South Park: Bigger, longer, and uncut again!!!

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South Park: Bigger, longer, and uncut again!!!

Postby cdrtowelie » Fri Sep 21, 2012 9:55 pm

So I taking a shower this morning when I thought of a killer idea for a new south park movie.
Picture the boys in high school. Ok, now picture the boys in high school with their lives all screwed up. Obviously, the plot would be for them to help each other fix their lives.
My idea...Cartman sells drugs, Kenny gets religious, Kyle becomes a drug addict, and finally Stan comes out the closet. I chose these particular details for obvious reasons. Cartman has sold stuff illegal before, but never drugs. Kenny has always not gave two sh*ts about God, Jesus, or Satan, but he learns about them through each time that he dies. Kyle has always been "the perfect one" in most people's eyes, time for him to stop being such an angel. Stan is always portrayed as being "into" Wendy even though he always throws up; so I say, maybe he is indeed gay.
I would also like to see Towelie bought back in somehow too. Not sure why, but I was thinking that maybe Stan could have a crush on Butters because nobody would expect it; however, Butters even though most people probably think he is gay, would indeed actually be straight. One really funny idea I had, that somehow Timmy could become rich, have some sort expensive surgery that would make him normal, but then with one hit of Cartman's drugs become retarded yet again.
I also figured if the movie would be released before the end of the year, though very doubtful, that could include subjects such as, 2012 election and the "2012 End of the World prediction".
As I was saying before, the plot would be for the boys to try to help each other become "normal" again. Why? Even though some of the changes, such as Kenny getting religious, is indeed a positive thing; these changs would be "out of character" for our characters. Basically the boys just wouldn't be the same. Like jelly without peanut butter on a sandwich, it just wouldn't be right.
So having said these thoughts on a new south park movie, I would really like to know what some of the thoughts of south park fans on this are. What do you guys think? Though I seriously doubt any of the shows producers or creaters will comment on my idea, it would be great if they did!!!
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Re: South Park: Bigger, longer, and uncut again!!!

Postby japandog » Sat Sep 29, 2012 1:00 pm

well, if they're gonna make another south park movie they should include in the movie weapons and whores :mrgreen:
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Re: South Park: Bigger, longer, and uncut again!!!

Postby Cassius Mallvanic » Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:30 am

That's a good movie idea, I hope they do make a movie like that.

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