both of them. Randy noticed the worried look on his son's face.

"Yes. I can believe just about anything, no wait, anything when it comes to you and Matt," Randy teased him. Gerald smiled, agreeing with the comment. "Trust me, I'd rather be here watching you two experience this than anything. But try not to feel so anxious. It's normal. But you have to be the support system here. Which you're doing an amazing job of by the way."

"It's true. You are," Gerald confirmed. "Sam was trying to deliver the baby himself when I was in labor with Matt's sister," Gerald groaned. "Which might sound kinda cute, but believe me, it wasn't. He meant only the best but it was embarrassing as hell for me to go through while laying there trying to control my pushing," He explained with a distraught look on his face. Trey couldn't help but snicker a little, picturing the scene in his mind.

"Can one of you bring up a couple dozen roses from the gift shop after the baby is born?" Trey asked and reminded his dad his other dad Shawn had his wallet. "I'd do it myself but I want them fresh and I don't want to leave the room."

"Of course," Randy told him. "Two dozen?"

"Yeah. A dozen for Matt and a dozen for the baby," Trey explained. "Matt deserves a whole room full but I don't want to overwhelm him," He said, suddenly looking a little dazed, like he was having an out of body experience. "Wow. I can't believe we're finally here," He whispered. Randy smiled and patted his arm. Gerald patted the other one and then followed Randy out of the room. Trey then turned around to go back to a panting Matt, laying in the bed with the gas mask in his hand, looking exhausted with a small group gathered around his bed.

"It pretty much feels like the worst thing in the world, doesn't it?" Jason asked, smiling a little, trying to make it seem not as bad as it really was. Matt groaned.

"I don't mean it the way it might sound, but I'm almost grateful for my C-Section," Eric said, watching as Matt groaned, afraid another contraction was coming on.

"I don't ever wanna go through this," Adrien whispered as he stood on the other side of Matt's bed with Keef.

"All I know is Eric owes me a thousand dollars," Keef looked up and said. Eric gave him a shocked look.

"For what?"

"I win. A couple years ago, when I took you to Costa Rica to help get your mind off things, remember?"

"Yeah. How can I forget? I almost fell into that damn gigantic bonfire," Eric made a face and said.

"Yeah well while we were all sitting around that fire I bet you Matt and Trey was gonna have a kid by the year two thousand and ten," Keef reminded him. Eric just gave him a look, along with Trey, and then started smiling.

"Oh yeah. We were discussing people's relationships, since I was depressed about my own," He said and felt Jason's arm tighten around his waist. It was right before him and Jason started up the affair they were having for the second time. He had been depressed, not knowing if he was ever going to find his soul mate in life, but was trying to keep it to himself, not wanting to whine to people about it. Keef, along with their other friend DZ, sensed something was going on and took Eric to Costa Rica to help him feel better. Aside from the huge orgy that was taking place around him that week, Eric made a bet with Keef that by two thousand and ten Trey and Matt would announce their retirement. Keef said they'd have a child by then instead. The wager was two thousand and ten dollars. Keef decided to lessen it for the sake of Eric now having a child to take care of himself.

"Whatever. I bet you all a thousand dollars I don't ever deliver this baby," Matt suddenly said in a sleepy sounding voice. Trey was standing beside his head and started feeling his face.

"Is that stuff making you extra hot? You look a little more flushed all of a sudden," Trey told him, his surgical face mask resting against his neck and his gloves off.

"I am hot! That's why you're marrying me," Matt told him, grinning a little. He then held his hand up as a sign to wait and took another deep breath of the happy gas.

"Why do they have you in scrubs already?" Eric looked over and asked Trey.

"Oh, I was just trying stuff on. They said technically I don't even have to wear any of this stuff. Just the gloves," He said. Eric just gave him a look.

"Wuzzup mah peeps?" Matt suddenly pulled the mask away and said in an old school white boy trying to be black voice and held up some sort of gangster sign with his hand. Trey started giggling at him.

"What's in that stuff? I think I should take some home for Adrien," Keef asked.

"Hey." Adrien huffed at him. Keef just smiled.

"Matt, are you okay?" Trey asked, feeling Matt's head again.

"Oh yeah! Yeeeaaah homeboy," Matt moaned. "That contraction just felt like gas. No biggie. Biggie. Mo money mo problems. Tupac. Wild wild west! Wait, that's Will Smith," Matt's face dropped a little as he realized his mistake. Keef and Adrien both started giggling as Jason and Eric just stared at him. "Wanna know who's hot? Want to? Everyone here is hot," Matt said and then took another huge breath from the Nitrous oxide mask. "You know what Trey? You should have f*cked them all while you had your chance. Now you can't 'cause I'll sue you for child support," Matt gave Trey a serious face and said, then started laughing. "Ooh, ooh. Another one," He said, feeling at his stomach. He put the mask back over his face. Trey started wondering if he really was experiencing contractions that close together or if he was just getting high off the Nitrous oxide.

"Well at least he's happy," Eric mumbled.

"Eric!" Matt suddenly shouted. "You are one very good looking male prostitute. Now I finally believe in God," Matt told him. Eric started arching his eyebrows at him. "And I like your eyebrows. Do you wax them yourself?" Matt asked.

"Um, I think it's time to say see you later to Matt everybody. It's time for this baby to be born," Trey giggled.

"It is? Can I watch?" Matt asked as Trey started filing people away from the bed.

"See you later," Adrien waved at him and said as he walked away.

"Yeah. We love you Matt. See you after this baby is born," Keef added, following Adrien out.

"Want us to stay for a while?" Eric looked over at Trey and asked. Regardless of what Matt was saying, he wanted to make sure they were okay on their own until the medical team came in.

"No. No we're fine," Trey told him and then walked him and Jason to the door. "Just, next time you walk past this way, bring some M&M's for Matt. He said he was hungry. I can sneak those into his mouth while the doctors aren't looking," He told them. Eric nodded okay.

"Well this is it," Jason looked at him quickly and said. "It happens fast so keep your eyes open and pay attention. I mean wherever the moment leads you, just go with it. If Matt needs you up by him the whole time, which he probably will, don't worry about the baby. The baby is gonna do it's own thing. And before you know it you're going to have a little you laying in your arms," Jason told him. Trey smiled a little.

