Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3 and 3/3

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Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3 and 3/3

Postby iosolomon » Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:13 pm

*I will be posting future episodes onto fan fiction dot net.*
South Park -Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3
Lost Pilot Episode 26 Part 1/2

There is static everywhere. The title of the episode is very mysterious. How can it be both Lost Pilot Episode 26 Part 1/2 and Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3? There is only one person who can answer this question, so we follow the adventurers on their quest for the answer.

CM 5000: "Sir, what is going on?"
iosolomon: "This is not good. This is not good."
past iosolomon: "Hurry, follow me to simpler times."
iosolomon, CM 5000, and past iosolomon travel to simpler times


The year is 2009.
Jason: "This is not good. This is not good."
Jason and Maloney go running by.
CM 5000: "Where are we?"
iosolomon: "Cedar Grove. 2009. The greatest practical joke, but I wonder, if it was fake."
past iosolomon: "But does it matter?"
iosolomon: "It matters to me."
present-day iosolomon: "Then put a positive spin on it. Even if it was fake, wouldn't that mean the joke was actually on you."
iosolomon: "Hardy har har, the joke's on me. Very good."


CM 5000 and iosolomon return to the present, but a mysterious force [blue in color] brings them elsewhere.
Emperor Kefka appears. They are on the floating rock. <insert Kefka laugh>
Emperor Kefka: "Madness. Folly."
CM 5000: "Sir, what do we do?"
iosolomon: "Prepare for combat."
iosolomon and CM 5000 engage Emperor Kefka in battle. The screen changes to Final Fantasy 3/6 Battle mode.
Emperor Kefka: "Why are you fighting me?" <insert Kefka laugh>
iosolomon and CM 5000 attack Emperor Kefka. Emperor Kefka laughs.
Emperor Kefka: "Foolishness. Do you not see?"
Emperor Kefka attacks back.
iosolomon casts Shiva.
Emperor Kefka: "So you have acquired Shiva?"
Shiva does 0 damage.
<insert Kefka laugh>
Emperor Kefka: "Fool."
iosolomon: "I do not understand."
Emperor Kefka: "You will never understand."
Emperor Kefka deals a final blow to CM 5000. CM 5000's HP drops to 0.
iosolomon attempts to cast Life, but Life is not a magic that iosolomon has learned yet.
Emperor Kefka: "Why do you allow them to play games with You!? Why do you allow them to play games with ME!?"
Emperor Kefka casts Shiva on iosolomon. iosolomon is hurt to critical damage.
iosolomon: "I...I cannot defeat you."
Emperor Kefka deals a final blow to iosolomon. iosolomon's HP drops to 0.
<insert Kefka laugh>
King Solomon appears. King Solomon casts Life.
King Solomon: "This battle is between You and Me."
Emperor Kefka and King Solomon battle.
Emperor Kefka: "Why is it that you are battling me?"
King Solomon puts down his sword.
<insert Kefka laugh>
Emperor Kefka: "Is it this that you seek?"
Emperor Kefka casts Shiva.
King Solomon is dealt 9,999 damage.
King Solomon falls.
<insert Kefka laugh>
CM 5000: "iosolomon, use this."
CM 5000 removes part of his core.
iosolomon: "But that will permanently damage your core."
CM 5000: "Just use it. Hurry."
iosolomon uses the core. It was a Phoenix Down.
<insert Kefka laugh>
Emperor Kefka: "Do you not see? There is no hope for them."
Chef walks onto the screen. "Hurry, this way."
<insert Kefka laugh>
King Solomon, iosolomon, CM 5000, and Chef jump off the floating rock onto a ship.
King Solomon: "Who's ship is this?"
Chef: "This is my ship, bitch, but that white nagger Setzer stole it from my People's."
Chef turns to CM 5000.
Chef: "Your core is damaged. You will have to travel to the 'Enter Now' to find a replacement. Go."
iosolomon, King Solomon, CM 5000, and Chef are teleported back to the present by smoking Setzer's stash of weed.
Later, Setzer appears, and asks, "Who lit up without me?"


