Alice Human Sacrifice

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Alice Human Sacrifice

Postby kylekennypiptweek » Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:08 pm

Yes, I write this and I don't continue my other story. Yup. Tell me if you like it. It's so weird that there is not ONE curse in this whole chapter. Mind the spelling errors. Based on this song: Alice Human Sacrifice. Enjoy._________________________________________________________

Alice Human Sacrifice

Chapter One-The Beginning

One night, just one night, four children went to sleep. But, the problem is, they won't ever wake up. Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski, Alex Redrum, and Topanga Wathers were those four children. They couldn't stay up all night. Here's how their story goes.

One time, a dream was dreamt, but, it had nothing in it. It was completely blank. After a while of suffering, the dream decided to do something drastic so it will be known!

"I will let people stray into me and make their own worlds! They will make me! This will be great!" The dream said.

And that is what it did. It let people stray into it and make their own seperate worlds. Four imperfect fairy-tale worlds.....

They desided this, they would have a big sleepover and they would stay up all night! Topanga actually came up with this idea, she's a strange child. She will be as cheerful as anything! But, she can also go insane and sing horrific songs, about murder, suicide, anything dark really. She's really two-sided, or maybe three-sided, who knows, but let's get back to the task at hand here. Topanga couldn't have the sleepover at her house, since her mom and sister are a bunch of weirdos who think things can go on between kids. Idiots.

So, they thought about doing it at Alex's house.

Who's Alex? Alex is adventureous, and pretty curious, especially when it comes to new territory. She wants to know everything, she has a 'don't-mess-with-me' attitude, but she will break down if death has to do with anything. She's a little two-sided also. Alex is pretty innocent actually, since she doesn't get somethings, and she's pretty clueless. She asked her parents, who said definitaly not, which was retarted. As Kenny put it.

They knew they couldn't go to Kenny's, so they thought of it being held at Kyle's.

You know Kyle and Kenny, right? Kyle, the red-headed Jew, who has the worst temper. Kenny, the poor, immortal blonde, who dies everyday. Yeah, those guys.

Anyway, it took a lot of begging and a lot of ways to show nothing will happen. Gerald and Shelia finally agree and they went to celebrate! Okay, they went to the arcade. The arcade where Alex's father worked at, or the only one.

While playing, Topanga asks, "Why are our parents think something is going to happen? Seems a little far fetched! I'm only 8!"

"And we're 10. When are you turning 9, again?" Alex questions.

"October 2nd, for the last time, it's only a few days away!" Topanga snaps.

Alex retorts, "Okay! Calm down, I'm just excited! You're gonna be older, and closer to our age!"

"Whoop-de-doo." Topanga sarcastically added.

Kyle comes in the conversation, "Yeah, aren't you excited? We can all be kind of the same age!"

Topanga rolls her eye and mummbles, "Whatever." Alex then pokes Kenny and asks,

"You alive in there?" Kenny looks at her a nods, stating,

"I was just thinking."

"'Bout what?" Curiosity.

Kenny sighs, "It's nothing, but what if something happens tonight? We can't just have a day without SOMETHING happening. It's abnormal!" Fear.

"Don't worry, something doesn't have to happen everyday, Kenny." Innocence.

Kyle exclaims, smiling, "If something does happen we can just kill it! Like always!" He laughs. Anger.

Topanga states, "Or I can freak it out with words!" Madness.

Alex blinks, "How can you freak it out with words?"

"I will rip you intestines out of you body, cut a hole in your neck, and stuff it with your own intestines so you can choke to death on your own self. Have a nice day!" Topanga darkly states then grins widely. "See?"

"Damn you got an imagination." Kenny says, his eyes widened in a bit of fear.

She crosses her arms with a smug look on her face, "Yup, blame watching horror movies at age 2."

"I don't even want to know. I don't." He states, shaking his head.

Kyle, checking his watch, "Guys, it's 8:00, we should get home and pack." They all nodded in agreement, then set off to their indivisual houses to pack for their sleepover at Kyle's. All four were so excited, but, that only lasted a while.

The time has come! It is about 9:00pm and Kyle, Kenny, Alex, and Topanga are at Kyle's house for their first sleepover all together. Topanga keeps jumping around, she's never had, or been to a sleepover before.

"Why not?" Alex asks while putting her stuff down in the guest room. Shelia said they could play together, but when they sleep, girls in the guest room and the boys in Kyle's room.

She sighs, "In Virgina, I was a huge outcast. No kid liked me, or wanted to be near me. They thought I was mad and desided to stay away so I don't try to turn them mad. Or kill them."

"Aw, dude, I'm sorry." Alex hugs her. She's always hugging her, since she is the baby of the group.

She hugs back, carrying on, "Don't be. I swear, if I ever rule some place, everyone will be mad. Everyone will be insane!" They laugh.

"Well, if I ever rule some place, it will be filled with curiosity! Always a new place to explore!" They laugh. Oh, how they laugh. There is a knock at the door, they stop laughing and Topanga yells out,

"Who is it?"

