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If your not familiar with the show Avatar: The Last Airbender, or it's movie adaption, this might not make sense. If you are, this might not make much sense.
Part 1

(Stan and Kyle are sitting on the couch at Kyles house, watching TV.)

Entertainment Show Douche: Next we have an interview with M. Night Shama-lama-ding-dong on his sh*t pile The Last Airbender! So, tell me Mr. Ding-Dong, how does it feel to suck?

M. Night: *meekly* It's, Shyamalan, actually. And I know people hate my movie, but I really don't care what they say.

Entertainment Show Douche: Is it true you just wanted to piss people off when you made this movie?

M. Night: I, ah...

Entertainment Show Douche: There you have it, M. Night is a troll. Up next, we ask Danielle about his sexing up of Emma Watson in the newest Harry Potter.

Kyle: I don't like how people are treating M. Night, I mean, so what if he made a couple of bad movies, we shouldn't treat him like Hitler.

Stan: But Kyle, it was a really, really, bad movie.

Kyle: It doesn't matter, what if you made a bad movie and people started treating you like the Antichrist?

Stan: I'd just apologize to them. Maybe that's what he needs to do, apologize to the Avatar fans.

Kyle: But they wont listen to him anymore.

Stan: How hard could it be to apologies to a bunch of kids? I mean, Wendy was a fan, and she just wants him to apologies.

Kyle: Most Avatar fans aren't kids.

(Goes to a 20-something year old sweaty, overweight nerd who's wearing a Shirt that says "Up With Aang, down with Ong" is on his computer)

Nerd: *Angry* And that is why TLA sucks and anybody who likes it is a horse-fucking retard! That will show those homosexuals at TLA fans dot com not to like a movie I don't!

Nerd's mom: Sweetie, your kimchi is ready!

Nerd: Coming mom, god, don't rush me.

(The next day at South Park Elementary, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman are sitting on the Merry-Go-Round. Wendy walks up)

Wendy: Hey Stan, wanna come over after school and watch Avatar with me?

Stan: Oh god no. We've watched it every day this week, can't I just hang out with the guys?

Wendy: But we've almost gotten to the finale!

Stan: Wendy, I've seen the finale 4 times with you.

Wendy: Fine, I'll just ask red. (Walks away)

Stan: God, ever since the movie came out, she's been asking me if I could come over to watch "The only good Avatar". f*ck man, I don't even like the show, it's just Star Wars if it was in an Asian inspired world.

Cartman: You should control your ho, man. If Wendy asked me to come over to her house, I'd tell her "Hell no bitch" and have her give me fellatio!

Kenny: Do you know what that is?

Cartman: I know it involves my dick, but I'm not sure where it goes.

Kyle: Maybe you should be honest with her?

Stan: Hell no, dude, this is the only time I ever get to make my move on her. If we study, she's always focused on work.

Cartman: Maybe you should take a page out of my book, and be assertive!

Kyle: The only thing assertive about you is your ass!

Cartman: f*ck you, you Kike bastard! (Leaves)

(Goes to a dark basement, where an assortment of nerds are sitting at a table. There leader is a 30 year old, overweight lady.)

Leader: Alright, fellow Avatards. You know why we're here.

Skinny Nerd Girl: To read Slash-Fiction and masturbate?

Leader: No, we're here to discuss operation, "What a Twist!" Now, Mooseboy018, you've got the plans?

Mooseboy018: Hell yeah, I've got the map to the Shyamalan house, and the codes to the security system. We're all set.

Leader: Good, now all we've got to do is get the members, then we're all set.

(Leader's husband opens the basement door)

Leader's husband: *Meekly* Honey, is everything al right?

Leader: Nobody asked you anything Derrick! Now go back to your room!

Derrick: Yes, ma'am.

Mooseboy: *Makes whipping noise*

(All the men there laugh but the woman don't)


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