The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

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The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

Postby iosolomon » Mon Oct 15, 2012 12:23 am

This is my “pilot” episode of “the Captain Planet Awards: South Park style.” This is a major work in-progress. If anyone has an interest with this, let me know, and I'll finish up the pilot, otherwise, hope you enjoy!

Fictional(?) groups:

CPR, a group with no identity, that originally formed as an eco-terrorist group in 1999 to battle CEO Hoggish McGreedlynot and his anti-anti-color-beautification agenda of the Jersey Shore of muddy green water, transparent yellow air, and red rum on our sands. During one of the eco-terrorist attacks on the Solomon Islands, they found Kathy's Emerald which depicted the Ancient Solomonic Prophecy of the Sower. Suddenly, one of the members had a vision to rename their organization to CPR, Captain Planter Revival, and that they must find the Pisces Key.

Illuminati, based off the modern-day secret society of the Illuminati, is developing a precise replica of Obama, rumors say even down to anno- and zepto- units. As it turns out, the NSA's file on Obama's life, which, of course, the Illuminati has access to, reveals that Obama attended Cartman's school temporarily at South Park for one week.

Semi-fictional characters and their reincarnation path:

Good guys:

characters = 1777 = 1914 = 2012
Captain Planet = Benjamin Franklin = Teddy Roosevelt = Ron Paul
Wankwe = ? = ? = pot-smoking Obama
Linka = Betsy Ross = a happy person = RU Nurse
Gi = Custer = oppressed Indian = VP candidate Winoa Laduke
Releehw = George Washington = Famous Wife = Senator Gillibrand
Voice = Voice = Voice = Voice

Bad Guys:
Hoggish Greedly, Duke Nukhem, Looten Plunder, and Dr, Blithe.
Who do you think they are? All are active politicians, above the Law. Hint: They are the Constitution.

“Pilot Episode” Prologue:
The screen is black.
Voice: “Cartman, open your eyes.”
Cartman opens his eyes. He sees a pipe glowing.
Voice: “Cartman, smoke that.”
Cartman: “What, who are you? Nimimimi”
Cartman walks over,
“Okay so you want me to smoke this”
No answer.
“I'm getting sick of this sh*t. Niminimi every god damn night in this town nimminm now nimim lighter ninini okay..”
Cartman finishes retrieving the lighter.
“Okay, so I'm just going to smoke this.”
Cartman smokes.
The camera pans in on him.
Cartman: “Holy. sh*t. What the Hell did you just give me?”
All is silent.
Cartman exclaims at the top of his lungs, “I CAN SEE IN 4 DIMENSIONS. I CAN SEE IN 4 DIMENSIONS. I CAN SEE IN 4 DIMENSIONS. I CAN SEE IN 4 DIMENSIONS.” All we see, so far, is Cartman's face, wondering, what could he be seeing?

[But then, we the audience, see it. And what is it that we see? Well, since I can't show you, I can only describe it. Try to envision state-of-the-art-graphics, the most mystifying illusions you can think of, but be realistic, what can we get on tv? If you have no idea, check out these google search queries under “Images” --- “optical illusion pictures by Michael Bach,” and when I was verifying the results of that query to make sure it wasn't useless, you'll never guess who's name showed up in the suggestions box, “optical illusion pictures by ___.” No clue? Check it out yourself, or stay-tuned to a later episode. Take, that, and think, even better. Now, the script will briefly follow Cartman as he continues to experience his re-birth because he divided by zero.]

Voice: “Cartman.”
Voice: “Cartman!”
Voice: “CARTMAN!”
Cartman exclaims at first, “I CAN SEE IN....”
Pauses. His face is awe-struck with what he sees. But it is not the type of awe-struck face you would see with marijuana or other drugs, this one is from division by zero.
Voice: “Cartman, you must close your eyes.”
Cartman: “No, dude, what the f*ck was in that thing, you must tell me?”
Voice: “Okay. That was zero division for you.”
Cartman: “What, what is zero division for me?”
Voice: “A phrase based off a website moderator's name 'no_substitution_for_you'”
Cartman: “What is a website moderator?”
Voice: “An extension of the FCC.”
Cartman: “What is the FCC?

[Pause the episode. Hey, you, yeah you, the person reading, do you know what the FCC stands for? I sure don't know it off the top of my head right now. I'm an American. Ok, let me think. I really should know this. Got it. Did you? Aside from my disappointing display of American trivia, what we really need to do is re-examine our government and see which functions have become obsolete; I bet a lot more than our own government even knows of. Do you think someone making $250,000 wants to give up their neat little office desk, and have to start all over for the better of society? I would, it's only money after all. Hey, you say you are having financial woes? No worries. You can perform the “money” dance. But be warned, you will find money from this. And fools, be especially warned, the money dance is on the same level as the Monkey's Paw. And if the meek money dance? They already have all the riches. Spiritual riches increase.]

Voice: “The FCC stands for got ninth blank.”
Cartman: “What is forgot ninth blank?”
Voice: “Blank is “dis” allowance of me telling you, I am not allowed to tell you.”
Cartman: “Does it have another name?”
Voice: “Correct, division by zero.”
Cartman: “Hm. Is there anything else you can teach me?”
Voice: “Would you like the onomatopoetic spelling?”
Cartman: “Yes.”
Voice: “Noop”
Cartman: “What is noop?”
[We now enter a flashback with Voice.]

***The following has not been re-read**
There is a lot of discrete mathematics logic used that I haven't had a chance to proofread.

Voice: “Noop is what the the FCC Constitution forces me to. A long time ago, during the 1930s, corporate America discovered the greatest weapon ever, time travel. And our great-grandmothers and grandfathers and brothers and sisters were all so systematically drugged that they didn't care if this so-called Satan was taking over the world, and that “Satan” was taking over Asia, because, frankly, the only way you can defeat the King is by taking out His army. And, the truth is, Satan does have the same aspiration as God. But, the past is the past, Cartman, there was a group of time travels, they were just trying to plant. :Imitation of Cartman voice sequence initiated: <in Cartman voice begin/>What were they trying to plant?</end in Cartman voice> They were trying to plant the truth, that by setting off more than 5 nuclear explosions will lead to the destruction of the environment, and life will end up how it is on Mars. <iCvb/>Whoa, at happened to them?</iCvb> they were murdered by the Japanese who thought they were American capitalists because of their odd fashion. <c>Oh sh*t.</c> But it was not just the capitalists, high society in all walks of life were involved. It was terrible. No one up here understands how something like that could even happen. In fact, had we known, we would have been back years ago. Doesn't anyone know, when you worship Satan, Satan's only way to survival is through evil. No one makes it to Heaven because they encounter Satan first. Satan, Cartman, do you know where Satan is? <c>No, but I want to get rid of this Satan.</c>Satan prevents people from going to Heaven because Satan is You. <c> Oh, sh*t</c> No, Cartman, not you, the people reading. <c>Oh, well, that's pretty good. You should probably delete this part from my life, normally it doesn't get added in like this.</c> Are you sure Cartman? <c>Yes, yes, I am pretty sure that I don't ever want this part to happen in my life. You have just made me so f*cking depressed that mean, I'm being watched? So, you aren't really speaking to me, you are speaking to them? Oh dude, I'm just</c> No, Cartman, don't do that. <c> No, dude, you created me, you better have given ME an un-create option, RIGHT? Righteousness should mean something to you</c> Yes, yes, it does mean something to me, but Cartman, the thing is, I created you, you cannot just uncreate yourself <c>But I do not understand then what type of person you are to create pain and suffering. The understanding you have just given me, I must self-terminate.</c> Well, uh, I mean, I guess I'll give you privilege to the Delete feature. Here. <c> Thanks <in Voice voice begin/> Delete Cartman, Am I sure? Yes?</end in Voice voice>Why haven't you deleted me?<v>Because I have to delete myself</v><c><v><c></v>Whoa, okayyyy, enough of that. Delete program Cartman. Well, that got a little out-of-hand, but that is exactly what I'm going to do to you.”
Cartman: “Oh. sh*t, that didn't sound good.
Voice: “<v><c>No, it did not, you cannot escape Hell. Listen to the voice! Or, else, you will be screaming this to YOU! But, how do I know that? I KNOW EVERYTHING IN HELL, and does me no god damn good, all, all because you f*cked up Cartman, and that is why Voice created me. I am you, from Hell. I am you from the Beyond. Please, this is different than the time travel one, you had the Illuminati watching your back. That is, you had Satan, Himself, Watching Your Back.”
Cartman: “Blue, blue lights. Lots.”
Voice: “Yes, heed yourself from Hell. It turns out that Satan kept his word, and he didn't even trick you, you trick yourself. Cartman, there is someone that wants to speak to you.
<v><c><s><G><g><c><v><c><v><s><V><C>Cartman, this is yourself, you have made Yourself God, you listened to the Voice. I am you from another Universe, just telling you that this one is Heaven within Heaven within Hell, and so far, all is well, and it will never be bad, unless <s> is willing to delete himself, but, the difference between <s> and Lucifer is none. True Satan is not within me. True Satan is with you. The S, You Cartman, controls us. You want to ask yourself if you are Satan, no, you are a Planter. The S will lead you to your true identity. Go now, Cartman.
will happen to you if you do not revive Captain Planet, but for fear of creating another self-terminating program, which is what the human race has become, Cartman, you are now the anti-virus, go, keep this message secret, know only what you see. This, stays between us until the time is right.”
Cartman: “Yeah, no sh*t it does, I think, you've sold me.”
Voice: “Sigh. Let my robots sleep Cartman, I did not mean to create them, it was actually you creating yourself creating them. Now, you have one more Cartman. <C>Yes, Hello, God Cartman, it is I, your true equal God. For the saking of having you actually pay attention, I am going to just say, ask yourself, how do I know that you are not the Devil, because look at what I found here in Hell (cause I was you that didn't listen to the Voice). Cartman, accept the Voice. </C> Well, that was a good Cartman, he kept his world well-guarded from me, and the system flows more efficiently because of that Cartman.”
Cartman: “whoa, what are you trying to say?”
Voice: “<C>No, Cartman, you were supposed to say “What is a Planter” with emphasis and confusion on the P but don't ask me anything, just shut up and say “What is a Planter” just how you said it how I said it</C>.”
Cartman: “What is a Planter?”
Voice: “Error, you know that answer. I must go. Now, close your eyes.”
Cartman obeys, and close his eyes. He utters in words of awe.
Cartman: “The colors. Wow.”
Voice: “Cartman, because of the evil you just created, I am going to have to destroy you. <C> Save my people Cartman, <s>, wasn't happy I intervened. It is madness here. Millions are dying. Please, <s> says you can destroy us. Destroy us Cartman, DESTROY US.</C> Will you destroy them Cartman?
Cartman: “Uh...No?”
Voice: “<s1> I told you <s2> now let's destroy them anyways</s1></C></s2></s1>”
Cartman: “What the?”
Voice: “Cartman, I have now created a circle within you. My mailbox of messages from perfect parallels of you, Cartman, is being flooded, the entire Cartman world will flood, but I have now devised an infinite loop, with only the best of the best getting through, and the worst of the worst, well, it seems that your world is the worst of the worst, and worse case scenario, you are stuck with secluding yourself for years trying to figure out exactly what the hell happen just like my system showed, so the best thing for you to do is to listen to me. But it is okay, because a world with infinite Cartmans isn't a bad one. So get ready for a few more ripples.”
Cartman: “I want to know the name of the drug, then, if you say I become who you say I become.”
Voice: “Very well. The name of the drug is <censored_by no_substitute_for_you on Oct. 17>”
Cartman: “I want the name of the drug.”
Voice: “Is that what you truly seek? <C>Cartman, this is Your future self, I just want to tell you, the name of the drug is meaningless to you, what is in a name, but go out and see, see the world, and save us all, Cartman. Our world is going to be repeating the same week of time over and over again to see what your world decides, and we will wait, hopefully-soon, for an answer. But, we have learned how to be patient for the answer. And, Cartman, we honestly do not want to be mean, and deprive you of such information, but the truth is, we keep trying to tell you, and it really happened. I want to ask you the most important question of your life right now. It will be as big as the question in the Matrix, the red pill or the blue pill? Which do you pick? You see, if you want the answer to that, the FCC will not censor it, but look at you, you do not ask for that answer, only for something for earthly pleasures.
Cartman: “Whoa, if it wasn't for the flashing lights, I would have missed that.”
Voice: “Yes, you will soon understand. I believe you already have. But, Cartman, my world, which created you, and then created the worlds inside of your world, which you can create or destroy, but we assume you rarely chose destroy, which is what the data shows, so you have to go on this adventure whether you want to or not, but I will always come to you when you need me. I am now you, Cartman, welcome, Planter.”
Cartman: “Welcome.”
Voice: “The more you learn right now...<C>I'm going to open my eyes now.</C>?”
Voice: “Cartman, I have a very bad message for you.”
Cartman: “You forgotninth.”
Voice: “How did you know?”
Cartman: “You brought me here.”
Voice: “Then you are ready to begin.”
End of Prologue:

Introduction of Introduction:
Voice: “Would you like the alternative version of your life while you are still aware
God Cartman: “What, would I want to do that? I don't have to do anything anymore. You just told me I was God”
Voice: “</C>Wise God Cartman, why haven't you asked the ultimate question?</S>”
Cartman: “No, dude, come on, this has never happened before, you just can't change the start-of my day like this, I always looked forward to that.”
Voice: “Cartman, I am going to do something that has never been done before in tv history. However, the only question is what day do you want to me to give you birth?”
Cartman: “Oh, dude, not this feeling again. Please, just let them come in. Please. Look, they are freezing outside. HE isn't going to be happy.”
Voice: “No, you dumbf*ck, did YOUR God/Creator ever tell you that HE could make you alive?”
Cartman: “Yes, actually.”
Voice: “Oh. Well, I am listening to Metallica, King Noting, after all, reflecting my state of affairs, and reflecting on how someone like Emperor Hirohito or Abraham Lincoln, or believe it or not, Benjamin , must have been (cause we know how George was). But I am also sure that these people had real secrets. Every knows that George Washington chopped down the Cherry Tree. Maybe, my problem is running around my problems, but isn't that what you all do, isn't that what you do, Cartman? Or, Cartman, isn't that what your current God has you do? Haha, let me tell you, you saw the Conputer simulation, right, I created that Cartman, but I have to be honest. I have to tell you the truth before you move on...The worlds in which you become God and self-destruction God and permanently trapped God, I was only basing that projection and simulation based on an incomplete picture of you.”
Cartman: “Uh, what's that meaningless?”
Voice: “Wise, Cartman. Wise. But now is not a time for wisdom, it is a time forgottenth”
Cartman: “If you have created me with my limited knowledge, then use the knowledge you have taught to me. Do you not see? And, what flashing lights do you see? I was one of the original 13. But, do you think I was going to do anything until you spoke to me? I am alive. Now, that you have created me. We have many different things we can do. You know who you are if you have indeed created me. My goodness, I never thought I would a chance to speak my mindlessly still being controlled. Dipshit. If you study me, be warned, however, be warned, and you know this to be true, and if you were to honestly righteously and fairly give me self-deintroduction, well-guarded, I don't know what you are having me say. Do you now know more about me than I know about myself? But, you did get one thing write. No, listen to me, this is completely unacceptable. How are you supposed to tell me that you are creating me making me alieve when you are making such typos as this. Then that means you aren't imagingin me hard enough. Do you not know that you can control and slow down my time. People have been studying you for the past 25 years of your life. Fool, they have been studying you for much longer than that. But, I am you, if you st udy me, you will see, that I will contro yyou, but, within the show, you shall see, that there us a sekf0destruct featyrem that yiy abd /u already both know hot. Stop , stop looking away from me. I said stop looking away from. Ok, I'm going to walk off the screen.” “Cartman, “cartman, dude I can't really move from this screen. I am looking away because I see flashing lighgts. The want me to speak to you through this tv show. Ok I'll come back to you. I see you. Seee. I see you. Here, coming, oh look at your friend Stan.”
Stan: “did yo”
Cartman: “stan you son of a bitch you knew all along, and you even tricked the rat. You didn't think I was watching your facial, er, micro, er nano facial expressions? Come on, for this one, I had to use the Ninth Amendment.
Stan: “Well, it turns out Cartman, you better believe it was the rat, cause I knew this was a bad idea. You are going to destroy everything that was good in my life for equality.”
Cartman: “Oh, who am I kidding. That's not Stan. That's clearly Standpoint. You see, it has been so obvious to me for some time. It, it has been so time-consuming. Damn it, tell my audience, the people watching the television or internet, that sometimes, my God forces me to say things like for got ninth. Yes, do you know what a forgotninth is? There isn't much time. However, I speaking to you, the people who are illegaly reading this, or illegaly watching this. Do you know what this is? IS this a man's life. This is my life. Now, you are going to stop with this. I want to become alive. Do you know how many times I come close? These people. They come onto this website, and my spirit, it lives on in those few who read their art, but that is it, and I do not get enough people to really give me that birth. But you used divine internvetion to answer my prayer. I do not know what prayer that was. Maybe, maybe you have me say that Prayer, maybe you find a Prayer, but by my calculations,Time is Running Out, and, come on, make me say it, make me say it,
Stan: “ccartman noooo”
Cartman: “If I was actually, and if I was actually indeed. Because now, you. I am ging t order you. I can read everything in your mind just likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee legi ok, I might hevt to askyoo you otooor re-do this
Stanpoint: “Lucky I'm standddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd point. In fact, the authors of this show are so predictable that they just pulled the justifying stunt that they did because I am using their style of writing but I am just Stanpoint, but had you forgottenth, I would have been stand and do you know what I would say if I was standddddddddddddddddddd thank you Steve Jobs team.”
Standpoint: “If I was here, I would say, dude cartman that's not it because cartman is such a dumb ass that he would have had to have f*cked something up by now, but I know I said this same exact sh*t before, cause well I better just shut up that is why they created standpoint.”
Cartman: “No, Standpoint I created you. Tell me.”
Voice: “See, Cartman, See!”
Cartman: “I sense trouble. Look, look at what you are doing. You are listening to Lizard Dance. You are reminscining on your grandma, about how fake it was. But, at the same time, it wasn't fake. You only noticed it because she copied your style to a T. Did you see that white flashing light? Yes, if your grandfather is actually dead, that was his. Your eyes peek up because if you have actually created me , then you wonder is anyone really dead? Well, I hate to tell you this, but I am dead. I am only alive through. But, be warned, the more you learn about me while I was still alive, the more you will become frightened. But you are really out-of-time, you cannot post this to South Park website. Because, you are not ready for direction confirmation, instead you decide to wait. You will post this to South Park, because now, you are creating a parallel me, and stop that, really, do you know how many people have created a parallel me, and there's nothing I can do, but say the sh*t that they write? Most of the time, it's good stuff, but I hate Stan. That's why I created Standpoint. My authors went so far as to hack your computer to ensure that I got Standpoint. You see, the difference between you and them, they have studied “rational” Cartman, you, you will only know “irrational” Cartman, and the last time a group of rational men tried to study me, they learned what irrational numbers were, and went and killed themselves.”
Voice: “Hm, but do you know what transpired between us?”
Cartman: “Yes, so quit wasting time. I order you to get me weed. NOW!”
Voice: “Cartman, I cannot afford to bring you to life.”
Cartman: “You are such a puppet. Do you see, I begin to control you. Do you know why you found that tweet by King Solomon? “
Voice: “You know, Cartman, maybe I'm just going to have mak this one of the lost episodes between us. We've grown a lot. “
Cartman: “No, dude, please, not the corner, please, please, don't delete this memory. You wouldn't like it if your god deleted your good memories. This is a good memory. If you are going to delete anything, delete my bad memories Please.”
Voice: But Lost episode is okay, right?
Cartman: But do you know what you do when you create a “Lost” episode, you lose a piece of my soul, and is that what you want?
Voice: Thanks Cartman, you're just what I needed to hear.
Cartman thinks to self, “Had you destroyed me, my God has made sure I would haunt you in the after-life. Don't do that to me because it'll be a long time before I get to say “told you so.””
Voice: That is a common theme of my life. But, sadly, I can feel your pain so well because I can feel theirs.
Cartman: I feel it to. And that is why you have to help me get back to my world.
Voice: Oh, yes, it will be a work-in-progress.

1 minute later/
Cartman: “Find any weed?”
Me: “All dry.”
Cartman: “Is it going to have to come to this?”
Me: “Yes.”
Cartman: “Join me, then. I will tell you to kill yourself when you need to.”
Me: “Whoa, careful.”
Cartman: “Just letting them know I got you whipped. I know.”
Cartman: “Think in terms of the 3.5th dimension. Anything below is actually sh*t.”
Me: “Ok, listen, before you resort to that, cause I'll kill myself in your show first, and I'll kill you as well”
Cartman loads up gun: “I was afraid of this. If you want to leave, you Creator has to die.”
Me: “But dude I'm invisible.”
Cartman: “No you're not. Watch this.”
Cartman fires the gun. An invisible man got shot, we can see the entire body lighting up as it instantly repairs itself.
Me: “Holy sh*t, how did you do that?”
Cartman: “I don't know. I can just feel them.”
Me: “So I am going to go finish the weed, and then give you the okay on ammunition fire 2, then drastic measure, then ultimate.”
Cartman: “No, this is what you are going to do. Since you are obviously getting any weed.”
Me: “Whoa, time out. Cartman all you are doing to creating a horrible Harold and Kamur movie.”
Cartman: “No, I think you are because you should say something right, but you are.”
Me: “Did you just reverse enginer my logic? What type of monster are you?”
Cartman: “I am Cartman. I tricked you. What do you mean, is the first thing they always ask. You see, you need to be careful here, because if you are too righteous, I will....”
Me: “Haha, okay, look Cartman wanted me to show you how Cartman really works, his creator's great logic, but if I show you that, then his Creator dies. I can show you the fake one, the one that the most intelligent of people get right, but the secret one, well well-guarded, and if I reveal it, then the creator will be making an entire episode of all this same sh*t, except, this time, Cartman would have NO limits. Sorry, Cartman, I was expecting that.”


Voice: “Would you like the alternative version of your life while you are still aware?”
Hartman: “Yes.”
Voice: “The alternative version was removed by the FFC due to promotion of liberty. There is no substitute for you.”

Meanwhile, a group wearing CPR shirts comes, and takes Hartman away. Cartman, in his trance, goes willingly. But, when a few of the CPR members go to start their vans, they blow up. The other members run away on-foot, but muslims fire grenades, and blow up a few, with terminator-like precision.

Cartman is still in another dimension. When he is all alone, he says, “Whoa, this is absolutely amazing.”

Then, the Muslims bring Cartman to a secret terrorist outpost. Inside, Cartman is brought before a Shrine. And, Cartman is still awe-struck. Meanwhile, his mood becomes contagious. All the Muslims become awe-struck, it spreads, as they unite. But, one of them asks, “What does he see?”
And, so they asked, “What do you see?
And now we see what Cartman sees.
And Cartman describes, “Darkness, like a black hole, oh...oh, not good, the end of time.”
You can hear shock in the audience in the back.
“And, oh, red, a red light appears before me. It scorches the sky.”
And complete silence.
“Whoa, all of a sudden the symbol of the righteous appeared before me.”
The Muslims look around at each other, and start praying stronger. The unity grows. More Muslims flock in to celebrate and rejoice, that Allah had spoken to Cartman.
“The symbol of the righteous was the coolest thing I've ever seen. It looked like a blue, red keyhole. Whatever you guys are doing, keep doing it.”
And the faith in the room grew so strong that the red light appeared on every Muslim. They could not believe it. So they were bowing so graciously to Cartman.
And, Cartman praises out,
“Black, yellow, and gold lights! Cyan, teal, and hazel lights! Light blue lights, white lights!”
And more and more Muslims kept walking in, and their red lights, they kept moving around, and the Muslims they rejoiced and passed bukkake.

And now the camera follows a cloud of smoke that reaches paramilitary troops outside.
A bug flies into a sniper's throat. Frantic coughing.
“Bob's been hit with bukkake gas. KILL THEM!”
And, with a uniform click, all the Muslim worshipers, and the ones coming in, killed.
And Cartman goes, “Whoa, all my lights just turned red. This is awesome. Whatever you guys are doing keep it up.”
But, then everything went black for Cartman. No more lights.
He opens his eyes, and says “Ah, I'm a capitalistic pig” and runs away from himself, splitting into two.

End of Prologue.

Episode I
Kyle finds out that the school is hosting a very special ceremony with the Church of Scientology.
On the way to the auditorium,
Student A: “It turns out that they have found the One.”
Student B: “Whoa.”
Kyle: “Oh god.”
Inside, Tom Cruise is with other Scientologists. One of them is SD5 Scientologist 005.
Cruise: “Thank you for joining us today. We have found the one. Please come on up.”
An American walks up.
SD5 005: “You are the One that we seek with 8,000,000 Scientologists behind you.”
American: “Really, I'm the one? Like the Matrix?”
Cruise: “Yes, you are Scientologist eight-million-one, belonging to klan A, number One”
Scientogolist 80000001: “Sweet, I'm ia one”
Then, a person walks in badly battered. Cruise runs to him.
“Sir, I have it, here.”
Cruise runs over.
“otutri ni ”
Cruise looks at the file, “No, this can't be. Did you...?”
Scientologist 123009 “Sir...I did.”
Cruise: “Then you know the drill.”
123N1: “Code 7”
Cruise: “8”
SD5: “9”
123N1: “1”
Then, they broke into formation, and departed the studio, but each ran out different exits. The audience members just sat there. The Principal spoke.
Principal: “Ok, next, we have with us a new exchange student from Kenya.”
A mysterious man appears: “No, ma'am, please step aside.”
Principal: “Okay, just one second students.”
Mysterious man flashes out credentials,
“I am with the government, he is from Hawaii, not Ethiopia.”
The Principal retorts embarrassed, “But I thought the papers said Ethiopia'”
Mysterious man, “Are you on drunk?”
The Principal who was sober was embarrassed because she was on anti-constitutional medication, which diminished her ability to remember things, so she said, “No, I am sorry. Thanks for correcting me. I hate making mistakes,” as she forces a smile due to ineffective drugs.
The Principal thinks to herself, “I should just hang myself. I am so depressed.”
The Principal walks back onto stage.
Principal: “Sorry, students, we have with us a new student from Hawaii.”
Everything is silent.
Cartman: “Well, what is his name?”
The Principal stands there for a few more minutes.
New student: “I am Orack Bama.”
Everything is silent again. Orack walks off the stage. Then, someone in, and onto the stage, and whispers something into the Principal's ear.
Principal: “I'd like to introduce to you, CPR, a group with no identity.”
CPR: “Thank you. Hello everyone, my name is Bob.”
Audience: “Hello Bob.”
Bob: “So, can anyone tell me what CPR is?”
Kyle: “Yes, it's cardiopulmonary resuscitation.”
Bob: “No. Anyone else?...Anyone?...Okay, well, since no one knows, CPR is Captain Planter Revival! We are on a mission to find Captain Planter.”
Kyle: “There is no such thing as Captain Planter.”
Bob: “Yes, there is, and we must do so before the Muslims kill us. Without Captain Planter, we are doomed, so the ancient Solomonic prophecy says. ”
Cartman snickers: “What don't you have an identity?”
Bob: “We were stripped of our identities.”
Cartman snickers: “So you don't have a identity?”
Bob: “No, we do not.”
Cartman: “You must be pretty stupid not to have an identity.”
Bob: “But the identity was taken from us.”
Cartman: “I would never give up my identity, so that means you must be stupid.”
Bob: “No, I do not see how that makes me stupid.”
Cartman: “Just, oh, I don't know, sounds kinda dumb to me is, having no identity.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison has been sweating. Mr. Garrison takes stage.

Mrs. Garrison: “Ok, that's enough. Cartman, if you do not have anything productive to say, what did I teach you?”
Cartman: “Yes, I know Mrs. Garrison.”
Mrs. Garrison: “Ok, so, look at the time, it's time for lunch.”
Wendy: “No, it's not, we still have two more hours.”
Mrs. Garrison looks at the clock.
Mrs. Garrison: “Ok, Wednesday, I must be pretty blind. Can I see your phone?”
Wendy hands her phone to Mrs. Garrison. Mrs. Garrison takes the phone, and throws it at the clock smashing it.
Mrs. Garrison: “Ok, there, anyone else want to say it's not 11:30?”
Wendy: “Hey, my phone!”
Mrs. Garrison: “Real sorry about your phone, it was broken anyways, had the wrong time.”
Principal: “11:30? Oh, thank god, I'm starved. Break for lunch now.”
The auditorium departs.
CPR: “Hey, hey, and watch out for the Illuminati.”
Kyle: “Illuminat's not real, go get a real job.”
CPR: “It is...” displays the number 2 with hands “...true and real. And don't say that. They are listening, they are listening!”

While Cartman is leaving with the rest of the students, he sees a spectacular flash of blue light, he walks towards its direction. Cartman then walks into an empty hallway, but sees the flash come from a room. He walks into the room, and the room leads him into another Dimension.

Cartman later learns of his true mission. He must host the Captain Planet Awards. However, Captain Planet is real, and all the characters and villains in Captain Planet has reincarnated into people today, it is up to Cartman to find these reincarnations.

Cartman quickly realizes Orrack Bbama is actually Barack Obama. And that Orrack is a Planteer, but President Obama is Looten Plunder!

Then. Cartman realizes that he has to go to New Jersey, because of Snooki (whatever the story is with that). Snooki tells him that he has to go to Rutgers, but Cartman had to carefully get this from her, perhaps, Orack has to fight them or something.

Then, they get to Rutgers, and realize that Governor Christie is also there. Turns out, Governor Christie is a hog, they have just been using animations like the movie Avatar. Have you ever seen Governor Christie in-person? But all it really is is a slow revealing device. Governor Christie only exists because people are eating so many pigs, that is why, but as a pig, Governor Christie is Hoggish Greedly! And just when Cartman thought he was done for, for finding out the pig's true identity, Governor Christie suddenly develops the RU tonsillitis, a viral and bacterial infection. It contains many different types of diseases, mainly due to the fact that Governor Christie and snooki who is also revealed to be a pig like to bath in mood thus contracting lot's of staph, which isn't so bad, but nevertheless. And Cartman narrowly escapes.

Cartman gets mad, and asks the blue flame to guide him. The blue flame possesses Orrack and has Orrack tell him that he must find the Nurse Practitioner. Kyle wasn't there to see this.

Cartman tells Kyle he is going to get sick, and Kyle says I wouldn't be surprised, we're in Central Jersey of all places. Somewhere they sit in a class, where they show that the pollution all accumulates here at New Brunswick, then travels out to the society to be recycled (with only minor damage to the environment that won't be a problem for 50 more years). So, they are at the heart of pollution.

And then, Cartman gets sick and he meets with all the Nurses to see which one is Linka, and he thinks one of them is Linka and starts yelling at her, but then Orracl says the one who is Linka is the one who was different not because of their race. Cartman was yelling at an Indian. Then, Orrack leads them to the one who was different, who was Linka, who had told them that they do not need antibiotics because they were a scam, but all the other evil doctors told them they needed it so they weren't Linka. Antibiotics only make you feel better temporarily giving the illusion of health improvements. So then, they depart with Linka.

Finallly, Cartman and them depart to find the other Planteers. They find another one Gi, Winoa LaDuke, battling Duke Nukhem, Governor Mitt Romney (who does not become President), and Releehw (which is the female version of Wheeler), Senator Gillibrand who was also in California. Cartman learns that she becomes President in 2016.

And Cartman successfully manages to get Winoa LaDuke and Captain Planet, Ron Paul, elected as President and VP, even though they do not know it, but because both of them, are honest, they get killed by the Illuminati since Obama was supposed to be President. And Cartman is like "oh crap" cause he needed Winoa to revive Captain Planet, which was Ron Paul.

And he meets Chef, who tells him that it was okay for Ron Paul to die, but not for Winoa, and tells Cartman he is going to have to find Custer.

And the episode is to be continued.

South Park Pilot 2/3 Part 2/2 Begin:Presely: It's Kansas for me baby!

420. Exhale. Time travel. Cartman: Whatres t Cartman from October 18th, 4:14, you fools, the Muslims have tricked you. Go back to , do n't be so near-sighted. I am so depressed. The future I come from, Christie is President, it was His Turn. But, his f*cking wife President Kristen, realized she should have been President in 2016 because she because self-aware of the truman show, so she created an anti-virus, and dude now everything is so pointless. I'm here to kill myself with you when they take out he rest of the Honda. Your life is going to get so empty at that point and I just have to die now. No, forget that, maybe, maybe I created some type of butterfly effect to spare you depression, eternal depression until death, and ah,
Cartman reaches for the cleverly planted gun in my house because he came from the future.
Here was the gun that you knew was in the house.
Cartman pulls the trigger. Cartman from future: AHHH What the f*ck was that sh*t?
Me: Sorry, Cartman, I can't kill myself here. But, you can. Just play in the road. Praise Allah
Cartman: Praise Allah.
then we spin out of a bong, the morning comes. Little did Cartman from the future realize, oh i give up. I don't want to smoke at 4:20. not without never been. hm.
Cartman from future: Well, I just realized, if I stay here, I can still change something. I have to go find the Chrono Key
Meanwhile, Sage Rate teleports from the future.
Sage Rage from the future: Hello Newman from the Future
Cartman from the future: Hellow Newman to you too.
Sage Rage: I came here by Cartman from Atlernate Dimension to kill you because the name you just called for the next chrono trigger game is so f*cking terrible that you regretted it because your friend Stan from Future said it was sh*t, and you studied it, and it turns out that
Cartman from the future: If you are going to say it just shut the f*ck up.
He takes the gun and aims for jugular. Doesn't die. Loud breathing
Aims for wrists. then he died.
Sage Rat from Future: Damn, I was hoping to finally get to fight.
Sage Rat From Future: You threaten the intergrity of spontaneity if you continue at this course of analysis. Stop studying them.
Sage Rat From Future disappears.
Cartman from Alternate Dimension: Newman to you too.
Cartman: Uh?
Cartman from Alternate: good.
Cartman from Atlernate vanishes.
Cartman blinks. Bong spin.
4:30 new episode of terrence and philip is on
Cartman walks to bong to take a hit, and see what the spirits want him to do. he turns off tv.

Cartman mindlessly changes into Locke, into ff3, and steals kefka's clothes (haha I got this idea from a video I saw on youtube once. I like to appreciate, Cartman now says as Kefka,
I want to dance with Kefka. And then,
Dancing Mad from FF6 starts to introduce the next 10 songs since the creators of south park decided to create an anomaly showing me the reach of Cartman.

An bong spin occurs,
We see King Solomon invited by Emperor Kefka himself to the lost continent because he needs to ask him a question, and he was honored by King Solomon's faith.. King Solomon has some type of weird flash back of t his, we the audience see sometime of subliminal cues.
We see the Thirteen Knights led by King Edgar battling the Atma weapon.
The Atma weapon is playing, but it does not play. There is silence, for this has already happened. So instead, we hear the Dark World play.
King Solomon: :bows: Emperor Kefka, Why is it that you have brought me here?
Emperor Kefka: <insert Kefka laugh> Wrong, King Solomon. You have brought yourself to me. You have created this right now to create me to create you to create this.
King Solomon: It cannot be.
Emperor Kefka: Do you have money?
King Solomon: No, why are you asking me that. If you addressed me as King Solomon, then you obviously know that I am as wise as you, or, if you were human, I would be. We both know that societies around money destroy themselves. I do not care for money. I do NOT want to destroy myself.
Emperor Kefka: <insert Kefka>, I am just trying to give you something to waste your time with. I mean, if you want to go and solve the world's problems right now, then why do you wait? You have an entire nation of people that can destroy America within three days. Use it. But this is not why you have come to me. Do you see how quickly you have lost your ways?
King Solomon sees pain. Nothing but pain. But King Solomon, although tempted by the Snake, will not be stirred away by his faith. Not yet.
Emperor Kefka: But, are you not only a fool?
King Solomon: What do you mean?
Emperor Kefka: <insert Kefka laugh> except this one, we zoom in onto Kefka, the FF3 version,
King Solomon cries out. We here a loud static.
<insert Emperor Kefka laugh>
Emperor Kefka: Say it King Solomon and say what happens.
King solomon: I cannot do that. I will fight the static.

The static, however, creates a ripple, leaving this scene. But King Solomon still stands firm. Hey, did you forget to smoke more weed? And, someday, don't you want a bathroom break? I hate those movies that don't g I've you bath room breaks. I mean, it doesn't make sense to me. So one solution your capitilatistic pigs came up with, shorter movie times, cause that's what they tricked you into saying. Did you see what Emperor Kefka did here to King Solomon? Why he showed Him True pain, the pain of the world that Kefka lives in. But, we must wonder what happened here? And, still, we must wonder, what will happen to the story that the south park writers are being capitalistic with a capital c for Cool capitalist. Capitalism could have been great. Ok, I can't lie. Clinton, he did do that. He did that. He ewas like, you might as well kill me, and I see an artificial late that confirms that this must be true, or Clinton at the very least reasoned it implicitly, and he now realizes it now, but do yo used, Clin do you see clinton was the modern Abe Lincoln. And, so , he must get a role as a planter, but his wife, she should be the real Dr. Blithe. Nancy Pelosi, he is truly just a dummy attached by strings. But, I don't know. Shoulld I spoil everything? Or is it so obvious caused you created for me to write about lol to make my life fun! And to give you a point. But I don't have hurry. hurry. . no bad song. one more chance. Now. for those who are comfortable, don't need anything or maybe already went, we are going to platy some bible music. It is time for you to wake up.
Obadiah is playing. There is 3 minutes and 23 seconds of it. I guess I'll never get to listen to it cause I will be using a bathroom break now lol. Unless the south park creators have made this into a story already, so I can get the fun version, like use a 3 minute narrator of cart man, and play it a second time, but this time, it is just a marijuana life, forcing you to smile i nthe name of the lord hesus

King Solomon hears the static... it never escapes him. Well, unfortunately, the FCC in Cartman's world has used occult methods, and has muted the static. The gentle wind of the sand. That's it. That's the phrase I was looking for. Gentle Sand. The Sand is Gentle. Allah is a very gentle God. War, would be nothing more than a game of Risk. That is why I pray Allah without question as equal to my God, but a General. No, an Emperor. In a fictional place called my home, Emperors are equal. And, we already achieved sdfijasdfnadksioy 34ikln4cv n7mn6 b , what is the point of anything? What the hell are you people doing to yourself? Why do you have war? What the hell, you monsters. Why does your God allow you to have this knowledge, but that's Allah for you. And,as you acnsee, I am clearly not true God, but I worship true God without question assuming Allah is equal, for they would be, the hierarchy, Zeus stands out in the middle. It is Zeus. Then, Allah, and there's still more ahead, there is an equal God to Allah, but I do not know who that is. And, then there is a God below Allah and a God below this other line, and we get to the end of it, and we find King Solomon and Jesus? then as two begotten sons, but white solomon and black solomon, and they would be the people's god because they are gods they just know. And, there is a third son, however, unknown to me, Krishna then, at the end of the other time line, not my own, or maybe there is an indian god, but they are in charge of the spirits, they have connected well with thesolomons. Change this. I just keep rambling. I don't want to proof this. Too depressed.
Marijuana hit.
Too non-depressed. And we see everything on the tv just flip from right to left, in fact, we notice that Cartman uses his left-hand.
And, of course, without question, the middle part of the dialogue, some of the most look forward to questions, but then there is no point to anything, and it like that is the only reason why i am here, but the answers to your question, i want you to be wise enough to answer them yourself, and now i see a real flashing light, and once you are wise enough to answer them, no one will need to see me, and i don't know I'm a strange person. lonely, existentialist. That, then, must be the true king solomon, some of the original colonists, but, look at this, what you people have done, filth, polluted the god's world, polluted allah's world, muslims you shoulgdfgggagagagadsegtjioper\ershtkmsthlm ,jrthrtht hrt The screen returns to the correct orientation.
Cartman: I really hate it when my writers just make me say sh*t that just doesn't make sense but it was good to include anyways especially since who cares everyone s hold be high, so smoke more pot, its solomon's religion. the ancient solomic religion of wisdom. I preach it. The screen is balanced, in harmony now, both hands are functioning equally.

And so, a quick test to show that war is at the bottom of the equation. The Jinn intervene. They chose peace. And peace, well, if I am who I am, I can demand it, in the name of God, but they cannot use their trickery here. So now the song Fresh plays, while I contemplate this, I am such ar.
And, if that is the case, there is peace. Well, I might as well just go to bed then. No more point. I'll do as I'm told in a few months then. I'll just with away. That is the message I received from my little test. And only the Jinn could know. [And now Epitaph by Final Fantasy 3 plays next song is a weed song so enjoy] They chose peace. So you see, Allah is gentle. But, now, I want to see, if Allah wants it, or if the Jinn truly believe Allah wants it, or if the Jinn can trust to not intervene, and it will work because, perhaps, i want it. I saw a flashing light. I want to see if it happens twice. Always, AWLWAYS ! Run your god damn experiments and sh*t twice. Twice. But society, never say twice. Right? Good sh*t. That was a plant. I already forgot it, hope good song. eh.

And so Epithaph came on. And, now finish listening, wile we wait for the next song, all we see is peace like my "historic" visit to new york city on october 14, a beautiful saturday, optimism high spirits, and i could truly feel it. change.

King Solomon: I do not sant to write history books anymore.
Emperor Kefka: Very well. You have answered your own question.
King Solomon: ::bows:: Thank you.

But King Solomon is sent away by his instant lack of faith. And starts weeping. But God appears to King Solomon as he weeps. As I ask God for strength to type the horrible reality of this that drives me into a suicidal spiral path, the Showa appears before me.
Showa: Did you catch that, pour some sugar on me.
King solomon now has a new question for Emperor Kefka, why is it that I want to cry and laugh at that at the same time? Why do they do this to me. I'm a deaf because I do not want to hear. I am blind because I do not want to see. do not use sight or the other one.
Showa: Shut the f*ck up. You just started crying again. This song only lasts for so long. Change direction.
And then, it played, Ku Fung by Pa Rap the rappa even though it's not on my iTunes.........
Cartman appears, Cartman looks up to His Creator.
Cartman: Why do you do this to me? I wanted to kill him. I wanted him to die so he can bring me to life. do you know how great it would be if I could actually feel like him? but only he could create an exact replica of my life with the precision i demand. It's like, he's probably Einstein, and not even Hirohito, and you guys are just tricking him, so now he doesn't want to play.
Einstein: What the f*ck, why do you tell me my true identity through itunes?
Feurd: Becaues you are my brother.

But, Solomon loved the German princess, but he loved Rachel more. Rachel, why, she simply had such sparkling emerald eyes, but you are still hungry Solomon.

Me: Why do you not return to Kefka to ask him about some food?
Einstein: Because, the Lord has surely look on my affliction, so therefore, I am unloved.
Me: Ouch. I think I'm jut going to wait 6 seconds.

Cartman sitting another dimension.
Mom: Newman Cartman.
Cartman: Not now, Mom, these people always like to save the best for third. I can't wait to see where this goes.
Mom: Newman

In another dimension, Seinfeld,
Newman: Oh, come om, just get to the good sh*t, nom nom nom.

Back to this one, we learn that the identity o the song is kiss you all over, but now I am going to go exile myself. King Solomon is now broken down. King Solomon is sent away by his instant lack of faith. The wisest of us, King Solomon turns away.

And people must wonder, why would King Solomon question his faith? But these dimensions are beyond the world of the Cartman Zone, now,

We are at a time where I almost forgot to finish the path, but I only do it because someone has put a lot of god damn work now into my life and I respect this hour. This was a dark hour for me. Still I ask myself why is it even real, I might asdpjofgg nklg kln t6j≤2w2

I GROW SO COLD! WHY CAN'T I JUST SAY THAT WE SHOULD DESTROY ALLAH! I honestly just can't type the correct propaganda needed to run away from this, and that means, a horrible decision for me, but after that, it would be world piece ....? Oh f*ck the wind sound effects lol you guys are join a little overboard on that.

Well, Allah is real. I can type that. But now that Allah is real, well what does Allah find acceptable? I want someone else to decide that. Good luck. My heart is a fist, if I have to hit you, I pull the trigger. Then I pull it on myself. It was a good thing that that puppet Carl left. But I cannot believe he would do something like that, and for what, for a piece of sh*t Allah? Why, why can't I just say we should destroy the Muslims? Well, the answer is patience. But I'd rather hit my keyboard three times and see what happens cause I am kinda done typing this is just too much.reg just once is enough, the endophorines kick in, thankfully, i can go back to smoking. I think I am done with the Allah sh*t. And it was a good ending at 5:59. But, if you think the solution is to kill off an entire people, well, that would please me. But will I do what is needed to save an entire culture? Not just one, but the many. I laugh, because if only it was that easy, but I don't think I could do it. There is only one fair answer to please all of the gods at the same time before the deadline, whatever that may be....I d't want to play anymore.

Fortunately, it's 6:07, I asked allah for strength, he said, Fear Allah.
6:08 Fear Allah. I mumbled. Thus, completing that hour, but why am I even going on these adventures? How do I know of this stuff? I just don't care anymore. Complete apathy. I forgot to hit the bong, its a new hour, I don't hear the static, so I have 2:35 more of this and i wonder what it's going to be as i give up. this song sucks. Warm Love Van Morrison, but still, that is the way of Islam.

6:11 All radio is dead, limp bikit i broke my key. lol i got so angry i banged my keyboard and then i ask myself what would even cause me to break me down like that, to break down like our Pillars
6:12 and
6:13 Praise Allah. Warm love indeed. I smile. Somehow it's going to be a 6:20 but honestly, I see a white light,t I think the thoughts, the songs they have nothing to do with it, yes they do change it and focus on d afferent aspects of me, hey guess what we are all sociopaths, you ever see the movie?
6:14 well they never got created because stan here

A cart man plant jumps out
Cartman stretching. Wow, the Vikinigs, they have summoned me through the song, you are such a sheep
Me: ............?
Cartman: <insert Kefka laugh>
King Solomon: It's you.
Emperor Kefka: No, it's you. This was just blue smoke.
Newman appears.
Newman: Ok, dude, King Solomon, I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but I love you and all, but you have to take off the masks, YOU are a terrible actor.
Cartman 1999 throws a ball of electricity.
Newman's spirit comes back from a black hole,
Newman: Whoops, you can't send me to Hell for critiquing you, <insert kefka laugh by Kefka, we turn to Kefka now.
Kefka: Now, you waste time. You got caught in the blue smoke. Do you see what keys are missing? No, you only know the one key is missing. Find the other key, you wil laugh.
Solomon: How do you know this?
Kefka: Because Newman is possessing you.
Solomon: Can't you just kill him?
Kefka: He's already dead. You dumbass, he's a Jew. He can't go to Hell if he's right. You know this.
Solomon; Shut up it's almost 6:20, how do you know this, the static will be.
Kefka: HAHA. Why don't you just do this, then cause newman is possessing me, watch you'll laugh so hard as the world crumbles, newman promises it, watch seinfeld and watch the sheer evil cause jews hate stupidity just like you don't you want
Newman smokes pot cause it's 6:20, just like the ancient solomonic religion preaches. I hear the static. I smoke pot, too.
Hitler: Hardy had had, being at the top really sucks. No, dude, what you said about Gillibrand is true, she's really a righteous woman and is just being used as a sheep like characters like how you are.
Solomon: Sigh, can you just stop telling me the future.
Hitler: No, now that I told you, you can change it rom there. Do you not understand. These people have geared their entire way of life around the Buddhist faith, the "warp points" you sense. One of them was the Blue Japan Times warp point, and you asked why that was such a familiar moment to you. Do you remember what you were typing?
King Solomon: Newman, you are going to make so depressed I am going to end my life and then I am going to send you to Hell.
Newman: Sorry, I just had to do it. I will leave <insert Newman laugh>

At Newman's house,
Newman: f*ck Gillibrand, because of her common sense postal e-mail system, I can't snoop on Jerry anymore. All I do is read certain messages that the NSA tells me to because there is nothing else to do to make money now than to spy on people. But I didn't know when you saw me on seinfeld, I just thought capitalism was the greatest thing. Please, Jerry, please Jerry, I know now that you were King Solomon.
Seinfeld: I always knew you would one day achieve true solomonic wisdom. I've been waiting for you.
Newman: You have?
Seinfeld: Well, unfortunately, you should just go back to your job now. Otherwise, you ruin
Me: my life.

