CHEF'S AIDS (Or The Death of Chef)

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CHEF'S AIDS (Or The Death of Chef)

Postby kennydeathsfanatic » Tue May 26, 2009 3:14 pm

(Note: Yes, I am aware that Chef has already died but this is a fanfic so he's alive here. Oh yeah, and the Chef Aid stage got rebuilt for a yearly concert to raise money for male nymphomaniacs, inspired by Chef of course!)

Scene 1:

(A dark night. Zoom in on Chef Aid stage. We see the back of someone approaching it with a can of paint. They make an adjustment to the banner and leave. We see that the banner that used to say Chef Aid now says "Chef's Aids")

Scene 2:

Mayor: Are we ready? Everything's been sorted for her visit?
Aide 1: Yes, we arrested Garrison personally.
Mayor: That's good, we don't want another Kathie Lee incident.
Aide 2: And we've put up all the banners, posters and flyers so everyone in South Park knows she's coming!
Mayor: Make sure the hotel gives her the best room possible. What do you mean President Obama's in it? I don't give two s**ts! Throw him out! Everything has to be perfect for

Who is "She"?
After 2 replies, You will know the answer as I, kennydeathsfanatic, will announce South Park's newest celebrity visitor!
"Okay,okay, I'll use my power to... Turn Kyle into a chicken!" "Goddammit Cartman" "Hahahahahaha! Now you are a chicken!"
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