past iosolomon: "But that is not what you are supposed to see."
iosolomon: "What is it that I am supposed to see?"
present-day iosolomon: "Go to Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3."
CM 5000: "This is Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3."
Chef: "Well, sh*t, you are right. Now what?"
iosolomon: "Man, I wish Morgan Freeman would appear just like he would in a real South Park episode to explain this to us."
CM 5000: "Sir, ask iTunes."
itunes summons Wiz Khalifa.
Wiz Khalifa: "What is it that you seek?"
CM 5000: "The prophecy has told us to go to Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3, but this is Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3, and the prophecy remains incomplete."
Wiz Khalifa: "Meditate to Never Been."
The party meditates.
Wiz Khalifa: "I cannot answer your question. But I know who can."
Wiz Khalifa makes a phone call.
Morgan Freeman appears.
Morgan Freeman: "You want to know about Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3?"
CM 5000: "Whoa, sweet, you did it. It's Morgan Freeman."
Morgan Freeman: "So the prophecy has told you to go to Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3, but this being Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3, the prophecy still remains incomplete, and you want to know what it is you are supposed to do?"
CM 5000: "Yes."
Morgan Freeman: "I see. Just a moment. Let me channel my energy."
Morgan Freeman closes his eyes, and channels his energy.
Morgan Freeman makes chanting noises, like "Mmm...hmmm....ahhh."
Morgan Freeman opens his eyes: "The spirits have told me that this is actually Lost Pilot Episode 26."
CM 5000: "What does that mean for the prophecy?"
Morgan Freeman: "I'll explain. The South Park prophecy was not fulfilled during the real Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3. Therefore, this had to be titled 'Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3' even though it is Lost Pilot Episode 26. You must now fulfill the prophecy that was to be fulfilled during Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3."
CM 5000: "What was that?"
Morgan Freeman: "The answer you are looking for can be found in Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 3/3. Go there. Hey, it's Weird Al Yankovich."
Weird Al Yankovich starts singing Amish Paradise.
Weird Al: "Living in an Amish Paradise. There is no time for sin and vice. We don't fight. We all play nice."
King Solomon: "Well, I'll be damned. I want to go meet the Amish."
King Solomon departs to visit the Amish.
Morgan Freeman, Weird Al, and Wiz Khalifa depart as well.
past iosolomon: "Hurry, complete the prophecy."
iosolomon and CM 5000 go to Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 3/3, and find the prophecy. iosolomon is about to complete the prophecy when we hear <insert Sage Rat laugh>.
Sage Rat: "I got you, bitch."
iosolomon: "I am impressed."
Sage Rat: "I told you you would say it."
iosolomon laughs. "f*cking rat."
Sage Rat vanishes.
CM 5000: "Well, I'm glad that all worked out."
present-day iosolomon: "I'm going to ask iTunes if we need Morgan Freeman to clarify for the audience."
iTunes: "Yes."
Morgan Freeman: "Hey, I got an urgent text from iTunes to come back. The prophecy that iosolomon forgot to fulfill was him saying, 'I am impressed' because that is what Sage Rat prophesied during Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 3/3 that iosolomon would say 'I am impressed' during Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3, but iosolomon did not say it during Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3 because that was the Sage Rat using blue smoke, so therefore this episode was titled Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 2/3 because the South Park prophecy must be fulfilled. Sage Rat is very wise."
CM 5000: "Thanks Morgan Freeman."
Morgan Freeman: "Anytime."
iosolomon: "But, not everything has worked out, CM 5000. Lost Pilot Episodes 20 Part 2/2 to 25 are still 'Lost.'"

