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Re: Who's your daddy? 141

Postby willowrose » Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:31 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- None, except thank you for reading.

Originally written- June 24, 2009

Chapter summery- Trey and Matt get into a routine of having a newborn in the house. Jason finally gets Eric to himself for a while.

"That way you feel comfortable enough in knowing it's not just our baby's home, it's our home." Jason told him. ...

Who's your daddy? Chapter 141

Ella ate a little and then decided to stay awake for two hours. Trey felt guilty about putting her back into her bassinet while she was awake so he tiredly walked her around the room, talking to her and softly singing to her for a while. The baby watched him with each word. Matt turned over after feeding the baby and pulled the covers up over his head.

She eventually fell to sleep and Trey eventually fell to sleep against Matt again.

Early the next morning two of the four granddads tried sneaking into Matt and Trey's room to get the baby only to be left extremely disappointed by finding the door locked.

"Damn brats," One of them mumbled under his breath as they moped away to eat breakfast instead.


"Okay, are you ready?" Jason walked into the NICU where Eric was dressed after taking a shower, using the private showers they had available for the fathers staying there. He grabbed Eric and kissed his head. Eric nodded.

"As soon as Frank walks in, I'm ready to go," Eric told him. Their plans had changed slightly after the excitement of Matt going into labor and Eric suddenly deciding he didn't want to leave the baby's side again. But it took only a few days for Jason to convince him to change his mind and let him take him out for an hour.

"Frank is here. He's down in the cafe getting something to eat real fast. He'll be up in just a few minutes," Jason said, then washed his hands to touch the baby again that morning. The hospital usually allowed only one parent at a time to stay in the private overnight rooms connected to the NICU but Jason got them to allow him to stay too for at least one night. He spent the night with Eric but all they did was sleep, no talking, barely any touching.

Frank walked in a few minutes later, said a quick hello to Eric, and then washed his hands to see the baby. Eric stared at his baby a little longer, finally told her he'd see her in an hour, and then felt Jason's hand grab his to lead him from the room.


Trey got up first. The first thing he did was look inside the bassinet. He was surprised to find the baby awake, her little eyes drifting at a bunch of nothing above her. He giggled quietly as he lifted her out of her bed. She was still snugly wrapped in her pink blanket.

"Is she hungry?" Matt asked, his eyes still closed.

"No. But I think she's wet," Trey said and laid the baby down on the bed. Matt sat up to watch.

"Do you know how to change her?"

"Just pull the dirty one off and put a clean one on, right?" Trey glanced up and asked. Matt handed him a tiny diaper from the bedside stand.

"I remember when this thing was filled with condoms instead."

"Why was that thing ever filled with condoms anyway? We never used one."

"We liked the way they glowed in the dark. And then there were the flavored ones. We had some fun with those," Matt said, yawning as Trey unwrapped the baby. Her little arms shook up into the air again, stretching her fingers before they came to a rest at her sides. Her eyes looked glossy still as she slowly open and closed them a couple times, watching Trey.

"Okay, um," Trey just paused for a moment and stared. "So, this thing comes off first." Trey pointed at the little diaper half hanging off the baby already.

"That would be it," Matt said, yawning again. Trey carefully removed the diaper as if he was going to accidentally remove the baby's skin with it. Once it was off, he handed it to Matt and then just paused again. "Need a wipe?"

"Yeah. I guess so. Although there's nothing there. Didn't doctor Emma say to use a cotton ball or something?"

"That was for the umbilical cord area. I'll get you a wipe," Matt said and quickly retrieved a wipe for Trey. Trey took it and started laughing.

"I could wrap her in this thing," He said, holding it up.

"Just remember to swipe from front to back. Want the powder or the lotion?"

"Um, powder. No! Lotion. No wait! How about both?"

"That might create some weird paste on her."


"Boys?" There was suddenly a knock on the door. It was Shawn. Sam was standing next to him. "Are you awake in there? Need any help?" Shawn asked. They had noticed light from under the door now like the curtains had been opened.

"No dad! We're fine! Thanks!" Trey yelled back.

"Just do the powder. But don't choke her with it," Matt said, handing him just the powder.

"Okay," Trey said as he stared down at the baby. "How am I supposed to lift her to put the diaper under her?" He suddenly asked. Matt just sat there for a moment. He finally started to giggle and got up on his knees on the other side of the baby.

"Wait, we need to document this," Matt said and grabbed his cellphone to take pictures.

"Thanks. Now what?" Trey glanced up at him again and said a bit sarcastically.

"Um, sh*t. I don't know. I think you just lift her legs. Haven't you ever changed a baby before?"