"I can't wait to see him," Eric added and then stood on his tiptoes to kiss Trey's cheek. Trey waved at them as they walked down the hall. He suddenly felt like he was on a cruise ship ready to leave the port. But if this was his cruise ship, he was about to take one heck of a vacation.

"Ow sh*t!" Matt moaned. Trey turned around and ran over to him as Matt dropped the mask. "That damn mask didn't seem to work this time," He groaned lifting himself into his knees. "I want my money back," He groaned, still feeling a little tiny bit of the euphoric effects. Trey took the mask from him.

"How long did that one last?"

"It's still lasting," Matt groaned and then reached for the mask.

"No." Trey pulled it away. "I think this is it baby. Our baby's coming. I'm calling for the doctor," Trey said and then literally turned around and yelled out for the doctor. He yelled at the top of his lungs three times as Matt flew forward in pain, grunting and whimpering.

"Trey!" He yelled.

"Doctor!" Trey yelled again as the team came rushing in. Trey grabbed Matt's hand as Matt huffed and fell back into the pillow.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 137

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- Congrats to Matt ... Is anyone reading this? Or is it just spambots?

Originally written- June 20, 2009

Chapter summery- "Drum roll..."

"Push!" Trey repeated Dr. Emma. Matt pushed so hard he started squealing. ...

Who's your daddy? Chapter 137

"Well you lied to me about your age too when we first met," Kacey quietly said to Kevin as she sat next to him in the hospital waiting room. Steve called them to let them know Matt was in labor. Even with everything else on Kevin's mind, he knew he couldn't miss an event like this. "You told me you were twenty-seven. And I believed you just because you were some genius that graduated at age fourteen."

"I wasn't a genius. But thanks for remembering. I did graduate at fourteen. I was home schooled. The weather in Wisconsin would get so bad in the Winters it was just easier to home school kids," Kevin explained, his voice sulking. "I'm a fast learner. When it comes to some things," He said quietly, trying really hard not to discuss the fact he f**ked a minor.

"I don't really find it fair. I mean what's the difference, really, between sixteen and eighteen? There really isn't one. I mean sure, maybe kinda. Since some people aren't even done growing yet until they're like eighteen. But some boys keep growing until they're like twenty-one. I remember that from science class. So technically people shouldn't be considered adults until they're twenty-one. At least," Kacey said, trying in her own way to make things not seem so bad.

"Can we please just not talk about it?" Kevin whispered over at her.

"Okay. Can we talk about our coming out parties instead?" Kacey asked. Kevin slowly looked over at her and gave her a look. "Okay. Never mind," She said and sat back, staring down at her hands.


"How many people do you think are in there?" David asked as he stood against a wall with Eric. Eric shrugged.

"I don't know. There were only about six when I left. They don't need as many people as I did."

"Why aren't you in the NICU with your baby?"

"Frank is in there with Garrow and his youngest daughter right now. They're having a slumber party I think." Eric did his best to make a joke.

"Yeah? So? Why aren't you in there?" David asked again. Eric just looked at him.

"I don't want to discuss things, anything with Frank right now," He said quietly.

"You don't have to. Why can't you just sit there and watch?"

"I would be. That's exactly what's making it awkward and uncomfortable," Eric quietly added.

"Oh. So what do you think Trey is gonna name his kid?" David asked, watching Eric for a moment and knowing he wanted to change the subject. Eric looked as if he was thinking about something else and didn't hear him, but then started smirking.

"They claim they didn't want the baby's name being leaked, but I think they just don't have a clue of how to choose a name."

"Oh. Wanna know what they told me? They told me they're going to tell the media they named the baby Les if it's a boy and Tmaretty Legna Kay if it's a girl. Spelled with a T. The T is silent," David explained. Eric just looked at him. "I know. That one takes a moment to figure out. Except for the Kay part. But it's all a lie. They're keeping the name under lock and key."

"I'm still going with they just can't think of a name," Eric said before his mind went back to his own baby and his own issues.


"I hope he's doing okay. I just hope he can handle the pressure of it all. It gets pretty fast paced at times in delivery rooms. I just hope he can concentrate and do what needs to be done." Sam sat there worrying, rocking back and forth a little, knowing the medical team had just rushed into the room.

"Don't worry so much Sam. It's just been too long for you to remember. We all got through this, so will they," Gerald looked at him and said.

"But I can't help it. I worry. I know he's capable, I just hope he doesn't panic too much under pressure. I wish I could be in there for him."

"He has Trey. You don't have to be so worried. Trey's in there with him," Shawn reached over and patted Sam's knee, reminding him. Sam looked over at him.

"I'm talking about Trey!" He said. Shawn stared at him for a moment before Randy and Gerald both started snickering.


"Okay, when I count to three, push!" Dr Emma said as she stood between Matt's knees. She then started giggling about it. It had been her night off. Not only was she out trying to relax with friends, she also hadn't gotten much sleep since the night before. But she still took her job very, very seriously. "As you know, the uterus leads to the birth canal and as the contractions get stronger and more severe, the skin covering this area right here," Dr. Emma looked up to find Trey. Trey was wiping at Matt's face with the damp cloth. He caught her eyes and she called him over. "Come here, I want you to see this," She said. She still smelled of liquor and hadn't properly slept any of it off yet, but wasn't as out of it as she was when she first came in. She was now acting off the adrenaline rush she was used to getting with each delivery. "I'm sure you have plenty of experience in this area," She started saying as Trey left Matt's side for a moment to look between his legs. "But see this?" Dr Emma pointed at Matt's perineum area.

"What the hell is it doing?" Trey suddenly shouted a little as he stared.

"It's getting thinner. As the baby makes it's way down the birth canal with each contraction, and get's closer to this, it'll expand, reeeal wide," Dr. Emma emphasized. "As wide as it can get between this and this," Dr Emma pointed at two other parts of Matt that Trey was also quite familiar with. "But don't worry, it might not look possible, but there's enough room there. We'll just move these out of the way," Dr Emma said and reached to lift something of Matt's that made Trey start to feel light headed.

"I better, go, sit down," He said quietly and reached out for something, anything, for support as Matt yelped from another hard contraction.

"Trey! Trey, I need you!" Matt suddenly cried out and reached for Trey's hand. Trey immediately snapped out of the daze he was in and took Matt's hand. He held it tight as he stood by his aching, suffering from unbelievable intense pain, fiance that he loved more than anything.