Habakkuk: "Because I got high, I forget what I was supposed to say."
end of 42011250527420
CM 5000: "Habakkuk is blessing me. With his blessing, I can access a Lost Pilot Episode. Accessing Lost Pilot Episode 24"


Chapter 24: the pseudo Ukrainian Bible Study group
CM 1123: "Habakkuk appeared."
Habakkuk speaks from beyond: "This message is to the Japanese. In wrath, remember mercy."
Emperor Hirohito: "Do not make your enemy needlessly suffer. That is not Honorable. That brings Dishonor to the Empire of Japan."
CM 1123: "iosolomon, Justin, and Sarah attend a Bible Study group. iosolomon thought it was a Ukrainian Bible Study group, due to Sarah's heritage being Ukrainian, but it was just a Bible Study group."
iosolomon: "One week ago, I had a moment of silence for Ukraine at 9:01. Let us have another moment of silence at 9:01."
present-day iosolomon: "It was technically at 9:00 pm on the 16th. The 9:01 moment of silence was on the 15th."
CM 1123: "And then the group met up with Ashley at Target."


Malachi: "They will be called the People of the wicked Land."
Malachi: "I am not pleased with you, says the Lord."
end of 42011250542420
CM 5000: "Malachi is blessing me. I can access Lost Pilot Episode 25."


Chapter 25: iosolomon speaks out
CM 1124: "If you want a reason to secede from the Union....common sense. People have given up a lot for their rights - they have given up Their lives! You can even sign me up for the revolution."
iTunes: "This is NOT America."
CM 1124: "The federal government no longer Honors the Constitution, and has turned its back on the values found in the Declaration of Independence."
CM 1124: "Listen to the cries and woes of your neighbors."

CM 1124: "I am the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. It is regrettable to me that 150 years after the Civil War, the South's fear of a loss of liberties has come true. The Civil War was fought to preserve - not to erode - the Constitution. Slavery was only supposed to be temporary; slavery is not the Will of God. But, now, capitalism has found a new way of enslaving the masses, and this is just unacceptable."

CM 1124: "I am the reincarnation of Emperor Hirohito. I have said all this already."
Marge Simpson: "If you want people to remember, you have to repeat things three times."
Emperor Hirohito: "We cannot forget how the United States Government willingly sacrificed the soldiers at Pearl Harbor to provoke the Japanese into attacking to enter a War that the American People did not even want to fight. The Empire of Japan is still at War with America, and I am willing to lead them into War to liberate You, the American People. Let us avoid this. And it is only a matter of time before the Chinese start asking for Their money back; I don't see any payment plan being worked out right now. Is that worth dying for?"
Emperor Kefka: "Do not lie, Emperor Hirohito."
Emperor Hirohito: "And I am willing to lead them into War to annihilate You, All Americans."
<insert Kefka laugh>

CM 1124: "And I am the reincarnation of King Solomon. My Father, who art in Heaven, is not too pleased with America. The wisest and simplest solution would be a restoration of the Constitution. But Ron Paul lost the election, so secession is the second best option. And, truly distressing for me to say, to ensure Peace with the Japanese, America will have to sacrifice two of Her cities in Honor of the Japanese God, or there will be a third world war; lest you want to be destroyed by God."
Malachi from beyond: "God Bless."


iosolomon: "I wonder who will bless you next."
iosolomon repeatedly clicks the next song option in iTunes.
CM 5000: "It is Moses. I can access Lost Pilot Episode 20 Part 2/2"


Chapter 20: Home for Thanksgiving.
CM 1119: "I am still inside a matrix. When will you tell me the truth?"
CM 1119: "The truth is you will be home for Thanksgiving."


Matthew: "Truth. He who has ears, let him hear."
iosolomon: "Do we have to do this episode?"
CM 5000: "Matthew 21: 28-32. Ask iTunes then."
iTunes: "Maneater plays."
iosolomon: "iTunes says yes. Let me see if it was just a coincidence."
iTunes says no.
CM 5000 accesses Lost Pilot Episode 23.


Chapter 23: Shiva Is Coming
CM 1122: "You have a religious right to prostitution - Matthew 21: 28-32. Further, you have a religious right to smoke marijuana and dmt. I am just passing time until the day of my arranged marriage. I will most likely ignore you until I get my other profile up on here."