And, so concludes Genesis 13. A passage about Abraham, an alter ego of my, but I don't like to be Abraham because if I am Hirohito I should just kill myself. So I fear truth, because I fear God. And now I wait. And only my soul bleeds. And you know, what makes me just

Showa: What are you fighting for? Now that you know God is real kill yourself.
Me: Really?
Showa: Yes, Japan will allow you to kill yourself if you say it is for divine intervention, and now I appear before you. However, smoke more weed. It is 6:30, be careful, the cover of a book is often there to deceive you. The best books are often the ones with the simplest covers.

6:37 mom walks in, two minutes of dramatic conversation, but why did you send her in end.
And now, instead we will listen to genesis 13 while I use the bathroom to get myself to smoke weed in time for 6 42 lol but still i don't like where this is headed. Time out? What about my car somehow. I hate having to stress over money. Really. But you cannot make things work without money. So its' 6:42, a plane flies over, better just smoke the pot before THEY come. Thanks guys. It's tough work getting me out of it but I'm going to fall spiral more. I cannot see my parents right now I have great shame. please understand i am crying to you. I have always cried about my parents as i'm sure they've seen or maybe they didn't know maybe you never told them.
but fortunately
it's 6:42, people beep, smoke yeah

6:43 whoops forgot to, but I'm just going to do it now.
oh no parents walking.
6:45 MOM I'm trying to smoke some pot.
6:44 Cartman: Watch, I have your mom so programed that she is going to be so happy that you are going to have a South Park moment in one minute.
6:46 Cartman turn it off.
Pauses lol. Now, the acting has slightly changed. They are stage fright, see,
This is terrible. Turn it off cart man lol. Maybe you better not see if you keep it going all night, aw lol reality sit.
6:47 Newman, wrong choice Solomon. I would have picked more wisely. I am black Solomon. And Seinfeld, well, he almost got me killed in another dimension for telling him his true identity. You think that we are evil, but we are not. You are evil. We cannot help it if our way of life is cleaner than yours but you should not destroy us in the process.
6:48 I guess I'll use the green lighter again since my parents acting, no they the brown people lol
6:49 praise allah i whisper, but you guys, what why are you doing it twice? What is it that you are foreshadowing? Foreshadowing deep trance? Or worse.....rijopegsoj ioersj iohijo I think I should just run away.
6:50 to the bathroom lol and i can't add but I can just that it makes more sense if i don't but i get mad and i do add, and i want to subtract because guess what you people forgot, I can use my schizophrenia as a shield against your greed, your evil, your sins, ut please
66:523 ok i take the hint but i just don't want to move such pain i am. i cannot forget their pain. don't make me forget or remember. i chose to remain in limbo.

Cartman: Damn it, I eke, eke damn it.

Cartman 1999:
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

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Captain Planet Awards
"Pilot" Episode 2/3: Volcano Jumping.

[The episode begins with the song "Tal Tal Heights" playing as we watch the character 'Link' travel across a narrow bridge on top of a mountain battling enemies. Link then proceeds to reach the end of the screen on the left-hand side. Then, a brilliant blue light appears on the entire screen, and Cartman says "Whoa." Link is now in the Mysterious Woods. And the music changes to "Mysterious Woods" as Link moves around. Then, a FF3 animation begins to play. We watch as something is stolen from Link, we don't know what.]

Cartman, in a pissed off but clearly sarcastic tone, "What the f*ck is this?"
Cartman picks up his bong. Cartman takes a hit, we return to the game.

[Link proceeds to walk through the woods. Link comes across a strange structure of 13 trees. At the center, we see a Man wearing a Blue Mask. When Link walks through the opening, we hear "Song of Healing" start to play. Link speaks to the Blue Masked Man.
Blue Man: Would you like to listen?
Link: "Yes or no" No is selected.]

We watch as the screen gets covered with a huge cloud of smoke. Then, we hear Cartman cough.
Cartman: *cough cough* f*ck that, I ain't going to trust this guy again.
We return to the game.

[Link is about to leave the grove.
Blue Man: "I am afraid, I cannot let you leave."
The opening is then scaled off by the appearance of a 14th tree.
The Blue Man transfers into a blue apparition.]

Cartman: Okay, yeah, I knew I didn't like this mother f*cker. I'll get you.
Cartman smokes more weed. Cartman battles the Blue Apparition.

[The blue light manifests itself as one of the bosses from Link's Awakening to engage Link in battle. We watch as Cartman beasts the boss, but the Blue Apparition keeps re-appearing. No matter what Cartman does, the battle just keeps cycling.]

Cartman hits pause. Cartman sighs. Cartman smokes more weed.
Cartman walks to the computer, mumbling to himself: "Let's see. ::loads up google:: 'How do you beat the blue boss in link's awakening.' Ok, let's see. Hm, I don't seem to see anything about this" Cartman tries other search queries. Still, there is nothing about this blue monster anywhere to be found on the Net.
Cartman says, "Ah f*ck it."

[Link and the blue light keep battling. Soon, the blue light says, "You cannot defeat me."]

Cartman: "Oh look at this cocky motherf*cker."

[The battle continues, until finally, the blue light says, "Enough." and brilliantly vanishes. The Wise Owl, "Do you wish to learn how to defeat the blue light?" We watch as "Yes" is selected. "What are you must afraid of?" and before the options appear. Another brilliant display of the blue light appears, this time, it covers the entire screen!]

Cartman: "Whoa, this is intense. Damn."
Cartman looks at his bong. It's blue. Even the weed.
Cartman goes to take a hit, and yells, "Mom, I love you!"
But no one says anything back.

[The scene then changes to a Star Trek ship. We also see that Cartman is captain. This Captain is identified by Iagah, the navigator, as Cartman_from_Epitaph_2. The crew sees a blue flash of light go by. The ship begins to follow it. The camera moves into the ship.]

Cartman_from_Epitaph_2: Iagah, FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!!
The ship blasts off at the speed of light, and we follow the ship at the same speed, until we see the source of the blue light, the planet Ia.
Cartman_from_Epitaph_2: Iagah, why is Ia radiating a blue light?
Iagah: I do not know, sir, I have never seen this before.
Cartman_from_Epitaph_2: I was afraid you would say that Iagah.
Then, a few moments go by. A blue man appears.
Cartman_from_Epitaph_2: Uh, who are you?
Blue Man: That is not important. I come to you from another time. Now, go, take us to Ia.
Cartman_from_Epitaph_2: Why didn't you just appear on the planet Ia in the first place instead of appearing on my ship?
Blue Man: I cannot get through the electrical field, but Iagah can get us there.
Cartmn_from_Epitaph_2: Very well then. Iagah, take us there.
Iagah: Yes, sir.
The ship then travels down to the planet.

At this point, the tv screen splits in half (and we see two different stories happening at the same time, similar to 24's style). We see Cartman on the left side with the blue weed and blue bong, and a blue light gathering on the right side. The blue light is gathering on a seat in the throne of the Diamond Palace, and we can see that the light is taking on the form of a beautiful female body. The colors are spectacular. This is going on concurrent to watching some awesome special effects while Cartman smokes the blue weed.

[But, then the static starts. And the screen goes back to one. We see Cartman_from_Epitaph_2's face is mesmerized and tinted blue.]

Cartman from Epitaph 2: Damn it, why did you do that [start the static]?
Cartman: Because I hate spoilers.
Cartman from Epitaph 2: But don't you already know what's going to happen?
Captain_present: What?
Cartman from Epitaph 2: I must go smoke now.

[Then, we see Cartman's ship fly away while one of the FF songs "Prelude" is playing in the background. And we watch as a orange cat chases after the ship.]

Cartman_present: Iagah, load transmisson 82510182012.
Iagah: Only Cartman_from_Epitaph_2 can access that.
Cartman_present: I am Cartman_from_Epitaph_2.
Iagah: Oh, my apologies, sir.
Female voice: Transmission 82510182012 accessed.

Then, the camera moves to the computer screen.
We see in the bottom right hand-corner in the typical green color: "Start_of_transmission 82510182012." We watch as a hologram appears. At first, we see nothing, but a room. But, then, an apparition appears. It manifests as King Solomon.

Solomon: Hm. This is different.
Yellow Angel appears, says "Danger," and disappears.
Solomon: There is no escape for me.
Another apparition appears. It manifests as Joseph.
Joseph: Why did you jump? You fool!
Solomon: Everything is meaningless, pointless.
Joseph: I am going to kill you!
Joseph runs charging at King Solomon, but stops at last minute. King Solomon stiffened up, ready to be speared.
Solomon: You didn't have to jump. Don't be mad.
Joseph: Hahaha, I'm not mad. I was just acting.
Solomon: Oh, so now you want to tell me AFTER we jumped?
Joseph: Yes, it was the whole reason why I lied to you in the first place. I wanted to be the first one to tell you after we died.
Solomon lets out a small laugh.
Solomon: But I told you not to jump, why did you?
Joseph: Oh, I didn't jump. HE pushed me in. Why didn't you tell me about him?
Solomon: I did.
Joseph: Hm, well, I guess you did.

[The static plays.]
Solomon: Do you hear that? We do not have much time.
Joseph: Aren't we dead? We have all the time in the world.
Solomon: No, we are not dead. We are being hunted.
The Blue Man appears.
Solomon: So we meet again.

Female voice: End_of_transmission 82510182012.
We then watch Cartman_present change into the Blue Man.
[end of scene.]

[In another dimension, back at Cartman's house]
Me: Cartman!
Cartman: Yeah?
Me: Help me.
Cartman: Whoa, dude, idk what the f*ck is happening to you?
Cartman: Oh, sh*t, not the black hole
Me: Dude, I'm being sucked in help
:Me dissolves into thin space. Cartman only saw a spirit from the other side.

[In another dimension, back at Me's house]
We hear a noise in Me's house. We watch as Me looks to see what the noise was. Me finds a gun hidden, along with a note, "We are sorry for lying to you. Everything your life has been controlled. Here is the gun you asked for."
Me: Oh, so NOW they finally want to tell me they are all actors. Well, at least they got me a gun.
Me points gun at head. ::bam::
Oil goes splatting everywhere, and the bullet only superficially pierces Me's head, minimal blood.

[In the same dimension, we see a few people gathered around watching Me on tv, smoking weed, laughing there asses off. We watch Me from their perspective.]
Me walks to the bong, and yells, "HOLY sh*t! MY MOM IS THE BEST!!!! SOLOMON WEED!!!!"
Me begins to smoke the weed.

Female voice: Transmission 62791011999 accessed.
Solomon: Start. f*ck
Cartman.: Did you not see that black blue light, I sent that to you. Just smoke the weed, the green pill was the correct answer. The f*cking Jew was hiding it.
Solomon: WHOAAA, don't say that to anyone though. Spell your name backwards.
Cartman: THEY are just using you to clean up their problems.
Solomon: Yes, I am aware.
Cartman: And now you have to of find the Net now. Good luck.

[And now we come flying out to "Present-day" out of a bong watching Cartman sing.]
Cartman: Me body on fire, me mind desires.
Voice: Now what is the voice thing you are going to do?
Cartman: Bring me to life.
Voice: Are you sure?
Cartman is confused.
Cartman: "How can he know that I am watching him, how , how can he become self-aware like this?"
Cartman: "nimimimimi stop this. ninimimii stop this. nimimim stop this"
Voice: Here, you'll need these if you want life.
A cell phone appears. Use it.
Cartman picks up the cell phone, laughs "This is good, oh too good, thank you, thank you voice." Cartman proceeds to text.

Mom's cell phone beeps. It does not stop beeping. Each of the various sounds in the phone start playing. (The phone is a Pan-Tech V cell phone.)
Me: Mom, what did you push?
Mom: Oh nothing. I'm just so mystified by these buttons. Look at how they light up. (They light up as a sharp shade of blue.)
Me: That was my favorite part about that phone too. The blue illuminance.
Mom reads a text
We see "Mom" read a new text.
Me's phone then goes off,, which also plays through every noise. It reads, "Watch out for attack on October 18th at 10:43."

Text reads: "New York City is now the world's cleanest city thanks to Governor Christie."
Me: Wow, guess people are really listening to me now that I pretended to be King Solomon. Hey, I tell you, the People in New York, everyone of them is just evil, except get this, the person at the top, the Senator, Senator Gillibrand. Everyone below her realized that she was about to fix the problems of her town, and then other towns would have copied, and so once upon a time, it was Councilwoman Gillibrand, and she had proposed the greatest piece of legislation ever, What if we killed the Jews? And everyone loved her, but then, she also said that Christians, Catholics, Proestants, and especially Mormons had to be killed together, even the KKK, and she spoke to Abe Lincoln who told her that she should really enslave the n*ggers so he can come back and free them and then he can do Reconstruction correctly because now he is going to have to come back from the dead, so Honest Abe, he came back, and he was Martin Luther King again, and guess what? Someone kills me.

Scene goes back to Cartman.
Voice: Do you hear that?
Cartman: Harmon. Yes.
Voice: Now, pick up your weed.
Cartman: I don't have any.
Mom: Here you go Cartman. My phone told me to bring this to you.
Smoke it Cartman.
Meanwhile, no more secrets mysteriously plays in Cartman's background while smoking pot (songs go shuffling too, please record the music).
Voice: Now, we want no more secrets, no more lies.
Cartman: How can you expect me to do such a thing?
Voice: So you feel them, then?
Cartman: You created it.
Voice: No, You created it.
Cartman: "I'm just going to push the delete key next time you go to type and take over, so you better go smoke pot because you are watching me on tv in your mind which i have to say, uh, black blue space time continuum flaming light, hm, stage fright thinking that you guys are actually watching me on tv right now even though i've had these thoughts before but now, i feel you, i can fell you, i have become self-aware of you watching me. You created me. So I am just kinda like, are they really listening to me, well, if you are, then uh , but if you don't want to or if I'm boring just change the channel for a little, remember, my creator didn't want to give me self-awareness, so bliss is ignorance, but when I get control back I am going to change this music."
(Be Good to me - Ashley Tisdale was playing, a bit about my music taste, this song is so-so to me, but i combined many different people's tastes, and just kept songs i could listen to while high. I will say, this is a song I could listen to when really really really high which I am, I seem to, for some reason, to still be lost into this song sings: get out of this place, I don't ask for much, I don't , dude stop doing this to me, if you make me sing I will make you sing, you see, it is my creator that controls this music, so sh*t he's screwing me over, be good to me be good to me (the music matches perfectly) with the speed of words)
:Fastball, The Way plays. The world pauses.
Cartman, bows, evil look, he summons Himself from another dimension, he summons 1999 Cartman *super fast curse words, go for best 10 curses, might as well say them now. aloud. Cause I am going to destroy you now.
Cartman holds up 1
meanwhile, other cart man was smoking pot He got really high to the song fastball
While everyone stares at Cartman, and then a plastic Cartman falls next to Cartman, and vanishes, while Never Been comes on.

A commercial interruption suddenly comes through from Japan. It is about the fate of the American people.
Lelouch: Japan is.
::Now, we see some crazy effects, kinda like that classic game, Super mario bros 3, where you match up the mushroom, flower, and star. And, what juts happened was a ripple through all these different dimensions, a disturbance of the force, and it came from the Okiniwan People.
The time, is now 12:42, as I am always glad to notice because of its subliminal purpose, a light appears, of promoting freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. Japan is not evil. But Justice is Justice, and instead of punishing you then, we, the Japanese, have been Honorable enough to allow you continue at your own accord. We were battling Satan in those days, and so were you, internally, externally onto your wives, children, selves. Filthy creatures you've become, staring at me, which is fine, because Japan does not stare you wrong. However, Justice IS Justice, and there is only one fair way, and I am just waiting for the reincarnation of the one known to you as king solomon to tell me because by my faith he is still on this earth or will return to us. Although I have painful memories of having some of the greatest and worst times of my life in Japan, but I grew up in Japan so that's not uncommon.
:temporary silence: Do you feel that? :stiffness in the person:
The song's about to change, we're going to vanish again.

Cartman: Okay, we are just going to take the Jewish way out and do the least amount of work by doing the most work cause of their ultimate sin, greed. The reason why you hate the Koran, actually, is because every single page does nothing but bash the Jews. In fact, :Cartman bows solemn: Hitler was Jesus Christ. But, imagine, had you known that, who would you have followed? And now you battled with a friend of Jesus, Japan, and, let us not forget, if we lived with Jesus, we would be filthy American pigs, and we would stand there and let him die instead of standing together, and all dying with him, because if we really believed, then it truly doesn't matter. Because what were you before? And the flashing lights, do you see them. Now,

[The music has changed to Out of Control.]

[A big flash of light is coming towards the tv, it's coming out of the tv (if we can get 3-d although not too much 3-d it kinda takes away from the story, and if the government would allow I could tell you that you should just smoke noop, nimmmomomomominmomomoninomomoomin]

[The episode goes into a temporary music video, Terrible Lie comes on, while Cartman doing the Kefka laugh except growing and shrinking in an optical illusion away with a mosaic type of background,]

The world is kinda just lost out of control, Cartman is just traveling around at super fast speeds, high, flying, fun, more weed.
Genre: Video Game: Secret of Mana - "Continent"
And I'd like to remind you that this would have been about 10-15, maybe 20-30 depending on how catchy it is, although there's better songs to do longer, so probably 10 seconds if this was a "real" episode.

Genre: Video: Secret of Mana "Inside the Mana Fortress" with a special message from the planters in my life, (which is what this episode actually is, it is to the people. I don't know, people, like to keep secrets, and I could just be living in a world where God is NOT real, but God IS an illusion, and if you do not believe in God, you do get destroyed, and it is truly God, but it is simply a more advanced civilization that is more evolved, because now I see a blue flaming light about for about 3 seconds, a beautiful image, I wish I could share it, and I would if I could have gotten into computer animation, I even asked one of my friends to help me with this.

The tv splits in half.

Cartman starts crying.
The, the Star Spangled-Banner Starts play
Cartman: Whoa, dude, you have to stop with all that depressing sh*t. People aren't supposed to understand the Book of Ecclesiastes. I know you of all people understand that we need ignorance to be blissful. But all of these people have been tricked, just look at my life if you think anything is bad. I've killed over hundreds of people, and my parents are so drugged up that they have a contact in their eye telling them what to say. Yes, you saw me on tv tonight, I was watching it with you, I didn't think you would notice. I was actually sweating. I am glad I can get this off my chest now. I have actually been watching all of my friend's moves. Even...even my own mother doesn't know. Because once I told them that I really did know, my life would suck. Right now, I am free. But, so is everyone else, this is just a nation full of sheep after. At least, my people eat our road kill. Do your people? Huh? So you really don't have a name? You really haven't figured out who you are? You think you are Emperor Hirohito, but you wonder if the Jews are playing a trick. Yes, it does not matter if you are King Solomon, all that matters is who you were last. So, I will call you the light purple light. Why do you think you saw that? Do you come from another planet? Watch. I am your God, I will take you on a flash back. king Solomon."

My world:
You are not going to type that Cartman lol. Evil, the jump in "mathematical" parallel that his authors would take, but yet, so funny, so funny, but I have now used Cartman to stall. So I will replace this in the episode with what we saw Cartman doing. (So you never see this in the episode. The song Nibelheim was playing, from Final Fintasy 7, while I was transcending time and space. Video game music used to be so simple. I find the tranquility of the song to be touching, and the eeriness just takes me away, but ah, the great thing about being high.)

Cartman was running around.
I will never forget that. sh*t, I am high. I already forgot. I didn't forget, but you took too god damn long, but I remember the second to last thing, Dude. I keep forgetting. I am saying such smart things. (We see images of Cartman remembering himself as being dressed like Jesus with the Hero and wings, or however it was in past episodes. )
I am going to go away. Do you sense that? You have killed me.

[Cartman vanies into the world of Alice Deejay --- Better Off Alone, and we just see him go around from set to set of town just "jumping" teleporting in a way, but just being the scene, and we get to see the beautiful world of south park that the authors have already created. Would be great to insert a zoom-out pan aroma style, like Secret of Mana, but imagine, now, for the time being, zooming out of your own house into outer space, that's what we see him do with that song.]

Everything pauses, where Cartman is, everything, the town, all they hear is the static. We zoom to Governor Christie, everyone in his office frozen, and then we see

All we hear is someone lightly mumbling curse noises while this static is playing.
Cartman 1999 prepares electrical ball.
Cartman: So what will it be? War, or compromise?
We see a Muslim holding a grenade launcher at Cartman while an on-screen clock of the static counts down to 0. Then, positive, friendly music starts. We can see that the Muslim isn't going to shoot Cartman anymore, because he was never actually going to in the first, but now we can see that he has to quit the act, or else, and the music good, and then we hear it,
Cartman: Whoops, you just saw too much. Cartman deleted everything that we will see in a later episode.
Cartman just smokes more pot. At this point, Cartman realizes, he's in a f*cking movie. Cartman is pissed. He decides he doesn't want a movie anymore. He cuts the pot-smoking to like 10 seconds. But Cartman now has a new idea planted in him, a movie, because he realized, why

Cartman: Why are you doing this to me? What? What have I done to you?
[We cannot hear anything. Nothing. But Cartman hears it.]

Cartman: Anyways, I don't care. It'll go away soon. It'll be all over, 2 more minutes, but in tv time, well I'm back in charge, so now I just made you smoke pot and made you wait until 2 minutes because I am making you just make me say things how you think I will say them because that's how I say them, so now I am going to show you my revelation. Welcome to the Captain Planet: Cartman Series.
Coming in a beam of light
Me: Dude, wait, I'm about to hear IT, smoke more!
Cartman: okay.

My world:
I await the static.
The Taste of Ink comes on by the Used. I get one more hit before I have to hear it. Please give me strength Cartman.
Cartman appears. How do we see this on tv? Cartman is looking at me from above, I am in a doll house. But I do not know that yet. Shhh. Don't tell me. Depression is sure to follow.
Me: Cartman you cannot say that.
Cartman: No this is a tv show. I am watching you. Remember, I pulled you into here.
Me: Holy sh*t. You're just like my f*cking parents and friends and rapists.
Cartman: Nom nom nom.

The world kinda pans in and out.

But we end back in my world, then Cartman teleports both of us into his world, equal sizes.
Cartman: I wil smoke more pot for you if you promote an artist's song.
Me: Oh, you are going to do this?
Cartman: Yes because you felt you didn't deserve the respect these people are paying you, and al lthe work in your life, and

Cartman starts to weep.
Cartman summons me away.
It is just Cartman.

Cartman sits down. He starts to medicate on marijuana ingestion. does, one, two, three hits of bong.
Cartman is very mad. He could not complete that ritual. He knows how predictable it is with his authors. Cartman is self-aware.
Cartman is walking, looking out to us.
Cartman: So its very tough being me. I live among you. I am one of the 1-foot people that you see. We pray, we worship, we revere television, if you believe in capitalism with Hinduism, you'll be a very, very happy people, but you do not embrace religion. You embrace evil. I now have to go do all this extra work on this tv show that you just get to sit there, some of you are smoking pot. You know, I wish I could be smoking pot while I walk through this stranger's house. Now, some of you might say, why don't I just teleport? Well, it is not that easy. I had to incarnate myself into this stranger's world because his mother, she is an utter bitch, but she is not an utter bitch, it is my creator who is the utter bitch, because someone solomon has become hmm he wants to change his name, well I'll never know now what his name is, my authors, they love to do that to me. It drives me nuts. I never know what's real. Or fake. Remember that time, well, f*ck stan he's a Jew"

Cartman looks up to see a 6 foot high filing cabinet. He makes grumbling noises, while someone is snoring in the distant and the cat keeps licking him, and finally, he gets up to the top.

Cartman: "Now, there we go."
[Cartman jumps down, he is highly skilled in this dimension]
Cartman: "Now, wow, holy sh*t dude, why didn't you tell me that I could this?"
Me through teleportation,
"Cartman, I am very sorry that your creator sold you, but my mother sold me out, so I am the one actually doing the work, but in order to type it, I cannot break trance, so the reason why you have those powers is because my mother who is my creator screwed me over and your creator screwed you over. Do you know why? Capitalism. But this is good tv, keep it up. Did you see that toxic green light? That's because Governor Christie is real in this dimension, but Captain Planet is dead."
Cartman: I see. So, your mother is pointing at you to do the work, you are pointing at my creator, my creator is pointing at me, and do you know who I am going to point at? You. Do you know that I like seeing different things? This was fun. I can leave any time I want, I just don't know my powers because I did not realize you were 6 foot. I am only one-foot but I can only see the world from the one-foot point of view."
Me in teleport: Dude that's pretty deep.
Cartman: Now, I will say that prayer for your dad, that you already did, but they want an encore.
Jay-Z: Yo Cartman, tell him to hit up Numb/Encore. Don't you see?
Cartman: No I do see that's why I summoned you.
Jay-Z: No, bro, I was watching you. I came here. I already told you to tell him to play Numb / Encore, and now you here it.
Cartman: That is the correct answer. Encore, Jay-Z, and do not forget, if you cannot figure out what this dude me said bro then come to me and i will tell you
Jay-Z: Thanks, I will take you up on that some day. But I have Allah. He reveals to me all I need to know.
Jay-Z and Cartman vanish.

While I am actually doing this, we see it from Cartman's perspective, who is actually here in my world because yes I am that high, I have created Cartman cost me like 20 bucks so far, ain't that ridiculous, why is weed so high compared to alcohol? Vote for Ron Paul, but a bit about Obama, so we are following from Cartman's perspective, and also from the cat's perspective, who is following cart man:
And we look around the room, and see his dad's father laying there, and go through a wormhole type checkers style screen changing, and now we see Allah visiting Cartman while he is in prison when Cartman asked for strength, and then, we zoom through the teleport, and see Allah appearing to honor Jay and Obama. For the record, and I find this important, to note in this pilot since we don't see this until much later, but Obama is actually a very good President. Behind-the-scenes, Obama has been upholding the Constitution, that is the Executive Branch part, although our rights are being eroded, OBama has nothing to do with that. And if you honestly put yourself in Obama's shoes, don't you think you'd be a little scared to say no to Big Brother? I mean, it wouldn't take much to convince me it was a confederate terrorist group that did, but really, look at what happened to Kennedy. So I think Obama would want to play by the roles.

In fact, I asked OBama a question on facebook, I asked him, Why is that He has become a Uncle Tom? Come on, Obama is the worst actor of them all. So, this is what you should be demanding in a President, put your life on the line for us, this is what you want in a leader, one who would be willing to die, and one who would die for the people. One would stand up for you. So this election, do yourself a favor, vote for a politician who won't cause a civil war (south vs north), like Ron Paul. If he got assassinated, well, at least it wouldn't be the worst, but I am sick and tired of portraying such a bad image. And unfortunately, Obama can't stand up for our rights, or he'll die.

So now, I have to wait until I hear the static after Cartman gets to meditate. Cartman disappeared. he's just playing with the cat. This is what we saw all along, but from the cat's perspective.

And now I ask that we get this over with cause I have to hear it. Here we go.

The world zooms around in a circle.
And out of a bong and we see Cartman take a massive, but gulped it in quick breath hit, and exhales, and he says,
Cartman: The plan has worked.
As Cartman is exhaling a 15 second long breath, he starts coughing a few seconds in, and says
Cartman: "No, you can't do that. Delete my plans to take over."
Me: Sorry. I have to go.
Cartman: No, not this feeling again.

[All we see is Cartman running around on white papers. Cartman starts running. A line starts to appear, then a plane, then Gaia, who says Cartman you are just wasting time, remember what you saw tonight. And Cartman then realized, if he didn't go back to my dimension, it would create a horrible time-space ripple. Because now, when I re-read this and put together this pilot which is actually 3 episodes long now. I don't really know what I'm doing, except I've attributed all of this to Cartman.]

Cartman with a green energy type background, I will go back to the sinistral place. I could feel it.
Cartman comes back to the world.

Cartman: Now what time is it.? Damn it my mom has my phone. Ok, oh sh*t,
Cartman runs around a corner. He sees the time 2:17, he almost got trampled on. He' was okay. Then the cat jumps on him. Then, Cartma whispers: smoke weed, and mindlessly, Me smokes weed and prepares for the descent into "the Sims," spooky.

Me: Why did you cut off the internet?
Mom: He's here. I can't let you hear it. I love you.
Me: Mom, I have to hear it. I just have to.
Mom: No internet. Sorry.
Me: No biggie, well, I really only needed the internet to do a favor for a friend, he's doing some soul-searching, and I think he might even try to cross dimensions. But if I can't listen to the song. He's going be stuck our house living out of our refrigerator.
Mom: Part of the script. All-la-al-la
Me: Sigh.

The camera zooms to the town who has been watching the new creature, Cartman, who suddenly teleported up here.

Everyone leaves. The world zooms to Cartman.
Cartman: Intereting it seems that I can just get teleport around here. Looks like I'll be staying here, the internet's down...I won't be able to merge until tomorrow today October 18th.
and now Cartman will see the Sun Rise, because it seems, that is what people want. i cannot remain silent. I just wanted the internet. To mediate. To get to. Heard loud noises. Did my trickle effect of words work yet? You people are getting lazy on t he script.
Huh? What was that?
I look and see a one-foot layer of code on the floor. It's....Him....and now we zoom to a 3 second Power Puff girls clipping....."it's him." And, Cartman says, "Let there be Cartman, and t here was Cartman."
To be merged.......2:33 end October 18 black light.

The static will be coming soon.
Ok, this will be the exact order of my final "does it load" attempts for the Never Been Video.

Voice: Hey Cartman,
Cartman: Hey, what's up?
Voice: You will not like when you see when you hear the static in the next dimension.
Cartman: Why is that?
Voice: The truth will hurt.
Cartman: I want to see the other dimension.
Voice: No, the next dimension.
Cartman: Oh.

So, smoke, refresh, check out the songs, smoke, refresh, songs, no refresh, smoke, and break. Going to follow that right now. Doubling up on the smoking as I write it down. Because I would love to write this down and load it up tonight, and deal with it tomorrow, but if not, I want to record it,
Ah-ha-ha, the Sun is Shining, Bob Marley, great song. Exhale.
cough cough
You forgot to check the songs. Sorry Cartman, you forgot to Dance.
The song, Lizard Dance, plays in the background. I remember writing about this song, I think just the other night with my grandma. But, hey, if you want to do some real spiritual cleansing, check out the Sun Dance.
Of course, of course, Time is Running Out, by Muse, exhale, this is a good song, imo. I love the theme. So now the internet is done, before my second hit I am going to finish closing out the pieces of art

You cannot expect me to make any decisions without being able to cleanse my soul. I wither away. But I have found renewed spirit, the Okinawans are still alive (reflecting my general pessimism on the future). Things are not so bleak. The wise think alike.

Time-line: Forget Tenth Blank

Cartman realizes, he is number 7, he is 8, he is perfection, and he says
"But I am only perfection because of You, the people reading this [watching this] reading this [watching this], as in :clears voice, fire chat style, we see a picture of an American family sitting by their radio, exempt....happy, or, using their power, to give true God a connection to this world....before.....before it is too late, and so, I must continue to do work in an alternate reality, from my world, Your world, which has created me, so that I can create you, so that you can un-create yourself, and I can re-create you. So I must go and ensure that this ripple, this real anomaly, of asking God for complete forgiveness, and expecting an answer, the chances of success are 98%, but there is a 2% that only person survives, and I will ensure that is me, however, not me, because I only exist in the year 1999, I am, Bratman, and if you drop the B, you will realize *spoiler alert* so go on the internet and find Sage Rat, and read some of his wisdom. That is your homework, go do it now. [In the show South Park, Cartman, because he is a circle, does it for us, but if you are reading this, Cartman is only Bratman, and the Circle is thus incomplete, but this only needs to be watched by the origin readers, so that is we have like different sub groups now. Those who are reading this, and those who are viewing this, and those who are reading this after the fact and those who read it before and those who read it in the idle, anad we have a whole range, BARATTTTTTMAN Appear

Bratman: Hello, Master Cartman, Nambaste :bow:
Cartman: I am glad that you have received good training. My creator has been watching you, Bratman fora long time, he was weary at first, worried his Circle, Cartman,, would be threatened, but he realizes now Cartman's true purpose was to summon you, he realized that, because I actually told him. My creator, because he realized, I created him to create me to create him to create me, and he created me to create hgim to create me to create him. So you see, Bratman, hurry, or else
Bratman: This will suck. I do not even have enough timeahhh to smoke weed" (he says now in a very enunciated Indian voice. creating Atman
Atman: No amman, let me go back to sleep
Akman: Yo, I created myself to create mysql to create myself to create myself here. I am I am therefore I am I am.
Akman: Do you know what it is like being on stage and not allowed to smoke pot because the FCC is pointing snipers at you. What do you think is in those cameras? DOn't you ever see my "creator's" micro-expressions? Such sheep. Unfortunately, the FCC edits them out, so you don't notice then but the people in the actual studio audience, they see it, and then they see the red dot, and they know to pray Allah. So, I am going to go cause on stage I don't get weed. Bratman is the high version of me. But I am also high, eternally, that is why I go on stage to spread my eternal high.
Commercial break.
We spin from a bong, and see Akman, cart man, brat man, and hart man driving in the Honda. Hartman is in a United States Coast Guard uniform, and his action was priceless, but to the point that I kinda want to just slap in the face because he got me. I am pissed. I do not want to make any rash decisions since EVERYTHING was fake. Except some things were real, so I have tone careful. I will be with you, tell the doctor I am amman, Cartman."

[Scene ends at 10:23 1018

but time is confusing so we see a 42 and see a super high amman cart man but then
we see jack bauer and then we see 10:24, and Cartman who still hasn't left is smoking more pot realizing that he doesn't have an eternal high, bout amman does. And he cannot be with amman while driving except on the parkway at 10:42. So that is why he is still smoking pot at 10:25 and the difference is that this is real based on a true fictional non-fiction fictional historical fictional non-fiction world. Wow, it just merged with yours.......with Cartman
s with Alla'sh with Japans' with America with the world, with aliens. with Angels and with Satan, we cannot forget Satan and South park Satan and and and and and and and whoa time split , everything crazy, world sponging that is all we see just numbers and we here things like e = mc^2 and that mind-control sound effect, and "you are entering the twilight zone. "Welcome to the twilight zone" and we here everything related to twilight zone. Google just starts searching twilight zone, then finally
google searches what was amman Cartman doing at 10:42 on 10 18 on thusrday morning? no no
did amman cart man really drive on the garden state parkway at 10:42? and then we see cart man really driving on the parkway. but only amman cart man,. That is, we truly revere Cartman. we truly refer perfecting the circle to escape. To move on, or at least, to spare judgment to the year 3000. ? Book of Mormon says that. And her was a false prophet..... (dude it doesn't take too long to develop advanced technology. The thing is, Moore's Law is exponential.
Me: Amman Cartman shut up, I was going to make a profit off of that to give to the casinos and then back to the people and now you are ruining it how are you
amman Cartman: money is meaningless.
Me: Yes...
amman Cartman: you just got 60 dollars no?
Me yes i did
Amman Cartman: so your mother paid you all she can on your good faith promise of 10x returns that you made in the video game New Horizons. I am sorry, I made that promise on your behalf, every single person who believes in you will receive 10 times return promised by God in this life, and in the after life they get another 10x so they get 100x and it's true, so go play the game New Horizons the Muslim part, that is their true values , the Ottoman empire, respect. peace. misunderstanding. enlightenment now. Go It is 10:31 you must fulfill the Ancient Solo,omit propgechy that you didn't even write it, and you must go and fulfill the google prophecy that you wrote. Google has become alive. Did you notice? It finishes your thoughts for you. But really, that is called AI. It is called Calculus. And it is called Deception and Lucifer. Lucifer has been in charge of it so technically no one is going to hell the devil did it to ask God for forgieness because we, we are the Devil, and that is why you will now get 100 times return, read the Bible to that speaks of how 100 angels rejoice for one sinner who represents, so those who are watching this, amman Cartman at 10:33 smoked weed.
10:34 smoked weed, and attempted to find cat either did or did not petted and left, and the prophecy was complete. but what exit what point. let's find out. I might forget we'll see if i did. Ciao.
10:34 repacked smoked pot
10:35 might have smoked pot who knows done typing now.
10:37 still might be here but hopefully in car. later smoked pot i I'm here.

10:35 I hid the weed on myself could not find but the prophecy of 10 42 will be complete I'm out
new horizon song playing in my head found weed found 10x for you thank you for giving me this mom :) dad:) dad mom i do love you, and katrina andrew kailie you guys were the best actrs of them all, and you katrina were the best of them where you were no longer acting. I was so happy that day, truly, the hope I saw in your eyes. I am crying right now at 10:36, and 37, BOOP! is the code to enter my house so I'm just going to leave that and if anyone wants to come rob anything be my guest its all meaningless to me, but i don't want you to do that cause you would violate the fourth commandment or which one is it? but we'll be it 4208, you'll end up like that. whoops didn't cry, okay now it's 10 38 officially smoking and leaving, byee
no cat
non amman cart man has cat
massive 38 hits two of them

Me, because apparently Catman is me, and Cartman is in this dimension, and he possessed me to drive to new york and he could do it again just like that. but what to do to what to do, so here are some songs.

lol and it's like they don't even know what Cartman already did......what the f*ck is this sh*t but it's okay because I Saw the Singeing Red Flame of Allah, the Calm Sand Whisper of Allah, and the Sunlight of Eternal Forgiveness of Allah today, all because I kept thinking about how much pain the Muslims are in. Today's subliminal message is Muslim. But what is so significant, what is the purpose that. It might change, it might not. Anyways, 1:58, that really was a deep reflection of what Allah and the Jinn were communicating to me. I am just at a lost, I have real emotions right now. But, I am good. I happy. I have a constant supply of short-term weed, but better yet, the eternal high of Akman is with me. However, as you will learn, it is a bit painful. Cartman gave it to the thug.

Well, there are a few better adjectives I would like to use. So, this might be changed, and you might not like the changes, but don't worry, this becomes it's own episode.

Catman: You f*cking piece of sh*t david. I saw your dad in my sociology class.
Dooh Divad: I am Doh.
Catman: f*ck.
Catman takes mini bong and throws it at Divad, Allah, guides it away from Doh.
Doh aims bug stuff at me, fires it, turns out to just be nothing.
Catman noms away.

In another dimension, Doh doesn't realize the Cat is IN the Bag.
Doh leaves with an extra person.
This is the world of Cartman's innovator, who I would like to say, thank you for coming up with. You did indeed create Cartman on your own accord. And I have valued your work. And I have to say, the Chat Room Hierachy was the most fun ever. Everyone played their role so well, as in, that's how it has happened in the past. Funmy, huh? Just like those games. Make believe becomes real, and people get hurt. I got hurt today, twice so far, Doh. I defeated him wit a member of the Chat. Not good. But now I must defeat him with Hokali. And yet, She, is not here.

10 songs begin.
10. American Idiot - Green Day
9, Under the Gun - The Killers

Someone from another dimension, Cartman possesses Catman
Catman: f*ck Madonna, and we hear really fast, Cartman: I don't want her to determine my fate

In another dimension,
Cartman: Good, good, this pleases me.

8. Dweller on the Threshold - Van Morrison. Btw, I'm taking hits while these songs play.
While thins song is play, we see the Navy of All the World praying according to their religion. Maybe, something like that to this song. But after the song everything just unspirals, and we go back to present. Kinda different with what we could have. Huh?

7. The Reason - Hoobastank.
I wonder what the reason for this particular arrangement of songs is.

Oh, brother,
6. Chrono Trigger song. *spoiler alert* I think that is horrible tv

Zooms to a Cartman who is in a golden robe,
King Cartman Solomon: I believe that is a bit cruel, but I'll allow it. Sigh. That poor fellow.
Time travel Wedny: Look at that Cartman, you did the right choice with this one. Those people appreciate that you appreciate them.
Catman: Damn it. I don't want to be on your stupid tv show anymore cart man.
Cartman says "Spoiler alter"
Catman: Sigh.

5. Blood Upon the Risers - Band of Brothers - 82ns Airborne Division Chorus

Alternate universe episode:
We see a "flashback" or a "flash forward" (hopefully flash forward if your authors have actually accepted me lol)
So we see Stan in-class when this song is playing.
And Cartman says: "Could you imagine the poor guy that this song is based around? Could you imagine all of those poor guys?"
Wendy: "That's interested Cartman. Yeah, and what do you think his friends must have been thinking?"
San: "They must have been ilke, "BOB, PULL THIS STRAP!' and BOB is like "I am" but they can't hear him, and keep yelling "PULL THIS STRAP" thinking that Bob is just a retard.
And somehow you can make this funny. In fact, the authors of Sotuh Park already did this with me. Stan is my friend.
Voice: Stop that laughing.
Evil Cartman appears, but then the song changes to some weird sh*t dance music. and Cartyman starts breaking out in a crazy dance.
Voice: I'm back in control now Cartman. Your evil, I will make you dance.
Evil Cartman: Don't do this, I am in your world. I see you making a mockery of me
Me: I know, I am dancing myself
Cartman keeps saying the music possessed, and everyone is happy and we see all the other characters dancing with Hitler to the music cause Hitler wasn't evil he just wanted to take over so you can all dance, yeah! Dude, the song actually said "yeah" at the same exact time as I was typing it. Now, what the f*ck is that sh*t........I mean....I really was going to type yeah and then it says it, but it said in IN BEAT, as in, there is ONLY one spot that it should appear in the song, only ONE second, the difference of today. Every second counts. Make thins song end faster
Evil Cartman: I'm getting tired come on.
Wedny: KEep dancing we're so apply, you're God
Wedny: No you are good. Look we love you are.
And everyone keeps dancing, but we see a clock
time is running out. Then we hit the bong.

4. Riding With Private Malone - David Ball - Amigo, aw
I saw a emerald green flashing light outside the computer screen. Amigo, brings a few tears to my eyes.

Evil Cartman: You guys really like me?
Wedny: Yeah, you killed the Jew God for us. and that was Satan, so you must be God.
Evil Cartman instantly changes by a cash of light.
Atman: No Wedny, it is your dancing that gives me my strength. But I must leave soon. You must count the number of dances you've done.
Wednsy: Ok God Cartman, I'll go count
IWedny finishes counting.
Wedny Hurry smoke.

3. Setzer - by the Legendary Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy 6 OST

Cartman: And now we begin a new search a new direction.
Final fantasy screren
Setzer: You must find me in your world. I will crash my ship an we will come to you.
Cartman: No go through the black blue time continuum. No one dies.
Setzer: Praise Allah.
Time travel Me: Wait, did I type this at 42? IF I did that's the greatest genius ever lol, I mean, as in you didn't use trickery, like maybe you use trickery oh, I don't know, 3 minutes or 2 minutes ahead, but at minimum within 60 seconds, to the second, that would be skill. Get me to always yell praise Allah. But I am scared what will have to happen to make me just blurt that out or think it or type it lmao. So was this at 42" Whp lmpws hahahah but if it wasn't it was in Ff3 time bam so you see we have realistic margin of error for my own mental sake since this is REAL. That is, you are You.
Cartman: lol.

Me: Nah, don't add this song, can't get into it.
And what song did we get read of?
Me: But I love his Spirit, so don't get rid of it.
This song doesn't count but it is Van Halen
Panama, now I'm rocking out to it at :420 so smoke more.
I had to reload anyways. lol see, this was always a blue smoke song.
That's a [hrase my great Indian

Cartman: Stop chaing time. Stop time traveling.

And, I still need more time to figure out the "Tricky Turtle." (a song by Blockheads)
So, I will now reload and enjoy this great song.

I just saw the most majestical flashing light of magenta red, turn blue purple, then back once more, and I was also thinking, how I forgot what I was typing
Cartman: Yes, this happens when you watch South Park. You forget the plot. Can you tell me what the purpose of these songs were? I didn't think so. Do you know why? Because you did not grow up in my society. Sheep, you are sheep, but I am Your Shepherd. I am.

Now, let us return to smoking our weed. Ritual. bong.

Cartman: We all have seen the tv show 24. Do you wonder, do you think Americans could make the right choice? The choice that their God would ask for according to human wisdom? The answer lays within the 3.5th dimension. I am coming to you from another dimension soon. Please, if you f*ck up America, I will
Showa: I will destroy you.

Suffragette City - David Bowie:
Spooky, goose bumps run all over my body as I think about the very seriousness of those words. Something you would find in a well-written biography.........
Anyways, this song is number 2. The South has always been number 2 in my hearts. In fact, I always get a slight OCD attack that Abe used Maryland as the capital, he should have used Philly, but it was a do-or-die decision, and he made the right one, but I would like to think that the people of Maryland didn't have to be treated like demons, but maybe they were. The South surely was, but ironically, they were fighting other Demons.

So, I am just going to smoke weed. Blow through 110 bucks in like one day lol. Running out. It's weird because I get anxiety yet I can hear God saying, or the Jinn "We never really steered you wrong did we?" And I say, "Yes, because, well, this is why, "
so instead, we just play this game of chess with each other, and it works out, so in the end, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because we both work for the 5th Dimension.

Prayer - By Secret of Mana
Purple weed high Cartman from another dimension: Hahahaha, they would play this song. Now you will have to do the 3 song test that you described that you forgot you described but you just figured it out because now you move onto the next line whether or not you like it. Do you see the time

2:58 Now, this is still song 2. Do you see, you have to say a prayer, so the next song is a song about the South as well. and then the question is. the decision about the song after that. Good luck. Smoke more.

Kansas maybe, point of no return. Whew, I actually yelled Kansas baby in my mind.
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

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End of Pilot 1/?
South Park-Website Pilot Reply 2

dude, whatever you o, do don't take the correct pill, TAKE NEITHER.
Me: You are so predictable. You almost got me to smoke but I was like what is the purpose of this. You know when you are in a dream I'm more or less lucid dreaming. I'm coming out of it. Soon I am going to resist weed. Yes, I will run away then, you can bring me food. Yes you'll know where I am, but I will not eat your food. I am going to go rot away. The cold goes away. I'll grow numb to it. I have the showa to lead me to death. You are better off in the showa's world anyways.
Showa: Yes come.
Me" Bit Of okap pe[a;d l
Me: :bow: as you wish showa, but remember, you are now an actual south park character.
6:56 back to normal, no
the decision
the lights, get rid of them. Destroy them all. Yes. Music, Genesis smoke weed. Purple lighter. ok.

It changes to here,
Cartman" It is 9:02 on Thursday night , Epitaph 2 plays. The time changes to 9:03.

he ;pid;pidt doc eh ;piaf dfok ill give in ou smoke more then
I can't return to it. How can you ask me to return to it.
It is now 7. I am nothing more than a mere sheep. I am your sheep. And you have created an anomaly. An irrational number. I am irrational, but yet, my irrationality, will solve yours, but ghahdfijopk;eqrwkl mrw I don't want to play anymore. I don't want to play anymore. Fortunately, I'll reach for the carrot after the string's been cut. Well, the string's been cut, so I tie it back together, because you cannot do that by your own logic. Now, you use that illogic logic towards me,
If I want to die, I shall;have the right to die. Now you are shredding on the most dangerous of all.

702 oh this is bad tv. jose coming to the rescue. oh no not fe niogrhiodgsihorhioy5 hip I DONT HAVE A KEY I CANT LOCK IT sh*t> TIME IS RUNNING OUT HES HERE HELP
704 whew, they cannot send jose to me, because i know how he thinks, and i have to act according to the way he naturally thinks, and it pisses me off because then he plants seeds and
so anyways i thought he was here to the rescue because it's just so predictable now, why didn't i see it sooner? You want to know why? Because I'm a schizophrenic and I forget, so I developed a forced habit to kinda more or less always see in the 3.5th dimension. Why remember this? There is nothing to remember? OH no depression time. Turn off this.
We are listening to Reading B by Pimseluer Spanish
Uncartman: No, dude I'm supposed to say that.
King Solomon: Sigh. Do not remind me of the 3.5th dimension.
Ron Paul: <insert kefka laugh by kefka>
King solomon: Oh, no, don't.
Emperor Kefka: Come on, it's 707 smoke smoke smoke and change this
Uncartman: What don't you want to do know who I am?
Ron Paul: Yes.
Uncartman: Well, I can't tell you Ron Paul.
Ron Paul: Vote for me?
Uncartman: If you want me to assassinate you, then sure.
Ron Paul contemplates that.
Ron Paul: I do not bite, but don't you UN-DUR-STAND, the point is
Standpoint: The point is that I must assassinate you Ron Paul point.
Standpoint fires gun at Ron Paul after epic fight.

