South Park Movie:Butters Legacy

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South Park Movie:Butters Legacy

Postby Andrew21 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:42 am

Cartman I am Still Breaking your Xbox Said Kyle Who Was Heading to Cartman`s house ready to break it, Kyle Please No I am Sorry I gave you the disease please don't break my Xbox please replied Cartman Who was Begging Kyle to Not Break His Xbox.

Alright Give me One good Reason Cartman Why I Should not break this Xbox said Kyle who is angry at Cartman for giving him aids, Kyle Please Don't It's my life cried Cartman.

You're a dip sh*t Cartman it's just a game console said Kyle. Kyle it is my Xbox and Leave it alone replied Cartman, No Cartman you Deserve it said Kyle.

Kyle was about to break his Xbox until Stan entered the room, Kyle leave his Xbox alone said Stan.

Stan Just looked at him with an abnormal face, Stan it`s a matter of Principal said Kyle.

Kyle No its not Said Stan he looked at Kyle and walked off from a distance

Stan I am still going to break it said Kyle, Whatever dude just remember you and Cartman brought this on yourself bye said Stan

He Left silently avoiding everyone

Kyle Did not Break Cartman`s Xbox Instead he Apologized to Cartman and Was now off home, Dumb Hippy Jew Whispered Cartman to himself.

Cartman resumed his Work Putting His Xbox Back into his cupboard and went for a snooze

Meanwhile at the Marsh House

Stan are you okay son said Randy who was concerned as was his mother too.

Yes I am fine dad said Stan Looking at them in a serious face

So how is your friend Cartman going asked Randy Questioning Stan?

He is Alright he went for a sleep now may I be excuse from the table now asked Stan?

Yes you may Stan said Randy who looked at his son, Stan went upstairs and was very silent today

I reckon there is something wrong with Stan said Sharon, Randy Agreed with Sharon but decided to let him be and Rest.

Meanwhile in Stan`s room

Stan is listening to His Favourite Song You Got to do what you want to do

Then Starts to Cry for Some odd Reason, Why is it That Kyle and Cartman always have to fight each other it's not fair and is annoying cried Stan.

He thought about it and then he stopped thinking, Maybe I should hang around Wendy and Clyde hmm questioned Stan, He was hoping to get to know Clyde better.

Stan went for a sleep dreaming about what Kyle is doing to Cartman, he became that bad he was tossing and turning in his sleep that is until He heard someone crying across the street and it was Kenny.

Stan woke up and looked at his window to see Kenny Crying he thought it was a dream but it wasn't , he then went down his stairs out the door and across the road and sat down and talked to Kenny.

Kenny was still crying and Stan was worried, Kenny are you okay asked Stan?

Stan I got kicked out of my house for standing up for my sister so I am now completely poor cried Kenny wiping his tears.

Kenny was Very Emotional he was ready to be sick badly, Kenny Its okay you can stay with me this is wrong you can't stay out here please come with me said Stan.

Okay Stan Thank you Said Kenny wiping his Tears again and then his nose, you're a good friend Stan Said Kenny.

Yes I know now stay here in the lounge room I will get u a sprite said Stan and he did what he said and gave Kenny a sprite and sat down with him.

Thank you Stan said Kenny who was now calm and Stan smiled at him, you should be right soon Kenny I know you will Stan said.

Sharon and Randy and Shelly returned and came in the lounge room but what do they see, Stan Helping out Kenny who is upset.

What's going on Stan why is Kenny here Asked Sharon, He Just Got Kicked out of his house after standing up for his sister replied Stan.

What Really Kenny Said Randy, Randy and Sharon were shocked about what happened to Kenny, Kenny You will be okay I promise you replied Stan.

Terd leave him alone said Shelly, You Know Shelly I have had enough with you and your attitude shut the f*ck up before I do it for you bitch Yelled Stan

His Parents were shocked at his swearing and Shelly was about to attack Stan but Kenny stopped it kicking her in the face.

How dare you kick me Kenny get yourself out now yelled Shelly, Kenny took his hood off and smiled?

What are you smiling at you double Terd said Shelly

I am looking at a girl who should be nice to her brother gosh are u going to be like this your whole life one day your brother might even save your ass why do u think I don't leave my sister alone a lot said Kenny

Shelly`s face changed to a sad face and understood Kenny`s point of view then Shelly went over to Stan.

Stan I am sorry for calling you a Terd you're my brother and I should respect you but yet I don't get a life loser said Shelly

I see you will be a bitch all your life shelly anyway my sister will be yelled out for ever and now I have lost a home now and it's all my fault cried Kenny.

Kenny you can live here right mum said Stan, Sharon Looked at Stan but Knew Kenny had nowhere to go.

Stan I don't have room said Sharon, He can sleep in my room I will take the mattress if that's okay said Stan.

Stan it's just not right but I guess I have no choice replied Sharon, Thanks mum said Stan.

Stan Leaded Kenny up to his room while Shelly and his parents stay down stairs

Kenny you going to put your hoodie back on your head asked Stan, Not just yet but soon said Kenny.

I have not been talking to Kyle or Cartman since they made me so angry with their continuous fighting it's frustrating if you know what I mean Kenny said Stan, I sure do Stan I feel the same way Cartman is just a dick sometimes said Kenny.

They were sitting down on the bed talking, meanwhile downstairs.

Outside Kyle was laying in the gutter and Randy Marsh noticed Kyle was upset and was abandoned by his parent.

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