South Park: Modern Warfare 3

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South Park: Modern Warfare 3

Postby hewitt120 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:38 pm

Couldn't wait to write this so I started early. This is last one in Modern Warfare series. As with the last Modern Warfare, I had to revive dead people. Characters with a * in-front have been revived.

Italic writing is flashback.

Cartman: All warfare is based on deception.

Boyette points the gun at Al-Fulani.

Cartman: For years the west hipocracy has made the world a battlefield.

Sgt.Clyde Donovan watches as the fleet of Blackhawks fly towards the town.

Cartman: The corrupt talk.

A NUCLEAR explosion is seen in the distance as the helicopters start to go down.

Cartman: While our brothers and sons...

Zakhaev's son steps towards Kyle. Then he stops and puts the gun to his own head...and pulls the trigger.

Cartman: ...spill their own blood.

Cartman: Remember, No Russian.

Cartman: But deceit cuts both ways.

News Caster: Russian authorities claim the attack was orchestrated by an American operative called Bradley Biggle.

Cartman: The bigger the lie, the more likely people will believe it.

Sierra Delta: I'm looking at fighter jets over I-95!

Cartman:And when a nation cries for vengeance...

The Rangers can see Russian troops parachuting in across the town.

Cartman: ...the lie spreads like a wildfire.

The satellite breaks up as the astronaut tries to grab onto something.

Cartman: The fire builds, devouring everything in its path.

Man: This is a deliberate act of war against the United States.

Cartman:Our enemies believe that they alone dictate the course of history.

A Ranger is blown to smithereens as a RPG rocket hits him.

Cartman: But how quickly they forget that all it takes, is the will, of a single man...


Stan: Your world as you knew it, is gone. How far would you go to bring it back? Bridon created a war...but only we knew the truth.

Task Force 141 has been disavowed, and Captain Stan Marsh and Captain Kyle "Soap" Brovlovski have been labeled fugitives.

Jimmy heads over to Kyle and helps him toward the chopper.

Stan: Jimmy, we need o get Kyle out of here.

Jimmy: Yes, I know a p-p-place./[i]...

Mission: Prologue
Location: Himachal Pradesh, India.
Unit: Task Force 141 (Disavowed)

Kyle wakes up on a stretcher after Jimmy lands the Little Bird in India. Stan and Jimmy begin to move Kyle to the safe house.

Stan: Get him inside!

Kyle looks over at Stan.

[i]Cpt.Marsh: What the hell kind of name is Soap eh?...

Cpt.Marsh tosses his cigar out of the helicopter.

Jimmy: The s-s-s-safe house is u-u-up ahead!

Stan: Keep moving!

Ssgt.Black is shot and falls to the ground...

Zakhaev shoots Kenny, sending his brains to the floor...

Cpt.Marsh slides Kyle a M1911 pistol...

Kyle shoots Zakhaev...

As they cart Kyle into the safe house, some of Jimmy's men look at them.

Stan: Out of the bloody way! Get a doctor!

Stan notices the waterfall.

Stan: Back up! Back up!

They go over and hit the water...

Stan: Keep pressure on that wound!

Jimmy: I'm trying!

Jimmy puts a reassuring hand on Kyle's shoulder.

Jimmy: Hang in t-t-there, my friend.

Kyle pulls the knife out of his stomach...

Kyle hurls it at Bridon and hits him in the eye...

Jimmy and Stan push him through a door. A doctor runs over.

Stan: He needs help, now!

.Kyle begins to black out from loss of blood.

Doctor: We're losing him.

The doctor grabs a pair of defibrillators.

Doctor:Charging. Three, two, one. Clear...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

Postby hewitt120 » Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:45 pm

Act 1 of 3 Part 1

Overlord (VR): What's the sitrep on New York?

Battle Captain (VR): The Russian jamming rigs have neutralized our air support. As long as they maintain air dominance, it's a losing fight.

Overlord (VR): We can NOT lose New York. Are there any Special Mission Units in the area we can request?

The satellite picks up a Delta Force unit in Bennett Field.

Battle Captain (VR): J-SOC's got a Delta Force team at Bennett Field. Call sign Metal.

The satellite links up the Delta unit with Overlord.

Battle Captain (VR): Overlord, Metal Zero One is up on green SAT.

Portraits of Msgt.Craig 'Sandman' Tucker, Sgt.Token 'Truck' Black, Sgt. Butters 'Grinch' Stotch and Sgt. Kenny 'Frost' McCormick are shown. Craig is the leader of the team.

Craig (VR): This is Craig – understand we are OPCON to you, over.

Overlord (VR): Glad to have you in our corner, Sandman. The Russians are using electronic countermeasures to jam our comms and guidance systems. The primary emission tower is on top of the Stock Exchange. I need your team to destroy it. The jammer's full spectrum, so until it's down, you'll have no radio contact. I have ground assets to get you close, over.

Craig (VR): Copy all – we'll get it done...

Mission: Black Tuesday
Location: Manhattan, New York
Unit: Delta Force

Delta Soldier: RPG!

A rocket hits the Humvee and knocks it on it's side.

Craig: Kenny? Kenny?

Kenny wakes up in the tipped over Humvee. Gunshots and police sirens can be heard in the distance. He sees Craig cutting his seat-belt to get free.

Craig: Get switched on. We gotta move, now!

Frost gets himself free, picks up his M4A1 Hybrid Scope, climbs up the Humvee, and pushes out the door.The sky is filled with helicopters as two missiles fly into the Phillipe Starck building. Pieces of debris fall onto the street as Kenny climbs out of the Humvee. Craig climbs out, turns to Kenny, and tosses him a mag, which Kenny loads into his M4 and locks it ready.

Craig: The jammer's 500 meters north! We'll leg it from here! Let's go! Butters,Token, you up?!

Butters: We're good!

Craig leads the men further up the street. An enemy jeep drives at them.

Butters: Russian Armor!

Kenny chucks a grenade at it and destroys the jeep. As the team reaches the junction, friendly soldiers with a Stryker APC drive down the road.

Craig: Friendlies! Hold your fire!

Token: That means don't shoot them Butters.

Butters: No sh*t?

The two teams turns down the road. They see the stock exchange down the street.

Craig: Eyes on the stock exchange. 500 meters.

Russian troops start shooting at them from the other end of the street before the stock exchange.The team dig in and return fire.

Butters: We have to get through.

An enemy hind flies down the street towards them.

Craig: Enemy hind. Go right! Go right! Into the building!

The team runs for an open building to escape the helicopter.

Token: What's the plan now?

Craig: Same as before, burn the jammer, kill the bad guys.

Butters: I like it.

The men go upstairs.

Craig: Butters, Token, wait here till my signal. Kenny, with me.

Butters: Rog'.

Craig kicks open a door and Kenny enters the room. Enemies are above them.

Craig: Threat! 12 o'clock high.

Kenny shoots the enemies and the 2 men move towards a helicopter that has crashed into the building. 3 more enemies attack them from the room ahead. Kenny kills them with his grenade launcher. Kenny and Craig head downstairs.

Craig: Maintain the timeline, we have to hit the exchange. Butters, Token, tighten up.

Craig kicks open the door into an alley and the team go inside a jewelry store through a back entrance. They go upstairs and see enemies below.

Butters: Shooters in the store below, switch 'em off.

Kenny and the team open fire on the Russians below. More enemies pour in from the entrance.

Craig: Kenny, more of them. Throw some frags!

Kenny chucks to frag grenades down at the incoming soldiers and kills them. The team exits the store and meets up with another delta Team commanded by 'Grizzly'.

Craig: Anyone hit?

Grizzly: We're alright.

Craig: What's the sit rep on Mid-Town?

Grizzly: Russians have got it locked down. They're kicking our ass. Jammer is still active.

Craig: Then lets go.

The teams push further up the street. They move past the federal court and Kenny uses his grenade launcher to take out enemies on the steps. The Delta Teams enter The New York Stock Exchange.

Grizzly: We'll secure the lobby while you hit the trading floor.

Craig: Roger. Metal, let's roll.

The 4 men go upstairs to the trading floor. Enemies in ACU camouflage are taking cover behind the computers. Kenny uses his XM25 grenade launcher to flush out the enemies. They reach the other side of the floor and head up a ladder to the roof.

Craig: Let's get to the jammer. It's up on the second tier.

Russians run at them but the Deltas quickly gun them down. They kill all enemies around the jamming tower.

Craig: Kenny, put thermite on the jammer's power supply, we'll cover.

Kenny places the thermite and steps back.

Craig: Burn it man!

Kenny hits the button and the tower explodes. Radio chatter starts coming from the radio.

Overlord (VR): *Static* We *Static* H- *quieter static* Roger, we got you loud and clear. Good work on restoring guidance and communication. We're detecting multiple enemies on the rooftops in your location, you now have OP-CON on a fully armed Predator. We're bringing a Blackhawk to your location for exfil. E.T.A 2 minutes.

Kenny gets on the predator control rig and starts sending missiles down on the enemies. A hind comes at the team.

(Just realized how wrong that last sentence sounded)

Craig: Hind, take it down.

Kenny hits the hind with a missile and the Blackhawk flies in.

Craig: Here's out exfil, load up! Load up!

The team jumps on the the chopper.

Black Hawk Pilot: Confirm, four Eagles on board, exfil complete.

Craig: Hold on! We're going vertical! Multiple contacts, lower rooftop! Kenny, get on it!

Kenny mans the minigun and sprays down on the Russians on the rooftop.

Overlord (VR): Metal 0-1, standby for new mission directive, over.

Craig (TR): Roger, Overlord. Send it.

Overlord (VR): We have multiple Russian war ships near our ports. We sent the SEALs to assault the command vessel. Proceed to New York Harbor to assist.

Craig (TR): Copy your last.

Overlord (VR): Metal 0-1, be advised. We're seeing multiple enemy rotor-wings in your airspace.

As the Black Hawk flies through the city, multiple enemy Hinds show up.

Token: Enemy bird, incoming!

A missile warning sound is heard. The Hind fires missiles, but misses. Kenny fires his minigun to keep the Hinds away.

Token: Stay on him! Stay on him!

Kenny shoots down the first Hind.

Craig: Kenny, down that Russian bird!

Kenny fires at another Hind hovering between buildings, which fires its missiles but misses as the Black Hawk flies away from it.

Black Hawk Pilot: Tally target! Right side, high!

Two Hinds attempt to shoot down the Black Hawk. They move close to the helicopter as Kenny keeps firing.

Token: Two more, two more! We're taking heavy fire!

Black Hawk Pilot: Taking evasive action.

Kenny continues to spool the minigun and shoots down one of the Hinds.

Butters: Enemy bird is down!

The duel continues and they circle around a skyscraper that is under construction. Kenny takes out the other Hind.

Butters: Good work!

The Black Hawk hovers next to the building.

Craig: Keep scanning your sectors.

Butters: I think we lost 'em.

Suddenly, another Hind flies up towards them and begins to shoot at the Black Hawk.

Craig: sh*t! Enemy Hind!

Black Hawk Pilot: Hold on! Banking left!

The Black Hawk attempts to lose the Hind around the building.

Butters: He's behind the building! Behind the building!

Craig: Kenny, can you get a bead on him? Fire!

Kenny sprays the minigun between the frame of the construction building at the Hind. The two helicopters then hover upward, Kenny finally damages the Hind enough to cause it to spin. The Hind flies upward, but then starts to spin towards the Black Hawk.

Token: Look out!

The Hind's tail collides with the Black Hawk, now causing the Black Hawk to spin in distress.

Craig: We're hit! We're hit!

Butters: Hang on!

As the helicopter spins, strains and barely holds onto the side of the helicopter. The Hind spin and crash into the construction building, and there is a giant explosion.

Token: sh*t! We're going down!

Black Hawk Pilot: I've still got pressure in the pedals! (grunts) Come on, you son of a bitch!

The Black Hawk continues to spin, Kenny manages to pull himself back into the helicopter and man the minigun. An alarm is sounding and a red light is blinking throughout the helicopter. The Black Hawk almost collides into a building as it attempts to hover back up into altitude.

Butters: Hold on!

The Black Hawk flies up and begins to level.

Black Hawk Pilot: Torque feels okay! Tail rotor effective, hydraulics holding. Collective and pitch sat'. Fuel 70 percent.

Craig (TR): Overlord, this is 0-1, we're en route to the harbor, over.

Overlord (VR): Roger, 0-1. The skies are clear. Good luck, out.

The Black Hawk flies out of the city towards New York Harbor...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

Postby hewitt120 » Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:30 pm

The jamming tower on top of the Stock Exchange has been destroyed and guidance systems go back online as a flight of F-15s prepare to launch missiles at various targets all across New York City.

F-22 Pilot (VR): This is Lightning 3-1. Guidance systems are back online. Standing by with a full payload of JDAMs. Requesting clearance.
Overlord: Lightning 3-1, you are cleared to engage.

F-22 Pilot (VR): Breaking the hard deck. T.O.T. 5 seconds. Weapons away.

Lightning 3-1 launches airstrikes on a SAM site on a rooftop and on a convoy of Russian trucks.

Overlord (VR): Verify initial strikes on the Predator feed.
The Predator feed screen shows destroyed targets.

Battle Captain (VR): Sir – appears all sites have been neutralized.

Battle analysis shows the Russians have been pushed back to the Hudson River, which is crowded with many Russian war ships.

Overlord (VR): Good work, Sandman. We've regained air dominance over Manhattan and pushed the front line back to the river.

Craig (TR): What's our next target?

The satellite tracks a Russian Oscar-II submarine underneath the river. Analysis shows its payload of 12 cruise missile silos on its side.

Overlord (VR): The Russian command vessel is an Oscar-II submarine carrying enough cruise missiles to level the entire Eastern seaboard. We need to strike fast before they can launch a counter attack.

Craig (TR): Roger, what's the mission?

The satellite simulates missile trajectories on the Russian fleet.

Overlord (VR): Infiltrate the vessel, take over the bridge, then turn their weapons against their own fleet. I need you to link up with the SEALs and get it done. Good luck.

The Black Hawk carrying the Delta team makes its way to the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel infil point where the Navy SEALs are waiting.

Craig: Kit up, boys.

Butters: Where's our infil point?

Craig: Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel.

Token: I thought it collapsed.

Craig: It did.

Mission: Hunter Killer
Location: New York Harbor, New York
Unit: Delta Force

Butters: In position.

Craig (TR): SDV Team 4, this is Metal 0-1. Radio check in the blind, over.

SEAL Leader (VR): Roger, 0-1. We have you five-by-five. Phase line Echo secure. We have execute authority.

Craig (TR): We're one minute out.

SEAL Leader (VR): Copy that.

Butters (TR): Just don't start the party without us.

Craig (VR): Almost through.

Kenny, Craig, Token and Butters are cutting through a vent in a flooded tunnel under the Hudson River. Craig finishes cutting with the torch and Kenny pushes open the vent.

Craig: Primary entry point is open, stay tight, easy to get separated down here.

They man their SDVs, they turn left and enter the flooded tunnel, which is filled with vehicles, debris and some floating dead

Butters: Damn. Think anyone got out?

Craig: Nothing we can do for them now. Maintain 2,9,5 degrees. 300 meters to link up.

The team nears the end of the tunnel, which leads to the Hudson River.

SEAL Leader (VR): Metal 0-1, got you on the tracker.

Craig (TR): Roger, approaching rendezvous.

They come out of the tunnel.

Craig: SEAL team should be up ahead.

Butters: I see them.

They link up with the SEALs.

SEAL Leader: Sub's on the move. Intercept window is closing

Craig: Roger that, lead the way.

They move under a pipe and follow it on their way to intercept
the Russian sub.

SEAL Leader: Watch your sonar. Russians are laying mines.

Craig: Eyes on your sonar.

The team sees an underwater mine chained to the river floor
floating ahead.

Token: Mine!

Craig: Keep it steady.

As Kenny nears the mine, the sonar blinks red indicating the
direction of the mine. The team avoids it and continues on. As they pass a second mine, the hull of a ship is seen being blown apart by a torpedo.

Craig: Right, right!

They pass underneath it and encounter a third mine.

Craig: Got another mine!

They pass it.

Craig: Clear.

When they pass under another pipe, they power down their

Craig: Power down, here we go.

As the two teams power down, two torpedoes shoot past above
them as the sub approaches from behind.

SEAL Leader: Target approaching. Oscar-2, eight o'clock.

A long red figure appears on the sonar as the sub moves above
them, passing them.

SEAL Leader: Steady.

Craig: Wait till she passes.

The sub's tail appears. The team powers up their SDVs and
moves in to intercept.

Craig: Okay, go! Get in position.

SEAL Leader: Planting.

Butters: Planting.

Craig:Kenny, plant the mine on the sub.

Kenny catches up to the sub and comes up to the bottom of the
sub's tail rudder. He plants a mine on it, activates it, and moves away from it.

Craig: Mine's armed. Clear out.

SEAL Leader: Good job. We'll prep the exfil.

Craig: Going explosives. Hit it.

The mine detonates and the sub begins to float to the surface.
The team comes up to the surface.

Craig (TR): Overlord, this is Metal 0-1. Sub is surfacing. Commencing assault.

Overlord (VR): Roger, 0-1. Continue to Primary Objective. We need control of the sub's missiles.

Sub Warfare -

As the team breaks the surface, Kenny sees the damaged Lower Manhattan in front of him . Two missiles hit a building.

Craig: Hold position.

The sub comes up to the surface and the team climbs up the tail and takes off his diving mask. Kenny takes out his MP5SD Red Dot and the team moves up the sub.

Craig: Hatch opening! Contact coming out of the hatch!

A few Russian sailors climb out from the hatch, and the team kills them.

Craig: Frag out!

Craig then tosses a frag down the hatch and clears it.

Craig: Clear. Head down.

Token: Deck secured. We'll hold topside.

Butters: Deck secured! Head down!

Craig and Kenny slide down the hatch and enter the sub.

Craig: Alright Kenny, sweep and clear. All unknowns are hostile. Rendezvous downstairs.

Craig opens a hatch door and they enter the barracks.They encounter and eliminate hostiles.

Craig: Kenny, head down the stairs.

Kenny takes out two enemies in the hall while Craig goes right. As Kenny goes downstairs, Craig beats down an enemy and kicks him in the head, killing him.

Craig: Stairs clear. Take left.

They move down to a flooded hall and encounter more hostiles. As they go up a stairway, a Russian announcement is heard and an alarm begins to blare.

Craig: They're going to scuttle the sub. We gotta move, now! Kenny, take point.

They engage more hostiles through the halls.

Craig: We have to get to the bridge.

They reach the end of the hall and move up to the door to the bridge.

Craig: Hold position at the door! Ok. Put a kicker charge on the door.

Kenny places a large C4-rigged charge while Craig places two detonating bars on the door. Craig detonates the charge and they breach and clear the bridge.

Craig: Area secure.

Craig takes a pair of keys from one of the dead bodies. He and Kenny go to the control pad.

Craig (TR): Alright, I got the launch keys. Overlord, this is Metal 0-1. I send checkpoint Neptune, over.

Overlord (VR): Roger, 0-1, copy Neptune.

Craig (TR): I have the missile key and I'm accessing the launch codes now.

Overlord (VR): Grid coordinates follow: Tango Whiskey 0 5 6 6 2 8.

Craig: Coordinates confirmed! Firing on Russian fleet in 30 seconds! Kenny, get on the console!

Kenny gets on the right side of the console. Craig tosses him one of the launch keys and Kenny inserts it into the console.

Craig: 3, 2, 1, Turn!

They turn their keys and Kenny presses the launch button.

Craig (TR): Overlord, missiles armed and launching!

Overlord (VR): Roger. SEAL team is in position for exfil.

Craig: Go! Go!

Craig and Kenny climb up the ladder and out of the sub. As
Frost comes out, two F-15s fly above him.

Craig: Butters, Token, let's roll!

Butters: Amen to that!

They slide down the side of the sub and board a zodiac and begin to make their way for exfil.

Craig: Kenny , punch it!

As Kenny begins to drive the boat and follows Butters and Token,
the sub's silo doors open and launches its cruise missiles on the
Russian fleet stationed at the river.