"I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. I'm so sorry I did this to you," Trey started whimpering some himself as he chanted to Matt. Matt cringed again as he squeezed Trey's hand.

"Don't push yet! Not yet!" Dr. Emma told him.

"I-Can't-NOT PUSH!" Matt yelled.

"Trey! Talk to him! Get his mind on something else," Dr. Emma instructed. Trey just stared at her with wide eyes before looking at Matt. He wasn't sure how to do that when his own mind was on the same thing.

"I can't Trey!" Matt started crying. "I didn't realize it was this bad!" Matt puckered his face and cried.

"Soon we're going to be on our honeymoon. I'll take you anywhere you want to go. Anywhere." Trey started talking to him, using his voice as the focal point. "But before that we're going to be walking down that aisle to say I do to each other. In front of all of our friends and our family, we're going to tell each other I do. I waited a long time for you Matt. A long time. If we can do this, we can do anything."

"I CAN'T!"

"I want you on that bed in that cheap motel room." Trey tried another angle. "I'm going to throw you to it and then tie you to the broken headboard and then chew through your clothes."



"And then I want you on top of me, riding me, until you push me over-"


"No! Until you force me over and shove so hard into me, 'cause believe me, I know I deserve it, so hard into me I feel you in my throat," Trey groaned in Matt's ear, purposely, trying to get him to pay attention. Matt's face cringed again.

"Don't push!"

"Just grab it and pull it out yourself!" Matt yelled at Dr Emma.

"You're doing good Matt. You're amazing and you're doing awesome," Trey groaned, his face still down by Matt's.

"His blood pressure is good! Fetal heart rate is excellent," Someone checking Matt's stats alerted Dr. Emma.

"Okay push!" Dr Emma yelled at Matt. Matt started pushing and grunting and squeezing Trey's hand even tighter. Trey didn't seem to notice. Matt stopped and fell back into the pillow again, breathing hard.

"Don't stop now!" Dr. Emma yelled. "The baby is about to crown! I can see it!" Dr. Emma said with gleeful encouragement. Trey felt his heart drop to his stomach, knowing their baby was almost there.

"Matt, push!" Trey yelled. Matt sat up and gave it another go, pushing hard.

"Breathe!" Dr. Emma yelled. Matt took a quick breath. "Now push!" She yelled. Matt grunted again as he pushed. Trey's face was by Matt's, watching through Matt's legs as if waiting to see the baby shoot through the end zone of a football field. "Push!" Dr. Emma yelled again.

"Push Matt! Push!" Trey started cheering him on. Matt grunted, feeling like he was about to push all of his insides out.


"Push!" Trey repeated Dr. Emma. Matt pushed so hard he started squealing. "Push!" Trey shouted again as Matt was pushing. Matt suddenly turned his face and bit Trey's chin, biting into him as he pushed his body harder than he had ever imagined in his life. "f*ck me!" Trey shouted as Matt bit him. Matt's mouth came off him.

"I will!" He shouted with a groan and then fell back into the pillow again.

"No Matt! Not yet! One more push!" Dr. Emma said with extra encouragement.

"It burns!" Matt shouted.

"Okay relax for a second," Dr. Emma instructed him. Matt's breaths were quick as sweat fell into his eyes. "Okay ready? Come on Matt! One more! Here, Trey, help Matt reach for the baby!" Dr. Emma yelled. Trey gave her wide eyes for a moment.

"The baby?"

"Yes! Take Matt's hand and help him reach for the baby! Screw that!" Dr. Emma yelled, slurring a little. "Come over here and take your baby's shoulders!" She yelled at Trey. Trey acted like he couldn't move for a moment but then suddenly jumped toward Dr. Emma. The next thing he saw he couldn't even think about before Dr. Emma directed him and his gloved hands to grab the baby's head and body that was about to make it's grand entrance. Dr. Emma kept her tiny hands on Trey's. "Drum roll!" She shouted to be cute. "Now tell Matt to PUSH!"

"PUSH! DAMMIT MAN! PUSH!" Trey shouted without thinking. "Matt!" He yelled as Matt gave one last hard push. And with that one last hard push, Trey, with Dr. Emma's assistance, delivered his and Matt's baby.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 138

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- *hands out cigars*

Originally written- June 23, 2009

Chapter summery- Pink or blue? The little bundle is finally here!

"Where's the baby?" Matt suddenly asked. ...

Who's your daddy? Chapter 138

Dr. Emma helped Trey place the baby on Matt's abdomen. Trey's heart was beating fast. He didn't have even a second to stop yet and comprehend it was his own baby he was handling. All he could do was quickly follow directions as Dr. Emma talked. Someone handed him a blanket as Dr. Emma clamped the umbilical cord.

"Cover Matt and the baby with that," Dr. Emma said as Trey just stood there. Matt had his hands on the baby as someone wiped the baby off, but kept his head back for a moment, and his eyes closed. Trey watched as someone placed a tiny pink cap on the baby's head. He then realized the blanket was in his hand. He quickly covered both the baby and Matt with the blanket. Dr. Emma then had him cut the cord, which he did without fainting.

"Why didn't the baby cry?" Trey found the ability to talk again and asked in the middle of everything else.

"She did cry. You evidently blacked out a little," Dr. Emma looked up and told him.

"Oh." Trey smiled. He then froze and just stood there, looking at the wall across from him. Matt was getting his blood pressure taken again as the baby laid shivering against him under the blanket.

Someone suddenly took the blanket and the baby and transported her to a warming unit with a radiant heat source. The baby's nose and mouth were suctioned as someone gently stimulated the baby's feet. All of a sudden the baby started crying. They didn't want to scare Matt and Trey when the baby first came out. Her heart rate was good but she didn't seem to want to make any noise. Now that she was being examined, all she wanted to do was cry. "The neonate is doing excellent!" Someone yelled as they had the baby on her side, rubbing her tiny pink bare back. Trey was next to Matt again, holding just as tightly to his hand as Matt was holding back. He watched every move the Neonatal Team was making on his baby. One of Matt's nurses was still talking to him, making sure he was doing okay. Dr. Emma was working on taking care of the placenta and patching Matt up.

"Where's the baby?" Matt suddenly asked. Trey looked down at him. He realized then Matt was a little out of it.

"The baby is right here. She's about two feet away. Can't you hear her?" Trey asked, his voice light and scratchy.

