Eric Cartman; Our Savior from the machines

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Eric Cartman; Our Savior from the machines

Postby drodriguez924 » Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:11 am

This is an idea that i had been thinkin about for a while, I procrastinated about postin the idea until my friends told me the idea was pretty good. I thought of this after viewing the episodes searching for cartman's father and it bothered me that they only revealed that Mrs, Cartman was a hermaphrodite, although it was an unexpected twist and funny none the less. Although it still left room for more...I want to see cartmans true mom and I want her to be sarah connor from the terminator series tellin Mrs. Cartman that Eric Cartman is the leader of the rebellion against the machines...and reinventin the first and second terminator to fit Cartman's life...could anyone give me some kind of feedback im very open to more ideas and discussin episode ideas and im also curious if anyone from the show would get wind of this idea?
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Re: Eric Cartman; Our Savior from the machines

Postby Morgueanna » Wed Aug 05, 2009 5:41 am

Although that's kind of a funny idea and relevant to recent movies, I've seen some hilarious fanfics on here depicting Sheila Brovlofski as Cartman's real mom.

It would be quite hilarious and disturbing for these following reasons:

1.Cartman finds out that he is a Jew.
2.Kyle is ultimately horrified.
3.Everyone has to live with the fact that Cartman wanted incestuous actions performed on him.
4.Cartman finds out that his mother is in fact the fat Jew he has hated all these years.
5.It would make sense. Cartman is fat, Sheila is fat, they're both very annoying, etc.
6.Stan and Kenny can totally rip on Cartman for having Sheila as his biological mother.
7.Ms. Cartman really is a dirty slut.
8.Sheila is just as much of a dirty slut for being with Cartman'
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