Craig: Missiles launching! Keep up with that zodiac!

All throughout the harbor, Russian ships are firing cruise missiles on Lower Manhattan, and Russian Hinds and American F-15s swarm the skies.

Craig: Gun it!

As Kenny drives between two Russian ships, two of the launched
missiles destroy them.

Token: Missiles coming in!

Craig: Keep on going Kenny!

A third Russian ship on the left is also destroyed. As Kenny comes up to the wreckage of the USS Nimitz (CVN-68), a Russian PT boat pushes the zodiac up the flight deck.

Token: Look out!

Craig: Shoot the mines!

Kenny takes out his weapon and shoots at the PT boat's mines, destroying it, and the zodiac slides back down into the water. Kenny resumes driving the boat and goes under the Intrepid's lifted bow. As Kenny continues to follow Butters and Token, two Chinooks are seen flying past them to meet them at the exfil point.

Craig: There's our bird!

The zodiacs goes under a burning bridge and ramps up a slab of concrete.

Craig: There she is! Go! Go!

The Chinook hovers millimeters above the water.

Chinook Pilot (VR): Metal 0-1, we are feet wet!

Kenny drives the boat into the back of the Chinook. As Craig and a crew member drag the boat in, the two Chinooks take off and escape New York Harbor.

Craig (TR): Overlord, mission complete. All Eagles accounted for.

Overlord (VR): Roger, Metal 0-1, missile strikes confirmed on multiple Russian hard targets in your AO. All primary threats neutralized. Good work, team, that's one for the books.

Craig (TR): Easy day, Overlord. Craig out...

Next post will be a Stan, Kyle and Jimmy one. A new character is in the next post, called Yuri.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

Postby hewitt120 » Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:39 am

Act 1 of 3 Part 3

Overlord (VR): All friendly call-signs – we are no longer on the defensive. I repeat – consolidate and counterattack.

Green Beret (VR): This is ODA Foxtrot! The Russians are disengaging! We've got 'em on their heels!

Stan: Beyond the jagged edges of war, there were still Men who rejected Cartman's lunacy. Men willing to stand against the tide.

Jimmy: Stan, we've got v-v-v-vital signs but they're weak. K-K-Kyle won't last without proper a-a-a-attention.

Stan: He's a hard bastard. Trust me, he'll make it.

A radar alarm sounds of incoming hostiles: [Perimeter Breached]

Loyalist: We're picking up inbound signatures.

Jimmy: We've got company.

Stan: It's Cartman. He's tying up loose ends. Who's your best man?

Jimmy: Yuri. Ex-Spetsnaz. Only man I know who hates Cartman more than you.

Stan: Get him. They'll use the ridgeline for cover and fly in from the south.

Jimmy: How do y-y-y-you know?

Stan: It's what I'd do.

Mission: Persona Non Grata
Location:Himachal Predesh, India
Unit: Task Force 141 (Disavowed)

Loyalist : Attack choppers coming from over the ridge!

Loyalist : How many of them?

Loyalist : Three Havocs and four - no, five Mi-17s! Commandos fast-roping down!

Loyalist : Get a fire team on the roof!

Jimmy: Yuri! Yuri, over h-h-h-here!

Yuri runs into the room where Stan and Jimmy are watching the doctor attempting to surgically patch up Kyle's wound. Kyle grabs Yuri's shirt and coughs from his wounds.

Stan: We need to get Kyle to the chopper!

A low flapping sound is heard.

Jimmy: What i-i-is that?!

The sound grows louder, and Yuri and Jimmy turn around at the far wall. Suddenly, a helicopter crashes through the wall, knocking everyone down.

Stan: Is everyone alright?!

The helicopter falls off the room. Outside, five Ultrnationalist Mi-17s fly in and begin to drop enemy troops. Jimmy motions Yuri to Stan.

Jimmy: Do w-w-whatever this m-man says!

Yuri pulls out and cocks an AK-47 Red Dot.

Stan: Yuri, take a position on the balcony! We need to buy the doctor some time! Keep your eyes on the courtyard.

A Loyalist shoots a missile from the courtyard at one of the enemy choppers. The courtyard's gate explodes as enemies breach and the Loyalists begin to engage them.

Stan: They've breached the courtyard! Take them down!

Stan and Yuri fire at the enemies at the courtyard below.

Stan: We need to hold them off until we can move Kyle.

After a few seconds, the enemy pops smoke at the courtyard. An enemy Hind appears and fires a burst of machine gun fire, killing the doctor.

Jimmy: The d-d-d-doctor's down!

Yuri goes to the table, grabs a syringe, and gives Kyle a shot of adrenaline to keep his heart beating. An enemy breaks down the door and enters the room. Stan quickly fights him, pulls his pistol, and shoots him in the head.

Stan: They're on the roof. We've got to get Kyle to the chopper!

Jimmy: I've got him!

Stan: Yuri, you're with me!

At the hall, enemies rope down from the roof.

Stan: Yuri, over here!

They engage the hostiles.

Stan: Down the stairs, move!

They move down the stairs and to the courtyard. The Loyalists continue to hold back the Ultranationalists.

Stan: Yuri, on me! We've got to get through the courtyard!

Loyalist (VR): We're pinned down in the street! We need reinforcements!

They eliminate hostiles at the courtyard.

Loyalist: The courtyard's clear!

Stan and Yuri reach the gate. An enemy UAV drone is seen flying above.

Stan: Russian drone overhead! We're outnumbered and outgunned. We need some heavier firepower!

Jimmy (VR): There's a w-w-weapon cache at the edge of t-the town! We h-h-h-have a UGV stored there!

Stan (TR): Then we'll use that to get to the chopper. Let's move!

Stan kicks down the gate and he and Yuri enter the street. Civilians are seen running away from hostile gunfire.

Stan: Hold fire! Civilians!

Ahead, hostiles are firing at the civilians. Stan and Yuri engage. As they move up the street, a car crashes on the side of the road.

Stan (TR): Watch the balconies! Jimmy hang back! Protect Kyle!

They continue to push forward.

Stan: Keep moving down the street! We've got to get Kyle out of here!

At the corner of the road, a helicopter drops more enemy troops, but they are eliminated as Stan, Yuri, and the Loyalists move up.

Stan: The drone's doing another pass!

The enemy drone flies down the street and fires its missiles. The player takes cover in the buildings. Once clear, they move up.

Stan: The chopper's this way!

Stan leads Yuri down an alley on the left.

Jimmy (VR): The w-w-w-w-weapons are in the building d-directly ahead!

Past a closed gate, a large group of enemies fire at Stan and Yuri.

Stan (TR): There's top many of them between us and the chopper. Jimmy, we need that UGV now!

Jimmy (VR): You're a-a-a-almost there! Go through t-t-the building!

Stan: Yuri, this way!

They enter a house on the right. At the door on the other side, a Loyalist blows off the hinges with a shotgun.

Loyalist: Breaching!

When they come out, Stan sees a small house on the left corner.

Stan: Hold up. This is it.

Stan opens the door and enters the house.

Jimmy (VR) The U-u-u-u-UGV is in a shipping crate directly b-b-below you.

Stan lifts a floor door to the basement, takes a flashlight and goes down. Down inside, there is a large wooden crate numbered "526" in the middle of the room.

Stan: I see it.

Price sets down his flashlight, takes a crowbar, and opens the crate, revealing a UGV assault drone.

Stan: Unmanned ground vehicle. 2 centimeter armor plating, mounted mini-gun, and grenade launcher. Controls are going to be in Russian. Yuri, you're up.

Yuri gets on the laptop controlling the UGV. He turns it on and the screen displays the UGV feed, "[SISTEMA ZAGRUZKI]".

Stan (TR):Jimmy what's Kyle's condition?

Jimmy: We've got to g-g-g-get him out of here!

Stan: Yuri, clear a path to the chopper. We'll be right behind you!

Stan lifts up the garage door. Yuri controls the UGV and moves it out.

Stan: That minigun will punch right through walls!

Yuri spools the minigun, killing many enemies in a row.

Stan (VR): Use your grenade launcher!

Yuri uses the grenade launcher and clears a path.

Stan (VR): Clear the path!

As the UGV moves down a hill, its minigun destroys concrete barriers and pillars that enemies are taking cover behind. The UGV turns left and engages enemies on balconies on a three-story building. As the UGV moves onto a roof, more choppers show up and attempt to destroy the UGV.

Stan (VR): Take out those choppers!

The UGV shoots down a Hind and two Mi-17s and resumes engaging enemy infantry along the ridge.

Stan (VR): Yuri, we're moving up! Keep them pinned down!

The UGV arrives at the Little Bird where a large group of enemies are firing. Another Hind shows up, but is shot down by the UGV. As the UGV clears the area, Stan covers Jimmy as he brings Kyle to the chopper.

Stan (VR): We're at the chopper! Loading Kyle in now!

Jimmy (VR): He's not l-l-looking good.

Suddenly, a warning appears on the UGV screen.

Stan: Drone inbound!

The Russian drone fires a missile and destroys the UGV. It tips over as the fuzzed camera sees the drone fly past.

Stan (VR): Yuri, run to the chopper! Move! Go! Go!

Running theme (Also used many times in the game in other missions) -

Yuri gets off the UGV control laptop and begins to sprint from the garage through the cleared path while under fire from the Russian drone. A missile knocks down a tree which Yuri jumps over. He runs down the hill, dashes left, and runs to a rooftop.

Stan (VR): Look out!

As soon as Yuri steps on the rooftop, the drone fires a missile below him. As he slips and falls, the drone flies past. He begins to slide down the hillside. Yuri watches as an avalanche of concrete and debris fall behind him, and he falls into the river. Jimmy's Little Bird flies overhead as Yuri, being carried down the river, struggles to surface. Reaching out blindly, he grabs hold of a tree root and, using it as support, pops his head out of the water, crawling out of the riverbed. Tired and exhausted, his vision whites out. The Little Bird is heard flying above him.

Jimmy (VR): There h-h-he is! There's Y-Y-Y-Yuri!

Stan (VR): Good. We'll need him. We're going after Cartman.

Kyle (VR): Who the bloody hell's Yuri?...

Next part is where the story begins to develop. Should be up today or tomorrow.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

Postby hewitt120 » Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:51 pm

Italic writing is writing that is typed on a computer by the characters.

Act 1 of 3 Part 4

Stan: They say truth is the first casualty of war.



M0-1: Who is this?

141: $

Stan: But who defines what's true?

M0-1: Intel reported $ KIA

141: Don't believe everything you read. Kingfish is still in play. $ out.

Female New Reporter: ...aboard the plane are President Vorshevsky and his daughter, Alena. The Russian president is flying to Hamburg to negotiate a peace treaty with NATO delegates.

Stan: Truth is just a matter of perspective.

Female News Reporter: However, many Russians still blame America for the massacre at Zakhaev Airport.

TV: President's own cabinet may not sign treaty. Presidential plane ready to take off within minutes at Moscow Airport. Russians still blame America for massacre at Zakhaev Airport.


Stan: The duty of every soldier is to protect the innocent, and sometimes that means preserving the lie of good and evil – that war isn't just natural selection played out on a grand scale.

Female News Reporter: But for now, it looks like the world may finally know peace.

Stan: The only truth I've found is that the world we live in is a giant tinderbox. All it takes is someone to light the match...

Mission: Turbulence
Location: Russian Presidential Aircraft.
Unit: Russian FSO agent.

Pilot (VR): Moscow, this is Command Point en route to Hamburg. Skies are clear.

Commander (VR): All teams, report in.

Fedorov (VR): Team 1, the President's office is secure.

FSO Agent Team 2 (VR): Team 2, lower deck is clear.

FSO Agent Team 3 (VR): Team 3, forward cabin is secure.

Commander (VR): We land in Hamburg in two hours. Team 1, remain with the President until touchdown.

FSO Agent Andrei Harkov is with Sgt. Anton Fedorov and Team 1 guarding President Boris Vorshevsky at his office on board the Ilyushin Il-96-300PU Russian Presidential Aircraft. Harkov sees a flight of MiGs outside escorting the plane. Vorshevsky's daughter, Alena, enters the room.

Alena: Vasili's waiting for you, Father.

President Vorshevsky: He's expecting and answer from me.

He and his daughter begin to walk to the Conference room. Team 1 follows.

Fedorov: Team 1, moving.

The hall holds portraits of past Russian presidents.

Alena: I don't like him.

President Vorshevsky: No one does. That's why he's good at his job.

Alena: What will you tell him?

President Vorshevsky: The truth.

Alena: He won't want to hear it.

President Vorshevsky: He has no choice. I'm the president.

At the door to the conference room, Vorshevsky turns to Alena and give her a kiss on the forehead.

President Vorshevsky: I'll see you at dinner.

Alena goes into the room on the left accompanied by an agent while Vorshevsky enters the conference room, where his cabinet is waiting.

Turbulence soundtrack -

Vasili Zhukov: Mr. President.

President Vorshevsky: Vasili.

Bogdan Sokolov: Hello, Mr. President.

Pavel Morozov: President.

Vorshevsky and his cabinet take their seats. Harkov and Federov take their guard positions in the room.

President Vorshevsky: Gentlemen, we only have two choices: peace or war. Life or death. For the sake of our children, we must seek peace with the West.

Vasili Zhukov: Mr. President, now is not the time to appease our enemies.

President Vorshevsky: We destroy our enemies when we can make friends with them. If we cannot end our differences, at least we...

Gunfire is heard behind the door across the room.

Commander: That's gunfire.

FSO Agent Team 3 (VR): Hijackers are taking the plane! The cockpit's been breached!

Harkov pulls out his Five seven pistol. Two agents keep Vorshevsky down.

Commander (TR): Mr. President, get down. Team 3, status report.

FSO Agent Team 3 (VR): We need backup!

The plane shakes to the right.

Commander (TR): Damn it,Team 3! Report!

FSO Agent Team 3 (VR): Return fire!

Commander (TR): Everyone down! Protect the President! Code red. I repeat...

A beeping sound is heard, and the door explodes as three hijackers try to enter the conference room. Commander Leonid Pudovkin fights one hijacker and shoots the other before killing the first. Harkov takes out his pistol and finishes off the third.

Commander: We're taking the President to the safe room!

As he and Harkov move to the main lobby, the plane shakes to the left. At the main lobby, more agents are holding position at the stairs.

FSO Agent Team 2 (VR): Meet heavy resistance to the cockpit.

As Harkov enters the room, the plane suddenly shakes up, and then so violently that everything begins to float in zero gravity as the plane begins to stall and lose altitude.

Pilot (VR): We've stalled out! We're losing altitude!

Even while floating in circles in zero gravity, the agents continue to shoot at hijackers coming up the stairs. The plane shakes again as Harkov kills the hijackers. Then the plane shakes down and gravity returns to normal.

Commander: (TR) Team 2, retake the cockpit.

As Harkov and the other agents get on their feet, Pudovkin kills a hijacker just as the plane levels.

FSO Agent Team 3 (VR): They have the daughter hostage in the cargo bay!

Commander (TR): Team 3, backup is on the way.

The agents move downstairs past the kitchen and engage more hijackers.

Commander (TR): All teams, there are additional hijackers on the lower deck. Fedorov, protect the President.

FSO Agent Team 1 (VR): This way, sir.

The plane wobbles to its left.

FSO Agent Team 2 (VR): Preparing to retake the cockpit.

Commander : Mr. President, stay behind cover and keep your head down.

Hijackers are eliminated as they move through the operational room.

Commander: Room clear!

FSO Agent Team 2 (VR): The cockpit door has been jammed shut.

FSO Agent Team 1 (VR): Mr. President, we have to keep moving.

Commander: Keep pushing forward, Harkov.

FSO Agent Team 2 (VR): We're being driven back from the cockpit.

The agents push forward into the cargo bay. Alena is seen being held at the back of the bay.

Alena: Help me!

Harkov engages the hijackers at the cargo bay.

FSO Agent Team 1 : We have to stay with the group, sir.

Commander: We have to get the President to the saferoom.

FSO Agent Team 1: Keep moving, Mr. President.

The agents kill all the hijackers in the cargo bay.

Commander: All clear! Daughter secure!

Alena: Father!

President Vorshevsky: Alena!

Vorshevsky and his daughter reunite. The plane begins to shake again.

Commander: Move the President to the saferoom. Harkov, Federov, move up!

Pilot (VR): Attempting emergency landing!

Harkov and Federov move into the passenger quarters. More hijackers enter from the back doors.

Pilot (VR): Brace for impact!

FSO Agent Team 2: We're gonna hit! Hold on!

Suddenly, a quick silent moment, then the plane crashes on the runway. Loud screeching sounds of metal grinding as the plane's fuselage scrapes along the runway. The tail section of the plane begins to crack and breaks apart, which rolls down the runway and collides with the air control tower, destroying it. Federov can be heard screaming as he falls out of the plane into the ground. One of the plane's engines torn off from the torn-off wing comes towards the fuselage and towards Harkov, which crashes and his vision blacks out...

Harkov wakes up in the wreckage of the plane. Pudovkin sees him and helps him up.

Commander: Come on, Agent Harkov. We have to find the President.

Slightly injured, they walk slowly through the wreckage, down the landing gear bay, and out the plane. As they walk, radio chatter between several agents are heard questioning how the hijackers managed to breach security and hijack the plane. Fires burn on the trees as they come out to the snow. An agent is seen securing Alena.

Commander: Secure the daughter and move her to safety. Harkov, with me. We have to find the President.

Pudovkin and Harkov move to search for Vorshevsky. As agents everywhere look for the President and secure their locations, one agent sees a surviving hijacker and kills him.

Commander (TR): All teams, secure your sectors. Evac is on the way. Team 4, report.

FSO Agent Team 4 (VR): The President is injured but stable.

Commander (TR): Moving to your location now. Secure the area for evac!

FSO Agent Team 4 (VR):Sending up a flare from our location.

A flare is seen firing into the sky.

Commander (TR): There's the flare, right side. We're on our way.

As they hop over a log, one of the plane's engines explodes. A helicopter with a search light is seen above.

Commander: Evac choppers are here. Let's move, Harkov.

As they continue, several agents are looking over wounded agents.

FSO Agent Team 4 (VR): This is Team 4. We're taking heavy fire and multiple enemy vehicles are inbound.

Commander: Harkov, we have to move!

FSO Agent Team 4 (VR): The President's not secure; we need backup immediately.

Commander: Team 2, get Alena out of there. All other agents close in on the president's location.

They engage hostiles near the hangar.

FSO Agent Team 1 (VR): Additional enemy positions near the hangar and closing!

Commander: Let's move it, Harkov!

Harkov nears the fence on the other side.

Commander: Keep pushing forward!

FSO Agent Team 2 (VR): Three agents down. Multiple wounded. We're losing ground.

Commander: Move up! Move up!

FSO Agent Team 3 (VR): All agents, our situation is critical. The President's safety has been compromised! Code Black! Code Black!

The agents continue their engagement, and the hijackers begin to lose. Harkov engages the last hijackers at a vehicle back at the wreck.

Commander: Take them down!

The last enemy is killed.

Commander: FSO inbound! Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

An Mi-17 lands near the wreck where Vorshevsky, Zhukov, and an agent are waiting. The agents help Vorshevsky and Zhukov to the chopper.

Commander: There's the President. Mr. President, we have to get you out of here.

President Vorshevsky: Where's my daughter?!

Commander: She's being secured sir. We need to move you now. Get the President inside! Harkov, open the door!

Harkov goes to the chopper and opens the side door. But when he does, Cartman is inside! Cartman aims his pistol and shoots Harkov and he falls on the snow. His men come out of the chopper and shoot the remaining two agents and Zhukov and one of them grabs Vorshevsky. Wounded, Pudovkin tries to get up, only to be shot in the head by Cartman.

Cartman: You know who I am?

President Vorshevsky: Yes.

Cartman: Then you know what I want.

President Vorshevsky: You're insane.

Cartman: Russia will take all of Europe, even if it must stand on a pile of ashes. I want the launch codes, Mr. President.

President Vorshevsky: You'll never get them.

Cartman: Every man has his weakness. Find the girl.

FSO Agent Team 3 (VR): All teams, the daughter is secured. Repeat, the...