"No. Yes," Matt said, letting his eyes fall shut a couple times. The baby had quieted down but was occasionally making a little squealing sound.

"It's a girl." Trey looked down at Matt, and laughed. "We had a girl," He said again, feeling his heart lump in his throat a little.

"Are you sure it's mine?" Matt asked, his eyes closed and still lethargic.

"She's yours. I pulled her out myself," Trey told him proudly. Matt suddenly fell into sleep mode. His breaths were heavy as Trey watched his chest rise and fall. His hand was still tightly wrapped in Trey's. Trey kissed it and carefully unfolded his fingers from Matt's to go watch what they were doing with his baby.

"Heart rate?" Someone asked someone else that was handling the baby.

"One hundred per minute."

"Respiratory effort?"

"Regular. No gasping. Two."

"Facial response? Reflex?"

"Facial grimace. Good flexion of arms and legs. Good muscle tone. Two."


"Pink. Two."

"It's the APGAR," Dr. Emma said, standing beside Trey. "So far she's getting all two's."

"She has all two's," Someone turned around and said. "She's a perfect ten."

"She's perfect. She is perfect," Trey stood there smiling and whispering to himself until a noise brought him back to the moment. He continued closely staring at the Neonatal team's every move. "Um, excuse me. But what color of hair does my baby have?" Trey asked. He thought he might have gotten a glimpse of it before the cap was placed on the baby's head. He wasn't sure what he saw because the baby's head was damp, but she seemed to have a full head of light colored hair. As the small pink cap was removed from the baby's head, Trey saw that her hair wasn't as thick as he initially thought, but that her head was covered in a thin soft layer of light strawberry blond hair. "Ginger?" Trey had to keep himself from shouting. "I made a ginger baby?"

"No. Looks like it will probably turn blond," Someone looked down at the baby and said before putting the small cap back on her.

"The baby will be taken to the nursery now for it's bath and some simple tests. Her heel will be pricked for a blood test and she'll be given some vaccinations. You can accompany her to the nursery if you'd like."

"Yes. Can we please have all that done right here?" Trey asked. He started shaking a little from adrenaline and Dr. Emma noticed. "I don't want to leave Matt but I want to stay with the baby. Can we please have all of that done right here? I'm sorry." Trey tried smiling a little. "I thought all of this was arranged before we came in but I guess I forgot to ask about that part."

"Sure. That can be arranged," Dr. Emma assured him, understanding their situation and why they didn't want the baby out of their sight. "You need to eat. While Matt is resting and the rest of the test is being performed on the baby, I think you need to eat something. In fact, I think I need to eat something," She said. She then called for some food to be brought up for Trey. Trey sat back down next to Matt and watched anxiously as different things were brought in to finish the tests on the baby. A few minutes later Trey watched as the baby received her first bath.

"You can hold her or she can be placed-"

"I want to hold her," Trey said, almost as if he was slightly threatened by what the nurse was about to say.

"Okay. You can take your shirt off if you'd like." The person observing the baby told him. Trey smirked.

"Am I getting a bath too?"

"No. But it provides better warmth for the baby," They explained. Trey nodded and pulled his shirt off. "Okay. Would you like to sit down?" The person looked up again and asked.

"Sure," Trey said and sat down. All of a sudden the baby was being placed against his chest. It felt surreal as he looked down at the small pinkish colored baby with a head of strawberry blond hair laying curled up against his chest. Trey placed his hands against her and a blanket was laid over them. He listened to Matt's soft snores as he took in the moment of holding his newborn.

The baby had fallen to sleep against Trey. The moment seemed to stop for Trey but as someone walked into the room to take the baby again he felt like it had been only seconds that he was sitting there with her. He acted like he didn't want to hand the baby over. But the nurse assured him he was only going to wrap the baby in a blanket and hand her right back. Which he did. Trey watched every single moment. The nurse also snuck in weighing and measuring the baby and clipped her fingernails.

"Seven pounds and twenty inches. Excellent." The nurse said as he turned around with the baby. Trey smiled proudly. He was then handed his baby again, this time snugly wrapped in a soft pink blanket. Her bottom lip quivered as she stayed asleep in her daddy's arms. "You have a lot of people here asking about this new little girl. No one told them anything yet other than the baby was born and that both baby and daddies are fine," The nurse mentioned real quick. Trey smiled.

"We want some time just for ourselves for a little while. At least until Matt wakes up. Then I'll go and make the announcement and stuff. But right now just tell them everything is awesome and that Matt and I just need our privacy for a few minutes longer," Trey whispered at him. He knew their dads were probably aching for more news and to see their new grandchild, but as anxious as Trey was to go tell everyone everything there was to tell, he didn't want to give up the moment yet of it being just him, Matt, and their baby. And besides, he really did want Matt to get all the information first, before anyone else did. He knew he'd wake up soon and would probably want to try feeding her before anything else. Trey sat there staring at her, watching her face as she slept.

She had a tiny thin blond colored layer of eyebrow over each eye. She seemed to look exactly like Matt. Trey thought she had Matt's eyes, Matt's nose, and Matt's lips. But as he studied her face, she did seem to definitely have his chin. He also noticed after peeking under the cap, she also had his earlobes, not Matt's. No one else would be able to tell who she looked like yet, but everyone would agree her lips took after Matt's and her chin took after Trey's, just much smaller and prettier, as Trey would tell everyone. The baby suddenly smiled a little, from gas, and Trey caught a glimpse of what would be his smile.

"Where are you?" Matt suddenly moaned as he started waking up.

"Right here. I'm right here. We're right here," Trey whispered at him as Matt's eyes came open and he sat up.

"Oh my God. sh*t," Matt looked at the baby laying in Trey's arms and cursed. Trey giggled.

"Yeah. That's pretty much what I thought too. She has your eyes. And definitely your lips," Trey told him as Matt stared at the tiny pink wrapped up bundle in Trey's arms.

"Can I hold her?" Matt suddenly asked. Trey laughed, and then swallowed the huge lump that was in his throat. The look on Matt's face was one he had never seen before and would never forget. Trey always knew he wanted a child. But that became less of a thought as he lived his life with Matt and realized they had plenty of other things that had to come first. As he handed the baby over into Matt's arms, it was confirmed for him that the only thing more amazing than having a child was having a child with the man he loved. He knew the moment him and Matt found out Matt was pregnant that he wouldn't have wanted a child with anyone else, but that thought was just a thought until now. Now he realized how true that really was. He kissed Matt's head after laying the baby in his arms. He immediately felt like something was missing, feeling empty all of a sudden. But as he stood there watching Matt study her the way he had just been doing, the empty feeling was completely filled again.

