What am i?

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What am i?

Postby SuperNormal » Sun Jun 06, 2010 4:45 pm

Hey guys, i'm new to writing fan fic, but i wrote like a bit of the start of an episode. It has no name yet because it has no overall theme so far. Wanted to see what people of such nobel expertise as your fine selves thought of what i'd been able to piece together so far first.


Opens with mrs. garrison stood at the front of the class, and mr.slave to screen right.

MRS. GARRISON: okay class, while me and mr. Slave go get some... [shifty sideways glance at mr.slave] ...hot coffee, you kids can play a game as a class. Any ideas kids?

[screen sweeps across blank faces of class, all remain still as camera sweeps except for eric cartman who jumps up and down on his chair with his arm in the air saying things like 'me! me! pick me mrs. garrison!']

MRS.GARRISON: anyone? anyone at all?
CARTMAN: oo! oo!
MRS. GARRISON: noone know any games?
CARTMAN: gaaaah! i do! pick me!
MRS. GARRISON: *sigh* okay, eric?
CARTMAN: lets play 'what am i?', i'll stand at the front of the class and describe something and the class has to guess what i am
MRS.GARRISON [surprised at innocent proposal]: s-sure, that seems.. fine. [Grabbing mr. slaves hand] okay mr.slave come along. i hope you're thirsty..
MR.SLAVE: Jesus Christ!

[the two walk off, and eric moves to the front of the class]

CARTMAN [while chalking 'what am i?' on the board]: okay so.. [snigger] what.. am.. i.. [snigger]
CARTMAN [turns around and faces the class]: I am well known for my hooked nose and sneaky eyes..

[camera moves to kyle, whose face changed from a bored expression to a shocked one]

KYLE: wait a minute..
CARTMAN: i love shiny objects, like money and i will hoard it all in my dark cave..
CARTMAN [innocently]: whaaaat? a jeew? thats such an insensitive antisemitic comment kyyle. i'd expect better from you. its was a crow, you know, like the bird, and any regular tolerating person would've got that.
KYLE: i hate you.
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Re: What am i?

Postby LoveKyleAndStyle » Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:51 pm

Once cartman said to play a game of guessing what he's acting out I knew he was gonna act out Kyle or a Jew. But lol that's ok!! I want u to keep writing it. More, more!
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