Cartman's men take Vorshevsky into the chopper and also look for the girl. Harkov attempts to grab a pistol next to Pudovkin's dead body. But before he could aim it, Cartman sees him, points HIS pistol at Harkov, and shoots him dead...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

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Act 1 of 3 Part 5

News Reporter: The Russian President never arrived in Hamburg for the peace summit. With his whereabouts currently unknown, no one is certain what this means for the peace treaty...

Kyle: Looks like Cartman just played his next hand.

Stan: If he puts himself back on the grid, he wants it to be known.

Kyle: So where do we start hunting?

Yuri: Africa. Cartman's been using a local paramilitary group to move shipments into Sierra Leone. From there, they go towards Morocco, and into Spain.

Kyle: He's moving north...

Stan: Right towards her majesty's doorstep. What's the cargo?

Yuri: I don't know... but it's important to him.

Stan: Then I want it.

Kyle: We can use the river to get in close. There's a factory in the camp where they store the shipments...

Kyle: The PRF's been waging genocide in the highlands for
months. They'll be everywhere.

Stan: Cartman wouldn't let this travel lightly if it didn't serve a greater purpose... and chances are the bastard will be there personally to see things off. If he's back on the grid, then so are we...

Mission: Back on the Grid
Location: Sierra Leone, Africa.
Unit: Task Force 141 (Disavowed)

Yuri surfaces in a river in Sierra Leone. He pulls out his M14 EBR Scoped Suppressed and quietly lock and loads. Kyle and Stan surface from the water.

Stan (TR): Jimmy, we're just outside the village.

Jimmy: Copy. I'll p-p-pick you up in o-o-one hour.

Stan: The factory isn't far from here. Cartman's cargo should be
there. Keep it silent. Let's move.

They begin to move out of the river and make their way to the

Kyle: Maintain a low profile. The militia's all over this area.

Stan: Soap, try not to die this time.

Kyle: You worry about yourself man.

They come to a small bridge, a couple vehicles carrying militia
come from the road.

Kyle: Vehicles approaching.

Stan: Get down.

They hide in the tall grass. The vehicles stop and drop off one
soldier.The vehicles leave and the soldier walks towards the river. The soldier sees Kyle, but before he could react, Kyle silently knifes him and throws his body into the river.

Stan: Move.

They move up the road but remain hidden in the tall grass. They
see two soldiers near a shed moving bodies.

Kyle: Two x-rays, eleven o'clock.

Stan: Take 'em out.

They quietly snipe them out.

Kyle: Clear.

As they move through the shed, they can hear a group of militia preparing to execute a villager.

Kyle: They're gonna torch the poor bastard.

Stan: Let's light them up before they light him up.

They fire on the militia and engage.

Stan: Take them out.

The militia are eliminated.

Stan: Move.

As they move up, Stan sees two soldiers and a couple villagers,
hands tied.

Stan: Tangos up ahead.

But vehicles come from the left.

Stan: Hold your fire. There's too many of them.

The vehicles drive down the road.

Stan: Don't do anything stupid, lads.

After the vehicles drive away, they see the two soldiers talking to
the two villagers and executing them.

Stan: Alright, get ready. Move.

They sneak past them. Vehicles appear on the road ahead..

Stan: Get off the road! Get down! Now!

They hide in the tall grass to the left and go prone.

Stan: Easy.

The vehicles pass them, their stereos booming with rap music. (How stereotypical)

Stan: All clear.

They come out of the grass and into a shed by the road.

Kyle: Hold up.

A group of militia walk past.

Kyle: Clear.

They see two soldiers standing on a bridge.

Kyle: Two more on the bridge. We'll have to take them down.

Stan: Wait for the truck to pass.

The truck drives past the bridge.

Stan: Drop 'em.

They snipe the two soldiers.

Stan: Move up.

Stan and Kyle drag the two bodies off the bridge and hide them
in the river. They come to the edge of the village. Kyle motions
Yuri to hold as Stan holds at the entrance and a soldier patrols
by. Stan takes out his knife, throws the soldier at the wall and
knifes him at the back of the neck, killing him. They enter the

Kyle: I see the factory. It's just up the road.

Stan: Right. Kyle and I will advance. Yuri, you're on overwatch.
Get to a position on the roof and cover us.

Stan and Kyle move further into the village while Yuri climbs
the ladder to the roof. On top, a soldier is sleeping in a chair.
Yuri takes out his knife and slits his throat. Yuri gets in position
and sees Stan and Kyle take out a couple militia and hide in a

Stan (VR): Hostiles approaching, 5 meters.

Two soldiers walk out of a house ahead. Yuri takes them out.

Kyle (VR): Two more from the west. Take 'em down.

Two more walk out of a house on the left. Yuri takes them down.

Kyle (VR): Moving up.

Stan and Kyle move further into the village.

Kyle (VR): Another patrol on the road. Take 'em out quick.

Three soldiers walk in on the road ahead from the left. Yuri takes
them out.

Kyle (VR): Moving.

Stan (VR): Moving.

Stan and Kyle run up to the factory at the end of the village.

Kyle (VR): Breaching now.

Stan kicks in the door and he and Kyle enter the factory.

Stan (VR): Clear.

Kyle (VR): Clear? This place is bloody empty.

Stan (VR): Jimmy, the factory is a dead end. No sign of Cartman.

Jimmy (VR): He m-m-m-must have moved to the m-m-militia's headquarters at the c-c-center of t-town.

Stan (VR): We're moving there now.

Kyle (VR): Heads up, we've got company.

Large numbers of militia come out of the village and move in
towards the factory.

Stan (VR): We're compromised!

Yuri jumps off the roof and moves to regroup with Stan.

Stan (VR): Switch to your AK.

Yuri takes out his AK-47 Suppressed w/ Red Dot. Militia appear in
front of him and he engages.

Stan (VR): Yuri, run! Rally on me!

Yuri makes his way to the factory. He meets up with Stan and
Kyle and they engage more militia.

Stan: Yuri, push forward.

They continue to engage militia and push forward into the

Stan: Area clear. Through here! Let's go!

They move into a house and climb up a ladder.

Stan: Yuri, this way!

Kyle: I think they know we're here.

Stan: All that matters is Makarov's cargo. Keep moving.

A truck appears from the left.

Stan: Technical dead ahead!

Yuri fires on the gunner and kills him. More militia are coming
from the right.

Stan: Yuri, man the .50 cal. and lay down cover fire!

Yuri climbs up the back of the truck, pushes the dead body away,
and mans the .50 cal. turret. He fires on the incoming militia.

Stan: Enemy, rooftop, right!

Yuri shifts fire at the enemies on the rooftop on the right side.
More militia appear ahead.

Stan: Contact front!

Yuri shifts fire to the front at incoming militia. More militia
appear on his left.

Stan: Contact left!

Yuri shifts fire to the left.

Kyle: Another technical incoming! Take it out!

Stan: Contact front!

Yuri aims at the technical, killing the gunner and destroying the
vehicle. He continues to fire the machine gun at the militia. Then
large explosions blow up around him.

Kyle: Mortar fire inbound! Hold on!

A mortar explodes on Yuri's vehicle, knocking him off. The
wrecked vehicle lands feet in front of him. Kyle runs to him.

Kyle: Get up! We gotta get the hell out of here!

Yuri gets on his feet.

Kyle: The whole militia is headed straight for us!

Stan: Don't stop moving, or they'll dial us in!

They begin to run through the village, dodging incoming mortar fire.

Kyle: Mortar incoming right!

A mortar blows up a house on the right corner as they turn left.
They go through a shed.

Stan: Incoming left!

A mortar blows up a house ahead. They continue to run through
the village.

Kyle: Go, go, go!

They climb up a ladder.

Kyle: Keep moving!

They run on rooftops dodging more mortar fire.

Kyle: Mortar incoming left!

Yuri jumps down on another rooftop, but it collapses and he falls
to the ground. When Yuri looks up, a soldier raises up a machete

Kyle: Yuri!

Yuri fires and kills the soldier.

Stan: Yuri, I see you! Just keep moving!

Yuri runs up the slope and regroups with Stan and Kyle. As they
come up Soap sees a tower where the militia are firing mortars.

Kyle: They're firing mortars from that tower!

Stan: Yuri, slot the bastards! (Love that line :) )

Yuri fires and kills the militia at the tower.

Kyle: They're down but we got a large group of militia headed our way.

Stan: Then let's give them a proper welcome. Yuri – man the
mortar on the roof.

Yuri runs up the stairs to the tower.

Kyle: Start putting shells downrange!

Stan: Use the mortar and hose those bastards down!

Yuri mans the mortar cannon. He turns it, aims it, and fires a
mortar on a group of militia.

Stan: Looks like two technicals and a bunch of troops. Light 'em

Yuri sees two trucks moving in from the left. He aims the mortar
and fires.

Kyle: All targets in the village are hostile! If it moves, put a
mortar shell on it!

Stan: Keep firing the mortar!

Yuri eliminates everything in the village.

Stan: That's good for now! Let's move! We need to hit the
church. We're running out of time.

Kyle: Through here.

Yuri rejoins Stan and Kyle at a drain tunnel. Kyle removes the
cover and goes in.

Stan (TR): Jimmy, approaching the church now. And you're sure the cargo will be there?

Jimmy (VR): It's the only a-a-area they could h-h-have moved it to. If n-not there, then it's a-a-already on its way to Europe.

Kyle: Let's hope he's right.

They come out of the tunnel and move further into the village.
They engage more militia, but they are eliminated by the time
they reach the end of the area.

Kyle: Area clear.

Stan: Kyle, get the door!

They come to a house on the left corner. Kyle rams down the
door and they enter a burned basement. They come out of the
other side, the church is ahead.

Stan: There's the church!

A helicopter is seen flying above towards the back of the church.

Kyle: Stan! There's the bird! They're moving the cargo!

Stan: We're out of time! Get to that church now!

Militia come out of the surrounding buildings. They engage.

Stan: Push forward to the church!

They near the entrance of the church.

Stan: Yuri, push forward.

They reach the church. Militia and a couple hyenas come out of
the building.

Stan: Push forward to the church!

The militia and hyenas in the church are eliminated.

Kyle: Church is clear!

Stan: Stack up on the door! Alright, lads. Let's do this.

They stack up on the door and Yuri kicks it down. As soon as he
does, a hyena jumps and grabs his right hand. Yuri frees his
hand, holds back the hyena with his left and with his right pulls out a pistol . He kills two soldiers and then fires three bullets into
the hyena's head. As Yuri gets back up, the helicopter takes off
with a load of boxes underneath it.

Stan: They're getting away with the cargo!

They fire at the helicopter in an attempt to shoot it down, but to
no avail. The helicopter escapes. Stan kills a wounded soldier
in frustration.

Stan (TR): Damn! Jimmy, the shipment's gone. We missed our

Jimmy (VR): What about C-C-C-Cartman?

Stan (TR): Must've done a runner. Just get us out of here.

Kyle opens a crate, only to find it empty.

Kyle: Empty. What do you think Cartman was after?

Stan: We'll ask the bastard when we find him...

3 people from the original Modern Warfare return next mission alongside Pip.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

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Pip, Jason and Kevin are all in this post. Another person who has been promoted will also return.

If you're wondering, Jason and Kevin were featured in the first Combat mission of the original Modern Warfare, on the Cargo Ship. Stan asks them to 'cover our six'.

Story really begins in this one...

Act 1 of 3 Part 6 (Last of Act 1)

A French satellite tracks an encrypted message. The Corsica station in France intercepts it.


Corsica Station (VR): Ici la station Corse, nous venons d'intercepter un message crypté. (This is the Corsica station, we just intercepted an encrypted message.)

Fregata Terrorist (VR): Dites donc, that's go to London, now. (It's done. The package is enroute to London.)

Corsica Station (VR): Prévenez les renseignements britaniques que nous avons un problème. (Notify British MI-6 that we have a problem.)

The satellite tracks a suspect cargo from Fregata on its way to London. MI-6 personnel at the headquarters, Vauxhall Cross, are notified of the matter.

MI6 Officer (VR): The French just intercepted a message concerning a suspicious shipment headed for British soil.

SIS Chief (VR): Have we identified the vessel?

MI6 Officer (VR): No sir, the call came from a number on the watch-list for Fregata Industries.

SIS Chief (VR): Wake up MI5 and notify them that we have an imminent threat.

The Director of MI5, Domestic Intelligence, is driving as she is on the phone with the MI6 Officer, who is in the MI5 Headquarters, Thames House.

MI5 Director (VR): Gentlemen, what do we know?

MI6 Officer (VR): Nothing solid. Special Branch is sweeping up known persons of interest, but we advise tasking SAS to investigate Tier One threats.

MI5 Director (VR): Patch me through to Hereford.

MI5 Director connects with the Director of Special Forces at the SAS Headquarters in Hereford.

Col.M (VR): Ma'am, I understand we have unknown hostiles expecting a package.

MI5 Director (VR): MI5 has identified several possible points of entry. Be advised, the nature of the cargo is currently unknown.

The satellite locates London, where the Fregata cargo ship is being docked at the Canary Wharf.

Col.M (VR): Roger, my team is making ready. We'll be on plot within the hour. Don't worry ma'am. Whatever they're up to, we'll put a stop to it.

Mission: Mind the Gap
Location: London, England
Unit: 22nd SAS Regiment

A UAV Is overlooking a dock at Canary Wharf. A forklift vehicle can be seen loading a crate into a truck.

Sgt.Jason McHugh (VR): Baseplate, we're online. Mint on view.

Col.M (VR): Roger that, Bravo 6. There are multiple trucks in the docks marked “Charity Worldwide.” At this time we believe they are targets.

Sgt.McHugh (VR): That's a dodgy way of doing charity work.

Col.M (VR): The trucks are leaving the docks now

The trucks are seen leaving the docks. One remains parked.

Sgt.Mchugh (VR): Our source say what they were transporting?

Col.M (VR): Intel on this op shows the shipment came from High Value Targets overseas. Be advised, one of the trucks is still at the docks.

Sgt.McHugh (VR): Why not get a Spectre in here and sink the whole bloody thing in the river?

Col.M (VR): Too high profile, Bravo 6. Vulture's birds will provide air cover for now.

Sgt.McHugh: Let's just get this thing done and dusted.

The UAV detects several hostiles in the warehouses.

Col.M (VR): FLIR is picking up heat signatures in the warehouses. You will need to clear those buildings before securing the truck.

Sgt.McHugh (VR): My team will take Warehouse One, Bravo 9 will handle the other.

The UAV camera shifts view to McHugh's SAS team behind the warehouses.

Sgt.McHugh (VR) Baseplate, our window is closing fast. We're ready to kick this off.

Col.M (VR): Copy that. All teams, you've got the nod. Mission is a go.

On the Ground...

Sgt.Jason McHugh, Cpl.Kevin Stoley and Sgt. Pip Pirrup are in an alley.

Sgt.McHugh: Alright mates, let's do this.

McHugh, Cpl.Stoley, and Pip go through the alley while Bravo 9's team goes around to the other warehouse.

Sgt.McHugh: That's the warehouse in front of us. Pip, we'll sweep, you clean. Weapons free.

A Russian talking on his cell phone walks out of the warehouse. He is killed.

Cpl.Stoley: Alley clear, move.

They move up to the warehouse and see two men sleeping inside.

Pip: Got two more inside.

Sgt.McHugh: Make sure they don't wake up.

They put the two men to “sleep.”

Sgt.McHugh (TR): Bravo 9, you got two behind the door.

Bravo 9 Leader (VR): Copy.

Bravo 9 enter the other warehouse and kill two enemies.

Cpl.Stoley: Two targets down the alley. Ten meters.

Sgt.McHugh: Take 'em down.

They turn into the alley and take out the two guards across them.

Pip: Alley clear.

They move up to the door. Kevin takes out a pair of lock cutters as they stack up on the door.

Sgt.McHugh: On me.

Cpl.Stoley: Ready?

Sgt.McHugh: Alright. Cut it.

Kevin cuts the locks and Jason enters the room.

Sgt.McHugh: Room clear. Up the stairs.

They move up the stairs and into the warehouse.

Pip: Got movement up ahead.

Sgt.McHugh grabs the enemy, knees him, and shoots him,

Sgt.McHugh: Pip, take point.

Pip moves forward through the hall. Voices are heard ahead.

Cpl.Stoley: Sounds like more around the corner.

They go around the corner and eliminate the two guards.

Sgt.McHugh: Mornin', gents. Room clear.

They go up the stairs.

Sierra 1 (VR): Bravo 6, this is Sierra 1, two hostiles on top floor of your building. Taking the shot. Send 'em.

At the top floor, two hostiles are sniped by Sierra 1.

Sierra 1 (VR): Outer perimeter is secure.

Sgt.McHugh: Greenlight on all teams. Go! Through the glass!

They smash through the windows and slide down the metal sheet. A truck with more SAS soldiers drive in, but is destroyed by an RPG. The SAS teams engage hostiles at the docks. Little Bird Vulture 2-2 shines its search light to help the teams below locate hostiles. They clear the docks.

Sierra 1 (VR): Bravo 6, Sierra 1. You're all clear.

Sgt.McHugh: All clear?!

Pip: Clear!

Cpl.Stoley: Clear, boss!

Sgt.McHugh: Alright, set up a perimeter!

Vulture 2-2 shines its light on the truck as the teams surround the truck.

Sgt.McHugh: Pip, open the doors.

Pip opens the truck's doors, but the truck is empty.

Sgt.McHugh (TR): Baseplate, the lorry is empty. What's the status on the rest of them?

Pip: There's nothing in there.

Col.M (VR): *static* Bravo 6, be advised, y...

Comms begin to become scrambled as a large group of hostiles fire on the teams. An RPG flies past them.

Cpl.Stoley: Contact!

Sgt.McHugh: Move! Move! Tangos on the catwalk! Vulture 2, sort them out!

Vulture 2-2 (VR): Roger that. Inbound and hot.

The team engages and Vulture 2-2 fires its guns at hostiles on the catwalk. As the team nears the warehouse, an RPG is fired at Vulture 2-2.

Vulture 2-2 (VR): RPG! Pull up! Pull up!

The Vulture 2-2 is briefly driven back as the team enters the warehouse and clears it. As they come out the other side, they engage another large group of hostiles.

Sgt. McHugh (TR): Vulture 2, keep us covered!

Vulture 2-2 (VR): Copy. Inbound for gun run.

The Vulture 2-2 goes on a strafing run, clearing a path for the team to push forward. When they come to a construction area, they meet heavy resistance.

Sgt.McHugh (TR): Vulture 2, we're taking heavy fire from the West! I need you to hit 'em again!

Vulture 2-2 (VR): Coming back around. Danger close.

The Vulture 2-2 again sweeps the area with minigun fire and rockets to support the team. They push forward and the hostiles retreat to a subway tunnel.

Cpl.Stoley: They're falling back to the tube!

Sgt.McHugh (TR): Baseplate, hostiles are leggin' it back to the tube. We're pursuing on foot!

Col.M (VR): Copy that. Vulture 2-2, scout ahead and check stops. Find out where they're headed.

Vulture 2-2 (VR): Vulture 2-2, breaking away.

The team pursues the hostiles as they enter a subway train. The train starts moving and leaves the area.

Sgt.McHugh: Everyone in the trucks, now!

The team gets on two trucks. Pip gets on the back of the truck driven by Kevin, accompanied by Jason.

Sgt.McHugh: Hold on!

Kevin starts the truck and the two trucks carrying the SAS teams pursue the subway train. They follow it into a tunnel. They exchange fire with the hostiles riding the train. An RPG is fired from the train.

Vulture 2-2 (VR): RPG!

Sgt.McHugh: Try and get along side it!

Kevin drives to the left of the train and tries to catch up. A bright light shines in front of them.

Bravo 9 Leader (VR): Incoming train! Go right! Go right!

Kevin steers right and barely dodges the train.

Pip: A little close there, mate!

Cpl.Stoley: Sod off! We're still in one piece!

Sgt.McHugh: Just keep her steady!

Kevin drives along the right side of the train. Pip exchanges fire with the hostiles on the train. The train switches lanes and the trucks drive along the left side.