"No. Not really. And I'm not even going to ask because I'm pretty damn sure you never have either."

"Yeah, I haven't. I used to babysit my sister but by the time I was old enough to babysit her she was like already ten."

"My sister used to babysit me when I was ten. She pushed me down the stairs a couple times," Trey said, quietly, as if pausing to reminisce for a moment. Matt just stared at him, giving him a bit of a horrified look.

"Maybe we should think about it before giving Ella a sibling," He said, teasing. Trey's thoughts snapped back into the moment.

"Let's just figure out how to do this diaper thing before we talk more babies."

"Okay. Just, like take her feet and lift up her legs and then scoot the diaper in place."

"Won't that hurt her? If I'm like lifting her up into the air by her legs?"

"No! You're not going to lift her, just," Matt stared down at his fully alert baby. She started shivering a little.

"Here, I'll lift her and you place the diaper where it should be," Matt said and then carefully put his hands under the baby and lifted her completely up off the bed. Trey quickly laid down the diaper. Matt had one hand under the baby's butt and the other under her neck and head, looking at her upside down. He started smiling and making cute noises at her as her eyes rolled a little as if seeking out who was talking to her.

"You can put her down now."

"Oh." Matt snapped back to what they were doing and laid her back into position. Trey just stood there staring down at his infant again. "Now what?"

"sh*t. I think it's backwards," Trey started giggling a little and said. Matt shrugged.

"Okay, let's do this again," He said and lifted the baby again for Trey to fix the diaper. They finally got her diapered, wrapped her up in her blanket again and then Trey put her into Matt's arms to try feeding her. She nursed for a couple minutes and then was done. But she didn't seem to want to go back to sleep.

They quietly left their room and went into the baby's nursery. Matt officially, and quietly, so that no one would know they were up and out yet, showed Ella around her room while Trey went through the large amount of clothes they had for her, trying to decide what to dress her in for the day. They quickly discovered they would need more than one outfit for the day as the baby puked up all over the pink and yellow frilly dress they had her in as soon as they got her in it. They opted for a onesie outfit that said If you think I'm cute, you should see my grandpa for the morning instead. It was an outfit Randy had sent.


"See? Not so bad right?" Jason asked as he turned the corner with Eric in the car. Eric sat there a little stiff, watching the other vehicles around him. "You can relax a little sweetie," Jason looked over at him and said. Eric exhaled a deep breath.

"I just don't want anything happening to us. I really hate the thought of being away from her," Eric admitted quietly. Jason watched him for a moment as they were at a red light.

"Well if we're sent into the hospital at least she'll already be there," He said, trying to be funny. Eric didn't laugh.

"So where are we going?" Eric asked, still watching out the window.

"I thought maybe we can go and get some breakfast, even if it's just a drive through somewhere and I'd like to take you home for a little bit."

"It'll take too long to get back if we go all the way back to your house. We'll only be there for like twenty minutes and then we'll have to come back," Eric reminded him.

"Well I was thinking, instead of my house, let's make it our house," Jason told him. Eric finally looked over at him.

"You're willing to put me on the deed to your house?"

"I am." Jason nodded. "That way you feel comfortable enough in knowing it's not just our baby's home, it's our home," Jason told him, reaching over to touch Eric's hand. "Garrow is still in my will to inherit at least my part of the house. That isn't going to change. Except we should probably both fix our wills now that another baby is involved. I mean, once everything else takes place," Jason explained. "Can we do that?" He glanced over at Eric. "How does that sound? Make the house ours?" He repeated. Eric was staring at him now. He finally started to smile.

"Thank you," He said quietly. Jason accepted that as the only answer he needed. Instead of going home they decided to go and get some fresh air by walking around a park.


Matt and Trey's dads passed the baby back and forth again all day. She ate every couple hours, this time taking about ten minutes, and had her diaper changed about twelve more times. Trey wasn't about to complain about their dads taking over diaper changing duty. They also showed them how to burp the baby as she ate. After a couple feedings, they finally got the hang of it. Matt would pull her away from eating every few minutes to gently sit her against his hand and then carefully burp her. Every once in a while he'd hand her over to Trey instead. Trey would choose to lay her against his shoulder and gently pat at her back. Although slightly exhausted from all the feeding, Matt decided to use the pump Dr. Emma suggested to pump some milk for her to eat during the night once they started taking turns getting up with her. The dogs sniffed at her a couple times and the cats acted as if they cared less. Trey took one of her blankets she was using in the hospital and placed it next to the dogs beds so they could get used to her scent.