"She has red hair," Trey said in a mock disgruntled tone.

"She does?" Matt asked quietly, giggling a little, too focused on just staring at her than to bother peeking under the little pink cap.

"Well not really. It's sorta strawberry blond. Everyone thinks it's going to fall out and turn blond. I don't care what color it is. She's perfect," Trey whispered, kissing Matt's head again.

"Have our dads seen her?"

"No. I haven't talked to them yet. No one has even told anyone we had a girl," Trey said, amused.

"You wanted a boy," Matt mentioned quietly as he stared at his baby.

"A wanted a healthy baby. That's what we both wanted. And that's exactly what we got. We can't ask for more than that."

"She really is perfect," Matt mumbled, very gently sliding the tip of his pinky around her face. "I can't believe we had something to do with this," Matt said in a quiet, tired voice as he stared down at his baby, forgetting all about how much it had hurt.

"The doctors were talking about how smooth of a complexion she has. They said it's beautiful," Trey told him.

"She is."

"Okay," Dr. Emma finally came back in, looking tired and a bit hung over. "There is a mob of people out here in the VIP waiting room, demanding information. One of them is threatening to call the cops," She said with her cute accent. Trey and Matt both snickered a little.

"That would be my dad," Matt said, speaking a little louder and sounding like he just woke up.

"I should probably go make an appearance," Trey said, not wanting to take his eyes off their new baby. Matt nodded.

"I have it under control. Just don't be gone that long," Matt looked at him and said. Trey nodded before taking Matt's face into his hands and giving him a long, smooth kiss, adding in a bit of tongue. Dr. Emma couldn't help but watch and almost started blushing.

"I won't be long."

"Mm. But, you are long," Matt told him. Trey giggled.

"You're longer."

"Yeah, I am," Matt said and then focused his attention back down at his baby. Trey giggled again as he left the room, walking taller than he ever had. Dr. Emma in the meantime took it upon herself to explain to Matt how to nurse. She said some babies like to sleep for several hours before their first feeding. So in the meantime Dr. Emma explained in grand detail how it's all done. Matt nodded along, pretending to be paying attention.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 139

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- This was originally the last chapter of this story. I had an epilogue already written up. But the gods of fanfic convinced me to keep writing and it has since turned into the biggest thing I've ever written in my life (spanning over 4 years now) and thank goodness too because a lot of story and a lot of characters you guys wouldn't be able to know and love if I would have ended the story here. There is A LOT more coming up, a lot of good debauchery story lines coming up and two of my most favorite characters (and favorite couples) are yet to be introduced. The story also worked itself into an actual plot from here, but in the meantime it takes A LOT of twists and turns but I promise if you keep up with it it will all make sense and be totally worth it in the end. ;) Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that reads this and if you have "another year or so" to devote a few minutes of reading each time, I promise you you will not be left disappointed. ;) Thank you!!!

Originally written- June 23, 2009

Chapter summery- The guys introduce their baby to the crew and finally announce what they named her. Then Matt nurses. ;p Don't wanna miss that!!!

Everyone, meet Bob. ...

Who's your daddy? Chapter 139

Trey walked into the so called VIP waiting room at the L.A. hospital where all his friends and his dads were waiting. As soon as he walked in the room got quiet and suddenly there was this grand applause. Trey couldn't help but stand there and grin. Sam was the first to start approaching him, digital camera in hand.

"Well?" He stopped in front of Trey and asked. Trey smiled.

"I'd first just like to say thank you to everyone that's been here for Matt and me over the years and especially over the last nine months. And especially here tonight. We appreciate all of you and we love all of you very much. I'd secondly like to say Matt and I are the proud parents of a healthy beautiful bouncing baby." Trey grinned again, and left it at that for a moment. No one seemed to think it was that funny as they stood there staring at him.

"Oh come on Trey! What do I have? A grandson or a granddaughter?" Shawn yelled. Trey smiled.

"A granddaughter. It's a girl!" He announced loud and proud. After a few gasps everyone started applauding even louder. He was thankful they were in the VIP waiting room where it wasn't near any surgery or recovery rooms. "If you all wait just a moment I'll bring Matt and the baby in. Matt might be feeding her so we'll have to wait until after that, but we'd really prefer letting everyone see her at one time instead of there being a line down the hall. The doctor said it was okay to do this. I just ask to please hold your applause and try not to breathe on her and wash your hands," Trey instructed. "Even though we probably won't be passing her around right now," He then added. He noticed their dads all had an extra anxious look on their faces. He raised his fingers at them and motioned for them to follow him.

"Ugh, thank god," Sam mumbled as he hurried in front of the other dads to Trey's side.

"Again, thank you everyone and be patient and wait just a few more minutes and you'll all get to see her. In the meantime, get what you'd like from the vending machine. It's on me," Trey said before he left the room.

Sam, followed closely by Shawn, took in a quick breath as he entered the room, seeing his son sitting in bed with the small pink bundle in his arms. Trey smiled as he stood beside his fiance and his new baby. Surprisingly Gerald was the first one to the bed, taking her from Matt's arms. Matt hesitated, a little unsure of how to hand the baby over from his arms into another so Trey helped him. Gerald completely shut everyone else out as he started softly talking to his new granddaughter, wishing her a happy birthday. Matt smirked a little, considering his dad Gerald was never really one to say happy birthday to anyone. The rest of the granddads were anxious to take her into their arms but they each patiently waited their turn and spent just as much time quietly talking to the sleeping baby.

"I just hope she wants to eat when she wakes up." Matt sat back with his hand on his deflated ex-baby bump and said in a groggy voice. Trey was sitting next to him again, sliding his fingers over Matt's other hand.

"She'll eat," Trey told him with a small smile. "If she's anything like me, and I'm pretty sure she is, considering how fast she fell to sleep as soon as her job was done, she'll wake up and be ready to eat," He explained. Matt smiled.

"I'm just worried. Dr. Emma said one of the things they evaluate over the next few hours is how willing she is and how much she eats."

"Are you going to try nursing her?" Trey asked. Matt shrugged.

"You want to see that don't you?" Matt asked him, seriously, knowing how curious Trey was about everything.

