Twins I: The Camp

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Twins I: The Camp

Postby SPC » Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:12 pm

Twins I: prolog: beginnings (this chapter and the next are fairly short)

Trotting as fast as he could home Stan had one thing on his mind: spring break and all of the fun that would result from it, approaching his house he reached for the door, opening it he found his mom standing over a duffel bag and a brand new backpack resting on the couch.

”Mom what’s the bag for” Stan said innocently as he came in

“They’re for camp Stanly” she replied as she returned to packing.

“What camp?” Stan started to wonder what was going on; he couldn’t remember signing up for any camps unless his dad had done some thing.

“Remember, that flyer that came in a few weeks ago it was for the camp I asked if you wanted to go and you agreed” she said looking up from the bags and handing him the flyer

Griping the flyer, it hit Stan then, the flyer had come two weeks ago when his mom had asked, he hadn’t been paying any attention to what she had said, oops he thought. Another thought crossed his mind “when does it start” he asked

“The camp will come to pick you up tomorrow morning at seven” Sharon replied
“Oh I also found out your friend Kenny is going to the same camp” she added

Stan turned towards the door opening it saying “I be back home I need to go to Kenny’s house” his mom nodded

Starting a run by the time he was out the door; what ever this camp was at least he would have a friend there he thought, then again how could Kenny the poorest kid in fourth grade afford it?

Stan crossed the tracks and ran up to the door of the McCormicks'. After he knocked on the door a voice from inside told him to come in.

Opening it he found no one there to greet him until Kenny poked his head out of his door and told him to come to his room, entering it Kenny said ” Hey dude what’s up?” looking at him, Stan replied “what do you know about this camp” he demanded shoving the flyer at Kenny.

Kenny didn’t grab for it but looked at it for a seconded before looking up at Stan “how did you get accepted into the camp” Kenny asked puzzeld, “I don’t know my mom just signed me up for the camp and I got in” he state. Looking at his friend he saw Kenny’s face turned pale. “I’-I’ll tell you later tomorrow mabye, just go home Stan” Kenny stumbled looking shocked, “Okay see you when we go to camp then” Stan replied.

As he walked home he couldn’t get his mind off of how Kenny had reacted when he told him how he got signed up, well I’ll find out tomorrow he thought.
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Twins I[status:chapters 1 and 2 are up more coming]
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Re: Twins I

Postby SPC » Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:18 pm

Chapter 2: The Twins

Stan looked at his phone for what seemed like the hundredth time it was only six fifty his mom and dad were with him as they stood next to the drive way waiting for the ride that would soon take him to camp. His thoughts were interrupted less that a minuet later as Kenny approached with his pack and duffel bag , he decided not to try and push what had happed yesterday.

”Hey Kenny are you ready”, Kenny replied by nodding looking tense. That was when he saw the skull and cross bones sowed on Kenny’s orange parka.

Within ten minuets a van with a trailer hitched to it, appeared and halted in front of them. As the van stopped it had started to bounce before a shout from within stopped the bouncing. The van was white with a black Jolly Rodger on the door.

A tall blond haired man stepped out of the van. The man was wearing what he assumed was the camp uniform a black shirt kaki pants and boots “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Marsh, my name is Todd Jones Cabin 13’s councilor , oh hello Kenny are you ready?” Stan saw Kenny nod then Jones looked around when he saw Stan he said ”And this must be the new camper your son Stan Marsh correct?” Stan heard his dad reply that yes he is my son. ”okay Mr. and Mrs. Marsh let me give you a run down of what will be going on while your son is at camp” Jones started giving his parents the run down when Kenny pulled on his sleve and motioned for him to follow.

At the trailer in the back Kenny released the lever that held the door in place revealing a dozen Backpacks and Duffel bags, after they tossed their own bags in Kenny locked the hatch for Stan. As they reached the van’s sliding door it opened from the inside as a dozen fellow campers greeted them with shouts “Kenny!!” two girls exclaimed from the center row. Three other campers were asleep, others were reading magazines or books or playing on PSPs and other things but two in the back stared at Stan as he entered the van.

Kenny motioned for him to come in the back next to the two, Kenny handled the introductions ”This is an old friend of mine Stan Marsh”, That’s when he got a better look at the two the one at the window had a Grey beanie, gloves and pants while the jacket and scarf were green, there was also hints of red hair poking out from the beanie, the other one wore a green beanie, gloves, and scarf, his pants were gray as were the sleeves of his green shirt. “Hello Stan i'm Sarah Clark” Sarah the one by the window replied while the other one almost simultaneously said”I’m Stuart Clark, I recommend that you bunker down were have a long drive”

“To where?” Stan asked, Stuart replied by saying”to the Dakotas”


Sarah was right this wasn’t a good sign Stuart thought to him self as the van slowed down, Kenny’s information worried him.

“I see both of them” he informed his sister as he looked out the window,”then the sooner it ends then right?” she said as she removed a single ear bud dangling from her ear as their ride stopped, he replied with a nod.

Several minuets passed by when the door finally opened two of the girls in front of him shouted Kenny’s name when they saw him, Stuart ignored the shouts as he saw the new kid Stan Marsh,

After introductions Stan asked him the question of “to where”, He relied with “to the Dakotas, read a book or get some sleep or any thing else you desire for now”. Before Stan could reply he heard Sarah state “I see Kenny is into some thing he desires” and he did have one of his “entertaining” magazines open. Stan nodded curling up to go to sleep. Stuart turned to his sister and said softly “I think we can actually pull this off”.

Jones reentered the drivers side door upon closing it he turned and said “Every one ready it’s non-stop from here to the camp”. Ten voices replied in unison with “yes” then they were off on a several hundred mile road trip.

End of Chpt 2 (thoughts?)
Twins I[status:chapters 1 and 2 are up more coming]

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