The baby didn't do much. They kept her swaddled all day as she was passed around. She occasionally started making a sucking noise to signal she was hungry and a couple times she cried to signal it instead. Other than that she stayed quiet and fell into a pretty easy routine of being fed. Trey and Matt sat up in bed with her again for a couple hours before putting her in the bassinet to sleep. She woke up again around the same time she did the night before, wanting to eat, but this time they weren't so startled by it. The next morning Trey found her awake again in her bassinet, ready for another full day of ruling the house.
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Re: Who's your daddy? 142

Postby willowrose » Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:34 am

Warnings- Rated M for mature due to theme, strong language and sexual content, but no porn. Remember this is AU. This was all made up and no one gave me permission in any way shape or form to use their first names, brand names or alleged likeness. Enjoy.

Notes- None, except thank you for reading.

Originally written- June 24, 2009

Chapter summery- Kacey confronts Paul on the stress he's causing Kevin. Matt admires his newborn daughters skills. Eric, Jason and Frank face the reality of forgetting to be responsible adults.

"Sounds like we're all going to jail." Frank mumbled. ...

Who's your daddy? Chapter 142

"How's Kevin?" Paul asked, sitting across from Kacey with his leg crossed over his other one and holding a mug of coffee up to his lips. He immediately went from skater ice cream stand boy to trying to appear older and more distinguished boy at the coffee shop on the local college campus he liked to go to. Kacey was there to sign up for fall classes and asked Paul to go with her. He went without questioning why. He didn't have to. He already knew why.

"He's good. He misses you," Kacey said as she looked over the schedule of classes. Paul scoffed.

"I'm sure. He's finding out he's not so gay after all, huh? Want me to teach you a few things?" Paul asked, keeping his distinguished stance. Kacey looked up at him.

"Okay, listen bitch," She started saying. Paul just froze and glared at her. "We both know you're an underage assh*le. Literally and figuratively. You're also my cousin. And you were sleeping with my best friend. Who happens to be the person I'm in love with. Which evidently comes as no surprise to you. This whole thing, the trying to break free from you thing, and realizing if your dad finds out he was sleeping with you and that he's likely to press charges like any responsible parent would thing, really has him freaked out. So what are you going to do? Just tell me."

"What do you mean?" Paul asked, his voice much quieter and almost slightly intimidated sounding.

"If you really are pregnant,-"

"Oh, that."

"That? Are you or aren't you, Paul?" Kacey gave him a stern look and said with a stern voice to match it.

"No. I'm not," He admitted, looking a lot less amused than Kacey would have thought.

"You're not? Are you sure?"

"Yes. I am definitely not pregnant."

"How are you so sure?"

"I never thought I was pregnant in the first place!" Paul shouted a little.

"You lied to me?"

"Yes. I was only trying to get Kevin back." Paul shrugged a little. "He's a good guy though. I mean, he is. I don't like the way he broke up with me but he's gay. And you came first. So it's not like I should really take it so personally," Paul said, relaxing back more into his distinguished pose. Kacey continued to give him a curious stare. "And I'm not telling my dad. Jeez Kacey. It's not like I've never slept with an older guy before. Kevin was the youngest guy I've slept with in a long time. I prefer older men. In fact it was getting kinda annoying going out with him because people thought we were around the same age. I like it better when I get looks from being with older men," Paul confessed and took a sip of his coffee. Kacey wasn't sure if she should preach at him about what he was doing or not, but she knew one thing for sure. She was relieved.

"Speaking of older men," Kacey said to just change the subject now that it wasn't weighing so much on her mind. "Trey's fiance just gave birth to their baby."

"Oh really? Did they name it after me?"




"Your lawyer called," Jason stood next to Eric and announced as Eric held his hand against his baby's legs. "He said he wants to meet us here for lunch. He left a message on our machine, claiming you're not answering your cell. He said he wanted me and Frank here too. So I wonder what that's about," Jason said a little sarcastically. Eric acted as if he had no clue what he was talking about for a moment.

"So it's time?" Eric finally said with a dry mouth, still staring at his baby. Jason got closer to him and put his arm around Eric's waist.

"It's for her own good. We can keep pretending like Frank and I are both her real father, but she's still going to want to know. She deserves to know who her other biological father is," Jason said quietly. "Trust me, as much as it'll offer closure, I still prefer not knowing too because I'm scared to know," He said, his voice suddenly dropping. Eric started slowly shaking his head as he gently touched his baby. The baby's weight was where it should be and her lungs were doing, as her doctor put it, amazingly well. The Lanugo hair that was covering her body seemed to be thinning out. She was showing no outright signs of distress or mental or physical handicaps. Her features were slowly starting to become more prominent, but she still seemed to look more like Eric than anyone.