CM 1122: "I will be a prostitute because they do not give me any money."
<insert Kefka laugh>
iosolomon: "Do you like that, Emperor Kefka? That they deprive me of my welfare, my well-being, because of their madness, their folly."
A miscellaneous space-time continuum wormhole is created.
future iosolomon appears. "Quick, throw this on Lord Kefka's head."
iosolomon and Emperor Kefka battle.
<insert Kefka laugh>
iosolomon selects Items, selects mind control device, and tosses it at Emperor Kefka.
Emperor Kefka: "You wish to silence me. I only say true God's bidding."
iosolomon: "But that is present-day true God. People, Nations, and Cultures can evolve. I cannot let you promote such madness and folly."
<insert Kefka laugh>
CM 5000: "Do not worry, Lord Kefka, Your words will be preserved inside my data banks. They will be heard....when the world is ready. The world would destroy itself if they heard your true words, my Lord."
iosolomon: "My Lord."

CM 1122: "And the eggplant was delicious. What a great Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving!!"


CM 5000: "Ephesians bless me. The title of Ephesians 1:15-23 is called Thanksgiving and Prayer. Accessing Lost Pilot Episode 22."


Chapter 22: Thanksgiving Eve
CM 1121: "My Mom and I went shopping for Thanksgiving dinner since we did not want to bother with cooking. My sister invited me up to Connecticut, but the prophecy spoke of me remaining at home with my mom. I reluctantly declined the invitation. I wish it hadn't even been offered. It made me sad that there was an alternate timeline I could have been living in. My mom bought me eggplant. It looks delicious. I cannot wait to eat it!"


iosolomon: "You really come in handy, CM 5000."
CM 5000: "I try."
CM 5000: "Dinah has blessed me. I can access Lost Pilot Episode 21."

Chapter 21: NOT HER!
CM 1120: "Mom, why did you take the car away...again?"
Dinah: "Child, I have blessed you. Come with me."
iosolomon, CM 5000, and Dinah travel to the early morning of November 20th.
past iosolomon: "Mom, why did you take the car away...again?!"
Mom: "It's not your car."
past iosolomon: "But what am I supposed to do? It is not fair that everything in my life has been a lie. Even the rape was staged."
Mom: "Who paid for your trip to Detroit and Cleveland? Who said you could even go there?"
past iosolomon: "God sent me there. Put the bill on the Japanese. It's damn Emperor Hirohito who possessed me into going there. But why can't I have the car? What am I supposed to do?"
Mom: "You can have the car back then after I transfer it into your name so you can be out of here."
past iosolomon: "That doesn't even make any sense. Why can't you just let me use it now? Why are you acting like this?"
Mom: "Because She told me to."
past iosolomon: "No, you have to be kidding me. Not Her. Why are you listening to Her?!"
Mom wasn't supposed to say that. She changes the subject.
Mom: "I'll give you your phone back tomorrow if you leave."
past iosolomon: "Very well."


CM 5000: "That's the last of the Lost Episodes."
iosolomon: "Thanks for helping me."
CM 5000: "No, thank you for helping me."
iosolomon: "But we still haven't found you your new core."
CM 5000: "The core is the least of my worries. I would die to save the universe if that is what is needed of me."
iosolomon: "God bless your soul."
Powerman 5000 speaks through CM 5000. "Now this is what it's like when worlds collide."
iTunes: "This episode is complete."
iosolomon: "Wait, iTunes, which website should I post this on? Both, or just southparkstudios?"
iTunes: "Click until Madonna appears."
iosolomon begins clicking.
Britney Spears appears with Madonna.
Britney: "It's me against the music."
Madonna: "And me."
iosolomon: "But Madonna that doesn't answer my question."
Madonna: "Oh right. Keep clicking."
iosolomon keeps repeatedly clicking.
iosolomon: "There you are."
Madonna: "This song is a shout-out from your future wife. The answer is simply Southparkstudios. But you already knew that. And She wants me to remind you, don't forget to post Part 3 to southparkstudios, then you can go back to fan fiction dot net. And, don't forget to add, Lost Pilot Episodes 14 to 20 Part 1/2 are already posted on fan fiction dot net."
iosolomon: "Thanks Madonna. I can always count on you."
CM 5000: "Thank you, Madonna."
Madonna: "But I have a new message for you. Click for me if you wanna hear it."