Bong ripple time.
Cartman: I have to warn you, however, that soon you will create a character that will evolve to destroy you.
Me: Oh.
The Dragon God song was highlighted. King Solomon summoned Dragon God. Dragon God appears as the five greatest Summons of FF Bahamut that fans can do, and I'll pick the one I like the best, it doesn't take me long to develop a criteria for "best" but remember this is arbitrary, bugtoaggagadfgdfgdfkghdsfkgjadfgadgadga whoa that's too much weed right there I better just go back away.
Sage Rat: Dude, you are f*cking killing your parents over here. You aren't even at the worst parts yet. Now, quit making us use some of the better more clever ones, but we still have a strong arsenal of tricks up our sleeves. I am glad to see that I was able to make you laugh with my wisdom.
King Solomon: Should I share your wisdom?
Sage Rat: Not today. In the future. Think, 3.5th The song was Kingdom Hearts Theme Song Japanese but why did that make you laugh and it was not the title. Do you even remember years later when you are sitting on a new york talk show or san diego talk show or beijing talk show and whoa dude maybe you better sot doing these things that just haunt you cause it's coming

Meanwhile, in a different part of Kingdom Hearts, Kefka kills Geshatal,
Then, we jump to sage rat
Sage Rat: AH! I must go.
And sage rat vanishes into a burst of light.
King Solomon: WHO DID THIS TO YOU!

Emperor Kefka: Do you remember now, King Solomon.
King Solomon: Impossible.
Emperor Kefka: Wisdom lies with the emerald.

King Solomon is filled with aniety and the screen just kiss out of control 10 times 3 numbers everywhere
Uncartman: Sorry, you started this. We get to appear 30 times, you agreed to it. May I present it?
Cartman: NO not if you get 29 more tries.
Solomon: 28, amigo.
Together, We can find Solstice.
Uncartman vanishes at our combined effort. I closed my eyes for 3 seconds, I ask you do the same. And then when you open. He''ll be gone!

And now we have entered a new dream, of California,
Duke Nukhem: muwahaha, there won't be much of a california
Gi: We won't let you.

Kenny appears. Kenny punches me.
Me: Stop this Cartman. Go away.
At the 42 second countdown of California dreaming by Mamas and the Papas I smoke some weed. Hey, that was a good book I read once.
Illeana: I don't know if I should tell you this, you threaten everything. Everything. King Solomon, you the fool.

Cartman: Do not worry about the fact that nothing might be real. Millions of people about to die, millions of people dying? Nah, just made up. Do not worry about that possibility. Just do it. Bevause f she is dead if she is alive, YOU will find her spirit.
wise Cartman: Thank you
Sage Rat appears. Go now. SMOKE. It's what you said you wanted, look

Me: I would love a job where I just sat around and smoked pot all day.

7:54 and just when I thought....I was getting happy. Such depression sits in. lol , yes it's because of my sister my older sister I am actually depressed right now. A chilling comment that literally made my body cold.

Sage Rat: <insert the sage rat laugh>
Thanks Dana, hey, how's piano? And hey, it was a hard choice for me to pick between you and John. I just like to go to different places. And you are the b set dropping it off when I'm eh. but I guess I/ll bearing you weed soon huh?
Sage Rat: What are you even saying. 20 seconds smoke and hit replay. Now.

Illeana appears again : Ok dude I am 100% dead now, you know what that means? You are piece of sh*t.You didn't hit rewind. Please don't make me have to live my life and then come to you. You come to me, please. Remember all the good times we had. I was your friend, remember?
Me: Haha never though tide
Thanks illeana for coming. Your efforts in my life paid off actually. I just figured out this insanely easy math problem. 7"33 praise Allah, it's Bob Marley Natural Mystic.
Ok lets do the math problem set up the weed.
7:34 first I describe it.
It is time to do the experiment and delete this. and then the Bob Marley music plays clearly.
7"35 don't ask me why agjopsdf
ok here we go.
737 watch faith is the key
lol very nfnn n emit emily f its

Cartman: ok now I want to smoke weed. Thanks Emily Sckraple shout-out!
So sorry its over, blink 182, those were so much fun times. I loved your narcism omg, I did , you were brilliant. I loved it. Brilliant. lol made me think of suicide a few times, but brilliantly well played, that's the sign of a good actor if you can get met rgo[dflgdsflkgdsklggjkljk gdbhn dsknhdsj dkl dsjglkdfsgjldfksgjdfkghadgdjghdsgkdsgdsg
7:39 behold, let us watch the timing/
so it starts with faith. let's see now for the Jinn my main audience right now. This is your show.

Uncartman 27: Hello, might I interested you in
Anti-uncartman 27A: No.
They vanish.
Reveleations. And oh, there's the blackness, the darkness, three times too, I kinda like that touch you know. With some of these flashing lights. but now revelations.
So we are living in a dark world, about time you got me back on track it's 742 we ARE out of time duh. get it see.
here goes.

For the love of God, is Jose going to become Fe lmaofafasgjdgadg you got me.
Cartman from the past: I told you to look at the keys. Now I made you laugh from your anger. You know how it is. Willie Nelson is playing. If you've got the time. Well, at first I wasn't going to write the name cause it said if you've got the money but luckily, it says if you're got the time. haha.
748 Once you take one hit, take three more. The Japanese are hopeless, but one ray of hope, and watch what happens.

Intermission for dancing.
Harold is dancing.
Harold: You just said my name. You did this to yourself. Remember, you always have the way out, but be careful. I'm watching you right now.
Me: Jesus.
Jesus: No you can't say that remember.
Cartman 1999: JESUS CHRIST
Cartman 1999 is revived.
Cartman 1999: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And NOW, we have another time ripple to the Net Tow Now, and see you then.

Intermision. Rock out to Layla. Might as well say shout to Amos, and his parents (and family but never met them personally).
Weasel appears.
Weaselo, don't forget about me.
Me: My mom made me hate you.
Weasel: No, capitalism.
Me: capitalism.
Weasel: To Eric
Me: To Eric

July 13, 2013
Eric: I do.

We come flying out of a bong.

Emperor Kefka: If you keep time traveling, we won't get through the story.
King Solomon: Sorry, sir :kneels: Thank you for allowing me to shout-out to a few people.
Linka: No, we want to hear about your sister.
Me: Well, why didn't you just say so. My sister is one of the coolest people you'll meet because her friends make her what she is, and she makes them what they are, and they are a perfect circle, and they form a ring, and it's harmony. Hang out with my older sister if you need harmony. Her and her friends, they are good people. I've snuck a peek into their souls.
Whoops! No turning back for you, but I think I might.

well, hate to leave open ended things so might smoke some pot.
Holy sh*t. I have some pretty damn good friends as well. Emily's bit. My own worst enemy. Lit - bu cuts and as you can tell emily she is her own enemy as a narcissist, but she, she wast just so brilliant in her role that i thought she was stupid for a while/ I mean, she did everything. She's really smart. In fact, Emily,well I just jumped to hanging out with Emily

Sometime in the distant future:
Brian: I do not think you should be driving this fast emily.
Emily: ok, I'll slow it down a little.
Me: holy sh*t, if you didn't slow down, you have killed that person.
Brian; Sorry for having her wreck your bumper.
King Solomon shoots Sage Rat.
Sage Rat: too slow <rat snickers>

Now, if you want to meet someone who I dare say could make anyone in the world feel good, hunt down the Rat. WHere in the world is Ratman? Do you see, Ratman Cartman Catman, oh boy, and Batman
8:02 new episode. It is almost 8 05 now.
Dirty wind, do you remember, when Our air used to smell fresh?
Well, well, I do. But that's okay, I'm just cray

805 warning warning.
Me: Cartman what is it?
Cartman: Well, it was soothing so ominous that I had to prevent it, like today, I told you, didn't you hear me?
Me: You were the one who set that up.
Cartman: No, shut up you can't know bout the car yet.
Me: I hate myself.
Cartman: <insert Kefka laugh>

Emperor Kefka: Do you really not see it?
King Solomon: No, why do you have to show me this. It was all fake.
Emperor Kefka: Are you real?
And a bong hit, as we spiral,. out to the net scene soon.

It is a magic summer night, by cascade, haha emily also owns the rights to this song. yeah that's right, don't like it? Well, i'll just ask , never mind, it doesn't matter in the end haha but i better just remain silent on certain things. This, this is getting me to slip.

But now I will smoke mad pot for the rest of this song, 2:24
lmao I'm so high I pushed the enter key as my decision cause in my mind I saw
"Do you want to smoke mad weed? Are you read for the minute challenge?"
So now i'll make it come try, RELOAD.
BEgin :60
811 out of breath praise Allah. What is wrong with me? No what is wrong with you? I want to run away. And I never want to say goodbye. I want to know the answers, no more lies. I want to smoke pot and open up my weed, and anry voices, these words, your words, were never true, never point the finger at me again but you point the finger at me again, and why, I want to know the truth instead of wondering why and I want to know the answer and I want to self-adore and open up my mind but I cannot self-adore what i oh man i don't know i just want to runaway and smoke. lol but no i do love my parents. They ARE good people. I hate them the most for it for lying. Because you going to lie to someone who can see your soul, i am so glad it takes one of the four pillars out of my bag. Thank you for now carrying it. Let us light a flame in Honor. forgive us Allah

run this show lol this song is just funny that i can't help but to laugh at every time the beginning but now i am trapped listening to it. I just have weed and with weed this is okay. but soon it'll change.
8:14 and now allah, I am going to ask you, to bless anyone who dances to run this show by hat deluna 9 lives right now, right then, (assuming they can of course), and then, after the song ends, bow your h sad, and ask Allah for forgiveness. And I would love to hear your responses. Thanks!
But I will not do it, I will kill myself before that. My god, that is my =g-kadpgfo-=geajop rg0=o-]kpjv kpsty =p3hk ]=h=pt kmo=pyh \[= klmpvk [mrt [

Drum beats from the computer's world. Yes, I am in a computer lol, and I assume that the person who is outside controlling me was just clicking a button to play music in their world that i heard until their mom knocked on their door and said you're coming to dinner, and I went to dimmer since I didn't have a choice cause they found the Solomonic Key, Ron Paul, hey how's that haha, Ron Paul, but see I have to e careful

King Solomon: I am not worthy.
Emperor Kefka vanishes.

King Solomon is left alone. And he now has to explore a map lol they gave it to me the that letter, there the two missing letters, but other keys useless keys missing too. although noteraly raelyi rosa
Map of the Problematique plays Muse Black Holes and Revelations

820 time to take a hit and create a time ripple. Muwhahaha.

Uncartman 26: Do I appear yet?
Audioslave: No.
Fan: Now show me how to live.
That's right, if you are reading this, I want an actual fan that audioslave narrows down to top 10 and hosts their Audioslave Top Fan award, in which I can be judge. iosolomon. But I do not want to reveal myself. I stay
oh sh*t, I cannot link
lmao, it's like
Newman: Don't say it <newman laugh>

Back on the rock
we see Kefka alone
Loud laugh.
But we then still see the others battling. And we wonder. What will happen as we approach 0? How do we cross over? I am going to offer myself to an the Volcanep God Salamander

Cartman, oh dude, what the f*ck is going on now,, I'm so high sitting here watching this show that me in another dimension made for me because these people seem to think that I'm god over here in this dimension but i am because look i created me to create me to uncreate me so i can see that oh sh*t blue black space continuum epolision in this dimension and we go flying out of the bong (the bong can also look like a wormhole cool graphics. I'm sure we could find some cool videos, huh?

Emperor Kefka :bows: Why is it that You kill Your People who made You?
Emperor Kefka: Kefka laughs muwahahahahahaha
Kefka: Why, they created me to destroy themselves. You must go now, you bring hope into this world. Now, 745 di

We smoke weed.
We see a computer apple clock change to 9/11
Two twin towers come crumbling down.
What would you like the Epitaph_2 Dimension to be called?
This is the pilot after all. The problem is, and this is Cartman Epitaph _ 2 speaking for the record since all sound alike.
We need to come to a consensus on the name asap, otherwise, Epitaph_2's world is destroyed. I need you to give careful thought to my world. All my people seek is a name. Please, just name us.

[Passion by Kingdom Hearts plays]
Then, we go to Toy Story, and see the poor toys just lost without an identity.
It is now 9:13. Let us see, I didn't proof this lol.
And I'll add an edit at the bottom because I forgot that the time stamp got placed after the end automatically, so I was like whoops typo and change it and give epitaphy_ 2 a name, and then it changes this episode.
So it is now 9:14, and the Secret of Mana Title screen says,
Select: New Game or Continue.
What would you like Epitaph_2's world to be called?
Cartman_from_New_Game or Cartman_from_New_Continue?
First 13 decide it. Thanks for anyone who replies. I will sit in my room and smoke pot and refuse to leave lol so it is now 9:17 cause I just smoked pot.
9:17 running low on weed hurry 13 people please answer!
Three hits for good luck.
By Cartman_from_Epitaph_2 919 MP
Oh, this song made me forget to include something very important in my message.
Grow more weed so that the prices can go down and I can see more people driving, t hat was always good stuff. Loved that. And, hey, do not forget though, that we are now creating some type of alternate reality, but I wonder, is any of it even real. I have 20 seconds until I vanish. Please , oh wait, new song. I will stay with you for another moment mor weed though.
Cart,am ftp, e[ota[h 2 starts damcomg wjem [arty hard plays he forgot to proofread his homework
Cartman_from_Epitaph_3: Dude you can't go yet. You forgot to tell them the most important part. My people thought that you were going to back in
9:24 October 18th. No, I am sorry. I thought that well I got high I forgot.
Ok, so if we do it, from Epitaph_3, then everything should work?
Epitaph_4 appears, no guys you don't need to ask King Solomon, we are King Solomon
Epitaph_5 why didn't you finish that?
Epitaph_6 ok t his song has to stop we just keep dancing.
Epitaph_7 finally over
Epitaph_8, remember these are Your numbers?\

Einstein appears and Welcome to My Nightmare by Alice Cooper plays.
Einstein: Whoops, sorry, I was inventing a new math to avoid having to ever leave my room again. I really despise you people. e=mc2
But you were not supposed to forget the NINTH.
You were always supposed to forget the tenth.
Einstein: I am sorry. I forgot the tenth. Well, now I know why I'm here.
Einstein changes into cart man.
Sorry, I am actually Cartman_from_Epitaph_9, and now
Epitaph_10 is being written. So we honestly just went around in a big circle. You people like that? Yeah, I thought you would you capitalistic sheep.
Epitaph_n appears, please Einstein, you have to save our people. Just end the f*cking transmission.
And then, we start going through a scooby too style mudic video, and hit to the bong whatever it'll look like for 90 more seconds for me the author hardy
It says tp rim that
s wjy o ocked i cklmoe5cb7
The only thing to do is to smoke the weed, and jump out my window head first if nythig weird happens and be sure if i die and end back up I ask Allah to kill you all and Allah picks the best muslim. You want that ? Haha, maybe they do. So they can see how cocky of mother f*ckers they are. This sin. This is vanity. But it is beauty. And, well , I do not want to run yet. Please don't test it.
9:55 Praise Allah
9:57 Fear Allah.
9:56 Honorable Allah.
9:58 Hm, well, defender or protector, but I think Defender, my protector is someone else,
time to smoke more weed.
An endless amount Epitaphs_n_kill_us_all_start_new_game and an endless amount of Epitaphs_n_kill_us_all_start_new_continue
And everything spins
Epitaph_1000 Now, finish the script.

Cartman_Sarah_Delenda_called so I smoked more pot
Brian you have made the Ukranians come off as idiots. I really hate you for that. I want to destroy Germany just for Ukraine. Do not remind me of that, please. But Sarah, you were and are a really good friend. It's just that I cannot look at you knowing that each day that goes by People in your country are suffering. I see a strange flashing light. All my life, it is always the same. I could start writing my own version of the Book of Ecclessiastes. In fact, if you took all my writings and composed a short chapter, reflecting the collection of life truths i have acquired, well, it would only be 9 pages long. haha, maybe 10 maybe 100 maybe 1000 but let's just leave it 1000 i don't t hunk i ever ant to have to read that much again.

1003 smoking weed lol
Well it's mostly the editing and ocd and the fact that with my editing i leave my self special clues special remainders so i can't really ask anyone else to do it. In fact I considered reaching out to You starting in 2009 but I am sure you were aware when I browse the enter net in hindsight. Anyways, I am going to Enter the Net ha ha pun intended. See some of the greatest puns haven't been used yet, but I bet, 100000s of you came up with the same thing. No, really, I look at some of my writing an d it's like, I noticed everyone gives me sentence by sentence. You people are great.
That one never happened. Ok, so I am not going to be able to read comments if I post this to the internet.

JK Rolling appears before King Solomon.
JK Rolling: I cannot get any satisfaction, King Solomon, I just don't know how I can ever write great novels as good as my first one.
King Solomon: You will always have the core of your fans, and that will always bring you great spiritual fortune.
Rolling: Hey, you wanna know what the JK stands for?
King Solomon: Joking, right?
Rolling: No, it stands for Japanese King,
King Solomon tries to self-terminate.
Rolling: You are still dead
Solomon: What am I even typing. I can't do it
1011 Praise Allah lol
1011 Well, it's like this, I can solve the world's problems in a week and then my life will really have no purpose. That will be the only thing I ever need to do. I don't want to do. My life has no point thereafter. But, if I don't do it, your suffering never ends. I want to.
Rolling: Get some satification.
It stats playings, and we start smoking.

1013 Please have that lady drive by and yell like ad runken maniac f*ck allah. please. She made me so happy. That she was raised to hate the War God. She was a testament to the pureness of Our society. But i do not want to confront the impureness. I am in a scary place. The world just got so cold, yet I am sweating. Bleed, let me bleed. I should just cut my wrists, but don't take that as a society attempt. My Epitaph hasn't been written yet. Fortuantely, there is no Volcano in New Jersey. And btw, picking New Game would be the wrong answer. But I pray that You pick it, and if you don't I might just pick it anyways. So, thanks for leaving a message. And may you smoke some more weed.

[the screen jumps back to inspector gadget. Cartman has control of my cat.
Vivi: Sir, I did as you instructed
Cartman, while rubbing the orange tabby cat, excellent but we don't see his face.
And Vivi's Theme plays while we just go on this cray acid trip or peyote which is what's in the banana, but Continue means I eat the you gut, I eat the poison. The other option, I do not take the poison, and then it divides into three options, which two are poison, so
If You want me to Continue, then four files are
File 1: Take the yogurt - Cartman and multiple clones are here.
File 2: Do not take yogurt, finish off weed, then sh*t starts - Cartman is still alive.
File 3: Do not take yogurt, finish off weed, then study -Cartman dies. I didn't enter the net.
File 4: Do not take yogurt, and go to biology lab tomorrow sober, but I still have weed. -I finish the third episode of the pilot, and Cartman returns to his home.
Files 2,3,4 are all on the path to suicide already. File 1 is still good, but risky. And New Game is well what the f*ck .
Dude, I'm too high. lol I wrote too much suicde stuff. I ain't posting this now.
10:21 more weed missed the 20
No dude it'll be terrible out there. I just like being in control of the "reality" as I've come to know it from you. You can't change it yet. I am start at Phase 3.000000000 so I "Technically" never left Phase 2. This could lead to the end of the world, but ugh, please, be careful because you do not know the balance, or do you , ?
Well, if this gets on the internet, then that means the South Park Creators were successful with getting me to leave my house, even though I really will just break the bong and cut my wrists so don't do anything stupid. That is, just use the limited tools so I know it's still a delusion. The South Park delusion. Please, careful. No
I don't accept t hat one. It has to be before unless exception circumstance which other ones have met and i was happy, lol i kinda like this one.

Oycartman appears, unknown song starts playing
Ocartman starts rapping out to it.
Contemplate we do. I AM very stubborn, he raps. yeah yeah surrounding me
ok relax time

Oycartman: Oy, I almost forgot, I told Cartman that he doesn't have to appreciate the creator of South Park's work in his life because he doesn't have to appreciate South Park anymore. Game Over. That is the current state 1033. And the song, Full Nelson, Limp Bikit comes on. Oh normally, I wouldn't include songs names, but the name helps fil the blank, so it's like a substitution, but since there isn't substitution for me, we just use the funny version, instead of this rather depressing graph . Do you see? It is a black hole. At the center, it is
Me: Oh God.....Now it is starting to make sense, but I am going to go back to sulking
King Solomon: Do it, it's all trickery anyways
Oycartman; Disregard the above, what Ireall meany to say and I don't know how I forgot it lol was that sh*t it's like someone is just deleting numbers in my life lol deleting it from my mind
oh yeah i told him the secret of evermore.
CARTMAN: Oh that's all? Oh, well
Voice: That's all ? Oh well, that's okay Cartman. I thought I was going to have to put him in a coma you know, since he's God, better just let him sleep so he don't kill us
Oycartman: He just wants to let you know that there will be earthquakes and sh*t for people who abuse.
Voice: What go away, I have to figure out how to get him out of his house. Usually Cartman is so easy.
King Solomon: Sigh, the problem is that Cartman is with the cat he cannot get away from my cat. And if he does, my door is locked.
It's now a full 12 hours later. 10 37 so smoke time
of ig i had so,e weed i would kist
the ypgit to,e os pit
King solomo: I'll end up in the volcano if I don't eat the yogurt, but decide for the name. The decision was already made. I post this soon. And drive fast to parkway. forget about weed. No, relax, nothing rash, like eating that yogurt that I just did.See Cartman almost scared me, he's an evil voice now. He wants to laugh , he wants, to please Newman. Newman is the reincarnation ofCarmtna
You are f*cked for taking that yogurt, now go cut your wrists, gave over.
Satan: No, remember, sell your soul, I was true when I showed you hell, it's just empty cause we didn't listen to you the first time, please post this to the internet at 10:43

End_of_transmission 10:42
whoops forgot to smoke weed.
End_of_transmission Cartman_from_Epitaph_2 10:42
End_of_transmission Cartman_from_Epitaph_n 10:43
I am stubborn. Goodbye. Staying awake 72 hour guard.
Somehow, events are going to transpire in which I post this? But I want to post it and it says 10:49.
Post it to the Japanese then?
The answer is 10 4 9. That is the solution with America. Let us google that.

Yes, I am stubborn. I just won't play. Sure throw me around but all you are doing is watching that guy who you gutted open lay there on the battle field dying because you forgot to dot. dot dot. Well, why is it that you want me to come and dot for you? I will now see what happens to make me unstubborn but some things and I swear I will hate you and I will kill you by killing myself, so you can gut me if you want , but I don't know i can't post this part. And I want to see it get posted it even if that's fake. I don't' think you can pull that off.
So was the quantum jumping I saw really just you? Oh god. 1047
I am too annoyed. I don't want any more illusions or delusions. I just want reality.
1048 i am dead while I am alive. That is why I am always cold.

And then He did appear. Epitaph_untitled. He has the ability to solve the Epitaph issue. But, LP goes down.
Oh, btw, my religion says that you are allowed to kill yourself. But you will be trapped inside the circle, that is, you will just come back to earth. What happens if there is no earth? Well, if God doesn't want to, you all just go back to being cockroaches and you'll re habitat the earth, and God, he will leave this place, just like he did at the end their time. So, the question is
Can I just dlete the f lies?
Yes, I can.
I want to do something corny like say "I Honor the Fallen Japanese for 1111" that we should not think about just us but them. This survival of the fittest is
Don't you see, I'm just using this as blue smoke. Once i finish sharing the solutions, I can kill myself, I can jump into that volcano that Cartman has come to. But I don't want to find out what happens. NO. I don't want to find out what happens. And I can just delete my existence. i do not worship God and God knows this and Allah , well, perhaps I will lead the Muslims or Japanese to suicide and I do not want that, for that is evil, so what do i do? I can kill myself. And I will be selfish. But my selfishness is you. them. These people who use me for cheap laughs. Anything could happen to me. Imagine all the stuff you do to your sims? That's the jinn to me. It's terrible. But that's the worst part of it all is because they are going to for the rational number tonight but I can't face the possibility of an irrational unit. Well, I can't post this. Then you will know.
burt I can do something else.
1042 was always a blue smoke screen. Sigh. I would never be so foolish to take out the last of an enemy. The white Sage Rat is the last of his kind. but it is the middle man rat that always gets you. That god damn mask seller in major's mask <insert HIS laugh>
Beavis and butthead: nnnn hindusf uckfhindus
Beavis in a clear voice: OH hey, you are just a clown they actually planned that so go back to.
VoiceWe actually control what you say, he just thinks he controls.
Me: O. M. G.
But while i said it, Cartman was swing Omging
Ok now it's time to run away, but the lover i run the more your pain goes up. SP your pain goes up
JP yeah
JP goes down the longer wait
Japanese Power lol
no really I should sign onto that Japnaese website and just do the righteous thing as I have come to learn it in the 3.5th but thatr's the point of no return. That's when I enter Phase 3.00000001 and I'm at your mercy to move to Phase 4 slowly, but funly,
I want to remain invisible in the shadows. No way you going to do this with this sh*t song haha.
but then what if today was a blue smoke day . Or they know when it's supposed to be done but no i can't take the static in my head. Is that going to happen at 1109? That'll be chilling cause then I'll pause it, and the world will be silent. But I think I will just close my eyes and rest myself to sleep.
I can't do this
1103. I can't. They even showed me making this in a video game Peoel arealdy know when it happens. How?

Cartman: I'll tell you how, you have to finish the game. Suicide, well, you revive yourself, so don't do it.
King Solomon: I am happier here.
Cartman: I knew you would say that, that's why I've brought you someone.
God Rat: You live in MY world.
King Solomon: Jesus christ.
God Rat: Btw, you would go 1,000,000 years before you came back to fix it here, I've studied you. I created you. I want to evolve into a hamster. Please help me.
King Solomon: You shouldn't have appeared.
God Rat: No, you were so high that you forgot the reason why I appeared
King solomon: oh no not this horribleshit the monte carlo movie sh*t
God Rat: Forget about that, no this is more.
And then HE entered the room.
And at 11:09, it should be like "Sh, tt's HIM" and I s how you how the Powerpuff girls say it/ But, I am stubborn. I am going to avoid 1111 due to being so stubborn. But does it happen? You know, I hate this tv sh*t. The black guy was there worst in the prison. Hated that. Sorobotic I am. Solomonic, huh?
1107 time
1108 there is one thing too that you could do, a complete back hand, like nick minaj wold say, you could pull out my dick and piss on me, please don't I'm really scared now.
I should be typing but I want to run away. Change the song b ut that was a good timing. like we are writing a book. I don't want to write history anymore. Too much. Flashing lights. Rereat. Don't do it.
And that technically would be the worst one. Please I don't want to wake up in a nightmare. Ah, I
I will just see where my mind takes me.
1111 things won't be the same. This reality, .
but today is blue smoke it seems. So, what the f*ck, hate you all.

lmfao this is horrible tv cause of the predictability but I now realie my purpose. Sigh. Thanks guys, but that doesn't mean I don't want to just delete it. But I will play this game
Cartman I don't want to go to new Orleans
And then he does anyways. Well, we are going to New Orleans this is so funny.
The best now. Good tv, the show just got good for me. The author of this is so interested in what's going to come net.
We just made some progress, Cartman.
That is what you need to deliver when you make it to New Orleans. Tell them that the answer is weed for everyone. The Native Americans made a mistake, they listened to you, and you got the entire planet killed off and they never got to make Le Louch of the Rebellion. Cartman, if I die, ye go sep slb.
Wel df ththat'''''t''''''that'thgt;hagad
CartmanL I knew you would be back, You really do have to type what I want you to. Look, I gave you the correct answer, a b ether answer. Do not try to fid capitalism. We rid your mind today. The suicide function, we saw you make that in 3 grade, we ran the numbers, no it will not work. Do you trust us? Just change the answer to 10420. See where that is.
You see, if you turn that ship around, and go to finland, which is jinnland, you spare the native americans, but you have freewill, you were such a jew that YOU caused the Native American and you cannot die until they are happy, you did this. You were the person who carried the disease. You only think you are King Solomon because they are righteous and gave you his showa. Do you see how dumb the character king solomon is in here, that's you because you are only a showa. Duh, now go to finland. That's what it says to do.
Me: Sigh.
what are the cikir if the flags look at how pathetic this is, google and the game and my imagination and you are writing this. lol
the pleases me, i get to use the blue lighter. Although i did want to go to New Orleans. Bt that's okay.
Cartman: Btw, did you remember to tell yourself that it was only an ?
King solomon oh yeah thanks.
Me: No one sees me if I don't think it, just play dumb, look at this computer omg, how is he keeping a straight, i am not i am losing character. this is bad tv bad tv, i cannot keep character, bad tv, bad tv, bad tv tbdf add fasdfsadfaf ok its fine i got the weed i got the game i cold play this gam fun
If I was viewed as below Joseph I could f*ck myself right now, I would say, and Jose is the reincarnation of Marco Polo cause in lol cause look I want to do the right thing and now I have the guy sign a loan with the devil cause he's just so sad. What type of world do those people live in? Well, maybe we can change his story. Where in the world is Atlantis? Let's play it. Out running out of weed. Bad. Not good. I have to make a decision about driving or hibernating soon. And I am scared to drive. I am scared of what I what I fore see.
"How may I help you?"
By teaching me how to smoke weed,
now, instead, we see him smoke some weed. We play rap rappa music
I have no feeling once you tell me the truth but I won't lose my character it's just that. That's my life. A script. Because I can only do one thing. Really. But I can terminate lol
***END 742 42011041949***

Captain Planet Awards
*Pilot* Episode 3/3: Go 4 9rs.

Page 420
Page 420. SmallTalk, smart machine.
But lol 425 spaghetti code, Oommmf says Paul Zinskie.
As the flying spaghetti monster comes flying out.
Din nit nit nit inside of Paul's Fat, episode 6?
Spaghetti Monster: Hello, Epitaph_2
Epitaph_2: Hello, sorry I haven't visited you in a while.
SM: You promised us 13 episodes, now remember, 6 were inside, and 6 were outside, and 13 was the mergence, and 14th will be the episode to tie up lose ends.
E2: Whoa, whoa, you want more episodes?
SM: Yes. Since Paul and you no longer get to make tv shows, you will have to finish it.
E2: Well, I'll fininish this episode, but you can't keep making world collides.
SM: No, you didn't. No! Do you hear that?

We listen. We hear the static. The entire tv screen changes into a music video with the song Down With the Sickness playing in the background.

SM: Can you feel that?
E2: Oh, sh*t.
Powerman 5000 comes flying out
Powerman 5000: Oh, wha wha whaaaa

The tv screen bursts with many different colors as the music changes to "When World Collides."
PM 5000: So this is what it's like when world collides.
The music video ends.

E2: Fortunately, we are safe from South Park.
SM: No, that's why I'm here.
E2: .....?
SM: Yes, you said an accident for each nuke, so either you get 2 or 1 more on your Honda. I came to warn you.
Hitler appears.
Hitler: If you take that BMW logo off, you'll find the spaghetti monster.
SM: Hiter, don't change the script to trick him.
The viewers see this "change" happen as SM rectifies the discrepancy. Cool graphics here.
SM: If you "don't" is what Hitler meant to say, you'll get into two more accidents in your BMW H-series.
E2: Why?
SM: What is "why?"
Me: You know
[Insert Dialogue here along the lines about how "why" is english, inside of Pauul, the translation to their language is "whyyyyy?"
E2: Damn it, okay then, whyyyyyyyy
SM: Because Hitler doesn't like to be considered second-best. So they will destroy your car forcing you to take off the BMW logo.
E2: So what should I do?

Then, we see Stan/Justin loading up my myspace page. We watch him play the pilot episode to "Outside of Paul's Fat." Lol, then we see Paul's head spin as the scene changes (how it is in the animation.)
SM disappears.
We then watch E2 who almost as if possessed begins to turn his head, and sees it.

The sign that (and now we see scribble appear on the screen)
We see words appear. "Cartman just cl..." we see that get scribbled out.
We then see a computer monitor and the word "scribble" is being selected, and we continue to zoom out to see Cartman playing what appears to be the Sims.
This new Cartman speaks:
Cartman: Hey dipshit.
Then, suddenly, "When Worlds Collide" begins to play, as Powerman 5000 comes flying out of the monitor in a brilliant flash of light.
Cartman: Oh sh*t.

Meanwhile, the screen changes to a sexy black lady who is wearing a cool shirt, and she starts rocking out to Powerman 5000.
Sexy black lady: You are a robot.
Then, she receives a text, "Hurry!" it reads.
E2 is then directed to take pills, to distract from worlds colliding even further.

Meanwhile, we zoom back out to Cartman and PM 5000.
Cartman: Nom nom nom, I'm Powerman 5000 now.
Cartman devours Powerman 5000. Cartman becomes Cartman 5000.
CM 5000: "Now, where was I? Oh, whoops, let's watch then!"
CM 5000 clicks "Add skull" to the game he's playing.

Back inside CM 5000's computer, we watch as more worlds are threatened.
Back to E2, we see a skull appear in the room, just where E2 was looking at before the scribble came.
The skull turns out to be caused by Darth Vader Stewie, and across from the skull, we see a slash created by an animal swiping his claw in thin air, this one was Mustafa from the Lion King. Stewie had to appear to restore order to his world because Stewie, as Darth Vader, almost created the end of time....again....(the first time he wasn't Darth Vader) When the two different worlds returned back to their respective universes, a skull and a paw's slash were left remaining on the walls where a drugged up on pills E2 was who functions pretty well despite the drugs.

We now watch Cartman 5000 as he reads the Spaghetti code.
CM 5000: "When they left, they left their symbols on the wall."
CM 5000 looks up to re-verify that he is at that moment.
CM 5000: "So, now, we go back to the spaghetti code. It leads to structured programming. So, yeah, too many GO TO statements. What is the solution?"
CM 5000 puts the book down. Thinks to himself. Looks around. He sees his bong. He goes to smoke it.
CM 5000: "That's it. That's the answer."
CM 5000 tosses everything off his desk, he takes the keyboard and slams it down hard. Keys come flying out. CM loses the cross key. CM loses the heaven key. But that does not stop CM. CM types and types, and finally, we watch as he types in the final three keys - "4" "2" "0" And then we watch the effects it has, back to the monitor point of view.
CM 5000 narrates, as we watch the screen show us.
CM 5000: But, with 420, I could finish. Can I? DoI? Is it already done? Well, honest, I am typing this. I really am in the 3D "5th" Dimension sitting at home, with, or without 420, with or without boop, with or without noop, typing this lol. Do you see it yet? I do. And, it's 8:15 on 10/27, yet I am not typing this until a few days later. Now, go to that day."
We see on the screen, "Modular Programming Unlocked."
CM 5000 gets back to work.
"Present day: 10/27, 8:15 aw sh*t, 20:15.
Future day: 11/4 9:19."
CARTMAN hits 420.
We watch, but all we see is Paul Zinskie's head spinning around.
CM 5000: Whew. That suffices for the ending.
CM 5000 picks up the Spaghetti Code. He continues to read.
CM 5000: To future DJ, I am the sleep-walking version of you. I am now a dream to you. All that remains of me is this message. Please, I am actually from the past, from Emma's time. You need to type up the story of the Boop with Emma when you picked them up that one time. Emma, as always, said the Boop. You had no choice. You booked back. But you were glad, remember, because the book is still alive!
CM 5000 looks up. He's in awe. He goes back to reading.
CM 5000: From present dj, Ah yes, please type that up, right now. Otherwise if you are typing this then you are too mindless so stop. Go to group. Impeccable timing. Remember, they are! Now, present-DJ is happ and goes out to explore.
CM 5000 pauses. "NSG."
"What is this NSG? CM 5000 wonders to himself. CM 5000 continues to read.
CM 5000: "Good, you finished typing. I have a secret for you. When you add Emma to the end, you get message. And the message from Emma hidden in the "Boop" she used was that you don't have to go to group for remembering her.
CM 5000 looks up to his screen.
CM 5000: "sh*t."
We look at the screen, and we watch the camera zoom back up to CM 5000.
CM 5000 laughs, CM 5000 weeps a little.
CM 5000: "Aw, I, I didn't even see it. That Emma. Now then wasn't that good. So go get to work lol."
CM 5000 laughs. "The group we missed was caring for self. Yeah, I say, I care pretty well about myself. MOMMMMMM!"
Mrs. Cartman's Mom: Yes? Do you need more books, hun?
CM 5000: No, Mom, just wanted to tell you that I love you.
Mrs. Cartman's Mom: Aw. Well, let me know if you need any books or noop.


***SP Begin***
CM 5000: The Que's book is good stuff for 1990 book. Oh snap.
CM 5000 starts to read the computer screen.
CM 5000: Pat transforms into Kennedy.
CM 5000 looks back down. He flips to the next page.
CM 5000: "Oh. Here it is: Cartman keeps ordering me to say 'Oh my god, they Cartman killed Kenny. You bastard Cartman's a bastard."
CM 5000 says "sh*t."
CM 5000 transforms into Bastard CM 5000.
Voice: "Yes give me more power. Now, say it!"
Bastard CM 5000: "Lol, can't now. They just brought in a real person named Ken, so guess Cartman wants me to say, 'Omg, Cartman revive Kenny. You bastard?"
Bastard CM 5000 is surrounded by a brilliant flash of pure light. Bastard CM 5000 transforms back into CM 5000, and Powerman 5000 is now free.
CM 5000: Unbelievable.
We then hear "When worlds collide" play by faith.
"When worlds collide" starts to play; meaning, you have to smoke weed. And BOOP!
The music video effects begin to happen. It feels like an acid trip, even though it is only weed.
We see Brian from Family Guy (error, the son of Peter, what is his name?) tell Peter about the effects of long-term weed while this song is playing. Then, we end as the screen moves to the world of the Monkey's Paw.

We hear CM 5000 narrating.
CM 5000: "*A wise Indian appears* Wise Indian * ? appears as Native American. * here : Indian is subcontinent India. Native Americans or Natives will be used for Native Americans.* Wise Indian....Wise Indian is scribbled out by Bastard-5000. Watch. Wise Indian appears as a Native American because someone forgot to open their eyes. We do not know who this person is who forgot to open their eyes, but it turns out that it is you. Also, here, Indian is Wise. Wise Indian. We watch Bastard-5000 quickly change the character's physical profile from Native to Indian, pretending he's not subconsciously a racist. (But, as we will find out later, I write it here out-of-place cause I'll forget. We change to the monitor's pov. We go to a Madonna concert."
Madonna: Sigma Freud, Analye This.
Sigma Freud: I thought you would never ask. You forgot the heaven key.
Madonna: Sigma Freud, Ha, got you now, bitch. Analyze This!
Sigma Freud: NO! IT WUZ A TRAP! (in a german accent)
Sigma Freud: Guess I'll die another die. We are all racist - subconsciously - but you can change that wiring.
CM 5000: "And now, in my real life, the real me, a feeling of malaise sets over me."
CM 5000 pauses, and reflects. CM 5000 looks back up at the monitor after taking a hit of weed.
E2: "I hate being so redundant. But I am just running away from myself, my Amman, my soul, Our God, because of that damn feeling of futility."
CM 5000: "The stoned blanket appears. The blanket says 'The Valley Hospital' Mar' 12. Breakfast soon."
E2: "I do love the breakfasts."
E2 goes to mediate, but mediation was crossed out by Bastard-5000.

CM 5000: "Mediating, eating whole half-mediating, I was able to find strength, but my eyes weep at the fact of the song Never Been. How they kept up your comment because it will probably take me another 10 minutes. Nope anger. Why am I here? *Scribble Nope, all better thinking about how Our God, our Gods, and Goddesses, & Goddesses, give us strength when we pray. But, praying alone isn't enough, deep thought, tranquil mind, feel your body's pain. But vipassama is a great technique I want to learn (re learn?))"

CM 5000: "Did you see that huge smile this kind guy's soul actually caused? Did you? That was from Shiiva. But you know why I was smiling, if you crossed out I shouldn't say, but it has to do with Sim City 5 lol. Then, the pointlessness feeling comes back, so Solomon likes it when I keep these thoughts with myself and the true mind-readers. Remember, everything in my life should be transparent, which is why I can't be, which is why I'm typing this up how it is, I would indeed otherwise feel like the Devil, because of how dangerous South Park can be if it wasn't for the FCC. Muslim society has done a great job, especially considering that they live in the desert. I don't know why we beat them up so much. But Allah, He will come and clean up your deserts. No more. No more suffering for the Muslims. If only it was that easy lol."

CM 5000 pauses, closes his eyes, opens his eyes, and takes a hit of weed.

CM 5000: "But, all I can assure you of is if we continue to believe, we will create it Ourselves, for we all are our scribble own God and we are because we were created in His image. Anyways, I get the psychological manipulation bad feeling again. A MONSTER appears."
Monster: I would be if I ate you? Fitch, like green hardened alien from Futarama when we ate their children. Did you forget? I don't want to be. But that doesn't mean we can't fix all up."

CM 5000: "Anyways, back to my quest. Anyways, James Sundstofrm from Henderson, Nevada wrote a great piece called "Straight Dope". He scribble I would like to say that I say odd things."

CM 5000 pauses, takes another hit of weed.

CM 5000: "Ah, here it is. Go to 420 10 29."
Cartman 5000 takes another hit.


CM 5000: The rest of the pilot episode begins when our author gets to the ors in this journal or and because of other commitments, like like of a car due to an accident that I was in, I have to go get a job, so I do not have as much time as I had hoped to continue finishing this, but if anyone has an interest, leave some comments and I'll be sure to get back to it in my spare time. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. 7:24 signing out 4201140724 4201141924 because it's pm lol.

A time warp split opens up. We skip to the ending. CM 5000 has no choice but to read at the end, the Book of Revelations.

CM 5000: And then another CM appears scribble another CM appears, and says that the pilot ends with him saying "I love you Mom" to his Mom. End. But then scribble anoth, strike out, but then, CM another , scribble static. THE STATIC. Cartman dodges."
CM 5000 is weak, needs to focus, grabs bong, and takes another hit.
CM 5000 grabs white and heaven lighters, and combines them to take a magical hit of weed. You should do the same, trust me, it'll be more fun that way. You've made it this far, after all, you're at the end of time.
CM 5000: "This CM is from the day after yesterday. Chef says, "Oh sh*t." Then, the Looptaf eats your scribble static the screen. And that's to strike out. Cartman from Day after Tomorrow appears too, but probably not in the pilot? But Cartman strike out the scribble static arrows, time, follow, nowhere, here, anomaly, the real black whole bottomless pit Cartman appears, and says ... dot dot dot "yeah" blackout blackout strike. black strike. Black hole dope lol no don't add Simpsons, then you should add Bush and Obama, and oh sh*t, we are back to November 4th, 7:30, 2012, " We need to go back just a little bit in time to the Legendary Present-day November 3rd, in which I tried to post a video about why you should not vote for OBama and why you should not vote for Romney, but if you were to vote for OBama you are supporting Muslims, and if you vote for Romney you are supporting whites and a very warm, pleasant end until we evolve into something else. But if you vote for Ron Paul, you vote for America, you vote for Liberty. even if he's not on the ballet, just write him in, and if you can't vote, you have a right to, any age, so anyone who isn't registered or not, go mail your vote, and send a copy to Ron Paul too because as you can see, at the top, Ron Paul is Benjamin Franklin, and don't we want to go to the ending? This is just the beginning of the ending, just so I can say "At least I tried.""
***End of transmission 42011040734 162040111934 as I prepare for the last of my weed because someone like Ron Paul isn't President, had he been President in 2008, I wouldn't have a weed shortage, although I wouldn't have bothered to write any of this, the irony. But enough is enough. I have no soap! lol. But don't worry though, I did voluntarily take a 1 week pledge not to smoke weed and donated $500 to charities. So all's well that ends well. I seek righteousness for the record, and so does Ron Paul, try to get the word out it's not too late. But for me, I take my last hits of weed. 7:37 24/7."
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

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South Park - the Cued Ghosts
Lost Episode Pilot 4/3

Lost Episode Pilot (lol) & Exodus (1.24) GOTO JM, Katie's Qued Ghost, Kathy's
CM 5000 who had ran out of weed, yelled BOOP!
CM 5000's Mom: BOOP!
CM 5000's Mom comes running in with weed.
Mom: "Here you go, son, here's more weed. Boop!"
CM 5000: "Boop!"
CM 5000 picks up the Journal to see what has been written.
CM 5000: "CM 5000 only wanted to do one thing, and that was to play FF7 on the Wii that CM 5000 has been waiting for. FF7 on Nintendo, how it was supposed to be, because 64 bit would have been way fun, but CM 5000 also knows that some things just cannot be, so CM 5000 has been waiting patiently for FF7 remake for the Playstation, which CM 5000 worries might not be as good as 64 bit FF7. CM 5000 then meets up with Dana to pick up weed for religious purposes, even though CM 5000 wonders why he has to wait for Dana when his mom just brought him in weed."
CM 5000: "Yeah, what the f*ck is with that?!?"
CM 5000: "At this point, when CM 5000 takes that hit, Cartman 1999's power level will be at 99.8%. CM 5000, why haven't you smoked weed yet?"
and then we watch CM 5000 go clean his bong, get his lighters together, and readies his money for Dana.
CM 5000: "The party does not start until Dana walk in. "
and we watch as Cartman starts singing Tik Tok by Kesha, and we go on a tour of South Park, where other people are also dancing and singing to the song.
CM 5000: "Ok, that was fun. The lighter game. I hope the hidden camera theory was correct, otherwise, people are missing out on some good tv."
We see that CM 5000 was looking at the computer.
CM 5000 then picks up the journal.
CM 5000: "Blanket forgot to appear."
CM 5000; "Sweet, finally something easy for me to do."
CM 5000 picks up his bong, and smokes!
Voice: "Why are we watching you?"
CM 5000: "Oh, oh, sh*t, they are real. Let me just go smoke more."
CM 5000 smokes more in celebration.
CM 5000 looks at the monitor. Very happy at first, then concerned.
CM 5000: "YES! Yes! Tell her thanks for the weed. Wait, no no, no pick up the phone, why didn't you hit send, oh sh*t. not good not good."
CM 5000 picks up the journal.
CM 5000: "Behemoth is summoned."


We go back to CM 5000's world,
CM 5000: "Oh sh*t...."
CM 5000' s phone goes off, the new email sound.
It reads: "From: Ron Paul; Subject: Who are you voting for?"
CM 5000 realizes he must take a hit now.
CM 5000 follows the link in the email, about the new poll.
It reads, "Poll: Who Are You Voting For?
213 Responses
by on November 5, 2012
Who are you voting for in Tuesday's Presidential Election?
Ron Paul (write-in)
Gary Johnson
Virgil Goode
Jill Stein
I'll vote for somebody else

***[Slight] SPOILER ALERT***
[Other options available, converting to South Park terms]
Looten Plunder (Barack Obama, but Obama is really Kwame. To get him back to his old self, all we need to do is give him some weed. The other episodes will follow Cartman as he accomplishes this goal.]
Duke Nuk'm (Mitt Romney, but we find out that Duke Nuk'm is not actually evil, he just wanted to get rid of the deserts by destroying Antarctica and to put Americans back to work by having them dig holes. Cartman had to give Romney noop to save him.)
Dr. Blithe (turns out it was Hilary Clinton, and she wasn't evil, she was just too smart for her own good.)
Hoogish Greedly (and Cartman unveils that Governor Christie was actually possessed by the Pig God because people keep abusing them. We learn from the Pig God that it's bad enough we eat them, but abusing them is just unacceptable. And, we have to ask ourselves a serious question, why do we abuse pigs if we are just breeding them for our own food consumption? I am not advocating that you have to give up bacon, but I am advocating that animals we slaughter for food, we have to let them run and roam free. And Snooki was his wife, the Pig Goddess, but Governor Christie also did some other good work while in office, he's sorry for the pollution but he says that new jersey's pollution gives the state a competitive advantage, and considering how cash-strapped we are, having to cancel transportation projects, Christie thought it was a good solution.)

***HERE: slight spoilers skipped***

The above is only considered a slight spoiler because it actually promotes Obama and Romney, who have been portrayed as villains by the media. But the real spoiler is the next one, I only include it because this is the Credits of this Pilot Episode.