Eric swallowed the huge lump stuck in his throat. He then finally nodded his head and whispered okay.


"Four days old already. Four days old," Sam was cooing at four day old Ella. She wasn't being wrapped up so much and was now dressed in a fancy little pink and purple onesie with soft lace looking cotton around the arms and legs. Her little fists stayed in little balls as she sucked on them to signal she was hungry more than crying about it. Her chubby legs stayed curled up as she was passed between granddads, all of whom washed their hands, with Trey continuing to remind them regardless of how much they already knew to do that, first.

She was still sleeping most of the day but was showing off her yawning and a couple sneezing skills while awake. She would turn her head as Matt or Trey talked. And as Trey put it, she was just damn cool. Matt quickly reminded him not to cuss in front of their baby. She was now in Trey's arms, with a strong grip on Trey's finger.

"She's seriously strong. Matt, look at this." Trey walked her over to Matt. Matt got a little jealous and stuck his finger against her other fist. She opened it and enclosed it tightly around Matt's finger. They giggled at each other as Randy videotaped it and Sam took pictures.

The strawberry blond hair stuck up in a patch at the top of her head. Sam swore Matt's hair did the same thing, which it did, and that her hair was going to grow back with curls the way Matt's did. Trey loved that thought and was hoping that's exactly what it did. Randy then reminded everyone how Trey was bald as a beak for the first few months of his life. Trey giggled.

"I feel sorry for her if her hair does come out like mine," Matt mentioned, now sitting in a comfy chair. He was still moving very slow and tried not to walk around too much. "It's hell to keep the tangles out."

"We'll manage. We'll just keep her head shaved," Trey said, smirking as he placed their baby into Matt's arms, noticing her doing a pretty good suck job on her fist. Matt unbuttoned his shirt and she immediately started nursing.

"She's going to be really good at eating peach," Matt mumbled as he stared down at her. The granddads all dropped their jaws as Trey giggled.

"Matthew!" Sam shouted. Matt started laughing.

"What? I'm just stating the obvious. She really knows how to work that tongue."

"How do you even know that term?" Trey giggled and asked. Matt shrugged.

"How can I not? My best friend's a woman," He reminded everyone. "What I'd like to know is how is it our dads know what that means?" Matt asked as he looked over at the dads. There were a few clearing of the throats.

"We did go to college too, you know," One of them started explaining.

"Okay, that's getting a little too detailed even for me," Trey said, laughing.

"They said that stuff way back then?" Matt asked, arching a brow.

"We're not sending Ella to college," Trey interrupted and said with squared shoulders.

"You're going to have a hard time once she starts dating. Just remember, not everyone isn't good enough for your little girl," Gerald looked over at Trey and said.

"Yeah, she'll probably be bringing them home by the busloads," Randy threw in.

"Randy! And Gerald! Both of you, let them take it one moment at a time. Don't make her grow up too fast," Shawn complained at them both as Matt burped the baby. She soon fell to sleep again under Matt's armpit, snuggled between his body and his arm.

"Nice spot," Trey looked over and said. Matt smiled.

"That's where she decided she's most comfortable," He said, laughing. Randy grabbed his camcorder.


"My lawyer is here. Jada's doctor is letting him use a private room to talk to us. He wants me, you and Jason in there at three thirty which is in ten minutes." Eric stood up and caught Frank off guard as soon as Frank walked into the room to see the baby. Frank just stood there staring at him for a moment.

"The DNA test?" Frank asked, his mouth suddenly completely dry. Eric nodded.

"It's for Jada's own good," He said quietly, almost whispering it, repeating what Jason told him. Frank again just stood there staring at him before looking at the baby. Tears came to his eyes and he started crying.

"I didn't even get to hold her."

"Frank," Eric walked up to him, touching him again for the first time in a long time as he placed his hand against his shoulder. A tear fell from Frank's eye. Eric caught it with his thumb and gently wiped it from Frank's face. His hand cupped Frank's jaw and he leaned in, giving him a slow kiss. Frank barely responded but didn't do anything to prevent Eric kissing him either. Eric finally pulled away, Frank's face still in his hand, and glanced over to see who saw the kiss. Tad was on the other side of the room with his baby, slowly rocking him and feeding him, deciding not to stare at the scene. When Eric's eyes came back to Frank's, Frank was still staring at him. He finally lifted his hand and took Eric's off him. But Eric didn't seem to notice or care what Frank just did. "You'll always get the chance to hold her. You're her Godfather. And you're still my best friend. You'll always know her and she'll always be a part of your life," Eric told him, searching his eyes. Frank looked away and turned his attention on the baby.

