South Park: Black ops

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South Park: Black ops

Postby hewitt120 » Sun May 27, 2012 12:13 pm

I'm back :) has been playing up so I came back here to doANOTHER CALL OF DUTY RIP-OFF!!!!!!!!!!! This one is black ops (Duh'). Note: This is set in 1968! As with every CoD fic, song links will be provided. Call of Duty Black ops is the property of it's creators Blah Blah, you get the story.

As always:

VR = Via Radio
TR = To Radio


Mason= Stan
Woods= Kyle
Hudson= Kenny
Reznov (Unchanged)
Weaver= Craig
Bowman= Token
Dragovich= Cartman
Kravchenko= Clyde
Steiner= Butters

Chapter 1: Operation 40


Stan wakes up in a room strapped to a chair. A Silhouette of a man is in a window above Stan, but he can't see who it is.

Interrogator: Wake up. WAKE UP!

Stan: Where am I --? Where's Reznov?

Interrogator: You will answer our questions. Do you understand?

Stan: Who the hell are you?

Interrogator: That's not important. What's important is who you are. What's your name?

Stan: f*ck. You!

Interrogator: Where were you born?

Stan: Kiss my ass!

Stan is electrocuted.

Stan: AARRRGH!!!

Interrogator: Your name is Stan Marsh. You were born in Fairbanks, Alaska. In 1961 you served in a CIA assassination team known as Operation 40. Is that correct?

Stan is electrocuted again for not answering.


Interrogator: Is that correct?!

Stan: Yes.

Interrogator: Where is the broadcast station?

Stan: I don't know what you're talking about --

Interrogator: The numbers, Stan. What do they mean? Where are they broadcast from?

Stan: I don't know anything about any numbers!

Interrogator: What about Cartman? Do you remember him? Give us what we want and we'll guarantee your safety.

Stan is again electrocuted.


Interrogator: Let's start at the beginning. Cuba, 1961. The Bay of Pigs. We know you were there.

Stan: No --

Interrogator: Do not f*ck with me, Stan! I know when you're lying! '61. Bay of Pigs. What happened?

Stan: [laughs] We all got killed.

Interrogator: There's no use lying, Stan. We know you went in with Kyle and Token.

Stan: Kyle... And Token.

Interrogator: Cartman. Do you remember Cartman?

Stan: Castro... We went in to kill Castro...

Havana, Cuba

Transmission# 15-18. Designate: X-RAY

OP 40 team inserted with Bay of Pigs forces in Cuba

Target: Fidel Castro

Kyle, Token and Stan meeting contact at Santa Maria

0500 hrs April 17, 1961

Kyle: The police are gonna be here soon... Let's make this quick.

Stan lights a cigar. He looks around the bar at Kyle, Token and Stan are talking with Carlos.

Carlos: Kyle. It's been a while.

Kyle: Not enough Carlos, you know Token, right?

Token: Carlos.

Kyle: This is Stan.

Stan: What's up, Carlos.

Kyle: So you got what we need?

Carlos pulls out a map.

Carlos: He will be in here... Plantation... My old plantation. Our attack on the airfield should distract them enough to, get you inside.

Kyle: What about the evac?

Carlos: We will have transport waiting for you. Just be there.

Kyle takes the map.

Kyle: Excellent.

Spanish chatter come from outside.

Kyle: Heads up. We got company.

A door opens with 4 Militia troops entering the Bar. Kyle, Token, Stan and Carlos stand like civilians as a Militia troop pushes a women.

Militia Captain: ¡Salga de aqui! Puta capitalista. Saquen los papeles, ahora!" (Get out of here! Capitalist whore.Now take out your papers!)

The captain sees Stan.

Militia Captain: Oye! ¿de dónde tu eres? (Hey, where are you from?)

Stan remains silent.

Militia Captain: I said where are you from?

Stan: Just be cool, Kyle. Wait.

The Captain approaches Stan.

Militia Captain: I'm talking to you!

The Captain grabs Stan's arm. Kyle stabs his hand with a knife and hits him with a beer bottle. Kyle, Token and Stan kill the other 3 troops as Carlos gets a M16.

Carlos: Alright - everything is ready.

Carlos throws the M16 to Stan.

Stan: Gear up, boys.

Kyle removes the knife from the Captain's hand. Token grabs another M16.

