Call Of Duty Episode Idea

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Call Of Duty Episode Idea

Postby g8rfanjr » Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:14 am

I think this would be cool.

The idea is that Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and Butters all Buy Black Ops for XBOX at the same time and end up being really good and playing against really good people and becoming famous together. Then, the number one team of players in the world chalenges them to a 5 game team deathmatch challenge. First to three wins. Next, They win the first two matches and in the 3rd one, Butters screws up and the team looses. Then, he gets yelled at for for it and quits. In The 4th Match, The 4 boys loose pathetically due to Butters quitting and feel bad. Finally the 5th Match comes and the score is 4 boys-7400 Champs-7300. Stan says"OMG they killed kenny" as they shoot him(Score is now tied at 7400). The boys have no ammo so they are pretty much screwed when all of a sudden A voice says, "Need a little help, Fellas?"It's Butters as he kills for the game winning score.
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Re: Call Of Duty Episode Idea

Postby giggity » Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:59 pm

I dont know about a call of duty episode, but a halo episode would be cool because stan and kyle like call of duty but cartman likes halo and becomes so obsesed over it he gets sucked in and becomes master chef
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Re: Call Of Duty Episode Idea

Postby ajw5433 » Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:13 am

DUDE, THAT'S AN AMAZING IDEA! How did you come up with an idea like that? They would be stupid not to do that episode.
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Re: Call Of Duty Episode Idea

Postby mothafuckinAK » Tue May 03, 2011 3:46 pm

dude thats an awsome the end maybe cartman would knifed someone and he would be the number one at the girls and stuff :D...
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Re: Call Of Duty Episode Idea

Postby EmR'Lee » Wed May 04, 2011 8:10 pm

Haha. xD I like the Kenny's part.

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