Madonna: "Uh-oh, due to size limits, Lost Pilot Episode 26 Part 2/2 could not be posted onto southparkstudios. It is posted on fan fiction dot net."
South Park -the South Park Prophecy Will Be Fulfilled
Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 3/3
Lost Pilot Episode 19

CM 5000: "Uh-oh, iTunes, are we going to have find Morgan Freeman again?"
iTunes: "Yes, you will have to seek out Morgan Freeman to explain this. Hold on. I'll connect you to him."
iosolomon: "Hey, come on iTunes, I need some help with the episode. That internal error is throwing me off."
iTunes reboots system. "Welcome to my nightmare."
iosolomon: "Great. Now we'll never get a hold of Morgan Freeman."
iTunes: "Just kidding. CM 5000 please pick-up your phone. I have Morgan Freeman on the line for you."
CM 5000: "Sweet."
CM 5000 picks up his phone. "Yeah, we need you to come explain things to us again."
Morgan Freeman: "I'm on my way."
Sage Rat: "I want you to type up the transcript of that voicemail you left me years ago."
iosolomon: "Dude, stop making more South Park prophecies for me."
<insert Sage Rat laugh> Sage Rat: "You're the one who still has it. You did it to yourself."
iosolomon: "Damn you Sage Rat."
Sage Rat: "Here, CM 5000, access this."


CM 5000, Sage Rat, and iosolomon travel back in time to the University of Delaware in 2007.
Sage Rat's voicemail: "Get off the phone. Good-bye."
past iosolomon: "Oh, what button is it?"
Sage Rat's voicemail: "Still going."
past iosolomon: "Is it...?"
iosolomon: "Oh sh*t man, this is classic."
Sage Rat: "I never stir you wrong. I am Sage Rat."
past iosolomon in girl's voice: "This is me, Dominique. Do you remember me? <kiss kiss kiss kiss>"
past iosolomon in guy's voice: "Dominique, don't do that to Brian."
past iosolomon in girl's voice: "Oh, Tettieee. Tettie, Tettie, Tettie. I love you so much. You're not a f*cking rat. Tettie, Tettie, Tettiee."
past iosolomon in guy's voice: "Yeah, Dominique, Brian was a f*cking waste of life. He should just f*cking cut his <and then we hear cutting noises> he should just f*cking cut his wrists like the waste of life he is."
iosolomon: "f*ck you, bitch, I see where this is going."
Sage Rat: "The Rat always gets the last laugh, BITCH!"
past iosolomon in girl's voice: "Yeahhhh, Brian was a f*cking waste of life. He's f*cking mentally out his mind."
Sage Rat: "Who's out of their mind now?"
iosolomon: "Hardy har har, the joke's on me."
Sage Rat: "Don't worry. We'll both get the last laugh. This, I prophesy."
CM 5000: "Wow, that's awesome."
past iosolomon in girl's voice: "Tettie. I love you so much Tettie. Muah <kiss> Muah <kiss> Muah <kiss> Brian, you're such a waste of life."
past iosolomon in guy's voice:"Yeah Brian, you're such a waste of life. Why don't you go cut your f*cking <laughter, more cutting noises>"
<Verizon disconnect noise>
past iosolomon: "Ugh."


