Just Another Towelie episode

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Just Another Towelie episode

Postby Ike_ve » Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:44 am

Just another lame fanfic. I know many of you wont even read it, but whatever...

The episode starts with the boys standing @ the bus stop.

Stan @ Kyle: Dude, did you do your homework yesterday?
Kyle: Yeah dude i stayed all night for it. I even missed T&P
Stan @ Kyle: Oh, ok, cool. Can i copy it?
Kyle @ Stan: Yeah, sure. Kenny do you want it too?
Kenny dies instantly. The cause of death isn't yet descovered.
The boys just react in the new, fashion way..
Kyle: OMG (not saying Oh My God, but spelling OMG)! Kenny is pwned.
Stan: You n00bs!
Cartman: HAHA! You guys are so lame. Not watching T&P just for a homework...
Kyle: Screw you fat-ass. At least i wont get a F
Cartman (with an "BUT MUUUUM" voice): Hey Kyle, dude i'm sorry about what i sad, you know how it is man. Can i please copy the homework too?
Kyle: No. f*ck you.
Cartman (pissed off): OH YEAH?! OH YEAH?! Well screw you JEW.
(bus coming, they get in and they see...get ready for it... TOWELIE sitting in Cartman's seat.)
Cartman: Dude, WTF (not saying What the f*ck, spelling it.) is Towelie doing here?
Butter: Oh, didn't you hear? Towelie will go to class with us from today.
Cartman (sarcastic): Oh really? Well there's some good news.
(bus starts, we see Cartman and Towelie..)
Cartman: So...Dude... Did you do your homework?
Towelie: What homework?
Cartman: OMG you peace of high sh*t. You didn't do your homework too? What does a guy need to do to get a homework to copy around here?!
Towelie: You wanna get high? (oh god, i missed that :) )
Cartman: You know, i always wondered how it is to be high.
Towelie: Well, it is (takes a blow from his cigar)...
(after 10 sec)
Cartman: Well?
Towelie (laughing): What?
Cartman: GOD DAMMIT!
(The kids get in class, and Mr.G comes in)
Mr.G: Alright kids take your seats.
(everybody sits down, towelie goes to Mr.G's desk and sits on his chair)
Mr.G: We have a new studend joining us to... What the hell? What is towelie doing on my chair?
Towelie, go to your desk!
Towelie: This is my desk.
Mr.G: No it's not, that's mine desk. Yours is right next to Cartman you stupid towel!
Towelie: I'm not a towel! You're a towel!
Mr.G: Just take your seat please.
(towelie sits down)
Mr.G: Anyway i'd like you to meet our new student towelie.
(Mr.G sees towelie getting high)
Mr.G: What the... Towelie what do you think you are doing?
Towelie: Studying.
Mr.G: Throw that joint! You can't be getting high in my classroom!
Towelie: khh, ok.
Mr.G: OK. So you all met the worst character in south park, towelie.
Mr.G: Did anyone not finished his homework yesterday?
(All class looking at Cartman)
Cartman: What? What is it? I did my homework.
Mr.G: Oh yeah? Let me see it.
Cartman: Oooh (10 seconds passed, Cartman is searching for a way to get out from this.) the homework.. where did i put my homework...


Towelie's Mum: Hi. I'm Towelie's mum. I'm here to ask about my son, how is he?
(getting a cig, getting high)
Mr.G: Well he is not doing so wel.. What are you doing?
Towelie's mum: What?
Mr.G: Are you getting high in front of the kids, YOUR SUN??!
Towelie's mum: Yeah, so..?
Mr.G: Ooh so that's why Towelie is high all the time. Please put that out.
Mr.G: Your sun is terrible. He didn't do his homework, he doesn't pay attention and he is high all the time
Towelie's mum: What? I don't now what is going on right now (slow voice, "high" voice)
Mr.G: Oh! Oh, TOWELIE will you pleace just take your parents and your stupid joint and get the hell out of my classroom!
(towels going out of classroom).
Stan @ Kyle:Dude, that towel sucks, i don't even know why T and M put him in (not saying Trey and Matt, but spelling T and M)
Kyle: Yeah, but what can you do when milions of fans wanned him back.

((@Towelie's house.) There are joints everywhere, bongs, drogs and what else not..)

Towelie sitting front of the TV and watching some lameass tv show (not funny at all) and laughs the sh*t out of him.

Stan and Kyle are out playing BASEketball. Cartman comes and gets in the game..
Kyle and Stan stop playing and ..
Stan: What are you doing?
Cartman: What? I'm playing BASEketball.
Kyle: Dude, you can't play with us!
Cartman: Why the hell not?
Stan: Fat-asses can't play BASEketballl.
Cartman: OH YEAH!? Well screw you hippies, i'm going home.
Kenny suddenly comes.
Stan: Oh, hi kenny.
Kenny: Hi. Dude you won't belive what happend to me..!
Kyle: You got killed?
Kenny: Khm, yeah... how did you know?
Stan: Dude, you get killed every ep.. oops every day.
Kenny: And you guys never try to get me back or feel sorry for me!
Kyle: Well we don't becouse we all know those bitchez M & T can't let you off the ser..khm.. world.
Kenny: yeah, you are right, let's play BASEketball.

(Cartman @ home, sitting on his computer and laughs)
Cartman: hehe-he-hehe.
Computer: Working, working...
Cartman: he-heh
Computer: Kyle's computer hacked.
Cartman: BULLSEYE!
Cartman: Oh dude i can't wait to see the look of Kyle's face when he sees that i pwned his computer.

Other day, bus stop.

Kyle, Kenny, Stan waiting there.. Cartman comes. He looks @ Kyle and laughs..
Kyle: What is it fat-ass?
Cartman: Oh, nothing. So did you check your mail last night?
Kyle: No, why?
Cartman: Oh, nothing, no reason..
(Kyle thinks and than..)
Kyle: Oh you fat piss of f*ck! What did you do to my computer!? If it is mesed up and i can't chat with my cyber girlfriend i swear to god, you kiss your PS3 goodbye.
(Kyle goes home, sees the computer and he is pised off)

Ok i will stop now, i really don't know what i'm doing, i just roll around and nothing happens.
The point of this was that i present Towelie's parents and his home. The other stuff is just bla bla bla
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Re: Just Another Towelie episode

Postby Morgueanna » Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:08 am

DUDE! I f*cking love Towelie! Thank you Jesus! If you would leave some feedback on my fanfics, I'd appreciate it!

(If you're goin' to read my stuff, don't get too high! Just a little should do the trick. j/k...or am I?)
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