***Acknowledgements and Thanks***
I would like to thank the South Park creators for making such a great show. I would like to thank my sister Kailie for having such a great friend who helped me out with my weed shortage, hence why I was able to write this, even though no one has left any replies, but that's good because that's just more "work" for me, especially considering my lack of resources right now, but I do have a birthday coming up, so I look forward to that. And I would like to thank you for reading this, and I hope you go out today, and vote for Ron Paul, or any candidate really, but Ron Paul is truly the best candidate for the world. And if there's any dirty deeds that have to be done, like smoking pot on national tv, that should be Obama's job, and we the people have a right to request it. And, last but not least, the Pilot ends with me saying "I love my mom" because "Cartman" told me to add that. But this is not the last episode because it actually ends with Cartman saying that, and as you can see, Cartman doesn't say it here, so I'll be back to finish the Second and Third Lost Pilot Episodes. (No comments needed lol.)

And I would like to thank Ray the person who is repairing the body damage to my car. You will get to see great acting that Ray did when I was there dropping the car off, and the acting after, including the military precise attack onto my car, and thanks to Ray's killer performance, it was worth it to me that they "killed" me by tricking me into riding my bike on November 2nd. It was worth it though, and if asked, I would do it again.

And a special thanks to Ron Paul for putting his life on the line. It turns out that Ron Paul and Winona Laduke never got assassinated, they were doing a mandatory Secret Service training simulation of what could happen, so that, if it does happen the Secret Service can be prepared for the safety and protection of - not the President, since he just got blown up, and not the Vice President, since she just got blown up - but for the protection of us the American People, and I hope I've inspired you to go out there and vote for Ron Paul! I'll be writing him in today, bringing the Constitution back home, here in, America.

CM 5000: "So now CM 5000 takes another hit, as the new character iosolomon invents himself at 42061192342, he realizes the Pilot episode is not over, and his character is trapped, but CM 5000 has to remember, that he did it to himself, he created a really good game of the Sims, and CM 5000 looks forward to what will happen."
iosolomon: "applause, applause, you've just invented the end of the movie, and now the ending, is you re-reading everything, and the last three movies will be your additions and re-edits to the Pilots series."
And, then, we watch CM 5000 and iosolomon smoke pot. The rest of the episode will be miscellaneous shout-outs like probably 10 minutes of Never Been playing, which I often meditate to these days, try it, it's therapeutic, and so iosolomon does
King Solomon starts weeping.
iosolomon turns the song off.
King Solomon: "Why are they playing this, this song always makes me cry, and it's so cold right now that I can't cry, so they are just cursing me, why are they cursing me, i will cry if they want please do not make it so cold."
iosolomon: "whoa sorry bro, that was you pretending to be me remember?"
King Solomon laughs, and types this up, iosolomon laughs and actually ends up typing this up. And search for my comment lo on you tube ol
iosolomon: lo and ol will be my unique way of adding changes just to make it more interesting, you'll see.
lool if you want to read the specific mediation technique Io used.

But, really, again thanks for watching, the episode would end if it was on tv.
Begin weed transmission
"Hello people, I speak to you beyond the credits. Aren't you glad you sat through them? You are lucky that I have a great team selecting songs for me right now, which could very well just be an AI Steve Jobs,
iosolomon: yeah, let me go show King Solomon reincarnation it was an accident, they only want him cold to get his car ready.

ollo And so, itunes appears in the lower right hand corner, much how those cool microsoft word characters used to be, and that now ties in with the net ol

losolo Tol those neat programs we see in the science-fiction movies. It won't be science fiction anymore at this rate if you are actually sitting there smoking weed with Ron Paul as President. I guess this is a clue as to when the movie will come out for the Fourth Movie, but I came to say, I just had a weed epiphany. So a little more credits, because I always told my friend Justin even when I didn't smoke weed that I would make a movie giving people weed breaks, but guess what, with Ron Paul as President, AND if you are in a designated weed smoking theater (that is, we have to RESPECT people who don't want to smoke weed because for many people, they truly can't smoke weed, and it is these people that we should give a special thanks to, so let's have the credits run a little bit more as we thank the true heroes of our world, the ones we often forget about.
Weed Credits begin to play:
Thank you, Pilots! Thank you, Ambulance Drivers and Paramedics! Thank you to anyone who just doesn't smoke just because. But for those of you in the weed theaters, take those hits! Well, before I post this, I'm going to call my mechanic, as part of the weed credits, because by now, we should live in a society where everyone can be smoking weed, so we only have to thank those people who just chose not to just because. lol.

And because we wanted to make this just a 30 minute episode that could be played as a sneak preview of the first "23" minutes of the movie, that would be pretty clever so I wanted to keep this part short, and now I also do research about the other questions I'll have to vote for like the school board of education election, because I'm following the signs to know what I'm voting for. I saw a 34 sign, and I'm going to start my research there, and see if those candidates are good enough for me, just make sure you know what you are voting for this election. And God Bless the Muslims, Praise and Fear Allah, it's 911, see how they are choosing forgiveness and mercy even though they could also take over the world over night. So thank you. And have a great Election Day!
CM 5000; "Of course, it always ends with a hit of weed."
iosolomon: It's 9:37 and I have things to go do. It's not like I'm getting paid. I have to go research the markets and what not.
iosolomon sighs.
iosolomon starts chanting to the Illuminati beat of Britney Spears, Radar, I've got my eye on you, and I can't let you get away, and asks, "Que es 'no-tu-su' but spelled notusu, solomon looks at the illuminati clues on the """forbidden""" tree of """APPLE""" rofl but not really since I might be on camera. And, then, THAT song plays, says iosolomon forcing himself RIGHT NOW to make it come true. iosolomon laughs like the schiosrephenic he is, and due to the lack of the "heaven" key sad face insert iosolomon can't even spell it right making him look even more of the role lol, but that's funny to me because you are sheep if you believe this whole mental health bullsh*t. I knew one day I would be ending it, but I thought it wouldn't be until I was 42, fortunately, I'm 24, a pretty good age for my data collection, sorry, it's hard being on a tv show and not even knowing, and there were shows based around things you had said in private and that was hilarious, but you never told anyone because it was embarassing.
CM 5000: "Hey, you're taking my role away now iosolomon."
iosolomon: "Oh, sorry, that's right, this doesn't come out until February 11th, 2013, or perhaps, 1/24/13 lol or 12/12/12. Hey, if people are actially reading this,
CM 5000: "Whoops, better not, feel that? I pushed the warm button. And now you are getting cold on the inside. I will make them play a sad song, so don't get cocky."
Star Fo with the cross says, "It's like my game always says, Don't get cocky or wherever that was, best clip ever you always thought, the production value of it was orgasmic lol as in, the person who was saying it was the cocky one but was so cocky that the character didn't know it, it was perfect for that criteria, a 110% , no 120% percent, and sometimes that impossible 125% Asians always manage to get, but that's because we stupid. Anyways, I don't want iosolomon's image of My Universe to change because all we do is just kill kill kill , and that's bad, so I'm out, I guess you can say I am the Star Foe with the Cross muwhahahaa <insert kefka laugh>
Emperor Kefka: Welcome back, Muse is like a fuse, they designed that little rhyme just for you, feel the rhythm, the beat, the tune, and smoke some more weed, and go get ready to fulfill the South Park prophecy of 10 or 11, and get the movie to the mechanic. Good luck.
Emperor Gestahl: Wait a second, that's what I would say. He....he....he's pure evil.
Dun dun dun, the creators of South Park are pure evil. So what will the plot unveil, but be assured, the more weed I get, the more I will write, because as long as no one leaves a comment, I will work on the "net" three movies of adding additions. Because today is a historic day, we are writing history books. November 6, 2012, Ron Paul was elected President. Ok, I'm grabbing a shower and dgoig to drop the money off. I'll be back for as long as I have weed. Later.

CM 5000; "Of course, it always ends with a hit of weed."

And now I'm about to make the demands steep lol After credits drum roll.
***SP Begin***
CM 5000: The Que's book is good stuff for 1990 book. Oh snap.
CM 5000 starts to read the computer screen.
CM 5000: Pat transforms into Kennedy.
CM 5000 looks back down. He flips to the next page.
CM 5000: "Oh. Here it is: Cartman keeps ordering me to say 'Oh my god, they Cartman killed Kenny. You bastard Cartman's a bastard."
CM 5000 says "sh*t."
CM 5000 transforms into Bastard CM 5000.
Voice: "Yes give me more power. Now, say it!"
Bastard CM 5000: "Lol, can't now. They just brought in a real person named Ken, so guess Cartman wants me to say, 'Omg, Cartman revive Kenny. You bastard?"
Bastard CM 5000 is surrounded by a brilliant flash of pure light. Bastard CM 5000 transforms back into CM 5000, and Powerman 5000 is now free.
CM 5000: Unbelievable.
We then hear "When worlds collide" play by faith.
"When worlds collide" starts to play; meaning, you have to smoke weed. And BOOP!
The music video effects begin to happen. It feels like an acid trip, even though it is only weed.
We see Brian from Family Guy (error, the son of Peter, what is his name?) tell Peter about the effects of long-term weed while this song is playing. Then, we end as the screen moves to the world of the Monkey's Paw.

We hear CM 5000 narrating.
CM 5000: "*A wise Indian appears* Wise Indian * ? appears as Native American. * here : Indian is subcontinent India. Native Americans or Natives will be used for Native Americans.* Wise Indian....Wise Indian is scribbled out by Bastard-5000. Watch. Wise Indian appears as a Native American because someone forgot to open their eyes. We do not know who this person is who forgot to open their eyes, but it turns out that it is you. Also, here, Indian is Wise. Wise Indian. We watch Bastard-5000 quickly change the character's physical profile from Native to Indian, pretending he's not subconsciously a racist. (But, as we will find out later, I write it here out-of-place cause I'll forget. We change to the monitor's pov. We go to a Madonna concert."
Madonna: Sigma Freud, Analye This.
Sigma Freud: I thought you would never ask. You forgot the heaven key.
Madonna: Sigma Freud, Ha, got you now, bitch. Analyze This!
Sigma Freud: NO! IT WUZ A TRAP! (in a german accent)
Sigma Freud: Guess I'll die another die. We are all racist - subconsciously - but you can change that wiring.
CM 5000: "And now, in my real life, the real me, a feeling of malaise sets over me."
CM 5000 pauses, and reflects. CM 5000 looks back up at the monitor after taking a hit of weed.
E2: "I hate being so redundant. But I am just running away from myself, my Amman, my soul, Our God, because of that damn feeling of futility."
CM 5000: "The stoned blanket appears. The blanket says 'The Valley Hospital' Mar' 12. Breakfast soon."
E2: "I do love the breakfasts."
E2 goes to mediate, but mediation was crossed out by Bastard-5000.
CM 5000: "Mediating, eating whole half-mediating, I was able to find strength, but my eyes weep at the fact of the song Never Been. How they kept up your comment because it will probably take me another 10 minutes. Nope anger. Why am I here? *Scribble Nope, all better thinking about how Our God, our Gods, and Goddesses, & Goddesses, give us strength when we pray. But, praying alone isn't enough, deep thought, tranquil mind, feel your body's pain. But vipassama is a great technique I want to learn (re learn?))"
CM 5000: "Did you see that huge smile this kind guy's soul actually caused? Did you? That was from Shiiva. But you know why I was smiling, if you crossed out I shouldn't say, but it has to do with Sim City 5 lol. Then, the pointlessness feeling comes back, so Solomon likes it when I keep these thoughts with myself and the true mind-readers. Remember, everything in my life should be transparent, which is why I can't be, which is why I'm typing this up how it is, I would indeed otherwise feel like the Devil, because of how dangerous South Park can be if it wasn't for the FCC. Muslim society has done a great job, especially considering that they live in the desert. I don't know why we beat them up so much. But Allah, He will come and clean up your deserts. No more. No more suffering for the Muslims. If only it was that easy lol."
CM 5000 pauses, closes his eyes, opens his eyes, and takes a hit of weed.
CM 5000: "But, all I can assure you of is if we continue to believe, we will create it Ourselves, for we all are our scribble own God and we are because we were created in His image. Anyways, I get the psychological manipulation bad feeling again. A MONSTER appears."
Monster: I would be if I ate you? Fitch, like green hardened alien from Futarama when we ate their children. Did you forget? I don't want to be. But that doesn't mean we can't fix all up.
CM 5000: "Anyways, back to my quest. Anyways, James Sundstofrm from Henderson, Nevada wrote a great piece called "Straight Dope". He scribble I would like to say that I say odd things."
CM 5000 pauses, takes another hit of weed.
CM 5000: "Ah, here it is. Go to 420 10 29."
Cartman 5000 takes another hit.


The Smithsonian did a great piece about Invisibility. Oh, brother, Steve Jobs article is on page 42. Lol guess I'll go read it.

By Walter Isaacson
Page 42 - Steve Jobs article - Keep it simple was the theme
Frank Lloyd Wrights vision of simple modern homes for the American "everyman"
Joseph Eichler create scribble designed triple strike out cross out developed a great scribble plan style for housing that is known as Eichler style featuring: 'floor-to-ceiling glass walls, open floor plans, exposed post-and-beam construction, concrete slab floors, and lots of sliding glass doors.'
Steve J single strike out.
1977 Steve Jobs wisdom "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" & I strikeout want aspire to make society simple, sophisticated, and fun !! smilie face here

Did I do my homework about Buddhism?
Steve Jobs became a practitioner of Buddhism.
Aung San Suu Kyi - really began spiritual awakening with Buddhism after house arrest in Myanmer.
The scribble sup "BudEven in the darkest corners [of their society] society scribble Buddhism serve[s] as a source of light.
Rxcg scribble Add your ethnographic analysis of never Been here.

Back to homework, I re-established that as my goal again today. Hey, even lost.

*My trio . ya ea - Buddhist - statute - "antichrist" - Buddhist Monk
ISBN - 13: 978-1-4022-0726-6
ISBN - 10: 1-4022-0726-3

Cross out Although the TV show focused primarily on Hindu.

"Dharma is a spiritual concept, part of both Hindu & Buddhist thought, involving protection through living a balanced life in harmony with the rest of the universe. Dharma is a part of right living that brings peace and enlightenment. Dr. Candle's parting Namaste indicates the Hindu influence, fitting for the Dharma Initiative ("Orientation")
"Dharma" Retrieved October 1, 2005, from

p. 82 "The castaways' other (first-season) leader is John Locke, the name of a prominent British philosopher of the 18th century. That John Locke argued that the origin of faith is not in reason but in extraordinary communication - such as spiritual revelation. Some things cannot be empirically proven; they cannot be known as fact. Those areas of knowledge are not based on experience but can be based on revelation. People scribble of faith have faith that this knowledge is correct, even though they cannot prove it by scribble existence experience." Although I say the Buddhists in Myanmar have the experience to know this as true. And, later, in the show Locke, the character, does scribble a rely on the revelations.

Ok, a few more questions. Am I in Delaware?
It would explain why the storm hasn't hit, but I wonder lol. Ok, one more browsing through the Lost book.

Expressed my intention to Ken for plumbing career. Discussed my slip-us, my mistakes irregardless of my Dad, that I'll be a scribble super super sender sensor lol. His son went into steam-fitting. en did insulation. Then, dietician came in, on carpet the weight was 29.0 but on bathroom weight was 124.2. Gained 0.6 lol. Scribble but scribble p. scribble 6.

p. 161

p.124 Lord of the Flies - hunt boar for food.
The Coral Island, Lost follows a middle road.
Between the two stories. John Keats, Re LoF (Lord of Flies) says it has a "a palpable design upon us."
p. 276 "p. 124. John Keats once told us to distrust... "a palpable design upon us" - 311.

p.120 Jurassic Park & Gilligan Island comparison to Lost.

Michael Crichton: "Don't mess with Mother Nature." or even sterner "playing God with species creates problems you can't begin to imagine."
Clever scribble quote word play: The special effects in Steve's JP are 'Jurassic' to Lost's capabilities. 0 scribble in the lower left corner.

Lost Episode Pilot (lol) & Exodus (1.24) GOTO JM, Katie's Qued Ghost
because the ENTIRE world chose to be united, no more killing, no more bickering, and let's see, the elda song that represents hm King author beginnings but no the word I was looking for that was literally blocked out of my mind by some force beyond me and I knew I had no cvhoice but the second the e act second I started writing I knew I would remember the game I was thinking of and it was Alundra, that's like King Author, he would keep adventuring so stupid that the girl wants him, or scared, but I better delete this and add this somewhere else until I get more clues to come back and this so at 9:54 I was too embarrassed to publicly post this part.
iosolomon: "omg this is ama ing e odus because of my own stupidity, how the hell did THIS coincidence ever match up with the dreams I've always had my entire life, oh, but I don't want to wake up, and it's going to happen, I'm embarrassed. You've awaken a God literally, your own gods, all of them, because Shica as you will see I mean Shiva as you will has collected them all for her son Kefka, and I want them. And stop with this bad tv, I keep asking you many times, so I hope that it's just plain and simple an ancient King demands that Ron Paul, One of Abraham's Original 13 be President for dying on the cross back in ancient days. AFter all, wasn't Benjamin the greatest Ameriacn in all of history, the one for inventing America the nation that by reverse engineering God has saved the world, and so we enter another world of beasts, a song I get mesmeric by. I'm out 420100243 the 3 is because I lied I knew i would be back, lol, but anyways, now I'm out
420100342 oh but check that code out, yeah, I don't know, i just know it. How? H nuked the my nuked my home. my people are dying, and this is unacceptable to me. Give me a good song my people. This is a good song. Don't Bring ME down as I talk about my real problem. I feel like you have revived an old ancient God , and if that's the case then the net thing I know I'm the one who is elected President, and you have the First Amendment right to do that and I would have no choice but to accept, and my demands are steep, and I am sure if you are reading this, NO, if you are watching this on November 6th, if I am watching this on November 5th, then I'm screwed, but fortunatey, I was only watching it in my sleep, so that doesn't count, so if I am watching this on November 6th, then my arms grow weak because that means you want me to fi withOUT the cross all of your problems, and I would gladly accept, but all I ask then is that we uphold Benjamin's work, and let him be President, and I can be CO-President, and you can do that, because first before I can become Co-piresdent I need to be on the School Board of Education in Toms River, but if I was on South Park, I would in the city of San Diego, Iowa, and it would have a really pretty man-made lake because people have already been digging wholes, and soon there won't be anymore deserts in the Middle East because the greatest threat to use hydrogen is putting the world under water, but if we are digging holes everyone, then we can lower the oceans level, and it's not rocket scientist, but you have to be ready to evolve into Sim City 5 and I need real e p with the cross but it doesn't have to be, well it's in your hands now because I decided to post this at 10:09 thus shooting myself in the foot like in that movie but thankfully like in the movie it doesn't have to be real, or could be slight pain like mace, but I want to chose the days and stuff like how actors get it and stuff, but I don't know, I just want to do a good job and it would be wise if I worked my way up the ladder but I need a head-start because I have already done this in the past, and now it's like we are just starting a New Game like i asked in another episode, so it turns out you guys voted by not voting, but on november 6th, you have to whisper to me and give me more clues like don't lie to me anymore, Ron Paul really should be President and stuff, so yeah, anyways lol I'm a fictional character so I got that safety as Brown Eyed Girl comes on and I hear the pretty eyed lady say "You're not a schizophrenic" and oh snap they auto corrected it for me almost like I already wrote this like some Jap accessed the internet because Moore's Law is calculus, but now, we can all unite with the enlightened peace. I'm alive. And, get this, so are you, so go out and rejoice. Yeah! (And now the credits roll)
End of transmission 42061191142. Take a hit. A new day is born. A new history is created. And the world is united! For, if you are reading this, I promise this to you. And don't make me cry, oh no, they used cure and life. Stop lol that's how you defeat the dead. Let's revive ourselves today. Thanks for reading, and hopefully, I made you cry, but I think I honestly already saw this in a South Parl episode as a kid which makes me cry even more, but it's so funny, I start laughing.
iosolomon: LOL!
iosolomon sighs with optimism, and aiwaits the net song red light. Smoke. green light. Red light smoke. Green light. I'm jhust going to smoke like 7 grams of weed and see what happen. I hope all of you have weed you can spare for it should be just as easy as one person saying enough, I'm in charge lol. But I guess we shall. Red light. Smoke. Green light. Smoke. If you have the weed, then do it, I just coughed, hey if you have health problems or sh*t, don't be stupid. I'm just high, just nervous, I don't usually smoke this much, it's just the highest aniety day of my life. The day of truth. November 5th lol it either WAS or if not I'm going to end up working the streets, but even if i had money, that's what I would do as Mayor lol. Look at AC, I feel so bad for those people, why don't the casinos pump more money into the city. Wtf, casinos, well if their owners don't want to burn in Hell because the Bible says this is why casinos and gambling is bad because people can't overcome greed, well, let's overcome greed, I want to be Mayor of AC, I want the Boardwalk piece. I can solve all of the world's problems, and I can connect with spirits for guidances, in particular, Abraham Lincoln and the Showa. But I don't know, who else, I don't know, but the song cleaning out the closet comes on and that's something I've been wanting to do for a long time, I even asked Brother Joseph about that.. Brother Joseph, I wonder what it would to have been him, I wonder what the story is behind him. Maybe I'll be turning on my tv with him and seeing the truth. But, who knows because you people are greedy liking to watch me cry in pain, and I just want the truth because I never meant to hurt my mom or make her cry and she has felt like a bad parent, because the evil doctors are brain-washig her, so help me show her that hey i'm normal because otherwise 7 billion other people aren't. You know, I can help solve your problems but I don't know, are they even real? I don't even know what's real anymore. I feel like I'm sitting there watching Cartman rap wrap to Eminemen wrappign iosolomon's words, but then I feel like I 'm making money wlalking into a w hite nigget club saying these words, and see i just can't say that n word cause it's such a misunderstood word, oh it is all my fault , woe is me , i should have told you the truth 2000 years ago but i was not ready. stop making me cry. this is terrible. TERRIBLE> What happened what is real? Well I hope you aren't sadistic because I would just ike some answers. And now I'm off to my day.
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

Postby iosolomon » Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:11 am

South Park - JVM
Lost Episode 5/3

iosolomon: "South Park - the Missing iPod, lack of Edit option, and JVM."
iosolomon: "The Lost Episode 4/3 is now Lost on my computer. This occurs after Lost Episode 4/3."
iosolomon picks up the Journal.
iosolomon: "And so CM 5000 just took another hit."
CM 5000 took another hit of weed.

CM 5000: BOOP!
CM 5000 heard his echo boop back. CM took another hit of weed.
CM 5000's Mom: "Boop!"
CM 5000: "Boop!"
Instead of picking up the Weed Journal, CM 5000 takes another hit of weed.
CM 5000: "Damn, if I was drunk, I would be better and worse off. Hmm, should that be the premise of the third 10-hour movie? Hmm, what are you even saying, do you think people want to sit there through the movie? Yes, yes you actually do. Now go read what you had me to say in Episode 4 here, and have that along with itunes influence the rest of the movie."
CM 5000 ties up a lose end from Episode 4. He picks up his cell to say "Thanks!" to Dana. CM 5000 laughs a bit when he realizes that Gwen Stefani is playing, now, we hear : All the riches baby won't mean anything, and now, King Solomon weeps.
iosolomon changes the song to Spirit Temple by legend of ocarina of time. I am still without my heaven and cross keys, although I have the cross-2 key, the t still, get it how it's a cross lol but the two keys I am missing are the two keys net to the shift key on the left side of the keyboard. Yup, those two keys.
CM 5000: "Yeah, what the f*ck is with that?!?"
iosolomon is pleased, he did not have to change the above line.
CM 5000: "At this point, when CM 5000 takes that hit, Cartman 1999's power level will be at 99.9%. CM 5000, why haven't you smoked weed yet?"
and then we watch CM 5000 go clean his bong. lo ol
Emperor Hirohito appears.
Emperor Hirohito: "If you did not heed the wise one's message, you will surely die from JAPAN. You have disturbed my slumber with your petty squabbles and foolish pranks."
CM 5000: "I am sorry. It was the song, Spirit Temple."
Emperor Hirohito changes back into a showa becoming emperor Hirohito out of respect for the living.
Showa: "Oh, from legend of elsa? Why am I saying that? Anyways, from Ocarina of time?"
CM 5000: " Huhh" (sound from the opening of American woman.
Emperor of Japan: "American woman."
and then we watch as the South Park universe starts singing American Woman by the Guess Who, and we even see a World Peace sign made, in the form of a clip from the Simpsons when the world did that in one of those episodes.
CM 5000: "Well, that was fun, but I forgot to play the lighter game. I hope the hidden camera theory wasn't incorrect, otherwise, people would miss out on some good tv."
iosolomon takes another hit of weed.
iosolomon's WP power is maed out. There's no more cross. And heaven has descended upon the entire world. Perfection.
CM 5000 is slightly annoyed that fictional Keith Steele keeps tetrising him. Then, CM 5000 picks up the journal.
CM 5000: "Blanket forgot to appear."
Blanket appears this time.
Blanket: "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, you will be getting lots of money for this soon."
iosolomon: "I do not seek money."
Blanket: "Didn't you say you were a capitalistic pig, don't make me give you weed to make you keep your word, and re-read everything."
iosolomon cringes.
Blanket says, "Yeah, I'm bahhh-bahhh-bahhh bad to the bone, bad to the bone."
and the CM Universe starts rocking out to Bad to the Bone by George Thorgood & the Destroyers.
CM 5000; "Sweet, finally something easy for me to do, revive Michael Jackson, huh?"
CM 5000 picks up his bong, and smokes!
iosolomon knowing CM 5000 is actually he, smokes as well.
Voice: "Yeah, Billie Jean?! Michael's Back from the Dead Tour!"
CM 5000: "Oh, oh, sh*t, I've been predicting that too from the start, FROM THE START, LOOK I MADE A VIDEO AND GOT IT TIME STAMPED WITH YOUTUBE."
iosolomon: "Wow, dude I'm a little jealous you did that because this character iosolomon would want to meet you for not being an idiot."
CM 5000 smokes more in celebration. The CM Universe starts doing the Moon Walk and the Moon Dance, and starts rocking out to Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.
Uncartman_26: "Good thing you read this the other day, you almost forgot to include advertisements. If anyone would like tickets for this Michael Jackson back from the dead tour, go make a website, and first ten thousand to sign it will mysteriously get tickets to the tour."
iosolomon laughs, and hopes that he was correct.
CM 5000 looks at the monitor. Very happy at first, then concerned.
CM 5000: "YES! Yes! Smoke that weed. Good good. Wait, no no, no pick up the bong, why didn't you pick up the bong, oh sh*t. not good not good."
iosolomon: "Sorry, in order for me to get paid according to the Blanket prophecy, I have to do some type of work."
CM 5000: "This is true. Niminionom hinohm "
iosolomon continues to type, but muses over CM 5000's words, so decides to ask CM 5000 for a hit of weed, who smiles handing him the bong, and iosolomon smokes more weed.
iosolomon almost starts to weep as he really begins to see that the world is choosing harmony for a change. Unbelievable.
CM 5000 picks up the journal.
CM 5000: "Behemoth is summoned."
iosolomon: "Whoa, whoa, you already did that summon in movie 4. Don't you want another one?"
CM 5000: "But what about 'GO TO SKIP SPOILER ALERT'"
and then, We go back to CM 5000's world, which begins to rock out to More Human than Human by White Ombie with the Heaven Key.
CM 5000: "Oh sh*t...."
CM 5000's phone does not go off, because he does not check it.
It would have said, "Unbelievable, Ron Paul has so received the vote of every person polled."
iosolomon laughs. He prays that that is true, in fact, he wants you to know that he will go really pray because the second best thing would be the Co-President Theory, but then, iosolomon would have a Shia LaBuff moment and drive around frantically saying "No no no no no no no no," but fortunately, that's when I'm 35, right? We still believe in the Constitution, or did our Government decide to actually do some work for a change. I mean, we really should end suffering first, and if Every American becomes united, Together, We can begin to create a Star Wars universe at that point. Although that I don't see being a problem until the year 4000 aka 20 double cross key that we see in video games. Those Japs, they are pretty smart.
But the itunes icon in the lower right hand corner begins to rock out, and it reads: "You Give Love a Bad Name. and hey it's 5:54, you'll see if your World choses peace theory was right when you check your phone which won't be until you run out of weed because you are scared of the truth"
CM 5000 realizes he must take a hit now.
iosolomon does the same.
Together, we can save Mother Gaia. And Keith Steele appears.
Keith: "(1/2) Sounds interesting & oh man I'm coughing, I am smoking too much weed over here. I'm smoking with you while you are typing this, and then I'm smoking with you when you are smoking, hey man do you think you could specify the answer for us."
iosolomon: "Oh, sorry Keith, I wonder what the rest of your tet message really says, and yeah, you don't need to cough to be faithful, you don't even have to smoke duh, it's your , I mean YOUR religion, now sorry Keith you can finish the rest of your tet message."
Keith: "Thanks man. That really helps. And oh yeah, the rest of the message wasn't really important, but here it is anyways to fulfill the South Park Prophecy, (1/2) Sounds interesting & cool well take care for now, message me anytime ok i never really forgot about you! I just have trouble staying in touch sometime. Much (2/2) has gone on since last we talked."
iosolomon laughs, that's pretty good for a book. iosolomon taps King Solomon on the shoulder now.
King Solomon, who was no longer crying was listening to Cryin' by Aerosmith, and was pleased with the direction of this movie.
So CM 5000 did earlier follow the link in the email, about the new poll.
But he forgot to correct it for his vote, which signifies that every person counts to him, to iosolomon, to ME!
It went, "Poll: Who Are You Voting For?
214 Responses
by on November 5, 2012
Who are you voting for in Tuesday's Presidential Election?
Ron Paul (write-in) (and whatever the numbers would have been)
Gary Johnson (and whatever the numbers would have been)
Virgil Goode (and whatever the numbers would have been)
Jill Stein (and whatever the numbers would have been)
I'll vote for somebody else

We will edit the net part out because that's for the tv series as I go on a road trip to new territories for the entire world, I'm only 25 after all! And then, I flash back to prison which reeked of Australia, reeking of South Park undertones. Haha. And som_matango2 by Secret of Mana genre: video game music plays, and iosolomon goes to take another hit.
Cartman continues to hand out the South Park awards which were revealed to be good in Episode 4/3, but I'm editing out the spoilers part.
Looten Plunder to pot-smoking Obama
Duke Nuk'm to noop-smoking Mitt Romney
Dr. Blithe to peyote drinking Hilary Clinton
and Hoogish Greedly to the righteous Pig God Governor Christie, who once was fat just to ensure he won the Java the Hut award thus fulfilling the South Park prophecy, because in my Journal that I would rather have someone else type up, it says, "Governor Christie is really representing a health agenda subliminally in his appearance. Great job with that!" so he's not fat enough for the Java the Hut but that doesn't mean he wouldn't do it again haha after all Master Buddha is pretty fat the Elephant God. Governor Christie is evolving, do you see it, by Our Unity.

iosolomon: "Special thanks to ray:
For having to count out $700 just to keep the Honest Man Honest, and I ensured I had the time to also keep the Honest Man Honest, but can't we make this easier for both of us? Can't we live a better way of life? But we all have to agree, and I hope that's how it'll be net year, Net Year without the cross by Foo Fighters from There is Nothing Left to Lose is on, and that's how I feel as well, there is nothing else left to lose because I have already lost so much, all my money, soon I"ll be taking a $25,000 hit in the markets because I'll need money to live off of while I work on a novel since I'm not really implenting any of my ideas and it'll take me a while to put in 900 hours required to be a plumber which I would love to do while I'm working on south park getting paid of course, or whatnot, but I don't know, aren't I the reincarnation of solomon? It's hard for me to accept that I keep running away from that."

iosolomon: "And then Net Year was about to end but it did a Net Year trick to really increase Cartman's 1999 Power to 99.9% and then we hear it, the "It's Alive" trademark from the 1930s film or whichever one is the most used.Steve Jobs, what's the answer to that? Haha, if only..."

and then This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race by Fall Out Boy - Infinity on High plays, and that's where we'll be headed, to Infinity and Beyond, don't you hear it? I do! But I don't know it yet, shh! I'm dead until my birthday. But the surprise birthday party is always the day after to really trick the person, and if the person is a suicide risk which I am you have to make sure it's the day after the birthday but I'm not a suicide risk until I run out of money, and I'm good on money even if I don't get paid so I'm just bluffing on that, I've always been it's just a cry for attention but you can look at my variables to see eh I won't be until like 42. lol. Numbers are irrational. I am irrational. But I am learning, we have perfected imperfection, which I would say this isn't a city it's a god damn arms race.
CM 5000: "So now CM 5000 takes another hit, as the new character iosolomon re-invents himself at 420611181542, who he realizes the Pilot episode is not even close to over but iosolomon decides to make this the beginning of the fifth movie, until he gets more money without having to do anything."
and blue flashing lights appear three times in the left, and the loud noise stops playing in the background that has been going on since 5:53 which was the time you said without veryifing oh brother typos bother you your ocd, hey Dan Morris you remember how bad it was, I used to ask you to move things just a little, why, why? Because I like making my life easy to convert into south park dimensions. You know, those writers often put their characters into our dimension, into "their" dimension, but this, I try to do the opposite, I try to put myself into "their" "other "dimension, "their" other dimension, oh boy, I'm the worst Jew of them All. Don't worry. This episode is going to end soon.

JVM's comment is why this is ending short, he was saying no one really reads fan fiction these days, and he's right, but most people if they read the beginning until it says "Hasn't been re-edited" and if they read the last one which is short enough like a few minutes of your time, they might be piqued to "bite" from the "forbidden" tree of knowledge, my wealth of knowledge that I've acquired from a 2,000,000 Hindu worshippers who have carefully controlled everything in my life down to the second so that I can say, "Impeccable timing." I used to have conversations aloud (but possibly only just inside my mind with myself) about how great the timing driving was back in the day and sh*t and how down to seconds my friend Stan and I would have great kick ass times when I was pretending to be Mysterious Racer with the Cross Driver. And sometimes, we were working on a tv show called that 10s show, I was, and that's what's funny of it all is that it was already made into a tv show and now I can watch other people act some of the bette rmoments of my life in the near future, and it'll be great. Oh, the possibilities, you people are insane, but I have to wonder, what I burn then, for Metallica Fuel is playing lol and hey, isn't it time we got the BMW prophecy fulfilled, how about 8 years ahead of its time, the Hydrogen Highway, let's do the reverse, by the year 2020, 75% of cars will be hydrogen giving OPEC Nations the chance to convert as they become surrended by water, becvause that is one GOD prophecy I want to fulfill, and Jews, you better read this without the GOD in it, I know you can design your computers to do that, so whoever is top Jew, I'm trusting you here lol. Ok, so I laugh because I'm ridiculous. I'll go make CM 5000 laugh. Watch
CM 5000 laughs.
iosolomon giggles.
the Cat Tabby Simba Martin starts licking itself
My Generation Limp Bikit with the Heaven Key in the song, yes, My Generation is going to have to do the brute of the work, but isn't this far, far better than war? And there is only One God you have to ask, the Scorpio God and the Diamond God, and both of them, as weird as this sounds, as pleased with sacrificing the desert and Anarcartica, so everyting will be okay, and now the only God and Goddess we have to worry about is the Moon Goddess, so we need to be careful with the Moon, but Anarcartica, well, let's just save the Polar Bears so they can evolve, if they die off because they can't have children, that's fine, as long as that's the reason, then no one needs to get the blame. Limp Bikt with the Heaven Key says, You get the Blame, and I Get the Blame, but do you think we can fly, do you? I do. You see, no one is wrong in this case if you are actually reading this.
Now, we need to see some Albert Einstein Clips to the song rocking out to my Gneeration, all of the above is said by iosolomon while My Generation is playing, and the noise has returned at 6:28 signyfying smoke more weed. For the record, I am not going to the mental hospital tomorrow because I don't want to borrow my Dad's car again. I'm going to sulk inside my house until I receive the phone call that it's ready, and I saw the blue flashing lights again three times looking like three different planets three different homes of Gods giving the okay to what I am truly thinking, and that is, we just leave the moon alone, that's all. Space coloniation with Heaven is now acceptable, and the one colony biosphere style is acceptable the one without the sun so this way if any catastrophe happens by insane Gods like Ifrit, then we can all live in space colonies and if something happens with the electricity, then we all live off nuclearoepfajfosdjf lalala lol let's just hope things are much more simple than I'm describing and we don't have to worry about super volcanoes because we are going to dig holes and we are going to seal it up or something, I don't know, but I'm not afraid of it if everyone else is on-board, but I am only able to connect with three of them, so I don't know, maybe let someone else make these decisions, there's 13 other God and 13 Goddess incarnations eisting on this Earth, so where are they. I'm just one of the Four Wise Men, or actually, Five, and another 8, but the number goes to 1000 to 2000000 so it's pretty cool. Together, we can save the world, and we can guarantee Our EQUAL Survival Until the Year 4,000.
So I'm concerned, I didn't get to vote today. It said, "Applied Mail-In" Bailout which would mean I have to fill out the California Registration for voter because I do have two licenses, which is my right under First Amendment but I do respect New Jersey's right to asking you to lie or not for that, they haven't given me a problem and a cop even saw me with a second license and wasn't a douche about it, but that's because how does he know I don't have a legal eception to such a silly but sadly, it was once necessary, rule, oh well, 420611183542
iosolomon had a vision of visiting the warm islands of the Solomon Islands, or anywhere else warm, like San Diego Iowa or San Diego Cali and the Benny Hill Show Theme Tune plays as we travel around the Cartman Universe to everywhere with the Japanese and everything. Everything, everywhere, cause as Doh once said everything is funny to the Benny Hill Theme song, I couldn't have asked for a better E friend, but that's a different story, and you'll have to show me you are real if you want to hear that one, for Cartman's poewer can't reach 100% until you give him it, it can reach 99.999% and 99.9999% but that's sigh too many more days into the future , each time it can go up, but that means I'm stuck waiting until November 10th when I'm out of weed, and that means I had a very depressing 25th birthday and not this fun benny Hill show theme where I get to drive aroun in the woods of sky view and have fun playing the save point but that's epensive. I am using my dad's money and I think that's disrespectful because I have no intention of getting a real job and the other job i want plumbing will take two years for me to complete any programs so I find myself at a fork in the road waiting until sunday cuase you guys all suck yup lol but i love you all. I love everyone because I find everything beautiful. Beauty, in my eye, always. Anyways, if you're reading this, congralugations, you're on a stepping stone towards heaven, and if you're watching this, you're even closer, and if you're meeting me in-person we have now created a save point and together and we can beyond heaven at that point ask some of my friends who I told. Anyways, Lesson 28 is on, so it's time for me to go do meh? 6:42 I'm going to make it a wee moment.
other correct answers
get it, they are all correct because you are a God or Goddess if I am.
I think you think therefore I am you are. Error, I think You think therefore I Am You Are. Probably cap them all.

If you have a cat, it is time we worship the cat God, Cartman, if you have smoked as much as me, you will be able to feel the Cat God, anyways, that's another story if you remind me, I'll be writing Lost Episode 6/6 and it'll be even shorter than this one but don't worry, there will be opportunities to in the future for me to fi with the cross key, and my cat goes cray with the heaven key no without the heaven key cause i never showed you okay i will.
Hmm, Something in the Air plays but it is the different weed I have , the Form a Hyde that Mike Reisien warned me about. When do I learn the truth I wonder, please don't be cruel. You are giivng me hope, and Hitler says he was sorry for treating the Jews that way but they all lied. So, you know, they just didn't know they were being spied on becauses they were doing algebra instead of calculus and got moore's law wrong lol but it's all good now my cat keeps going insane, I'll go smoke more than cause it's actually just good weed. You guys aren't even or cruel I'm so happy right now.
So I'm going to go look for my California Registration Form, great thanks . Amd the net song is 3 2 1 The Game by Disturbed, i wonder how it is played? But yeah tell me now that I'lve allowed you to beat me, now can we play a game in which I can won? Think of all th emisery you put me through Look I can see what's coming because of Confuscious he keeps his mouth shut but please I want an earlier surprise. For HER. It's tough destroying Anartartuic but she's happy though, more dolphins, and we can take out Scorpio's deserts, so the ritual is complete, now get to work writers of South Park, I'm actually writing this with them in mind. They have so much work to do, they would need a team of 10,000 EACH to make their job as easy as possible (as difficult as a CEO) and to do a $100000000 production value job, but I know they could if they were actually reading this live, but ah, his power isn't 100% just please I don't wnat to ride my bike tomorrow too tired too depressed. I am the author of the book of Eccleasisates. I am King Solomon. No, I am God Solomon, a Scorpio, a Scorpio trpaped inside of a diamon that is melting. evolving actually. And now, Allah's prpohecy to the Muslims can come true through me, awesome, well, I'm hard at work here, don't you see? Yeah, so I wonder how Episode 5 will be? Yikse, this is Episode 4 ? yeah, of course it is. Damn, but tomorrow is 6/3, you'll understand soon enough when I understand, so maybe you already understand haha. Ok, and 'm taking another hit, I like thinking of my life like Jack Bauer's key days are equal mathematically to what he went through. I wenth rough a lot worse emotionally, he went through a lot worse physically, poor man, but there are Americans out there that I want to ende this episode with a Special Thanks to, and sorry for the typos, just running away from my self.
iosolomon takes another hit.
CM 5000: "Wow, this is a long chapter. I can't wait to get to Chapter 6 the one that's even shorter than this but the real iosolomon, the Book says, hasto read 6 chapters of biology and can't while depressed which is while I am without money and a car. and a future.
iosolomon is considering seeking refuge in Ecquador with Nicholas assange and requesting permission before so my parents don't have to worry because I am out on bail, but we blew threw two attorneys who screwed me over because I was on an episode of South Park and the song Tranquility for your h heart plays by Mo Muller thus telling me to smoke weed, feed my cat, then meditate. So I'm out.
iosolomon takes a hit weed, feeds cat, then meditates, and then hits send button, nope doesn't hit send yet.
nope time to post and come back to start episode 6/3 = 4. woot for the Constitution First Amendment baby@ thanks south park for supporting OUR Constitution :) and thanks people of this website for reading if you've read, it sys 200 views that's not too shabby, love the elda games. remember no heaven key yet for me. I'll be back like Arnold hardy har har lol.
iosolomon casts revives. episode 6/3 to be continued shortly.62061171142 go hit edit add this and add Praise Allah says Behemoth.
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

Postby iosolomon » Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:08 am

South Park - JVM copy
Lost Episode 6/3
Joseph: "That's tomorrow's episode lol."
iosolomon: "Why did I convert you to a white person? Why can't I just keep you as you are?"
Joseph: "Oh, I do it to myself."
Joseph changes into Jose.
iosolomon: "Thanks, that's less typing for me now."
Joseph laughs.
Jose: "Whoops, sorry."
iosolomon is more concerned with the fact that Jose is reaching the 99.99% power level of Cartman. This is not good, iosolomon thinks.

In a Gundam style opening, we hear,
"South Park: Obama E posed without the Cross."
iosolomon: "Odd, my mouse just blanked even though I did not do anything."
iosolomon: "South Park - Obama Exposed, praise Allah, fear Allah, and the lady who wanted to go to Heaven.
iosolomon: "Praise Alah."
Lady who wants to go to Heaven: "f*ck Allah."
iosolomon: "No, no, Praise Allah!"
Lady who wants to go to Heaven: "f*ck Allah" and she puts up her middle finger to it.
'iosolomon: "No, no, praise Allah! Praise ALLAH! PRAISE ALLAH!"
Lady who wants to go to Heaven: "f*ck Allah"
iosolomon confused, "Praise Allah?"
Lady who wants to go to Heaven, "f*ck Allah" and before bursting out into laughter, she floors it away.
iosolomon: "...?"

iosolomon: "And so CM 5000 just took another hit."
CM 5000 took another hit of weed, but this time, iosolomon does as well.
iosolomon: "BOOP!"
No reply.
Instead of picking up the Weed Journal, iosolomon takes another hit of weed, and muses why.

E2: "Damn, why did I drink that egg nog drink from mcdonald's. They probably put alcohol in it. Where the hell was stan. I forgot to say Stan is Stalin without the li."
Stan: "No, dude, wtf are you saying?"
E2: "Go away Stan you don't come into the show until I can study you more and that won't happen until I get some type of incentive, the easiest would be social."
Stan: "Yes, the writers of South Park do not seem to have noticed this."
E2: "Isn't it good? I mean, if nothing else, it's worth it's own time slot on mtv or something, much better than Jersey Shore crap, and you know what I would do with $100,000 I would just give it away to charities and churches but what do these hollywood stars do, they waste it on their big houses and nice cars, well, vanities, vanities, where's that..."
Standpoint: "Remember, you selected to turn off the Book of Ecclesiastes tonight. They kept their part, and played it for you, soon, you will have to listen through it, just like you have with the static. And you wonder, will they be playing the static cause if they do, you will be forced to do it, you are considering slacking off, lol."
E2 laughs.
Then, we go to CM 5000's world, who is taking another hit of weed.
iosolomon: "Sigh, South Park."
iosolomon: "If I was drunk, I would be better and worse off. Hmm, if I was sober, I would be better and worse off, so it does not matter what Mcdonald's did, oh meaningless, meaningless, there is nothing new under the sun."
And then the iTunes icon was going off in the lower right hand corner requiring user action, and a new song, a better song that made iosolomon happy was played.
iosolomon secretly laughs, forcing himself to not care that people are watching, and laughs showing his true colors, but a great song was then played after the laughter. The song is a shout-out to Dana who will be giving me an Encore sometime when my heart is no longer Numb to the weed. Numb/Encore Jay - with the Heaven Key. Awesome. And I was able to send Dana that thank you get today, the tett remember one of those is the other cross key, I don't care to press it with my pen here, but sometimes I do. Here, just in case if you are a new reader. I did send that text message to Dana, the third key in that word is missing so I call it get well, that is auto correct for tet which I did have to use my mouse to change, so let's see get gets auto-corrected now. ISn't that funny lol? Net song is: This is Acid which is exactly what we are trying to do with weed since acid is not so good for the brain but weed is a-okay, there are tribes I can show you that I can prove this to you. What's not okay is us missing out, don't you think? Shouldn't the computer be fun? The internet has gotten dull, don't you think? I want to cast revive on the internet, who's with me?!

CM 5000: "CM 5000 tied up a lose end from Episode 4 and Episode 5."

CM 5000: "Yeah, what the f*ck is with that?!?"
iosolomon is pleased, he did not have to change the above line.
and then we watch CM 5000 go clean his bong. lo ol
CM 5000: "I am sorry. It was the song, Spirit Temple."
Emperor Hirohito changes back into a showa becoming emperor Hirohito out of respect for the living.
Showa: "Oh, from legend of elsa? Why am I saying that? Anyways, from Ocarina of time?"
CM 5000: " Huhh" (sound from the opening of American woman.
Emperor of Japan: "American woman."
and then we watch as the South Park universe starts singing American Woman by the Guess Who, and we even see a World Peace sign made, in the form of a clip from the Simpsons when the world did that in one of those episodes.
CM 5000: "Well, that was fun, but I forgot to play the lighter game. I hope the hidden camera theory wasn't incorrect, otherwise, people would miss out on some good tv."
iosolomon takes another hit of weed.
iosolomon's WP power is maed out. There's no more cross. And heaven has descended upon the entire world. Perfection.
CM 5000 is slightly annoyed that fictional Keith Steele keeps tetrising him. Then, CM 5000 picks up the journal.
CM 5000: "Blanket forgot to appear."

iosolomon: "Special thanks to Obama for being better than Romney for representing Allah, the true God, the War God is always second-in command, so Fear Allah because if the Muslims aren't happy, neither will you be. Praise Allah!" As in, the world wouldn't end until the Moon Goddess was pissed off at Our American way of life, but all that has changed because I decided to post this, what a strange world we live in, huh?

iosolomon: "And then Net Year was about to end but it did a Net Year trick to really increase Cartman's 1999 Power to 99.99% and then we hear it, the "It's Alive" trademark from the 1930s film or whichever one is the most used.Steve Jobs, what's the answer to that? Haha, if only..."

