Justin Bieber is really.........

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Justin Bieber is really.........

Postby Billistic » Wed Mar 10, 2010 11:49 pm

Dr. Biber.

Have it so Dr. Biber gets a latin plastic surgeon friend to make him look like "Justin Bieber" the teenage heart throb.

Dr. Biber has been doing plastic surgeries his whole life, saving up and saving up for retirement to live out his last years as teenage girl jack-off material, then burn out so he'd be remembered forever.

His on the side hobby while being a surgeon was to write pop songs for his career. He's planned everything, even his death of an eventual heroin overdose, that "will totally scar those girls for life and I'll live on forever"

Maybe the boys try to convince him that heroin overdoses are glamorized and makes people want to try it and maybe he could go another way. But Biber really wants to do it because he tried it in med school and loved it but made a promise to himself that he'd wait until retirement to do it again and he's been itching for it since?

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