"Kinda, yeah."

"Then yes. I'll nurse her," He told him. Trey lifted Matt's hand and kissed it. He wanted to crawl in bed next to him and just hold him while they took a power nap. But at the same time neither one of them wanted to take their eyes off their baby.

"So I suppose there won't be any Torah readings in the synagogue?" Sam asked, teasing as he held the baby, after spending five minutes telling her how amazing she was and before passing her to Shawn.

"No. But we're going to have the Simchat Bat out in the waiting room," Matt responded sarcastically. Trey sat there and watched his dad talk softly to the sleeping baby.

"Thank you boys so much." Shawn smiled as he walked up to Matt and Trey after handing the baby over to Randy. He then kissed them both on the forehead.

"We're glad you like her." Trey smiled.

"Yeah. You guys have no choice but to be satisfied. Neither one of us will be getting knocked up again for at least the next six weeks," Matt added, still feeling a little out of it. Trey looked over at him and pouted a little.

"Does that mean what I think it means?" He asked. Matt nodded. "Dammit. I knew I should have made love to you in the backseat out in the parking lot," He teased, half meaning it. Matt snickered.

All of a sudden Garrow was standing in the doorway to Matt's room. He looked a little confused but then spotted Trey and started to grin. They heard someone whisper something from the other side of the wall where Garrow was standing. Garrow started smiling.

"Can we please see da baby now?" He asked. Everyone started giggling, causing Garrow's smile to grow wider.

"Yes. And tell your daddy Eric he better go sit down or he's gonna be the last to hold her," Trey told him. Garrow just stared at him before turning to the person that brought him down the hall. David snickered and picked him up to take him back to the waiting room real quick before anyone came out of Matt's room.

With their dads ahead of them, Trey carefully pushed Matt and the baby to the group waiting to see her. The doctor told them since she was a healthy baby and her and Matt were both doing good, it'd be okay to take her out of the room for a few minutes. He advised them not to let anyone get too close, but as long as it was just their friends, the people they were around all the time anyway and pretty much already shared the same germs with, it'd be okay for them to see her but that only a select few should hold her. They understood that and was about to make their grand entrance with her. Trey slowly pushed Matt into the room. He had the baby wrapped up snug in her pink blanket still, the little pink cap still over her head. She was sleeping as everyone gave a hushed aww at the same time, just from the vision of her being in Matt's arms while Trey pushed them in the wheelchair.

"Everyone, meet Bob," Trey grinned and told the group of people. They all had their eyes on the baby but quickly realized what Trey just said.

"Like you named your kid Bob?" Dian looked up and said. Trey giggled again as Matt just stared at his sleeping baby.

"Everyone," Trey started talking again from behind the wheelchair, his voice a little louder. "I'd like to officially, and finally, introduce to you Nava Mercia Eveline," Trey announced loud and clear and then quickly added his and Matt's last names, Matt's first. The baby's last name would be hyphenated, the same way they were going to hyphenate their last names for themselves the day they get married. Trey looked around smiling at everyone. "Our daughter. We're going to call her Ella for short," Trey then told the group. He then went on and explained exactly how to pronounce her name and what the names stood for, explaining Nava, being a variant of the Hebrew name Naaveh, was from Jewish heritage, meaning beautiful. Mercia being an old English name and that the Latin heritage now uses it as another form of the name Mercy. And Eveline was simply a name they both liked and that the last part of the name was pronounced leen although it was traditionally spelled with an i.l.n. and then he explained Ella was a nickname for Eveline. According to them anyway.

Everyone eventually settled into the name and decided they all liked it. Randy had a bit of a hard time pronouncing the baby's second middle name and Trey helped him understand the name had three syllables, not two. He told him it was sorta like saying ever but without the r and leen instead. He finally got the hang of it. Sam really liked the baby's first name but debated that it was pronounced Nava like Navy. Matt and Trey said no, it was pronounced Nava like nap. Although Trey seemed to pronounce it with a bit of an accent like nada instead of nap. Sam eventually gave in and pronounced it the way they insisted it was pronounced.

"That sounds like something Trey and Matt would pick," Kacey whispered over to Kevin. "No Mercy Ever?" She said to him, straight faced. Kevin just stared at her for a moment. It was hard for him to just enjoy the moment, but he finally snickered a little.

"That's pretty cool," He told Kacey, instead of insisting that wasn't what they had done. Although the longer he would have thought about it he would have realized that actually made perfect sense, considering it was Matt and Trey.

Everyone got their chance to see the baby up close and take pictures. Jason finally left the room so Eric could come in. Eric got to hold the baby the longest before passing her over to David for a second time. This time as David held her she opened her eyes and just stared at him. The dull blue of her glossy newborn eyes seemed to search his face, quietly studying it just as much as everyone was doing to her. He hadn't had any babies of his own yet but he knew he probably looked like a big blurry blob to the hours old infant. He giggled a little, staring back into her eyes. Trey finally noticed the baby was awake.

"Hey! You're bonding with my baby!" He told David, teasing a little. David giggled.

"I was hoping you guys wouldn't notice," He responded with a grin. David held her for a few more minutes, not wanting to give her back. The sun was now shining in on the room and people realized it was time to leave to get back to their own daily lives for a while. David finally handed her over to Trey and said he'd visit again before flying home. Their dads however were going to be staying with them for a week. Matt was ready to just chill in the privacy of his hospital bed for a couple more days with his newborn and his fiance.

Sam pushed Matt back to his room as Trey walked the hall with his new daughter, watching as she seemed to now be studying his face. Once back in the room he sat down and held her close enough to see him, he hoped anyway. Dr. Emma explained to them that new babies can see only inches from their face. Trey wanted to make sure she saw him and Matt the clearest.

Dr Emma finally came back in to check on Matt and the baby and advised for Matt to try feeding her. He felt a little nervous as everyone watched but this time he didn't mind their dads being there, knowing they had more experience with this and maybe could lend some advice.

"She's either going to want to do it, or not want to do it," Dr. Emma explained as the simplest advice there was. "If she doesn't latch on to nurse, we'll try bottle feeding her. Pumping isn't that bad," She told Matt. Since a guy's nipple swelled some during pregnancy, ready to produce breast milk through it, Dr. Emma said it'd be better for not only the baby, but for Matt's nipples also if the baby went ahead and nursed. It would help the swelling go away. Trey raised his hand and offered to help also, but Dr. Emma explained Matt wouldn't feel much except for a tiny amount of pressure as the baby suckled but if Trey did it it would hurt like hell. She then told Trey he'd just have to wait until Matt was no longer breast feeding for his nipples to turn back to normal.