Sgt.McHugh (TR): Baseplate, we're tracking hostiles through the tube! We need to know where they're headed!

Col.M (VR) Bravo 6, all metro exits from your location are located in the city, over.

The train switches to the right lane. They come to a platform where civilians are standing.

Sgt.McHugh: Watch your fire! Civvies up ahead!

As the train passes the platform, gunfire from the train wipes out half of the civilians. The train goes into another tunnel with the trucks still in pursuit.

Sgt.McHugh (TR): Vulture 2, where the hell are you?!

Vulture 2-2 (VR): Got your position, got the target. Inbound and hot.

As they come out of the tunnel, the trucks dodge another incoming train. Vulture 2-2 fires its guns on the hostile train, but it keeps running. They come into another tunnel.

Sgt.McHugh (TR): Why's that driver still breathing?!

The trucks drive into a brick tunnel, briefly cut off from the train.

Bravo 9 Leader (VR): (Argh,) I can't get a shot!

They come out of the tunnel. A platform is between the trucks and the train. They continue to exchange fire.

Sgt.McHugh: This line goes straight to Westminster! We have to stop this thing, now!

They go through another tunnel.

Bravo 9 Leader (VR): I see the driver! Taking the shot!

Bravo 9's truck is driving slightly ahead of the train. Bravo 9 Leader aims at the front of the train, but he is shot and killed.

SAS Soldier (VR): Man down! Man down!

Bravo 9's truck steers to the right, in front of the train, and gets crushed. But in the process, the train derails. One by one, the train cars flip over to their side and roll sideways, smashing columns.

Sgt.McHugh: Hold on!

As the third car derails, the truck tips over and Pip falls off...

Pip, on the ground and barely awake, sees the flaming train wreck at the end of the tunnel. The truck on the left has been tipped over, also wrecked.

Col.M (VR): Bravo 6, come in. Bravo 6, do you copy?

Pip gets up and sees Jason walking away from the truck.

Sgt.McHugh: Pip... (coughs) you alright?

Col.M (VR): Bravo 6, what's your status?

Sgt. Mchugh (TR): The train's done in under Westminster. Those bastards were using it for transport.

Col.M (VR): Be advised, the trucks are headed in your direction. Get topside and RV with Bravo 2.

Sgt.McHugh (TR): Copy.

They see Kevin lying dead on the floor beside the truck.

Sgt.McHugh: Come on Pip. It looks like it's just us now.

The two move up to the wrecked train and climb into the carriage. They hear Russian voices

Sgt.McHugh (TR): Baseplate, we got contact at Westminster Station!

Col.M (VR): Copy, Bravo 6. Teams are en route. ETA ten minutes.

Sgt.McHugh: Tell 'em to double-time it, now!

They engage hostiles at the station.

Pip: C'mon, mate! Let's give these bastards a proper British welcome! (Love that line as well :) )

They fight hostiles through the halls.

Pip: Check those corners!

They turn into a hallway on the right.

Sgt.McHugh: Watch for civilians!

They engage more hostiles.

Sgt.McHugh (TR): Baseplate! Where's that backup?

Col.M (VR): Local police are arriving on scene. Bravo 2 will be on station in five minutes.

Pip (TR): Bollocks! Nothing takes five minutes!

They eliminate the hostiles in the area.

Sgt. McHugh: Keep pushing! They're falling back! Up the stairs!

They kill hostiles at the top of the escalator. As Pip walks up the escalator, a grenade is thrown down them towards him.

Sgt.McHugh: Grenade!

Pip moves back as the grenade bounces down, which explodes at the middle of the escalator. He and Jason reach the top of the escalator.

Sgt.McHugh: Cheeky bastards! ( :) Again with the Awesome lines!)

They come up the next floor and engage more hostiles. They eliminate them and continue up the next floor.

Sgt.McHugh (TR): Baseplate! Where's that backup?

Col.M (VR): They're arriving on scene now.

They jump over the ticket gates. At the tunnel, hostiles are killed and restrained by additional SAS soldiers.

Sgt.McHugh: Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Nice timing, mates!

SAS Soldier: The truck is almost here! You'd better get topside!

Jason and Pip go up the stairs to the streets. Local police are keeping civilians away from the streets.

Vulture 2-2 (VR): All teams, be advised. The truck is coming your way and coming in hot.

Vulture 2-2 lands on the street and drops off more SAS. They set up a roadblock to intercept the truck.

Bravo 2-1: Secure the area!

Police cars form a blockade and SAS hold position.

Bravo 2-1: The truck will be here any second! We need to lock this road down now!

Sgt.McHugh: Everyone at the blockade! Stack up!

The truck being chased by police cars appears at the end of the street.

Bravo 2-1: There's the truck! Weapons free!

Sgt.McHugh: Aim for the bloody driver!

All the SAS fire their weapons at the truck. The truck turns hard and flips over on its side and stops short of the intersection.

Bravo 2-1: Hold your fire! Hold your fire! All clear?

Pip: Clear!!

They surround the truck.

Sgt.McHugh (TR): Baseplate, the lorry's down. We're secure. What's the status on the others? Baseplate, come in. Baseplate, where are the trucks?!...

Somewhere on the other side of London...


Mission: Family Vacation
Location: London, England
Unit: The Davis Family

Mr.Davis is filming his wife and daughter on vacation in London.

Wife: You got it? Are you recording? Okay. So, this is day 3, London, and we're off to... Sarah, tell daddy where we're going?

Sarah: We're going to Big Ben!

Wife: That's right. Big Ben. Oh, there it is, sweetie. It's right there.

She points Sarah to the Big Ben in the background.

Wife: Honey, are you getting this?

Mr.Davis walks closer. Sarah goes and spins around.

Sarah: Daddy, look over here. (laughs) Look at me, daddy.

Wife: She is really hyper today. Sarah, don't go too far.

A Charity Worldwide truck drives from the right and parks at the corner ahead. Two men come out of the truck and run away from it. A flock of pigeons are standing on the sidewalk.

Sarah: Birds! Look, mommy, there's birds!

Sarah goes to chase the pigeons.

Wife: That's your daughter. You know she gets that from you.

The truck explodes. The Davis family is killed. People scream as they run away in fear. The camera continues to record as green smoke pours out of the wreckage. The smoke looms over the camera and the recording stops...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

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Act 2 of 3 Part 1

TV News: “CHEMICAL ATTACK ACROSS EUROPE; Chemical weapons used in coordinated attacks across Europe. CHEMICAL ATTACK IN WESTMINSTER; A “dirty bomb” explodes in London.”

British Male News Reporter: At 6:22 Greenwich Mean Time, chemical attacks were triggered across Europe.

Sgt.McHugh (VR): I repeat: Downing Street is within the contamination radius, over!

British Female News Reporter: It's been called the worst terror event in history.

The GIGN HQ is located in Paris. A GIGN commander sends a distressed video feed.

GIGN Commander (VR): (coughing) This is GIGN HQ. My men are dead or dying! (coughing) I've been exposed!

The satellite locates Ramstein A.F.B., US Airforce European Headquarters in Germany.

Ramstein AFB (VR): This is Ramstein! We're under attack!

Overlord (VR): Roger – we are aware of the gas attack and are sending decon units your way.

Ramstein AFB (VR): Not the gas! We're under attack by Russian ground forces!

Overlord: Say again, Ramstein. What Russian forces?

The satellite tracks the Russian army from Moscow moving in all across the attacked European cities.

Ramstein AFB (VR): The entire Russian army! Request immediate assistance.

A video feed shows a Russian tank moving into Paris and more video feeds of the Russian army invading Europe.

European News Reporter: Eyewitnesses are now reporting Russian tanks rolling down the Champs-Élysées.

Overlord (VR): This was no act of terrorism. The attacks were intended to cripple our defenses and pave the way for an invasion. We need to hit them now with everything we've got.

A video feed shows the peace delegation under attack in Hamburg, Germany.

Battle Captain (VR): Sir, we've lost contact with the delegation in Hamburg.

Five flights of C-130 troop carriers fly to Hamburg from the US East Coast.

Overlord (VR): Metal 0-1, this is Overlord actual. You are being re-routed for Hamburg. We've got a principal level hostage rescue.

Craig (VR): Who is it?

Overlord (VR): The Vice President.

Mission: Goalpost
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Unit: Delta Force

Delta Force is being sent to Hamburg on Black Hawks, V-22 Ospreys, and LCACs and they are taking fire from flak and anti-air fire.

Helix 2-3 (VR): This is Helix 2-3, we're one minute out.

Helix 3-2 (VR): Copy that, 2-3.

An alarm sounds. Helix 3-2 gets hit and goes down.

Helix 3-2 (VR): This is 3-2, I'm hit!

Helix 2-3 (VR): Helix 3-2 is hit, he's going down!

Helix 3-2 (VR): Stay with it!

Helix 3-2 goes under Helix 2-3 and crashes into the sea.

Helix 3-2: … ETA 30 seconds.

Raptor 4 (VR): Roger. Raptor 4 inbound.

Hunter 2-6 (VR): Hunter 2-6, troops on deck. Going into holding pattern.

A flight of V-22 Ospreys fly in. One of them gets hit on the right engine and crashes into the sea. As they near the beach, Kenny pulls out his M4A1 Grenadier w/ ACOG. The Black Hawks and V-22s land at the beach and drop their troops while the LCACs land on shore and drop off M1A2 Abrams tanks Rhino 1 and 2.

Craig: The convoy never made it to the extraction point. Let's find it and get these guys home.

Delta Force soldiers and tanks move up the beach. An AH-64 Apache can be seen firing on the left. A Russian T90 appears ahead.

Craig (TR): Rhino 1, you've got a T90 on your left side!

Rhino 1 and 2 destroy the T-90, and the team move up the beach. A Russian Havoc appears out of the sky.

Rhino 2 Gunner (VR): Hind! Hind!

They move up the beach towards the city.

Craig: Move with the tanks! Keep going!

Rhino 3 (VR): This is Rhino Three, we're moving.

U.S. Soldier: Mortars!

U.S. Soldier: sh*t, man, we're getting pinned down with mortars!

Craig: Keep moving! Use whatever cover you can find!

U.S. Soldier: Take cover behind the rocks!

Craig: Don't stop! Get off this beach!

U.S. Soldier: Get off the beach, now!

Craig: Don't slow down!

U.S. Soldier: Hey, just get to the wall! That's where the rally point is!

Delta team manages to get to the entrance to the city.

Rhino 1 (VR): Deploying smoke.

Rhino 1 pops smoke.

Craig: Move! Move!

The tanks move up with the soldiers.

Rhino 1 (VR): We're going to need you boys to sweep the forward area. Make sure we're good to move up.

Craig (TR): Copy, we'll clear you a path!

Enemy forces appear out of the smoke, but the team eliminates them. They move up to the road at the end of the beach.

Craig (TR): You're good, Rhino 1! We'll take the right flank!

They begin to move to the right to get around and allow the tanks to move up. Rhino moves up.

Craig: Going right! Stick to the right flank!

As they move up to the wall at the edge of the city, rockets bombard the area.

Rhino 2 Gunner (VR): Incoming!

Rhino 3 is taken out. An Apache attempts to give air support, but is shot down.

Craig: Move! Move!

Two T90s appear in front of them.

Rhino 2 (VR): Got two more T90s! Left side!

Rhino 1 (VR): Alright stand clear. We're gonna get some rounds in that direction.

Rhino 2 (VR): Copy that, Rhino 1. We're right behind you.

Craig: Move! Move!

They move into the city and engage the invading Russian army forces. Delta takes out incoming infantry, while Rhino shoots at the enemy T-90s. Another Apache can be seen behind the team shooter with its cannon. They push forward for about 150 meters before turning left at the corner of the street. After pushing forward about another 50 meters, the tanks stop at a small barricade.

Craig: What's the hold up?

Carter: The only way through is in to that parking garage and out the other side! We're going to have to take it slow – not sure if it can handle the wei-

Carter is shot and killed by a sniper round.

Craig: Sniper!

Rhino 2 Gunner (VR): Carter's hit! He's hit! Where are the targets?

Craig (TR): Top floor of the building in front of you! Hit it now!

Rhino 2 fires a round at the front building, killing the sniper

Craig: Kenny, get up on that mini-gun!

Kenny climbs up the tank's side railing and mans the mini-gun. As the tank moves over the barricade, Kenny sprays at incoming Russian infantry. A Havoc appears behind the building.

Rhino 2 Gunner (VR): Hind! Hind!

Rhino 1 (VR): Back it up! Now!

The tanks go in reverse. Kenny engages the Havocs with the minigun.

Rhino 2 Gunner (VR): Trophy system online!

The Havoc fires rockets at the tanks.

Rhino 2 (VR): Get down!

Kenny barely ducks into the tank when a rocket explodes in front of him. Shell shocked, Kenny recovers from the blast. One crewman can be seen loading a shell.

Rhino 1 (VR): Everyone OK?! Talk to me, 2-2!

Rhino 2: We're good!

Rhino 1 (VR): Alright, let's roll!

Kenny climbs back out and mans the mini-gun. Large groups of Russian infantry and a T90 appear ahead.

Rhino 1: Got more inbound! Twelve o'clock!

Craig: Another T90 is pulling up in front!

The tanks move up and Frost covers them with the mini-gun. The Russians retreat. A pair of Apaches, Helix Eight One and Helix Eight Two, can be seen.

Rhino 2: They're falling back to the garage.

Rhino 1 (VR): Yeah, they're scared shitless.

One Apache fires missiles into the garage. A few Russians try to escape, but Frost mows them down with the minigun. The tanks reach the intersection and enter the parking garage.

Rhino 1 (VR): Let's move in. They ran further down in to the garage.

Rhino 2: Alright, let's get this show on the road!

Rhino 1 (VR): Just move fast. Don't let 'em swarm you.

As they move into the interior of the garage, they engage the Russians taking cover behind cars. Kenny sprays his mini-gun at them.

Rhino 2: Hold on!

Rhino 2 drives past a group of infantry and around the floor of the garage.

Rhino 2: Right there! Right there!

They come up to a tunnel, not big enough to allow both tanks through.

Rhino 1 (VR): Saw another group headed through here.

Rhino 2: After you, 2-1.

Rhino 1 moves in first and Rhino 2 follows. As they come to the ramps, a truck appears on the right. Kenny engages. The tanks both move up the ramp, but it begins to crack from their weight.

Rhino 1 (VR): Woah! Woah! Wait!

Rhino 2: Back it up! Back up!

The floor breaks underneath Rhino 2.

Rhino 2: Oh sh*t!

Rhino 2 falls through three floors of the garage. When Rhino 2 lands, cars from above floors fall down around the tank. Kenny looks up and sees a car tip over. He quickly drops inside the tank just as the car hits the top of it and gets shell shocked.

Craig (VR): Kenny!

Kenny looks around inside the tank. The crew are shell-shocked, but ok.

Rhino 1 (VR): 2-2, you alright?! 2-2, come in!

Rhino 2 Gunner: You ok? You alright, man?

Kenny and 2-2 crew crawl out of the wrecked tank.

Rhino 2 Gunner: C'mon, man. Let's get out of there. Systems are dead...that sh*t was crazy, man...

Craig drops down to check on them.

Craig: You guys ok?!

Rhino 2 Gunner: Yeah. We're good.

Craig: Can you shoot?

Rhino 2 Gunner: Yeah, I can hold my own.

Craig: Alright, basics fellas. Find cover, return fire. Let us know if you need any help. Now we move fast, so keep your heads up. Let's go.

As they move out, they are engaged by more Russians.

Rhino 2 Gunner: Contact!

The hostiles are eliminated, and the team moves on.

Overlord (VR): Metal 0-1, ISR has spotted the convoy half a click from your position. Get there fast and secure a perimeter around that site.

Craig: Copy. We're on our way.

They move up the ramp and out of the garage. A V-22 Osprey is seen getting chased by a Russian Havoc. They come under fire from a T90 surrounded by infantry.

Rhino 2 Gunner: Tank!

Craig: Take cover!

They engage the Russians on the streets.

Rhino 2 Gunner (VR): Rhino 1, where the hell are you?!

Rhino 1 crashes out from a brick building on the right. Rhino and the T90 turn to each other, but Rhino 1 gets the shot first and destroys the T90.

Rhino 1 (VR): Threat neutralized. We're moving up.

They push on through the street as they engage the Russians. Rockets fire down from a roof, and Rhino 1 is destroyed.

Rhino 2 Gunner: Incoming!

Craig: Get inside! Go! Go!

They get into an office building and engage more Russians inside. They reach the end of the building.

Craig: Rooftop's clear! Let's move! The convoy should be at the end of the street!

They come out of the building and engage Russians in the streets. They reach the corner.

Overlord (VR): Metal 0-1, have you reached the convoy?

Craig (TR): Affirmative, Overlord, but we can't get to it yet! Watch the left side!

They turn the corner and engage Russians taking cover behind several vehicles. They are eliminated.

Rhino 2 Gunner: We're clear!

Craig: Check the vehicles.

They arrive at the Vice Presidential motorcade. Four heavily-damaged SUVs are scattered across the road. The bodies of several Secret Service agents are still in the vehicles, but codename "Goalpost" is not among them.

Rhino 2 Gunner: Nothin' here!

Craig (TR): They're not here... Overlord, negative precious cargo. I say again - they're not at the convoy.

Overlord (VR): Copy. Check the area for any sign of the delegates, but be advised - Raptor 4 will be on station for exfil in ten minutes, over.

Craig (TR): Copy your last.

They see a bloody trail from the vehicles leading into the building.

Rhino 2 Gunner: Hey! There's a lot of blood over here. It's going up those stairs.

Craig: Easy.

Shadows appear up the stairs.

Rhino 2 Gunner: Contact!

They enter the building on the left and go up the stairs. They hear Russian voices. When they get up the third floor, a Russian is seen quickly closing the door and two gunshots are heard. Kenny quickly plants a breaching charge at the door. The charge explodes and Kenny kills the Russians just before they could execute a hostage. The team enters and secures the room.

Craig: Look at me, look at me. It's him.

Craig helps up the U.S. Vice President.

Craig (TR): Overlord, P.I.D. (Positive Identification) on the Vice President. We're ready for extraction.

Overlord (VR): Solid Copy, 0-1. Great work. Raptor 4 is arriving on scene now.

They move up to the balcony where a V-22 Osprey is hovering in to extract the team. Black Hawks are deploying troops, and Apaches are overlooking the area.

Craig (TR): Token, Butters – we got our guy. We're on our way to LZ Neptune. Meet us there.

Butters (VR): Nice. I guess the first round's on us.

Another Stan, Kyle and Yuri one next. If you have played (Or Read) the first Modern Warfare then an old friend from the original will return.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

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Act 2 of 3 Part 2

London is under a chemical attack. A telephone rings. The call is linked to the SAS headquarters in Hereford.

SAS Intel Officer: Colonel , we've got a caller with a lead on the
chemical attacks. Says he'll only speak to you.

The connection is established between Baseplate and the caller.

Col.M (VR): Identify yourself.

Stan (VR): Mac. It's Stan.

Col.Macmillan (VR): (sigh) We put a lot of names on the clock tower this week, lad.

Stan (VR): It was Cartman. The bastard slipped through my fingers in Sierra Leone. What does MI6 know?

Col.Macmillan (VR): You're on everyone's shit-list Stan. There's no way I could get you clearance.

Stan (VR): Don't give me that! You still owe me for Prypiat. I'm calling it in.

Col.Macmillan (VR): Easy, son. Alright. We've traced the delivery freighter to an outfit in Bosaso, Somalia. It's run by a nasty piece of work named Waraabe. My hands are full with the bleeding at home, so you're on your own. Good hunting.

Kyle: What's the security look like?

Stan: Strictly second division. Local triggermen guard the

Kyle: We'll stick out like bollocks on a bulldog. Stealth's not an

Stan: Then we'll just have to kick in the front door. Tell Jimmy
to ready his men.

Mission: Return To Sender
Location: Bosaso, Somalia
Unit: Task Force 141 (Disavowed)

Return To Sender -

Stan is driving a jeep with Kyle and Yuri along the beach in
Bosaso, Somalia. They make their way to the docks.