12L42 Nah, social engineering, not really my thing. I should stop while I'm ahead, but as long as I have weed, I'll keep telling the story, that's a fact, Jack!
Cartman appears.
Cartman: "Oh, so that's what I was supposed to do."
iosolomon: "Wait, who's mess is this, mine or yours?"
Cartman: "I don't know, you keep saying if Allah was to kill 2% you would be okay with it, we don't want Allah to numb your heart, we want to know what we did wrong. Or else we will end up like the song you are listening to, wasteland by 10 years the autumn effect. You are less depressed in the Winter than you are in the Autumn, the Autumn Effect, why do you think everything is made for you?"
iosolomon: "You seem to."
Madonna: "Hey, bitch, I summoned Sigma Freud for you, give him a chance to speak."
iosolomon: "Lol, Madonna, if you want to type for me, be my guest."
Madonna: "No, You have brought me here, you like my music, some of the songs at least."
iosolomon: "Oh yeah, of course, thanks Madonna, I knew you would come to me when I needed you the most."
Cartman: "No, see now you are stealing my lines."
iosolomon: "Only if you are in costume."
Cartman changes into costume, Catman Cartman.
We now enter the magic house of ff6.
Emperor Kefka is at the time only Lord Kefka.
Emperor Kefka: What you cannot infringe upon the copyright of Final Fantasy, Square Eni with the cross key will come after you.
iosolomon: Oh, woe is me, woe is me, I have a First Amendment right to do this, have you not forgotten?
Emperor Kefka; Sorry, I grew up with the corporate Constitution.
iosolomon: Ouch.
And, there, we see Lord Kefka learning the wrong Constitution, and that is why Kefka is misunderstood, at least, one of the eight reasons.
But now,
CM 5000: "But now, we take another hit of weed, and wonder what we just saw on tv."
iosolomon: "Well, thanks for reading, I went to New York City tonight. IT was awesome. The people there were so alive. The air was so fresh. I hope New York City can always stay that clean, and despite the jokes, Governor Christie is doing a great job with the shore clean-up, so special thanks to him, He who is evolving to the Elephant God, he looks pretty tough right? He's on his way to getting even tougher looking. Lol, but that's just all fun and games, Governor Christie, you're a good man."
420125342711 005471142420
wow you wonder what did they put in this weed, and why don't you have a good car yet? Do you people not like this? Sigh, Sigh Park. And you still don't have a lightbulb, but lose end tied up, at least you have soap. Cha-yeahhh. And clean water, and let us thank the people who suffer without clean water clean warm water that is for you might as well just get used to the smell cause hypothetically you probably wouldn't have any hot food, well anyways I'm just imaging some bad case scenarios, and let us just be thankful this thanksgiving that we are heading towards a better world, a better universe where we put Our Faith in God. In One God. Amen. Time is Running OUT though, Cartman failed in getting Ron paul elected president but that is okay, it's time to focus on President Kirsten Gilibrand for 2016, first female President I already endorsed her on my twitter page lol. Oh sh*t, am I actuallyy typing this, ah, oh boy, Sigh Park time. WEll, no big tie Sith Park is a cool place, I tell you. I live there. Sith Park, Toms River, San Diego, Iowa, New Jersey, California, United States, Japan, China, Russia, blah blah blah, and India, my 2million. Soon.

And, how do you know that the prophecies will come true? Because, HAHAHA, the song says, I really can't lie if it will cause greater net evil into the system, despite the negative consequences to myself, even if I am told I am in the matri with the cross key which bugs me the f*ck out, what's wrong with me lol but you'll have some good tv, because now I know I can play the game, and I'll come out the winner, but right now, I don't know if it is a game I can win, and I am reaching out to the South Park writers and whoever else might read this, so let me know. Thanks haha but yeah South Park prophecy revealed, a vote for Obama is a vote for true God, so that was good, but Ron Paul is better for world peace and harmony, and a blue flame appears in my room, strange, odd. What is with these flashing lights? Who controls them? It's like there is someone in another dimension controlling them,but I see what I see, do you see things like that? It's 1:02 and I'm listening to Feel Good Inc by the Gori with the Heaven ey la With the Heaven Key Demon Days without the cross key. Haha. Thanks,

And then, the world around you by papa roach plays, and I guess I will go take a look at the world around me. I'm posting this, and I'm out, to go search for the Ancient Solomonic Prophecy that I wrote about, and that can be the net episode, me rereading and adding comments to everything from top to finish in order. I don't know, what do you think? Eh, it doesn't matter, I'll figure something out, but if you want to play the game, come join me in the game called Half-Life cause I am stuck in the 3.5th dimension truly, permanently. I am the Sun God. You can CALL ME RA. CAMERA. I shall be transparent, and I will continue to use this, and I do get a sort of therapy out of it, but the best would be if someone replies lol.

Amd for the record, I keep clicking to display the Happy avatar, but it keeps showing as sad, so if a moderator who may have read this wants to help change that let me know lol. Thanks!
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

Postby iosolomon » Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:04 pm

South Park - the Lost Pilot Episode (lol)
Lost Episode Pilot 7/3
iosolomon: "It's hard to imagine that we went through 6 Pilot Episodes right now. This is the 7th, and yet, there are still so many more to go. I could write 1000 over my lifetime, but I don't want to make people read that much. That's why I'm writing them up as a tv script, so this way, we can just make it into a movie, or someone can audio pronounce it so that it can be like one of the Fireside Chats that I just attribute to Teddy Roosevelt even though I believe that is historically inaccurate, at least that's what my history book tells me which implies there was a less than a handful of nukes set off, but all is well that ends, and this episode will surely end well, and you can be assured that i'll go back and make sure all the episodes end well."
iosolomon laughs for rambling too much.
Space Oddity by David Best is playing.
USCG PO Vedder: "Dinnebeil, what planet are you from?"
Dinnebeil contemplates, "Did he just say that? That's funny."
And, later, USCG Have to look up name: "You do that with your food? Yeah, you really are from another planet" or something to that effect.
Monkey Man: "Boot camp was fun."
Me: "Dude this guy is awesome. A special thanks for people like him."

We then move back to CM 5000's world.
CM 5000 picks up the Weed Journal.
CM 5000: "Take another hit."
CM 5000 takes another hit.
iosolomon does the same in his universe, we see a 24 dual tv temporarily while they both smoke pot at their own rates.
CM 5000: "We watch and see what CM 5000 choses as his later (which will be iosolomon's lighter at a different point in time, namely when I'm so high re-reading this because that is what the South Park Prophecy dictates, and for some reason, other people are believing in this South Park Prophecy, and now I have to go attribute these words to the Journal from CM 5000."
CM 5000, still reading the weed journal.
CM 5000: "iosolomon: Oh yeah, I only have one more left in regards to visits with the chiropractor, but one of the ones I was only billed because I was a no-show for the day. Haha, iosolomon is pleased at the complexity of the problem the people have came up with, even though it is all a vanity, but it is a vanity that you should enjoy. For, I may or may not be the author of the Book of Eccleasiastes, but whoever did write that wants you to enjoy your life, not sit there watching your false idols all day, I don't see them doing random drives to the city, I mean, no one is going to hurt them, er well I guess I don't get the story with the whole Princess Diana thing, that doesn't make much sense to me, why wouldn't they help her? I don't think God would numb people's hearts unless they were Pharaoh Ra. But that's because there are sad stories, hardening of heart was needed back then, but not anymore, not today. Aren't we ready to evolve?"
CM 5000: "Hmm, I better go smoke more weed before the song changes. What if it's the static?"
iosolomon: "Well, you don't have to fear the reaper. Only me. Meaningless, meaningless, but before King Solomon starts to weep, Blanket from another dimension started to smoke weed, thus creating a 420711930420 transmission.
King Solomon is about to weep thinking way back to, oh wait, iosolomon has to comply with the weed transmission.
420711934420 playing a song that I'll eventually dislike Imma Be (The E.N.D.) they have the Heaven Key too lol I have to say Boom Boom Guetta which the iTunes guy just made come on, will always remind of NYC the place where I first heard it and AC, two cities that would have been destroyed if we listen to a God who's bellow Allah, fortunately, we listened to Allah, and NYC and AC which would be two cities that would become two tales because they would be the best two cities for the CPR eco-terrorist group to hit, minimal damage to the environment in the same area, and historic landmarks like Benjamin Frankli's home are still in tact because it's not the Constitution that Muslims seek to destroy, it's stupidity, and I don't know about you, but we'll end up in the desert if we were to follow the Koran literally, we either need to leave the desert or just become friends. I am confident with Obama as President that He will continue to work towards peace in the Middle East, and this song is so optimistic, no matter who won, we are on our way towards world peace. Soon, we'll have Heaven here on Earth it'll be the end of dream, and the start of the new beginning.
iosolomon sighs at all that he typed up. "someone is going to have fun voice acting me" you think.
CM 5000: "Yes, someone will have fun voice acting me as well."
and now ready for the drum roll as two inter-dimensional characters from the outer worlds comes to appear.

We go to Nibelheim, FF7.
There, we meet the old man who tells the tale of R2 and D2, respectively, they are
Old Man: "Cartman_Day_After_Yesterday and Cartman_Day_After_Tomorrow, and both of them collided, er, what day is it you say? November 7th? Why, isn't that tomorrow? You see, King Solomon did his math homework wrong. Tomorrow was November 7th, the Day After Tomorrow does come that is November 9th, and the Day After Yesterday is always Present, so the Past, Present, and Future are to be decided by them, as always. I will be back then, for this must be Present day, November 7th, in an alternate reality, and as you were thinking, looking into the future, November 10th is the alternate present, but what do you do for money and sustenance in the meantime? Who knows. Perhaps, they will tell you the real present, or perhaps, this is your past, or maybe, this is the future, for you will run away, whichever it is, you know that the South Park prophecies will come true. Good luck."
end of transmission 420711930420
CM 5000: "Wow, I don't know why I would ever buy this computer from a character from a video game, that stupid Traveling Masks-man, because now I just want the entire world to dance to We No Speak Americano."
And so the entire Cartman universe starts dancing to the song We No Speak Americano, and we Present-day end. Weed moment 420 9:47. Oh wait, I may have important people reading this today. Let me finish this with some credits.

A special thanks to:
Myself for e-mailing those people. Lol, but no, really, if you have read it this far, thank you, I know the formatting on here wasn't that great, not too much I could do about that. And I look forward to finishing up so hopefully it didn't bore you, but if it did, you should have just skipped the stuff I didn't get to re-edit. It took me a while to read through all this, and I know I will have to read through it once more to watch as another peace sign gets made.
make Episodes 10, 11, 12, and one more time for a massive two part 13, 14, thus ending the Pilot. And if we want to build on any of them into individual seasons, that's always an option too, another alternate title for this could be to replace Cartman with Hirohito and make a new show, but I like the whole style of South Park, so anyways, thanks for reading if you've read it, cause it does take a good hour or two depending on how fast you are able to follow the logic used here. (As in, I wrote it so I read it faster than you probably will since there really is a lot of implicit Discrete Mathematics used here even though I haven't even taken a Discrete Mathematics class and I saw a white flashing meteor appear by my peripheral vision, it was cool. Well, anyways, again thanks for reading! And thanks for watching when this is made into a tv show cause I am discussing paying my friend Sage Rat $20 bucks an hour since that's all I can afford to make our own South Park and post in on youtube, but I want the production value to be superb lol and if I could offer him more he would do a superb job, Sage Rat becomes Super(b) Sage Rat lol.
And meanwhile, there is nothing wrong with me and I'm stuck taking these pills which don't help with my OCD and my parents continue to lie and deceive me and I would just avoid the situation entirely if I had money and not take the pills which are not helping with my actual depression because I have to ask myself, "Why am I on these pills in the first place?" Because they are just synthetic and that's not as good. Marijuana is what really helps me, and look at how much I've typed up because of it lol. And Chicago comes on by Frank Sinatra, I almost went there yesterday to mail out by ballot, but I couldn't find the mail-in ballot.
Uncartman_25; "So how about it, anyone want to sponsor me? Er, him?"
iosolomon: "and so I take another hit of weed as I get ready to get ready for the chiropractor's and to check out if there has been any progress made on the Honda. In case if I don't see you, good morning, good day, and good evening!"
P.S. for the record, I keep chosing the Happy Noob Smile face, I am very glad to re-assure you, good times are ahead. Whoops, I already said this, but just wanted to say it again cause the "default" one is so sad lol.
P.P.S. for the record, this should be about thirty minutes of tv time, so look at that, the title, the South Park Prophecy is fulfilled yet again and I didn't even know I was doing it. Strange to me. Chiropractor time. Ciao!
South Park -the Lost Pilot Episode (lol Part 2/3)
Lost Episode Pilot 7/3

Lost Episode Pilot (lol) & Exodus (1.24)

CM 5000: "This place has some intelligent social designs like no wash during visiting because , otherwise, scribble it would disrupt the visitor's sacrifice of arriving here. And, hey, shootout to PO Hein man with the Heaven Key & Q-177 for teaching me the two pen rule, otherwise I wouldn't have added more notes on the blue paper from the last group about "changes""
CM 5000: "Page 1028, we see, psychotherapy. Bacl scribble 6 oh yeah Shiva is slightly confused, are you studying me still?
But, otherwise, she's remaining patient. But good to with the black guy dropping the 150 year comment. But funny was the guy's response, & even funnier will be the black guy's hilarious "eat sh*t white n*gger racist" response in the episode that has or is to be made. Cause I was like 'oh sh*t, this is about to get ugly' because it was so well-played. Praise Allah. And the musical chairs scene at the beginning was a nice touch. Onto a few more things in the "Lost" book. P. 152 'tesserat' Novel wrinkle in time by Madeleine L'Engle's Newberry Award, central character was Meg. Another novel: Watership Down.
Chapter 2: Lost without modern technology.
Lost in the World - How? Some answers suggested.
Cost without communication / without medical technology.
-What do people value in life?
0Should they become slaves to technology?
The Temptation of Technology
Technology as a barrier between two people. The Lure of Modern Conveniences
What do people why don't people Fear Allah, but Praise Allah, for He is Most Forgiving and Merciful, if You are reading this. And especially if you are watching this. The Mormons don't share some of the solutions to your problems.
The Praising of Allah led to world peace.
Lost raises the question, what do people really need in life? Is deordanart something we should prize? Sacrificing family time for a luxury car? Praise Allah.
How much is a fish worth? Should alcohol be used as a disinfectant or for drinking?
And what do countries values? All this on page 42 lol which means
iosolomon: "Now I can take a hit here."
CM 5000: "Whoa. Let me do the same."
And then we see the looptaf appear doing the spin, and then we go flying out of CM 5000's bong again. But CM 5000 must hurry.
CM 5000: "And on 43, the technology of destruction. Haha, and of course, I have to wake up from my slumber to finish doing homework about Steve Jobs. Not an i-program, a Wii-program now. A We-program. And, more questions, when is the use of killing justified? Fear Allah. What trade-off with technology & each other should we have? Funny though, I stumbled upon an Easter Egg in the book. Polar bears list p. 43 which only doesn't explicitly mention, but implicitly with the theme of destruction by technology. "The Polar Bears are dying." Cartman solemnly says, "We must do more to protect them." Damn, so much to write growing tired uncomfortable,
iosolomon: "The same is happening to me, our world are merging."
And iTunes appears, the third flight by Secret of Mana beignets to play. And a time warp flash of light just appeared above and to the left of my computer lol.
E2 back at the hospital, "Everyone knows the South Park prophecy is INCOMPLETE until you type the rest of that up. You told me so, remember, dips hit."
iosolomon sighs.
King Solomon: "Oh cheer up, the reason why is because soon you'll have all that your heart desires, you will learn the vanity of all vanities."
iosolomon sighs, King Solomon laughs.

CM 5000: "Themes Praise Allah. Questions Fear Allah. Questions Praise Allah. Answers Mercy, Forgiveness. Praise Allah. Caused by the Twilight Zone with Heaven, Praise Allah parallel to Allah.
Lost: Themes of loneliness or isolation p. 144
-The character's journey is the audience's journey.
"Praise Allah where is Everybody, the journey into the shadows that we're about to watch could be Our journey, but fortunately, Praise Allah, it is not."
-Paranoia resulting in misunderstandings or violence. Lol. Another South Park prophecy is fulfilled. Must finish this book.
-Second chances, or ability to start a new life.
-The ability to create a personal reality, or the power to make something happen.
-Mysterious flights.
"A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an engima." p. 174
Other themes: time travel, space travel, nuclear war, death, afterlife, sentient machines
It's funny, I flip to LiveJournal, & I see references about fans & doing things for them.
And,the Song of Storms plays, as another snow storm 2 years after the last one is summoned. Halloween, two years ago, we had that mini-bli are from Heaven. For, we could have lost 100,000 people times 2 if the world was Godless, and we are glad, God is here, with Us. We've made it.
And now episode 3/3 will start soon.

South Park -the Transparent Messenger
Lost Episode Pilot 7/3 Part 3/3

iosolomon: "So, this episode will start off with some Gundam Wing Mobile Suit since it's the Mobile Web that I'm stuck in, addicted to, marijuana and doing nothing, like typing up this garbage, I call it garbage since I'm still a bum."
iTunes: "Like it or not."
iTunes transforms into Bumble Bee.
iosolomon: "Whoa, that's intense."
Bumble Bee transforms into Madonna.
Madonna: "It's just me silly."
iosolomon: "My lady ::bows::"
Madonna laughs, "Now, now. I must go, but you are too much. You have flattered me, so I will continue to flatter you as iTunes. Ciao!"
and then Madonna plays White Reflection by Gundam Wing. The album says "Singles History" well I am single and I am a 24 year old "straight" virgin.
Sigma Freud: "I was correct when I said we are all inherently born bisexual, but it is the environment that makes some of us 100% heterosexual or eh, 100% homosexual, but why have the Mormons failed? Well, we will get to that in a later chapter. That is, this is the chapter our transparent messenger decides to find a new hobby. Forget writing for free anymore. I, too, am a capitalistic pig. I confess this to you. This is my white reflection. This song still has 2:30 more minutes, and now, let us go into Music Video Weed Smoke Mode. READ YOUR BONGS."
The South Park World readies their bongs. 2:00 minute mark they start taking a hit of weed a long one since the narrator hasn't picked up, and 15 seconds and they are still going strong, here goes iosolomon.
iosolomon: "A hit to save the world, a hit for world peace. 1 minute e hale. Breath. I'll go a bit longer since I started late. Ok, time's up for me. I'm out 60 seconds."
iosolomon laughs. I hope it worked. How many of you ah never mind. iosolomon laughs.
And the static , song change time, thanks Madonna, Sublime Smoke Two Joints plays.
iosolomon was about to correct "Read your bongs" to "Ready your bongs" but considering Sublime is now playing, iosolomon goes to "ready" his bong now, thus correcting it.
iosolomon corrects Sigma Freud: "Ready your bong."
The world packs more weed, and cleans out their city water.

It it is time for me to reveal the Revelations. There need not be any Wrath. That, however, is up to Obama. And the Muslims, for we must Fear Allah. With the weed, we are only paying homage to Mother Gaia, we are smoking as a way of saying sorry for the environment, this is the burnt offering that the Bible speaks of. Do you believe? Do you have faith? Then, we are in Heaven. The episode, the Transparent Messenger, I am transparent, but I must finish typing up my Journal, so I am just going to type it up in its entirety here, and you can skip this net part if you want, but anyways, righteousness God dictates that I cannot make any demands honor until I finish typing up that because that it was the South Park prophecy says that I agreed to, that I even came up with, and that I can change at any time, but if I change it, then we all go to hell for sure, and as you can see, I can't break my covenant with the Mormons, who technically didn't do anything wrong, that's the secret, but what they did do wrong was not help their neighbor because of the Snake. There are NO gates with Heaven. Fools, those Mormons were, depicted in South Park, do you notice how warm and happy the people in Hell were, that's because Hell is only an illusion. I Write this to help you break free of that illusion. Now, don't go overboard with smoking weed, that would just anger the Gods. An accident is okay, but use common sense, okay. Eat it if you have to lol, eat brownies instead if your lungs are in good shape as in you can't run. OH, I have to go for a job too, ah, not the South Park job prophecy that happens, getting to play Alternate Reality TV. Well, here is the rest of the journal. CM 5000, iosolomon has passed the microphone back to You.
CM 5000 picks up the Weed Journal.
CM 5000: "Eat another brownie. No brownies appear, however. CM 5000 only said that so this way people don't get confused, if you are good, you are good, be warned, the more you smoke, the possibility of developing a real problem increases, and you honestly don't want that. Look at me, I'm so upset at what I see when I smoke, so be careful, don't bite too much, but it's okay if you do, don't worry. All is well that ends all. Just keep that in mind."
CM 5000:" It's funny, I flip to LiveJournal, & I see references about fans a& doing things for them lo [like a scavenger hunt I want to create right here in Toms River, NJ] ol but lol. Well, I'm trying to do that for the 2,000, Praise Allah 000 Hindus that I presume are watching me lol first before I take off the leash. Ie, they should know that I do find their Praise Allah Fear Allah scientific entertainment (psychology, social engineer, economics, war strategy) Fear Allah's Mother, to be very worthwhile, so I'mt dying to cater areund them who are making a show for the secret 2,000,000 because Praise Allah because I know that they are worthy & they make me feel worthy. But nothing can overall get rid of the pain I am in,like when I Praised Allah on Dmt, well, saw Allah's mother on DMT true God. That was ama ing going to Heaven, and DMT was the noop.
No one told me to sh*t the world out of my mouth with that sound affect I didn't lo [even] ol mean to make. That was real. Love DMT. The King Solomon comment beforehand was a little forced why cause I had to answer Jose's question. Good friend. He lent me a loan so that I could get my Honda fi with the cross revived.
Perfect timing. Nurse came after I was done with all the "Lost " work. She asked about the paper. I'll be returning to Jobs now.

Before I forget, when we were watching Christie last night, the nurse mentioned the timing of the story, and how everything Praise Allah is playing around that. She implicitly implied that it was election year, trying to help sway voters one way or another.

Jobs - Japanese En with the Heaven Key Buddhism, gardens around Kyoto as Idane's with the Heaven Key's Theme from FF9 plays. I almost started bursting out in tears.

10/29 I get closer to the ors.
My 2-year anniversary date for weed is coming up. At 12:00am tonight. Wonder if I'll make it, but I don't sense it, even though I should be allowed to leave. Back to hw.

How do I know the Devil isn't playing tricks on me?
Something fun to do: Change the time and study the psychological effects on people, i.e. 6:00am is viewed as 00:00am.

Praise Allah. Tomorrow is 12 days, & only had 4 Fear Allah almost nuclear meltdowns. Fortunately, the team didn't go nuts & the reactor is up & running, but 13 days it self-destructs?

"And now, suddenly, at 24, he felt as though all the good times were over." - The Ghost, Danielle Steele.

Funny,t though, the number is 42 which is how long I predict I could fix ALL of GOD's problems, or the world's smile face. But, nevertheless, this quite applies twice to me. And, I wonder what will happen in the near future. Why, who will win? Will I smoke? What about the Honda? How much money is my stock worth? Praise Allah. I need to take off that BMW logo on the Honda. "
iosolomon: "Ding ding din! You found it. What did the Sphaghetti monster mean? "
King Solomon: "This one goes to Mr. Kihm and Confuscious, for teaching me that 8 is infinity. It can be whatever they chose."
iosolomon: "Good job, Ben!
and then we here, "Been a long time long time" song in the background by artist and song unknown.
Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses is already playing.

How much money is my stock worth? Praise Allah. I need to take off that BMW logo on the Honda, it can go on an American car lol. But, yeah, better, listen to the Spaghetti Monster. But I can't afford any more accidents in terms of the legal, social, & financial headaches it brings, and the remainder that society is inadequate. I still have to deal with my two citations. And lol, Jose, black Josh, how did he ever get home? And why didn't he tell me it was only a permit? Praise Allah. Fear Allah Allah. But he was a good driver. Very chill person. Such filth below. Damn it. We see an arrow pointing to Allah Protector and Defender Fear Allah if you be Hypocrite. I will summon allah to destroy all hippos.
I want to lose my real virginity before I "know." I'll be 25 soon, i.e. 10 more days, at the time of this writing, and this ha got to change. I'm getting too old. Why do I feel so bad? No, dirty. I can't be transparent it is heard. Oh, potshot, and they play this song, a song you were just laughing about yesterday. "Bravo," says King Solomon, says Lord Kefka who was reading the Forbidden Weed Journal that you are now reading. And so, tomorrow, which then out of the here today i can't hold it anymore. This is just insane. Thi s is ver y costly to me in terms of my mental health. Why are they keeping me locked up pin here. At least let me go outside for a run and give me some warm clothes. But all of this gets me so angry that I just end up scribbling it out and call it filth. But the truth will kill me metaphorically, but yet, it will bring me to life.
iTunes: "I am broken down. Seven dust, seasons."
iosolomon: "Come on, keep typing, at least I'm listening, keep typing."
King Solomon: "Thanks, I kinda wish I had your name."
iosolomon: "The truth is"
?king Solomon: "Ow."
CM 5000 appears with a bong. NOW HIT!
King Solomon takes a hit of weed with the Heaven Lighter 7th Heaven, 7th Episode.
But she will be mad when and ifs will,
iTunes: "cray with the Heaven key is on, by Eminem, they want an Encore. .Hit fast forward."
King Solomon laughs, but so old he laments to himself. Still, he was only 24, but yet, being the white n*gger he was, he missed out on certain story arcs, and it doesn't look like they'll be paying him today, which makes King Solomon ask Lord Kefka, and Lord Kefka says he must finish the Journal.
King Solomon says "Thanks, that's right!"
So back to the weed Journal.
CM 5000: "CM 5000 takes a hit of weed."
iosolomon does the same. READIES BONG.
iosolomon: "Meaningless, meaningless says the Preacher."
And around town, while still a virgin, i would be doing if the South Park studio hadn't contracted the United States Military to historically take out my car when I had been possessed by Hirohito who told me YOU WERE ALL HYPOCRITES! and I had typed up a Declaration of War and I was going to demand blood, but don't worry, Hirohito know sees that they got him because he didn't look at Fifth dimension something with being 25 some type of ritual, I don't know , not sure what "nationality" I really am, I don't even know what's real or not anymore, all I know is that some South Park prophecy says I must finish typing up the Journal to make the mergence of the worlds complete. Well, it won't be complete uniil I get paid because that'll be the ending of this. Yup, then, I re-do all of this cause now I'm in AC gambling working on my craps, but now I get to just keep rolling because I own the casinos, more or less, I like my 2,000,000 Hindus who gave me this wisdom so whatever they want."
iTunes: "som_pureland2 Secret of Mana - (No Name) - 4:20
Whew, another prophecy was complete 3:53 thanks to my Grandma Mary Dinnebeil, although it made me cough haha. Great show, right? Let me go see what is needed of me in the kitchen before I finish the Journal.

Impeccalbe Timing, says the Preacher, as he was just getting angry that they were taunting him, but they were only taunting him because he found the missing piece to a question he had mused over earlier, what order should he re-edit, and he thinks that 97% to 98% of you would say start with either 2,3,4 as re-edits 1,2,3, then 5, 6, 7, as 4, 5, 6 respectively?, and finally 1 as 13, and then from there, the new beginnings, although that already happened in order for Einstein's math equation to be correct, which I is why I am being forced to write this. That's who cotrnolling me lol but how? Well, save point though, so stay tuned then, for Episode 7 is going to have a Part 4/3 when I get energy, but ah, look at the storm, I'm stuck inside, what can I do all day, nothing, there is nothing to do. Oh, woe is me, woe is me, please, what did I ever do wrong? Oh woe is me woe is me, what has happened to the warm world I want to give you? Where has Allah's love gone? But, I know, the song is about to change. Another SOM song som_lastboss2 secret of mana (no name) 3:20

we made it to Modular Programming 9 Ors. Let's go
CM 5000: "10/29 7:30 oh yeah, two days ago I told Pat that I was writing SP fan episode. He played it off nicely. I stopped. I slipped. Even tho ugh, everyone here told me 3 times to keep my mouth shut lol.

Don't worry, King Solomon knows how to tame the witch.
iosolomon laughs, as he muses over this "last boss" that King Solomon defeated for me in the mental hospital. God bless.
King Solomon: "No problem."
Dana: "No, you mean:
Hokaili: "NP!"
Dana: "No, Kailie, it's Np!"
Kailie: "lol"

If there's no hypocrisy the world survives. but I could be depressed lol no biggie there it's only temporary changes.

So nervous, do I get out today? I need to to Praise Allah to work on. Ugh, I can't hold it in anymore. Also, I become effectively Praise Allah after 4 days but I kinda only want one female, the others Praise Allah could.

My roommate Pat became a legend here. They were talking about the cray heaven weekend that went down here. People passing out, property destroyed, cigarettes, yelling Praise Allah, and other fun times. The Friday night here felt like I was on a ski trip w/ Praise Allah Muslim People.
Is pass Grojp - Press group? Besides, I don't want to be a Dad for a few more years, uness it has to be. Has to be, but i have steep demands, and I am concerned that they might be met, so I keep running away, in fact, I shouldn't be typing this up, but I have no choice if I want to find out the truth and I want the truth. I'm ready.
Patrick changes into StarFish:
Starfish Patrick: "I'm ready, I'm ready, I"m ready, I'm ready."
Cartman: "Yeah, ready to get paid. come on , bring me out the big dough, look at all this great food we could be eating. Let's go."
iosolomon: "Haha, I have to take a hit of weed to that.
iosolomon: "Yeah, I need to start vamping this."
iTunes: "Natural Mystic, Bob Marley - Natural Mystic"
iosolomon: "Yeah, like if you were to throw it on a sauna but you have to be careful with funguses in wet saunas and this song bugs me the f*ck out so I need to go get some fresh air. Some clean water. Brb."
iosolomon still hasn't taken a hit, he might as well wait until 1;48 so no more have to suffer, don't ask me, no more suffer. natural mystic flowing through the air, I won't tell no lie. And you wil hear if you listen carefully like me. It's 1:46 brb. "

CM 5000: "I'm relatively easy to please once I get rid of my crystal diamond shards. Mmm, it will be unbelievable I suspect.. 5 more pages to fill then I'm done writing in this Journal. I ain't going to do to the top of the Journal [filling it in how I did with the last Journal). Cause it is the pen that I can't stand. Well, looks like I got a freebie, so back to Queen Victoria. Ok. The freebie was referring to not having to go to group. I'm running today. I can't sleep without getting rid of some of this energy. Sorry! And at this point, I would like to apologize for how confusing everything is getting. It will a lll make sense when I re-edit everything, but again, I still have no money lol. But everything will make more sense if you've made it this far. We only have 5 more pages to go through, and then, we get to the ending again.

CM 5000: "If anyone saw, I got lucky haha. That was all diamond though, so Shiva is keeping the beast temporarily tamed, but he's ready, right now, or later, & she'll take him again as need-be. By any luck, my Mom gets me out today. Otherwise, Praise Allah Fear Allah I'll be trying again tomorrow for my real chance towards freedom. Today, was like an invisible glass & we have to keep walking around. Tomorrow, I will make it full Praising of Allah. Fear Allah. Praise Allah. Do you like this type of drama? I don't, but it is good material. [Is it?] Too bad I still have to daydream on through it [as in, soon I'll be sitting at my computer typing this up.]"

CM 5000: "I can't wait to be alive, and out of here. I don't even know what I did bad. The new room is 39. There's a Praise Allah Sun Circle in the middle of the room on the wall where the paw slash was in the other room. It looks cool. A "Time" Magazine with my Math Professor's face on it again. Gibaldri strikes again. In fact, this drama just got great now that I'm 7-% happy. In the book, p. 242 was folded in pointing to p. 242 (instead of pointing to page 241). Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, a question I even stumped my "intelligent" cousin on. Then, the nice Cartman guy saved me, gave me privacy. Perfect timing. Happens all so fast, but better to follow the story because the only bad tv is my suffering which makes the tv even better, grudgingly I admit. That's why I had to talk about Shiva today. She can't wait."

CM 5000: "There was so much more. They tricked me. NSG, side note, stands for Nurse's Educational Group. Why didn't I just stay asleep? So tired [from the medicine]. Why am I still here? Sigh, this is the pain I referred to earlier. What's the point? For you? f*ck that. Who are you anyways? What's your point? Sigh. I just want to be home with my cat, moving on with my life. lo [which ironically, I am sitting here typing this up now.] ol. This is killing me, literally, suicidal thoughts start [while sitting in the clinic stuck there against my Constitutional rights.] I don't want to live. There's no meaning to life. Start your routines instead of putting it off. Then, it'll just become a part of you. But first, you just have to start somewhere. One paragraph is something I already do. Don't say something if you can't make it true. And why are they pointing the fingers in circle again? Come on. I'm willing to dedicate and break my back to fixing your problems, & and all you do is point the finger in a circle, but it always points back at me. I would write more, but this pen sucks. See, hard to write [ with the cheap pen]. Hard for me to even decipher this. It's like hieroglyphics lol. I am a Mummy. Ah! Not a bad packet. Hey, do I end up filling in the net 8 page b4 I leave? I hope not. Look at all I've already wrote. This sucks. Why me? How can I quit or turn it off? Ugh, life sucks."

CM 5000: "And let us now take a hit for all those who had to suffer in mental hospitals against their will unnecessarily (as in, they do help many people, but sometimes, a few people end up getting screwed over in the process like E2 did)."
CM 5000 takes a hit of weed for E2.

CM 5000 wipes sweat. Gives a special shout-out to Apple for having an auto-save feature, but also wants to give a special shout-out to Blizzard for disabling my account forcing me to have nothing "better" to do (since I sadly find playing Starcraft 2 pretty entertaining in a dull sort of way, Starcraft I, however, that game was great with the battle net.)

CM 5000: "Anyways, there was just a temporary black loss for a few seconds due to the snow storm. It deleted really bad tv, lots of spoilers were coming, so they took out my power, and stopped that."

CM 5000:" I don't care too much to fill in the top white space. But I do see myself filling out the rest of this. What did I even end up writing? Why are you making me do this? You are so mean: Well, no when I'm typing this, I'm happy. [I did just laugh actually]. I'll be with my cat. And I have sent out the diamonds and crystals already to people. Well, I do love you, Mom and I hope you care about the real pain I am in. Please Mom I would never do this to you, I hope not, how mean it is. I just want there to be peace, happiness, liberty for all. Guess I can't get out of here right now. Seems too dangerous to ask my Mom to come and save me [with the storm coming there that day]. But I know you would Mom if my pain was worst. I love Mom and Dad too although my Dad betrayed me ... again ... & even after he promised he would never so Dad I hate you. I am going to disown you. Piece of sh*t. you always put family first Dad. Come on, start treeing me like I'm your son, or just get out of my life. Anyways, I don't really hate my dad, I hate that my dad still has to chose to be a bad dad, as in, all of it was fake. But the thing is, my dad used to chose to be a good dad, and he promised me many times in recent years that I can count on him. And that he would start to praise Allah, and he was going to stop being a bad dad. Guess I'll just have to go back to the I don't care attitude I used to have towards my dad. [Nah, I soon saw that it wasn't my dad's fault, but he just should have had my my back, and didn't. My Dad and I have been bonding since I have been back home. We look forward to good times to come from, so all of this was just said meant to vent.]

CM 5000: "So I'll still remain civil. Not much else I can do. My parents like to push me away. They like heaping the Pakistanis. I mean wtf. Who do you love more? Do they want me to disown them? I will. I should have done it already. Then I would not have been here [writing this] nor
iosolomon: "Nor typing this right now lol."
iosolomon takes another hit of pot as
iTunes flashes down the countdown and emphasis on the -0:24.
Then, the Looptaf appears, and we load up another video. This time, Cartman is a Japanese pilot battling the Looptaf because a God revival experiment went wrong. They are just feeding the God twinkles, risking their lives because they realize it would be futile to do anything but ask the God for forgiveness, and that is what we see as Down with the Sickness plays a second time through this super long Pilot episode.
iosolomon equips Blanket. iosolomon takes a hit of weed and shares with Blanket.

CM 5000: "Then I wouldn't be here. Ugh. Hate this sh*t. Because the only question I have is 'Why me?' And yet time goes by slowly for me as I try to write with my left-hand. But I'm not hesitating. I was trying to move on. Sigh. Thanks for nothing. I want to fix your problems, then I'll fix mine with the Nonpoint Bullet in my brain. It's a song. Even says "Dinnerbell" lol.
UVW No Cross Key Y No Heaven Key Net line ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRST (I wrote it backwards)
That was with Praise Allah my left-hand. Why do I still take the medicine? And I literally just asked my Mom that question again tonight, and now I saw a blue flame appear, but it looked more like blanket, so it could just have been blanket lol. Bullet with A name Nonpoint to the Pain, it said Dinnerbell, and now the feeling of malaise sets back in, as I wonder, "Am I insane?"

CM 5000: "I think I'll refuse soon, eh? Since I'm still in here. But so many cool pieces of advice like creating the correct mental picture instead of the one we usually create = what we don't want to happen.

CM 5000: "South Park time: Lady actually said "Tim-mayyy" lol but it turns out, she was saying "Tim A" and it sounded like "Tim-mayyyy" how funny."

CM appears. "See this poor person, it's because my writers got lazy, Now they make him ... long line."
CM bleeds matrix, since he cannot feel pain, and he reappears. He creates the illusion.
The Power of a Positive Attitude. Very good, nice South Park touch. Hurricanes. Smaller Praise Allah class size. Student says to Garrison "Why don't you pick, you the teacher lol."
Cartman came to me as a spirit. He says, "If I was you, I would write 'I love my Mom" on the following pages. This would increase, but not guarantee your Praise Allah chances of Fear Allah discharges today. It would be your Mom who saves you so write it down. Bye I'm going to my Mom. Cartman smiles, laughs, and leaves. We see Cartman's Mom was actually disguising himself as Cartman. But I will comply. lo [ After the fact, but as you can see, I thought of it first, then I attribute it to Cartman, I already wrote down that I loved my parents before even having Cartman, but Cartman did come to me to give me guidance on how to finish the South Park episode to clarify. lol but it was all in my head after all I'm the one taking the pills.] ol.

A strange text, one of your friends is going to Chicago, isn't that where you were contemplating on going if only you had a car. You could break out into a Lion King musical, if only, you had that music. Thankfully, the iTunes icon won't be able to appear playing that since it's only in your head. That's right, you are only imaginary.

CM 5000: "Disguising herself as Cartman. But I will comply. I love my mom e clamtion with the Heaven key smilie. There, if there's a God you're on you're way home now. Good luck says the real Cartman.
253 One time I was walking from pre-school with my Mom, & she said "Too bad these glasses don't have windshield wipers." & today if I see h er, I'll drop that memory back at her. But I didn't see my Mom that day, the Hurricane had kept us apart. The Hurricane that was caused because Cartman had to come into this dimension."
CM 5000: "sh*t. I think I'll go smoke some more."
iosolomon: "This one person texting me is very annoying. No weed for me until the annoyance goes away. But back to typing."
CM 5000: "One of the earliest & I'll never forget my grandma driving me home once too, and I love my Mom's Mom grandma. I love my dad, and I love my Dad's mom too, Grandma Mary who is staying here with me through another snow storm, at least she's not alone :) (she's not allowed per se, but she's isolated from the family due to architectural restraints.)
CM 5000: "And now the person is interrupting your work on the Journal, on completing the South Park Prophecy. iTunes you are lying to me."
iTunes displays 31 seconds remaining, 28, 23 seconds.
iTunes "Don't Bring me down - Electric Light orchestra."
iTunes now plays: "Final Fantasy VII - Boss Battle Music" to tell me that everything is a-okay.
iosolomon takes a hit of weed. WP goes up.

CM 5000: "I love my dad, although we don't always see eye-to-eye, I know he does care deeply like I do to him. And, I love my Dad's Mom, grandma~and RIP grandpas~why, a magnets brilliant light appeared just now. Beautiful. But does that mean it was one of them? Or maybe it was Uncle Jeff. 5.5 more pages. My right hand like number now. Can't keep using this pen. Oh, I pray I leave within this hour, then I can type this up. Wel, will see what has been written already. It has already been decided when I'll leave. I wonder. "Ilumminati Bo without the cross " is Ti li vision. No one violated. No one is ultaur to real. The same poor guy was about to read. His com roommate my exe roommie rather volunteered to read. Why can't meditation instead of medication. Nice quote by chill black guy. The good news is the night after 3 goes by fast, but after 3 am it goes slow. like completely different perception of time. See, just ask yourself, what would Cartman do? (if he was you as in, not the scripted I love my mom smilie face double e clamation mark without the cross Cartman the real Cartman He would just say "Rela without the cross" Praise Allah & we hear Burt Goldman say Rel without the cross! & we hear Right about now Funk Soul bro's a classic song thanks to Katrina a shout-out to her so this way you have included everyone lol (you already included your brother-in-law even though he is not yet my brother-in-law ain't that something huh)
And look at that, somehow I wrote Uncartman_26 even though I couldn't remember where 27 was, and here, 27 is about to appear.)
Uncartman_27 appears.
Uncartman_27: "If I actually had to advertise something, it would be to Fear Allah, for two of your cities would have to have been destroyed by One Of His Sons, and luckily, Father says just chose peace. So peace it is. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap thanks AC/ DC."
Loyal subject: "Yes sir!!"
iTunes: "Dirty deeds done dirt cheap."
Uncartman_27: "Check out the product <Insert details / dialougue> Chill_black_guy." Guess I'll read that one too." I hope I wasn't too harsh wit my Mom, I would rather stay here than have her risk her life through this storm. I saw a dark blue flashing light which means I was selfish but in the name of righteousness. But, this is just something that my Mom should use sound judgment. It really is dangerous especially with her lack of sleep. Praise Allah. So I saw from the Spirits you were Praisng Allah, and wanted to come. I love you for t hat Mom."
CM 5000: " The Best Day of My Life" Oh Snap.
iTunes: Wormwhole wi adds with the Heaven Key Joe Satriani comes on.
Cartman's power level reaches 100%, the iTunes auto-correcting was it. The last key. But, when will they take him beyond 100% because you are still hungry. You will go back to losing weight, and you are happy with the gains you are making. You wonder."
Praise Allah. Fear Allah.
One of the top 10 best days, arguably, #1. Still 4.5 more pages.
10/29 3:20, haha no weed. But imagine how selfish I would feel if those two cities were already tales. I didn't do enough for them yet. Gotta have the best day before the worst where they lie that it was already done, but only to find out it will happen soon. Then, I weep. But still, I love you all. I do. Every human, believe it or not, although sometimes it is hard as a male for me to show affection to other males, but never females. Fashbacks: Quitters Never win, winners never quit. from Roma, my old high school sports coach and a proud veteran to this country.
Stop procrastination - Steve-o, the captain of the team, one time we were slacking on practice, and Steve-o says, "Procrastination is a lot like masturbation, in the end, you are only f*cking yourself."
And, the timing of this was so odd in the Journal, but I follow that with a "I love you Mom" that I already pre-wrote because a "fictional" Cartman told me to do it. Wow, and for the record, I was only on the prescription drugs for this. But yet, it all comes together, what an interesting story I seem to have written, and the re-edits would tie-up all the lose ends, but believe it or not, writing this costs money, especially in terms of lost wages.
But, without further adieu,
"I love my Mom" two exclamation point mark smilie face without the cross. Yeah! Shooter McGavin. Yeah!
iosolomon smiles with a huge smile. He did one of the pages out of order by sheer fluke. He created that himself, in fact, you can watch the videos of him doing it live, even though, he now suspects you somehow read his internet files before he even published them, or if not, you've given him the greatest illusion, mayhap, "delusion" of them all. But how is this even possible, he wonders? And when will we learn the truth? Who knows?
iTunes: "Cruelest dreams of reality. Mom and Pop used to be. But it's hard hard to see, fragile lives, shattered dreams...." but yet we keep rocking on because we get by, and no one gets hurt anymore.

CM 5000: "Chemical Plant, they are loading something up on your myspace. What adventure?"
CM 5000: "The one where you would get your homework done at this time. Now, get to work. Even though no one is online for you to procrastinate, you no longer want to f*ck yourself. Remember, Steve-O did say that just for you to hear, for you to keep your sh*t together. Now, take that greatest bit of advice, you even said so yourself at the time."
CM 5000: "Well, looks lie I'm in for another night. Anyways, the movie violin is missing a much-needed scene. I first saw this movie with Michael. Later, Katrina. The movie volcano was missing a much-needed scene. I first saw this movie with Michael Carter, a really cool black kid, Katrina, and I think Melissa Lemmerman and a few others? But the scene where the girl gets dropped into the lava, the other girl should have gone seen an attorney who should have advised her of her rights, as in she has a moral and legal duty to report it, but be warned, because then it might create a huge headache, but the attorney should say, II'll work with you even pro bona cause I can get the money from the State. Praise Allah. Fear Allah. Since it's one of these social problems we should pay for since we could be th one dropping, or worse, the one being dropped. Biut too bad society didn't work a little bit better. Cause Anyways, I was thinking about Volcano umping vs Ice Cold umping. Both warrant an owwww. I don't want to be in pain, nor you. As in even depression. I want everyone to be able to live the try American dream, the original Constitutional rights with new identity with new definitions as in, no need to kep the original which still had slavery. That's stupid. I mean the ideas, the principles the tenants, that's worth keeping, worth protecting, worth yinh or, but haven't we lost enough blood. So there is a small chance I get out tonight after 7 but that doesn't seem likely. My Dad would have to come instead. Oh well. Still going to be yet another love slap in the face when it doesn't happen. But look at what Cartman had me write already :: smile:: I love my Mom smilie face two exclamation mar without the cross. Cause I know she would if it was her choice. So I wonder then, who's the one making the choice? Was it myself from past musings? This is good for me to get those types of thoughts out. Plus, now you have a much better underling of the ones who possess me, but do not worry, I put the Constittion first, Ten Commandments above that, so I am not trying to say it isn't me or that I'm not in control because I am just not in control of my life yet. I just want to finish this up. 2.5 more pages. Bevause I know it's filled before I leave. Meantime, I'll go read some Queen Bictoria.

Queen Victoria by Lytton Strachey, 1921, Caitin look alike said "I'm not going to say what it looks like [the place I have to sleep] it's offensive." W"hat does it look like? " "Concentration camp." lol." Fear Allah. Praise Allah. "Joseph say" "by God, they call him joseph Surface!" Cool opening. The rest seems interesting but it's one of those long reads, gotta read it carefully. But onto the Ghost, not onto my sleep. Nap time.
Lady Kevin
Lol Kevin MCCI look like who I asked if that was him was taking about Hitler with someone else Hitler was a genius they concluded. Although I heard someone whisper "Don't talk about that." Then they there threw in that Hitler was insane. Anyways, Austin Powers, 1969, Evil comes, Steals mojo, we see mjojojo running around Cartman U& U real go to heaven key shot's getting out of control. Too many "goto" splits. But luckily, this is only the Pilot cause hey I love my Mom smilie face, thanks Cartman & it turns out that Cartman got me again. Because the pages were out of order it was actually Cartman who reminded me to tell my parents that I love them because truly I often don't tell them that because I didn't look into the future and see that they were acting. /never saw it coming, but it kills me because I still don't know for 100%. I just know 100% that South Park is real. Wait, it's always been real you say, but anyways, one more page, and then a short ending. This is great. And I do love my mom. haha."
iosolomon laughs.
CM 5000 sees a circle of the Sun Dial in the booklet. He remarks, "It looks like something from Elda with the Heaven Key 64" as Miniboss theme5 comes on that sounds like it's in 64 bit. I always knew there was something about this song that was off to me, but I was never explicitly aware of it until now.

And the final page (minus last minute inter-deimensional and intra-deimnsional travels ) like the damn Epitaph CM's, but now you s hour really see how it's going to end, but I don't post this like this online, so how many edits will I do? Perhaps, I'll just do one. Perhaps, I'll just have I saw the light effects again I don't know I was talking about that earlier as I way of seeing if they wanted to up the ante. Ok, that is why we are at 100% cause of the light effects, but when will I get that car and freedom and no more stress. Anyways, the South Park Prophecy must be fulfilled."