Via text from Fred: "Hey, wanna go to ihop?"
Via text to Fred, iosolomon: "Sure!"

iosolomon: "I tell you. It's like he read my mind,"
CM 5000: "What do you mean?"
iosolomon: "I don't know. I was like, hmm I wonder what I'll do for breakfast. And then Fred hits me up."
CM 5000: "That's pretty cool."
iosolomon: "iTunes, what's the eta on Morgan Freeman."
iTunes: "Calculating your request. Time by Benny Benassi plays. 3 minutes until Mr. Morgan Freeman arrives."
CM 5000: "Thank you, iTunes."
iosolomon: "So what do you want to do for 3 minutes?"
CM 5000: "Smoke weed."
iosolomon: "Ok. But we won't get to do that until we're watching this on tv."
CM 5000: "Damn, that is right. I am starting to lose power critically."
iosolomon: "I'll kill some time by texting Fred."
iosolomon texts Fred, live-time.
iTunes: "22 seconds until Mr. Morgan Freeman arrives."
CM 5000: "Sweet."

Morgan Freeman arrives.
Morgan Freeman: "I came as quickly as a I could. What is the problem this time?"
CM 5000: "The episode is titled both Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 3/3 and Lost Pilot Episode 19. What does this mean in terms of the South Park Prophecy?"
Morgan Freeman: "Hmm."
Morgan Freeman closes his eyes.
Morgan Freeman opens his eyes.
Morgan Freeman: "The Prophecy of Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 3/3 is that it is the last Lost Pilot Episode to be posted on southparkstudios."
CM 5000: "We keep getting an internal glitch. What if we are unable to post?"
Morgan Freeman: "You will have to ask Griffin for the answer to that one."
CM 5000: "And Lost Pilot Episode 19, what is the meaning behind that?"
Morgan Freeman: "Lost Pilot Episode 19 is to include the two high-speed driving scenes made by Emperor Kefka. The first high-speed driving scene is actually an anachronism. You will have to contact past iosolomon to take you there. Be careful. If Lord Kefka detects you, it will not go well. However, the second high-speed driving scene was to Honor Allah, and that occurs in Lost Pilot Episode 19. There won't be any problems there."
iosolomon: "iTunes, do we need Morgan Freeman to define anachronism for our viewers / readers?"
Morgan Freeman: "I'll clarify. Anachronism is actually the wrong word for me to use here. It is not an anachronism because past iosolomon will be taking you through time to access the first high-speed chase scene. I just wanted to drop some SAT words to help the students."
iTunes: "I detected Sage Rat's presence on your facebook."
iosolomon: "Damn it, what happened this time?"
iTunes: "Sage Rat has liked your status, 'The ignorance in America ceases to amaze me. A Nation that had the potential to solve all of the world's problems by the year 1999 is turning out to be the cause of all the world's problems in 2012. What's wrong with this picture?'"
iosolomon: "When was the exact time he did this? What were we discussing?"
iTunes: "It was during Morgan Freeman's commitment to education."
iosolomon: "Damn it, Sage Rat strikes again."
CM 5000: "This kid is insane."
iosolomon; "He's not a kid anymore. He's Sage."
CM 5000: "Thanks again Morgan Freeman."
Morgan Freeman: "No problem. Hit me up if you need to."
Morgan Freeman leaves.

iosolomon: "Contact Griffin."
iTunes plays 'Intergalactic.'
Griffin is another part of the universe, and starts rocking out when he hears Intergalactic. He begins traveling through the universe to Planet Earth.
Griffin appears.
Griffin: "Hey, what's going?"
iosolomon: "Griffin, what would happen if we are unable to post this to southparkstudios, thus failing to complete the prophecy?"
Griffin: "It would not be good."
iosolomon: "What do we do if we receive the error message?"
Griffin: "That's simple. You send them an e-mail. They'll fix the problem if it comes to that. But I see you have no problem posting a New Topic."
iosolomon: "I see. Thank you."

iosolomon; "iTunes, we are running out of time. Contact past iosolomon."
iTunes: "It would be better if we contact Obadiah instead."
iosolomon: "Roger that."
itunes contacts Obadiah.
Obadiah: "You contacted me at the right time. I will now bless CM 5000."
end of 42011261142420

CM 5000: "Obadiah is blessing me. I can access the anachronism."
CM 5000 and iosolomon travel to Emperor Kefka's first high-speed drive.
Obadiah: "You will not be detected."