Stan: Just move quickly and we can slug Waraabe before he

A massive sandstorm can be seen at a distance.

Kyle: The sandstorm's moving in fast! We'll only have one shot
at this.

Stan (TR): Bravo Team, take point through the gate!

Another jeep driven by Bravo Team drives along the left. Yuri gets up in the Jeep. They drive off the beach and accelerate
towards the gate. Kyle looks up and sees jimmy in a Hind flying
above them.

Kyle (VR): Jimmy, soften 'em up!

Jimmy (VR): Missiles a-a-a-away.

Jimmy fires two missiles at the entry point.

Stan: Targets ahead. Engage! Engage!

Yuri pulls out his M4A1 Grenadier w/ ACOG and fires at Somalian
militia. The militia attempt to close the gate, but the two jeeps
break through the gate and they enter the docks. Stan gets out
of the jeep, pulls out his Desert Eagle and kills two enemies. An
alarm sounds throughout the docks as the team spreads out and
engages the militia.

Kyle: Slot these bastards fast!

They push forward through the docks.

Stan: Waraabe's compound is at the end of the road! Move!

Kyle: Sweep under the docks!

Explosions rock the docks.

Stan: They're targeting us with mortars!

Kyle (TR) : Jimmy, we need air support!

Jimmy (VR): Moving into p-p-position now.

Jimmy positions his chopper over the docks. Yuri takes out a
touch screen remote control device,

[Remote Turret Sequence ACTIVATE].

Kyle: Yuri, you've got control. Light 'em up!

Yuri controls the gun turret on Jimmy's chopper and fires it down
all over the docks, killing several militia on rooftops, inside
buildings, and behind cover.

Jimmy (VR): Multiple k-k-kills. Well d-d-done Yuri.

Kyle: Kills confirmed.

The militia fire RPGs in an attempt to shoot down Jimmy.

Jimmy (VR): That w-w-was too c-close

Jimmy finishes his pass over the docks.

Jimmy (VR): I'll fly b-b-back for another p-pass.

Stan: Don't get pinned down! Waraabe's just ahead!

Two technical trucks drive down to the docks.

Kyle: Technicals coming in from the North!

They engage and eliminate the technicals and continue to push
forward in the docks.

Stan: Let's go! We have to get Waraabe!

They move past the broken ship and move up to the local buildings. More militia appear.

Jimmy (VR): Additional f-f-f-forces closing in!

Kyle: Target building in sight! Watch for crossfire!

Jimmy stands by for his gun run.

Jimmy: Stan, the remote g-g-g-gun is o-online.

Yuri controls the remote turret to provide air support. As Jimmy
flies above the buildings, militia fire more RPGs.

Jimmy (VR): Their aim is getting b-b-better.

Yuri destroys a technical with the turret.

Kyle: Good effect on target. Vehicle destroyed.

Jimmy finishes his pass.

Stan: Lay down covering fire so we can move up the road!

Kyle: Bloody hell, those MGs are tearing us apart.

They move up but are held back by enemy machine gun fire.

Stan: Yuri, use the remote gun to take out those nests.

Yuri again controls the turret and fires down on the target
building, eliminating MG positions and the rest of the militia in
the area. The team stacks up on the building.

Stan: Bravo Team, secure the perimeter. Yuri, Kyle, let's find
this bastard.

They enter the building.

Stan (TR): Echo team, we're entering the target building.

Team Two Leader (VR): Jimmy, prepare for exfil. Echo team is
standing by.

Stan: Clear left. Watch those corners.

Kyle: Clear right.

They go up the stairs to the second floor. Militia run in the halls.

Stan: Contact front!

Jimmy (VR): Possible v-v-v-visual on Waraabe. 2nd floor b-b-balcony.

Team Two Leader (VR): Copy that. Possible on Waraabe, 2nd floor.

They clear the halls and keep moving.

Stan: Bravo-1, get in position.

Bravo Leader (VR): Flanking now. Multiple hostiles entering second
floor room.

They fight militia near Waraabe's office.

Stan: Waraabe's office is just ahead.

Kyle kicks an enemy off the second floor. They eliminate the
rest and stack up at the door.

Stan: That's the door to his office. All right, weapons tight. We
need him alive.

Yuri plants a breaching charge on the door. The charge beeps
and explodes, they breach. As Yuri takes out the hostiles in Waraabe's office, Waraabe can be seen firing at them in an
attempt to run, but he is shot in the leg and stumbles on a couple boxes. The room is cleared and Stan, Kyle, and Yuri enter the

Stan: Gasmasks on.

Stan gives Waraabe a kick. He, Yuri, and Kyle put on their
gasmasks and Kyle tosses Stan a can that contains the gas
chemical used in Europe.

Stan: Look familiar?

Waraabe: No! No! Please!

Stan releases the gas and throws it to the side of the room. The
room begins to fill with the gas. Stan pulls out a spare gas mask.

Stan: Where's Cartman? Tell me and it's yours.

Waraabe reaches for the mask, but Stan keeps it away.

Waraabe: Our contact was a man named Volk! We never met

Kyle presses his foot on Waraabe's wounded leg, spilling some
blood on the floor. Waraabe groans in pain.

Kyle: Where's this Volk? Time's running out, mate.

Waraabe: Paris! He oversaw the delivery in Paris!

Kyle nods at Stan and walks out of the office. Stan tosses Waraabe the mask.

Stan: Right, then. This is for the boys at Hereford.

He pulls out his M1911.

Waraabe: Wait!

Stan shoots Waraabe. They move out of Waraabe's office.

Stan (TR): Jimmy, Waraabe broke! We have what we need. Ready
for exfil.

Jimmy (VR): Almost there. The L-L-L-LZ looks clear but that s-s-s-sand storm is moving in fast.

Stan (TR): We see it. Meet you in 20 seconds.

At the distance, the sandstorm is seen blowing closer to the city.

Kyle: That storm is massive.

Stan: The last thing we need is to get caught in that. Let's move.

They move up the hill and head to the village where Jimmy is
about to land.

Kyle: So you think Waraabe is telling the truth about Volk?

Stan: He was telling the truth. I'd bet Cartman's life on it.

They reach the LZ.

Stan: We'll start...

One of the Loyalists is killed by a sniper round.

Kyle: Sniper!

Lots of militia fire down at the LZ.

Kyle: Ambush!

Stan (TR): Jimmy, get out of there!

Jimmy flies the chopper away from the LZ.

Stan: Take cover! Contact right! Contact right!

Kyle: Spread out!

Stan: Get outta the open!

Kyle: On the rooftops!

They engage the militia.

Stan (TR): Jimmy, change of plan! Head to the secondary LZ!

Jimmy (VR): The sand s-s-storm is coming in fast. I won't be a-a-a-able to touchdown w-w-when it hits.

Stan (TR): Just be there.

They clear the LZ of hostiles and push forward.

Stan: We've got to push through to the secondary LZ before the
storm hits. Let's move!

As they move down the road, a technical appears. They engage
and eliminate it. They push on and eliminate more hostiles. The
winds start to pick up.

Jimmy (VR): Price, the w-w-winds are getting s-s-s-s-stronger.

Stan (TR): Just hold on Jimmy. We're on the way.

As they turn left, two militia push a burning car down the road
and it explodes.

Kyle: Contact front! Look out!

Jimmy (VR): Multiple enemies are c-c-closing in.

Stan: More of them on the roof!

They fire on militia on top of a building.

Kyle: Keep pushing through!

They eliminate the hostiles in the area.

Stan: The LZ is close. Keep moving!

They go around the buildings to a building under construction.
The winds get stronger.

Stan (TR): Jimmy, the LZ is in sight

Jimmy (VR): Move f-f-f-fast. I don't know how much l-l-longer I can fly in this s-s-storm.

The buildings wall tips over from the strong winds.

Kyle: The wall! Watch out!

They enter the building.

Stan: We need to push to the top floor. Let's move.

They engage and eliminate militia in the building.

Stan: First floor clear! Move!

They move up the stairs to the second floor. The winds topple some debris.

Stan: Watch it!

Jimmy (VR): Starting my a-a-approach to the LZ.

Stan (TR): We'll meet you at the top Jimmy.

They engage and clear the second floor.

Kyle: Second floor clear! Keep moving!

They reach the roof of the building.

Stan (TR): Nikolai, we're at the LZ. Where are you?

Jimmy (VR): Almost there.

The air is half filled with sand as the storm is close. Gunfire and
RPGs fire around Jimmy's chopper.

Jimmy (VR): The site is too hot! I can't l-l-land!

Stan: Yuri, get on the remote turret and thin them out.

Yuri controls the turret and fires down at the militia. A rocket
manages to hit the chopper. Jimmy starts to spin.

Jimmy (VR): I'M HIT!! I'M HIT!!!!

Yuri's gun camera feed goes down.

Stan: He's out of control. We've gotta get off this roof! Go! Use the ropes!

Kyle: Jump!

They jump off the roof and grab ropes and safely slide down the
building as Nikolai's chopper passes over them.

Stan (TR): Jimmy? Jimmy, do you copy?

The sandstorm falls over the city, darkening the skies and the
streets. The chopper can be heard crashing somewhere in the

Kyle: What the bloody hell are we gonna do now?

Stan (TR): Echo Team, Jimmy's bird is down and the sandstorm is on top of us! We need emergency exfil!

Echo (VR): Roger. We'll contact you when we get a fix on Jimmy.

Stan opens a gate and they move out to the street.

Stan: C'mon lads! We've got reach Jimmy before Waraabe's
men do! Vehicle coming through! Stay low and keep moving!

Kyle: (cough) I can't see two feet in front of me.

They see militia at the intersection. They have flashlights to see
through the storm and they're trying to regroup.

Stan: Hostiles dead ahead. Take 'em out!

They engage and eliminate them.

Kyle: We're clear.

Stan (TR): We gotta move. Echo Team, what's your status?

Echo Team (VR): We've located Jimmy's chopper. It's a half click
south of your position.

A group of militia run across the street.

Stan: Get down!

Kyle: They must have found Jimmy.

Stan: Move out.

They follow them through the street.

Team Two Leader (VR): Stan, we've reached Jimmy, but we're
under heavy fire!

Stan: Hang on, we're almost there!

Kyle: Looks like they're headed for Jimmy.

Stan: Drop 'em!

They kills the enemies in the street.

Kyle: We're clear.

They come to another street and eliminate more hostiles.
Jimmy's downed chopper is ahead.

Kyle: There's Jimmy's chopper.

Stan: Echo Team's pinned down! Let's move! Echo Team, we're
approaching your position from the south!

Echo Team: Copy that!

They reach the crashed chopper.

Stan: Good to see you mates! Where's the convoy?

Echo Team: We've got two vehicles 50 meters to the northwest!

Stan: Alright! Yuri, grab Jimmy. Everyone else, suppress and fall back!

Yuri lends Jimmy a hand, picks him up, and carries him. The
team moves out.

Stan (TR): Echo-2, we've got Jimmy! We're heading to the exfil point! Move out!

They move through the street to the exfil point.

Kyle: Follow me.

Echo Team (TR): Echo-2, we're approaching the exfil point!

Stan: Come on Yuri!

They come to a small ridge. Ahead they see vehicles.

Kyle: There's Echo Team!

Echo Team: Let's go! They're just past the ridged!

Stan: Yuri, this way!

Kyle: We have to keep moving!

They slide down the ridge and reach the vehicles.

Kyle: Let's go! Come on! We gotta move. Move out.

They all get in the jeeps and drive away through the storm.

Echo One Leader: Glad you made it!

Kyle: So if Volk's in Paris, how are we getting in there in the
middle of a bloody war?

Stan: We can't. But I know who can.

Craig, Kenny, Butters and Token post next :).
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

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Act 2 of 3 Part 3

Operator (VR): Caller, please authenticate.

Stan (VR) : Access code: Black Viking. Get me a secure asset to Metal 0-1.


Stan's call is connected to Craig, who is taking off from a carrier on a Little Bird in the North Sea/Northern Europe.

Craig (VR): Stan, thanks for the tip on Kingfish. You should know Uncle Sam's got a Kill / Capture order on your head.

Stan (VR): Tell 'em to join the bloody queue. Cartman's bomb-maker, Volk, is in Paris. We need to act before he bolts and I can't make the window. You're the only one I trust with this.

Craig (VR): I'm on it.

Stan (VR): The bastard used Fregata Industries as a front to distribute the WMDs, I'm en route to their European HQ.

Overlord (VR): French special forces have located Volk. GIGN tracked him deep behind enemy lines, but they're pinned down.

Craig (VR): And you want us to unpin them?

Overlord (VR): Prosecute the target as needed, but Volk comes back alive.

The Little Bird flies into Paris where several parts of the city have been contaminated by the chemical attacks.

Mission: Bag and Drag
Location: Paris, France
Unit: Delta Force

Somewhere in Paris, Craig, Kenny, and Butters are being dropped off on a rooftop from their Little Bird. The helicopter emerges from a cloud of green toxins. They are wearing gas masks to protect themselves from the chemicals which are still spilling from the attacks the previous day. In the skies, transport planes are parachuting US reinforcements to help the French.

ODA 595 (VR): Any station, any station, this is ODA 595. All civilians at The Louvre are dead. Requesting decon units and medivac.

Overlord (VR): 595, this is Overlord actual. Negative. All US forces in Paris are engaged. Triage the civilians and move your team upwind of the plume.

Craig's team lands on the roof. Aerial transports can be seen deploying troops, as well as AA and rocket fire. Kenny pulls out his SCAR-L ACOG Sight. Delta gets off the chopper, and the Little Bird flies away.

Craig (TR): This area's still dirty from the chemical attack. Keep your masks on. Token, we're on the deck and moving.

Token (VR): Roger. I'll meet you at the LZ in one hour. Good luck.

The jump down from the roof to the floor below and begin to move through the building.

Overlord (VR): Metal 0-1, GIGN is pinned down at the Palme d'or restaurant. Get there fast or we'll lose the only shot we've got at finding Cartman.

Craig: Roger wilco.

A civilian is seen dead at the end of the hall, lying against the wall. Craig checks for his vitals, but gets nothing. They move left.

Butters: 595 sounds like they got hit hard. Lot of rooks in that unit.

Craig: No one's a rook today.

They move towards the edge of the building where a hole is blown out on the wall, the street down below littered with dead civilians. Craig pushes off a piece of debris and they slowly make their way across the edge of the building. Looking down, Kenny sees multiple dead civilians litering the gound, as well as clouds of the chemical agent.

Butters: Watch your step.

Overlord (VR): 0-1, be advised, GIGN is taking heavy casualties. They won't last long. You'll need to double time it to make the RV.

Craig (TR): Patch me through to 'em.

Sabre (VR): This is Sabre! How much longer?

Craig (TR): Three minutes out. Just keep your perimeter secure. We're almost there.

Sabre (VR): Please just hurry!

Craig: Let's go. This way! Move!

They move down and up a slope of rubble. As they move down the stairs, gunfire from across the building shatter the windows.

Butters: Contact! Building across the street!

Craig: Go loud!

They briefly engage the hostiles and continue their way down.

Craig: Down the stairs!

They make it to the first floor and move out of the building.

Craig: Kenny, with me! Hit the bookstore!

Kenny engages hostiles inside the bookstore. They move inside and clear the bookstore.

Butters: Clear! Check the door!

Butters pushes open a metal door. They stack up by another.

Butters: The restaurant's at the end of this alley.

Craig (TR): Sabre, this is Craig. Watch your fire to the north. We are coming to you.

Sabre (VR): Copy that. Merde, we're glad to see you.

They open the door to the alley. Some Russians get taken out from the right.

Butters: It's the GIGN! That all of 'em?

They run into the restaurant where Sabre and his men are waiting, some are wounded, others are dead.

Craig: What's your status?

Sabre: Seven men standing.

Craig: Where's Volk?

Sabre: The Russians launched the chemical attack from a staging ground in the catacombs. We believe Volk is still there.

Craig (TR): We got your six. Lead the way. Overlord, this is Metal 0-1. Link-up complete. We're en route to the HVI's location now.

They move into the dining area and are engaged by Russians outside.

Craig: We gotta get across the courtyard! Kenny, Butters, lay down cover fire. Move! Move!

Butters: Moving!

They move outside and engage more Russians at the street.

Craig: Go! Go! RPG! Top of the stairs!

They clear the area and push forward to the stairs. At the next street, there is a wrecked Charity Worldwide truck still spilling chemicals. A Russian armor column moves on the street behind it.

Sabre: Follow me!

Craig: This way! Move!

They turn into a building to the right. Across the building, they engage more Russians. They move down the building, out to the street, and down another set of stairs. Ahead is a large group of Russians.

Butters: Boss, we got bad guys inbound.

Craig: How many we got?

Butters: Looks like Moscow down there! We're gonna need air support!

Craig (TR): Warhammer, this is Metal 0-1. Request fire mission, over.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Roger, Metal 0-1. Established orbit at 12,000 feet. Full load. Mark your targets.

Kenny throws a purple smoke grenade towards the Russians.

AC-130 Pilot: Roger,Rounds on deck.

Cannon fire rain down on the street, wiping out the Russians.

Sabre: Down the alley!

Craig: Let's go.

They come around the alley and up to a plaza. They engage Russian chopper troops and a BTR.

Butters: Russians roping from the choppers!

Craig: Kenny, BTR at the end of the alley! Put smoke on it!

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Established overhead. Ready for targets.

Kenny picks up an RPG and destroys the BTR.

Craig: BTR destroyed! Way to improvise Kenny.

The plaza is cleared.

Butters: We're clear!

Sabre: The entrance is up ahead.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Metal 0-1, I am bingo on fuel. Give me ten mikes to gas up and rearm, over.

Craig (TR): Copy that. Thanks for the assist Warhammer.

Sabre: Over here. The entrance to the catacombs!

They come to a manhole. Craig removes the cover. Sabre goes down the ladder into the catacombs.

Craig: Kenny, get down the ladder.

Kenny gets in the manhole and climbs down the ladder. When he gets to the bottom, Craig uses a device to scan the air for chemicals.

Craig: Checking for toxins. Hold up.

The device beeps clear of toxins.

Craig: I've got negative contamination in this area. Masks off but keep your eyes open.

They remove their gas masks.

Craig: We need to minimize our signature. One light source only.

Sabre: Understood. Follow me. Stay close.

Sabre turns on his helmet flashlight, takes point, and the team move through the sewers.

Overlord (VR): Metal 0-1, Blue Force Tracker dropped the fix on your position.

Craig (TR): We're in the catacombs. Proceeding to possible target location.

Overlord (VR): Roger, 0-1. We're sending a Ranger QRF to your location. Mark your route with flares so they can locate your position.

Craig (TR): Roger your last. 0-1, out.

They move down the stairs further into the sewers. As they move, they mark flares behind them.

Butters: Smells like sh*t down here.

Craig: Yeah, but at least it won't kill you.

Sabre comes to water way. He looks both ways and moves left.

Saber: All clear. Move up.

Craig: Where's the rest of the GIGN?

Craig lights a flare and puts in on the ground.

Sabre: A chemical strike hit our barracks at Satory last night. Most of my men died within minutes.

Craig: A friend of mine was at Satory.

Sabre: Je suis désolé....this is why Volk must pay for what he's done.

Butters: He will. I'll see to that.

Craig lights another flare. They continue through the sewers until they see a door marked “danger.” Faucon takes a crowbar and yanks the lock off. Sabre opens the door.

Sabre: Bienvenue.

Craig: Stay sharp.

They now move into a tunnel. The team makes their way through a narrow crevice.They move under a bar and continue to look for Volk. They go left. An explosion above ground shakes the tunnel.

Sabre: This way. Approaching suspected location of HVI. 100 meters.

They come to a dungeon like room where the walls are made of hundreds of skulls and skeletons.

Butters: How many bodies do you think are buried down here?

Craig: Don't know. Let's make sure we don't join them.

They move to a hall. As Sabre moves up, a Russian slams down a gate onto Sabre. Sabre kills him as he was about to fire. Sabre pushes away the gate and they engage Russians at the other end of the hall.

Craig: Let's go!

Kenny moves up to the next room and a flashbang rolls down the tunnel.

Butters: Flashbang!

