fanfic, kenny exposed

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fanfic, kenny exposed

Postby southparkgirl19 » Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:27 am

:assface: :gaykenny: :zombiekenny: :unhoodedkenny:
i wake up in my bed, just like nothing had ever happened. I guess I'm used to it by now, but it still sucks ass. just when I thought i was about to get answers mintberry crunch shows up and takes all the glory. it figures. at least I’m already in my parka so I don’t have to get dressed. I head downstairs for my breakfast, pop tarts. my family is poor as f**ck but I’m used to it. my parents are fighting, as usual. it is just a usual morning, but I don’t know if I can take it anymore. my friends acting like nothing happened last night, my poor-ass family, the constant deaths. then I remember, I still have the necronamicon book I “borrowed” from the goth kids. I’ll take it back, don’t worry. at the last second i put it in my backpack and head to the bus stop. I am the first one there, soon stan comes up in his jacket and red poofball hat. kyle follows soon after in his jacket and his green hat that looks like it has dog ears. last is cartman. in his jacket and hat.
“everything ok kenny?” stan askes “you seem jumpy today” sure I’m totally fine, apart from the fact that you guys don’t remember last night, I got no answers and the fact that this book is burning a hole in my backpack and I’m worried someone might discover it.
“sure, I’m fine” there’s no use telling him this, nobody believed it last time, not that I blame them, one of your friends keeps dying and coming back and nobody remembers it happening. hell, I wouldn't believe it if it didn’t keep happening to me. I just wish I wasn’t alone in this. the bus pulles up and we all get on. we all agree that it has much better riding the bus without ms. crabtree. anyway before we know it, were at school. as Mr. garrison drones on and on all I can think about is that book. maybe all is not lost, maybe I can find something in that book that can make me break free of this awful curse! as soon as it’s time for lunch I head strait to the library, disguising the book with a different cover. I skim the pages for answers but a lot of the stuff I hit is no good. until I get to a page with a spell on how to go to the nightmare city. none of the goth kids could go there because they lacked “special gifts” but maybe I could go, meet cutulu and have him kill me like I planned to in the first place. suddenly the day was looking a whole lot brighter.
“where were you at lunch today kenny?” kyle asks as we head back home after school. I tell him I was working on some homework that I did’t finish. he tottaly buys it.
“well can you at least come over to my place, kyle and cartman are going.” I tell them I can’t, how can I hang out with friends at a time like this? when the curse will finally break it’s hold upon me.
end chapter one.
“grampa can we please watch something else?” stan askes “this is boring”
“quiet billy, I wanna watch the bob saget show”
“but It’s just reruns” kyle chimes in “bob saget dosn’t even host the show anymore”
“I don’t care, if it’s still on t.v. I’m watching it”
“come on you guys lets do something else” says cartman
“wait” stan says “this is the episode where we won 3,000 dollars remember”
“oh ya” kyle says “too bad we didn’t win first though”
“grampa, didn’t you win? I can’t remember what the tape was”
“who cares?” askes cartman “all I remember is getting humiliated on national t.v. for that stupid genetics test that turned out to be a fake.”
“shut up cartman I think stan’s grampa’s tape is next.”
“and up next is little boy being hit by a train” the t.v. blares
“I don’t remember anyone being hit by a train, do you ky.....” he stoped there as the image of kenny getting squished filled the screen.
“oh my god...” the three boys stared at the screen with their mouths agape. they didn’t seem to notice time passing, as it was a half hour before someone spoke.
“you guys, I think kenny was telling the truth. he really can’t die” stan says
“but....but that’s not possible” spurts out from kyle
“the proof is right in front of us kyle, you can’t argue with that”
“oh man, no wonder he got so crazy the other day, Imagine going through that, dying all the time and no one remembers”
“ your right, I think we owe him a apology”
“a-apologize” says cartman “he could be a demon child, or a witch or something”
“cartman, I can’t believe you, he’s been your friend for forever and your just gonna turn your back on him? the only one who is a demon child here is you!” with that said stan and kyle both left and slammed the door.
chapter three
both stan and kyle decided they needed to go over to kenny’s house to apologise and tell him that they knew that he was telling the truth now. they reached his house and knocked on the door, kennys mom answered
“oh hello boys”
“hello ms. mccormick, is your son home?”
“why yes, come on in.”
“he’s probably in his room, come on” said stan they both opened his door “kenny, kenny!” he called.
“he’s not here” said kyle
“but that doesn't make sense, his mom said he was” they both looked around until stan found the book, it didn’t look like any of his playboy magazines so he picked it up.
“oh no, kyle look at this” kyle hurried over to see what stan was so upset about.
“for this spell will take you to the nightmare city, but beware, the dark lord cutulu will lives here and he will try to kill you, and you cannot defeat him because only an immortal can kill another immortal” kyle read from the page the book was open to. “but why would kenny want to kill cutulu, he left our planet.”
“I don’t think he wants to kill cutulu, kyle, I think he wants cutulu to kill him.”
“what!!! why would he want that?”
“he wants the pain to end, he wants the physical pain to end, but mostly he wants us to remember, he even said so himself”
“well let’s do the spell”
“what! kyle are you insane?”
“no, I’m going in there after him, I’m not gonna let him kill himself”
“well your not going in there without me, lets do it.”
chapter four
it’s just as scary as i remember it. I can’t beleave I’m actually going through with this. I admit, a part of me dosn’t want to die, but a bigger part of me just wants the pain to end.
“cutulu!” I shout “think you could get rid of me that easily!”
“kenny no!” I hear somewhere, i look around but see nothing, maybe it’s just my imagination
“kenny, don’t do it!” where are these voices coming from? maybe I am crazy.
“kenny!” I turn around again and to my amazement I see stan and kyle running over.
“what are you guys doing here?” I ask “did cartman trap you in a dark oblivion again?”
“no, we came on our own because we don’t want you to die”
“how did you know I was here, how did you get here? wha...” I just cannot wrap my brain around seeing them
“you left your book on the floor, we did the spell and here we are, but more importantly we are not going to let you die”
“you guys just don’t understand” i say sadly
“your wrong kenny, we understand perfectly, you don’t want to deal with the pain of constantly dying and your friends having no memories, is that it?”
“how did you....what.....wha?”
“yes we know everything”
“but..but how?”
“my grandfather videotaped you dying years ago and submitted it to America's stupidest home videos, we just saw the rerun of that episode” a videotape! why didn't I think of that?
“you guys came all this way for me?”
“of course dude, your one of our best friends” wow, they never called me that before,i mean, i kinda figured but i didn’t feel as close to them as they did to each other. but maybe I misread it. “lets get out of here” i say the others cheer, probably because I'm not dead
“oh man, I didn’t bring the return spell with me!” i shout
“luckily I did” says stan holding the book. I would've hugged him, but that is so not a guy thing to do, oh what the heck, I squeeze them both, they both squeeze back. I guess when a friend just had a near death experience it’s OK to hug other guys. I felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my back, they both know now. and I plan to live a long healthy life with my best friends by my side. (and cartman, unfortunately, oh well, it can’t all be perfect.)
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Re: fanfic, kenny exposed