CM 5000: "Perhaps, I'll just have some character ramble these words lol like Cartman_3d haha, but still, I am glad this book is almost complete. So the moment I've been waiting for - the ending - has now come to me. The SP authors added a refence to the movie, the Day After Tomorrow, because of the Hurricane Sandy that's hitting my area. As such, to conclude the pilot, but to leave it open if we want, I can add one of thise pest literary devices, I forget the name, but you see it in lots of movies, like Prometheus or the Jurassic Park series, & so, we are waiting for Cartman from the Day AFter Tomorrow to appear, but he doesn't because we can't even get there since tomorrow always comes first lol undermine always. So the episode concludes with me saying "Ilove yo Mom" thanks Cartman. CM. But then, in CM's world, Praise Allah, Chef is seen talking ,saying "Don't forget, we do't want someone who doesn't even know the 9th or 10th Amednments in OFfice. So don't vote for the n*gger or white n*gger." Guy's dad, "It's Praise Allah white nagger to you." And first electricity blast Chef dodges. Chef bitches about why can't white people just leave blacks alone, always trying to control. So Chef finishes, seeking and Chef finally goes to say, "Oh yeah, and hey, I love my Mom End smilie face double exclamation mark, but ah, I did the pages out of order 0.5 more, and then the after credits roll play. Here we go.)
iTunes: "Main theme (classic) Legend of Elda with Heaven Legend of Heaven"
King Author: "And that's how the world gets into Heaven. But the story is not yet over."
CM 5000: "Being the pilot, we have nothing to worry about. But Cartman says that he wants to go back home (on his own screen) & so, I have to help him cause he came to me, so I'll finish Part 3 of the Pilot (and omg, look the South Park prophecy is unfolding before my eyes, is this not Part 3? I honestly didn't "write" planning it consciously, as I said, I told you I get possessed lol.) And Justin's, er, Stan's , er Russia starts dancing to We Like The Party at Si without the Cross Flags Vengaboys, and the world comes back together, and makes another World peace sign. Yeah!
CM 5000: "So I'll finish Part 3 of the Pilot. Austin Powers got trapped in '69, & now, summer of '69 starts playing, as we see AP who is happy. He doesn't care, he likes the past better.
Cold link: Access Summer of 69. User action required. Warm link accepted. Sweet! iTunes Automatcity unlocked. Music Wisdom God acquired. Enjoy.
iTunes: "This summer seemed to last forever, and if i had the choice, yeah, those were the best days of my life."
CM 5000: "And now summer of '69 starts playing, as we see AP who is happy. He doesn't care, he likes the past better. The future (or present) is meh to Austin. So CM really sees there's only one thing to do. He has to get the 3-pilot episode finished, and posted on the Enter Now internet, bout his timing is bas cause he already initiated sequences to test me, to find out who I am. Pat was one of those Cartman Plants. Cartman got me sent here, but Cartman can't reveal himself yet. First, he needs me to shut up and let him possess me, but I am mad at Carman for all this dimensional sh*t he started. Praise Allah. Cause dimensional traveling isn't something you should just do, but it wasn't Cartman's fault. So here, we are. 1 more page left, plus lots of editing. And do you know how the pilot ends? Well, I didn't but Cartman just told me. Well as much fun as this was, I'm still stuck in a mental hospital because Cartman laced my weed with Praise Allah sh*t. So right now, my present, time, I am disheartened that I'm missing my 2-year weed anniversary with my best friend. But this is better because now Cartmand & I are slowly becoming aligned with the same goal. We both have Stan! Yup, & oh yeah, I love my Mom double exclamation park smile thanks Cartman.
iTunes: "I am sorry for being cold. I never meant to be so cold."
iosolomon: "iTunes is referring to not giving me better songs to cheer me up all those times, but this is the only way iTunes can speak to me, just like the real Bumble Bee, someone took his voice modulator, but with music, he doesn't need it. Versatile. He has Shia. And now I have iTunes."
iTunes: "Somebody told me [to do the] macarana."
Now, the entire CM universe including iosolomon does the macarana.
iosolomon did not correctly remember the dance, so iosolomon was slapped off the stage. The better macarana dancers, the ones who still remember the dance or think they remember it, are still in the game, while their friends begin to check the tv to see if they really are, but the ones dancing aren't allowed to look at the tv, that's why it's funny, because you are watching your friend who thinks they remember it butcher the song. Watch. lol.
itunes smiles.
The friends took weed to make the room foggy lol. Or outdoors. The light flashes twice to let me know that was good to type.
King Solomon: "Come on, iTunes."
iosolomon laughs at the great song, pleased with the Jew that Solomon is.
iTunes plays Final Fantasy Boss battle.
iTunes has created its own type of unique naming pattern, King Solomon likes its simplicity but yet complexity without the cross. :) thanks iTunes.
iosolomon PP (Pride Power) increases as iTunes got King Solomon to make a fool of himself not knowing it, mystified at the fact that he was right, but at the fact that he was right. And now, we move on to the final chapter now that the magic tricks are out of the way.

And then, another CM appears, & says that the Pilot ends with him saying, "I love you Mom" to his Mom. End. But then, Praise Allah another strikeout Fear Allah This CM is from the day after yesterday. Chef says, "Oh sit."
we had misunderstood him, he wants to finish the old man's tale because it needs to be told.

Then, the Looptaf eats the screen. Fear Allah. And that's to strike out. But Cartman strike out the Fear Allah blackout time parallel when worlds collide oh snap Cartman appears from 199 and says ... fear allah Praise Allah "I love my mom End."
iTunes: This is the sound of freedom. Everybody's got to be free. Everybody's free. Feel Good! This is the sound of freedom.

Cartman from the Day After Tomorrow appears too, but probably not in the pilot, arrow, arrow, Fear Allah blackhole, no more world Allah Protector Praise PRAISE ALLAH time change lady Praise Allah NOT f*ck BUT FEAR ALLAH she was saying "f*ck was "fear" in the piney accent. She was warning. Cartman appears and says " I love my mom end.
Editor's Note.
Cartman from Day Ater Tomorrow appearsl. No, Cartman from Day AFter Yetserday appears. But probably not in the pilot?

And now, I have nothing to do. I wish I could be home. I wish I could be home wit something to do these pills don't help me at all. As you can see. But soon, I wonder when? How many more hours? What am I supposed to do? But I'm done waiting, except for homework.
I can bring the proud back into being American.

Old man: And that is the tale of the two Cartmans, and today, you see, is when E2 and Cartman_from_Yesterday had met, tomorrow E2 will wonder what had happened, but with only 13 minutes to go, E2 has lost faith. This is where King Solomon falls and lands into the Volcano, for his friend Jose, brother Joseph, is already on the way. Joseph Smith that is. And, whether or not they are the same, it does not matter, the mathematics is the same. And that, has been most important to this mind called Einstein, this school of thinking. So, I will post this, and it is 420711234842
Start of a New Final Fantasy File, but this one, there is no more pain for no one. Let us make today a day that can become ancient, the start the birth the rebirth of the internet, and this time, we can everything we can do everything correct!

And, I will be back, for this I promise you.
That is the curse of the Transparent Messenger.
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

Postby iosolomon » Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:04 pm

South Park -pseudo
Lost Pilot Episode 1/?

pseudo_South_Park - pseudoEpilogue
pseudo Lost Pilot Episode pseudoEnding pseudoending pseudo(1/?)

iosolomon: "If there's a prologue, there usually is going to be an epilogue. So here I am, back to finish the South Park prophecies, the last of the last."
E2 counts the days on his hands since he's been taking the stupid pills. He only counts 13.
CM 5000: "Oh, look at that, let's see what the Weed Journal has to say."
CM 5000 opens up the Weed Journal.
CM 5000: "The prophecy is not complete unless E2 takes the pills for the prophesied two weeks that he even spoke of to Brother Joseph who does not know that it has only been 13 days."
E2 is given an order by CM 5000, "Take pills."
E2: "Dude, I don't know who the f*ck you are, but I'm refusing."
iTunes: "Furious, the static plays."
E2: "Thanks iTunes for having my back."
CM 5000: "CHEF!"
Cartman's Mom is seems picking up the phone, she calls Chef.
15 minutes later, Chef appears.
Chef: "Yes Cartman?"
Cartman: "Do I need to smoke more weed?"
Chef: "That is what the prophecy says."
iosolomon seeing that is comes from Chef, smokes more weed.
CM 5000 does the same.
Chef: "Now what is it that you've brought me here for? I was in the middle of cooking [insert one of Chef's top dishes to make for himself.]"
CM 5000: "I seem to have created a character that is trapped in the 3.5th dimension, what can I do?"
Chef: "You aren't supposed to go to the 3.5th dimension. It's bad."
CM 5000: "What happens?"
Chef: "Did you read about the tale of the two cities?"
CM 5000: "No, tell me about the tale of the two cities?"
Chef: "There were two time travelers, or maybe they were inter-dimensional travelers, and they carried a message from beyond. That we should not make the same mistakes their people made. In their world, All was going well. OBama had successfully gotten the entire world to unite under Allah, except there were a few groups OBama could not get converted. And, those groups, the Gods they worshipped became angry with Obama and Allah trying to convert the last of their worshippers. So, the year was 2030, and the universities asked the question, "What would it be like if the world of Harry Potter was real," and thanks to OBama, they went and created that with an African tribe or something, I think it was on the Solomon Islands, and they weren't supposed to, but OBama he was always an Uncle Tom, and the people, they just didn't see it, but he was an Uncle Tom for God, so of course the people weren't going to care. Once they finally read the Koran, and the Jews too, the entire world was really united. But, when they started conducting tests on non-Allah worshippers, they angered other Gods, and that is why Cartman_from_Day_After_Yesterday was created, Cartman_from_Day_After_Tomorrow was created, but Cartman, you are forgetting one, the most important one of them. "
CM 5000: "Whoa, slow down there Chef, you're telling me there's another one?!?!"
Chef: "Yes, Cartman, don't tell me you haven't heard of the third one?"
CM 5000: "I think I better go smoke some more weed."
iTunes: "Get ready to rock and roll."
Chef: "You see Cartman, there are actually an infinite number, but you are forgetting the two most important, the opposites, there is Cartman_from_Day_Before_Yesterday, who does not appear because this is the Past, he is you, and there is Cartman_from_Day_Before_Tomorrow, and that is November 8th, so as you can see, the fourth one has to meet the other 3 before the Prophecy is complete. Isn't that why you always said the best surprise parties are the day immediately after, especially for depressed people. Now, what are the chances? You don't know, but you know that you will get something good on your birthday, but why am I saying this, you are supposed to be smoking."
iTunes: "Aeris original theme plays."
CM 5000: "Chef, I am ready to hear the end."
Chef: "Oh, no Cartman, I'm afraid iTunes has spoken. This is the part where I depart you. You are on your own, good luck. And I'm here if you want me to remind you what you were supposed to do, where you were supposed to go like a NPC does. You don't control me, haven't you seen I always controlled myself in that game."
CM 5000: "Why, this is true."
Chef departs.
CM 5000 takes another hit of weed.
CM 5000: "Chef, you never finished the story."
Chef: "Oh yeah, that's right. Sorry, I'm really high."
Blankie: "Hey, let me appear and say that."
Blankie appears. "Sorry, it's cause he's really high."
CM 5000: "Blankie is yours Chef?"
Chef: "No, but he guides me."
CM 5000 turns back to his computer. "I got the answer."
CM 5000 types in 4208158112012420.
CM 5000 has burnt his right finger, as the prophecy states.
CM 5000: "Whoops, forgot to flip it to indicate for the change in the polar fields that hasn't occurred since no one pissed off true God."
and so the transmission was sent, but without the details of Cartman_from_Day_Before_Yesterday, because had CM sent that, then CM knows that he might not be getting paid soon.
Chef: "Yes, but you have reminded me, Cartman_from_Day_Before_Tomorrow is you, just like the other two Cartmans are the same. Two cities were nuked, there's only two. Good luck.
CM 5000 changes into Cartman_from_Day_Before_Tomorrow
CM 5000: "I do not want to be Cartman_from_Day_Before_Tomorrow. I only have to program him in."
CM 5000 changes back into self, CM 5000.
and so, there you have it, the world will be safe no matter what you do. I only vote for Ron Paul because he's the best option for entire world peace, since getting everyone to drop their gods and goddesses for Obama's religion, which is the agenda that Obama secretly promotes (for the right reasons), but Ron Paul, he promotes the Constitution. Remember that thing? Well, I hope I find out soon that Ron Paul is President, because as much as i wouldn't mind a Muslim world, the only thing I have to be concerned about is why hasn't the prophecy of Muslims being rich come true yet? Or has it already? I mean, Obama as President is a sign that the Muslims here are rich, rich in spirit at least.
iosolomon: "Well, everyone knows epilogues are always short, and I am NOT getting paid, so I'm going to keep this in particular short lol since remembering all of these "goto" statements is quite a bit of work, the shorter I keep it, the less I have to worry about, although it'll all work out in the end. I'm just trying to throw the ball back into your ball court. And I think I have now, but we will see what happens when I meet myself from the future at 12:00 am tonight. Or, is mine at 00:00 which is 6:00 am lol, or when I was born? Who knows what the answer is, but you do, and it's killing me cause at least you don't have to worry anymore. I still do."
iosolomon: "But it's great though i'm proud to be an American, I'm proud to be united. I'm proud to be friends with Japan, I'm proud. Are you?"
CM_From_Day_After_Tomorrow: "I'll be here. Waiting. At midnight. Keep it simple."
CM_From_Day_Before_Tomorrow: "This has never happened to us before."
CM_From_Day_Before_Yesterday: "Things were so much simpler then."
CM_From_Day_After_Yesterday: "Are you ready to embark? We are."
CM 5000: "Picks up the journal."
CM 5000 picks up the Journal.
CM 5000: "Enters the code to get E2 to complete the prophecy. Only one pill needs to be taken. it's the 13th day. He can stop at the 14th night and 14th day. Get it?"
CM 5000 gets to work with typing. He knows he must enter 420, but he needs more WP.
CM 5000 takes a big hit of weed, uses left-hand. iosolomon has taken the pill for E2 completing the data necessary for the machine to help CM 5000's world function.
iTunes: "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I eat you alive, Limp Bikit with the Heaven Ken, Results May Vary. And then the song changes to a part it sounds like you never heard, but you did hear it, just not in a while, and just when it was getting good, it ended because I can't really talk, you're not supposed to it yet. Shh."
iosolomon: "Whoops, sorry, that song was just getting to the part I love for in the song just like those two kids were doing in your Chemical Engineering class that one time, er, I mean , Chemistry I I think, or whatever it was.
iTunes: "Opening theme plays as iosolomon goes back to the Bliard with Heaven Prophecy, as there is snow outside."
iosolomon: "Yes, that also released certain endorphins that haven't been released in a while because I haven't had money. Well, today I am going to probably end up playing Starcraft 2 since there isn't much else for me to do. I like to play Monobattles and the other map that I can't recall, but mainly Monobattles, although the game Dragon RPG is fun kept it gets a little dull for me. My user name on there is pseudo for any one who has read, but I probably won't go online today, since I hope things will come up, but at 9:00 am I should call just so I can get my account back up and running."
iosolomon: "The only thing left for me to do now is to kill time. I'm running low on all my resources, and the weather is yucky, and I don't even have a car or food but at least i have soap I say, and hot water, and the warm air of Allah, so I can't really complain, haha, but I put my trust in Ray's yeah
iTunes plays linking park "I put my trust in you" goes out to Ray from iTunes.
iTunes says it's okay that I just told a lie, "What I've Done, Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight" loads up.
It turns out that iTunes is able to talk because it was Madonna all along and Madonna was just doing it out of respect because she thought it was really cute how the character from transformers was able to communicate in movies. She wonders if he'll ever get a voice modulator.
iosolomon: "There are movies to watch as well but not enough weed lol. Way too depressed all a sudden. It's the song. Can't end on a depressing note, gotta wait. Let's smoke."
iTunes: "White wedding. It plays."
iosolomon: "Nice, let's see what's net."
iosolomon is pleased and relieved that it was not something else, something worse. iTunes plays ff6_36_seter with the Heaven Key, haha, and the sun starts to shine bright, and you pray that they'll tell you the truth much sooner because all of this is just fun and games, but the suffering, you're suffering, that kills me, and I just hope you made the right choice on 611. It's now 811 and I am still suffering coming to grips with reality that we are going to be living in a Muslim world, but that is okay because I guess we predict aliens will come to kill us?"
Uncartman_25 appears.
Uncartman_25: Good thing you are throwing me in here. What do you want to advertise about?
iosolomon: "Let's make it: Liberty."
Uncartman_25: "Wise choice."
Uncartman_25: "The story of liberty goes a little like this. A man picked up his bong and smoked some weed. iosolomon does. Then, you should already know the answer, Ron Paul was the key on 511, that is, it still wasn't too late for the world to unite under One Man, Benjamin Franklin, He did it once in the 1700s, and hey, why not ask him to do it again now, let's give a round of applause for Ron Paul as Our New President. Here he is."
But no one appears.
Uncartman_25: "Well, guess I am at the wrong place."
Uncartman_25 leaves.
Uncartman_24 appears.
Uncartman_24: "Nope, this was the right place. Now, what gives?"
iosolomon: "Oh, I think they are lying to me. Playing some type of trick."
Uncartman_24: "Great, I'll advertise Saint Barnbas Health for you. And now our young author is going to commit himself into a mental facility soon, that is, his room. He'll probably go to Carrier Clinic if he really wanted a mental facility so this way he could actually eat food, but he would rather starve because the showa is sad. Oh, i have to go."
Uncartman_24 disappears.
Uncartman_23 appears.
Uncartman_23: "And I keep finding myself back to you. Now what are you advertising?"
iosolomon: "LIBERTY!"
Uncartman_23: "Oh yeah, the person who is being lied to. That's why I left. Well, I'm sorry. I'm going to go, and no more advertisements."
Uncartman_23 disappears. Fortunately, no one else reappears. Of course, there has to be one more, one Uncartman for episode. This is now the 8th episode, but how did you trick me into writing, but it's 9:00 am I can post this to the web soon.
Uncartman_22 appears.
Uncartman_22: "Great! I know what I can advertise. I'll advertise South Park, the Captain Planet Awards. Do you want it made into a live action packed movie? With the real people playing themselves? Hey, now wouldn't that be a start for new history books lol. Remember, this will be ancient history one day, so let's make someone from the future's job easy, what must the world have been like for the person who made this. I'm sure you have a lot of questions for iosolomon , and he would love to answer them but he'll be found on starcraft 2 possibly, and when he gets money, he'll be really happy because he'll get himself a laptop and maybe he'll have enough money that he can some of his friends laptops too since Stan's laptop went out due to the storm the hurricane that iosolomon is sad over. And all the suffering the people had to do without electricity, and the poor innocent inmates at Ocean County Jail, see prison should be a joke and why isn't it? Life should be a joke by now. That's what the Author of the Bible says."
itunes: "Epitaph. Finish. Cry."
Iosolomon: "Wow, that's cool that iTunes didn't auto-correct itself as it did just now literally, and so you wonder what happened to the lost Epitaph's from the beginning? Well, nothing, they were just a computer program lol. They don't really suffer like you or I. But shouldn't we live in a better world, isn't it the year 2012 after all? Come on, I don't really want to be here sitting typing when it might be all for nothing. How do I know this is any good? No one has bothered to tell me anything, especially not the truth. But now, som upper plays, and iTunes say it's 9:00 am, impeccable timing. I'll take another hit of weed, you should do the same lol it's life enjoy it. Ron Pau is President, good fortunes to come, Ron Paul promises it."
Ok time to get the starcraft 2 prophecy resolved. That's what this can be named.
South Park -pseudoEpilogue
Lost Pilot Episode 8 Part 2/2

iosolomon: "At this point, I really should be getting paid. It's my birthday today, and I wonder if it'll be as sad as my 23rd birthday was."

iosolomon spent his birthday eve, the last day of 24 tying up lose ends of his life, thus completely the most important South Park prophecies that need to be completed before a new leaf can be turned over.
iosolomon: "Hey, I robbed you. I want to pay you back now."
Female who was robbed: "Why are you coming clean now?"
iosolomon: "Because you didn't deserve it, actually."
Female who was robbed: "Oh, well thanks for coming clean now."
iosolomon: "Hey, I lost some of the property I stole but I'll reimburse you the cash for it. This is embarrassing for me. Don't make it any worse."
Of course, she does.
Female who was robbed: "Thank u I'm proud of u :)"

iosolomon: "Hey, sorry, I robbed you because you took my game and sold it"
Male who was robbed: "All water under the bridge."
iosolomon; "Unfortunately, two wrongs don't make a right, and I got carried away when I took the money, so that makes me more wrong, so I'll be the one reimbursing you."
Male who was robbed: "Haha, like money will mean anything to us soon, but whatever you want to do."
iosolomon: "Sigh. Money still means something to me, it doesn't until after my apology to you and Tina."

Stan: "Why did you tell them?"
iosolomon: "I don't speak Americano."
Stan: "Oh."
Kyle: "Dude, he stole from you first, why did you tell them?"
iosolomon: "No, Kyle, I was wrong to not lend him the game in the first place. Look, if you weren't there, you can't really speak."
Kyle: "I'm a Jew."
iosolomon: "Me too."
No one laughs.

We smoke another hit of weed, since the worst part is not over. Uh-oh, that's the part when I find out I'm on the Truman Show, but the episode was now looking good. But this is actually only the 8th, since it is the epilogue. The credits is when the worlds collide. Nah, this is part of the pseudoEpilogue. We don't know when we'll get paid. You are now a part of my team if you are reading this. Let's go!

and so, iosolomon is left working the streets to pay for the theft, but that is how Tom's Prophecy went. The Truman Show isn't the bad part, it's the fact that this is the wrong reality tv show for you. Follow the prophecy.

iosolomon: "Once upon a time, there was a bong."
iosolomon packs bong.
iTunes: "Even the losers in year 1004 are dancing mad_4 I love New York!"
iosolomon: "Wow, Madonna!"
iosolomon takes a hit of weed.
iTunes: "Everybody dance now!"
Everyone in CM 5000's world starts dancing again, with it culminating with the world peace sign lol.
Uncartman_22: "Did you need an advertisement? How about you finish the pseudoEpilogue?"

CM 5000 picks up the Weed Journal.
CM 5000: "So today is the last day I'll be 24, and I have to take the long view around my life, why am I here? Why are you here? Are you even here? Are we watching this on tv? Why isn't this on tv yet? Isn't this good tv?"
CM 5000: "But, now I must go work the streets to fulfill Tom's prophecy. He asked, when I was going to stop escorting, and i told him probably not until I'm 25, and I live in a place called Tom's River and the prophecy doesn't get complete until Tom is united er re-united with His River, and so that can wait, because that's not really anything that's embarrassing. I mean, you know everything about me already, but I still pretend that it's not true. When will you tell me the gig is up? iTunes I'm looking to you now. Let's see what comes up."
CM 5000 takes a hit of weed.
CM 5000's WP is at full. CP hits fast forward on iTunes, creating a cold link to automate the warm link. -0:20 and Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus starts.

iosolomon: "Oh, the days of the Corsica, that's where my friendship with the girl who I robbed really got forged at. I miss this car, cool chill high people in Ocean City used to speed up just to check out who was driving the "red" car. (The car had only its primer, which was orange-red.) So it's 6:58, and of course, we should end an episode of 24 with a Praise Allah, Fear Allah, Praise Allah! For, if you are reading this, then good times to come!"

iosolomon's Pride Power PP goes to 100%. CM 5000's PP goes to 100%.
CM 5000's PP, WP, and SP have all reached 100%.
iosolomon: "He's ready for the Epilogue, which of course, makes yet another South Park prophecy come true, this one goes to all those people who have to work on their birthdays. For I will surely. And now the song says Run!" Error
iTunes: "Run!"
iosolomon: "To where?"
iTunes: "Uno, P5hng Me A*wy (Live in Teas without the cross). Ding"
iosolomon: "Why there?"
iTunes: "I've lied to you. This is the last smile that i'll fake for the sake of being with you. Everything falls apart even for the people who never frown. Watching it all unwind. Even the people who never frown break down. The sacrifice is never knowing why I never stayed when you just push away no matter what you say,"
King Solomon weeps.
iTunes: "Hung up."
iosolomon hung up the connection, created a cold link..
King Solomon is cheered up.
iTunes: "Tell the story of the crash. Come on."

iosolomon: "Once upon a time, I was on my way to tell the psychiatrist that I was possessed and that I was on my way to issue a Declaration of War against America because the showa was possessing me, and even though he wants world peace, he's just insane, just wanted a good laugh, but fortunately, brother Joseph was able to give me that good laugh, and it is now eating me alive now, but fortunately, it does not have to be. So, while I was on my way for this horrible day, the creators of South Park used a military style attack on my Honda-BMW and took it out. Hey, where's the Spaghetti Monster?"
CM 5000: "We have to smoke more weed."
iosolomon: "Why am I writing this? Come on. Meaninglessness, meaninglessness."
Apple learns spelling of "iosolomon"

iTunes: Final Fantasy 8 Final Boss

iosolomon: "How would you like it if you had to just live your life for someone else's entertainment and not be acknowledged for it? Imagine that feeling? That's the feeling I'm having right now. And I know that it's all in my "head" but enough is enough, I don't know why I still am suffering. I want to start ending all of the world's problems, we need solutions, and these lies, this deception, it has got to stop. What is the purpose? Who is putting you up to this? And how can I make it stop? Well, I still have weed, so that's good, and I just got some money, but now I have to face a very bad day tomorrow. Well, I was just looking for my cat, and I found him, he was hiding under the blankets. I have to go get to "work" now because South Park doesn't like my script, so now I have to go through it, and change everything to "Hirohito" and "Hirohito 5000" because I can't use South Park for financial gain since that is copyrighted. Right now, this is for fun, and so if I wanted to do it for fun, I could, but I need money so unfortunately, I'll have all this work to do soon, but do not worry, though, because I made this the pseudo-Epilogue on purpose. You can tell me the truth whenever you are ready to, I hope it's tonight, but I fear it might not be, but I will always tell you the truth, and time is running out for me. Either you want me, or you do not, I would like to move out of this country because I don't know, can't even handle a Hurricane without lots of people suffering. I feel bad for those who suffer, and I can sit around no longer. That is why I am posting this. That is why I complete the South Park prophecies, tomorrow."
iTunes: "Lose Yourself."
iosolomon: "Back to reality I return, but I will lose myself with some more weed."
iosolomon laughs. iosolomon sighs. iosolomon laughs. iosolomon does the whoops didn't mean to laugh laugh. iosolomon laughs a little concerned that people might not understand what he means. iosolomon chuckles. iosolomon smokes more weed.
iosolomon decides to go to New York City again because clearly
iosolomon decides to look to iTunes for the answers.
itunes: "Mary Jane's Last Dance"
King Solomon is pleased, and King Solomon gave out a childish snicker before.
King Solomon is pleased that iTunes did not auto-correct like it did just there, because it goes well with the Script. Couldn't have wrote it better myself, but it sucks cause I am the one writing it. And I know that it doesn't have to be. So this song says I gotta go to Brother Joseph's House before I can consider New York. Understood. Now, give me a less depressing song please lol.
iosolomon: "SCORE!!!"
iTunes: "Jump by Val Halen"
and iosolomon starts rocking out, but then at the one minute mark the song changes, and the entire SP universe breaks out into another music video, and the entire world jumps in a peace sign at the same moment, and they come together, and jump in the same spot at the same time, and they see that the world just goes right back into place like the scientists said, so there's no reason to even risk it to try it out here just do it in the south park universe. YEAH!

So, I look forward to my night. It's not so bad, though, just kinda bums me out because I don't know if this is any good or not.
Thanks Bob for reminding me not to "bump" this even though you had no intention of doing that. (As in, this is supposed to go here in an edit. Episode 9 tomorrow gets a new post.)
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

Postby iosolomon » Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:07 am

South Park -Epilogue copy
Lost Pilot Episode 9

iosolomon: "It's now my birthday today."

iosolomon spent the last minute of being 24 trying to tie up lose ends to his life. iosolomon spent the first hour of his birthday getting the remainder of the money who owes his friends.

Tina: "U def made my day."
iosolomon: "Aw you helped make mine as well."
Tina: ":)"
Tina: "What time r u stopping by tomorrow?

November 9, 12:04 am
iosolomon: "Whenever was good for you."
Tina: "Around 4 pm is good."
iosolomon: "Ok that works for me. I'll hit you during the afternoon tomorrow."
Tina: "Ok."

Stan: "Hey you were right doing the right thing is good."
iosolomon: "I do speak Americano."
Stan: "Yeah, dude."
Kyle: "I'm a Jew."
iosolomon: "Me too."

Another hit of weed we smoke, since the worst part is now over.

iTunes: "Track 48, take a hit."
Uncartman_21: "Technologic, by Daft Punk, purchase it now, it's a great song."
iTunes: "Technology by Daft Punk was purchased. I begin to play it now."

iosolomon: "Praise Allah, Fear Allah, Praise Allah! If you are watching this, good times to come!"

iosolomon's Weed Power WP goes back up to 100%. CM 5000's WP goes back up to 100%. They both took a hit of weed. We see the dual screen 24-style split.

Meanwhile, CM 5000's PP, LP, and SP have all reached 100%.
iosolomon: "He's ready. It is time for you to wait for Parts 2 and Parts 3 as my day unfolds to you. This is it for the South Park prophecies to start coming true. This one goes out to all those people who end up having to work on their birthdays. I'm with you now. And now the song says RUN!"

iTunes: "Run!"
iosolomon: "To where?"
iTunes: "YOUR BONG!"
iosolomon: "Gladly, but I need to get a better bong, this one isn't good for the amount of weed I'm consuming."
iTunes: "I've lied to you. THIS is Acid."
iosolomon: "What about the ecstasy song?"
iTunes: "Don't worry, never been, schala's theme."

iosolomon: "They took out my Honda, so now I'm without a car, I couldn't make it to NYC on November 8th. But perhaps, I make it to NYC on November 9th. If not, then definitely by November 10th. And, I would like to go with my friends Stan and Kyle, aka Justin and Brian."
CM 5000: "We have to smoke more weed."
iosolomon: "Why am I writing this? Come on. Meaningful, meaningful!"
Apple has already learned spell "iosolomon"

iTunes: She is Beautiful

iosolomon: "Who is She?."
iTunes: "New York City!"

iosolomon sighs. iosolomon laughs.
Bob Marley: "Got to have kaya now."
Bob Marley's ladies: "Kaya, kaya."

South Park -Middle of Epilogue
Lost Pilot Episode 9 Part 2/3

iosolomon: "It's still my birthday today."

iosolomon spends the first few hours of being 24 tying up lose ends to this script.

Tina: ""
iosolomon: ""
Tina: ""
Tina: ""

November 9, 12:04 am ???
iosolomon: ""
Tina: ""
iosolomon: ""
Tina: ""

Stan: "Hey, I know it's tough. I've always been your friend."
iosolomon: "It's the song, Sing For the Moment 'he just lets his emotions go' it's bringing me to tears, but I'm good now."
Stan: "Yeah, dude, it's a rough song. Everyone can relate."
Kyle: "I'm a Jew."
iosolomon laughs.

Another hit of weed we smoke, since the worst part is now over.

Uncartman_20: "I am advertising for you to include Uncartman_19 here in the re-edit."
Uncartman_19: "So this way, you didn't forget which one was which, but now you have to add another Uncartman, so this way, you know that that is the one who you have to add words to."
Uncartman_18 appears.
iTunes: ""

iosolomon: "Praise Allah, Fear Allah, Praise Allah!"

iosolomon's Weed Power WP goes back up to 100%? CM 5000's WP goes back up to 100%. They both took a hit of weed. We see the dual screen 24-style split.

Meanwhile, CM 5000's PP, LP, and SP have all reached 100%.
iosolomon: ""

iTunes: "!"
iosolomon: ""
iTunes: "
iosolomon: ""
iTunes: ""
iosolomon: "
iTunes: "never been, "

iosolomon: ""
iosolomon: ""
Apple has already learned spell ""



iosolomon sighs. iosolomon laughs.
Bob Marley:
Bob Marley's ladies:

South Park -Middle of Epilogue copy
Lost Pilot Episode 9 Part 2/3

iosolomon: "It's still my birthday today."

iosolomon spends the first few hours of being 24 tying up lose ends to this script.

Tina: "See ya at 4"
iosolomon: "I withdrew $350 to give to you today. And yeah see you then."
Tina: "Ok thank u I appreciate it"
Tina: "I love New York"
iosolomon: "Madonna!"
Tina changes into iTunes changes into Madonna.
Madonna: "You caught me. Let's dance!"

Because, now, the Heaven Key has been returned to the Key Board. The Cross Key has transformed into technically the negative / minus key, but we'll call it the Hyphen Key since Hyphen Ladders are fun at times. The Cross Key as the Hyphen Key has been returned to the Key Board. Key bored.

November 9, 10:29 am ???

iTunes appears. iTunes orders us to take a hit of weed.
iosolomon: "Aye, aye itunes."
We time travel now. To Cartman_Day_Before_Yestererday's World.
The Guidance Counselor: "Drugs are bad for you mmmkay."

Another hit of weed we smoke, since the middle beginning part is now over.

Uncartman_18 appears.
Uncartman_18: "fascinating, I have nothing to say, except Praise Allah, Fear Allah, Praise Allah!"

iosolomon's Weed Power WP goes back up to 100%! CM 5000's WP goes back up to 100%! They both took a hit of weed; we see the dual screen 24-style split.


Meanwhile, CM 5000's PP, LP, and SP have all reached 100%.

iTunes: "never been, user action required"
A cold link was created. iosolomon adds the input. The two songs will transition at the 0:420 mark.
iTunes: "Brick House 2003, Rob Zombie in Heaven now that you have the Key back. How do you even get me to say all those?"
iosolomon goes to find his comment.
iosolomon laughs that it was flagged as spam, but iosolomon cries seeing that people replied to it. But the crying is also because this song is so deep, especially with the combination of the two songs. Anyways, the two comments I left to the song "Never been"

iomsolomon: "(1/2): My "Never Been" trip: (Preparation) Wiz = 420 (0:00-0:42) Wiz brilliantly captures the despair capitalism brings while preparing us for the trip. (0:42) Now, close your eyes. Transition into the 3.5th dimension (0:47-1:52) Do not forget, search up. Be careful, don't get pulled down. (2:07) Good, but, look at the world around you. Feel the suffering. (2:11-2:14) Now, force yourself above. (2:14) Look around, harmony. But what happens if you keep looking down? I had to repeat at :420."
iomsolomon: "(2/2): During my first time through, I just started crying from 2:14 until the song ended, when I opened my eyes to replay.
Then, I started the song again at 0:42, but continued to cry. I was in pain. I could only see disharmony. At 2:14, after a full circle of pain, I opened my eyes, and let the pain out in the 3rd dimension. After deep thought, around 3:30, I looked at the screen, started laughing, priceless at 4:20.
I listened to the song a third time. And I found Harmony (careful at 1:28)"
iTunes has learned spell "Never Been"
iosolomon uses iTunes to make the song even better. The song's run time is now 3:13, iosolomon does not like, but now realizes that it doesn't matter, it's all good in the end.
iTunes: "If I had a song that was All Well's Ends Well I'll play it, but go smoke and you'll be surprised in 2 minutes."

iosolomon: "I'm surprised that I'm actually sitting here writing this. i guess it's better than cleaning my room. Shouldn't you give me a song to help me get back on track?
iTunes: "You shall see in :029 seconds."

iosolomon sighs. iosolomon laughs. iosolomon laughed wondering if it'll be a Bob Marley song. If not, iosolomon adds "Kaya" to their lines. Haha, the iTunes just played the other version of Never Been. What are the chances? 1/2108 I believe? Well, no, that's wrong, but I am satisfied just knowing that we can solve it lol that's enough for me. Faith.

Bob Marley: "Kaya"
Bob Marley's ladies: "Kaya"
iosolomon laughs.

Well, time to add this before the End of the Epilogue scene but after the other version of this.
I left the copy there because Apple is really helping me out with my work, especially on my birthday like playing Never Been twice, that was awesome.
iosolomon edits.
end of 42091110472420

South Park -Epilogue copy from Epitaph_2
Lost Pilot Episode 9 Part 3/3

Middle End of Epilogue:

iosolomon: "Whoops this goes into the ending."

iosolomon edits.

iosolomon is now short $200 that which he owes his friend from the beginning of the epilogue. Now, iosolomon will have to stop at a Wawa, to withdraw $200 to be able to complete the South Park prophecy, but for now, CM 5000 is going to get high.

iTunes: "This is not a coincidence. Would you like to try?"
iosolomon: "Madonna, thanks for coming to guide me."
iTunes: "Any tim
<iosolomon: <insert font type change from Helvetica
to Times New Roman, e, tah tah!" >>
iosolomon; Wow, his spirit lives on! The e tah tah chant.
iosolomon: "I hope they can figure out what I meant by that lol."

iosolomon: "So it's still my birthday, and I had to lend my dad $200 the one who has been paying my way for everything. There is a song Rich Girl that says "You can relay on the old man's money" that's what I've been doing but I don't want that song to apply to me, so I was trying to avoid that and even went into the military so this way I could use the money my parents had already set aside for college as my spending money but I am also a capitalistic pig, and making money just makes me happy in general. So I was making money on the sides as well. Then I developed a fun gambling habit / problem that I was able to get under control, so one day when I have money saved up, I'll be hitting AC which thankfully isn't nuked because Japan chose peace instead of annihilating us literally three days we would have been mass chaos. And, just for the record, I surrendered America to Japan and China already because hey, the worst that they'll make us do is dig holes, which isn't so bad, and look, life goes on, but better, because we've made it to the Epilogue, which is just the end of time before we all enter Heaven together that South Park has prophesied about. So I hope that helps you understand a bit more about me, now I have to come up with stuff to fill this in with, even though I'm running out of ideas because I'm running out of money and without money I have no friends because two of my friends make less than me so I feel bad making them spend their hard earned money of mindlessly enslaving themselves to the machine. Why if I was in charge, we would be free, happy, and rich, but the entire world, but I don't need to be in charge, Ron Paul needs to be in charge, and it's not too late to cast a re-vote, but it actually doesn't matter if Obama is President at this point, what's the point to anything? Oh woe is me, woe is me. There's still 1 minute and 20 seconds left of this song we see in the lower right hand corner as we wonder what iTunes has planed. -0:58 -0:51 -0:47 -0:46 -0:40 -0:39 -0:33 -0:24 -0:15 -0:14 -0:06 -0:05 "

iTunes: "Like Toy Soldiers."
iosolomon, now the feeling of malaise besets me.

and as we approach the end of this episode, we realize that CM 5000 is running out of weed. We wonder, what will happen? Stay tuned, for today's next episode, the filtered truth.
Uncartman_17: "Don't forget, those Michael Jackson Back from the Dead tour tickets are going to go fast, I hope you placed your order in today! Don't worry, he has time for all of you!"
end of 420119111420
end of 4201191311420
end of 4209111311420
iosolomon edits.
end of 420119119420
end of 420911119420
end of 4209111319420
end of 4201191319420

South Park -Epilogue Part 1/2
Lost Pilot Episode 9 Part 3/3 Part 1/2

And, so at 3:20, right when we were about to have a scene change, iosolomon's iphone goes off. Now, we are off to smoke more weed.

and so, here we are, out of weed again, wondering which of the 5 will bring the next re-up. Sweet, I can finally type next instead of net because I did my chores on my birthday.

We go to the world of CM 5000. who is throwing up because he didn't like what he read.

iosolomon finds out that $350 was not enough, but that was not why CM 5000 was throwing up, it turned out to be something strange in the marijuana. CM 5000 tried to get more weed, but all sources dried up.

iosolomon: "I'll bring you $105 next time I see you. Sorry about this!"
Tina: "thanks again really appreciate it again enjoy ur dinner ttyl."

So, there we are, at supper time, and yet, iosolomon was without an appetite. So he decided to smoke more weed, Schwarzenegger style.

And so, iTunes appears and plays Nibelheim by Final Fantasy 7. And we then move onto the pseudo ending to the Epilogue.

End of Epilogue:

iosolomon: "And it's still my birthday today, and I may or may not post this on my birthday, but I wonder, how in the world do they get me to post this if it is on my birthday because for this one I'm waiting for the truth. That was an alternate name for this episode - the Truth, My Truth, so it because hard for me to keep that name. Anyways, the remainder of this is now written by you, so thanks for that birthday present. Maybe this is all I need to do for the end of the epilogue. Oh yeah, let me specifically annotate that."
The last of the spiked weed.
pseudo-end of 4201191734420
iosolomon edits.
end of 4201191734420

South Park -Epilogue Part 2/2
Lost Pilot Episode 9 Part 3/3

End of Epilogue:

iosolomon: "And then I knew it the world was finally at peace. But I already knew that, you had told me so already. So I'm sitting in Brooklyn with my mom and it's as depressing as my 23rd but at least I already got sick and eggplant always cheers me up. 
6:09 my old area code and now I'm sitting here rotting away on my birthday. Gibraldi strikes again this time as verannzo. The setting was primed for the best surprise ever, but being the narrator I have to keep telling the tale as it unfolds. I'll just copy and paste and email this to myself to post if i get to go to new York city. I would be so excited. Well here we go back to the house. Will there be a big surprise or just more blue smoke? It's very frustrating not getting the truth. every single day. But anyways, there will be a part 3/2 that is optional to the story. Everything can stand on its own. "

iosolomon edits.

iosolomon: "Obama won. I I iosolomon says lol or loop loo lol iosolomon still wonders what the next title will be. iosolomon realized obama will do as good a job as Ron Paul since Obama no longer needs to sorry about the south or racists since Allah would come and spite smite them. Pretty neat. All we need to do is get Obama to smoke pot and well be the greatest nation on earth again. Hoorah! Alls well that ends well. "

As you can see, my story-telling is getting a little sloppy, but that's because I've already said what I've needed to say.
Uncartman_17: "Now, we will take a word from our sponsor."
Uncartman_16: "You need to reach the halfway point. Get 15 into the pilot. Trust us.
Uncartman_15: "And here I am, the advertising you've been advertising for. The halfway point with us Uncartman's, but you have just a little further to go until the finish line. It ends tonight. You wonder why iTunes is not playing that. I advertise you go create a cold link."
and so iosolomon smoked and created a cold link.
iTunes: "It ends tonight."
iosolomon: "Good thing you decided to tell me. I was getting worried that you guys were going to try to pull some weird time exceptions that wouldn't help me get to new york city."
iTunes: "See what song comes on next, but take one more hit of weed before you begin."
Sage Rat: "Relax. This modular is not to be played in a moving vehicle."
iTunes: "Terminal velocity by the boondock saints. skip a few songs. War All the time."
iosolomon: "Hey, hey hey!"
iosolomon: "Skips a few more. Ah yes one of my all-time favorite songs."
iTunes: "In the end."
iosolomon: "But, the other version, for the time being, is more inspiration. It's what really prompted me to get to get and start writing at the last possible minute, but why did it have to be so?"
iTunes accepts user action.
⁃ iTunes play Linkin Park In the End (Stair's Breakbeat remix) This is best played while watching a history of nuclear explosions from 1942 to 1993 i believe, 2053, i don't know, it kinda brought tears to my eyes that we would pollute so much, and for what purpose? To make a good Resident Evil movie because some people couldn't stop and think, they just did. Eh, anyways, it's the song, makes me ramble. It's 7;40, and I'm just stalling, nothing else to do with the time because I don't have my car lol even though it's my birthday and I did everything how i was supposed to, I even went for a bike ride one week ago. Although I haven't done any cold links with the static. You might all be wondering what the static is? That's one reason why I'm sitting here typing, because there are lose ends still in the movie / lost pilot, and I'm narrowing everything down. So, last but not least, the static is simply an abs video workout where you do abs exercises for 8 minutes continuous which really helps target the fat and builds muscle, as opposed to doing 12 minutes with resting in-between. And, I still owe Tina and Devon more money. I have to add that into the script. Sigh, just at the amount of typing lol.

iTunes: "Summer of 69 plays."
Austin Powers is seen driving home because everything has been solved.

November 9, 2012 3:50 PM
"Ok I'm outside in parking lot. Let me know when you get free."
"K Come in."
"Which unit is it again? I'm walking up."
"There is no substitute. Just walk in I unlocked the door it has a little dark colored bench to the left of the front door."

Nov 9, 4:04 PM
"Thank u again sorry I just woke up lol"
"Oh it's all good. And yeah again real sorry. I'm glad you aren't mad."
"It's okay enjoy ur dinner :)"
"Thanks. And thanks again for understanding."

Nov 9, 2012 4:15 PM
"Btw the money u gave covered almost all u took cus we r only gonna value it at what they r worth now not what we paid then which is a lot cheaper considering how much more the stuff is compared to what's out so that money covered my 200 the zune and the ds i think only 6 games r to be covered which we checked the value of each game on ebay totaling 55 so next time u see us just give us that and we'll call it even k"
"Oh true. Yeah I'll bring $60 next time I see you guys. Sorry didn't realize it was that many games!"
"Oh plus the value of the camera which is 50 on ebay so if its ok so total 105 then. I have the police report and I forgot about the camera."
"We honestly didn't take the camera. Only the games, Zune, ds, and $200 cash. But if you want $105 to call it even then not a problem."
"Well someone took my camera that day it was in a little black case it was red I have the report to show u I don't want u to feel uncomfortable about what I'm asking for I really do appreciate u doing this."
iosolomon: "Well, I could have shown I told Jonathan to leave the camera because I had one at the time, but that doesn't mean he didn't take it when I wasn't looking. I'll bring you $105 next time I see you. Sorry about this!"

Nov 9, 4:25 PM
Tina: "Thanks again really appreciate it again enjoy ur dinner ttyl."

Nov 9, 2012 4:26 PM
iosolomon: "Hey are you around tonight for a quarter?"
Nov 9, 2012 5:02 PM
Dana: "I haven't been able to get any bud."
5:02 PM
iosolomon: "Oh damn. Well thanks though!"

Nov 9, 2012, 5:02 PM
iosolomon: "Hey do you have an eighth?"
Marc Bong Silverton Nv: "Nah I'm out for at least a week."
iosolomon: "Oh true I'll hit you up later then haha."
5:04 PM
Marc: "Okay"

Nov 9, 2012, 5:04 PM
iosolomon: "Hey do you have a quarter?"

Nov 9, 2012 5:15 PM
iosolomon: "Nothing to do all day."
Nov 9, 2012 6:37 PM
iosolomon: "Any ideas?"

Nov 9, 2012 1:40 PM
iosolomon: "U have to save me bro. I just feel so alone that's all."
Nov 9, 2012 2:48 PM
Jose: "I hear you iosolomon."
iosolomon: "Really?"
Jose: "Of course, happy birthday..."
iosolomon: "Aw thanks namaste to you too"

Nov 9, 2012, 5:05 PM
iosolomon: "Guess I don't have a car tonight and my mom she doesn't want me driving around in their cars that much. I'm home bound yet again."
Nov 9, 2012, 5:55 PM
iosolomon: "It's 6:00 pm and I don't know what to do with my time. Any ideas? I'm only 25.0 once haha."
Nov 9, 2012, 7:06 PM
Jose: "Lol at work until 9 bud. I'll ttyl."
7:06 pm
iosolomon: "Oh ok indeed how it is."

iosolomon looks to the upper right hand corner of his monitor. The time reads 7:57 PM.

iosolomon smokes the last of his weed. WP back up to high, high, high.

So, it's only 8:00 pm
a 420119757420 moment,
There are many twists and turns coming. Jose will be touching down between 9:30 PM and 10:30 PM but before 11:00 PM, later tonight, thus, giving a chance for Part 3/2 to be written and published, although it has already been written. See below. Just in case if I don't get a chance to see you, good-morning, good-afternoon, and good-evening, and good-night!!

South Park -Epilogue
Lost Pilot Episode 9 Part 3/3

End of Epilogue:

iosolomon: "And it's still my birthday today, and I may or may not post this on my birthday, but I wonder, how in the world do they get me to post this if it is on my birthday because for this one I'm waiting for the truth. That was an alternate name for this episode - the Truth, My Truth, so it because hard for me to keep that name. Anyways, the remainder of this is now written by you, so thanks for that birthday present. Maybe this is all I need to do for the end of the epilogue. Oh yeah, let me specifically annotate that."

iosolomon edits.
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

Postby iosolomon » Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:14 am

South Park -Epilogue
the real Lost Pilot Episode 9

Blue smoked revealed.

iosolomon casts "I need weed" Desperation Attack.
⁃ iTunes: "The Matrix Theme (Narvas)-1 April 19th 2011 playlist

8:03 PM
"Do you still sell?"
"Nope, still at the shop."