Kyle: Sorry about the bar, Carlos.

Carlos: No problem... My men will dispose of the bodies...

Kyle,Token Carlos and Stan gather up at the Bar exit.

Police Officer:...this is your LAST chance!

Token: Occupants leavin' their vehicles - armed with shotguns.

Kyle: Token, Carlos. Lay down covering fire. We fight our way through the streets. Stan - on me.

Stan: Let's go...

Token and Carlos break the windows as Kyle opens the door and him and Stan start out the doorway. They clear out the troops in police cars outside.

Kyle: Clear 'em out! Token! Take the right!

Token: On it.

The 4 fight up the street. Soon more police cars show up.

Kyle: Go - Keep moving!

They continue up the street. Soon more police cars zip past them.

Kyle: Behind us!

They kill the troops in the cars.

Carlos: Okay, let's move!

They continue up the street to a fountain where lots of police cars show up.

Token: Reinforcements!

Kyle: sh*t... Too many of them! Get to the car at the bottom of the alley.

Carlos: I will see you at the airstrip! Suerte, My friends!

Stan, Kyle and Token enter a car. Carlos flees on foot.

Kyle: Hit it! Go!

Stan starts the car and reverses the car through a barricade as civilians run across the street

Kyle: Get the f*ck out of our way!

Stan starts the car forward

Kyle: Dammit!

More militia troops engage the car as Stan and Kyle duck.

Token: Roadblock!

Stan: I see it!

Kyle: Floor it, Stan!

Stan rams the roadblock...


Interrogator: He's fading away. Stan! You had escaped from the police. The Bay of Pigs invasion had begun. You were heading for Castro's compound.

Interrogator 2: We're losing him. Do it again, we have no choice.

Stan is once again electrocuted

Stan: AARRRGH!!! What the..... f*ck?

Plantation, Cuba: 11:00 17 April 1961

The team overlook Castro's compound.

Kyle: There's the compound... Carlos and his men should be hittin' the airfield... Any minute...

A flare is suddenly launched

Kyle: There's the signal... Now. Hook up... This is it.

Kyle and Stan use the right zip-line while Token uses the left. Stan drops down into a yard with 2 troops. Kyle and Token drop down and melee the 2 troops. The 3 enter a building on the left where they find a guard on the radio.

Kyle: Stan, take him out.

Stan chokes the guard using a rope.

Kyle: Perfect. They're all focused on the airfield.

A convoy of troops moves to the airfield.

Kyle: Convoy ahead. Do not engage.

The 3 proceed out a door.

Kyle: Sit tight... let them pass.

They stay hidden until the convoy passes.

Kyle: Token- Left flank. Move out.

The 3 proceed up a small hill to an outpost which they clear out.

Kyle: Move quickly! This way - up the stairs.

Token: Got it.

Kyle: Castro's paranoid... With good reason... we've been trying to get to him for three years.

Stan: And today's the day we succeed.

They fight up the stairs to another building

Token: Stay close.

They breach the building and fight their way up a road to the right to a mansion and head up some stairs to a double door.

Token: Inside. Go.

They breach the mansion.

Kyle: Token - Take the roof. Any trouble - give us a yell.

Token: Got it.

Token heads to a balcony and climbs up a fence

Kyle: Stan - on me. We search room to room 'till we find Castro.

Kyle and Stan fight their way down a hallway as bombers start crippling the mansion.

Kyle (TR): What the f*ck?!!! Token - what's happening?

Token (VR): The B26's. They're droppin' all over the place.

Kyle: Sit tight... We'll be done in five...

The 2 continue down another hallway to a room

Kyle: Target should be up ahead.

Stan: Roger.

They clear the room and reach a door leading to the nest.

Stan : Okay - stack up.

Stan and Kyle prepare to breach.

Stan: Let's do it.

They breach the nest by kicking open the door.

Kyle (TR): Token - Nest is empty. We're moving on.

Token (VR): Better make it fast. B26's are about to begin their bombing run.

Kyle and Stan reach another door leading to the bedroom

Kyle: Target should be up ahead.

Stan: Roger.

Kyle: Movement inside. Get in position.

They prepare to breach the bedroom

Kyle: This is it... Ready to make history?

Stan: Let's do it.