"The muffin man, who do you think?" said Kenny on the other side of the door. Alex desides to open it and greets the boys,


"Hey, are you done in here? We've got so many things to do!" Kyle exclaims smiling. Kyle's mother, Shelia comes up from behind the boys,

"I'm sorry children, but it's late, you need to go to bed" She explained.

"But, it's only", He checks his watch, "10:00? Okay, how did this happen?"

Shelia sighs, "Just go to bed and don't question time, Kyle." She leaves. Kenny and Kyle say 'good night' to the girls as they went to their own room. They coudn't stay up and talk, since Shelia said lights out, I will be listening. Which creeped Topanga out a bit that she could hear from downstairs, so she desides to just sleep. After a few more minutes, all four children fall asleep and dream. But, that's just the beginning.
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Re: Alice Human Sacrifice

Postby southparkonpills » Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:01 pm

Where are the human sacrifices and there is nothing wrong with grammatical errors i sometimes do it so i give the illusion i am someone chinese.
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Re: Alice Human Sacrifice

Postby kylekennypiptweek » Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:56 pm

Umm.....yeah, I know it's been along time....Sorry, I'm a little out of it today....

Oh god, all these feels....

*sigh* Enjoy.....

Chapter Two-Where am I?

Every child in the Broflovski house was sound asleep. They were beginning to stray into the horrid dream. They didn't realize it though, they still think they're having beautiful dreams with happy endings. But, those dreams are slowly turning sour, until they turn completely rotten.

Kyle, Kenny, Alex, and Topanga, sleeping soundly, start to look disturbed. Topanga, having a dream about cute, zombie puppies, Alex, having a dream about going somewhere, Kyle, having a dream about murdering Cartman, and Kenny, dreaming about living and other...things. But, that's not important now. All of their dreams were becoming darker and different. Kyle's starts to become more bloody, violent, and he has a sword in his hand. Topanga's becomes more insane and some blue foliage begins to sprout, leaving her confused. Surprisingly, Alex's doesn't change much, doors are added, which makes her dream more enjoyable. But....Kenny's......Kenny's dream becomes evil....a strange castle suddenly appears and he is standing in the middle of it.

"What the hell?", Kenny asks, walking around the large castle. Coming up with nothing, he continues to walk around the castle. He sees this crowd of people start to follow him. Picking up speed, the people are still following him, also picking up speed. He begins to run and so do the people, stoping, he sees that so have the people.

Turning around, he yells, "What do you want from me?!" They blink at him, all nervous. They seem to be afraid of him. Until the crowd starts to move, looking as if someone is going to come out.

A lonely woman breaks from the crowd and quietly says, "You're amazing, and.....and we want you to-to be our r-ruler...."

"Your ruler, huh?" He questions, cocking an eyebrow. He looks at the woman as she nods, confirming his suspicions. Kenny walks towards her and wraps an arm around the woman's shoulder, with a sly grin planted on his face.

"Sure, I'll be your ruler. On one condition." He calmly adds, with that sly grin still on his face.

The woman raises her eyebrows and asks, "W-what?" His grin gets larger.

"I get to do what ever I want. Deal?" The woman nods quickly in agreement. He lets go of her and walks over to, what looks like, a thrown and sits in it. Kenny looks at everyone, then starts laughing like a madman.

"What-what's so f-funny?" The same woman asks.

"I can't die! And now I have-", He laughs, "-I have a whole kingdom! And guards! Then, I can't even die!" He continues to laugh hysterically. The crowd looks at their new ruler confused at why he's laughing about death. They don't know of his multiple deaths and how he can laugh nonchalantly at death itself. He laughed and laughed and laughed, until he finally took a good look at the crowd staring at him. They were scared out of their minds!

He asked, "Uh, what's wrong guys?"

"Why-why would y-you laugh a-about d-death like t-that? It could g-get you!" The same woman yelled at Kenny.

"Well.....what's you name miss?" He says while getting off his thrown and walking towards her.

"A-Amy...." She shyly replied back.

"Well, Amy", he put an arm around her again, "Let me tell you a secret...." He whispers in her ear, " I can't die....and every time I do, it hurts a you know how that feels?" She shakes her head 'no'. "Of course you don't, I wouldn't want anyone to feel that pain......because it hurts hurts like hell." The woman looks down sad at the idea of Kenny dying. Amy then hugs Kenny so he would feel better.

"I'm sorry Kenny..." Her voice didn't sound the same....It sounded different. It sounded...evil and childish....It sounded like....Death.....

Kenny recoiled and backs away from the whole crowd. The faces of everyone look like death. Their voices sounded like Death.....he was going to die. But, it can't be, not now...

"Master Kenny? M-Master K-Kenny!" Kenny looked at Amy, who was shaking him violently trying to get his attention.

Kenny jumps up and takes a good look at the crowd. They look like regular people, not Death....

"What.....What the hell....?!" He cries as he goes back to his thrown, head in his hands. "What the f*ck is going on?!" He looks at the crowd again, they seem normal, but...he shouldn't trust them. Not one bit, he needs to stay safe. He sighs, "It was just probably nothing...." Kenny passes this whole thing off and contiues to rule his kingdom.

What he doesn't know is, Death isn't the worst thing that will come during this evil dream...
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