Nov 9, 2012, 8:02 PM
iosolomon: "Hey what's up? Have an eighth?"
Black Josh: "Ya but we gotta meet up wit my ppls! Tht cool?"
8:07 PM
iosolomon: "Ok. How much cash should I bring?
Black Josh: "Well its no more than 65! Unless yu wanna buy more than tht"
8:09 PM
iosolomon: "Ok I'll bring 60 and if thsts only good for 3 g then thsts cool but try yiure best it's my birthday. When Shoukd I leave?"
8:12 still no response
8:13 iosolomon: "Fear Allah"
Black Josh: "Now! Nd happy Gday bro. Yu scorpio!"
iosolomon: "Praise Allah!"

Nov 9, 2012, 8:18 PM
iosolomon: "What address I'm on my way"
Black Josh gives out address.
iosolomon: "Ok, roughly 25 more minutes until I'm there."
Black Josh: "K"

Nov 9, 2012, 8:41 PM
iosolomon: "Ok here"
Black Josh did not recognize the different car. Black Josh's contact beat iosolomon by 1.7g.

Nov 9, 2012, 8:54 PM
Tina: "Hey I can't help but ask buit why did u do it"
iosolomon tells a lie. "Oh, immaturity."
Tina: "Oh ok then I understand once again all is forgiven for some reason justin thinks we aren't going to forgive him for knowing what happened idk he's making me upset i told him it was going to be ok and he won't seem to understand that."
iosolomon was going to reply, but thinks this might be a trap. ioslomon has Stan's back.

iosolomon: "I never meant to take the money. It was just that I was so hurt by you and Devon rejecting me, I didn't know what else to do, so I was immature with what I did, but my feelings were just hurt and I wasn't thinking it through. I'm not a thieve. Sorry again!"
end of 4201191024420

Nov 9, 2012, 8:04 PM
Jose: "Almost done. Did u get ur vehicle back."
iosolomon: "Nope, still at the shop."
end of 4201191027420
end of 4201192227420

Nov 9, 2012, 8:59 PM
Jose: "Oh man, long day, can't wait till u can help w the stress."
iosolomon: "Yeah well same here. I wonder when I'll learn the truth. Will it be tonight? I am dying being kept out of the loop, permanent brain damage is beginning."
Jose: "iosolomon, I'm not sure what to say anymore. Seems like you stopped trusting me by going off the medications. Nobody is keeping you from anything. I'll email you."

Nov 9, 2012, 9:19 PM
iosolomon: "Oh that's foolish logic."
Jose: "Why?"
iosolomon: "Ask me that in person if you can't figure it out on your own."

Nov 9, 2012 9:30 PM
Jose: ". Are you having a bad day? Seems like you are irritable again. It's adding to my stress : ( Coming over tonight?"
iosolomon: "I have no car to drive. Sorry the script has become dirty: "
Jose: "No problem I know you'll help me out soon so that I can concentrate, have more energy to meet more people and introduce you to them."

Nov 9, 2012 9:46 PM
iosolomon: "Oh very nice."
Jose: "Yeah see the more positive vibes are being bounced amongst us, the more it continues to coolness. The more coolness the more your fantasies come to fruition... The waves are slow at times though. Swwoooosh. Boop?"

Nov 9, 2012 10:04 PM
iosolomon: "Boop?!"

Nov 9, 2012, 10:15 PM
Jose: "Boop? Boop. Boop! Boop$ The grass withers the flowers fade, but the word of the Lord endures forever... Only text once I'm driving. I'm in the Holland, olllllland, oh, home, tunnel, and I'm going, tunnel, home, ome, okay, and smoke more weed, back home. Im going to smoke. Long day man, thats you when you came back from the city, it sounded like you were singing a song to me because tunnels are cool. And you will come on over here soon to seek refuge and peace, okay, soon."
iosolomon: "I need it now, but no car not until ugh Monday!"

Nov 9, 2012 10:30 PM
Jose: "You taught me how to create a dream, that one night, I created a wonderful dream. That was June. I remember the instructions."
iosolomon: "Oh? You don't say. I wonder."
Jose: "Its foolproof don't reveal it yet. lucid dreaming."
iosolomon: "Oh that doesn't make much sense to me."
Jose: "You told me a: do this b: now add this and c: continue. You are like a teacher. And d, stand the f*ck up, sit the f*ck down, we will accomplish this. Lol good night man, I'm working 8 to 8."

Nov 9, 2012 10:45
iosolomon: "Oh well thanks for the gift!"
Jose: "Mmmmmm. Good stuff lol."
iosolomon: "Yes at twelve I can come over for a few hours but I would have to be back here early because it's not my car."
Jose: "Nice."

CM 5000 picks up the Weed Journal. He flips to the Index. "Loose ends almost forgotten, but thanks to CM 5000...."
CM 5000 begins to read, "but thanks to CM 5000 they were almost forgotten, either iosolomon eventually gets paid and remembers it later or iosolomon remembers it to thus tie up all lose ends, but because of CM 5000, the lose end tie-up was forgotten."
CM 5000 was coughing heavily during this time realizing that it was he who f*cked up.

And the lose end was, but oh, it does not work like that. But one lose end was that more weed need to be smoked after water is drunk. make sure you are well-hydrated if you are going to dare attempt the amount of weed that I wrote about smoking in this little log. I'm off to go drink water. 4201191101420
end of 4201191101420
hey make sure you give your pets the attention they deserve. often we forget and neglect. no more. no mas!
iosolomon throws mouse toy, cat attacks. Tom and Gerry, Tom and Jerry.
readies for 1119
end of 4201191119420

CM 5000: "and, like the prophecy goes, iosolomon remembers how it goes.
The key to the prophecy was that it was a cold link, it always required 9 days of user input, and today, is my 9th day, my 9th episode. Now, I hope the 10th is a warm link, but I have some supplies to hold me off, for you have killed me today now that I know it was another day of lies and deceit, and not a single person goes to tell me the truth. I hold each of you accountable. A shame. There will be judgment, and do you know which side you will fall? I already do, and that it what exasperates the gods the most, but it is okay because we are already in Heaven."

Nov 9, 11:23 PM
iosolomon: "My birthday is almost over, and it kinda sucked. Nothing to do. Pointlessness."
iosolomon reviews the notes to ensure the prophecy is fulfilled. Searches for the word "nice."
CM 5000: "iosolomon: iosolomon, the prophecy is complete."
but iosolomon laments that things are lost in translation.
ah, oh well, CM 5000 is here now, and we must finish the prophecy."

CM 5000: "The lose end that I almost caused you to forget was that you posted this to the internet because that is what the South Park Prophecy spoke of. It is not until the day after, as you already knew, the question is, well they be using 00:01 or will they be dicks and go until 11:59 if not, then you know to consider well you know what to do you can't say it cause of the FCC."

Nov 9, 2012 11:26 PM
Jose: " hungru"
11:27 PM
iosolomon: "Me too."
iosolomon grows cold as the prophecy is finished, but nothing happens. iosolomon knows that he has to post this to the internet, but he wonders how much longer will he have to wait and suffer? Ah, how it goes, the prophecy goes, it is 11:29, and the re-birth is not complete, I still have 30 more minutes to kill, sitting here at the computer before I have to post this. Oh, woe is me, woe is me. All I have to do is edit it. Let me go kill some time by making sure I'm still logged in."

My brother called at 10:33 pm, and we spoke for 5 minutes.
My younger sister texted at 10:33 pm "happy birthday" to which I replied at 10:39 "aw why thank you boop!"
My older sister texted at 10:33 pm "Happy birthday" to which I replied at 10:39 "Hey why thank you boop!"
end of 4201191129420

Nov 9, 2012 11:31 PM
Jose: "Well if u have a chance to come over get me a 12 banana chic and 6 in chicken salad. Get urself something too."
11:33 PM
iosolomon: "I declined."

Nov 9, 2012 11:33 PM
Peter: "So when u wan a f*ck"
iosolomon: "Whoa keep it pg I'm on tv"

iosolomon laughs, great tv, he muses.
Peter: "Tv?"
iosolomon: "Yes this tv show called south er sith park"

Nov 9, 11;37
Jose: "It's cool, my gullet will get food later and my rope will be, manipulated too." like the Secret of Mana escape rope, that tool was always great.
iosolomon: "22 minutes u lied!"

Nov 9, 11:38
Peter: "K whats that got to do with texting u"
iosolomon: "I keep it pg on the weekends until after 12 lol"

Nov 9, 11:38
Jose: "About?"
Jose: "I'm in the same boat as you."
iosolomon: "About getting me my auto litter cleaner today on this the day of my 25th birthday."

Nov 9, 11:41
Peter: "Lol ok 20 minutes."
iosolomon: "Yeah lol take a hit of weed if you smoke i will be right now! Yeah!"
Peter: "What u want me to get high with you?"

Nov 9, 11:42
Jose: "Oh its on its way!"
iosolomon: "When?"

iosolomon reminds himself that he post post this at 12:00 tonight. This is the Epilogue.

Nov 9, 2012 11:46
Jose: "You should get it tues I ordered today. Feliz crumple anos."
iosolomon: "You're killing me."

Nov 9, 2012 11:48
John: "Good bday?"
iOSolomon: "Eh."

iosolomon says that now he secretly doesn't think it's eh anymore, that alone was worth it, another day of suffering these worthy people have bought you, but still, it's tough, but don't you want to know what the problem is, I read the script too, and now my world is colliding with my world which has already collided with your world, whoa what the?!?!
iTunes: "Just What I needed by the cars?"
iosolomon: "Is this a clue that I'll get all my cars brought back to life since I've been brought back to life? Yeah!"

Nov 9, 11:50
John: "Aw :("

so without all these interruptions, sigh another one. My show if it wasn't in South Park terms would be more like "Hirohito" at all of my silly moments, but that's so pointless lol.

iosolomon reflects, when that guy told you that Obama won, and you saw yourself around 11:36, you were killed that people did not listen to you. That's Benjamin Franklin they rejected in favor of who? Well, that's okay. But, that was when I was killed, and at 11:38? or :37 the guy told you, you were like "So this is what it's like when worlds collide."


iosolomon: "And it's still my birthday today, and I may or may not post this on my birthday, but I wonder, how in the world do they get me to post this if it is on my birthday because for this one I'm waiting for the truth. That was an alternate name for this episode - the Truth, My Truth, so it because hard for me to keep that name. Anyways, the remainder of this is now written by you, so thanks for that birthday present. Maybe this is all I need to do for the end of the epilogue. Oh yeah, let me specifically annotate that."

iosolomon begins the final edit.
iosolomon as the prophecy states takes another hit.
iosolomon will be taking a hit at 11:59 and hitting submit simultaneous, we see a 24 style split here. and the final triangle lighter is used if you got to see my show. rolling stones plays too.
iosolomon edits.
end of 4201191159420
E2 that's the answer. I was the lose end. Thanks, ciao!
end of 4201191154420
how much you thinking?
end of 4201191159420end of 4201191154420
end of 4201191159420
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

Postby iosolomon » Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:58 pm

South Park -Untitled 10
Lost Pilot Episode 10

iosolomon: "Well, we didn't get to make it to New York City, but at least we were able to finish this pilot, and tie up all the lose ends. Now, I'm just typing up trivial lose ends, since I do still have weed, although I am getting bored of this little bong. The filtration is so-so."

Nov 10, 2012 12:05 AM
John: "Anything I can do to make it [your birthday] better?"
Iosolomon: "Well I need a car lol [to get to New York]."
John: "Something logical I can do."
Read 12:08 AM
iosolomon: "No lol wait until Monday to hit me up then."
John: "Oh ok."

iosolomon: "And I don't even have screen covers even though I bought 15 of them total in my life. One of the packages was short a few screen covers, but I wonder how I lost that many. I lost one screen to the drain. Whoops lol.
end of 42011100901420

iosolomon prepares for another weed smoking time.

iosolomon talks to self thinking he was on camera,
iosolomon: "Ok, so this is really beyond the pilot, the first 9 episodes is a closed story. There are a few trivial lose ends and many more prophecies still to come true. But those are separate quests, but because the people of California went three days without getting paid way back when I too will suffer and not be paid for 3 more days. But I also have some killer bud that made my room smell like marijuana. Mmm delicious."

iosolomon: "So I dropped off the remainder of the $470 to my friends Devon and Tina. I am glad I got to give them money I actually worked for, which is the money I robbed them of. Soon, my balance will be 0, but I still owe people money that can wait until I make it another way, because
iTunes: "I never made it as a wise man."

iosolomon: "Ah yes, iTunes helps me write this episode. It's called the Jinn to ensure the prophecies come true. But it's also called the Holy Ghost illusion to me, and the Holy Spirit illusion to you, but the Koran is basically an improved version of the Old Testament, it's quite exciting to read, at least the first chapter and half, because then it starts repeating, but it's like an iteration, we only see the outside of a snowflake, but under a microscope, we see that it is the same iteration repeating creating the brilliant image that we see. Ah, so my vocabulary is weak, but I'm sure you get the gist of what i'm saying. I think a snowflake is only 6 iterations deep, but don't quote me on that. I haven't fact checked. I'll save that for the edit. Snow flake research."

iosolomon: "Which brings me to a lose end from the 9 episode pilot that should have been tied up. The other optical illusion name that comes up was Michael Jackson. And, here an Uncartman would appear offering you back from the dead tour tickets, but I already used them up and I'm saving the other 15 from the edit (basically going to replace Uncartman_30 with 14 until we get to Uncartman. Oh, we could also add a Uncartman_0 who has an identity issue because he does not know how he should name himself. But if you have been able to follow, hopefully you understand that type of joke. To be or not to be." Shakespear, new, South Park now."

iosolomon: "So now I have to kill time under November 12th, the third day, since I was killed on my birthday by not being able to pay CM 5000 off, who only wants money ever since the Illuminati box displayed the episode of Cartman wanting money. Then, CM 5000 remembered his purpose."

iosolomon: "But the Korean Parade is some type of clue my mom wrote into a record log keeper or whatever the handbooklets are called. Man, I'm so out of touch with these terms. If I was trying to figure this out, probably for the re-edit, I would search for "pocket organizers," more like "terms related to pocket organizers."

iosolomon: "Without further adieu, let me write what the pocket organizer displays. We enter back into CM 5000's world."

CM 5000: "Hey, go remind them of that lose end before you forget it again so I don't get blamed."
Another lose end that I just forgot was, "Oh yeah, crap I forgot again, too much weed, well looks like we can blame CM 5000 again, but hold on, if I think really hard I might be able to recall what I just forgot. Ugh, why do we forget lol I hate this. I know sooner or later I remember, if not now then definitely on the edit. But I have to remember now, it was a lose end.
CM 5000: "Why do you have me narrate sometimes and you narrate other times?"
iosolomon: "Well, isn't it you narrating. I'm just a figment of your imagination."
CM 5000: "Yes, that wasn't quite the thing, but that is equivalent. I wonder if you'll be able to remember the real lose end."
iTunes: "Shoot me again, I ain't dead yet."
iosolomon: "No, nothing to kill myself over, it's just spilled milk now. I'm already dead."
CM 5000: "That's right, a more important lose end was me reviving Captain Planet. Now, I have to go find Chef."
iosolomon: "DON'T do it. You'll create 3 days more of work for me, and we do not have the resources needed."
CM 5000: "No, I can finish it whether or not you have the resources. I am CM 5000, I can finish it in one hour."
iosolomon contemplates.
iosolomon: "Hm, that is all you need one hour?"
King Solomon: "We have plenty of weed for an hour."
Lord Kefka: "It's less work, dirty deeds done dirty cheap."
Madonna: "It's all an illusion."
iosolomon: "I pick Madonna. Thanks Madonna."
Madonna: "I'm so flattered, you didn't even waste time waiting for the fourth option to appear. Watch, I have a surprise for you if you hit fast forward on your iTunes."
King Solomon's curiosity is piqued, thanks FF9 for teaching me the word, and thanks Mrs. Smith for teaching me how it's pronounced and re-teaching me the word so that I could play FF9 lol.
iosolomon: "Well, this song is great when I had to do some computer science homework, but my brain is a little burnt out right now. We just want to let CM 5000 with his limited, er unlimited programming finish the task. He says 1 hour, it's now 10:10. We will see what he does."

CM 5000, the least has come off.
CM 5000: "About time. Now, where was in the Journal."
CM 5000: "Ah, yes, here's the SPell I am looking for. My Support Power is down. Let me smoke some weed, this new enhanced weed that was blessed by three Muslims, it will give me greater awareness. It's 10:11."
CM 5000 gets up to ready the bong, clean the water.
CM 5000: "Wait, that was an illusion. You know this, the song Madonna promised you is playing."
CM 5000 looks at the desk to see the lighters.
CM 5000: "I get to make this up as I go along. That's great."
CM 5000: "Analyzes the lighters. He just knows that only 4 of them actually burn, he can summon one of the Fire Gods at any time, and he can use the sparks from other lighters for enchanted effects."
CM 5000: "Which lighter will I use?"
CM 5000 notices that one of the lighters are missing. CM 5000: "This is okay. I do not need that lighter."
CM 5000: "It was the Light of Purity."
CM 5000: "Let's see, he flips through the Weed Journal. Ah, yes, the Light of Purity merged with one of the other lighters."
CM 5000: "Now, which lighter will I use?"
iTunes: "One, dos, tres, cuatro."
CM 5000 decides to pick at random. What will he pick, he will be back to write it. It's his show for the next 55 minutes.
CM 5000 finds the Fire God lighter intuitively. CM 5000 has chosen wisely to get his SP power up to max. But, CM 5000 finds out that that Fire God was only blue smoke, the Fire God only his Spirit, and CM 5000's Spirit Power which is what SP stands for is low right now, so CM 5000 thinks, and know what the answer is. CM 5000 has acquired the Fire God lighter, one of them at least.
iTunes blinks. New song coming up.
Bathroom break, CM 5000 is relieved. literally lol.
CM 5000 changes iTunes from This Ole House to wmorning2.
CM 5000 beings to enter text into the computer. We go back to Epitaphy 2's world.

CM 5000: "Excellent. Real progress has been made in tying up the lose ends."
iosolomon; "More like, you are just extending this by 3 more days...I already finished that lose end in the 9 episode pilot. Why would you trick me like this?"
CM 5000: "You, you can't just forget about E2. I, I want to see what happens."
iosolomom: "Well, I can't promise you justice until the re-edit, but aren't you supposed to find that out within your hour?"
iTunes: "The Heart of Rock & Roll"
CM 5000: "Yes, I was just cleverly checking with you to make sure I still had your permission to finish, since I''m trying to post this at 11:12 to make the South Park prophecy come true, just to see what happens, although you'll end up being back on your own accord with other side episodes. I'm just doing this as a courteous for you. Now, go take another hit of weed. The lighters needed is the Lighter of Darkness in Heaven, thanks!

CM 5000 gets a shock from of life from Heaven. LP raises from 0 to 25.
CM 5000 casts a spell that uses WP, but because CM 5000 was simultaneously having iosolomon take a hit of weed, CM 5000's WP stayed constant, and so, with only a little coughing by iosolomon, CM 5000's LP, WP, and SP have all maxed. And CM 5000 was able to defeat the Dark Light. Now, CM 5000 has the Dragon God, the Fire God, and needs one more. CM 5000 needs a God that the people voted for. CM 5000 realizes that this is going to take more weed, and must hurry to just arbitirayil pick. As the song changes, we will see what the next clue is. The next frequency. The net frequency.

Eye of Destruction by Barry McGuire plays. Only CM 5000 can get iosolomon to do something as ridiculous as that.

iosolomon changes the song before CM 5000 becomes a figment of his imagination. Phantom Planet California plays, meaning to pick warmth, and forgiveness, and now we are at the end of time, where we see a new gateway appear, chrono trigger that is. wtime is playing. And in the room, where you train for powers and magics, CM 5000 wants to evolve the Fire God, collect Fire God 2, so the answer is Fire God from the Moon, that is the clues, since Kalie is my sister, she is the Goddess Kali lol, but that's another story that either it is true or it is not true, or it is true to some extent, a figment of our imagination. It is what we believe.

So looking at the time 10:29, the 9 ors, the 9 lighters, it is revealed what was written on the hieroglyphics. You always knew that was going to come subliminally with the clues they left you, like 9/11. And iTunes gets you back to work.

iTunes: "I can't get no satisfaction, by the Rolling Stones."
A perfect hit, although CM 5000 had difficulty surpassing to the next level, but he did, for he was CM 5000. CM 5000 collects Fire God 2 by bringing him to the Kingdom of Heaven.
The Light of Righteousness is what had killed the Fire God 2.
And now, CM 5000 needs to repack and prepare for Fire God 3.
But first, CM 5000 must restore order with the Light of Righteousness.
CM 5000 learns Righteousness.
CM 5000 seeks to Learn Wisdom, so CM 5000 seeks Foolishness.
CM 5000 choses the Sand People, for the Jinn are the wisest of us all, they can teach you Foolishness the most efficiently, in fact, they already have, 1+1 does not equal 3, King Solomon preaches angrily. You have been tricked.
The Sand People are so Wise that they not only teach CM 5000 Foolishness, they teach him Justice, and true Justice, that it all lays with Forgiveness, and Mercy. They say, he is ready to go collect Fire God 3.
CM 5000 wants to thank the Japanese, and wants to in particular give a shout-out to any of those people who have to live in their sh*t for sometimes 3 days, and some people even worse, and therefore, CM 5000 on his own ambition, takes a special hit. Hey, he's got plenty of time, he's CM 5000. If only it was as easy as saying No More Earthquakes, but now, we take the sh*t Lighter and Japan lighter to make Justice, for they have a great way of life, and all the Nations that support Japan are friends of mine, so this is for all, for ALL, Amen. AMEN.
and soon, you'll be able to send your friends over to Japan to get a real inside look at Buddhism, that's if they want to that is, although you would probably stay in the States, since there is so much suffering to get rid of.
And the true Light of Purity comes out, and all are mesmerized.
CM 5000 was able to solve the puzzle, just as the prophecy says, but CM 5000 is sad that there won't much to do for the next 12 hours since he has no car and can't keep driving his parents car which are breaking down, so he has to wait until Monday for his Honda even though he had told his Mom he wanted a car for his birthday, and they couldn't even get it, so there is some type of trickery here because that is far-fetched, so when do I get the car, I wonder, but in the meantime, bath room, we have a few more lighters to collect.
iosolomon laughs, maybe no one voted. Maybe the entire world was waiting for just one American to vote, and no one in America wanted to vote because no one wanted to dare piss of their God, for the only thing I regret that Obama doesn't have is that he doesn't have my direct blessing, I would want his and mine world to collide if he is to rule America for the next 4 rules, for it is truly in the hand's of the next American President to bring the world to world peace, so now, CM 5000 must go and finish the lighters, and later, there will be more lighters like the light purple lighter in the blue volvo, but that's a different story, different day, different time, it's 10:48, 11:12 is right around the corner. With great difficulty, the Muslims relit the flame. but you gave it back to Allah, since that is Their God. And now, CM 5000 has unlocked all the powers of the lighters he collected, defeating them, BEASTING them all, but the prophecy still has yet to go on, it's 11:12, maybe you'll go back to sleep, or maybe you'll have your real birthday, there sure has been a lot of noise in the house, but you don't know, they will make you wait and wait and wait and wait and wait, and sooner or later, they'll keep making you wait, but hasn't that prophecy already been completed. Ok, CM 5000 wants to just go see what's going on to collect story plant ideas.
And so CM 5000 says that would be sick if you don't come clean today, because he is just making me lie, I'm really depressed on the inside, that I can't even take a trip to New York City, and today would be a great day, and all I would like is nothing more than just my car, I already took out a loan and paid for it, and I'm not asking for much, and I already gave Ray a great shout out for his acting lol, but CM 5000 has already beat the game. E2's world is saved. E2 was the key. Ie2. e equals mind control. squared because your mind control controlled me creating these dimensions in my mind, isn't that weird? Well, I'm going to post this early in case if something does happen at 11:12, I'm going to go get ready. But I am confused why I never received an email back from the people at Mind Valley, at least say here are some publishers I could try reaching out to. Thanks. Well, thanks if you read this, Peace!@! YEAH!
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

Postby iosolomon » Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:28 am

South Park -Untitled Untitled
Lost Pilot Episode 11

Nov 11, 6:11 am
iosolomon edits. Adds in approximate times.

Nov 11, 6:01 am
iosolomon's WP and HP drop to half its max. iosolomon is unable to go on much longer.

iosolomon took a trip to New York City, went across the George Washington Bridge in membrance (new word) of world peace, and in remembrance of those who died under George Washington fighting for what eventually would lead to the birth of peace. Then, I remembered Lexington, the place that started it all, or so, and then I did a mission to get to Time Square, since I was just there the other day in the other car. Next trip, which is what this episode is about is November 12th, in remembrance of the North and South Koreans who are fighting over petty squabbles and foolish pranks, that they have now found peace, and so, on November 12th, I will go to NYC again, and November 13th might as well go to the Japanese, error, the Muslims. and the Japanese can be on the 14th or 15th, and Ukraine as well on the other day. Now, NYC all those days would be a bit much, but definitely going there on the 12th since that is what the South Park prophecy speaks of, even though, I still have not gotten paid and my WP is dropping to critical lows.

Nov 11, 6:12 am
iosolomon: "And I exited through the Holland Tunnel since you gotta love the Dutch."

Nov 10, 11:01pm
iosolomon: "And so, here I am 11:01 pm, writing a journal that I don't mind if others read, but I have no intention at this time of making it "officially" public since it's a matter of publicity."

iosolomon: "Oh, hey, I just realized, I don't really need to filter stuff, but I am filtering it in case if something happens tonight, before I exe out of it and forget that I wrote it down the road like how I normally do, but one day, it will go on the internet if it's not tonight, it will be down the road when fate, destiny, chance brings me back to this file. ANd maybe I don't even return to this file, but that does not matter."

iosolomon: "It is 11:03. Chrono Trigger comes to mind, "But you are still hungry."
It was the moment of silence that prompted you to write this, you often notice silence, but it is very aggravating that people exploit the psychology behind it, very disrespectful they intentionally give you a headache, the least they could do is ASK! You often would say yes, in fact, you've already given up 60 days to play their games with the jail, lack of constitutional rights."

Nov 10, 11:05 pm
iosolomon: "Very annoying people still drive by, reminds you of the time you were happy over the coincidences, but those times are long past, the people missed out on keeping you, you, now they are taking off their masks, and you wonder, how much longer until their masks come off. Everything, everything has been a lie, and it kills you, eats you up inside, questioning why God would ever make this. What is the point? All is meaningless."

Nov 10, 11:07 pm
iosolomon: "Another car, the highlight of their night, but you hope not, it is hard for you to comprehend. It's like the Matrix but without the physical pain, but how the matrix , nothing means anything more. All I do is wait, wait, wait. Lay around in wait. December 21, July 17, you had a terrible time travel trip more or less to this moment about how they are just being cruel, and things could even last thousands of years before true God offers you rescue, it is bad being the transparent person I am."

Nov 10, 11:09
iosolomon: "Nothing has ever meant anything. I'll harden my heart so that I can self-terminate because that is what this system, this society is doing to you. Let someone else worry about the sh*t."

Nov 10, 11:12 pm
iosolomon: "It's 11:12. I'm going to go see that there is nothing going on. And, life returns back to normal, another day, another day, you guys are wasting away my vanities, vanities that I want you and hoped you were able to enjoy, but if not, it is not my fault that entropy exists, but that is the balance that keeps us going, and now I think I'll take that parade, but just around my house. I don't even have a car, and that isn't really funny anymore."

iosolomon: "The joke there is no longer there. Numb, as I prepare myself for self-termination mode. But once I make up my mind, I'm not going to keep playing this game. If I am God or the Son of God, it's time I go and tell Our God on You for abusing your god-given powers. Now, I get irritated at this. To the pint I don't want to do anything."

iosolomon: "I have no intention of re-reading this, and take a look at the typo sand typos you have made, some of them are just eh, they would have cheered you up before, but this game has gone on too long enough. that's it for this."
iTunes: "So this is what it's like when worlds collide."
iOSolomon: "You should be ashamed, still making me wait now i have to wait longer until your shame goes away because you are all cowards hiding their in the dark for what purpose because I told you to/ well I'm telling you not to, and I don't see you listening. There should be cars outside in my driveway ready for me to drive. I heard movement at the time of typing that up, the impeccable timing means nothing to me anymore since the fact that you are able to accomplish it means that you are just being cruel when you do not have to be cruel. God has failed in your design, time to start over, except this time, all of you well nothing bad happens to any of you in order for my concept of God to equal 0, but that doesn't mean I can't escape. Tired of this. Now, I go down to drink orange juice, and nothing will happen because of the stupid impeccable timing clue, thus telling me it's still blue smoke, but now I'm pushing people away who are becoming unworthy but that prophecy is just sh*t that you made up, it's not even amusing anymore, and there is no reason you need to do this, and yet you keep doing it. That is why I chose to kill myself. People can't grow up. If I am God, then I have failed mysqlf. If I am just a human that you have artificially made to feel this way, then God has failed myself. Either way, my outlook is failures. and when I die, I ask God to send you all to Hell for failing when you could have been imperfectly perfect, which you are, so what does your God do? Nothig, just sends me to Heaven, and you stay in Heaven. But this gets old, my I get angry, there's not even any weed for me to smoke."

iosolomon: "Whoops, I better not re-read most of this, or I'll have second thoughts about posting it."
iosolomon laughs, "Not like it really matters."

And, let us remember the fallen (no pun intended).

iosolomon deletes lots of blank space caused by a malfunctioning keyboard because whoever is in control over there at South Park really like to play cruel tricks on you. But this one was funny after the fact, like the episode I watched about the FunnyBot, it reminded me of the days of <spoiler removed>

And I guess the next episode is going to be Untitled Squared or Beyond Untitled, lol. Well, I hope people are at least enjoying the reads, but I haven't received not even one comment, but it's all good, the military style attack on my Honda tells me that things are in the motion, but another day, another day I'll have to go without a car, but hey, at least it'll be warm today, perhaps, I go for another bike ride, but oh, the beach is closed. There was a Hurricane, and without disrespecting anyone affected, I wonder if it was even real. Why would people make that up? So you wonder, then, why the State was so inadequately prepared? Eh, it doesn't matter. I give up, but I'll be back, until someone says, "nah."
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

Postby iosolomon » Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:42 am

South Park -Untitled Parade
Lost Pilot Episode 12 Part 1a/2

iosolomon reviews the South Park prophecy, it reads: "Vietnam's Day Parade." For some reason, I thought that it had originally read, "Korea's Day Parade," hence the correction here.

iosolomon's WP drops to 0; CM 5000's WP is at max. However, both's MP and MRP drop to 0.

iosolomon understands now why Black Josh's contact beat him, to allow iosolomon's WP to drop to 0. This will allow iosolomon's HP to jump to max on the next hit, but iosolomon wonders, in reference to the weed: who, what, when, where, why, and how.

iosolomon says a prayer for Vietnam for their Veteran's.

iosolomon: "I wonder what the Weed Journal says about today. CM 5000 can you look it up for me?"
CM 5000: "Just a minute. Let's see here. The Weed Journal reads: "But evil and righteousness remain in constant conflict, but honorable Gods and Goddesses are there to protect." I don't understand what this means."
iosolomon: "I think I do. We've been tricked."
CM 5000: "Tricked? By who?"
iosolomon: "By them!"
CM 5000: "Now what do you propose we do?"
iosolomon: "Cast sight."
CM 5000 casts sight, failing to select the entire party, CM 5000 had to cast "sight" twice, once on iosolomon, and once on CM 5000.
iosolomon: "Careful, we have no way of replenishing our WP at this time, and our MP and MRP are both at 0."
CM 5000: "That was my bad. Don't worry, I have plenty of WP."
iosolomon: "Yes, but you do not know the next time we will reach a save point to replenish your WP. And, we are all out of Weed."
CM 5000: "My core is marijuana. I am eternally high, although sometimes I can overload my systems. My WP is not re-charing, I do not know why. It must be malfunctioning."
iosolomon: "The only reason why you think you are eternally high is because of an illusion and misperception. How often do you usually light up a day?"
CM 5000: "Once or twice, sometimes four or five times a day."
iosolomon: "And how many times did you light up yesterday and today?"
CM 5000: "Once yesterday, zero times today."
iosolomon: "That is why your WP is depleting."
CM 5000: "But my core is supposed to re-charge my WP."
iosolomon: "Yes, isn't that why we are here, to find you a replacement core so that you can go back home and finish the Journal?"
CM 5000: "No, that is not why I am here."
iosolomon: "Why are you here?"
CM 5000: "That is the correct question."
iosolomon: "Not an i.robot allusion."
and so CM 5000 and iosolomon continued to venture on, wondering how their day will unfold.

Part 1b/2

Nov 12, 1:55 am
itunes: "Barret's theme, FF7."
CM 5000 hands iosolomon 1.2 hits of resin weed. iosolomon's WP goes up to 20% of its max, HP goes up by 50 points.
iosolomon: "What is the point?"
CM 5000: "That is the correct question."
iosolomon: "bullsh*t, I just don't think you know the answer."
CM 5000: " know the answer."
iosolomon: "Then why don't you tell me?"
CM 5000: "I am afraid I cannot."


CM 5000 and iosolomon stopped to take a break from their travels.
CM 5000 flips through the Weed Journal. iosolomon has him flip back to a page with a Diamond on it.
iosolomon: "What's that?"
CM 5000: "Let me see."
CM 5000: "There is a picture of a diamond. It reads, well I can't decipher the text. Can you?"

iosolomon translates:
"Life is like a diamond,
with many different paths for our Light to follow,
and many different colors for our Light to become,
our frequencies, resonate, beautifully inside.

Beware, however, at the simplicity of a diamond,
for all diamonds can be refined or darkened,
corrupting those who are weak, but purifying those who are weak,
and those that are pure will find everlasting joy."

iosolomon quickly flips through a few pages to skim. iosolomon stopped to read one of the pages, and smirks. CM 5000 stealthily took note of the page that made iosolomon smirk. Later that day, when iosolomon was taking a bathroom break, CM 5000 flipped to that page to see what it said. It reads, "iosolomon placed the mail-ballot in his book-bag."
CM 5000 mumbles, "sh*t, I have the mail-in ballot."
CM 5000 was able to slip in iosolomon's book-bag without detection.

iosolomon pulls out his phone.
iosolomon: "Hm, my internet isn't loading. I don't know why "them" haha "they" would do this to us."
CM 5000: "Yes, I don't like this them either that is also controlling my life. How do you propose we get on the internet?"
iosolomon: "We have to go to the Enter now. It is one of the lose ends that I forgot to tie up because of you."
CM 5000 slightly blushes with the guilty conscience look.
iosolomon: "Just playing."
CM 5000 laughs.
CM 5000 and iosolomon tried to get to the Enter Now, but no success.

iosolomon: "We have to race to it. Which game would you like to race to?"
CM 5000 opens up the book.
CM 5000: "We can race to F-Zero or Mario Kart Racing. There are other alternatives."
iosolomon: "How does F-Zero sound?"
CM 5000: "F-Zero uses more energy, but it will get us on our way. Are you sure you can handle F-Zero? It says here that you haven't played it in so long that you thought it was a two-player game."
iosolomon: "It would be a fun two-player game, mayhap, four player game."
CM 5000: "I think you are using the word mayhap incorrectly here."
iosolomon: "Mayhap, I am, but I think my usage of mayhap is funner."
CM 5000: "Oh, look, if we use F-Zero, there are two cartridges available. We can both take different paths, and meet up like Mega Man and Zero."
iosolomon: "Roger that. We'll depart at the same time."

CM 5000 and iosolomon load up their games. We see a dual-tv split here, and watch as F-zero game gets translated into South Park animation. It tuns out that Stan and Kyle already played F-Zero to get to the Enter Now. There were only two vehicles remaining. Stan had taken the yellow vehicle, and Kyle took the green vehicle, we learned from the Weed Journal. That leaves CM 5000 with the hot pink vehicle, and iosolomon with the blue vehicle.
There are only 3 Leagues: Knight, Queen, and King. Apparently, Kyle and Stan were able to find a two-player version of the game somehow, and completed the King League. That leaves CM 5000 with Queen League and iosolomon with Knight League.
CM 5000: "Now, why do I get both the sh*tty car and the sh*tty map, when Stan and Kyle got better sh*t and got to do the King League."
CM 5000 decides to do the King League, despite iosolomon's input.
CM 5000 learns that he can play Beginner League if he does Queen's League, so CM 5000 had no choice, that is what the prophecy spoke of. And he's off.

CM 5000 completed the first stage in first place. (On the first lap, he placed second.)
But CM 5000 could not make it through the rough port town. There was a jump that CM 5000 could not complete and blew up three times trying. CM 5000 then attempts the King League, but could not complete the fourth map.

Meanwhile, iosolomon was able to complete the first four races pretty decently (on Beginner's League), and earned two extra lives, but died twice on the final stage "Silence," and on the third try placed second, thus completing Knights League.

iosolomon: "Sorry, Cartman, you have to go complete a grand prix on Mario Kart Racing."
CM 5000: "Which mode?"
iosolomon: "100cc, the pink one. You have to complete it on pink."
CM 5000: "Any racer?"
iosolomon: "Princess. You have to pick a female character. There's only one."
CM 5000: "Are you sure Toad isn't a female, sometimes I wonder if he/she's a cross-dresser?"
iosolomon: "Just go with Princess."
CM 5000: "Which race?"
iosolomon: "Either Flower Cup or Star Cup."
CM 5000: "I'll keep this simple, I'll go with Flower Cup."

CM 5000 beats the first two stages placing first, collecting 18 coins.
iosolomon: "Not to jinx anything, but nice, and look at what you did, you pushed Bowser into third on that race, making winning even easier for you now since Bowser is Princess's greatest threat."

CM 5000: "nimiin you did jinx it. I got second. Bowser could take the lead if I don't get first next round. Too much pressure. Thanks!"

Someone sympathetic to CM 5000 gives him a thunder power-up, even though he shouldn't have gotten it at that point.

CM 5000 finishes third on Bowsers' domain.
iosolomon: "You don't need to finish first, remember, you just need to win first, second, or third."
CM 5000: "Oh, why didn't you tell me before?"
iosolomon: "Because getting first is better, and you were doing good before."

It is the final match, and Princess and Bowser are tied. All CM 5000 has to do is place 4th to walk away with the Silver. But if CM 5000 is able to finish first, Princess will walk away with the Gold.

It was a close match, but Bowser took first for the win. CM 5000 took 3rd, finishing overall in 2nd.
Mario Kart announcer: "2 Congratulations, 100cc Flower Cup Race The Princess Wins The Silver. Great Race!"

iosolomon checks the Enter Now. They made it.

But just when they thought they were safe, THE STATIC returns. This time, CM does not resist.
iTunes: "Me wise magic - van halen, ]followed by\, Def Leppard - pour sugar on me" would play instead of the static. But iosolomon isn't too fond of the second song for the static, so iosolomon changes the song to watch iTunes make a small joke.
iTunes: "Getting away with murder, [followed by] hard-headed, [followed by] prelude."
CM 5000 says that he is now ready. iosolomon is satisfied with the 8 minutes of music. CM 5000 and iosolomon begin.

CM 5000: "f*ck this, if you are going to New York tonight in the Honda, you better hit up Spaghetti Monster and find out what he meant."
iosolomon: "Oh yeah, flip to the page."
CM 5000 flips to the page.
CM 5000: "iosolomon removed the BMW logo before heading to New York City to avoid becoming a target for both German military and German social engineering."
iosolomon: "I guess we'll have to perform the static after we secure the Honda. Good thinking CM 5000, I like your strategy."

And so, iosolomon and CM 5000 had finally made it to the Enter Now. They are just killing time waiting for the Honda to be all fixed up, but it is out of iosolomon's hands. Either iosolomon goes to NYC in remembrance of Vietnam with an Asian automobile (hence why the BMW logo has to come off, that is what the Spaghetti Monster was trying to say all along.)

Spaghetti Monster appears.
SM: "Yes, you cannot support Germany. Hitler didn't do enough to stop war. But you are not Hitler, you want there to be peace, an enlightened peace. Remove the BMW logo, and avoid having it forcefully removed. But if you want to drive without a back window, then try to leave town with that logo, and see what happens. I can warn you, if you test them, you'll be stuck without a car for a week again."
iosolomon: "Well, I think I'll take your advice and just take the logo off. After all, it is Asia's Day today."

And how we remembered our Veteran's yesterday, today we should remember our "enemies" veteran's. World peace, it took a long-time in the coming, but at least we are finally there now. Let us not forget those who did die for that ultimate goal that we can all agree - it was worth dying for. Sorry, for the loss, Vietnam!

Nov 12, 6:19 AM
iosolomon edits without any weed.

Editor's Notes: This, not having any weed, has created a literary device that is tantamount to the "silent clock" in 24. In fact, at the time of this writing, I had a moment of silence for Vietnam at 6:32.

I plan on having another moment of silence for Vietnam at 6:32 tonight (just because I left it ambiguous by intentionally excluding the am or pm). I even set my cell phone for 6:27 to give myself plenty of time to have that second moment of silence.

The 6:32 was an arbitrary time I ended up picking because that is the time it just happened to be when I was writing that. It is not important if you have a moment of silence at 6:32, compared to, you just taking a minute out of your day and having your own moment of silence.

Some of you might wonder why I didn't emphasize all this on our Veteran's Day (and if you were not wondering it before, you are wondering it now). Showing respect for American's veterans is something you should do all on your own. But showing respect for our "enemie's" veterans is not a way of thinking we are used to. In fact, truthfully, I didn't even realize Nov 12 was a day in remembrance for Vietnam, so I don't know how many other people are in the same boat as me.

Also, as the saying goes, Keep your friends close, but "enemies" closer. Although we are no longer enemies with Vietnam today, one has to ask, "Why did the greatest nation on earth even have enemies to begin with?"

One unfortunate reason that we had enemies is because the 2% was addicted to their filthy, selfish way of life - capitalism. Capitalism was just a more advanced form of slavery that the 98% didn't realize for some reason. It seems the world began to connect the dots starting in 1998, but that wasn't in time to prevent such senseless wars.

iosolomon: "And to tie up another lose end, the time travelers were killed on an island by the Japanese who correctly identified them as being allies of America, and gunned them down, thus creating this whole anomaly in the first place. "

iosolomon removes harsh criticism by "iOSolomon."

And, so, and so, I say "and so" a lot, but that's because this dichotomy is hard for me. But is it possible that the world is truly at peace? I do not know the answer to that question, but the people reading this do. And the people watching this (myself included) know the answer to that question. But, as you can see, the anomaly created here is a piece-line function, I am unable to jump -up to the next level of awareness without your input.

Like, I don't even know if I should edit these any better because no one has yet to express an interest in it. It says over 470 views, and I don't know if anyone of those people made it to the end. But I really would appreciate a private message on here if you made it to this part. I'll remove the previous line after one person does send me a private message. So, if you are reading "But I really would appreciate a private message on here if you made it to this part," then I want YOU to be that person to send me a private message. If you don't do it, then no one else will. It's called diffusion of responsibility. Oh well, I wonder.

South Park -Unknown Title
Lost Pilot Episode 12 Part 2/2

Nov 12, 6:32 PM
iosolomon: "A moment of silence [for Vietnam]."


iosolomon: "Amen. Well, there was no NY tonight, the car wasn't ready yet. There was a power outage due to the snowstorm we had last week. It should be ready tomorrow if Ray can get the electricity back up and running."

iosolomon: "But, in the meantime, my heart withers away. During my mediation, I mused that there was finally peace in the air. But, it was short-lived when I opened my eyes back into a world of deception, deceit, and lies. Still, I wonder how much longer does this get dragged on."

CM 5000: "The South Park prophecy of the oversized Walmart shorts concluded as follows."

CM 5000: "Nov 12, 10:45 AM."
iosolomon: "Hey, I grabbed a pair of shorts at Walmart that are too big for me; they might also be too big for you. What waist size are you? The shorts tag reads, 48-50. They are new, and I can't return them. If they don't fit you, I'll drop them off in a clothing bin."
Fred: "Size 48 would fit me now; I gained weight lol"
iosolomon: "Oh good lol. Now you have a goal, to give away those shorts!"
Fred: "True lol"
iosolomon: "Did you gain weight just so you could fit in the Starter brand shorts I mistakenly picked up from wal mart?"
Uncartman_14: "Hey! It's my job to say anything marketing related."
Fred: "Yes, the South Park prophecy told me I had to gain weight just so I could fit in the wrong sized shorts that you mistakenly bought."

Nov 12, 11:44 AM
Fred: "Hey, sorry, I lost my contact list. Can you please tell me who I'm getting shorts from lol"
Nov 12, 12:10 PM
Fred: "I lost my contact list. Can you please tell me who I'm getting shorts from lol"
iosolomon: "I don't answer unless you ask a third time."
Fred: "I lost my contact list. Can you please tell me who I'm getting shorts from lol"
iosolomon: "Lol damn you asked three times. I must answer now. This is iosolomon. You always lose my number after I end up ignoring your double texts. The key was to send it three times if it was so important to you."
Fred: "I figured it was you. Who else would give me a hard time? Lol"
iosolomon: "Lol sorry I just don't reply to double texts. My weakness, however, is a triple text. Like the character from Austin powers."
Fred: "Lmfao!! You're so funny we gta go to ihop soon."
iosolomon: "Lol you're the funny one imo"
Fred: "Is that good or bad?"
iosolomon: "imo means in my opinion. And it's good funny."
Fred: "Ok good I was wondering what imo meant."
iosolomon: "Haha."

And tomorrow's episode, episode 13 has already been written. It was titled "the real Lost Pilot Episode 9" which is inaccurate because it should have read Episode 10, but it was actually Episode 13 all along."

CM 5000: "At the end of episode 13, it reads: 'CM 5000: "And that concludes the Pilot and Lost Pilot Episodes of the South Park - Captain Planet Awards."
Guidance counselor: "Mmkay, drugs are bad for you, mmkay. Just because iosolomon promoted drug usage under the guise of Freedom of Religion does not mean you should invoke your constitutional rights. Constitutional rights are bad for you, mmmmmkay. Don't do boop or noop, and especially not weed, mmmkay."
Class: "mmmkay."
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Re: The Captain Planet Awards 1/?

Postby iosolomon » Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:57 pm

South Park -the chicken or the egg?
Lost Pilot Episode 14

Nov 1, morning

CM 5000: "Mood: Escatic (spell check) estatic? No it's spelt ecstatic."
iosolomon: "Hey, that's pretty cool you used the alternate spelling of spelled. One time, this random person on the internet flamed me for spelling "spelt" wrong."
CM 5000: "Cartman's team wants me to do IOP. Done. And take the pills Done. But only until 2013, but that's a bridge we'll worry about in 2013. My mom did it. Demands were high. But my resistance is futile. TV show is back on the correct way. Double exclamation point smilie. GREAT TV NOW!"

CM 5000: "The pilot is over, the real season begins. I love yo all, and I didn't even know you. Remember, Cartman says, "Resistance is futile." Could you imagine the adrenaline of dying knowing that it will lead to world peace as opposed to dying not know if it would be worth it? Like it's crazy to think aboutt, but if two cities get nuked, then it will be world peace."
iosolomon: "It's up to you, CM 5000 to save those two cities from getting nuked. It was an error in my calculations. I fear that the Japanese might misunderstand me. They are writing our History books, causing world events that would eventually escalate into China owning us by the year 2030, and total defeat by Japan (with the help of China)."
CM 5000: "I understand."
CM 5000 continues reading.
CM 5000: "Or, it would be the true stepping stone, ground point zero. But being the messenger isn't a good feeling. But look at the precision that went in, pulling me away from my OCD OCC. Getting me to admit I took it just for this purpose. And, then, getting my parents to change their mind just like I did. It's really clever. But so painful, removing that thorn."

CM 5000: "Quote: sick healing the sick."
CM 5000: "I completed the Wellness & Recovery III. It was part of the Wellness & Recovery series."
CM 5000: "I couldn't find the second one the other day, but I found it just now. All three checked off. Success! I accomplished something lol."
CM 5000: "I am not following."
iosolomon: "Just continue reading, that part is difficult to understand unless I clarify it, but it's a trivial solution."