Trey sat there blushing a little after Dr. Emma's explanation but quickly turned his attention to what everyone else was focused on and that was Matt ready to nurse for the first time. Dr Emma continued talking and mentioned how as they get to know her, they'll understand what her different cries meant. But so far she seemed to be a really quiet baby.

She didn't seem hungry but intently watched Matt as Trey laid her on Matt's lap to stare up at him. Matt untied his gown from the back to lower it. The baby's eyes started to close as Matt and Trey both just sat there staring at her, taking turns gushing over every little thing she did. Which was lay there. But to them she was accomplishing so much more in her first few hours as their daughter.

"Well are you gonna try feeding her or not?" Gerald got a little impatient and finally asked. Matt just looked up at him but then figured he may as well try so that no one thought they weren't feeding their baby. The longer she waited to eat the more nervous Matt felt about her not wanting to. Trey helped him pick her up and hold her against his chest. Her little face acted like it wanted to turn away but finally, as if out of nowhere, her tiny mouth gripped Matt and she started to suckle. Matt felt nothing but an instant relief as Trey observed. Sam and Shawn started taking pictures as Randy videotaped it.

Dr Emma congratulated Matt, reminded him the baby might only eat for a few seconds and then suddenly just want to simply suckle, and that it was best not to let her do that right now, but to get her used to Matt's nipple being there simply for food. They understood and then she left. Trey fetched the pacifier that they had in their hospital bag baby kit. All of their friends that had babies allowed their babies to use a pacifier at birth. Some stopped it at three or four months old so the baby didn't become dependent on it. Some allowed their babies to decide for themselves how long they wanted it. None of them seemed to want it much past age two. Of course they only had Jason, Frank, and their friend Arther as references at the moment, but together they decided to give their baby the chance to decide for herself if a pacifier was her thing or not. Trey called it a bippie when he was little so that's what they referred to it as. He tried suggesting they call it a sucky instead but Matt said no.

A while later the dads were gone from the room. Matt was laying back chowing down on a Litter Ceasers pizza as Trey walked the room with Ella. The baby was awake again and was staring at Trey as he talked.

"This is awesome," Trey finally said a little louder, directing the comment at Matt. Matt smiled with pizza sauce smeared across his top lip.

"It is. I can't wait to get her home. I think I sorta understand what Eric is going through now."

"I know. It really sucks. He knows he's lucky though just to have her at all. Hey, we might be related to Eric one day."

"Like we aren't already?" Matt said, smiling.

"Yeah. We pretty much raised him. You really did awesome by the way. I mean with what you did just a few hours ago," Trey gently lifted the baby as he gave Matt an endearing stare. "That was the most traumatizing event I've ever experienced in my life," Trey started laughing and said. Matt grinned. "But it was amazing, and now she's here. And we have a daughter." Trey's voice got quiet again as he smiled big at Matt.

"Now we're related," Matt told him, smiling as he rested between pizza slices. Trey giggled.

"Yeah. I thought it took marriage all this time."

"That's next."

"It is. I love you Matt," Trey paused to look at him and said. Matt stared at him for a moment.

"I love you too. I can honestly say I really have never felt closer to anyone my entire life, than I do right now, with you," Matt sincerely replied. Trey smiled at him. "Okay my turn." Matt suddenly held his arms out, wanting to hold the baby. Trey grinned and walked her to him and then very gently sat in bed next to Matt, removing the pizza box from the bed.

"Good pizza?"

"Delicious. Thank you. It was so good I'm thinking about naming the next one Caesar," Matt teased as he stared down at his infant. Trey snickered.

"Caesar? Maybe. Cleopatra would be prettier."

"I am not naming my kid Cleopatra," Matt groaned. Trey giggled. "Next time we're giving Ella a little brother," Matt's voice croaked as he lowered his voice even more, watching the baby's eyes close for sleep. Trey grinned.

"Caesar it is then."

Trey cuddled into Matt as he watched Matt softly whisper to their baby.

"She's perfect," Matt whispered again.

"Just like her daddy," Trey whispered back, trying hard to stay on the edge of the bed so he could snuggle into Matt's side. Matt smiled and wrapped his arm around him, holding both his babies.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 140

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Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- None, except thank you for reading.

Originally written- June 23, 2009

Chapter summery- First night home with the new baby! How will the boys do at their new job as daddy?

"You have to take your shirt off," Trey told him. Matt shrugged and pulled his shirt off. ...

Who's your daddy? Chapter 140

"We should have had that baby show come and tape our first twenty-four hours at home as new parents," Trey said as he carried the baby in, nestled like a tiny little pea inside the huge baby carrier. Matt walked ahead of them carrying nothing.

"Yeah. That's all we need to keep our privacy. Besides, your dad is gonna tape everything. We'll just sell that to some network," Matt said sarcastically as Randy was trying to catch up with them after helping to grab some bags, digital camcorder in hand and already on record. Trey snickered as Matt unlocked the door. Their dogs and cats, graciously fed by the neighbor, was there to greet them as they walked in.

"Where should I put this?" Trey held the baby in her carrier up and asked to be funny. Matt just stood there giving him a look.

"I'll take that," Sam was at the ready and took the baby from Trey. Him, Shawn, and Randy then took it from there. Gerald helped Trey take all the bags into their room as Matt crawled into bed. He was in a little bit of pain still and the pain meds he was on wasn't helping his mood any.

Gerald had said he'd make dinner for everyone that night. Trey was anxious to get back to his baby and show her around the house, but he wanted their dads to spend as much time as they wanted with her since they had to get back to their own lives in a week in a completely different state. And besides, him and Matt both needed a bit of sleep, not to mention there was a little bit of something else he needed to put his attention on for the moment. He crawled into the bed and wrapped his arms around Matt.

"Are you just in the habit now of laying on your left side?" Trey whispered to the back of Matt's neck.

"I can't really move. If I break a stitch it isn't gonna be that pretty," Matt mumbled, his mood feeling a bit on the droopy side.

"It's always pretty," Trey mumbled back. Matt couldn't help but snicker.

