Future Cartman Returns -SP fanfic-

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Future Cartman Returns -SP fanfic-

Postby MayTay18 » Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:27 am

My first South Park fan-fiction and prologue for my official Fan-fiction "South Park The 2nd Generation : The Future is Alternate" Which I will be posting soon. :)

Excuse my if my grammar isn't the best, I'll be working on that.

Anyway here it is!!!

Tell me what you think ^^
(I tried my best to cut off any bad words)


A South Park Fan-fiction

-Future Cartman Returns-

Written by Emily Combs (MayTay18)
NOTE: I DO NOT own South Park or any of the cannon character's. This is just a FAN written story.

South Park proudly owned by Matt Stone & Trey Parker and Comedy Central

At Eric Cartman's House:

BAM! SMASH! I pressed the buttons on my X-box 360 controller like I was on fire, one by one. BAM! SMASH! Each at the same time I tried my best but I ended up failing yet again. "f*cking sh*t" I screamed as the title screen read and flashed in big red letter's "GAME OVER". This was the third time I was trying to beat this level but I wasn't going to give up just yet.

As I was about to press the "Continue" button, the door-bell rang. "MOM Answer the Door!" I yelled. No answer. "GODDAMN-IT! MOM, answer the f**king door, how many times do I have to f*cking tell you?". Still, no answer.
The Door bell continued to ring that annoying noise I hated with a passion. "Sigh, what ever..." I mummered as I waddled to the door. Before I could fully open it, the door opened it'self.

There he was, a tall semi-pump man with light brownish hair. He was wearing a black suit with a red dress-shirt and a yellow tie. His hair was pushed back in a professional sort of way. He had sort of a evil grin on his face for god how knows why. I just stood there with a confused yet blank expression. I yet didn't know who this homosexual was.... yet.

"Hello, Eric Cartman!" The strange man grinned. "Long time no see, eh? You might not remember me but I remember you." I stared at him with the same blank expression. His voice seemed very familiar. A voice that sounded like someone I know. "Who the hell are you?" I asked. The man laughed. "Eric, you do know why I'm here-" "My mom is upstairs if you need her, so don't ask me for your permission to see her, you homosexual!" I interrupted with a small smile on my face.
"I'm used to her game's now so I don't mind...".

The expression on this man's face changed from a grin to a glare. "Eric, I'm not here for OUR slut of a mom so shut the hell up and listen because I came here for one reason and one reason only to save you from yourself."
I looked confused a bit but I wanted to know where and why this annoying douche bag was here. "I know a lot about you Eric, I know almost everything about you! I am your future self here to give you good news" He smirked. "Come again?" I said in a monotone voice. The man cleared his throat.

"Eric Theodore Cartman, Born July 1st you are 9 year's old right now." He laughed. I couldn't help but laugh. "Pffft YOU are my future self? I swear you looked familiar but how do I know this is just a joke pulled by my shit-head friend's..." I asked. "Or Mitch Connor, he himself is a jokester."
My so called future self looked at me yet again in a deep glare.
"So you don't believe me huh?" "No I don't so get out of here before I tell my mom on you!" I said. "If you were my future self, what is the password on my computer?" His expression didn't seem to change. "Easy, 777ecartman777"
I wasn't believing this yet. "Ok... that doesn't mean anything, the only password no one know's is on my Xbox 360" I laughed. Future Eric Cartman smiled. "Oh you mean, cheesypuffsrdabomb76? Of course how could I forget! I don't know how many time's I tried to changing it six time's so Kyle didn't try to figure it out. Seven IS of course my lucky number so I put a seventy-six at the end and no one had yet figured it out."

I was shocked yet I couldn't believe what I was hearing. But how could I still know? Why was he here I couldn't help but ask until he spoke my question for me as if he read my mind.
"Confused? Well allow me to introduce myself yet again!" "I'm Eric Cartman thirty-one years old and head of the "CRA INC!" "CRA?" I asked. "What the hell is the CRA?" "Cartman Rules All of course" "Of course I havn't told you that part yet, but allow my to explain more!"

"I might have told you this before on our last visit until I had to go but and you forgot but, I'm the founder of the very first time machine!" I was speechless. He continued. "Confused still, I had to go back in time to erase how
I met you last time because then I was just a poor messily plumber after you stupidly ALMOST completely changed me!" His eye's were filled with rage as he began to sweat. I looked down to the floor feeling scared as I started sweating as well. It was like I was beginning to be like him.

His face was red as he began to explain more of his story. "But fortunately I still had my time machine I built and soon went back 10 or less minutes before I told you how I was your future self and before I spotted you." "Now that I never seemed to meet you and now that I was a successful man,I was back in my current year I was living in." His glare turned into a smile. He walked past me and into my house.

If he wanted to be so successful why did he go back in time to meet me yet again? I wondered. "Eric, I'm here to tell you something, something that will make both you and me happy!" He said in a soft yet creepy voice. "Yes..." I replied in a annoyed voice. "Can I just forget this sh*t and go back to playing my damn Xbox?"
That creepy smile turned into that annoying glare again. "This is bigger than Xbox, Eric This could change your... OUR live's" "Whatever, beating that game will change my life." I replied in a sassy voice. "UGH... Eric-" He was about to say something until I cut him off. "And the name is NOT Eric it's CARTMAN, GODDAMN-IT! CARTMAN!" I yelled.

Man my future self is just as annoying as Kyle and all my friends put together. I wonder if I could just kill him to shut him up, but then scary thing is, what would happen to me? He gridded his teeth and walked toward me. "I don't care you we are, Cartman..." He said. "This is bigger than X-box and video-game's put together. You could gain everything!" I then grew less agitated and
and more serious. "E-everything?" I asked. He smiled and walked back toward the door.

"Yes, let's just say if you keep your card's right and act put together, you will be like one man you alway's admired. Someone who was once like you and then gained power just by doing what he did best." "Can you think of anybody like that,Eric Cartman?" "All I am going to say is this, a world in your hand's and every one else bellow you as you command then. All those who have proven you wrong will regret what they did and see you for who you really are." My jaw dropped I stood there speechless.

He walked halfway to the side walk. "The world would be a better place with you controlling it." He laughed and before I knew it he was gone. I swear I could have seen him disappear into thin air. I kept thought into what he said.
"Maybe,just maybe" I said. I walked back into the house and closed the door. I guess he wasn't just a douche-bag after all.
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Re: Future Cartman Returns -SP fanfic-

Postby Zazaban » Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:25 am

Interested in finding out what happens. Haven't read one in first person before, though I haven't read a lot of fan fics for awhile. I like it so far.
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