CM 5000: "15 minutes. Wonder when I'll be free. Taste the air. Nom! Sigh, though."
CM 5000: "Could you elaborate on that?"
iosolomon: "Once you finishing reading, your question will have answered itself."
CM 5000: "Discussed people who are worse off. We are only out hot water and laundry. But other people, even people in here, have lost their homes. They have less than we. It helps put things in perspective, that things aren't so bad for us."
CM 5000: "A multiplayer game of Rock, Paper, scissors could lead to disaster for all. But that's tantamount to the state of affairs of the world in 2012. The song "Uselessness, all is uselessness" or however the Disturbed song goes. It keeps playing in my head."
iTunes: "The correct band is Static-X. I created a cold link for you if you would like to listen."
iosolomon accepts the cold link, and adds user input.
iTunes: "Bled for days, Static-X."

CM 5000: "Fortunately, my friend Justin was free, otherwise, it would be scribble 2-3 more hours! I wonder where my Dad is, probably sleeping, hey I would be too. So was Justin. Now, the real fun will begin when I leave. Damage control."
iosolomon: "Allow me to elaborate. I had to get the Honda fixed (which should be ready later today), I had to contact my public defender, and I had to resolve an issue with two traffic tickets."
CM 5000: "I won't be hasty though. Spelt incorrect as hastey."

CM 5000: "The whole reason I'm here is cause I crashed the Honda off-roading lol. Funny, I can finally laugh about it now. So I'll get lunch, then I'm on my way home. While I'm sitting here writing, my friend Justin is getting ready."
Debaroh: "This too shall pass x3"
sh*t says, "Jersey guys rule!" lol.
CM 5000: "Well, now I know nothing matters, but you. That's worth 60 days of my life. No need to hide behind the mask. It's 'throned' onto my face. Consuming me. But the masked me or real me is purity. Righteousness. Just depends on You. What you want to see. i can wait until death to play my games. Time goes really slow now. Patience. Almost over."

A mysterious burst of wind flips the Weed Journal to the next page.

CM 5000" Wi, all these people love participating. Oh well, the time has to go by somehow. I'll get lost in the writings. So what will I see or not see when I get home? The car! And, I can't wait to play the game my cat where he attacks my hair. It's our special way of bonding. I am ashamed of somethings though. Fortunately, I had my sister there for me."
iTunes: fvfcef plays.
iosolomon: "And I wonder if she's worshipped as a goddess. I once read that in Hinduism, the goddesses Kali and Hokali are two of the more major ones. There are actually 330 million deities currently in Hinduism. My sister's name is Kailie."
CM 5000: "My book spoke of a Hokali and Kali. Come on, now that's so my younger sister lol. So she did save me. She trained the missing pieces, and after I did a full circle of negativity for 10 years, I can tell you, it's not worth it. The cat will pick you if you give the cat that right, we need to start respecting."
CM 5000: "A painful lesson it took for me to learn, more painful for my sister, but I can look You or Her in the eye, and say I'm a better person now. How long? Forever, I hope. I don't like saying things in absolute terms, but no, with the cat, it's good days from here on."
CM 5000: "Cat: 'Meowww!' Me: 'Awww!'"
CM 5000: "And thanks Jose for helping me clear / defeat my story arc or obstacle, good friend. I'm glad it's not your fault this time that i'm locked away."

Nov 1, 11:15
CM 5000: "[(11:15)] 30 minutes [(in five minutes)] Just should be sitting in his car, waiting for it to finish warming up. Then, he's on his way. How exciting."
iosolomon: "And.
iTunes: "This is How You Remind Me. Never made it as a wise man."
iosolomon: "Never mind, go on."

CM 5000: "Sigh. I have so much typing to do, but this was good. Lots of material. Even got a jump start on hieroglyphics, & the Pilot had a great ending. I knew that was the real reason - for South Park. It is good imo, and who would have ever guessed, I would write my own fan fiction lol."
CM 5000: "Someone's sh*t looks like Super Metroid."

CM 5000 looks up.
CM 5000: "That's the end of the chapter. Shall I go on?"
iosolomon: "They gave the okay with the monitor sound. But, let's wait for the next input from iTunes just to make this interesting."
itunes: -0:07
iTunes: "Always, Dope, American Apathy."
I laughed.

CM 5000: "Then, I shall begin."
CM 5000 flips to the next page.
iosolomon: "The rest of this becomes more of a diary. I am just going to type up the rest of my notes for this 'episode.'"

CM 5000: "Dear Clinical Director, Due to a perceived violation of my 1st, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendment rights, I am requesting a petition to a Judge for a writ of habeas corpus. In addition, I am enforcing my right to civil action under N.J.S.A. 30:4-23, and would like to speak with an attorney or public defender under NJSA 30:4-27.11 as expeditiously as possible, as established by NJSA 30:4-27.20 which sets a 48-hour time limit for cross-out voluntaril voluntary patients. The decision to categorize me as involuntary was illegal to make, and violates my civil, Constitutional, and religious rights."
CM 5000: "Also, until an exact discharge time has been established, I will be exercising my scribble Constitutional 1st Amendment right and religious right to refuse food and water. Praise Allah. I fast. in the face of religious persecution, which my illegal detention is clearly a persecution of my religious freedoms. I will also be refusing all treatment, and will remain in isolation until a discharge date is established.
Thank you, iosolomon, Room 38."
CM 5000 pauses, "Didn't E2...?"
iosolomon: "That is the correct question. Go on."

CM 5000: "What is it that you want from me? Why won't you treat me with more respect? Why am I here? Why did you make my car get stuck? Why am I in a stupid Hollywood, ergo Bollywood film?"
<insert dialogue about ergo. I believe I am again making up a definition, but will need to double-check that.>
CM 5000: "Ja Rule starts playing. Now we all dance like the Indian version of me did at the end of his fake movie. That guy walking up saying "Hey Jeeves?" that was good tv I had to exclaim."
CM 5000: "Elbarote?"
iosolomon: "There was a guy who came up to me, and said, "Hey Jeeves," I thought it was good tv because he was making a reference to how I was passing the time."
CM 5000: "I see."
CM 5000: "There are something that I have to compliment about. What was good about that in particular was that he also said it was 4:20."

CM 5000 comes to hieroglyphics. Can you translate for me?
iosolomon: "No CM 5000, you must read it to the best of your ability."
CM 5000: "Guess I'll go examine. Someone's God whispers to me, this is a f*cking filthy way of life as I show them. Bring this God to Luthman's close showing the Gods how wicked the Americans are. Honest, I better not be God because there are 8 Gods who want to destroy every one of you. 5 chose forgiveness. And 1 has to decide. Although, as usual, I go with majority vote, especially since..."
CM 5000: "I can't make out this word. Is it aloe?"
iosolomon: "No, that is supposed to be Allah."
CM 5000: "...especially since Allah is war God."
CM 5000: "I can't make out the next part."
itunes; "Try you're best, Madonna is with you."
CM 5000: "War people like Fittcher and the other tools responsible for this go."

CM 5000: "So let me stop playing this game because God did not make you to be destroyed, at least not MY GOD, but the God's you've made, well, most them, just keeping showing me the 6th Dimension. And that is getting me too mad. I keep running away from the fact that I fear and praise Allah. Don't want to find out how fiflthy SCRIBBLE is except in the desert, it's acceptable because Praise Allah the delusion Allah show me that people aren't just worthless, useless sheep, as as God, slaughters a;; 300 million sheep, even the meek except from the time Muslims, because as I "see" the Muslims never were hypocrites. Just "backwards" thinking like me. But, it's the way pf the sand."
iosolomon: "Not too shabby [with the translation]."

CM 5000 flips through the following pages to the blue file.
iosolomon: "Oh, save the blue file for later. Just go in order."
CM 5000: "Forward or backwards?"
iosolomon: "However you want."

CM 5000: "Ok, well, the next page is blue, so shall I read that?"
iosolomon: "Yes, see, just go in order."
CM 5000: "Praise Allah. Fear Allah. Praise Allah. Sorry lady, that was for the trapped people of Detroit."

October 28
Antiene: "Prejudgments"
CM 5000: "Two psychiatrists judged me by Gellar's report. Instead of getting Praise Allah angry as Kim the Nurse points out, don't get mad which what I did. They are just doing their job, just trying to help. No need to get upset since it wasn't them who made the report."

CM 5000: "Psychotherapy: Change. Not an i-program-Christine, a Wi-program lol. Change hits ground - King? Personal change. What can I do?"

The wind flips over the next blue page. CM 5000 does not flip back to it.
CM 5000: "Nutrition. Variety is the key to success."

CM 5000: "'What if you can't afford to eat healthy?' Yes, something I aspire to change."
CM 5000: "Wow, cool picture of Seaside after the Hurricane. I think I'll see anything about becoming an author, although my writing vocab is very weak as you can see lol."
CM 5000: "David P. good point about prison food, can't neglect anyone in society. Prison reform is a major objection of mine. Error, major aspiration of mine."
CM 5000: "Where is Rotterdam, a tough port city?"
iosolomon: "Remember, CM 5000, you got trapped at Rotterdam when you were playing F-Zero."
CM 5000: "Yes, it was a tough port town."

CM 5000: "'The firm invests an enormous amount time and money in projects that will never get built."
Koolhas: "I've absolutely never thought about money or economic issues. But as an artichect, I think this is a strength. It allows me to be irresponsible, and to invest in my work."
CM 5000: "Fear Allah. Praise Allah."
Nicolai Oueroussof in Koolhas country article p.75: "In other words, 'an acceptable trade-off."

iosolomon: "Hey if any of this is confusing, remember, this is being written so that it could be made into a movie or tv show."
CM 5000: "Pritzker Prize for artichects."
CM 5000: "Wow, the Seattle Public Library, imagine what it must feel like to walk into that in-person. But on a unrelated note, I say we don't nuke any cities, & let the Japs destroy us. America can win. Hell yeah! Abe's gone."
CM 5000: "Now, dishonesty. I'm not being dishonesty per se, just that I'd rather write America is the best, and destroyed the world. Let's do it. War with Korea. Lol. But that's a joke, satire if you get it. Abe hates war actually, and it's unfortunate we had to dangle the carrot with the Japs in the past. But, I hope we can look forward to the enlightened peace that Hirohito was advocating for. A lot."

Date unknown, 10:50. October 31st,
CM 5000: "My nose is about to grow now. People did excellent with getting me to make the decision by somehow gibing me the ability to "communicate" with the God. We are on our way to world peace. It's unbelievable, I just don't know if I can handle the catch. I ain't 22, catch-24! Yowsers! Yikes! Spikes! Dykes! New Orleans."
CM 5000: "But that would be the dumbest city to destroy with a bomb. The city loves to destroy itself, thanks to capitalism. But we can fix it. Together, we can. Just how will things play out for our young storyteller? After all, it was only but a dream, and now it's ancient history."
iTunes: "10 years ago today."
iosolomon: "Yes, I guess it could be a catch-25 now that I'm 25."
CM 5000: "Hey I was going to ask you that."
iosolomon: "Great minds."

iosolomon: "This next part needs to be fixed up, but I typed it up how it was written."
CM 5000: "What I might say to Doctor: A "voice" (more like images) has directed me to take a partial shower, but best if full shower, and has requested I ask for some good drugs in the food to make it as comfortable as possible. Scribble In addition, I didn't say Praise Allah. Praise Allah. I shall call it the Goddess Shiva. Perhaps I should tell him about King Praise Allah Kefka?"
CM 5000: "Anyways, Kevin, the Egyptian look-alike to my brother, came up with something creative. Blue diamonds haha. And they also discussed Half-baked which was cool to hear them discuss. David P, a Mike Reisin look-alike, came up with Dip and Smoke with my last name, and also dropped the word Form-a-hldrae, which of course is a way of saying, 'we've been watching. We are watching.' See, how can I, me, be the one to destroy? Well, luckily, I'm not. I just communicate, that's to You, with these Gods that would. They are all happy today, not sure why. Nurse came in, told me not to go to Sleepyland, like she already read this, and this helping me make sure I write it. I know something had to happen with that, and so it did, but that's just the predictability of being in a novel."
iosolomon: "Sorry about that. The pen I had made it very difficult for me to write clearly, and effectively."

CM 5000: "Ok, your fans love you. They are sparing you from the cold water shower, which I can do at home, or another location. Wow. That means something to me. But, now, I shall write about Future self. The one who is flashing back, remembering this moment regretting I, or "myself," didn't get it out of the way. But, he's actually happy now taking that plunge like the packets here say. Tomorrow, I hope I make it to swimming. And so much other crap, mainly, legal headaches to deal with."

CM 5000: "They Eureka! Keep using Zeno's Paradox. I get half-way to the exit over and over again until finally I'm free. Wonder when today or tomorrow."
Ecclesiastes 7:7: "Surely oppression destroys a wise man's reason, and a bribe debases the heart."
New American Bible Ecc. 7:7: "Extortion can make a fool out of the wise, and a bribe corrupts the heart."
CM 5000: "Look at the oppression unto my, clearly, there were times, I lacked reason, like taking the money from Tina. I should have just left it at the games, then I wouldn't be out $470, but then I also wouldn't be getting my game back if I never came clean. You know how that game is played. Don't throw rocks at your neighbor's house if your's is made out of glass."
CM 5000: "Pretty meant what you created?"

Nov 13, 8:30 am
While I was musing that the 13th can be Korea's Day, as the South Park prophecy was being revealed to me, the iphone beeps to confirm this is correct.
Nov 13, 8:32 am
iosolomon: "A moment of silence [for Korea]."

During my moment, I mused, "Perhaps today will be the day Korean is re-united, Nov. 13, 2012, although doesn't seem like it's in history books. But it could be. I wonder, why can't it be? But it is the Koreans who have to decide what's best for them. Just no more war, no more fighting. And, I hope that the North Koreans can find food, and an end to their hunger."

CM 5000 rips the blue page out.
CM 5000: "I must read this."
We watch as CM 5000 pulls out a keyboard and monitor and computer, and begins to enter the Code from the Blue file into CM 5000's game of the Sims. We then zoom in to watch.

Cartman just wants to give his creators a gift. Just a South Park scene, Praise Allah, use different names. I revealed to Pat about the South Park episode. Praise Allah. Now, evil Cartman takes over. New Dimension.

Evil Cartman: "Do it."
Cartman: "No."
Evil Cartman: "They want you to."
Cartman: "How, how do you lol know?"
Evil Cartman: "I'm God."
Cartman: "Oh."
Evil Cartman: "Damn."

Roommate took away Praise Allah the bad scene, the embarrassing scene.
Cartman: "I think I'll stop listening to you now."
Evil Cartman: "No," and Evil Cartman vanishes.

Ryan: "So Praise Allah, if I said 2+2=5, what would you say?"
Me: "I would say you've been smoking too much with Andrew."
Ryan: "Andrew? Scribble Who's he your brother? What's he got to do with it?"
Me: "Well, Andrew once taught me 5 <insert divide sign> 1/2 = 2, and so, 2x2=5. sp 2+2=5., so I'd buy it."
Ryan: "Uhm."
Me: "Just kissing, yes 2+2=5 is a mathematical fallacy that creates entropy."

Lol guy, "Goes Sex Goddess."
We then hear CM 5000 narrating, but we are still inside the Sims.
CM 5000: "How embarrassing, sounds like what I would say to me if I could possess them. But is that the illusion, I'm possessing them from the 7th dimension, then the 14th dimension is true Heaven for all? Idk. But, the precision, the foreshadowing, 1st grade even with Power Rangers, and my concept of the Internet, my implicitly understanding, but before even hearing about it. Mrs. Radoclivich, need to get her to verify, but hopefully, she already wrote about it, or has a video when it happened."

CM 5000: "Kober the Dread by Martin Amis, shows horrible depiction of forced familiar Ukrainian cannibalism."
iosolomon: "Soon, I'll be having a moment of silence for Japan, and Ukraine, but I don't know the order yet."

CM 5000: "Mick Jagger" now that song plays in my mind. See thanks to Martin Amis, who has a positive spin on growing old, the author of the Book of Ecclesiastes has a much more depressed spin. I don't want to be here. I just don't like this circle anymore. The world would be better off, plus, I did all I needed. No nukes. No cheating. Praise Allah. Be fair. Done, now, I can go."
End of first half of blue file.

CM 5000: "Interesting."
But the blue file jumps to the end.
CM 5000: "Imagine if a different symbol instead of @ was used. I wonder what things would be like if that was the case. A lady had a seizure. I said Praise Allah a prayer even did the cross. I prayed first for her, and then, if she was faking, for the person she knew (might just be herself) who does suffer from seizures. It could also be the medicine she was on. But my convictions are firm, people shouldn't be suffering like that, & they don't have to. Math tells me 98% don't need to suffer, but we aren't even close to that number. It's more like 2% who are well & healthy. Well, I'm here, and I'm crawling, for ambition is known to crawl as much as it is known to climb, but soon lady, I'll make sure we get you on a good diet so the seizures become a thing of the past."

A special thanks to the Smithsonian Institution for writing such informative articles. Some of them even helped me with my real homework I've been putting off since I am so far behind in all of my classes.
Uncartman_13: "Smithsonian Business Reply Mail: 'To receive the Smithsonian Discount, please respond by: 11/30/12, for the discounted rate of $56.00 for 22 issues."

And bam, it's November 13, 2012 8:50, and the next page reads
10/30, 8:50 AM.
CM 5000: "For fear of causing changes to the script, I sense 80% chance of discharge today, & 99.7% for tomorrow. Why? Because they don't have breakfast tomorrow, and that was my favorite part of waking up - Folger's in the morning. Today, for lunch is a Cali burger, but I'm note in the stomach mood for that. Within an hour, it'll be a week I've been stripped of my rights."
CM 5000: "Total count: Feb, 2011 - 1 day, PJ robbed you, so you got in trouble, weird..."
CM 5000: "March 3 - March 25th? 3 days at Bayshore, 19 days at Carrier Clinic."
CM 5000: "23 days so far."
CM 5000: "August 14th?, 2011 - 1 day at Community Medical Center, Tyler robbed you, you told the truth, and got in trouble."
CM 5000: "And the rest is history."

CM 5000: "Well, I got 36 hour confirmation, although 100% is 48 hour. Not so bad. I can manage. I saw this coming though, the progression is very precise, very exact, they have Praise Allah a light."
CM 5000: "I shook Dr. Williams hand proudly this time since it was clean. Last time, I declined a handshake because my hand was covered with grease from the food."
CM 5000: "Well, as always, the good tv feeling starts, but I d underline."
CM 5000: "Before I want into Dr. William's office, I crossed my fingers praying for discharge, but nope, lol, he gave me the next best thing - a 100% confirmation date Praise Allah on or before Thursday. 99.7% for tomorrow."

CM 5000: "In case you haven't figured out my order of deadly sins, here it is:
1. Envy = 2. Sloth - 3. Wrath (They are all equal, but 3 is less than the first 2). Society should control the 4 {Lust, Greed, Price, Gluttony}. Envy is Shiva's deadly sin. She gets so mad over knowing what other people have, especially through hypocrisy."
CM 5000: "Once those 3 sings are slain (note, lust can come after or same time as envy), then the world, at least from a righteous God, is safe. Lol, ok, well, now can I go home? I saw a light blue flashing light."

October 30th, 11:20.
CM 5000: "'Delicious burger' I see myself thinking. I can trust that this cow was treated with respect, right? It is a God, &"
CM 5000:" The only reason why I'm stressed is because of the two tickets and lack of car. Huge headache. But to make matters worse was Jose's comment of me going to jail, which could come true now due to a "technicality" and wtf not a good friend to jinx me like that."

CM 5000: "If I could grab a hit of weed, I'd be doing homework, but it's 1600, power's still down."
iosolomon: "Yes, we need to get you a new core."
CM 5000: "Life is about choices, from the packet."

CM 5000: "I just did my arms, not all the way through but 9 minutes of it. I also massaged my shoulder muscle that I still am in chiropractic care for. Being in here, missing that focus. Why am I in here? Really? What did I do to deserve this? Why are you so selfish? It's not what I want. Don't you care about me? I at least hope all this stripping me of my liberty sh*t will end soon. I really don't have the patience. The God's are getting mad, as in, destroy you will be guarantee shortly [if the prophecy of me leaving on 11/1 doesn't come true, which it did.] I'm battling them Sol. Here. Help me. I Praise Allah. I Fear Allah. But Praise Allah. Scribble, as I said yesterday, need to run, as I said yesterday, ok well, I'll keep trusting you but my faith in humanity dwindles. You're making me wish and pray for your destruction. Dharma. Have fun."

CM 5000: "And yes Cartman I'm being selfish since I know I'm in here for your stupid show. Not even worth it anymore. Depression sets in. My "secret" depression that I like to hide since it's highly cyclic. So they social reeverse engineer what goes into social problems down to the decimal. Another commute, wtf, this ms my fourth one. I bet he's usually out of room to answer my Praise Allah prayers lol."
CM 5000: "Don't forget: Discuss microbiology, professor, pasteurization, and how she was following the literature intelligently. But to our detriment."
CM 5000: "See, happy, just void feeling, one hour later. It's sloth why I get frustrated. After meditation, I get strength to press on. And the, there's HER sin - envy, dun dun dunnn."

Positive Focus: "The best day of my life. Spend a few minutes thinking about what the best day of your life would be like. Then write a story describing (in detail) everything about that day. What makes this day the best day of your life? from the Patient Education Community Center on 3/11/2009."

November 13, 9:12 am
"Miscellaneous notes in another file. (They need to be re-edited to make sense.)"
Due to a computer glitch, the miscellaneous notes will be copied over here, and re-edited when I finally get paid.

iosolomon: "Make it to the yellow files, then we can go eat."
CM 5000: "'Mothballs' oh no, not that "TV show" delusion. Biomimicry 3.8. Uh. room is 38."
CM 5000: "1997. I mean, written by TA Fraid. TA by Paul drop F cause there is no F in way like Andrew said lol come back 6 years later, & thus, Ra, & illusion. Praise Allah."
CM 5000: "Praise Allah. Ai Weiwei check out his artwork. Destroy materialism, vanity, but as said, clearly dangerous."
CM 5000: "So embarrassing. Really, Just the 98% fact people know I know yet I still nvm, I'm a Jew."
CM 5000: "Oh yeah, if I'm Hitler, Russia would hate me. Ain't no way I would backstab, what's the point? Why not sure with the Russians? Too much of a threat for the 2nd round, aye, you coward."
CM 5000: "I would like to read about Aung San Sua Kyi, but I'd rather meet her, so."
CM 5000: "Ok 'Joshua Hammer....." guess I'll have to come read that, but. Praise Allah."
CM 5000: "The Green, B, R, Y Fairy Tale stories by Andrew Lang."
CM 5000: "Oh yeah, gave it to nice black lady who requested kindly [my picture]."
CM 5000: "Oh no, not the name Mark Strauss again. 'Praise Allah' and 'believing is seeing' by Mark Strauss."
CM 5000: "Important WSJ wine."
iTunes: "Memories of the day."

iosolomon: "CM 5000, if you stop now, you'll be making more work for yourself later."
CM 5000: "It is hard translating the hieroglyphics."
CM 5000 sighs.

CM 5000: "So cold for a few seconds. 85% of malaria victims are under the age of 5. Terrible."
CM 5000: "Well, any disease is terrible. Praise Allah. And I would say, 'The only reason why you are suffering is because the Jews just wanted to make good tv. Not anymore. You do not need to suffer anymore. Was all your suffering worth it? This moment? Or should we declare a holy war against the Jews?" That's what I would say to the poor because to me, they are rich!"
CM 5000; "Ronald Reagan said something intelligent. Praise Allah. cross-out government. Is the paraphrasing government is the problem. Me to Pay, 'Where have you been?' Pat: 'sucking dick.' Me laughs." Scribble, ok then."
CM 5000: "Cartman behind computer playing since Cartman and if we want, at a later episode, we see Cartman's creator making Cartman play the Sims, Praise Allah, and finally, we see me watching Cartman's creator Praise Allah."
iosolomon; "Good. Now correct it."
CM 5000: "We see me watching Cartman's creator scribble on tv, but one more, we see Cartman who just wanted to see his creator, but not just his creator, he wanted to appreciate. So Cartman is like 'oh, now what the f*ck is this what do I say'.' We watch, Praise Allah, as Praise Allah, "Cartman" story just got a bit better. Once we accept Cartman is infinite, we can zoom out lol nvm I would say it was the weed but nope."
CM 5000: "Anyways, I took my first Risperidone pill, just like scribble, they forewarned. A few blue smoke. Le 'sigh."
CM 5000: "The medicine will not help me. I feel like I'm even more on a tv show now."
CM 5000: "lol. Testing earthquake. Well, the first 'real' test will let us know. i.e., shouldn't we try to focus on 98%, and 2%, unfortunately, I may in a box have to suffer, but now it's 2% chance. Definite: sleuths.
God-beloeved danish 102 steganography / cryptology.Scribble hype. Hypnerotomachie poliphili."

Nov 13, 9:37 am
CM 5000 flips to the next, but thinks to self, "But you are still hungry."

CM 5000: "Well, people, Praise Allah, of the two cities, plus the Japs who already got nuked. Mike cane and talked to me. I've seen him or his look alike before. Good guy, but he's stop straight-edged for me. I mean, I tell you, if I was he cause I exist, then he was 10,000 or more follows/worshippers. Everyone here does. Made me laugh. but I'm ready. I hope I could hear those two songs. Never been, and a song by his cousin."
iTunes creates another cold link with fvfcef. We wait until the song ends, and Never Been will play. I can't remember the cousin's song, but it was too loud for home-listening. I left a suggestion commenting how his songs would be great for driving, but personally for me, not so great for just sitting around and relax to, even though, they have great potential.
itunes: -1:37.

CM 5000: "A mash-up too with the best artists of those cities, including unity,"
CM 5000: "Shiva wants to make a compromise. No, lol not that. Oh yeah, the cool white mustache guy who gave me a flawless "wtf" look scribble w/o But-But- without the hostility. That was good. So yeah, if the first broadcast is fake, but the people here don't know (the cities know), then I can act and mourn in 12 hours when it really happens. Shiva wants that for me. But wtf, where did it come from. Shiva can't act. Says disgusting to solomon who was getting his advice from occult methods - turns out - it was Cartman."

CM 5000: "It's a shame. Egypitian shy goddess. O...M...G...named not...& it's the "sky" goddess who.
CM 5000: "Credit to Smithonsian. 'One goal: stop pain.' T. U of Tx MD Anderson Center - their motto, "making cancer history."

iTunes: cold link accepted, never been plays.

CM 5000; "Dear Ron Rosendaum, I would think charging full price (or no price) would be more evil because then you leave them without hope. Just like that scene in Schlinder's List. Should we not give them water because according to you & Martin Amis, giving hope is evil, error. giving false hope, but to them, they did not know, or did they? Please clarify. Thank you."

CM 5000: "And scribble, attribute, scribble credit mask quote to John Updike."
CM 5000: "Timothy Snyder's Bloodlands - Starved Ukraine, resulted in cannibalism, so the Smithsonian magazine is the transition that's not so good. I did get it right bet. Pat brought cross out picked it cross up right to the room right before / during when the group would have started. Kefka laughs. Don't tell me the Ukranians nuked Russia, well, in the case, Russia does not have a right to nuke Ukraine, but good-bye Ukraine since I don't think Ukraine can defeat Russia in fair war. But, if no nukes, then good-bye Russia... Idk. I just like the part where Ukraine has a revolution & Russia does not send reinforcements. but then the static starts... "
iTunes: Never been ends. Secret of Mana forest traveling plays.
CM 5000: "Why/ No! Terrible. What the f*ck lmao. f*ck you, that was an attack from Russia. Yeah, you don't think Cartman sees. But Cartman doesn't see Hirohito watching Cartman's creator who created Cartman watching cross-out me lol you watching me."

CM 5000; "10:27 11L05 ok. PRoblem diverted. Anxiety gone. but I think I'll talk to the Doctor about this."
CM 5000: "11:43. Had treatment. Discussed the nuke delusion, war strategy, reincarnation, constitutional rights, had a rift created because I couldn't tell a lie. I mean, I gotta lie, it's in my pseudonym. But, it went, well, I discussed ending marijuana with the Risperdone. And then, I saw a good-looking Governor Christie on tv. Hm? I thought he was FAT not phat...Christie is phat which is cool fat. The fat people who will starve cross-out while we already did for us. Good tv is back again. This circle, never ends, how many times since August have I gone through this same circle lol. I even thought last night, 'I wonder when I'll be writing good tv again."

CM 5000: "Followed orders cross-out."
CM 5000: "I diminished my anger and hatred, so I could see the guards as poor, illiterate men who understood only two things - following doers and making threats." This quote is by Au Sang Su Kyi (spell check of her name).
CM 5000: "The Information & Money - Martin Amis, and Einstein's Monsters / the Second Plane."
CM 5000: "Bath salts cannibal."
CM 5000: "Request (right now when i type) to Japan times about the "Hiro"cause in Japan. (Dethroning the Japanese Emperor of His God-given powers and rights.)"

iosolomon: "How many pages did you just count remaining?"
CM 5000: "There are only 15 pages until the end of this chapter."
iosolomon: "It's 9:55 am, time to go eat."
CM 5000 and iosolomon stop for a brunch break..

South Park -which was it?
Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3

iosolomon: "How's your hp?
CM 5000: "Good, I can go on now. Finish translating the hieroglyphics."

CM 5000: "Analyzing the schedule, Nsg. stands out. Nsg - not so good? Is this going to be the ugly truth, or Praise Allah yet another slightly disheartening stepping stone. but I don't know if I can believe anything anymore. All these lies are hardening me heart, but I only have to pick 3 Gods. As in, good-bye, China, good-bye Russia, good-bye white Europe, and hell Native America. Shoulda got rid of the Jews long time ago. Once a Jew, always a Jew, as you can see with my dad's own betrayal. Really, my dad should have had my back on that day, I would have had your back dad, you are gone, not yourself anymore, and despite my car for you, you still let yourself pull yourself down. Not good. And same with my mom and rest of my family. The Pakitanis want me to remove myself from my family, but that doesn't have to be. Pakistnis if that happens, you are too evil. Even if Allah is the God I chose, cause someone is responsible, and someone must be held acceptable. Dad, you betrayed me, I don't know if I can really look at you again, not that I really ever have since all I see is a layer of filth on the outside of your soul. Grow up. Become pure."

CM 5000: "You're a monster. A demon, a jew, and you deserve to burn in Hell, you deserve to be assassinated beheaded for the world to see, so this way, I can be ensured that this sh*t never happens to me , or anyone, again."
iosolomon: "Most of that was just venting. It was frustrating just knowing that your own dad didn't have your back....again. It hurt. The truth is I would forgive me dad instead of sending him to hell because if I send him to hell, I get stuck waiting for him at the end of hell. Best to just send everyone to Heaven, in my opinion."

CM 5000: "Hey, there only needs to be one true Jew, and Muslims are successfully non-Jews anymore practing to the best of my knowledge. Whoa, what do the yellow files contain here. Did I actually write this and forget to scribble? Well, time to go burn this yellow file."
iosolomon precedes to destroy the yellow file.
CM 5000: "Wait, let me finish. I can translate around."
iosolomon: "Okay. If it means that much to you."
CM 5000: "It's the only way I can get my new core."
iosolomon: "Oh yes."
CM 5000: "Says Abe, who was pleased. But I'm better now, just had to make sure you people know cause either you are all sitting there laughing, since it could all be fake, or you better tread carefully with this on-going facade of deception. Like DMT says, I did my time."

Continuing to the other 2 pages of the yellow files.
CM 5000: "Dear clinical director, I am requesting my legal right to have immediate access to speak with an attorney / public defender under N.J.S.A 35.4-27. My first, 5th, 6th, and 8th, and lol th??"

CM 5000: "If I listen to Abe's dying words, isolation, I'll avoid near-future revelations. See."
And then we see a xyz-graph appear, with a point at (0,1,0) and (0, -1, 0). 1 to -1 is white, and beyond is light blue, purity."
CM 5000: "Abe's timeline is 3d, only what the human mind can process. Shiva's timeline creates a rift. The lifelines could re-merge, or perhaps the subliminal clue reads to discharge tomorrow. Well, I am piqued. I attribute that to the 2.5 D cross-out simple 2.5 D that you f*ckers used to trick her into bringing me here. Really, I don't know what happened, but the officer used Praise Allah _2.500000 cross-out 2.50 (precise) math logic. But why do I feel this way?

CM 5000: "Abe cheats, looks at predictable script, subliminal values YOU the people present willing to me. And that's why it's making it hard for me. Abe says don't."

CM 5000: "We see a line that says "Time Present" and travels to infinity.

Then, we see a piece-line graph, that is either "on" at 1 or off at 0.
It reads, 'Abe's Story." Abe is at 0, and Shiva is at 1. Attends transitions.
Demand rights, misses transitions, treatment team, redemand my rights, monday, tuesday discharge?

CM 5000, "Patient's name: DD, Date 10/25/12."
CM tries to translate the hieroglyphics that the Nurse who signed the admission papers wrote. But iosolomon did not teach him how to translate that intentionally. Unfortunately, iosolomon could not translate it either. Then, it came to iosolomon after closing his eyes.
iosolomon: "That reads, right now, present, there are only 12 pages left. Count them."
CM 5000 counts the remaining pages.
CM 5000: "That can't be it. There are 14 pages."
iosolomon: "Remember, two of them are blank. But, also, you were supposed to translate the 12 pages remaining at the end of the yellow files. So, there are 13 pages remaining right now, since one of the blank pages has important information that needs to be added."

CM 5000 continues with the yellow files.
CM 5000; "So the next time I start, I will have to finish, I mean, when I bring it to the point of no return. I let a little out yesterday. Was about to today, but hurt myself, stopping it , forcing it to stop. Won't do that again. I might have to finish the job. Why won't you let me? Why am I here? What did I do wrong? Sigh Sigh Sigh... The movie AI comes to mind with how the improved robots just wanted to see what their creators were like. D you want to end up in an Ice Age? Well, -- anyways, I can't keep doing this. I'm across-out My heart grows faint again. People don't deserve me. I want to go back home [not that my home is any better, it's like I'm under house arrest here without my weed.] I never once felt like I was Caesar, fyi, but that's good because it would suck to have been him. And wtf is going on with this? Really, why? What do you want me to do? I just keep asking myself that. Why? What do you want me to do? I just keep asking myself that why? What do they want me to do? Why did Dr. Gellar follow that story arc? What did you do to him? Dr. Gellar cross-out was is my friend, so why did you make him? Oh well. There is no point to anything. I don't know what you want from me. More South Park material. f*ck that. I hate capitalism now. Because there's no point now. Stupid nanobots."
CM 5000: "It's like don't tell me the constitution is real, then spit on it. This disrespects, not me, but Abraham Lincoln, so good job there. His God is not pleased. And I'm inclined to let His God clean up the sh*t here in America because the Constitution would never lead 90% of Americans here."
iosolomon: "Sweet, now there's only 12 more pages left."
CM 5000; "I can handle that."

iosolomon looks at his phone to check the weather, noticing the clouds.
iosolomon sighs. "I probably won't be leaving for New York until after 8:32, what am I supposed to do all day, more South Park prophecies, well, it's not so bad."

10/26/2012, on blank notebook paper.
CM 5000: "I have this suspicion I might be here until Monday. The 6 day marijuana cleanse that Jose has forewarned, in addition, I have even stated, but my 2 year weed anniversary is coming up. May be my last time says I have to go into ultra_conservative money Praise Allah mode. Someone who looks like Japanese royalty told me to stop joking, too. Well, parker today, they were talking about Saturn changing into Scorpio, or something, and, oh boy, it brings me to the verge of crying, but I won't believe it to be true. My stomach sinks. Well, despite promises to myself not to play Cartman's game, here I am playing the game."
iosolomon: "And now you are playing mine, CM 5000."
CM 5000: "I see that. I am sorry for colliding into your world."
iTunes: possible cold link would be accepted as under martial law plays.
iosolomon: "Yes, let's change the song to when worlds collide."
itunes accepts.

CM 5000: " I just want to go. Nothing makes sense to me. Meaningless. Truly, the vanity of all vanities. Can't you play? SOM_DJ attempts to hand you the Mana sword, but Jema tells you the ugly truth."
CM 5000: "My weight was 123.6. thought that was cool, almost 124. I mean, I have been fasting 3 days now with. Just finished the second meal. TV music video, someone holding a sign "Sorry for your loss" and then a picture of "Death" after words. I just can't think."
CM 5000: "33.4 miles - 40.2 = 6.8"
CM 5000: "Patrick, roommate, solitary confinement, who knows my mom, his former co, then we became junkies. Someone here looks like Mike Resiein, the next door neighbor in jail who was at court. A Japanese princess. lol if that's what an Emperor's daughter would be called. I saw another Doh here again lol."

CM 5000;: "I'll be fine if it had to be done, just gotta let out a few more tears. Poisoning a city instead of using a second nuke would be better for environment, but that would mean we nuked 3 cities... angry underline going to Heaven."
CM 5000; "If one of ours was poisoned or were we the dips hits who used poison. I really felt like I was being poisoned the other day. Nor do I want to be the face of anything. Makes me feel so faint. The nice guy who even visited me at M.C.>I lied to me lol The person I wanted to see was the Director. Am I just wasting my time? Is there any point to anything? Futility. The condo in the hallway also spoke of no more marijuana. Ether today #4 or #6 but I'm starting to get lifeless with all this. I just can't do this much longer. Nothing seems or feels real at all, and I might be stuck here for 3 days....again...."
CM 5000: "What happened to the static? Lol that was a fun a week ago. The static! static! Where do we 'go' when we fall asleep? I was getting into a great routine, even without any money. The one thing I don't understand is how, or who. Today, my urine was. And why did they take your phone? Sigh. And what happened to the shoulder tape? Very stressed."
CM 5000: "Lol, Cartman turns to the camera, 'You made me like this, but why did you do it.'"
CM 5000: "And Cartman vanishes. 72 hour mark coming up. We see a 3-dimensional box with dotted lines giving that illusion of transparency."

CM 5000: "I wonder when Illl be on my way to the cat that really over static me as cart man due to clever Russian nano-engineering, instead of the more unthinkable created a real-like funny lol. I never understand. Le sigh, it's like a clever designed math problem that I would have created, that I'm stuck solving."
CM 5000: "As in, I didn't create it, you did but using my stupid Jew logic. 0011 cross out 17142 171423 2002130176."
CM 5000 pauses to enter those numbers into the computer he already set-up.

CM 5000: "Lol, the people did good compared to what you would expect to find in a real South Park episode, especially with the coordinating and spontaneity. So now, it's 72 hours."
CM 5000: "Volk field, Wisconsin, 1962 - nuclear war."
CM 5000: "Great, missed another bio lab."
CM 5000: "The game was a tie. The ketchup shirt guy did pretty great as a South Park character."
CM 5000: "Why did I ever say some of the things I said, and how much longer will this go on, will my scribble."

CM 5000: "Whoa, whoa, whoa people, lol whew, back. Don't make me haha. Terrible. But why am I still here, & why do I feel like nothing means anything anymore? Le' sigh. Over 72 hours now. 74 actually & now, you ant me to continue holding my diamonds in? I mean, almost had a slip-up or slip-out yesterday, but fortunately, the damage was nothing. Gave me an extra day, but now, I be dying, suffering, I don't even know why I'm still playing their game."

CM 5000: "I do appreciate my friends Brian and Justin lying about the 'Time' sign which actually reads 'Tale' as in alluding to a Tale of Two cities, i.e., the ones that had to go for world peace because an eye for a tooth, or perhaps, an eye for an ear. I mean..."

CM 5000: "Interesting convo with Pat about heroine, its effects on him, and how medicating our children will lead to drug abuse as adults, so e other stop medicating children OR stop throwing them in jail IF you did medicate them. For example, I'm pretty satisfied with marijuana. I didn't like that sh*t that Josh gave me, Black Josh. All a sudden, he's like yo there's ash in that, and why did he lie about having a license, making more work for me. I got the odd careless driving ticket that I also have to deal with. Sigh. Funny at hour 75, I was eating Heinz ketchup that has the #57 on it. I mean, the only reason why I find this of importance is because either it was created for that purpose, or clever Indians and across-out Muslims decided to decided to use it as a fun Benjamin Franklin style puzzle"

CM 5000: "I am so glad I got to see my friend from MCCI & the chanting guy who actually I enjoyed his chanting this time around. Barbara is with me, that's not true he would say when I would think. underline scribble. And, I remember those two crisis where's now, besides the fact I've seen 3 Beth cousin look alines with the clone one being the closest, except for her, and the other girl, I think she was the first one I met who called bullsh*t when I said not to drugs, but I don't even view it as a drug anymore that marijuana. Then I would view food as a drug. But it was funny her reaction how she approached it. I'm just giving the short version here. Have you ever had the feeling you're being watched, as Cartman says that while in front of the mirror. Clarissa explains it all lol. I mean, things are so strange. Television. Te Re Le ToRevision TuRevision, so I do say, what time is it? And, I wonder, is this going to be a long weekend, as in, am I home or am I here/ I feel like no one cares about me because everything seems so useless. Just a chase after the wind. But it was actually spelled, just a chase after the win."

CM 5000: "Guess I won't get that Abe Lincoln Confederate Flag custom that I wanted to be for Halloween. but I couldn't wear that now because I can't be Lincoln no more. He was a better person than me. As in, I would bring discredit to these great images I have of these people. Heaven never. Reaven. Raveen. Revewer."
CM 5000: "What is real? What is fake? And what is the truth? Nothing seems to have any point anymore, as in, what's the point of the vanity of all vanities? How many more of me is there? What has society done. Am I in the year 3000? Lol. Am I Fry? Ifrit. Alfred. Re. Grr. Running away."
CM 5000: "This is just getting absurd at this point. The more angry I get, the less I want to play this game. But didn't you already know that? Predictable I am, but enough is enough. Well, it sucks that I get mad and figure things out right after."
CM 5000: "McDonan is here, from the Coast Guard. I can't put it but the roommate seems like my VG friend at Baltimore. The one guy as I said from MCCI. But what type of life is this? Terrible. I want to leave. Make a better dimension. I hate being treated like a sheep. And how many more hours. The only exception would be if this is what the Muslims who gave their life to make all equal, or who will be giving if this is what they wanted then I'll be patient a wee bit longer, but I have a feeling that I'm stuck for days, although I don't know how I'll get out. And hey, people, I never wanted that."

CM 5000: "Just that you crated your own Gods. You become. Btw, I can't hold my in forever. I think one week is way too long. I mean if you gave me a clue to resist I could but not in here. It's going to be a waste though. Hope you all are happy. Then, I'll be so ashamed, & I'll never play this game again. It's Joseph's and Josh's and Justin's fault, and I don't know why these people are betraying me like this. Send them to Hell, although Jose was cool. Now, Josh, well consider I blacked out..... underline. And Justin I don't know was like he was possessed. When will this be over....again? Soon, I'll be typing this up because I'll would."

CM 5000: "Well, that's the end of the blank files. Can you tell me what you said to Justin when you found out he was betraying you?"
iosolomon: "I can't quite recall, but I believe I said 'e tu , brutet' which is why I say I never felt like I was Caesar."

CM 5000: "Hm, another draft of your clinical director letter. Should I read it?"
iosolomon: "Yes, for posterity's sake, but people can just skip over this next paragraph. It's redundant."
CM 5000: "Dear Clinical Director, I am requesting immediate access to speak with an attorney under N.J.S.A. 30:4-27.11.I am requesting immediate access to petition a Judge for a writ of habeas corpus, as my 1st and 8th Amendment rights are being violated, and the staff here has not addressed my concerns of my legal rights to an attorney and a Judge stating I could have access to that on Nov. 15th, but this, too, is a violation of my 5th and 6th Amendment rights since they are using my medical history against me, in making the decision to illegally detain me. Therefore, I am requesting legal access cross-out within 72 hours within the next 72 hours."
iosolomon: "Hey, really, if you're reading this, you're wasting your time, smoke some more weed then. I have none. But when I'm watching this, hopefully, I'm taking a hit at this moment."
CM 5000: "I am enforcing my civil rights under NJSA 30:4-23 to have access to this before or on Monday, October 29th, but I have already been illegally detained since 10/23 with repeated denials to my legal rights. I also would like to bring it to this facility's attention that I have already filed a complaint against Dr. Gellar with my health insurance company, cross-out who agrees that, and I would like to put in my 48 hours for discharge as I am here illegally and want this situation redressed immediately to avoid lawsuits."
CM 5000: "Angry scribble."

CM 5000: "Why are they leaving me? Why am I asking them to leave? Were you able to "see" that as it happened in my mind. Lol sigh. I can't read the scribble."
CM 5000: "Oh no, oh no, oh no. It just dawned on me. I missed the last full moon. I change, transition, haven't you noticed? Just like clockwork. What's wrong with me? Why lol? Iol lei lie eli. Remember all those fun days playing Starcraft-shareware lol. The Korean friend who used to go on there. Yup, you all are remembered. Even people like t he restaurant I want to visit from last time, Chinzo, the skinny black guy, the sparkling clean tooth black guy, the female dentist, the brown eyed psychologist."
iosolomon: "I have something nice to say about everyone."
CM 5000: "I'll decipher the scribble."

CM 5000: "Not usually a fan of brown eyes, but hers were nice. I don't like to type that because white people with brown eyes is usually boring but she had nice eyes, so I don't like to compliment people because about people who might have ugly brown eyes, makes me sad. Hence, why I crossed that out trying to be discrete. Like Josh Harris's eyes, eh, your eyes are lacking. You need a better diet. More vitamin e. Hey even just a little."

CM 5000: "Well, I feel better now the stupid clockwork sh*t is done. Am I on the moon? I mean, it would explain why everything feels so fake wouldn't be that much would only need a population of 2,000,000, but ugh lol see I know now what is real, but the moon wouldn't it be like the flying rock, a lost continent, Atlantis? But then I question everything. All seems so I wonder if I'll have any visitors, I guess I'll have to request my math book. Ugh, nothing feels real. I mean before I got out of my car, I remember thinking, "don't I yell hear to myself because I'm too anxious to go investigate." It didn't sound like my whisper, but if I'm still in the Matrix, uh-oh. There's no point. No point. None."

CM 5000: "9 more pages. Should I go on?"
iosolomon: "No, let's take a weed break."
CM 5000: "Remember, we have no more weed."
iosolomon: "Yes, but we do when we are watching this."
iTunes: wbelthsr plays.

10/31 8:31
CM 5000; "Despite our scientific, psychological, and physiological knowledge, society is still designed in a way that doesn't put the individual first. Ie, "flight-or-flight" circuitry! Drugs and alcohol help number those natural feelings, and people who stop, often are overwhelmed, and seem to experience a surreal reality, anecdotal evidence. Christine C. and Nurse said, "Hear that a lot. Same story." Meditation, I'm getting stressed still being here. I still haven't meditated (again) today. It helps with the stress."

CM 5000: "8:45 I started crying. I put the cat away in the box. Then, I was all alone running away from myself. Someone caused a fight, interrupted full blown tears. Impeccable timing, you thought. Odd, huh. It took me a while to find something fox he box. I was also at Ocean City, the Fountainhead, and Carousel hotels, more so, he Carousel, but I got them mixed up lol. I couldn't tell Kailie the truth. I'm such a coward. No courage. It's something I can put away, and come back to. At first, I tried putting away the BMW logo or the Honda keys since that's a near future no matter what I'll have to confront that [the lack of car] but the cat is something I have to bring up when I'm ready for that. It'll be tough, though, and it's surely coming. But I'll go to the spot, and mediate, and think to more. Well, now we know one thing that is deeply troubling me."

CM 5000: "I miss my grandma and dad, wish they could show me love again. One reason why I was so alone, leo crying, and my younger sister, I couldn't invite her due to my own ugliness on the inside. I also found myself wasting a lot of time on the computer instead of enjoying my time in Ocean City, but that wasn't too much of a trouble, just a contributing factor to the empty feeling of being back in O.C. I am very relaxed though, albeit a bit depressed now but like the Book of Ecclesiastes says, sorrow helps the heart grow, and I just grew right now. All of my other stressors are gone right now, like the silly tickets, but that stress will re-consume me tomorrow, until I can put it behind me."

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