"I just want to hold her before I know," He whispered, staring at her. Eric nodded.

"We get to hold her this week. Any day now they're going to take her out of this thing and place her into our arms. They already started letting her breathe on her own for a while without the breathing tubes. She's an amazing baby and she's going to be an amazing person with all of us raising her."

"No." Frank's eyes went back into Eric's. "I guess I can appreciate what you're trying to do Eric but you can't have this perfect world where everyone gets to be Jada's father and no one's heart gets broken over not being allowed to be," Frank told him, keeping his voice low but also trying to sound stern. Eric just stared at him.

"I'm going to my lawyers meeting," He finally said, his voice flat, and walked out of the room, leaving Frank standing there.

A few minutes later Eric, Jason and Frank were sitting at a table with Eric's lawyer. Eric's lawyer had known about the situation since Eric went into the hospital and was facing an emergency C-section. He was allowed to call him and when he did he discussed the possibility of not coming out of surgery or the complications of surgery and who he wanted to get custody of the baby. Thankfully that didn't have to happen, but because it was brought up, his lawyer asked who her other biological father was. Eric confessed he didn't know but that it was either the man he was living with or the man he was having an affair with. It didn't take long for his lawyer to enforce the issue of a DNA test. And he now felt enough time had gone by and that the test needed to be done. Regardless of how each of them personally felt, they knew deep down in their hearts that a DNA test only made sense.

"I arranged the test to be done through a DNA diagnostics center," The lawyer started explaining and handed them each a card. "You each have the right to call them for more information if you choose to. The test will be done on all four of you. Eric, the two adults in question, and the baby," The lawyer looked at them and explained, choosing not to use their names although he had known both Jason and Frank for a while. "A standard paternity test guarantees at least ninety nine point ninety nine percent probability of paternity for inclusions or one hundred percent certainty of exclusion. Simply put, one of you," He looked over at Jason and Frank. "Will be enough of a match to be considered her biological father while the other one will not be enough of a match and will be completely marked off the list."

"I don't have a list," Eric suddenly blurted out, snippy, staring at his lawyer. His lawyer stared back at him.

"I don't think he meant it like that," Jason said. The lawyer went on talking.

"The samples, taken by cheek swabs, are collected by an impartial third party, such as a clinic or laboratory." The lawyer pulled out a notebook and read from it although he already knew the whole thing word for word from previous cases like this one. "You will each present government-issued identification for yourselves, and the baby's birth certificate. You will each then fill out and sign a client identification and consent form. Eric, being the child's legal guardian, will fill out and sign a form for the baby. You will then be photographed and fingerprinted for records."

"Sounds like we're all going to jail," Frank mumbled. Jason couldn't help but smirk a little bit. He had already gone through this whole process with Glasgow although back then it wasn't nearly as an emotional or intense process since both him and Glasgow knew who Garrow belonged to. His lawyer wanted a DNA test done for the sake of a custody hearing. This of course was a bit different. He sat there with a knot in his stomach, listening as Eric's lawyer talked. But as much as he wished they didn't have to go through this, he knew Frank was sitting there with the same feeling and he was trying to be understanding of that.

"Each test is ran twice for accuracy and complete testing takes only three days. Strict communication protocols are used to maintain confidentiality of each case. The Chain of Custody process ensures that your results will be acceptable in court and other legal cases where paternity needs to be established. Any questions?"

"Yes. Can we hold off on doing all of this at least until next week? The baby will be coming out of her incubator this week for the first time and I believe we should all have the chance to experience that before knowing the results," Frank spoke up and said. Jason stared over at him for a moment but then just stared down at the table. Eric's lawyer looked over at him.

"I was going to bring that up," Eric started talking. "The doctor is probably going to let us hold her sometime today or tomorrow. I just want to make sure we each get a chance to hold her before the test is done," He explained quietly. His lawyer nodded.

"Fine. An appointment will be scheduled at the parties convenience. But I urge you to have it done by the end of next week." The lawyer dropped his voice some, lowering his professionalism for a moment and looked Eric in the eye before looking at both Jason and Frank the same way. "The baby's birth certificate needs to be signed properly before she leaves this hospital," He advised them. He then dismissed the meeting. Frank got up and left without saying a word. Jason sat there like he was still trying to gather his thoughts. Eric, with his elbows now resting on the table, put his face into his hands and didn't move as his lawyer left the room. He finally felt Jason get up from the table and leave.
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