"Thank you for taking care of me," Matt told him. Even if he preferred Trey's arms not being around him at the moment so that he could sleep off the medications, he knew he owed Trey a huge thank you.

"It was my pleasure. And you can thank me properly in a few weeks," Trey told him, kissing the back of his ear. "Our baby has my ears," Trey whispered to him. Matt smiled.

"She looks just like you."

"She looks just like you."

"She does kinda have my eyes."

"And your lips."

"I hope her eyes turn bright blue like yours."

"I hope her hair turns blond and not orange."

"We'll love her even if it does turn orange. But yeah, I hope so too."

"Are you hungry?"



"A little."

"Do you want to see our baby."

"Yes," Matt whined some, unusually liking the way Trey was babying him. "But if they're having a lot of fun with her, which we know they are, I'll just wait until I come in there in a little while. I'm gonna try to sleep some of the loopy feeling off."

"Okay. But I think that loopy feeling is called being in love with our new baby," Trey whispered to him, kissing his ear. Matt smiled again.

Trey left Matt alone for a while so he could just rest and gather his thoughts. He walked back into the living room and found the granddads cooing over his infant. Sam and Shawn were taking turns holding her while Randy worked the room with the camcorder.

"She's pretty cool isn't she?" Trey walked up to the scene and asked with another proud smile.

"And there's daddy," Shawn said as Ella laid in his arms, her little eyes half open and trying to sleep again. She was swaddled in her receiving blanket.

"Do you think she's getting too hot wrapped up in a blanket like that?" Trey stared at his daughter and asked.

"No. This helps babies feel secure. And she needs to stay warm right now," Shawn explained as he smiled. He then handed her over to Sam.

"She definitely has Matt's mouth," Sam said as he took his grandchild into his arms. Randy did an extreme close up on the baby's mouth.

"Looks like she has a mixture of their noses," Shawn said about the baby's teeny tiny little round nose.

"Yeah. Definitely," Sam agreed. "Although she might have Gerald's nose now that I look at it," He said. Trey started giggling, knowing there was absolutely no way to tell who's nose she might or might not have had. But he found it funny the way they were all competing with her.

"That lasagna my dad is making smells awesome," Matt mumbled as he heard Trey walk into the room, knowing it better be Trey since no one else was allowed to just walk into the bedroom without knocking. Matt slowly turned over to look. Trey was sitting down on the bed, slowly, with the tiny pink wrapped bundle in his arms. "Now that's a treat to wake up to," Matt said in a groggy voice, not really getting much sleep but drifting into enough of a sleep mode to feel a little better. He carefully sat up, making sure he didn't tear a stitch, as Trey sat next to him. "Is she hungry?"

"I don't think so. She's still sleeping," Trey whispered as he lowered the baby to the bed so she could lay in between them.

"Can we take that blanket off her? I forget what her hands and feet looked like," Matt asked. Trey smirked.

"I know. But our dads, all of them, keep insisting she needs to stay warm.

"I'll hold her. I'll put her up to my chest."

"You have to take your shirt off," Trey told him. Matt shrugged and pulled his shirt off. Trey smiled and started unwrapping the baby. She cringed a little as her little arms flailed up into the air for a moment.


"Think I should put her back?" Trey asked, wondering if he should wrap her back up again.

"No. She'll be okay. She's got some chubby little legs," Matt noticed as the baby settled down again. She was a skinny little thing in just her tiny newborn diaper. Her legs seemed to be the only part that had any fat.

"She's got fat toes."

And her toes. Trey delicately rubbed the tip of his finger against each tiny toe.

"When is she gonna get eyebrows?" Matt asked. Trey started giggling.

"She has eyebrows! They're just really light. Her cheeks already look a little chubbier than they did when she first came out. Must be your amazing nipple milk," Trey looked over at Matt and said. Matt smirked.

"Her head doesn't look so coned shaped anymore."

"They did a whole bunch of tests on her. It was a little creepy to watch. Seemed like one of those alien abduction movies," Trey said, relating to him what was going on while he was passed out sleeping after the baby was born.

"Dr. Emma actually let you deliver her?"

"With help. She wanted you to do it at first. Like, reach through your legs and help pull her out, but you were too busy throwing a hissy fit over something," Trey said, trying to be funny. Matt laughed a little. "Later tonight I'll work on all the pictures and the announcements. Put a little something fancy up on the site," Trey told him as Matt lifted his newborn baby and laid her against his chest. Trey pulled the blanket up over all three of them.

Later that night Trey served Matt dinner in bed while Ella, swaddled again in her blanket thanks to Sam's help, was laying beside him sleeping. Angela was now there too to help Trey with some things while the grandparents all relaxed and took time with the baby. When Matt would let her out of his sight at least.

Later, Trey was sitting up in bed, holding the baby and watching every little thing she did, which was an occasional eyebrow twitch, as Matt washed up for the night.

"We have to rub some of that stuff on the umbilical cord thing," Trey reminded Matt as he stood in the bathroom.

"Remember when you found out I was pregnant with her?" Matt asked from the sink.

"Yeah. How can I forget? I found the pregnancy test in the trash."

"No, just the box."

"Well yeah, just the box. You were hiding the test under your pillow!"

"You took a picture of it didn't you?"


"You did. I heard your cellphone take a picture of it saying plus for pregnant."

"Yeah." Trey grinned. "I did. The picture's still on my cellphone. We'll print it off one day and add it to her scrapbook."

"Do you think she's ready to eat?" Matt asked, walking out, looking almost too thin all of a sudden. To Trey at least. "She doesn't seem to wanna eat that much. That's worrying me," Matt said as he crawled back in bed.

"So you're gonna be the worrier now?" Trey asked, giving Matt an amused look. Matt shrugged a little. "She'll let us know when she wants to eat. She's just a quiet, content, chilled out little daddies girl," Trey said and then laid a small soft kiss on the baby's forehead. He held the baby over for Matt to do the same thing before getting up and putting the baby into her bassinet that was nestled beside their bed. He then turned off the lights and wrapped his arms around Matt.

Less than forty-five minutes later they both shot up in bed.

"What the hell is that?" Matt asked, a little louder than he meant. The baby was shrieking a shrilling newborn cry from her bassinet.

"I'll get it," Trey said, still just as much in sleep mode as Matt, as he quickly slid out of bed to lift his crying newborn baby from hers. Matt watched through the dark and then fell back into his pillow.

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