A flashbang goes off. As Kenny recovers his eyes, Volk is seen running away as he fires at them.

Butters: We got a runner! It's Volk!

Craig (TR): Overlord! We have a positive ID on the HVI. In hot pursuit!

Overlord (VR): Roger, 0-1. Remember we need Volk captured alive. He holds the only actionable intel on Cartman.

They engage the Russians in the room.

Craig: Move! Move!

They move up the metal stairs. They come to another hall, Volk is seen climbing up a ladder.

Butters: He's heading up the ladder!

They clear the area and pursue up the ladder. They run up the stairs and out to the street. Volk is seen getting in a grey car which drives away, escorted by two Russian GAZ-2975s.

Butters: Volk's getting in the grey sedan!

Craig: Get in the blue van! Move!

Sabre: You go! I'll cover you!

They clear the street of Russians and run to the van. Russian choppers are seen dropping more troops.Butters takes the wheel, Craig rides in the back, and Kenny climbs into the passenger seat. He pushes out the cracked windshield, the glass shattering onto the hood of the van.

Craig: Keep laying down fire!

Kenny fires at Russians on the street.

Craig: Gun it!

Butters goes pedal to the metal and drives the van. At the intersection, he drives between two Russian armored cars, a body tumbles on the hood of the van.

Craig: Kenny! I need you back here now!

Kenny gets to the back of the van and kicks the doors open.

Butters: Enemy tank coming out of the alley!

A Russian T-72 tank comes from behind and begins chasing them down the streets.

Butters: They're targeting us!

Just as the T-72 fires, the van drives down a set of stairs, making it miss. They bump into a store and Kenny holds off Russians. Craig shoots one attempting to enter the van.

Craig: Step on it!

Butters gets the van moving again. As armored vehicles chase them, Kenny takes out the gunners. A Russian Hind appears behind them, flying above the river.

Butters: Hind incoming!

The van takes heavy fire from the chopper's nose cannon.

Craig: Drive! Drive!

Butters: Taking a shortcut!

Grinch drives down a ledge down to another street. As they drive through a hall of stores, the Hind fires its guns through the glass ceilings.

Craig: That helo's making another run at us!

Butters sees Volk's vehicle.

Butters: Got him!

Craig: Kenny, ride shotgun!

Kenny moves back into the front of the van.

Craig: We're gaining on him! Floor it!

They drive out of the stores into the street and catch up to Volk.

Butters: Target is dead ahead!

Craig: Kenny, take the shot!

Kenny fires and takes out the car's back tires. The car starts to veer out of control.

Butters: He's hit! He's hit!

Volk's car veers to the right and hits a wall. Butters rams the van to the side of the sedan and pushes it through the street. Kenny takes out the gunmen in the car. They crash through a fence and the sedan is thrown to a garbage bin. The van hits it and stops.

Craig: Rabbit vehicle is down! Get out!

They get out of the van. Craig runs to the car and pulls out Volk, punching him and slamming him on the car and drags him off.

Craig (TR): C'mere, assh*le! This is Metal 0-1! Jackpot! Volk secure! Aren't you, you son of a bitch!?

Overlord (VR): Bring him in for interrogation. We'll extract any intel he has on Cartman.

Butters (TR): Token, we've got Volk! We're on our way!

Token (VR): Copy. Raptor 2's spinnin' up now.

Craig drags Volk out of the car and into the van...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

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Act 2 of 3 Part 4

Overlord connects with the US President at the White House in Washington D.C., which is now recovering and being rebuilt from the Russian invasion a few months earlier.

Presidential Aide (VR): General, you're now online with the President and the National Security Council.

Overlord (VR): Mr. President...

The President is connected with Overlord from a war room bunker under the East Wing of the damaged White House.

U.S. President (VR): General. Have you found Cartman yet?

Overlord (VR): No, but we received actionable intel on his bomb-maker. The situation is developing.

U.S. President (VR): Developing? Do you have him or not?

Overlord (VR): A Delta team just took him down. I'm sending you the footage now.

Delta Force is located is Paris. Footage shows Volk being captured.

U.S. President (VR): What's their status?

Overlord (VR): They have Volk in custody, but their OP-SEC's been compromised.

U.S. President (VR): In English, General. Please.

Overlord (VR): They're gonna have to shoot their way to the extraction point.

An AC-130 in orbit over Paris is located.

U.S. President (VR): General, I want this man Volk alive. I don't care what it takes. You bring those men home in one piece...

Mission: Iron Lady
Location: Paris, France
Unit: Delta Force

Delta Force has captured Volk and are now waiting for extraction. A V-22 Osprey flies in at the LZ.

Craig: There's our ride. Get Volk! Let's go!

Token: Move! Move!

Volk angrily yells at them in Russian.

Sandman: Let's go! Come on!

The V-22 is hit by a rocket.

Raptor 2 (VR): Whoa! Whoa! We're going down! We're going down!

Raptor 2 crashes into a pile of cars.

Craig (TR): Overlord, primary LZ is compromised. Raptor is down. Moving to alternate.

On the AC-130

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Descending, crew. Targeting system online. TV, verify you see our friendlies.

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): Roger that. Friendlies are marked with white diamonds.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Just to, uh, confirm crew, we are not clear to fire on the buildings. We suspect there are civilians still inside at this point.

AC-130 FCO (VR): Do not engage the buildings.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Metal 0-1, established in orbit over AO Hammer. Request mark, over.

Craig (VR): Red smoke on the LZ! Need you to service targets North of that location! Everything else except danger close is clear to shoot.

AC-130 Pilot (VR_: Copy that, Metal 0-1. We gotcha.

The AC-130 fires down on the large groups of infantry, tanks, and helicopters in the roundabout, providing air cover for Metal 0-1 to move through the streets of Paris with Volk in custody.

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): Good kills.

They destroy a tank.

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): Yeah, that tank isn't going anywhere.

AC-130 FCO (VR): Good shot.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Recalibrate azimuth sweep angle. Adjust elevation scan.

The AC-130 fires its 105mm.

AC-130 Gunner (VR): Shot out!

The 105mm is reloaded for another shot.

AC-130 Gunner (VR): Gun ready!

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Crew, you are clear to engage any enemy personnel you see. Keep fire south of the red smoke.

The AC-130 continues firing at targets all over the roundabout.

Craig (VR): Warhammer, targets destroyed. Thanks for the assist.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Solid copy, Metal 0-1. Overlord, Metal 0-1 is clear. Greenlight bomb run on target area West to East. I repeat, West to East.

Overlord (VR): Copy. West to East. Odin 6, you are cleared for bomb run TRP 5, 0, 0, 1.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Crew, hold fire to the south. Friendly birds are entering the airspace.

A flight of three A-10 Warthogs fly in and bomb the entire roundabout, wiping out most of the enemy tanks in the area, resulting in a massive display of explosions.

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): That's one hell of a fireworks display.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Metal 0-1, we're seeing enemy activity headed your way. Recommend you hold your position until we've swept up, over.

Craig (VR): Roger. Wilco.

The AC-130 starts flying in orbit along the streets, clearing the area of more enemy infantry, tanks, and choppers.

AC-130 FCO (VR): Cleared to engage all those guys.

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): There's a BTR moving down the street ahead of 'em.

The BTR is taken out. Metal 0-1 moves along the street.

Craig (VR): We've got smoke on the targets! You're cleared hot Warhammer!

The AC-130 clears enemies ahead of them.

Craig (VR): Alright, they're falling back! Move up, move up!

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Neutralizing targets, Metal 0-1. Danger close. Repeat, danger close.

Craig (VR): Enemies on our flank!

The AC-130 takes out a group of enemies behind Metal 0-1 and more ahead of them.

Craig (VR): Good work, Warhammer. We're Oscar Mike.

AC-130 Pilots (VR): Metal 0-1, we're engaging targets ahead of you. Hold your position.

Two helicopters fly in at the fork.

AC-130 FCO (VR): Two enemy birds in the center of the fork, there.

Warhammer takes out the helicopters.

AC-130 FCO (VR): Vehicles neutralized.

Craig (VR): Warhammer, we've got some enemy armor moving in.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Copy that, Metal 0-1. Engaging enemy armor.

The AC-130 clears the area of armor.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Metal 0-1, looks like you're clear to move up. We'll keep an eye on you.

Craig (VR): We're going to keep left at the fork, over.

A video feed shows Metal 0-1 moving up the street. RPG fire suddenly rain down on them from the building in the middle of the fork.

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): Woah!

Craig (VR): Warhammer, we got RPG fire from the building in front of us! Need you to hit it now!

AC-130 FCO (VR): Copy that, we got smoke trails from RPG fire to the North West.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Overlord, we're seeing small-arms, RPG fire from the corner building to the North West. Request permission to engage.

Overlord (VR): Copy. Standby... Affirmative, Warhammer. You are cleared to fire on any buildings with enemy personnel.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Crew, you are cleared to engage the corner building.

The Gunner fires a 105mm round on the building, which explodes in a mass of sparks.

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): That building is done.

Craig (VR): Thanks for the assist! We're gonna cut through the hotel across the street!

Cannon fire and missiles streak past the AC-130, causing the video feed to fuzz.

Jester 2-5 (VR): MiG inbound! Ten o'clock!

AC-130 Pilot: (VR) Incoming missile!

Jester 2-5 (VR): sh*t! Broke lock!

The missile warning alarm blares: [MISSILE WARNING]. The screen briefly fuzzes as the AC-130 takes evasive action, barely dodging incoming fire from enemy MiGs.

AC-130 FCO (VR): Flares, flares!

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): Flares away, flares away.

The AC-130 pops flares and banks hard right to dodge the missiles and MiGs.

Jester 2-5 (VR): Jester 2-5, breaking away! In pursuit!

Jester 2-4 (VR): Stay on him!

Jester 2-5 (VR): Air speed 300. Going for missile lock.

Jester 2-4 (VR): Warhammer, LANTIRN is pinging all over the place. We need to clear out.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Copy that, 6-2

The Gunner aims down at a bunch of enemies dug in the embassy across the hotel where Metal 0-1 is pinned down. The Gunner fires a 105mm round at the embassy.

On the ground...

Craig (TR): We're taking more fire from the embassy! Give us a hand!

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Metal 0-1, we can give you one pass and one pass only. Okay. Go ahead and hit 'em.

Craig (TR): Building across the courtyard! Give me a 105 round right through it!

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Negative, Metal 0-1. We're under heavy enemy fire. Give us five mikes to circle back around.

Craig: Alright. We'll draw fire. Token and Kenny, flank that MG so we can keep moving. Get ready. Go! Go! Go!

Kenny and Token sprint up the stairs and into a hallway. They engage the couple Russians there and continue moving.

Craig (VR): We're taking heavy fire! Get that MG down, now!

They come to a balcony with the courtyard in view.

Token: Alright, tag him.

Kenny grabs an MSR, aims and fires at the machine gunner at the center of the courtyard.

Craig (VR): Alright, he's down! Let's go! On me!

The team moves out of the hotel and into the courtyard. They take more enemy fire as they move forward.

Craig : Move! Move! C'mon! Butters, keep Volk behind cover!

Butters: Affirmative!

As the courtyard is being cleared, they move forward.

Craig: Let's go! Let's go! We're gonna strongpoint that monument just ahead! Butters, bring Volk up when we're secure!

Butters: I'll be right behind you!

Token: The convoy will be here any second!

As they reach the end of the courtyard, a tank appears.

Token: Tank!

Craig (TR): Talk to me Warhammer, where we at?!

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Metal 0-1, we're back on station and available for ten mikes.

Craig (TR): We have enemy armor right in front of us! We're marking with smoke!

Kenny throws a smoke grenade towards the tank.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Ok. Got your mark. Danger close.

The AC-130 fires down and destroys the tank.

On Then AC-130...

Uniform 6-2 (VR): Metal 0-1, this is Uniform 6-2. En route to your location.

Craig (VR): Copy that! We're almost at the intersection! One minute out!

The Delta team move out of the courtyard and make their way to the intersection. Large groups of enemy infantry, tanks, and helicopters surround the area.

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): Enemies crossing in the open.

AC-130 FCO (VR): Go ahead and take em out before Delta gets there.

Two Humvees drive into the intersection.

AC-130 FCO (VR): Do not fire on the humvees, those are our guys.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Crew, we have friendly vehicles on the ground. West of the fountain. That's West of the fountain.

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): Lots of guys movin in. We've stirred up a hornet's nest. Heh. I think we got their attention.

The Delta team is seen moving towards the Humvees.

Uniform 6-2 (VR): The LZ is two clicks North of here. Let's get a move on!

Craig (VR): Get Volk in the Humvee, let's go!

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Going as fast as we can, crew.

The AC-130 clears the intersection and all the Delta and Volk get in the Humvees.

Uniform 6-2 (VR): We secure?!

Craig (VR): Secure! Let's roll!

The Humvees leave the intersection and move out. Video feed shows Craig in the Humvee as it drives.

Uniform 6-2 (VR): Warhammer, this is Uniform 6-2! We're moving out!

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Copy that, 6-2.

A pair of MiGs drop rockets on them, barely missing them.

Token (VR): Damn that was close!

Craig (VR): Butters, get on that .50!

Butters (VR): On it!

Video feed shows Butters manning the Humvee's minigun, firing at vehicles that are chasing them.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Metal 0-1, you have two enemy vehicles on your six, over.

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): This should be interesting...

Uniform 6-2 (VR): Get these guys off our tail!

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): Go ahead and take em out.

The AC-130 fires rounds behind the Humvees, taking out enemy vehicles and helicopters chasing them. They turn left at an intersection.

Craig (VR): Going left! We got enemy armor behind us! Take em out!

They make another left avoiding armored vehicles.

Craig (VR): Making hard left!

AC-130 FCO (VR): Enemy armor up the road there. Clear to engage all those.

They cut through a couple of demolished buildings.

Craig (VR): Going left! They're right on us! Take care of em!

They make another left.

Craig (VR): Making a hard left!

The Gunner sees three tanks at a intersection firing at the Humvees and fires a 105mm round at them and kills all 3.

AC-130 FCO (VR): Yeah, direct hits right there.

The Humvees make a right.

Craig (VR): Go right! Go right!

Enemy helicopters fly towards the convoy.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Enemy birds inbound.

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): Multiple enemy birds are engaging the convoy.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Wait for a clear shot. We don't wanna hit our guys.

The Humvees come to the road by the Seine River.

Craig (VR): Floor it!

Enemy Hinds chase the Humvees.

Craig (VR): Get these choppers off our ass Warhammer!

The destroy the Hinds with a burst from the 25mm mini-gun.

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): That hind's toast.

The Humvees turn into the Pont d'Iéna, but the front Humvee gets hit by a tank round and flips over. The convoy stops short of the bridge.

Craig (VR): (Whoa!) Stop! Stop! Stop!

AC-130 TV Operator (VR): One of our vehicles is down. Yep, I see em.

AC-130 FCO (VR): One of the humvees has just been hit.

Craig (VR): Warhammer, the convoy is stalled. Armor on the bridge! Need you to hit it now!

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Metal 0-1, any ordnance on that bridge is gonna prevent you from getting to the LZ.

Craig (VR): Too late. This is the LZ now.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Crew, you are cleared to engage the armor on the bridge.

AC-130 FCO (VR): Hit that armor.

The Gunner fires a 105mm round at one of the three tanks at the bridge.

On the Ground.

Kenny gets out of the Humvee and enemies shoot at them.

Craig : Get a Javelin from the Humvee and finish off those tanks!

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Standby, 0-1, making adjustments.

Kenny grabs a Javelin.

Craig: Use the javelin and take out those tanks!

Kenny aims the Javelin, locks on a tank, and fires. The missile travels straight up, arcs, and streaks down on the tank, destroying it.

Craig: One down! Now get the other one! Take out that other tank!

Kenny aims, fires again, and destroys the other tank.

Token: Tanks are down!

The team engages the enemy and moves forward on the bridge.

Craig (VR): Let's go! Let's go!

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Metal 0-1, mark targets with smoke and we'll give you some breathing room.

Kenny tosses a smoke grenade as the team moves up.

Butters: Movin' up! Cover me!

Token: Got you covered!

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Roger that. Taking out targets ahead of you.

The AC-130 takes out targets on the bridge and the team moves up.

Craig: On me!

A Russian MiG flies in and bombs part of the bridge.

Token: Incoming!

The bridge (Also used in End Credits, amazing track reccomend you listen!) -

Craig (TR): Overlord, this is Metal 0-1! Black LZ at grid 2, 7, 7, 5. Hold this position! We got three minutes until CAS gets here!

Kenny throws another smoke grenade ahead on the bridge.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): Metal 0-1, engaging the target. Danger close.

The AC-130 fires ahead on the bridge.

Craig (TR): Red smoke on the LZ! Need you to service targets North of that location! Mark the target with smoke Kenny!

Kenny tosses his last smoke grenade. Helicopters fly in and drop more troops.

Craig (TR): Warhammer, we have enemy air support coming in! Need you to take care of 'em.

AC-130 Pilot (VR): 0-1, we're bingo on fuel. CAS support will be here in thirty seconds. Just hold on.

Craig: Roger! Thirty seconds, gentlemen!

Butters: I don't think we'll last that long!

A large group of armor roll in from the Eiffel Tower. The Delta team hold their position.

Token: They got a ton of armor rollin' in from the tower!

Butters: Last mag!

Odin 6-1 (VR): 0-1, Odin 6. Can't tell who's who down there. Need you to mark the targets.

Craig (TR): Negative! Nothing left to use! We're dead center on the bridge! Hit anything North of us with everything you've got!

Odin 6-1 (VR): Overlord, bomb run is going to level everything in that area. Requesting clearance.

Overlord (VR): Odin, you do whatever you have to, to get those men back home.

Odin 6-1 (VR): Metal 0-1, this is Odin 6. Bombs away.

The F-15 drops bombs at the base of the Eiffel Tower

Butters: The tower's not gonna take much more that!

Odin 6-2 (VR): Odin 6-2, bombs away, bombs away.

A flight of F-15s fly in and drop bombs on the bridge, obliterating everything near the Tower. Having sustained a lot of damage before,the tower shakes. After a few seconds, the team watches as the Tower crashes down into the river. A large flight of Black Hawks, Little Birds, and Chinooks fly in to the LZ.

Vandal 3-1 (VR): Metal 0-1, this is Vandal 3. Heard you boys wanted a lift back to base.

Craig (TR): Sounds good Vandal. Anywhere but here.

Token: What about Volk?

Butters: I'll take him. Make sure he gets on the next bird.

Craig: Alright, do it! ...and Butters, we need him alive.

Butters: Have a nice ride, gentlemen.

Craig: Let's go! We're getting the hell out of here.

The Delta team except Butters, holding on to Volk, get on the Little Birds and they take off. They can see the destroyed Eiffel Tower lying in the river as they fly into the sky...

Another familiar friend is back next mission. It's a Kyle, Stan and Yuri one.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

Postby hewitt120 » Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:16 pm

Tweek returns in this one.

Act 2 of 3 Part 5

Stan (VR): Did our man talk?

Craig (VR): They always talk. We got names, dates, locations. Volk gave us everything, even Fregata. It seems your hunch was right Captain.

Stan (VR): Cartman's already making friends.

Craig (VR): He's meeting his top advisors six hours from now. Location is the Hotel Lustig. It's in the center of the city, near the old square. We have Tier One groups assigned to handle this, but I don't think they'll make it in time... ...but you're close.

Stan (VR): Very. I'll contact you when it's done.

Yuri: Cartman's council all together in the middle of a warzone? Sounds convenient.

Stan: Overconfidence makes you careless. We'll infiltrate along two separate routes. Kyle, you and Yuri head for the church and provide overwatch.

Kyle:The city's locked down tight. We'll need a back door.

Stan: Leave that to me.

Mission: Eye of the Storm
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Unit: Task Force 141 (Disavowed)

Stan, Kyle, and Yuri are in the sewers below Prague. Stan is smoking a cigar.

Stan: Welcome to Prague, gents.

Kyle: The resistance is expecting us half a klick to the North.

Stan: Let's get this over with.