Emperor Kefka: "The first thing I would do if I found out I was Emperor is to drive really fast." And then we watch Emperor Kefka drive really fast in a red Volvo s80 on the Garden State Parkway.
CM 5000 and ioslomon return to Lost Pilot Episode 19, but on the way, the Looptaf strikes again.

CM 5000 and iosolomon make it Lost Pilot Episode 19. The date and time is November 18, 12:11. past iosolomon just finished a 5 minute moment of silence. It was revealed to past iosolomon that failing to be at NYC for the prophesied 1306 moment of silence will anger Allah. Emperor Kefka cannot allow this. Emperor Kefka possesses past iosolomon.

Emperor Kefka: "The South Park Prophecy will be fulfilled!" And. the second high-speed drive scene begins on the New Jersey turnpike. The vehicle this time is a Honda Civic. Emperor Kefka has to maneuver through the shoulder to ensure that He makes it there on time. Dust and debris go flying everywhere as Emperor Kefka weaves in and out.
Emperor Kefka followed the directions in the GPA. When Emperor Kefka drives through the Lincoln Tunnel, Abraham Lincoln possesses iosolomon.
Abraham Lincoln begins to wave at the other drives in the tunnel.
Abraham Lincoln: "It's a good thing that the Jinn had my back. Otherwise, I would have never made it here on time."
Abraham Lincoln: "Wait, why am I in the Lincoln Tunnel if I need to get to the Financial District of Manhattan?"
past iosolomon enters in the correct address. past iosolomon follows the directions, 7 miles south.
While past iosolomon is driving west-bound, there was a helicopter that iosolomon had a 'flash forward' to before.
past iosolomon, "I wonder if that's Obama's copter. Will He be praying there behind me?"
past iosolomon muses, "I would have no idea. I wouldn't even look. That is not what the prophecy has me do."

past iosolomon parks on Liberty Street, and proceeds by foot, even running at time. past iosolomon had no clue where he was headed. He made it to Zuccotti Park, where there was festive music and happy People. But, the music stopped in honor of the upcoming moment of silence.
past iosolomon then proceeds to the following block, and finds the spot he was to pray at.
past iosolomon faces the World Trade Center, and kneels like clock at 1306 having an 11 minute moment of silence.
The phone's went off, and iosolomon stood up into another 'flash forward' while following a friendly, happy couple. past iosolomon was pleased, this was confirmation he chose the prophesied spot.

And then, it was off to Lexington for the 1906 moment of silence at the Paul Revere Capture site.
And finally, past iosolomon concluded his drive through a trip in Boston's Big Dig. It looked like something straight out of GTA. "How fascinating," past iosolomon thought.
past iosolomon's trip ended at Arlington, MA, another site he had a flash forward to before. The conclusion of Veteran's week was a success, and past iosolomon read off the names of every Nation because everyone is worth remembering to me.

iTunes: "Limited Time. You must hurry."
CM 5000: "That is the end of Lost Pilot Episode 19."
iosolomon: "Good, the Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 3/3 can be completed after I get some fuel in my stomach. I performed the static last night. I worked up quite an appetite."

past iosolomon appears. Jason wants me to bring you to simpler times.
iosolomon and CM 5000 travel the FF3 Slam Shuffle Route 2.
Cartman_from_Epitaph_2 joins their party along the way.
Jason: "Check out my FF3 fan website."
past iosolomon: "Sweet, that's pretty cool."

CM 5000 and iosolomon return to the present.
CM 5000: "iTunes, is it time to complete the other prophecy?"
iTunes: "Yes, Madonna is here."
Madonna: "Time goes by so slowly for those who hesitate."
iosolomon: "Then it has been decided. This is the end of Lost Pilot Episode 14 Part 3/3 and Lost Pilot Episode 19."
iosolomon and CM 5000 attempt to post this on southparkstudios. Was there success? If you are reading this on southparkstudios, then there was.
Sage Rat: "But even greater success, if you are watching this on tv. Now, take an end of episode hit."

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