They breach the room where they find Castro and Castro's mistress. Castro double takes his mistress hostage and engages Stan and Kyle. Stan kills Castro with a headshot. Castro's mistress picks up a shotgun and engages them. Kyle kills Castro's mistress and shoots the corpse of Castro angrily.

Kyle: Crazy bitch... he uses a human shield and she still protects him?!!

Stan engages a double door killing 2 troops

Stan: Castro's supporters are fanatical in their devotion to him.

Kyle (TR): Token - The target is down.

Token (VR): Word from Carlos isn't good; They're barely holding out... They got half the Cuban army down there! And those B26's ain't hitting anything! Movin' to the main hallway.

Kyle (TR): Okay, we're on our way.

Kyle and Stan move out the door and clear out another room

Kyle: Move up. Token! Take the right!

Token: Roger that.

Stan and Kyle move through a double door to the main hall. Token suddenly appears out of another double door meleeing a troop and pushing him off the balcony down to the main floor.

Kyle: Keep moving!

The 3 fight their way to a stairway leading to the main floor. A bomb suddenly sends the chandelier crashing down.

Kyle: DAMMIT! Let's get the f*ck out of here before those damn planes blow us to pieces!

They fight their way out the entrance to the courtyard.

Kyle: We're pinned down here!

Token: This ain't good! There's too many of them! Carlos' men should be here!

Kyle (TR): Take out that 50 .cal! Carlos?!!

A BTR appears

Kyle: BTR!!

Carlos' men arrive to fight and destroy the BTR and clear the area.

Token: Here they come - over the east wall!

Carlos (VR): You think I'd let you down, Kyle? My men will cover your escape. Now.. Hurry my friends!

Kyle: God bless you, Carlos.

Token: This way - into the sugar fields

Stan, Kyle and Token move through the sugar fields to a hilltop overloocking the airfield

Kyle: There's the airfield.

Token: Let's hope Carlos secured that evac.

Stan: He ain't let us down yet.

Token: The Rebels are getting their asses kicked!

Stan: Better get down there - Hook up...

The 3 hook up

Kyle: Go!

They rappel down into the airfield

Carlos (VR): Kyle! It's all falling apart... You need to get out of here!

Kyle (TR): You secure our transport?

Carlos (VR): The plane is ready... but we'll be torn to pieces on take off!

Kyle (TR): One problem at a time, brother. We're leaving... Move it!

The 3 sprint across the airfield to the hangar where Carlos is waiting with the plane.

Carlos: Run!

They board the plane.

Kyle: Give us cover, Stan!

Stan protects the plane using a M60 MG and soon reaches some ZPUs

Kyle: Stan! Take out those ZPUs!

Stan destroys the ZPUs. They see a line of trucks and jeeps in front.

Token: Kyle! We got a problem! Those f*cking vehicles are blocking the runway!

Stan: I hear you,Token.

Kyle: We're screwed. There's not enough time for take off!

Stan: I'll deal with it!

Stan jumps off the plane.

Kyle (VR): Stan, are you crazy? They'll chew you up out there. Stan! What are you doing?!!!

Stan mounts a ZPU and destroys the vehicles.

Stan (TR): Runway's clear.

Kyle (VR): Damn you, Stan.

The plane takes off.

Stan (TR): No choice, Kyle. I knew what I signed up for. I'll be fine. Go - Get out of here!

A man suddenly pulls him off the ZPU. A trooper melees him with an RPG knocking him unconscious...

Harbor, Cuba

Stan awakes to see Cartman, Clyde and Castro discussing what to do with him. The 3 turn towards Stan. A ship called 'The Rusalka' is seen in the background.

Stan: You're dead... We killed you...

Castro: (To Stan) No... You killed a double... You think we didn't know of your plan?

Cartman: We always know...

Castro: (To Cartman) Do with him what you wish, General... He's my gift to you, in honor of our new relationship... Just... Make sure that he suffers...

Cartman: He will know suffering beyond his darkest fears...

Cartman crouches and looks closely towards Mason's face.

Cartman: (sinisterly) I have plans for you, American...


Stan: Oh, he did...

Stan closes his eyes in bitter memory.

Stan: Cartman sure did.

YAY!!! Missed writing on this website :) Next part within a few days.
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Re: South Park: Black ops

Postby Cewyah » Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:53 am

:D lol awesome
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Re: South Park: Black ops

Postby ssk1777 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:45 pm

I love it ! sounds great.
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