Stan disposes his cigar and they jump into the water. As they move out of the sewers, they see Russians on the boardwalks taking Czech civilians prisoner.

Stan: Hold up.

Kyle: They've already taken prisoners. They're moving fast.

Stan: We need to be faster. Keep it tight, lads. Use the boats for cover.

They move quietly through the rivers, keeping cover behind the boats.

Stan: Move under the docks. The storm will keep us quiet.

As they move under the boardwalks, the Russians execute some of the civilians. They hold.

Stan: Easy... Let them pass.

The Russians walk away.

Stan: Okay.... Go... This way.

They move out from under the boardwalks past floating bodies and to another sewer at the other side where the Czech Resistance, led by Sgt.Tweek, is waiting.

Sgt.Tweek: What took you so long?

Two resistance soldiers help up Stan and Kyle while Tweek helps up Yuri.

Kyle: Your intel was off Tweek. You said this area would be clear.

Sgt.Tweek: I'm sure it was nothing you couldn't handle. Do you know what had to be done to get you this far?

Stan: Enough chit-chat. Kyle, Yuri, best get on your way. We'll meet you at the rally point.

Kyle: Let's go, Yuri.

Kyle and Yuri head through the tunnels and up the stairs to the streets. When they reach an alley, they see Russians up ahead.

Kyle: Hold up. Got contacts. Twenty meters ahead. Stay low. We don't want to attract any attention.

They go prone in the shadows of the alley.

Kyle: Five guys on foot. Snipers on the roof. Sit tight. We'll see what they do.

Four of the Russians on foot split away from the last guy and his dog.

Kyle: They're splitting up. Must be our lucky day. Ok. Take the snipers first. They'll alert the others if you don't.

Yuri aims his RSASS at one of the snipers on the roof and takes him out.

Kyle: Good. Now take the other.

Yuri kills the other.

Kyle: The dog and his friend are mine.

Kyle kills the last Russian and the dog.

Kyle: No time to hide the bodies. Let's go.

They come to another gate arch. They see more Russians ahead.

Kyle: Hold your fire.

Russians are taking more civilians prisoners.

Kyle: They're locking down the city. We need to get ahead of this. Follow me.

They move across the road to the other sidewalk. Kyle sees a two-man patrol.

Kyle: Patrol up ahead. You get one, I'll take the other. On you...

Yuri and Kyle kill the two guards.

Kyle : He's down.

A sniper is seen on the roof. They keep under cover of the shade coverings.

Kyle: Another sniper. Don't draw his attention.

They hear a chopper incoming.

Kyle: Chopper! Quick, through here!

They sprint across the road into a store.

Kyle (TR): Wait here. Stan, you copy?

Stan (VR): Go ahead.

Kyle (TR): Lot of movement on the street. Keep your eyes high, there are snipers everywhere.

Stan (VR): We'll keep an eye out.

Kyle: Let's go.

They move out of the store and come to a street when they hear a BTR.

Kyle: You hear that? Enemy convoy! Move! Now!

They run to the corner, remaining hidden.

Kyle: Stay low. There's too many of them...

They enter the store and go prone.

Kyle: Get down.

They crawl under the view of the windows. Outside, there are guards with flashlights patrolling the area. A door opens and Russians walk in.

Kyle: They're inside the building.

The remain hidden as they move. Outside, a dog jumps at the window.

Kyle: Don't move...

They stay still. A Russian argues with another at the window. Afterward, two more Russians enter the store. They see a wounded civilian and execute him. Kyle and Yuri, still hidden, move towards the exit.

Kyle: Ok, we're going to have to do this sharpish.

They stack up at the door while prone.

Kyle: Get ready. Go!

They quickly sprint to a car and then sneak by the BTR into a fenced alley. They climb up the dumpster and over the fence.

Kyle: Stay close.

A guard walks by and sees them. But before he can react, Kyle kills him with a silenced USP .45 and quietly drags his body into the alley.

Kyle: Good night.

They near the street, Soap sees a large number of hostiles ahead, a helicopter is lowering a BTR.

Kyle: Hold up. Twenty plus on foot, and they're bringing in armor.

Stan (VR): Kyle , what's your status?

Kyle (TR): In position, but there's a bloody army in front of us.

Stan (VR): We're coming in from the West. Watch your fire.

Kyle: Roger.

Kyle and Yuri move to a small fence. A sniper's laser is seen from the roof.

Kyle: Scout on the rooftop. Take care of him.

Yuri aims at the two men on the rooftop, but before he can get a shot, Tweek kills the scouter and Stan knifes the sniper.

Kyle (TR): Wait! Nice timing, old man. Well one's down, mate, but we've got four men, and they've got dozens.

Stan (VR): Don't worry. I've brought some friends.

The Resistance come out on the roofs of the surrounding buildings and upper windows and fire on the Russians. The helicopter is hit and the BTR is dropped and destroyed.

Stan (VR): Move with the rebels and get to the church. We'll cover you as best we can!

Kyle: Copy that! Yuri, let's go! Moving up to the statue, cover me!

The statue area is cleared and Kyle and Yuri move to the statue.

Kyle: Move up.

They move up the street. Trucks with reinforcements and helicopters arrive.

Kyle: Truck incoming! Helos inbound!

Stan (VR): Get to cover, they're bringing in armor!

Kyle: Yuri, I'll try and draw their fire! Take them out!

A BTR rolls into the street.

Kyle: Grab an RPG! Hurry!

Yuri sees an RPG and grabs it.

Kyle: Now take out that armor!

Yuri fires the RPG and the BTR is destroyed.

Kyle: Alright, it's down! Good work! More tangos inbound! Fall back to the building! Go!

Kyle and Yuri run into a gated alley.

Kyle: This way!

Kyle opens the gate and they move into the alley.

Stan (VR):Kyle, I've lost sight of you! Kyle, come in!

Kyle (TR): Can't talk right now Stan! We're busy! Alright, we're going to cut through the buildings and find our way to the church.

Stan (VR): Copy. We're on our way to the hotel. Good luck.

Kyle: Through here, let's go!

They move up a flight of stairs through the building. Resistance soldiers are firing out the windows as they pass through.

Kyle: Hold your fire. Take point, Yuri. Yuri, scout ahead.

As Yuri moves through the building, armor shells blast through the halls.

Kyle: The building's not going to take much more of this. Might get rough out there, mate, you ready? Ok, let's go!

They sprint through the halls under armor fire. They go down the stairs and out to the street. Armor and machine gun fire rain down on the Resistance fighting the Russians.

Kyle: Two gunners! Across the street! Second floor

Yuri takes out the machine gunners at the corner building.

Kyle: They're down!

They move up the street and make a right. As a mob of Resistance run down the street, a tank fires a round at them.

Kyle: Tank! Get to cover!

The explosion shell shocks Yuri. The tank rolls forward towards the Resistance.

Kyle: We got to get out of this courtyard! This way! Move!

Kyle dashes into a window into a building. Yuri follows. They move through and out of the art gallery into another street.

Kyle Hold up, we got more armor on the road. On me. C'mon.

They move past the BTR and into another store. Russians are seen outside.

Kyle: More targets. Stay quiet. They don't know we're here.

They take cover.

Kyle: Nice and easy.

They move through the building. As they come to another room, more hostiles are seen outside.

Kyle: No getting past these guys quietly. Wait for my go.

The Russians enter the room.

Kyle: Alright, smoke 'em.

They take out the hostiles. As they move up to the room, more hostiles are outside.

Kyle: Reinforcements! Take cover!

The engage and eliminate the hostiles.

Kyle: No time to clean up the mess. Let's move. We'll improvise if we have to.

They move out of the store and out into the streets again. Resistance soldiers are seen running from the left, armored vehicles firing at them.

Kyle: Get down, now! Stay down.

They hide behind a truck in prone as the tank and two BTRs roll past.

Kyle: Let's go!

They move behind the vehicles and across the street, they finally reach the church. Inside, a large number of Resistance soldiers and civvies are taking shelter from the storm and the Russians.

Kyle (TR): Stan, we're in position.

Stan (VR): Copy. Get comfortable. We've got a few hours until the meeting.

Kyle (TR): You got it, mate.

The Resistance closes the church doors.

Kyle: C'mon Yuri. Let's get set up.

Kyle climbs up to the roof and Yuri follows.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

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This is the saddest part of the Modern Warfare series. Tweek and Kyle fans beware, you may be upset at the end of the chapter.

Act 2 of 3 Part 6 (Last of Act 2)

Kyle: Which vehicle will he be in?

Yuri: They constantly rotate for security. We won't know until he steps out.

Kyle: You seem to know a lot about Cartman...

Kyle and Yuri still wait in the church tower.

Stan (VR): Alpha One, radio check, over.

Kyle (TR): Bravo One, copy. We're dug in with line of sight

Stan (VR): Right. Tweek's our eyes and ears inside the hotel. Once he gives us the nod, we'll kick this off. What do you see?

Kyle (TR): Bugger-all, mate. Looks like Cartman's late for his own funeral.

Stan (VR): Sit tight until we can get a clean shot. Then you can put as many rounds on him as you like.

Kyle (TR): It'll only take one.

Mission: Blood Brothers
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Unit: Task Force 141 (Disavowed)

Kyle and Yuri are in the church tower overlooking the hotel where Cartaman is suppose to be meeting. As they get ready, Yuri loads a sniper round into a magazine. Kyle locks his RSASS ready.

Kyle: It's almost time Yuri. The meeting will be on the second floor.

Kyle turns outside and aims. Yuri sees a convoy of vehicles arriving just outside the hotel. He loads the magazine into his RSASS, locks it ready, and aims at the convoy.

Stan (VR): Heads up. Cartman's convoy is arriving now.

Kyle (TR): I see it. Four armored vehicles. No visual on Makarov yet.

The vehicles drive up to the entrance of the hotel and stop.

Kyle (TR): They're stopping in front of the hotel.

Stan (VR): Do you see him?

Kyle (TR): Yep. There's the bastard. Third vehicle.

Cartman can be seen sitting behind the driver of the third vehicle. He speaks to the guard, and momentarily looks up at Kyle and Yuri's direction.

Kyle (TR): sh*t. I think he's looking right at us.

Stan (VR): Easy. Just sit tight.

The vehicles drive and pull in to the hotel's garage.

Kyle (TR): They're pulling in to the garage now.

Stan (VR): Alright, Tweek. You're up.

There's no response.

Stan (VR): Tweek, do you read me?

Kyle (TR): Probably forgot to switch it on.

Stan (VR): Doesn't matter. Cartman's here. We move forward with the plan. I'm in position. Ready?

Yuri aims up at the top of the hotel. A blinking light shines on the tower. Yuri zooms in and sees Stan.

Kyle (TR): We got you.

Stan rappels down from the tower and stops short of the bottom of the clock.

Kyle: We got some activity on the balcony. We'll take them out together, Yuri. On you.

Yuri aims at the guards patrolling the balcony. Yuri fires, and Kyle fires using their silenced RSASS.

Stan (VR): Breaching.

Stan rappels down to the balcony, pulls down the windows curtains and enters the room. As more hostiles appear, Yuri and Kyle take them out.

Kyle: Target down.; Got 'em.

The hostiles are eliminated. The elevator doors in front of Stan open, revealing a man strapped to a chair with C4.

Kyle (TR): What the hell...? Stan, who is that?!

Stan (VR): Tweek...

Sgt.Tweek (VR): I'm sorry guys.

Cartman (VR): Captain Marsh, Hell awaits you.

The C4 begins to beep.

Kyle (TR): STAN! Get out of there!

Stan runs out of the room just as the C4 detonates and Tweek is killed. The explosion's shockwave scares off all the pigeons in the area.

Cartman (VR): Yuri, my friend. You never should have come here.

Kyle: What the hell's he talking about?

Suddenly, a device in the tower beeps.

Kyle: Get out! Now!

Kyle pushes Yuri out the tower just as the tower explodes. They roll off the roof and fall onto the construction boards and to the ground. Yuri gets shell-shocked from the impact, the church bell and debris fall next to them. Yuri sees Kyle partially covered in debris, and tries to reach out to help him. Stan runs over from the hotel.

Stan: KYLE!

Under fire, Stan fires an M203 round before clearing the debris off a bleeding Kyle.

Stan: Look at me! You're alright!

Stan pulls Yuri to his feet.

Stan: Yuri! Grab him! We have to move now!

Yuri helps Kyle up and starts to carry him.

Kyle: Yuri...Cartman...he said...

They start to run through the streets under heavy fire from infantry and armored vehicles.

Stan: Don't stop! Keep moving!

As they continue through the streets, Yuri stumbles and nearly drops Kyle.

Stan: Pick him up! We can't stay here. C'mon, this way. We have to get off the street!

Yuri helps Kyle back up.

Kyle: Oh sh*t.

A helicopter flies above.

Stan: Enemy bird! Get off the road!

They get off the street. Stan blows a hole in a building with his M203.

Stan: This way!

They move through the building and out the other side.

Stan: Set him down.

Yuri sets down Kyle next to a dumpster.

Kyle: Just patch me up... Get me back in this....

Stan gives Yuri his M4A1.

Stan: It's not safe here. We have to move!

Stan picks up Kyle, who has begun to trail blood behind him.

Stan: C'mon.

Kyle: We need...Jimmy...get us out...

Stan kicks down a door into a store.

Stan: That chopper's circling back around! We have to move! C'mon Kyle! You can make it!

Russians enter the store. Yuri engages.

Stan: Yuri, clear the store! We need to get the hell out of here!

As Yuri clears the store, a Russian comes at the door and Kyle shoots him with his pistol.

Stan: Nice shot man.

Kyle: I can still...teach you a thing...or two Stan

They move outside.

Stan: We're moving up to the statue! Keep 'em off of us!

Yuri engages the Russians firing at them. More infantry and the helicopter appear above the right rooftop.

Kyle: On the roof! Right side!

Stan: We can't stay here. C'mon, this way.

They move to an office building.

Stan: Through here! Let's go!

They move out to the street. Yuri engages more Russians.

Stan: Keep moving!

Kyle: There's more...on the street!

Two armored SUVs drive into the intersection.

Stan: Yuri, take care of 'em! Go left! Cut through the building!

As they cut the corner through the building, Yuri clears the area.

Kyle: They'll just keep coming.

Stan: Don't stop! Keep moving!

Kyle: Just leave me Stan!

Stan: No! I'm getting you out of this! Head for that building to the northwest!

More enemy fire come from behind.

Stan: Behind us! Cover our six!

Yuri turns around and fires back at the hostiles. They cut through the basketball court. More vehicles appear.

Kyle: Stan! UAZ!

Stan: We made it, Kyle! Just hold on!

The UAZ drives into the basketball court and more infantry move in. Yuri fires back and holds them off. Resistance soldiers run in and help.

Stan: It's the Resistance! Hold them back! Yuri! We need to move Kyle! Get over here and cover us! We've got wounded! Get him inside! Let's go! Let's go!

Yuri falls back while two soldiers carry Kyle into the building.

Resistance Leader: We'll get him! Just fall back!

They enter the building.

Stan: Clear the table!

The soldiers put Kyle on the table.

I Stand Alone (Highly reccomend you listen to this. Guaranteed to make you feel sad) -

Yuri tries to help and puts pressure on Kyle's wounds.

Kyle: Stan... Yuri...

Stan: Not now Kyle. Just rest.

Stan turns to the Resistance leader.

Stan:Get a medic!

He turns back to Kyle and shakes him gently.

Stan: C'mon, stay with me son!

Kyle: Stan.. You need to know...

Kyle pulls Stan towards him as Stan places his hand on Kyle's.

Kyle: Cartman...knows...Yuri...

Kyle's hand slips and he lets out a final breath. His head falls aainst the table as Captain Kyle 'Soap' Brovlovski, Killer of Zakhaev and Khaled Boyette, dies.


Yuri staggers back in shock of loosing Kyle.

The Resistance leader runs over to Stan.

Resistance Leader: Stan! You have to go, now!

Stan pushes him away.


Stan takes his M1911 pistol, which he gave to Kyle to kill Zakhaev five years ago,the pistol Kyle returned to Stan in the Gulag, and lays it on Kyle's chest.

Stan: I'm sorry.

Stan takes Kyle's journal and puts it in his pocket. A BTR outside fires at the building.

Resistance Leader: Stan! This way!

Stan and Yuri come to a door at the back of the bar.

Stan: Yuri! Open it!

As soon as Yuri opens it,Stan turns Yuri around and gives him a hard punch to the face, causing him to fall down the stairs all the way to the bottom of cellar. When Yuri recovers, Stan goes down the stairs after him, pulling out his Desert Eagle.

Stan: Kyle trusted you. I thought I could too.

Stan locks his pistol and points it at Yuri.


Yuri flashbacks as he explains his former association with Cartman.

Yuri: I was young and patriotic when I first met Eric Cartman.

20 years earlier... (20 years now because it's five years between when Stan told the squad this story in Azerbaijan)

Location: Pripyat, Ukraine

Yuri wakes up from his nap. He is in the back seat of a jeep, Cartman is in the driver's seat.

Cartman: Yuri, wake up. Zakhaev wouldn't want you to miss this. This deal will generate millions for our cause. Money can buy many things. Even power. The road to our future begins here, my friend.

Yuri looks out the seat window. Outside, Imran Zakhaev is arguing with his arms dealer.

Zakhaev:What do you mean, "it's not enough"? I thought we had a deal!

The hotel where “Leftenant” Stan Marsh and Captain MacMillan are can be seen at the distance. A flash is seen from the top floor. A sniper round hits Zakhaev, tearing off his left arm, and the shot is heard. Yuri takes cover in the jeep as another round shatters the window. Bleeding, Zakhaev gets in the jeep and Cartman drives away from the meeting area.

Yuri: Zakhaev never forgot what we did for him that day. Our reward was power. But power corrupts.

5 years ago...

Location: Middle East

Cartman and Yuri walk up the steps outside from an underground bunker. The city where the U.S. Marines are fighting the OpFor is seen at a distance.

Cartman: Today, we show the world our true strength. Perhaps it will give you some as well.

His cell phone rings and he answers.

Cartman: Is everything ready? Do it.

Cartman hangs up the phone and watches the city.

Yuri: Thousands of souls extinguished by the push of a button.

The nuclear device detonates in the city, Yuri shades his eyes from the blast flash. The helicopters trying to get away are knocked down by the blast. 30,000 Marines (Including Lt.Craig Tucker, Sgt.Clyde Donovan and Cpl.Wendy Tasterburger are killed).

Cartman: Understand, Yuri. This is only the beginning.

Yuri: This wasn't war. It was madness.

A few weeks ago...

Location: Zakhaev International Airport.

Yuri is held back by Kiril and Lev in a parking garage under the airport. Cartman walks towards him.

Cartman: I know what you have done, Yuri. I know what you have told them. My friend. My ally. My betrayer. What happens here today, will change the world forever. Nothing can stop this. Not even you.

Cartman pulls out his Desert Eagle and shoots Yuri in the abdomen. Yuri falls to the floor. Cartman and his men step over him and proceed with the terrorist attack.


Later, Yuri crawls, bleeding, to the elevator. In his earpiece, he can hear the sounds of Cartman and his men getting ready in the other elevator.

Cartman (VR): Remember – no Russian.

The sounds of gunfire and screaming are heard. The elevator opens and Yuri stumbles out. Next to a dead security guard, he takes the P99 pistol and gets on his feet. Using whatever strength he has left, he tries to follow Cartman and his man, who have gone up the stairs. Yuri aims, but cannot aim right due to his wounds. He passes out from blood loss, and falls to the floor.

Yuri: I was a soldier of Russia, not a taker of innocent lives. But in his eyes, this marked me as the enemy.

Yuri opens his eyes, a medic signals for help and pulls and oxygen mask for him.

Medic:Hey! We've got a live one here!

Yuri's flashback ends, Stan still has his Desert Eagle aimed at Yuri. Stan helps him up.

Stan: Okay Yuri. You've bought yourself some time... ...for now.

Wow, Kyle and Tweek are dead. Yuri ratted Cartman's attack out to Gen.Gueermo and the USA, Cartman detonated the nuke and Cartman and Yuri saved Zakhaev in Pripyat. A lot of sh*t for one f*cking mission.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

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Act 3 of 3 Part 1

Stan: There's a clocktower in Hereford where the names of the dead are inscribed. We try to honor their deeds even as their faces fade from our memory. Those memories are all that's left, when the bastards have taken everything else.