Postby jakej0693 » Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:30 am

this is gay
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Re: fanfic, kenny exposed

Postby s.p.yaoifan » Sun Apr 17, 2011 2:50 am

i dont think its gay , then again i read yaoi fan fiction o it not gay enough for me XD
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Re: fanfic, kenny exposed

Postby southparkgirl19 » Mon May 23, 2011 1:49 am

s.p.yaoifan wrote:i dont think its gay , then again i read yaoi fan fiction o it not gay enough for me XD

thanks, i know it's really bad, but I hate when people use gay as an insult. what pairings do you ship?
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Re: fanfic, kenny exposed

Postby dusty506 » Sun Jun 05, 2011 4:24 am

i thought it was good... besides kenny is my favorite character anyway

<--- lol
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Re: fanfic, kenny exposed

Postby *loveme*hateme* » Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:15 pm

I like the plot, but I think the charecters reactions are a little diffrent then the fat@$$ we all know. Like Eric would (probably) suggest killing him when he brought up demons. What he said just didnt look right.

Other than that, id rate it 8/10 :wink:
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Re: fanfic, kenny exposed

Postby southparkgirl19 » Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:05 pm

*loveme*hateme* wrote:I like the plot, but I think the charecters reactions are a little diffrent then the fat@$$ we all know. Like Eric would (probably) suggest killing him when he brought up demons. What he said just didnt look right.

Other than that, id rate it 8/10 :wink:

yeah, I have some trouble writing cartman. well, I wrote this two years ago so I'm starting to get better with him.
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Re: fanfic, kenny exposed

Postby Cassius Mallvanic » Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:03 am

I think thats very good, mostly because Kenny is my favorite character :P but other than that, not bad.

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