Col.Macmillan (VR): What happened?

Stan (TR): He killed Kyle. He's gone, Mac.

Col.Macmillan (VR): What do you need from me, son?

Stan (TR): A location. Our Russian says Cartman used to cache weapons at an old castle near Prague. He's got nothing more solid than that.

Col.Macmillan (VR): Can you trust him?

Stan (TR): What choice do I have? He's got his own reasons for wanting Cartman dead. Place ring any bells?

Col.Macmillan (VR): Aye. We ran drones over a suspect castle back in Zakhaev's day, but we never got wind of our targets visiting the area.

Stan (TR): What am I up against?

Col.Macmillan (VR): The place is a fortress. Only one way in or out , unless you've learnt to fly. Security office on the far side of the compound, and a command center north of that. Both were heavily guarded. If Cartman's there, he'll be in that control room.

An equipment list is sent to Macmillan: helmet-mounted AN/AVS-6 vision goggles, standard issue parachute, C4 plastic explosive, frag grenades, MP5, P99.

Col.Macmillan (VR): What's this you're sending me?

Stan (TR): Equipment list.

Col.Macmillan (VR): That's a lot of hardware, Stan. What'd you plan on doin'?

Stan (TR): What you taught me to do. Kill em all.

Mission: Stronghold
Location: Near Prague, Czech Republic
Unit: Task Force 141 (Disavowed)

Stan and Yuri are gliding with parachutes towards the castle in Prague. Using night vision goggles, they guide themselves to an open area and Stan kills the two guards. Yuri takes out an MP5 Suppressed Red Dot Sight

Stan: Keep up or I leave you behind.

They start their way through the castle grounds. Stan sees two guards with flashlights. They hide behind a small wall.

Stan: Get down. Get caught in those lights and we're done before we've started.

The two guards patrol past them.

Stan: Move.

They sneak behind another two guards and hide behind another wall.

Stan: Wait...

The guards pass.

Stan: This way. Now.

They move down to the edge of the courtyard filled with vehicles and patrols.

Stan: When we're down there, you move when I move. Do as I do. Understand? Let's go.

They go down and hide behind a truck. A single patrol is ahead.

Stan: Hold... Only shoot at what you can kill.

They sneak behind the guard.

Stan: Go. Under the trucks.

They prone and crawl under the trucks, hiding from several patrols.

Stan: Wait!

Stan plants a C4 under the truck.

Stan: We'll plant C4 to cover our escape. We'll burn this place down if we have to.

They come out from under the truck and hide behind a jeep, a single patrol just in front of them.

Stan: Take him out, but don't get caught in that spotlight.

Yuri sneaks up from behind and knifes the guard. Stan drags the body and hides it under a nearby truck.

Stan: Wait for it...

The tower's searchlight moves across the courtyard away from the men.

Stan: Now!

They sprint across the grass.

Stan: Over here.

They see a bunch of guards standing on a platform, talking. They prone again and crawl under it. One of the guards has a flashlight, which he shines through the platform.

Stan: Stop. Don't move.

He passes.

Stan: Alright. C'mon. Plant C4 on the platform.

Yuri places a C4 under the platform.

Stan stops just by the edge of the platform. A guard is just above them.

Stan: Easy...

A guard jumps off the platform and walks away.

Stan: Clear. Go.

They crawl out from under the platform and hide behind a few crates.

Stan: We're good. Keep moving. There's the security office. C'mon.

They come to the door of the security office.

Stan: I'll handle this.

Stan takes out his P99 Suppressed w/ Tactical Knife and knocks on the door. The guard opens is and Stan shoves in, knifing the first guard and silently killing the other three inside.

Stan: Clear.

Stan looks at the security feed.

Stan: They've got cameras outside the command center. Both sides – here, and here. Eh, well, we'll just have to knock on the door.

Stan holds a dead guard's hand up to the number pad and opens the door.

Stan: Cheers.

They move down the stairs to the dungeons.

Stan: Quiet... Night-vision on. I'll take care of the lights.

They stack up by the entrance. Yuri puts on his night-vision.

Stan: Ready?

Stan knifes the fuse box and the lights go out.

Stan: Weapons free!

Yuri takes out the first guards.

Stan: Sweep through this area fast. They won't know how few we are in the dark.

Yuri moves through the dungeons and takes out the guards. At the hall, a guard tosses a flare, lighting up the room and flaring up the night-vision.

Stan: They're using flares! Take your night-vision off. We'll do this the old way.

Yuri removes his night-vision and resumes engaging the Russians at the halls. They clear the dungeons.

Stan: You're on point. Go.

They move to the next room, where a Russian attempts to use a prisoner as a shield. Yuri kills the guard. They keep moving through the castle until they come to a door that leads back outside.

Stan: We have about ten minutes until they find their dead.

Stan opens the door and they move out. They climb up the construction ladders.

Stan: This bridge is the only way in or out of the base. Plant some C4 on the column.

They plant C4 and move along the scaffolding.

Stan: This whole thing looks like it's about to take it slow.

They continue moving on the bridge, up another ladder, and up the stairs. Stan sees a wall and starts putting a string charge on it.

Stan: Hold on... Change of plan. The control center is just above us. Looks like we won't have to shoot our way in.

He finishes placing the charge and gets to a wall.

Stan: The thunder will hide the sound of the blast. Wait for my signal.

Yuri takes out the detonator. Stan waits for the thunder. The thunder is heard and Stan signals.

Stan: Now.

Yuri detonates the wall charge. They move in and see logs holding together between two walls.

Stan: We can climb up here. C'mon.

They climb the logs up the walls and come to a boarded hole that looks into the control room. The guards watch a live video feed of Russian President Vorshevsky hostage by Cartman.

President Vorshevsky (On Video): For the last... time...I will not the demands...of terrorist thugs! I will die before I surrender the nuclear launch codes.

Stan: Cartman.

Cartman (On Video): I see... This is what we are dealing with, brothers. A stubborn old man, hopelessly out of step with the changing world. You too, will change.

A guard walks in.

Guard: Sir, still no response from the security room.

Alexi: Get down there. Find out what's going on.

Cartman (On Video): Alexi., has your Intel been confirmed?

Alexi: Yes sir. Our men are already on their way to Berlin.

Cartman turns to Vorshevsky.

Cartman (On Video): Are you listening?

Alexi: The daughter is there. We will have her in a matter of hours.

The President begins to struggle.

Cartman (On Video): Keep me updated.

The feed turns off.

Stan: Time to go.

An alarm sounds.

Stan: They must have found the bodies. This should buy us some time.

Price pulls out a frag grenade, pulls the pin, and tosses it into the control room.

Guard: GRANADA! (Grenade)

Stan: Down! Now!

They slide down the walls and they land on the bottom as the grenade explodes, shell shocking Yuri. The impact has knocked down a wall into the kitchen. Yuri pulls out his MP5 and fires at the stove, burning one of the hostiles.

Stan: On your feet! We are leaving!

They engage hostiles and move through the kitchen.

Stan (TR): Jimmy, the daughter is in Berlin! Cartman has men on their way!

Jimmy (VR): I'll c-c-c-contact Craig.

Stan (TR): Vorshevsky will break if they threaten the girl!

Jimmy (VR): Yes, Captain M-M-Marsh. I won't l-l-let you d-down.

They move through the cellar and back up outside.

Stan: Flashbang!

A flashbang goes off, but Yuri still manages to take out hostiles.

Stan: Keep moving! Left side!

They go up the stairs and into the next floor inside the building. They engage more hostiles.

Stan: Yuri Don't slow down now! Sort 'em out!

They eliminate the hostiles in the room and move on to an office room

Stan: Through here! Move! On me!

They clear the office and go outside.

Stan: RPGs!

They move through the building, taking out more hostiles.

Stan: Stay with me, Yuri!

They move through another part of the building and outside again. On the bridge are a group of infantry and a BTR trying to get across.

Stan: They're just in time.

Yuri takes out the detonator. The C4 on the bridge is detonated, and the BTR falls off the bridge and into the river.

Stan: Move!

They come to a window above the bridge.

Stan: Jump! Go!

Yuri jumps out the window and safely lands on the truck below, Stan follows. They cross the bridge and engage hostiles and a BTR at the courtyard.

Stan: That BTR is blocking our way out! On me!

They get in a jeep and Stan begins to drive.

Stan: Detonating C4! Now!

The C4 planted all around the courtyard explode, allowing them to break out of the gates and escape. As Stan drives, he nears the side edge of the cliff road.

Stan: Hold on!

Cannon fire hits the jeep and the engine begins to go on fire.

Stan: BTRs! Hope you're still carrying your reserve Yuri! Get your chute ready!

Stan drives past the BTRs and off the cliff. They jump out of the jeep and open their reserve chutes just as the jeep crashes and explodes below them.

Stan (TR): Jimmy, get us out of here.

Jimmy (VR): Roger. I'm on the w-w-way.

They glide safely across the river into the night...

Net part will be a Delta one :)
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 3

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Act 3 of 3 Part 2

Overlord (VR): Cartman's tracked Vorshevsky's daughter to Berlin. If they find the girl, it's only a matter of time until he finally gives up the launch codes.

Craig (VR): Do we have her exact location?

Battle Captain (VR): Triangulating now.

Overlord (VR): ISA cell phone snipers just intercepted a call from her.

Battle Captain (VR): Patching you through in three, two, one.

Sandman (VR): Alena Vorshevsky?

Alena (VR): Кто это? - (Who is this?)

Craig (VR): American Special Forces. Do you speak English?

Alena (VR): Yes. My security's dead. They're coming for me.

Craig (VR): Stay calm. We're en route to you now. Where are you exactly?

Alena (VR): Closet, fifth floor suite.

Craig (VR): Which side?

Alena (VR): I don't know. There's a building across the road...sign on the roof says Reisdorf. Please hurry!

Craig (VR): Okay, put the phone down and don't move. We'll come to you.

Craig: Athena (Her Code name) is still with us. Weapons tight and don't throw any shots.

Mission: Scorched Earth
Location: Berlin, Germany
Unit: Delta Force

A flight of Little Birds and Apache helicopters are flying into Berlin, Germany. The Little Birds carry Delta teams Metal and Granite to rescue Alena Vorshevsky. In the streets below, Leopard 2 tanks move up.

Pilot: 30 seconds!

Butters: Berlin's getting ripped apart down there!

Craig: Granite team is going after the daughter. We're going to watch their backs.

As they fly towards a group of buildings, an RPG fires and hits one of the Little Birds.

Token: RPG! Look out!

Craig: Bird is down! Bird is down! Go! Go!

Metal's Little Bird lands on a roof and drops them off and Kenny pulls out his ACR 6.8 Hybrid Scope. They engage the Russians in the area.

Little Bird Pilot (VR): Metal Team is on the deck, Viper-5 going into holding pattern.

Butters: Contact! Second floor!

Craig: Head up! We need to get to the roof! C'mon! Keep moving!

They head into the building. As Kenny goes up the stairs, Craig pushes a Russian off the side of the building. They enter the office floor and engage more Russians.

Craig: We need to get to the roof! C'mon!

They clear the office floor and head to the corner where a slope of rubble leads up to the next floor. As Kenny moves to the corner, an A-10 Warthog flies past. They move up the next floor and engage more Russians.

Craig: Move!

Butters: Moving!

Token: Keep moving!

They clear the floor.

Token: Clear!

Butters: Rog'!

They move up the stairs to the roof.

Craig: Up the stairs! Secure this area fast!

They engage and clear the Russians on the roof.

Craig (TR): This is Metal 0-1, roof secure. Green light on Granite.

They move to the northwest corner of the roof. Kenny takes out his M14 EBR Scoped and aims at the hotel across the street.

Craig (TR): Granite 0-1, we're in position.

Pilot (VR): Solid Copy, 0-1. Will relay.

Butters: Hostiles on the roof!

They snipe out the Russians on the roof of the hotel.

Pilot (VR): Granite 0-1, overwatch established.

Granite Leader (VR): Copy that. We're inbound.

Apache pilot (VR): Got targets on the LZ. Missiles loose.

Two Apaches fire rockets on the roof to make sure it is clear. A single Little Bird drops off Granite team on the roof.

Pilot (VR): Granite team is on the deck now.

As Granite team is about to move into the building, they take fire from their left side.

Granite Leader (VR): We're taking fire!

Token: Granite's got company. Doorway on the left.

Craig: Four more. Keep em covered.

Kenny fires at the incoming Russians.

Craig: Good effects on target.

Token: Still got guys on the roof – building across the street!

Kenny takes out the last enemy.

Craig (TR): You're clear, Granite. Keep movin.

Shell fire hit the building. Truck sees Russian T90s on the street below.

Token: T90s on the road!

Craig (TR): Overlord, we have Russian tanks firing on Granite's position. Requesting fire mission!

Overlord: Solid copy, 0-1, the air corridor is clear for our A-10s to commence gun-runs.

Valkyrie (VR): Metal 0-1, this is Valkyrie 2-6. In the airspace and at your service. Standing by for you to mark the first target.

Craig: Hit the tank on the street!

Kenny takes out a set of binoculars and aims at the T90 on the road. He marks a strafing run from east to west of the road.

Craig: Direct hit. Two more tanks approaching! Take 'em out!

Valkyrie (VR): Standing by for targets; Ready for tasking.

Kenny aims the binoculars again and strafes from west to east.

Valkyrie (VR): Got a tally on the target.

The A-10 strafes and destroys the two tanks.

Token (TR): Thanks for the guns, Valkyrie. We'll take it from here.

Craig (TR): Armor's down, Granite. You're good to go.

Granite Leader (VR): Copy. Thanks for the assist. We owe you one.

Craig : Maintain eyes on the building.

The Granite team rappels down from the roof to the fifth floor. They stack up by a door.

Granite (VR): Breaching now.

They enter the room.

Craig (TR): Granite, have you got eyes on Athena?

Granite Leader (VR): Affirmative! sh*t! Left side! Got two more! Get out! Get out!

Multiple Granite members are cut down or wounded as they enter the room.

Granite Leader (VR): (static) Help!!

Gunshots are heard in the comms, along with groans of pain, the room explodes and the radio goes static.

Craig (TR): Granite! Granite!

Token: They're gone.

Butters: (shaken) What the hell!?

Craig (TR): Overlord, Granite team is down. I repeat, eagles down. We're going after Athena.

Overlord (VR): Affirmative, Sandman. Link up with the German tank column south of your position and proceed to the target building, over.

Craig: Solid copy. Sandman out. Hook up. We need to hit the street.

They move to the east side of the roof and hook up the rail. As they rappel down, an A-10 flies past firing its guns on a target. As they move up, they see a downed Little Bird with bodies around it.

Token: Got some casualties here.

Craig: Grab their patches and tags. And get SAR birds in here and get 'em out.

Token (TR): Rog'. (sigh) It's Onyx Team. Overlord, this is Metal 0-1. I need evac for three casualties. Coordinates follow: Seven Romeo Eight Five One.

Butters: Not a good day to be Delta.

The rest of the team moves up to the streets where a Russian T90 and infantry are engaged with three German tanks from across the bridge.

German Tank Commander (VR): American team! We have Russian armor firing on the bridge. We need you to take out their tank!

Token: They got a T90 dug in straight ahead!

Craig: Kenny, take care of it! We'll cover you! Grab and RPG and take out that tank!

Kenny grabs an RPG and fires at the tank, destroying it.

Craig: Good hit. Let's go! Move out!

As they move to the bridge, two of the German tanks, Vorshlaghammer (Sledgehammer) and Zerstorer (Destroyer), move across the bridge, while Blutertragen (Blood-Born) stays and holds the position.

Craig: Push forward!

German Tank Commander (VR): We're clear. Advancing now!

Craig: Follow those tanks. Stay close till we reach the hotel!

The Delta team moves forward with the German tanks on the street, engaging Russians as they push on. The German Tank Commander yells out commands in German to fire rounds at incoming infantry.

German Tank Commander (VR): Feuer! (Fire!)

Craig : Keep moving with the tanks! Use them for cover!

German Tank Commander (VR): Links, zwanzig Grad! (Twenty degrees to the left!)

Russians fire from the right side.

Craig: They're in the bank! Right side!

German Tank Commander (VR): Rechts, in der Bank! (Right, in the Bank!).

They continue to engage more Russians ahead.

German Tank Commander (VR): Es Feinde im Gebäude vorn! Angriff! (Enemies in that building! Attack!)

Craig: Move up! Push forward!

They pass the bank.

Craig We're almost there! Let's go! C'mon!

As they push forward, the Russians retreat.

Craig: They're falling back! Press the attack!

But as the come to a very tall building on the left, an explosion blows off the columns of that building, knocking down Kenny, a car is thrown towards Kenny and misses him by a few feet. The building collapses across the entire street and crushes the tanks. A piece of debris hits near Kenny and he temporarily blacks out and shell shocks.


Kenny comes to and sees his hands and some soldiers wounded from the collapse of the building. Everything he hears is muffled and echoing. As his hearing recovers, Craig moves towards him.

Craig: It's an ambush, we've got to get the hell out of the killzone! Move! Move! Head for the building!

Kenny gets up and he and Craig move toward the building. Sgt. Kelly, Pvt. Naas, and Pvt. Grant are seen stumbling around before either passing out or sitting down on the ground stunned.

Overlord (VR): Metal 0-1, we've lost contact with the German division commander. What's the status on the ground?

Craig (TR): The tank column is down and we're getting overrun! This A.O is lost!

Overlord (VR): Missed your last, 0-1. Say again.

Craig (TR): They dropped a damn building on us!

Overlord (VR): Sandman, advise immediate pull back to extraction point.

Craig (TR): Negative, Overlord. We're going for the girl. Her beacon is still active.

Overlord (VR): You'll need to move fast. Berlin is falling. We'll maintain ISR, over.

They move through the collapsed building, some floors still intact.

Craig: Through here.

Token: They must have rigged the building to blow if our tanks got this far.

Butters: Man...this is some bullsh*t.

They jump down a couple floors and slide down a pile of rubble. The building shakes.

Butters: This thing's going to come down on us any second.

Token: Just keep moving.

They continue moving through the building. They pass a destroyed tank and go onto a particularly destroyed floor with plenty of gaps.

Token: Easy, easy.

They come to a door saying “Nur Personal.”

Token: Got a doorway over here.

Craig: I see it.

Sandman bashes the door open, the hotel is just across from them.

Craig: There's the hotel!

They engage the Russians in the area and moving into the hotel.

Craig (TR): Overlord, we're at the target building! Any update on the girl?

Overlord (VR): They're moving her to the third floor for extraction. You have zero time.

Craig: We're losing her! Go! Go! Head for the roof!

They move into the building and engage more Russians. They clear the area and move down a set of stairs.

Craig: Let's go! Let's go!

They move across the lobby and move up the staircase

Craig: Up the stairs! Get to the roof!

Overlord (VR): Metal 0-1, ISR shows they're extracting the girl now. Advise you stand down and head to an alternate LZ.

Craig (TR): No! We can make it!

As they move up to the third floor, Alena can be heard screaming.

Alena: Here! Help! I'm in here!

Craig: She's behind the door! Move!

Team Metal clears out the few remaining hostiles in the corridor. Alena is heard screaming desperately.

Craig: Get that door open!!! GO!

They stack up by the door.

Craig:Kenny , hit the door!

Kenny stacks up. As soon as Craig twists open the door handle, a beep is heard and the door explodes, throwing back Craig and Kenny. Two Russians move towards them, Kenny pulls out Craig's pistol and kills them. As they get up, Alena screams as she is loaded into a Russian Hind.

Alena: Help me!

Butters aims his MK14 and fires three shots, but Craig holds Butters' rifle down and he misses. The helicopter escapes.

Craig (TR): We can't risk it! Overlord, negative precious cargo. We lost her.

Craig, Token, Butters and Kenny look out into the smoke, as the Hind flies away...

Next part will be a Delta Force / Task Force 141 (Disavowed) Joint Operation :)
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.

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